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Robert Scoble
How many Google searches have you done? shows you. I've only done 8,869. Why search when you have Twitter?
because you get different results when you use google - Habi Span
Wow, I've only done 9752. - Cheryl Jones
John Cleese
Portland is lovely and sunny, with bright blue skies, and warm breezes. Oh no, that's Santa Barbara. It's grey and cold here, ah, well...
He's doing a tour of one-man shows to raise $ to pay his ex-wife's enormous alimony judgement. - Spidra Webster
I'd be sorely tempted to spend more $ than I should to see him when he's here, but he chose a venue in Redwood City that's nowhere near BART. - Spidra Webster
Manu Kumar
:) RT @thione: 1st time Halloween goers in bay area are by now probably convinced that they are supposed to say "Twitter Tweet" to get candy
Manu Kumar
RT @saarsaar: Regret for what you have done is tempered by time. Regret for what you have not done is inconsolable.
Pictured: Hubble Telescope captures galaxies 'stripping' | Mail Online -
Pictured: Hubble Telescope captures galaxies 'stripping'
 | Mail Online
Pictured: Hubble Telescope captures galaxies 'stripping'
 | Mail Online
"These stunning photographs show galaxies speeding through clusters of neighbouring galaxies and being stripped of their gas as a result. The photographs are of galaxies NGC 4402 and NGC 4522 as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope’s Advanced Camera for Surveys. Astronomers estimate galaxy NGC 4522 is traveling at 6.2 million miles per hour. It’s about 60 million light-years away in the Virgo cluster. Fast-moving galaxies get deformed by the strong winds generated by their movement. The process is known as 'ram pressure stripping', where the lighter parts get stripped away. Galaxy NGC 4402 shows off the convex gas and dust disc that is characteristic of galaxies undergoing ram pressure stripping. The hot gas between galaxies in a cluster (known as the intra-cluster medium) sweeps the gas away, creating the odd shape in the process. " - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
Live4Emma (L4S)
"Children practiced ballet in Hefei, Anhui Province, China, Sunday. Hundreds of students, ages 4 to 15, learn ballet at the community school during summer vacation." (Jianan Yu/Reuters) - Live4Emma (L4S)
Standing at the bar with someone else lifting my leg I used to be able to touch my foot to the top of my head. I think I still could if I really stretched out and had someone to help. Sometimes it's crazy to think our bodies can bend this way. - Rachel Lea Fox
alls i know is i ain't tryin' it! :-p - Live4Emma (L4S)
Live4Emma (L4S)
"Performers entertained a crowd Sunday during the inauguration of the Espanyol soccer team’s new stadium near Barcelona." (David Ramos/Associated Press) - Live4Emma (L4S)
Mona Nomura
The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it. - @caseorganic
Especially true in relation to old media. - Heather Solos
I like that. - Jim #teamFFrank
Me too and I am a huge fan of Amber (Cyborg Anthropologist!) - Mona Nomura from IM
I met Amber last year at Gnomedex. Is she cool or what? - Mark Davidson from BuddyFeed
Mona Nomura
Bora Zivkovic
Collecting funniest, silliest, most irreverent titles of scientific papers. Plz.
Ah, of course!!!! ;-) - Bora Zivkovic
This whole site is beautiful. - Katy S
i just lost a portion of my life (or at least evening) to - Christina Pikas
That's actually quite evil, Neil. - Michael Nielsen
Those are hilarious. Although, in all honesty, my favorite title ever is a serious one. I love it for the sheer audacity of the partial quote at the end: Louise Robbins' article "The Library of Congress and federal loyalty programs, 1947-1956: no "Communists or cocksuckers"". - Katy S
I love Louise! - Katy S
Should also see the winners of the ignobels given at harvard. I like the girl that says -- "I'm bored, I'm bored" to end the longer acceptance speeches. - Joe from iPod
Speaking of the ignobels, I was going to suggest Improbable Research as a fine repository of this stuff: - walt crawford
I love Improbable, but it is designed to be funny. I am looking for serious papers in serious journals with funny, catchy, memorable titles. - Bora Zivkovic
ScienceDirect - Discrete Applied Mathematics : Recognizing DNA graphs is difficult [not hilarious, granted, but memorable!] - Chris Leonard
Those are funny, Andrew (and interesting papers) - Bora Zivkovic
'The Defenestration of Superfluous Architectural Accoutrements' by Grady Booch IEEE Software, Vol. 26, No. 4. (2009), pp. 7-8. - Hilary
LOL, HIlary - that is funny. 'Defenestration' is one of my favourite words of all times. - Bora Zivkovic
Loic Le Meur
@DavidSpinks multiple accounts and groups are SOOOO coming to the web version asap. Like Soooo coming.
