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Louis Gray
New Blog Post: Feedly Brings New Social Experience to Start Page, Leveraging RSS http://www.louisgray.com/live... @khodabakchian
Everybody should check this out. Even if you're not a Google Reader fan or a typical FireFox user, load FireFox and go to http://www.feedly.com. There's a limited number of downloads of their .xpi plug-in, so it's first come, first serve. - Louis Gray
I was about to pooh-pooh it until I read the part about how if you share it/read it in Feedly, it shares and marks it read in Reader. That's killer. - Mark Trapp
crap. I read this as soon as I leave my computer - Bwana ☠ from fftogo
Thanks Louis, I am checking out http://www.feedly.com looks like a great concept!! How do you find all these cool things? - Susan Beebe
Just started to use it and I am immediately impressed. This just might be my new favorite reader. - Jason Wehmhoener
@Susan, I found Edwin when he first wrote "Listen. Measure. Iterate." back in February. http://tinyurl.com/6crhsz We've been trading e-mail ever since. I didn't say the word Feedly or Feeddo for months. :-) Others have different stories. - Louis Gray
I was trying it with FF 2 for the last 15 minutes. I glossed over the fact (on the feedly home page) that it needs FF3. It seems to install fine on FF2 and does not complain that it needs FF3. Would have been nice if it warned me that it does not run on FF2. In any case, will try it out as soon as I download FF3. - Atul Arora
I grabbed it. I dig it. I will use it. Maybe RSS just needs to be looked at in a different light. - Mathew A. Koeneker
Kinda lame that it's Firefox only, for what I can tell is only so you don't have to feed it your Twitter/Friendfeed/Gmail/etc. credentials. Can't use fluid with it; will probably forget about it. - Mark Trapp
Thanks Louis. I just got the .xpi and trying it out. This might be something! - Kenichi Matsumoto
Dude, I'm all over this freggin site... What a work of genius..my..head..is hurting...from...such...uber - Bwana ☠
Now you tell me, when I'm stuck in the Wal-Mart customer service line. - Phil Glockner from fftogo
Looks nice, but can't do it... I feel like I'm "cheating" on Google Reader. Plus, many things were giving me javascript errors. - Vince DeGeorge
WARNING: Using this added 450 feeds to my gReader!!! Screenshot coming... - Vince DeGeorge
@Vince, it creates folders for "feedly" on Google Reader, but there shouldn't be any duplication of feeds. Are you talking about net new feeds being added, or just them tracking your favorites? - Louis Gray
Ok, it's created three folders, z.feedly.favorites, z.feedly.people, z.feedly.seeded. It wasn't 450 feeds, it was 150 in three folders. http://www.flickr.com/photos... I thought it had caused major problems at first, but it looks manageable. I certainly wasn't expecting it... and scared me at first. - Vince DeGeorge
A warning would be nice from the Feedly folks about this. Not a showstopper, but I think letting the user know will ease the sting of coming on board. - Bwana ☠
Bwana and Vince, I agree. I told Edwin that during the alpha process, and thought it had been resolved. - Louis Gray
@vince, @bwana sorry for the scare. There is a warning about that in the first run page but will work on making it more explicit. Also note that the reason why there is a z.feedly.seeded tag is because we are working on adding an un-install procedure which will completely undo the effect of the feedly welcome wizard. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Excellent - Bwana ☠
Deleted my previous entry when seeing Edwin's response. Edwin, I apologize that I didn't see the warning - I tend to run headlong into things ;). Your quick response from feedback is excellent, which is very important! With that in mind - "no harm, no foul." - Vince DeGeorge
@atul feedly should work on firefox 2 as well. The reason we are pushing for the firefox 3 angle on the website is because we benefit from a lot of the performance optimizations done by firefox (and we are trying to see if we can leverage some of the momentum generated by firefox3 to get the word out). If you run into any problem on firefox 2, please log a ticket on http://www.getsatisfaction/feedly - Edwin Khodabakchian
