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mike morrison

mike morrison

Training, Organisational development, change management, train the trainer - we can help - no job to big or too small.
a-z #leadership - E-Energy-leading is a 24 hour a day, seven day a week job. Get in shape
In a crisis, stay calm & confident; your team will reflect your attitude & feel the same #leadershiptip
a-z #leadership - C-Culture-culture is the way a company gets things done. If it is working, why change it?
Collect feedback from third parties (e.g. clients, team members, senior management) as appropriate #appraisal-tip #mgr
Be patient with those you are leading. Impatience breeds disappointment #leadershiptip
Eikenberry on: Are You a Miracle Maker? - If your answer to the title question is no, think again. According to th...
RT @Leadershipfreak: Four Ways to Fit In and Not Disappear - Learn to fit in while you standout. Finding your ...
#trainingtip- Ask others to refrain from disturbing you while you are taking an eLearning course. #trainingtip- Interruptions slow learning
Practical Off-the-shelf training workshop resources Change Management #learning AD
The most important quality in a leader is that of being acknowledged as such - Andre Maurois
Remember, a mistake is an opportunity to improve. Learn from yours & help team members do the same #leadershiptip
#trainingtip- Law of Effect - Learning is stronger when associated with a pleasing or satisfying feeling
Blog: RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #61
Quality has to be caused, not controlled- Philip Crosby
Communicate to the employer your goals for the next one year as well as your long-term career goals #appraisal-tip #employee
#trainingtip- Stimulate Students.�The worst lessons are those which cause little or no feelings or passion
How to get noticed when waiting for people at an airport!
Help your people perform better & they will be happier & more productive #leadershiptip
a-z #leadership - M-Mission-make it count. A mission is a guiding set of principles which should stand the test of time and never change
Ready to use editable training resources inc trainers notes) #classroom ad
#trainingtip- Preview the lesson - tell learners what they are going to be doing or better have a 'menu' on the board
Leadership Article: Putting leadership in its place - In this series we’ve attempted to make the case for ...
RT @Leadershipfreak: Identify and Overcome Weaknesses that Matter
E pluribus unum. (Out of many, one.)
Care enough about others to respond to texts, email, & phone messages in a timely manner #leadershiptip
Even if your manager does not request input prior to your appraisal, take the initiative send it to him #appraisal-tip #employee
Practice answering questions either by yourself or getting a friend to ask you questions #appraisal-tip #employee
It is acceptable to ask questions regarding your advancement & how to get a raise #appraisal-tip #employee
Resource for #trainers: Change-Management models in ppt format Plse RT AD
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