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mike morrison

mike morrison

Training, Organisational development, change management, train the trainer - we can help - no job to big or too small.
PPT for #leaders: Coaching theories in slide format Plse RT AD
Positive call with Gary of the @ee small business team about my roaming & customer service experience. a guy with a can do attitude #letssee
#trainingtip- Learning something new in a group. Each person will bring a different strength to the learning process.
#marketresearchtip check your questions are valid or ALL your results are invalid
Interesting survey call from "network research" on behalf of @ee looking at small businesses. Who validated the questions? .. cont
#trainingtip- Provide challenge & engage the students - consciously plan how you are going to achieve these into your lessons
Blog: RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #128
If your employer says some negative things about your work, listen attentively & keep an open mind #appraisal-tip #employee
If you sometimes forget things, make a written list of what you want to say & rehearse it beforehand #appraisal-tip #employee
#trainingtip- Demonstrations - Introduce - Carefully outline the procedure to be followed
Discuss the positive things the employee did for the evaluation period #appraisal-tip #mgr
Remember, you can always make improvements � in your plan, your people, & yourself #leadershiptip
#trainingtip- The more you work with the material you are learning, the more confidently you will recall it.
Give us the tools, and we will finish the job- Winston Churchill
#trainingtip - I'm proud to facilitate people learning
Eikenberry on: Your Success Depends on This Skill
RT @Leadershipfreak: 10 Ways to Create a Sense of Ownership - “Act like you own the place,” is a silly s...
When Warhol Meets the Web: How A/B Testing Revolutionises Product Development and Maximises Impact
New Blog: RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #127 - "Welcome to the Ego Repair Hotline! Press 1 for 'Hey, you look gre...
Help make it happen for Your Personal Drink ID on @indiegogo
#trainingtip- Law of Exercise.�Those things most often repeated are the best learned. This is the basis for practice and drill.
Know how to make another decision when a bad decision has been recognized #leadershiptip
He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader-Aristotle
Blog: RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #127
Leadership has a harder job to do than just choose sides. It must bring sides together- Jesse Jackson
a-z #leadership - K-Kings-never forget, the customer is king. Without them, you do not have a business
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