@Mark Trapp you are right: the reason we have been focusing on firefox so far is that it allows us to do real-time aggregation more securely. It also allows us to off-load a lot of the processing to the client and opens the door to supporting xmpp in the future. I am not that familiar with fluid but will take a look (a couple of our users are using feedly on flock). - Edwin Khodabakchian
@louis. thank you for starting the conversation! - Edwin Khodabakchian
Another user of Fluid here. It supports userscripts, but I'm not sure if it has the sophistication of the Firefox plugin architecture - Bwana ☠
Working with this for the last thirty minutes. Very impressed. I actually like the feeds showing up in Google Reader. Excellent work Edwin. - Henry Burger
Wow, seriously how long has this been in the works? Still figuring out all the things it can do and how easily it does them. Very slick - Andrew Smith
damnit. I have to like it. An idea that I had in the works (the newpaper/magazine style layout) - great work, we'll see how things go. - Tim Hoeck
Wow, I have over 46000 unread articles. - Jason Wehmhoener
@edwink, I was just confused on FF2 as to how I should get started. When I tried it out on FF3, I clicked on the circular rss icon that the extension put on my menu bar. I will look for the same icon on FF2 and give it a spin. If I run into any problems, I will log a ticket. I completely understand the rationale for pushing the ff3 angle. My first impression is very positive. - Atul Arora
just a note, when my FF restarted, I didn't get to see the initial startup page, because I have session restore enabled. It killed the start page. Just look for the circular RSS button next to your address bar. - Tim Hoeck
Edwin, I got to say, I don't really understand your architectural decisions. You make most of the program local, yet you don't utilize your own storage for application data (instead, you insert all of Feedly's info on recommendations and people into my OPML file, which even if you're warning me I completely missed: it's not obvious). Yet, it's browser based, but I can only use a specific version of one browser (and only if I have the add on installed). - Mark Trapp
You've got competing metaphors here: if it's browser based, let me use it anywhere. If it's desktop based, don't force me to use a specific browser, and don't use my existing services as your data storage. - Mark Trapp
fixed. feedly has now a better msg and automated-undo http://edwink.devhd.com/2008... - Edwin Khodabakchian
@mark it is a browser extension to allow us to be more real-time, not have to touch people's credentials and be able to scale better. But it tries to leverage and integrate cloud services so that it feels more integrates and people can roam. - Edwin Khodabakchian
@mark we heard the point about being more explicit about the Google Reader integration and tried to address it today. The one thing to keep in mind is that although feedly is using the Google reader back end, we are not going after the google reader users (if some find it compelling, great) but we are instead to package all that is good in RSS and social sharing and try to see if we can re-invent a better start page for more mainstream users. This is beta1 and we are not yet there but that is our goal - Edwin Khodabakchian
Wow. Well done Edwin. I'm super impressed right now. - nealh
I'm using it since June/July'08 I think and I've always loved it. Nice to finally meet the creator's side after so much pleasure using it. Great review Louis btw, you got it good. ;p I simply didn't know it wasn't widely known. I would've suggested it a long time ago hehe. - Zu from AOD
Kevin Rose
Jason Calacanis
Dave Winer
Classic geek revenge video - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Classic geek revenge video
I saw that a few months ago. Very awesome and funny. - MarkCarras
it's a classic - Dobromir Hadzhiev
You can't arrange by penis. - Mitch
I need to set up a recurring meeting reminder every two months to watch this. - Louis Gray
Robert Scoble
Someday I will write a book about how online video companies are screwing up. It will focus around HD video and how hard it is to upload.
