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Roberto Bonini

Roberto Bonini

Just graduated with Honours in Computer Science from the University of the West of Scotland.
RT @Illustrator: The Shape Builder tool made simple. Play and learn:
@film_girl Now if only they could fix iTunes on windows....
RT @MikeElgan: Googler leaves to join Bing at Microsoft. Here's the cake his co-workers gave him.
@doug_ellison ah awesome! But I mean physically go find it 😀
@doug_ellison One of these days someone is going to find the one on Mars.... That's going to be even more of a moment
@fraserspeirs My thoughts too. Specially at that size.
RT @BBC_TopGear: With the traditional three-day British summer in full swing, time for a TG classic clip: BMW E30 325i convertibles
@fraserspeirs What about a 12" Surface?
RT @Jason: A video shows Falcon 9's first stage reentry and landing in space.
@mpoppel Stating the obvious.....
RT @RobLowe: It's human nature to think that behind the scenes, the experts know more, are doing more and doing it better than ALL outward appearances.
@markgurman Wasn't there something to do with Siri and Bing?
@markgurman Because it is?
Q: Do you know anything about Mine Craft? Me: Bits and Pieces [insert hysterical laughter in my head here] #geeks
@NotPatrick Sorry.... What were you saying about modesty? ;)
RT @AP: BREAKING: European airlines Air France, Lufthansa suspend all flights to Tel Aviv over safety concerns.
The Roberto Bonini Daily is out! Stories via @rbonini
RT @thurrott: "Google Says Smaller Image Files Will Speed Up Web." What is that, advice from 1997? You know what else would speed up the web? Text.
RT @davewiner: Good morning Earthlings.
RT @SouthLanCouncil: Commonwealth Games are coming to Lanarkshire! Triathlon events in Strathclyde Park this Thursday and Saturday, expect increase in traffic
RT @TheSergioGarcia: Thank you everyone for your nice comments and support always but especially this week @The_Open! Love you guys!
The Roberto Bonini Daily is out!
The Roberto Bonini Daily is out!
RT @audible_com: Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction...
@audible_com Chaos: Making a New Science by James Gleick
RT @MercedesAMGF1: Is it a bird? Is it a plane?! No... it's #SuperHAM! ;)
Last tweet inspired by Lockheed Martin saying that the 60 million lines of code for the F35 fighter were "essentially done"
If you ever hear someone saying that large complex software is "essentially done" - they're lying. Software is shipped, but never "done".
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