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Roberto Bonini

Roberto Bonini

Just graduated with Honours in Computer Science from the University of the West of Scotland.
BBC Radio Outside Broadcast #commonwealthgames #glasgow2014 #latergram #twitter @ The Glasgow Royal…
RT @darth: the @voxcom explainer for emojis
RT @Ryan_B_Anderson: Oh, you know, just sitting at work, watching video from the space station, waiting to hear what instruments go on our next space robot.
@haacked @DamianEdwards Oooo. Do tell....
RT @haacked: Getting my mind blown by @DamianEdwards with some of the upcoming Razor improvements. Very nice!
RT @ThePoke: WORLD NEWS: David Cameron demands Ebola ‘proves its Britishness’ before infecting UK.
@peoplemakeGLA Do you know what the general parking situation is in Glasgow? or better to take the train?
@BI_contributors @BusInsiderAU And the plane actually got off the ground?
i wish @DellUK order tracking was more up to date. No shipping updates since Monday.
RT @jswatz: My fellow Americans, Obama is doing NOTHING to combat the looming threat from Sharknadostan. Wait and see is not a foreign policy!
RT @jasonhowell: Out of Office setting has been activated. That always feels really good.
RT @GeoffTripoli: Mind = blown! Never knew this functionality is in @visualstudio! - XML or JSON to C# Classes in Visual Studio.
RT @iankatz1000: Fmr Al Jaz chief Wadah Khanfar: "This is most difficult phase Middle East has gone through since 1917, since Sykes + Picot" #newsnight
RT @doug_ellison: @marsroverdriver The rest of the geeezars live in London, innit.
RT @dteare: The GitHub repo for the 1Password App Extension is live. You can add support to your apps *today*.
The Roberto Bonini Daily is out!
RT @bbcproms: A cart of apples & double bass case can only mean both @JohnWilsonOrch & @BBCPhilharmonic rehearsing for Proms today
RT @TWiT: Apple's New Finder Icon in OS X Yosemite: MacBreak Weekly 413
RT @TWiT: Apple's New Finder Icon in OS X Yosemite: MacBreak Weekly 413
RT @reneritchie: On a @DebugCast 43 exclusive, @marcoarment breaks his silence about @OvercastFM ! + @gte
RT @DepressedDarth: Harrison Ford's leg is finally healing. For the first time in a month, he can walk Solo.
RT @darth: never really imagined @BWilliams as peter pan but my interest is piqued @nbc
Annnddd crashed VS2013
As if a million Jony Ive's suddenly cried out in pain (or, train v iphone) via @feedly
RT @thurrott: "Netflix agrees to pay AT&T to ensure smooth video downloads," Nice to see how well net neutrality is going. Cough.
@thurrott @bradwilson I can see you're super awesomely happy Paul
The Roberto Bonini Daily is out! Stories via @rbonini
The Roberto Bonini Daily is out! Stories via @mars_stu
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