YouTube works. Kyte doesn't. Very frustrating (with video from FlipCam Mino HD). - Robert Scoble
Is this a bandwidth issue or the tools[which use webservice in the backend] are unable to handle it, do you ways connection drops or overall upload failures and how much off the upload had completed when the upload breaks - Jayavasanthan J
I think the problem is mostly with the asymmetric broadband connections to the internet. Most people don't have very high upload speeds. - Daniel D. Cole
I have an hour of HD footage from a conference and no site would take it (too big) so I had to compress it and now its far from HD quality.. lame - andy brudtkuhl
Also, quality of display varies a lot: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17... - Rafe Needleman
Agree with Roldano. Three words: Vim-E-O (vimeo that is) - Ted Roden
sure, and check out the paying options of vimeo, you won't believe it! they rule the videoverse, kicked viddler out of the picture big time. - Xavier Vespa
you could call it videoville HAHAHAAH :) - Allen Stern
Dukeswharf - Vimeo does have issues from time to time. I use them as well because they seem to be more reliable and the video load/playback is much better. But they still have work to do on reliability and speed. - Brian Roy
Could you put that in a video so people will get the information? - John D Reasor
@Brian Roy agreed, but at least nothing beats Revver lameness! - Xavier Vespa
There's one quick fix. Upload it from somewhere with gigabit per second network speeds rather than a laptop at a conference. - Richard A.
I can read it on my Kindle 2.0 - sofarsoShawn
It strikes me that there's a bigger problem with broadband in this country than the video sites themselves. The bandwidth just isn't there to upload them in a reasonable fashion, and it's only *barely* there for playback. Blame Comcast, Time Warner et al. - Eric P
Try veoh.com - April Russo (FForever!)
I haven't had an issue with uploading HD content to most sites. It looks the best on Viddler though! - Derek Steen
@Derek I am liking Viddler / Blip.tv.. @John yea that's my problem with lengthy HD footage - andy brudtkuhl
@Robert Why not just sticking with Youtube? - Jeremy Chone
Jeremy: YouTube doesn't let me put up videos longer than 10 minutes. I hate that limitation. Blip.tv is working really well this morning. That's where my Feedly video landed. - Robert Scoble
We do all HD video and don't have an issue, but we love Blip.tv the most for HD. - Andru Edwards
TubeMogul is saving my behind. - Robert Scoble
Tell me about it - Shevonne
Dave Winer
Why Paul Boutin loves the 5 most hated people on the Internet. http://www.thestandard.com/news...
Robert Scoble
While waiting for our plane Bill Gates sent out his annual letter. What an inspiring piece. 20 pages. Get him a blog!
Got some time on his hands now :) - Simon Wicks
got link? - Kyle Weller
link to the letter ? - elnatobi
link?? :) - Johan
I can't copy and paste but visit http://www.gatesfoundation.com and it might be there. - Robert Scoble
"In early 2009, Bill Gates will send out his first annual letter, a candid look at the issues at the forefront of the foundations work. Sign up to be one of the first to receive the annual letter, as well as other news and information from us." http://www.gatesfoundation.org/Pages... - Loren Heiny
http://www.gatesfoundation.org/about... has a "Sign up for the annual letter" link so I don't think it's posted yet. - Peter Curd
Brilliant. Must read. - Leo Laporte
He should Twitter instead... he needs the 140 character discipline - Elizabeth McLaughlin
Leo: we won't believe you read it unless you do it live on camera :-) - Richard A.
