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New Currency Frontiers: Money Simply Facilitates Trade? - http://blog.newcurrencyfrontiers.com/2009...
"We have created money, but we don't realize that the form of issuance of that money (debt based issuance), has very large side-effects." - starwalker from Bookmarklet
Ozgur Uckan
"It is an open and never ending question, the yeast that animates the brush into a stroke and ‘me’ into a substantial adventure. It is the taste of a question, a shape without a form, a drive without a content, that makes my now, stirring the culture of my emotions, provoking a current existential need, that of articulating that sense of becoming perceived as ‘me’, while capturing a new event-horizon in the act." - Ozgur Uckan from Bookmarklet
Alexander Kruel
"Everything of beauty in the world has its ultimate origins in the human mind. Even a rainbow isn't beautiful in and of itself." -- Eliezer Yudkowsky
some apes might find it beautiful - Mike Chelen
Terence McKenna: Dreaming Awake (Part 1/12) - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Terence McKenna: Dreaming Awake (Part 1/12)
Terence McKenna: intelligent, homorous, insightful - Spaceweaver from Bookmarklet
An Ecopragmatist Manifesto- Metamodern — The Trajectory of Technology by Eric Drexler - http://metamodern.com/
An Ecopragmatist Manifesto- Metamodern — The Trajectory of Technology by Eric Drexler
"This week, with the help of Viking Press, Stewart Brand has offered the world an important book on the collision between humanity and the Earth’s limits — on the facts, the problems, the passions, the politics, and the realistic possibilities for better outcomes. After Whole Earth Discipline appeared in my mail, I opened it and skimmed a few random pages. I consistently encountered substantial — often striking — new information and insights on topics where I’d been reading and following developments for years. Surprised, I did this a few more times, and then more, reading further. Fresh. Important. Wise. Readable and information-dense. Stewart was the founder and editor of the Whole Earth Catalog, becoming a leading figure in the emerging environmental movement, years before the first Earth Day. Concerns about the whole earth have been a thread woven through a life in which Stewart has engaged areas ranging from sustainable communities to space development, from helping with the... more... - Wildcat from Bookmarklet
"...and the competing ideologies that surround them." Why is this stuff loaded with ideologies? How about we figure out how to get happy scientifically and then take the most promising approach that will lead there? In other words, we should do what we can to survive long enough so everybody can outlive their desires. I doubt all this will work though. What are we going to do if China... more... - Alexander Kruel
At the Edge of Perception § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM - http://seedmagazine.com/content...
At the Edge of Perception § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM
Jerram became obsessed with the mysteries of human perception, both its idiosyncratic nature and its innate limitations. "Later, he began investigating these mysteries. Where does the visual perception of an object end and the memory of it begin? But when it came time to choose a course of study at university, instead of tackling such questions through systematic inquiry, Jerram took a different path. He enrolled in art school. “Scientists and artists start by asking similar questions about the natural world,” Jerram says. “They just end up with completely different answers.”" - Spaceweaver from Bookmarklet
Do not miss the slide show ! - Spaceweaver
Alexander Kruel
Video: The Problem of Hell and a Loving God - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Video: The Problem of Hell and a Loving God
"If you truly love someone, you don't burn them for eternity simply because they don't love you back. That's the sign of a psychotic individual." - Alexander Kruel from Bookmarklet
Must-see! - Alexander Kruel
Truly one of the best videos I've seen lately. I always wanted to write a post about this topic. It is so obvious. God is like somebody who commits the worst case of non-assistance of a person in danger. God is right there when some child is being raped or someone is chopped with a machete and he supposedly has all the power to stop this but he does nothing at all. There is NO reason that would excuse such behavior. - Alexander Kruel
Alexander Kruel
“Philosophy is questions that may never be answered. Religion is answers that may never be questioned.” — Anonymous; quoted in Dennett, Daniel C. Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon
Alexander Kruel
"Immortality, it would seem, has long been inextricably entwined with lunacy. But that may be about to change. Earlier this month, 200 scientists descended on Queens' College Cambridge to discuss ways of radically extending human lifespan – and even achieving immortality. The Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) conference, drew together researchers from disciplines as diverse as tissue engineering, artificial intelligence, law, demographics and politics. "Most people fail to understand how fast medical science is advancing in this area," says the conference organiser Dr Aubrey de Grey, editor-in-chief of the journal Rejuvenation Research and co-founder of the SENS Foundation. "Conventional medical progress has ensured that a child born today can expect to live 120 to 150 years. I think it's possible for them to live far longer. "If we make the right breakthroughs in the next 25 years, then there is a 50:50 chance that people alive today could live to be 1,000 years old." This might seem fantastical but Dr de Grey is garnering a surprising amount of support." - Spaceweaver from Bookmarklet
I can expect to live 120 to 200 years. What do you do if you were living 1000 years? Probably we won't get a pension . - Ami Iida
New Math for Artificial Neurons-IEEE Spectrum - http://spectrum.ieee.org/computi...