What about friendfeed support for seesmic desktop? - John Blanton
Loic says that multiple accounts and groups are coming to Seesmic Web. Once you add FriendFeed, it's checkmate. - Louis Gray
@Loic: I was a skeptic, because that's just how I am about these things - but I just downloaded Seesmic and it seems like a really great product. As Louis said, you add FriendFeed to this and it's major #win. :) - Anthony Citrano
like so waiting for them;-) - Francine Hardaway from BuddyFeed
Friendfeed too :) I know, we don't type fast enough to code faster. Our developers can't go any faster! - Loic Le Meur from iPhone
Loic, this is great news! I've been waiting for this since Seesmic Web launched! Thanks. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Looking forward to it. Will there be a way to sync my desktop filters/userlists to Seemic web? - BairdWilliamson
Stoked for a decent Web client. Can't stand Adobe Air. I like using my mouse's scroll wheel and keyboard shortcuts. - mrshl
Baird: I'm like, *assuming*, that we'll be able to sync desktop userlists to the web version. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Live4Emma (L4S)
pen drawings? they look more like photographs :) well done. - John Blanton
That's some insane hyper-realism on display here. #madskillz - Adrian
That is the most impressive drawing I have seen in a while, maybe ever. - Alex Scrivener
...swore when i first saw this they were blue tinted pics...i was going to post them based solely on that alone...but the fact that they're drawn, is off the charts cool! - Live4Emma (L4S)
look at the front page of his web site...he's got a regular old blue bic ball point pen...i can barely write my name half way legibly and this guy is creating THIS? eesh.... - Live4Emma (L4S)
Daum! That is some nice work - Rasmus Lauridsen
I think only HIS brain works like that, Christopher.... - Live4Emma (L4S) from iPod
No way... - Vaughn
...way - Live4Emma (L4S) from iPod
Jesse Stay
Saying Goodbye to the Password - SocialToo Launches OAuth -
Stay tuned - my FriendFeed audience will like what comes next because of this. :-) - Jesse Stay
Oh, oh, autofollowing is coming to FriendFeed? There goes the neighborhood. - Robert Scoble
Jesse: if you're doing autofollowing at least default to putting those follows in a new list separate from the ones that people manually followed. I've found that my autofollowed folks are far less interesting than the ones I've hand added. - Robert Scoble
Robert, that's a good idea. I love FriendFeed for that reason. Keep in mind that with our auto-follow also comes the ability to identify followers as spammers, and unfollow automatically from that. I've also got a few other things around that idea I'd like to launch hopefully soon. - Jesse Stay
Now now, Robert, are you a SocialToo advisor? - Louis Gray
Louis: no. At least not a compensated nor an official one. - Robert Scoble
Phew! I was feeling insecure for a second! :) - Louis Gray
Robert, I'll send the check later on - you get a raise ;-) - Jesse Stay
Besides the cost of hosting coming down, startups are cheaper these days thanks to free advice from Robert, and from Chris Brogan's blog. - Bruce Lewis
I agree with Robert (as usual) especially since I need to figure out how to un-autofollow a bunch of sleezy tweeps bcause of another app's autofollow. - Matthew Ledford
Matthew, SocialToo has an option that will unfollow everyone for you at once as well. - Jesse Stay
Kimber Scott
"Are you an avid photographer who thinks outside the box's box? Third Ward, Williamsburg's go-to resource for the creative design professional, recently announced their first-ever Open Call for photography. With a goal of finding the best new creative work from emerging photographers, the missive turns to photography's evolution as a catalyst, looking to its development from daguerreotypes to glass negatives and from Polaroid film to limitless digital shots." - Kimber Scott from Bookmarklet
Kimber Scott
The exhibit, "Kokeshi: From Folk Art to Art Toy" pays homage to traditional Japanese Kokeshi, brightly painted wooden dolls with no arms or legs, at the LATDA in collaboration with the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) in downtown Los Angeles. - Kimber Scott from Bookmarklet
Shirley Wu
The Poetry of Sarah Palin. - By Hart Seely - Slate Magazine -
Dobromir Hadzhiev
LOL! The one penguin was so nonchalant about it that I had to watch it about five times before I saw him push the other one. Now I can't stop watching it. - Jandy
i think i'm gonna be watching this all night, :) - chaz2b
Kol Tregaskes
Google Wave is Coming: 100,000 Invites Go Out on September 30th -
Google Wave is Coming: 100,000 Invites Go Out on September 30th