Leo: I agree. Must read several times. - Robert Scoble
It is his first letter so he has a let of pent up thoughts to share. - Todd Hoff
Loving that letter too...very very nice!!!!! BLOG....yes! http://friendfeed.com/e... - Susan Beebe
Our plane is leaving but I really hope I get to talk to Bill or Melinda this week about their work. See you in 20 hours! - Robert Scoble
I liked the fact that he quoted something optimistic from Keynes in 1930. - barce from twhirl
Thanks for posting the link in the comments here. I can't copy and paste on the iPhone. - Robert Scoble
Enjoy! Yes, please get an interview...that would be terrific!!! - Susan Beebe
Kevin Rose
my secret time saving email tip: change your desktop email signature to "Sent from iPhone" - then write 1 sentence replies! sshhh
That's GENIUS! - Chris Saad
I do that all the time. Helps if you don't capitalize words and make misspellings too--looks more authentic. - Andrew Leyden
sweet. I'm going to start doing that so people will think I have an iPhone. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
My secret too. Be careful not to type too much w/o errors or it will raise suspicion. - Craig Mische
That is genius actually, I like it. - xero
how many of us do this? (and probably have people do it back to us ;-) - Tobias Peggs
OMG. brilliance. - Anthony Baker
Don't do this with people that know what the X-Mailer: iPhone Mail (5G77) email header means. - Lars Trieloff
THAT IS AWESOME!!! - Keith - @tsudo
I like it a lot. My emails have become shorter and shorter anyway, so used to twitter. - jjprojects
smart :) - Sebastian
Just don't ever attach anything! You'll give yourself away. - Gregory Cohen
BRILLIANT!!!! - Paul
Classic - Nina Morena
Simple for me, mine does come from an iPhone 98% of the time. - Tsali - A dude man
Oh.... that's GOOD.... - Ciaoenrico
I wonder if people would think I'm never in the office ;-) Double benefit! - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Sarah Perez
Does anyone have a good "FriendFeed for Dummies" resource to point to? I have someone asking me on Twitter. If there are enough suggestions, I'll just point them to this link here.
I know Zee was working on an intro - Marshall Kirkpatrick from IM
AJ Kohn recenty wrote an article, though I maintain it would be more helpful to someone who has dabbled on the site. http://www.blindfiveyearold.com/friendf... - Anika
Its a bit much to take in at first. I had trouble seeing the benefits. I had bookmarked some great articles. I will see if I can dig them up for you. - Sloan Bowman
I know of Robert Scoble's video on this: http://www.kyte.tv/ch... - Sarah Perez
Louis Gray had a bunch of tips on Fridays during the summer. Maybe he can get a list together. - Rob Diana
The Next Web wrote the Unofficial Guide to FriendFeed Part 1: http://thenextweb.com/2008... and Part 2: http://thenextweb.com/2008... - Sarah Perez
Here's a Pros and Cons of FriendFeed list: http://friendfeed.com/e... - B2B Specialist
I really hope Lee LeFever is working on a Common Craft video on Friendfeed. Are you out there, Lee? - Laura Norvig
@Laura: a Common Craft video would rule! - Sarah Perez
I fourth that motion - Common Craft on FF! - Marshall Kirkpatrick from IM
Begs the question: "Is Common Craft ON FF?" - B2B Specialist
From Mashable – oldie but very good http://bit.ly/cP5b - Robert Banghart
Our Newbies Guide to Friendfeed:http://t.cnet.com/2f - Rafe Needleman from twhirl
Wow, great resources! I sent him straight here to this direct link. - Sarah Perez
5 Interesting Ways to Use Friendfeed: http://www.sheysmith.com/2008... - Shey
Try this link "Getting started with Friendfeed" - http://bit.ly/mONJ - there's a second part too - "Friendfeed Tips" http://bit.ly/OzsQ - SteveH
Bryan Person
Just asked a PR person why she pitched me without having read my blog. Her response is telling: "We don’t have the time to read everyone’s blog – your description says 'Person is a blogger who writes about social media' and when we see that, it is what fits our category – just so you know, I don’t pitch everyone who comes up directly under social...
