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RT @reddcoin: Retweet and get a chance to use our new social wallet before official release! 10 random winners in 24h! #reddcoin
RT @TradeMyBit: Free BTC. Retweet this and we'll randomly select a winner, placing your referral code on TMB's MRR badge for 48hrs @miningrigrental #bitcoin
RT @savethemhood: @tipdoge tip @jimmyfallon 15500000 doge - I ask that you give to your followers in need. No press wanted. Give with your heart.
jeeze, these swirling lights are giving me a headache up in here :/ #Launch2013
RT @Adamalthus: Yet another reason this 200K+ miles per year traveller will not be seen dead on @united via @upgrd
“@billyroh: For every month you're single, adopt a cat” @davidhoang oh man :P
Less Code, More Fulfilling by Daniel Steinberg. Talk sounded so good the entire @Xhatch dev team (@jcob, @dinjas) decided to go! #cocoaconf
Stickers! Love the CocoaConf logo #cocoaconf @ Embassy Suites
RT @davidhoang: Shelby’s Quest, the app we worked on with @DoodleTxApps is featured under News & Noteworthy in the iOS app store.
RT @vonconrad: Stop saying “I wish there was more time in the day.” You have the same amount of time as everyone else. Use it better.
RT @Xhatch: The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. -Michelangelo
RT @davidhoang: Want: A real physical notebook that backs everything up to Evernote. Also, hoverboard.
So much good WWDC 2012 video content. Finally getting a chance to catch up on some interesting sessions.
RT @davidhoang: I wish #wwdc and #coachella were one event.
RT @BeingAgile: Frank's github repo just reached a double milestone. >500 followers, and >100 forks. Let's keep spreading the test-automation lurve!
RT @davidhoang: Every iOS developer should drink an IPA when they build an .ipa file.
RT @ameir: Someone left a 1 star review on our soccer app because their favorite team didn't win. Oh app store reviews...
RT @davidhoang: "We should have got a shittier place" —@raid5 #xhatchproblems
RT @paperdapp: Oooo, pretty! It's all the wallpaper screenshots that have been tagged #paperd on Instagram!
RT @paperdapp: Want to win 6 delicious Paper'd cookies?? Tweet us a screenshot of your favorite wallpaper to enter!
RT @paperdapp: Want to win 6 delicious Paper'd cookies?? Tweet us a screenshot of your favorite wallpaper to enter!
RT @Alyssa_Milano: awww @davidhoang 's app @paperdapp is on the front page of the app store :) /via @heykim
Paper’d – Professionally-designed wallpapers for your iPhone via @paperdapp (developed by Xhatch!)
RT @jeffreyyan: Minbox at #launch looks like a nice clean email inbox. It is amazing that we still tolerate the way our inbox work today.
Now reading: TC@MWC: Hands-On With The HTC One X. (via @Offlane)
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