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Roberto Bonini

Roberto Bonini

Just graduated with Honours in Computer Science from the University of the West of Scotland.
RT @opinali: @migueldeicaza too many kids per bucket, I guess they have a bad hash function?
RT @trevortimm: The Obama admin is making a huge mistake on net neturality. Netflix and other services are forcing people to care much more than 6 years ago
RT @wilw: As a precaution, all the brooms in downtown should be kept away from Staples tonight. #GoKingsGo
RT @wildbill: And now it is the time to shave all the yaks. Bork bork bork. *runs off madly with clippers in hand*
Missing NuGet Packages and Visual Studio
@isdixon Remove the explosive glasses before you go to security, Mr Bond.... :D
Visual Studio 2013 gets Installer Projects support back!
BBC News - Shakespeare's 450th birthday: Actors 'set Bard-breaking record' on plane
Fluent 2014, Splunk for JavaScript developers, and a dash of Hypermedia
Error'd #twitter @ Glasgow Central Station
RT @joshtpm: Also because my ancestors have been taking trains before Amtrak even existed. #goBundy
RT @pourmecoffee: Today is World Book Day, so be sure to read a short list about books or take a "Which Book Are You?" quiz.
RT @mpoppel: Dutch media report the fighter jets were scrambled to intercept 2 Russian bombers that approached without identifying themselves
RT @TheIndyPeople: Justin Bieber offends half of Asia for visiting Yasukuni Shrine in Japan that honours convicted WW2 war criminals:
@edbott @flybe Did that to me once. A flight crew volunteered to work overtime and get us home tho!
RT @NoRomBasic: @edbott @united Latest trend in Airline Service. Overbooking worked so well with Customers it's been expanded to Crew as well
RT @edbott: @thurrott Of course! @united is making another Airplane sequel!
RT @thurrott: "The 5 Types of People You're Likely to Unfriend on Facebook." They left out the number one offender: People who take pictures of their cat.
RT @mashable: Internet Users Send 204 Million Emails Per Minute
RT @iamdevloper: “The Emperor's New Clothes” - the “this is best practice, so follow it” of software development. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain.
RT @SpaceflightNow: Astronauts on the International Space Station are preparing for a spacewalk Wednesday to replace faulty computer.
RT @C4NFL: If you can't sleep tonight, chances are you'll probably have the 2014 @NFL schedule in front of your eyes. Coming to a screen near you, 1am.
RT @stephenfry: Just some of the everyday phrases we owe our wonderful 450 year old birthday boy (via @JRhodesPianist)
RT @danielwhitehead: @bbcproms programme announced tomorrow - genuinely excited! After last years's amazing programme can this year even come close?
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