If they don't have time to read your blog before pitching, it's ok for you not to have time to accept their pitch. - David August
I'd say that is what I would call a half assed job and a half assed response to boot. I'm curious, what was she pitching? - Mary Wehrle
@Mary: Wanted me to talk with the CEO of one of the Tech Crunch 50 companies. - Bryan Person
Now you know why I consider pitches from PR people to be practically spam. I've been a tech journalist for almost 20 years and that attitude has been consistent the whole time. In my experience, PR people just blast out their announcements as widely and thoughtlessly as they can. The exceptions are so few as to be statistically insignificant. - Mitch Wagner
I keep all pitches, and then eventually post them on Tumblr. I need to step that up - maybe I should have stayed in LA for Thanksgiving! - Jeremy Pepper
@Mitch: It's the pray-and-spray approach. Fortunately, not all PR people are lazy and not all pitches are bad. - Bryan Person
@Jeremy: Would love to check out that Tumblr blog. What's the URL? - Bryan Person
The scary part is that there's a chance that same PR hack might have pitched me instead of Person, which would have been a disastrous mistake on the PR hack's part. - Ontario Emperor
Some good comments on the lazy pitch on my blog, too: http://bryanperson.com/2008... - Bryan Person
She is noteworthy in the fact that she spoke with you. When I challenge people, they ignore me. But they might be scared they'll wind up on Bad Pitch. They do not understand that responding to questions like wtf is the smartest thing they could do, IMHO. - Kevin Dugan
Kevin: I agree that it was good of her to answer. In fact, I occasionally do find that when I challenge the PR folks as I did with this person, it sometimes leads to constructive dialogue. In one case, I became Twitter pals with one of the pitchers. - Bryan Person
dave mcclure
Fear is the Mind Killer: Silicon Valley must be Muad'Dib, not Clark Kent. - http://500hats.typepad.com/500blog...
I love a good rant, and this is fantastic. - Rob Diana
You had me at "Fear is the Mind Killer." - Cyndy
Actually, I'm going to make this my new .sig file: "you are Paul FUCKING Atreides, and the SPICE must FLOW, motherfucker." - Cyndy
Cyndy FTW! - Rob Diana
I needed that! FTW! - JonathanJoseph
You are an animal, McClure! - Christopher Sacca
Scott Beale
StumbleUpon 2.0: Good-bye, Software Toolbar - http://news.cnet.com/8301-17...
I'll keep the toolbar myself. I don't need yet another site I have to go to each session and log into just to stumble upon a site. I much prefer just hitting the button in the toolbar. - Paul Wade
Robert Scoble
I mostly agree with CNET's coverage of Demo and TC50: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17... Good job @rafe
Scott Beale
I really wish the tech blogs would write more about Google Chrome, I can barely find any information or analysis on the new browser
I thought that was what FF was for... ;) - FFing Enigma
Robert Scoble
Google reignites the browser war. This is a BIG deal. http://blogoscoped.com/archive... -- can't wait to try it out.
Well, I could say they're just skinning Webkit and adding some more on top. Just like Avant 'extended' the IE engine. I don't see how this could be a big deal. - Yuvi
Doesn't excite me much. At least now. - David Risley
very interesting. - Lindsay
I kept hearing about a gBrowser from AlbinoBlackSheep.com - Outsanity
Please, please, not ANOTHER browser to test sites against :( OK, it's Webkit, but that V8 is damn new :( OMG - Claudio Cicali
Yuvi - How could it NOT be a big deal? This is Google we're talking about here. - Steve Isaacs
@Steve - in the same way Picasa isn't? I mean, if it were a brand new rendering engine, from the ground up, I'll fight to be the first to say WOW. Webkit derivative? Meh. - Yuvi
By itself perhaps not going to add drmatically to what is already in the market, but imagine if Google puts not only Gears and Webkit, but also plugs into the browser some/most of its other online tools such as text editors, calendars, reader, translator, etc. All in one - all open source. Wouldnt that be cool? - Hayk
IMHO, Chrome will have to be sufficiently different and better than IE, FF, and whatever else to gain traction. Otherwise, why would any mainstream user bother to change? - Mark Dykeman
If google did't really and did it well then say bye to Microsoft - Ahmed Ramy Zaky from twhirl
@Ahmed - Absolutely! If we get a better Browser than IE Microsoft is doomed! </sarcasm> - Yuvi
Until large corporations dump Windows, Office and software en masse, Microsoft isn't going anywhere, regardless of how good or useful Chrome is. Why? Because cloud computing puts too much stuff outside of the corporation's firewall and direct control. It's just against the grain of the culture. Let me put this another way: how much of Google's staggering array and collection of documents, generated by Google for Google, are really out in the cloud? I'm willing to bet that an awful lot of it isn't. - Mark Dykeman