"Less than two months ago, Google dropped a spectacular surprise upon the world: Google Wave. The communication tool aspires to redefine not only email, but the entire web. And from our very first test of Google Wave to our complete Google Wave Guide, we have to say that it’s a game changer. Well, in the last two months, Google and third-party developers have been hard at work testing out the system, fixing the kinks, and building some amazing extensions (which we discussed in-depth previously). Still, only a handful of people, almost all developers, have access. That’s about to change soon though: on September 30th, Google will start sending out about 100,000 invites for the next version of Google Wave." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
I certainly would love to be one of the 100k. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
fingers crossed! - Dan Smith from IM
Hopefully invitations will be worldwide and not US-centric as Google Voice for which I have a superb unusable invite! - Jean-Charles VERDIE
Kol, I'm standing in line right next to you :) - Holger Eilhard
Jean-Charles VERDIE, I assume that has more to do with the telephone exchanges etc that Google need access to before they can provide Voice to other parts of the world. However I cannot see why Wave would have any Geo-retardation linked to it... but who knows. Me, I signed up for the updates to see if that counts towards the likely recipients of the Golden Tickets. - travispuk
Travis, I agree with you and don't see neither what could bring such problem. I just blame google for sending an unusable invite on GV - Jean-Charles VERDIE
Jean, that is very odd. Someone at Google didn't think about that properly. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Holger, and about a million others as well I'd imagine. - Kol Tregaskes
as a physicist i'm quite amused by "Google Wave Guide" - Imabug
@Imabug, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one geeky enough to catch the wave guide reference (and mention it before I had a chance to) - Seth Greenblatt
In the meantime, you can set your own server up, if you're a glutton for punishment, but don't expect it to be interoperable with the Wave Sandbox, or even functional. Still, it'd have been fun if they implemented a GMail-style "chain mail" invitation system, for the time being. - Tyson Key
I hope additional invites will follow shortly after. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Scott Beale
"Cat Ladies" is a documentary by Christie Callan-Jones that explores real story behind the “crazy cat lady” stereotype
Paint that turns walls (or any surface) into a whiteboard -
Paint that turns walls (or any surface) into a whiteboard
Very cool product. Would have been nice if they were clearer about what the product actually is on the home page - had to dig thru to the products page to know that it was a solvent you apply to a surface. Wasn't sure if the product was a solvent/coating or if it was in the marker. I would buy this. - The Fat Oracle
This product has been around for awhile, right? I could have sworn I've seen this stuff in non-web media. - Zach Landes
Zach, yeah I'm sure but very cool! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Oh, definitely Kol. If I were building one of those trendy silicon valley offices (kinda like the one in the photo...)I'd totally have to add this. - Zach Landes
Or if I were a parent of a 3 year old. My sis & her husband just bought a house. They could so use this given my niece's affinity for crayons. - The Fat Oracle
the walls in the study rooms of our new library are like this. - Marie
nice! One of the walls of our conference room is coated with a material that makes it a whiteboard as well. Very handy - Tamara, #TeamMarina
It's uncomfortable while drawing in the conner - Tony
does it smell good? the paint. - Carolyn Chan
I really want this for my office! - Michele Lorito-Chase
I was looking at this just yesterday for the room we'll be homeschooling in. I'm excited to try it. - Heather Solos
Ironically, I just finished making a homemade white board with clear acrylic and some hardboard and some woodworking. If only I had know, I could saved a lot of work.... - Jim
This is so cool. I was actually talking with someone yesterday about having a room with whiteboard in my house. So this was very useful. THanks! - Tiffy Diamond
*drools* - Colby
just painted my dd's room with chalkboard paint. we're a little behind. - kelly
GOTTA get me some for my office!! link to order? Zee U mightAs Well make a few on this! *giggle* - Arleen Boyd
@Arleen If i had known there'd be this big a response.. :P - Zee.
