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Roberto Bonini

Roberto Bonini

Just graduated with Honours in Computer Science from the University of the West of Scotland.
RT @niubi: Censorship message in updated china air quality index app.
RT @matthew_d_green: Not gonna worry too much about this Microsoft TLS vulnerability. Nobody's made a logo.
It can't be very stealthy if @FoxNews knows about it.
@HaroldItz Oh the irony.
RT @HaroldItz: So the Communist Chinese are easier to deal with on climate change than Republicans are.
RT @LiamCromar: How to translate client-speak into design choices, from @PlatoWebDesign:
@srdill @Astro_Wheels @WheelockCollege Hair-raisin literally or metaphorically speaking?
RT @geofftech: "Oh no, we don't like those changes. Can you put it back? And instead here's what we'd like instead". <bangs head on desk so very hard>
@TheIndyPeople @Independent Commencing laughing for a month.
RT @gsc1: Historic day! @ESA_Rosetta aim to land #Philae on a comet! Watch live stream on the big screen all day #CometLanding
Congratulations to @redbullracing's Christian Horner :)
RT @AussieGrit: @JensonButton matey just sign that sports car contract and get on with it. Be mega to have you with/against us next year.#greatracing #JB22
RT @JensonButton: Hopefully soon I'll be able to give you more info about my future. #excitingtimes #JB22 #teamButton
RT @SoVeryBritish: "Anywhere's fine by me" - Translation: It won't be my fault when lunch is inevitably disappointing
RT @SoVeryBritish: Retweet if you can't believe how dark it is
@SteveGrzanich Not really no.
@SteveGrzanich Maybe Ted Cruz will complain about immigration over the Canadian border for once.
@GeekFurious Wait. I see a contradiction in that tweet.
RT @HumanCompiler: In case you missed it, web friends! - Check out "Web standards for the future" on Vimeo #Vimeo
RT @ntabebe: The internet's coolest moment was when someone decided "too long; didn't read" was itself far too long to use in full
RT @mashable: Everyone wins when kids dressed as 'Star Wars' characters battle for a cupcake
The Roberto Bonini Daily is out! Stories via @rbonini @sciencecomedian
RT @USATODAY: Snowy where you are? This Seattle sunset image by @crooked_shadows will take your mind off the weather. #Yowza
RT @SarcasticRover: Singing the "Too Many Cooks" theme song, but saying "Too Many Rocks" BECAUSE I'M HILARIOUS.
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