Knol, Chrome. Are these signs of Google losing its 'authenticity' touch, becoming a follower (imitator) rather than a leader? - Yung-Hui Lim
Mark, you are right. Google is not cut to make corporate scale apps. It does fun stuff, free stuff. One of the top Googlers - forgot his name - who left Microsoft for Google and spent there a year, went back to Microsoft . In his blog he told how there are probs in quality and looks and style are given more thought and attention than reliability and functionality. But if Google puts a huge amount of those "useless" apps under one roof and makes a good promo, maybe Chrome will gain some ground. only some. - Hayk
I'm not all that impressed yet but I'm reserving all of my incredibly influential opinions until I mess with it myself. - Akiva
I will say that Chrome is an interesting development, if only because it gives us some ideas at what Google's management team is thinking about and where they want to do. I just think that there has to be a HUGE value in the new tool before most people will change. It would be neat if somehow Google could make a browser that didn't need to be installed on a PC, but I have no idea how you'd do that. - Mark Dykeman
I predicted Google Chrome (GBrowser) 3 years ago - http://schlerplotti.typepad.com/squirre... - Mike Reynolds
I guess nobody remembers 2005 when everyone fell all over themselves because Google was doing some kind of earth-shattering deal with Sun that was going to destroy Microsoft and end the world as we know it. If Google announced they were going to make ice cream, people would be all, OMG! Google ice cream! It's going to be the best ice cream ever! Even though it will only be available in... more... - Karim
+1 Karim!!! - you know Google ice cream may not be that bad... I could see Ben & Jerry getting in on that action. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge from twhirl
Tomorrow is chrome download day! Firefox is buggy! - Ron
It was pretty clear that Google was up to something once they started hiring Mozilla engineers. I mean, Google didn't hire people like Ben Goodger just to write Firefox extensions. - Paul Grav
I'm not sure it's a huge deal either. V8 seems to compare to Squirrelfish which was announced in the beginning of June. They are splitting things into separate processes which might make things more resistant when stuff crashes. I'm not sure I buy all their arguments from the comic. You might be able to see which pieces of the browser are using memory, but it will be hard to track total usage. I don't understand why they can't launch mac and linux at the same time to grab the momentum. - Charles
www.google.com/chrome remains dark at this time. - Robert Linthicum
@Robert, Google loves that strategy of building suspense. They always "leak" some information or let the online community buzz for some time - spinning all kinds of stories before launching their products. This mystical air and suspense building has to do with human psychology and it pays off well in all industries and especially when coming up with new products or services! Google always fully exploits this! - Hayk
If this means we can stop talking about Palin and about the iPhone I'm all for it! - Indio Apache from twhirl
The browser itself doesn't excite me. It seems ok, and when it is eventually released on the Mac, I'll certainly give it a try. What does excite me though, is the prospect of IE losing even more market share. - Paul Grav
I installed the IE beta today.It is interesting and a definite improvement, but I wasn't blown away by it. Fortunately, it locked up, and I had to remove it. - Michael Fidler
Paul: Exactly. - Ron
I was just looking at a couple of large multi touch monitors. If this is where monitors are going, the browser that works best in that environment will have a leg up on their competition. Side Note: I was just wondering if you are still thinking about doing a follow piece with the brilliant storytelling photographer(can't remember his name), it was mesmerizing! - Michael Fidler
Webapps that can launch "in their own streamlined window." Could this include AIR-like Twitter tools? Will Google Docs start to feel more like a real alternative to MS Office for non-power users? - Kevin Sablan
I'm wondering if this means that, once released on the Mac, Chrome will not be the sort of browser that chokes when the Flash player crashes. - Paul Grav
Wouldn't a browser also close-the-loop for Google in terms of browsing behavior metrics if they're able to get a representative market share? - Jim McCusker
I like it. Even if it is Webkit with something on top, at least I can just install it and use it. Seems extremely fast so far. - ComicList
It's fast, but it wouldn't cooperate when I tried to post to my Myspace blog. But then again, it is a beta. - ComicList
John Lilly
The Entire Google Chrome Blog Announcement - http://kara.allthingsd.com/2008090...