Just wait til the late 2010s, when nanotechnologically-based paints appear. You will be able to paint computer screens onto any surface in your home. - J. D. Ebberly
I wonder how it compares with this one, which is 8x cheaper - David Lynch
15 Stunningly Rugged Coastlines | WebEcoist -
15 Stunningly Rugged Coastlines | WebEcoist
15 Stunningly Rugged Coastlines | WebEcoist
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Love It or Hate It: Watermelon Pedicure -
Love It or Hate It: Watermelon Pedicure
I like it for someone else - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
Oh, that is cute. - Rochelle
hee. it's cute. - edythe
I wouldn't to it myself, but I totally appreciate it. - Martha
Hrm....if I liked toes.... - Rahsheen
I love that - it is so cute! I don't know that I'd get it on my toes (pink sometimes makes my feet look extra super double pale) but I fully endorse that. - Jennifer Dittrich
Love it!!!! - niniane
Awesome for a 4th of July party, but I probably wouldn't do it any other time. - Shannon - GlassMistress
fun and whimsical. It's toes, after all :D - Iphigenie
Very cute, my stepdaughter would probably get a kick out of it. - Heather Solos
That is super cute! - EricaJoy
No. - Derrick
looks like a lot of work :) - comix aka martha
does it taste like watermelon? - Joshua Schnell
Nope, not for me. - Just Mrs. V
Cute... but not for me. - Ordinarybug Heather
OMG that is cute!! :) - Susan Beebe
Very cute! - Just Mrs. V
:)) - Emrah
Dee @
"“Through The Green Fuse” is series of photos by Robert Buelteman, actually they are photograms. His technique is quite complex and dangerous, it’s based on Kirlian photography. He places flowers and leaves on a color transparency film, on top of that he lays plexiglas with a sheet of metal in between, floating in a liquid silicone. Then he hits everything with an electric pulse which causes the coronas and outlines to appear on the film. The last step he needs to do, is hand-painting it with a white light coming from an optical fiber. It can take up to 150 attempts to get this right. You can read more about it at Wired. The results are just stunning." - Dee @ from Bookmarklet
The results are stunning indeed - M F
Live4Emma (L4S)
now that is one contented cat. - Tony C (Unrated) from fftogo
That is awesome! - vicster.
Or MELTING I can see that.. - Tony C (Unrated) from email
Live4Emma (L4S)
Colbert on Gas Works fireworks show: 'You don't have to bring pot!' -
Colbert on Gas Works fireworks show: 'You don't have to bring pot!'
Think it's pretty silly that a Seattle resident sued to stop the fireworks show at Gas Works Park? So does Stephen Colbert. The comedian dedicated the "4th of July -- Under Attack!" segment Tuesday night to the scuffle between the city and Lake City resident Benjamin Schroeter, who believes the fireworks show must be stopped until an environmental impact study can be done on the park grounds. "How dare he malign the pristine natural beauty of Gas Works Park!" shouted Colbert, emphasizing the very ungreen name of one of the city's green spaces. "I say an abandoned gas plant is the perfect place to shoot off fireworks. The pyrotechnics could last for weeks," Colbert continued. "Plus, thanks to the underground plumes of carcinogenic benzene, you don't have to bring pot!" - Live4Emma (L4S) from Bookmarklet
Live4Emma (L4S)
Robert Scoble
I'm talking to a bunch of marketers showing them Twitter and FriendFeed. Come here and tell them good examples of "now marketing:"
I'm showing them Zappos. Tiny Prints. Four Seasons. And a few others. - Robert Scoble
You'll be up on the screen, by the way. - Robert Scoble
Ah man. those guys don't need help. They already beat me half to death with direct mail. - Jason Nunnelley
Jason: heheh. - Robert Scoble
Zappos was on the Apprentice, weren't they? And on Oprah? After that, they need marketing? - RobinDotNet
Robin: Zappos has 400+ people on Twitter. They did a billion in sales last year for a reason. - Robert Scoble
And I'm very happy to have contributed to their success. :-) - RobinDotNet is a new restaurant near my house. I like their instinct to use Twitter and Facebook. - Robert Scoble
don't forget threadless - viv j
Most businesses around the world don't know how to use Twitter and Facebook. - Robert Scoble
isn't there a bakery somewhere that tweets when the fresh bread comes out of the oven? - Capn' One Eye - adrift
I like it when companies have people online tweeting. There are a lot of positive stories on the Consumerist web site about experiences using twitter to get help from businesses. - RobinDotNet
Viv: threadless is a great example, thanks for the reminder. - Robert Scoble
metageoff: URL? I'd love that example. - Robert Scoble
It is like searching for people using adwords and talking directly to that person NOW - Matthew Hillis
Advice, if you're on Twitter, and you are a brand Respond to your @ replies. It looks selfish and like you don't care if you don't. - Dan Harbison
A client, OrangeSoda uses it to track happy and unhappy customers and people that might buy their product. - Jonathan Bacon
Smithsonian Institution's FB page is awesome: - Vital Design
