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mike morrison

mike morrison

Training, Organisational development, change management, train the trainer - we can help - no job to big or too small.
Eikenberry on: Remarkable TV: What Does Silence Mean? [VIDEO]
RT @Leadershipfreak: Five Common Beliefs that Sabotage Sincere Leaders
How to Develop and Select Your New Leadership Profiles
Understanding human needs is half the job of meeting them- Adlai Stevenson
#trainingtip- Source your materials - at the bottom of copies, put on where you got it from, the authors & publisher
#trainingtip- Make sure you understand the reason you are being asked to learn something.
#trainingtip- The Delivery - Volume - Adjust to the size of your audience. Be sure that you can be heard
Where there is no vision, the people perish- Proverbs 29:18
Provide useful feedback your employee can immediately start using to improve performance #appraisal-tip #mgr
a-z #leadership - H-Honesty-never lie and never bullsh*t. Not even to get yourself out of trouble. You will get rumbled
Make sure your comments about your employee's work match the rating they are given #appraisal-tip #mgr
Listen closely to what your manager has to say & stay engaged in the conversation #appraisal-tip #employee
#trainingtip- Demonstrations - Summary - Review what the demonstration has shown
#trainingtip- Practical Exercises - Standards Set high standards. Continue work until they are met
Let those you lead know where they fit in the organization�s purpose, the team & current projects #leadershiptip
Good plans shape good decisions. That's why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true-Lester Bittel
Discuss the positive things the employee did for the evaluation period #appraisal-tip #mgr
Blog: RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #148
Compliment your employee on good performance #appraisal-tip #mgr
When discussing your performance, turn each point of feedback into an action item #appraisal-tip #employee
Give us the tools, and we will finish the job- Winston Churchill
#trainingtip - Avoid 'difficult delegates' by being proactive. Try psychological judo.
Accept the blame when something goes wrong. Then study what went wrong so it won�t happen again #leadershiptip
Effective leaders ask why before what or how. The what & the how are usually based upon the why #leadershiptip
a-z #leadership - I-Instinct-trust your first instinct. You were probably right
Be kind � to others, to yourself, & the office environment #leadershiptip Meet needs & show respect #leadershiptip
Eikenberry on: What Every Leader Can Learn from the TSA - There is a phrase that TSA uses over the speakers at air...
RT @Leadershipfreak: 5 Things Successful Leaders Judge - Judging feels awkward, mostly because we don’t like...
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