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Roberto Bonini

Roberto Bonini

Just graduated with Honours in Computer Science from the University of the West of Scotland.
RT @thomashawk: Congrats to @GuyKawasaki and @PegFitzpatrick on their new jobs @canva
RT @Gizmodo: .@TheSimpsons will air an entire episode in Lego
RT @Brilliant_Ads: Words kill wars. Powerful.
RT @GilesKristian: Oh I like this. In The Times today.
@Veronica @acedtect LOL too funny....
RT @Veronica: @acedtect just told me, “When life gives you pain in the butts, make butter!” …
RT @VirtualAstro: I'm such a geek sometimes, but geeky is cool if you dress appropriately and act in a bizzare manner from time to time ;)
RT @Brilliant_Ads: Awesome Liebherr crane demonstration:
I just saved us all by destroying support for IE6 on XP forever. Try and beat my score of 0! #EscapefromXP
A less terrible .NET project build with NuGet
Exploring Web Pages - A fully-featured MiniBlog using just Razor
Deconstructing A Function From Microsoft Word 1.1a
RT @burkeholland: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Kendo UI Core. Completely free. Completely open source.
RT @Gizmodo: Floating nuclear reactors might make more sense than you'd think
@WilHarris @NintendoUK Un-be-freaking-liveable.... and a 3DS Wil?? Really??
Something must be seriously wrong with the universe when newly written SQL functions work first time.
RT @LOLGOP: Now I think CNN is just trying to find someone who won't mock it for covering the missing plane so much.
@isdixon Wake me up when i can stream recorded tv from my sky box around the house.
RT @waynehale: At the NAC meeting, this old Flight Director is feeling way out of his league
@indecision GoT i think.....
RT @ClassicFM: Was a little like this yesterday (but that's a jolly good thing!) #Marriner90
Instagram: Seattle’s Greatest Export After the Seahawks @starbucksdaily @starbucksinameria -
RT @Cmdr_Hadfield: Yesterday, I met an astronaut. She looked resolute, visor up, gloves off. Ready for Gravity II.
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