Just the fact that the Consumerist keeps printing the stories (I get their RSS feed) makes people think that's going to work, so I don't see how it can not benefit a company to be on twitter and/or FF. (Unless they're annoying, but don't get me started on the Lands' End e-mail overuse). - RobinDotNet
The same client uses Twitter to build credibility in the industry for recruiting. - Jonathan Bacon
The Tea Garden in New York always uses Twitter Finest Tea from the Master Dr. Tea - Randy Nacol
Sweet Leaf Tea is using Twitter/Facebook to provide customer service, let people know about discount promotions, notify certain areas of events they'll be giving product away. Now I'm helping them produce a slew of rich media content we'll be using to showcase their product, people & fans at events & we'll be using T/F to be the primary promotion point for it. - Lyn Graft
Sorry, but marketing people of "the old" don't belong in the new. Their tactics are unchanged, un-evolved, and will provide little to no value to Twitter, the now, or FriendFeed. Thankfully I don't have to pollute my timeline with their nonsense. Maybe that's short-minded, but my target subscription base is innovation, technology, and tomorrow. Rarely does it include "Marketers" - No Name
Yeah Zappos is the Golden Boy. - anna sauce
In PR I use it for keeping up on reporters (aka Robert Scoble) and finding out about opportunities for clients. Excellent tool. - Jonathan Bacon
Robin- I totally want to hear about Land's End email abuse! - anna sauce
bakery: I seem to have been mislead - don't see any "come and get it!" announcements in that twitter stream - Capn' One Eye - adrift
guess anything or any business that evokes some kind of emotion ought to be on FF, FB or Twitter - viv j
Enrique - but new or old Mkgt is about forming the relationship with the consumer - it's just faster now. - Jeff Bishop
anna -- I signed up to get marketing e-mails from Lands' End (rare for me), and I get like 10 a week. Every day all the time. My friends complain abou the same thing. But you hate to unsign up because they have those free-shipping offers all the time, and sometimes you DO want to order something. - RobinDotNet
The interesting thing is that "now" marketing is more about a long-term strategy than instant "bang for the buck". You've got to put yourself out there for a good long while and have unique and genuine interaction before anything "big" ever happens. Get involved, but with a long-term view. - Inside Alaska
I'm all for people trying to learn to do things differently. - metalerik
Being able to connect directly with your customer. Give invites to or announcing special events via twitter. Giving your business a "social face". Why just today I got an invite to Google Voice (well I'm still waiting), because I follow the Google Team on twitter, and they (out of the goodness of their heart) offered to invite all their followers. I think it strengthens your brand by... more... - Wilfredo Guerrero
You can follow the event on Twitter here: - Robert Scoble
If you want a lesson in how not to do it, check this. Habitat spammed Twitter with voucher offers etc that incorporated iran election # tags. Egregious. - Mark Littlewood
taco truck on twitter, tweets location - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Oh, and don't treat it like another marketing project. Just share things that are cool or interesting about your business. If you're genuine, and the things you share 'really are' cool or interesting, people will catch on and spread the message. - Inside Alaska
Dave- can I quote you on that? I will write a blog post- I do "adventures in email marketing" and always on the lookout for folks' experiences. - anna sauce
The great thing about the real-time web is that it makes people attention to what is going on with your account. Think "Blue Light Special", but instead of having to be IN your store, they just have to be on the internet..... - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Jeff, yes -it's all about connecting to the customer - but how the "old" will go about it will typically include legal filtering, PR loops, spin, etc, and lack the genuine interaction Social Media actually requires to make it work the way it should. Even when it is done the "right way" Marketers will just copy what's already been done in hopes to mimic results of the people who innovated. Creates a meaningless Twitter/FF existence. - No Name
For marketing, it is just like all the basic social media laws: be honest, be transparent, be interesting, be creative - anna sauce
show them this: and activate the graph button - twitscoop
I hope they've taken a bath today. Suggest the book Groundswell. - Benjamin Taylor
check out dell's latest twitter announcement: (our client fyi) - amanda
One of the biggest issues I've seen with marketers embracing social media: losing the control of message they had with broadcast media. - anna sauce
You can't forward the twitter to PR and wait a week for htem to get back to you, regarding an issue with the product. That just doesn't play well. And like Motrin, you can't create an anonymous "mom" (see: transparency) - anna sauce
Murphy-Goode Winery hit the right note with their combined HR/PR/SMMarketing stunt - Ben Robbins