New Math for Artificial Neurons-IEEE Spectrum
"Floating-point processors in FPGAs make for artificial neurons quick enough to communicate with real ones" - Wildcat from Bookmarklet
Computer hardware that can simulate brain function could bring greater understanding of how the brain develops and works and may even lead to ways of repairing brain damage caused by injury or disease. But because the activity of each neuron is so complex, it’s been difficult to simulate with great detail or in real time. Now researchers at the University of Bristol, in England, say... more... - Wildcat
digital *acid mushrooms* as input to real neurons give this picture, right? :) - A. T.
Abstract space opera - impressive by Regis Hervagault - Spaceweaver from Bookmarklet
IEEE Spectrum: Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens - http://spectrum.ieee.org/biomedi...
Goran Zec
"It's only at the edges where life thrives. And it's at the edges were civilization thrives. Where the air meets the ocean is an edge, where plankton can thrive. Where the land meets the ocean meets the air is a triple edge where coral, fish, animals, seaweed all thrive. Or where the sea floor is, and you have two edges, water and land, but no air. Even in the middle of the continent, like a city like a city like Chicago it is near a great lake, another triple edge point, land, air and water. That creates fertility." via reddit - Goran Zec
very good read, thks, especially this:" The next leap forward for civilization would not be to create the ultimate social network, but to actually create a new edge. I have no idea what form it would take, but it should take the form of a new sphere of existence, and there should be a conduit that lets our ordinary existence touch this new sphere, and it is along that contact that a new edge would form." - Wildcat
Human brain also operates at the edge of chaos, according to the recent research. No change, no history... and it is at the border between the real and the imaginary world where the poets and the artists thrive. - Ashalynd
Hallucinating sanity in the middle ages - Random Collection from Web - http://jalam1001.posterous.com/halluci...
"What is more curious to the contemporary man is that the medieval description of insanity does not include hallucinations; and the experience of possession (passivity phenomena) is not described as occurring concurrently with or as part of a visionary state. In Western Europe from AD 500-1500, people who heard voices or saw visions considered themselves, and were considered buy their contemporaries, to have had an actual perceptual experience of either divine or satanic inspiration. They were not considered mad and were not treated as such. Hallucinations (fantasmata) were only considered mad when combined with trickery (prestigiae)." - Spaceweaver from Bookmarklet
Prospects for Immune System Rejuvenation Through Selective Destruction - http://www.fightaging.org/archive...
"One of the reasons that the immune system degenerates with age is, and I greatly simplify the reality on the ground in saying this, that only a limited number of immune cells can be supported at once. As the years roll on more and more of the immune cells known as T cells become memory T cells, dedicated to remembering specific threats. That leaves less and less room for naive T cells that can go out and stomp on new threats. Thus as your immune system becomes ever more knowledgable, it also becomes less and less effective at its primary missions - including destroying pathogens, destroying senescent cells, and destroying early stage cancers. Now in theory, an old immune system that is top-heavy in memory T cells could be at least partially restored (remember that there are other issues and degenerations beyond the one I discuss here) by destroying all the unwanted memory cells. In recent years researchers have destroyed and then used stem cells to recreate the entire immune system... more... - Spaceweaver from Bookmarklet
Is the excess population of memory T cells in an old immune system needed for anything else, however? Would destroying them remove needed portions of the immune system's programming and thus lead to issues more critical than those suffered before the procedure? Recent research suggests that this is not the case: - Spaceweaver
"Possible selves, possible worlds : People often think that a fiction is something untrue, but this is..." http://wildcat2030.tumblr.com/post...
Airam F.
"Every single moment is a coincidence." -Douglas Coupland
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