Great job covering this. As usual - Didi Chanoch
My million dollar idea: blend a USB flash drive with a harmonica. I'd call it the HoboStick Pro Duo. Who wants to make it for me?
That idea blows... sweet hot music - Johnny
Tom Foremski
Intuit Looking into User Generated Unemployment - the Reward of Social Media? at http://www.siliconvalleywatcher.com/mt...
Robert Scoble
Not good sign. My wife just said that I am a fail whale. :-)
LOL. Tell her that you're "down for maintenance" and you should "be back in about an hour" :) - Bruno Pedro
the truth hurts ..wives and g/f say it as it sez..no fluff !! :)- - Peter Dawson
what is worse, being a "fail" or a "whale"? :D - Naor Mark
Perhaps you could tell her that the VCs have written a check and a crack engineering team is heading onsite as we speak... - Mark Dykeman
ha..your wife's gotta sense of humour! :) - Zee.
much better than what my wife calls me ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
my wife just call me a whale. ;-) - Alex Williams
my wife just called me a beast - maybe because I'm eating away my hang over. - Don Martelli from twhirl
hey I thought you said you were starting to work out! :-) - Christine Cavalier
I love that comment by your wife - very webby techie! cool! Ok so what did you do to earn that illustrious title of "fail whale"?!! ha, ha! - Susan Beebe
she saw me Twittering and was joking around. - Robert Scoble
www.nikeplus.com ;) - Alberto Otero García
She didn't @reply?? - Mona Nomura
haha! - Thomas Hawk
Harsh ! :D - Mo Kargas
yowzers, thank goodness my wife has no clue about twitter, i would be in trouble :) - Chris Jones from twhirl
Me and my wife were happy during 25 years! and then... we met. (dixit Sacha Guitry) - directeur from NoiseRiver
Call me dumb, but what exactly is the definition of "fail whale"? - Herschel
Ha! Did you lose a database? - James Rishabh Mishra
Herschel: I guess you don't use Twitter, huh? I really wish you would do some homework by Googling a term you don't understand first. Nothing personal but I would rather teach a man to fish than give him a fish. Now that the mpral lesson is over the image that comes up when Twitter is down is a whale. The community now uses that as a metaphor for when anything is down. - Robert Scoble
Sean: FriendFeed :) - Justin Korn
Robert: you are much cuter and cuddly than the Fail Whale - Cathleen Rittereiser
+1 Justin... FF FTW! - Susan Beebe
Well... I don't use Twitter, espcially since FF seems to be better and why would I invest any time on a service that now has a reputation in the industry as be a "fail whale"? - Herschel
Loic Le Meur
@rafe just broke the news on CNET that Twhirl is adding identi.ca support you can get it http://news.cnet.com/8301-17...