Show them the comcastcares and Bank of America on twitter. Helping people causes great word of mouth advertising. - Karl Evard
Realizing that SM is not like any other channel you've used for mkgt before. If you're not going to have dedicated people to staff it (and not once a week) don't get into it. If you don't do it right - don't bother. - Jeff Bishop
Example: A cool paper was published, and I share it on FF through a link. Then people see it, maybe follow the link to read it; I can then track the number of follow-ups through - Jason Miller
@Karl - New media channels make these companies appear much smaller than they really are. A sense of intimacy is a huge benefit to any conversation. - Benson Miller
Agree with J.D., you have to show them how not to market on social media. - Dilip Dand
Jeff Barr of Amazon uses products like Tweetdeck to observe real-time conversations about each of the AWS offerings in a separate stream. This has changed the way I consume activity streams. - Benson Miller
I might add: Keep it simple and creative. Don't SPAM your potential customers (followers); That's the fastest way to have them UNFollow you. - Sean E Brown
If you're a company and you're on twitter, you need to answer your tweets. I tweeted Tweetdeck to ask a question, and they didn't answer. That's just annoying. I think they use it to post new info about Tweetdeck and do marketing. :-P - RobinDotNet
South Food and Wine Bar (@SouthFWB) letting locals know about new dishes, new wines. Symantec (@netbackup, @enterprisevault, @nortononline, @backupexec, and so on) connecting with customers both happy and unhappy, helping to resolve complaints and letting users know of new articles, releases, and more. I could go on. - Nick Wade
Illustrate good examples with bad examples, Feedly, as recently as Tuesday provided a direct response, even though I was about to uninstall their product. Once I sort out my mess of an RSS feed list I'll go back to their product. It was a simple @reply that made the difference even though I wasn't an active user. Marketers don't like hearing that people don't like the product they represent, but once they start listening, it changes the dynamic. - Benjamin Taylor
It was said above, its about relationships. Social media provides another channel to connect and make an impression with people... its part of the communications engine that needs to stay well oiled and tuned. - Jeff Fishburn
Provide a service AND market a product, if the MTA can do it - NYC subway system now has Twitter alerts by line: @NYC_F_trains, @NYC_2_trains, etc.. - Benjamin Taylor
I'm tired of the famous quote tweets. If someone starts tweeting famous quotes, I unfollow them. - RobinDotNet
If they want to talk about the famous quotes and discuss ideas around them, that's a different matter. Like Jeff Fishburn said above, it's about relationships. - RobinDotNet
Hmmmmm - Study: Twitter Drives a Lot of Traffic to Media Sites, but Doesn't Bring a Lot of Customers to Online Retailers - ReadWriteWeb - PXLated
A few twitter opportunities include, listening to your customer base- polls, announcements of discounts, new products, giveaways, asking for help and helping others, generally broadening your horizons. - Donna Boley
I agree that companies need to answer their tweets! And, it's okay to use humor. A local retailer in my town gets a lot of traffic by making silly offers like, "Make me laugh and get 10% off." It makes me want to visit their shop even though I wouldn't ordinarily think to go there. - Coyote
the simply elegant way for a bizz to get started on twitter is to stream the comments customers are making. Trader Joe's let's their shoppers speak for them. I like how Vetrazzo suggests home and design conferences as events on Facebook. - Lane Rapp
Remember this is all about turning business models on their heads. Do all your aftersales first , be helpful, be an ally, be useful first and then hope you've done enough for someone to come and purchase. - Crispin Heath's a pretty good example in the FS space - Crispin Heath
Great Mashable article, how to twit for brands: - anna sauce
Please ask them not to respond to every mention of their brand on Twitter. I don't always want to be asked "Can I help?" when I moan about something's poor performance. You can't own the conversation like that. - Ian Betteridge
Brilliant post. This is a huge problem, how can a company engage people without using robots? Ultimately, they need a transparent culture (eg. Quicken Loans.) That way the employees can respond on behalf of the company. - Greg
I'm from Chicago, I found Leo on a podcast and have been following him since! - Mark Williamson from BuddyFeed
I meet people online that I find interesting and follow them like Robert Scoble. - Randy Allen Bishop
Show them @habitatUK as a counter example - 77Agency
Thanks for the Tiny Prints plug @scobleizer! somehow I missed the conversation yesterday. Threads like this are very useful to us to help mature our social media strategy. Lots of great examples. - Rick Bucich of course. I hope to demo it for you someday soon in half moon bay over some beers at the fire pit ;) - Andy A.
my involvement with #areallygoodejob has brought some great opportunities for me all the way off in Germany--surprising for me is that twitter has been the key driver for traffic and leads for me (for employment options in Germany). - Andrea Schmitz
Robert Scoble
I love -- it is how I read my Google Reader feeds now. Requires Firefox, but if you have it very nice headline display
How do you consume RSS on your iPhone? - Mike Bracco
Mike: I use NetNewsWire, personally. - John Fox
Mike: FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
ByLine - syncs with Google Reader - Brian Roy
John: me too, I use NNW on Mac and iPhone. - Mike Bracco
I used this a while back... it sure has come a long way. - Evan Travers
Robert: I never would have thought of using Friendfeed as an all purpose RSS reader. Don't know why it never occured to me. - John Fox
Scoble: I assume you just mean that you follow the stream of info here - do you use the FF imaginary friend feature to add feeds? - Mike Bracco
Mike: I follow 25,000 people and their RSS feeds here. - Robert Scoble
Feels like I lose control when I use Feedly though its a very beautiful interface to GReader. - The Fat Oracle
Firefox feels somewhat slow after Safari 4 - jess
Scoble: probably have enough "real" friends that you do not need to create "imaginary" ones :) - Mike Bracco
i love feedly too - andy brudtkuhl is best RSS reader for ease of use and readability without question - Jonathan Evans from Friend Deck
Fun that Feedly's founder is here too: - Robert Scoble is best RSS reader for ease of use and readability without question - Jonathan Evans from Friend Deck
thanks for sharing, I use "times" but it's a bit "memory" heavy : ) this one could be next! - ledretch
I have to create *some* imaginary friends since some people on my Twitter don't have a FF account yet. I keep begging them, though. - John Fox
I started using feedly again recently. I love the interface. - Spirit 2.0
Josh: here in friendfeed there's just a lot of noise sometimes. Blogs tend to me more thought out than most of the things people import here, which can include Tweets, short items, upcoming events, etc. Sometimes I just want to see blogs and Feedly brings me that. Also, there are still lots of people who don't use friendfeed (although that number goes down every day, I'm getting 1,000 new followers on friendfeed a week which demonstrates that friendfeed is growing pretty quickly). - Robert Scoble
Interesting stuff... always curious as to the business model... - Buzz Bruggeman
Thanks robert! @buzz: more on the business model very soon. Stay tuned. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Awesome find, also going to use it as my start page. - Chris Lang
Requires FireFox?! No thanks, let me know when there's a Chrome version. - Martin Johnson
Robert: I thought you were in the FriendFeed can replace Google Reader camp, which made me question the way I was using FF. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one that feels FF isn't the best place for blog aggregation and that blog aggregation is still valuable. Too bad I've switched back to Safari for now. - Chip Ramsey
I liked Feedly, but FireFox not so much, compared to Safari. Unfortunate that they have to tie it to a browser. - Oliver Bouchard
I've been enjoying in Safari (both desktop and iPhone versions). Firefox is far too greedy with memory. - Jason Wehmhoener
Agree: Need a chrome version. - Ron Hudson
I've mostly bailed on Google Reader altogether: - Mark Czerniec
Chip: keep in mind I haven't used Google Reader or Feedly in weeks. FriendFeed actually brings me most of the good stuff I see in my Google Reader feed. But if there's a reason you need to use feeds still, Feedly is very nice. - Robert Scoble
Thanks Robert. Installing now. - Mark Davidson
Love the interface - Henry Liu
@Jorge. Yes. When you read an article in feedly, it is marked as read in Google Reader. When you share an article in feedly (thumbs up or share with note icon), it will be shared in Google Reader. Finally, when you save an article for later in feedly, it will be starred in Google Reader. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Feedly appears to have grown up since I played with it about a year ago. I may try it again but Firefox has really lost my love as of late compared to Chrome. When Firefox only crashes individual Tabs in separate memory spaces (which is rumored to happen), then I may love my Mozilla tool once again. Seems like I'm not the only one who feels the same. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
manielse: I agree. I love Chrome and wish Feedly worked in it. - Robert Scoble
@bill: feedly supports most of the keyboard shortcuts of Google Reader (j, k, s, n, p, etc..). Click ? in feedly to get the complete list. @jorge: yes for about 10 minutes, the registration and authentication service had their heads under the water. Should be back to normal now. - Edwin Khodabakchian
I've tried Feedly a couple times but I just can't use the "headlines" interface. I like still plugging through Google Reader for what info I still having coming through that channel. - Tony
@tony: me to. i like to hammer 'j' untill i see stuff i like. it's nice and single-tasky. feedly makes my brain want to read everything at once - Chris Bingham
So do I. It's becoming my only start-up page. It's Google Reader for lazy people (I'm one..) - Martin Añazco
ooh, hammering j also works pretty nice in feedly! i'm sold - Chris Bingham
might take a little getting used to, but the presentation of your feeds is really nice.. - Robert de Castro