I'm trying this out now. Pretty slick! - Mike Doeff
Wow, that's great news, thanks for sharing Loic! Congrats on expanding services via Twhirl! - Susan Beebe
The link is in the cnet article towards the end - Mike Doeff
Or, for those who are lazy, here's the link : http://is.gd/Ywn - Aldon Hynes
just trying it out now, so far so good (though it still says tweets received in the identi.ca window :) - Chris Jones from twhirl
awesomesauce! Is there any hope of true cross-service updates? like sending a msg from twitter to someone one identica. - Rob Diana
thanks for the update, I've already downloaded and configured my twhirl. - Wayne Sutton
Yea for Twhirl! - Dave "Freedom 35"
Mayne time to move away from Twitter! It is becoming a parasite society with that @amandachapel Troll character! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
I think I'm going to start using identi.ca now - Andrew Fielding from twhirl
This is EXACTLY what's needed to help bump up Identi.ca usage (for me, at least). Very exciting. - Brad McCrorey
these PR people are influential enough to make a network owner scared. But we can't let @Jack get away with being a coward - NoahDavidSimon
libel is no reason to delete a person's account. I never broke any terms till they changed the terms. - NoahDavidSimon
Ooo.. Bummer. Requires me to turn on XMPP for identi.ca. That would mean I'd be getting simultaneous notifications in gtalk as well. :/ - Brad McCrorey
twitter is obscene. listening to @AmandaChapel and @PurpleCar is the last straw. We can't let hysteria rule online - NoahDavidSimon
When Facebook Goes Down, What Should its Fail Whale Be? - http://mashable.com/2008...
Mark Krynsky
Get your own customizable Friendfeed widget - http://randomwalker.info/ffembed...
Removes large logo, allows for a custom title, setting bg color, define width & height and display in a scrollable iFrame. - Mark Krynsky from Bookmarklet
Christopher Sacca
Just when you stereotype this iPhone on the basis of its white casing, it instinctively adds a tilde to "mañana". Suave...
Jason Pontin
Debating the utility of Twitter with non-Twitter people.
Lately it seems you could have the same conversation with Twitter users ;-) - Mike Doeff
Robert Scoble
CNET News.com's Dan Farber talks with FriendFeed co-founder Bret Taylor about new features coming in his fast-rising content-discovery and social-networking service, and how it compares with the likes of Twitter. - http://news.cnet.com/1606-2_...
great interview. - Thomas Hawk
great interview. Bret's got it right - ranking algorithms, not filtering is the key to noise processing - Kingsley Joseph from twhirl
LOL...he blames Scoble for pushing my family photos off the page. Robert must have Rhino Skin. =) - Craig Eddy
No no, I wasn't blaming Scoble :) I was just bringing up one of the main problems we are trying to solve: if one of your subscriptions is 100x more active than your others, how do we make it easier to not "miss" the stuff from your other friends? You should be as active as you want to be, and we will try to make our product work for you no matter how active you and your friends are. - Bret Taylor
agreed good interview by bret & dan (who i normally consider to have a legacy mindset struggling to grok anything emerging - tainted i know but he used to blindly rip apart podcasting early on when it was clear he never really got the concept /rant ended ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
Bret, that was a great interview. To be honest I considered removing my sub to Scoble b/c of the activity, but then I realized my page would be pretty empty if I did. So very few of my friends & family use any Web2.0 apps. So my issue isn't too much noise, but not enough buy-in from those I would follow. Any advice on how to overcome that would be most welcome -- pestering them didn't work. =) - Craig Eddy
@Craig: follow people who do get it. - Kingsley Joseph from twhirl
Louis Gray
5 Tips to Grow Your Twitter Presence - http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r...
"Tweet from the heart." Awww. But good advice. - Rafe Needleman from Alert Thingy
Dave Winer
Gallup Daily Tracking Poll: Obama 50%, Clinton 41%. http://www.gallup.com/poll...
That is what I love about this country, every now and then the completely unexpected happens. This is in many ways the story of the nation. - Carlos Leyva
I still don't know why Clinton hasn't quit. She's a poison pill for Democrats. - Mike Reynolds
to Mike Reynolds. it's simple: EGO. She was supposed to be the shoo-in, and she's losing to an upstart. hard to accept (via Alert Thingy) - @baratunde
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