I just gave feedly a try but must say that it doesn't offer many benefits over Google Reader. Some of the things I like include the 'Karma' feature, the ability to aggregate articles related to Twitter's hot topics, and of course the magazine look. However, I find the interface somewhat clumsy in that how articles are marked as read is somewhat confusing. Their preferences page should... more... - Angus Burton
Ah, I love feedly too been using for 6 months .. hey, wait a minute, you still read feeds in your reader? - Beth Kanter
I agree with Angus. I prefer Google Reader's simplicity. - Curt Mercadante
I am an experienced user of both Google Reader and Feedly, with subscriptions to over 1,000 feeds, and have discovered that I can cover much more ground more quickly and more easily with Feedly than with Google Reader. But Feedly takes some investment of time and effort to learn -- there is much more to it than meets the eye at first glance. Its full value isn't apparent until you dig into the full feature set. - Sean McBride
What Bryan at the top said. FireFox? That dog don't hunt on this box. You gotta Make the apps work in any browser, or I (for one) am not likely to play with them. Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Opera. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
is feedly working ? here is not ! : / - Rocky
@rocky. it should work. What is the error you are running into? Can you please open a bug on and I will track it down - Edwin Khodabakchian
I love Feedly. I don't read a lot of RSS feeds, but the ones I do are very diversified, and I think Feedly organizes well. I like the magazine feel to it, and I really like the fact that I can mark a feed read, but save feeds I like to really read or refer to, when I have more time. - Bonnie Foster
finally, a way to look at RSS feeds that's know, like a normal website :-) - Julian Seery Gude
One of many Feedly power features: you're subscribed to hundreds of feeds. You want to jump to a particular feed without navigating lists of feeds. Start typing the name of the feed in the Feedly incremental search box, and bingo: there's the feed, ready to click through to. Example: typing "lif" -- three characters -- brings up Lifehacker. Try doing that in Google Reader. - Sean McBride
for feedly users - the topic search is amazing i.e. - michael sean wright
Confirmed that Feedly is still not for me. Just rather see an enhanced, smarter GReader with Filters, User Behavior Ranking (not Social Ranking but knows others what this) and Topic groupings (auto hide articles that appear to be duplicates). - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
i'll try it for a few days, i think i like it now, it seems a lo more organized and, most important, it brings discussion and conversation right into the feed reading, and that is a feature i was looking for! - Ivana from email
love feedly! It's the Only way I use Google reader :) it's my start page baby HA! - Aline Ohannessian
I don't even know where to start with the reasons I love Feedly. It's an indispensable part of any good information filtering/data gathering tool set. - Mike Elliott
I began to use Feedly five days ago, after three years of use of Google Reader, and certainly i will not turn back. Fantastic experience! - Stalkk.ed
I love Feedly too! I started using it a few months ago based on some recommendations here at FF. It was as much an upgrade to me as going from my 4 year old Treo to the I-phone. HUGE. - Kelly W.
I will have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing. - Rocque
I tried it today... and yes, looks really great and beautiful, now I'll do a daily test... yes, thanks for sharing! - Arne Krueger
How does it look on mobile? - Mathew A. Koeneker
Brian: j, j, j should mark articles as read (titles turning black instead of blue). If you are seeing a different behavior, then it must be a bug. Could you please open an issue on with any potential error message being printed in the firefox error console when you click on j? Thanks. - Edwin Khodabakchian
I noticed a lot of Google Chrome fans yesterday in this thread. Not Feedly but a good tool to look at. If you are using (currently Dev Build), I'd highly recommend you checking out TPGoogleReader (version 0.3) - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Just installed, pretty nice - Che Hodgins
Feedly is supreme. Looking forward to the iphone version! - John O'Day
I find it a bit busy still, but the mini toolbar is great - Yant
I love it too. I use it for my start page and that's how I read my news each day. Would be nice to see it for other browsers. - Quasar
Yup. Feedly is great and I especially like the mini toolbar, makes sharing stuff on Twitter a breeze! - Jorge Barba
Robert Scoble
Former Deputy National Security Advisor: Twitter Founders Should Get Nobel Peace Prize -
"That’s one way to get onto the Suggested User List!" - Robert Scoble
I've never typed this before, but I'm going to now: LOLWUT?! - Lo
That's a little far maybe? Wow. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
The real scary thing is that this guy was once a Deputy National Security Advisor, - Kim Landwehr
From my understanding of the breadth of nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize, it's not that far-fetched that they would be nominated. - Charles Fenwick
Digital organizations enhancing/replacing real ones. - Ashish
I'm sure many people think this about Facebook and AIM, but I consider Twitter to be seriously adding to the dumbing down of the world. I refuse to join in part because of the slaughter of language I've seen attributed to trying to post something that can't fit the required 15 letters or whatever. - Heather
Hey we said the same thing!! Hahaha - Mona Nomura
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