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The Motorola Flipout is one square phone -
So all the Motorola designers went into a room for a big brainstorming session. Theme: "flip" "Remember, there are no bad ideas in a brainstorm" Unfortunately, they forgot about the step at the end where you do actually comb through and toss out the bad ideas... So now we have the Backflip and the Flipout, get ready for the Flipoff and the Flipflop. - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
That new BlackBerry OS sure is shiny -
Heh, "two thousand and late." - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
How to run Android on the iPhone 2G -
Have to go dig my old iPhone out of storage - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
Steve Jobs “Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone” -
I'm pretty sure we had this same discussion in the VHS vs Betamax war. I can't remember who won that one... - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
Pay No Attention to the Creepy Man Behind the Clock Face [Art] -
I know what I want for Christmas - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
the Eskimo Greeting operator nicely encapsulates all that is evil and wrong with Perl. That and the fact that something called the "goatse operator" even exists. - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
papert: logo in your browser -
Heh, I taught a summer programming class to kids using logo up at WWU back in... 1982? - Ron Craswell
Joe Beda
Totally into the Avett Brothers right now. "The Gleam II" for $0.99 at Amazon:
Love those guys. Saw them at Bumbershoot '08 - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
So is the Dropbox iPhone app out yet? -
Guess I have to find my iphone - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
The Opposite of Waterfall is Pond - A Metaphor for Agile | Agile Blog: Scaling Software Agility -
Nice metaphor but I keep wondering what happens when you're quietly paddling toward the shore and the guys with the jet-skis show up. - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
How Shazam Works [PDF] -
Shazam is my favorite iphone app of all time - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
A radically improvement of the UK plug, it folds up to a tiny width, allowing you to transport it with your [insert tiny electronic device name here] -
Very cool mechanical design. Almost makes me want to move to the UK... - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
Google Open Source Blog: Introducing Android Scripting Environment -
sweet - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
Google Developing Eyes Free Android Interface -
Every once in awhile you see something so simple that you can't believe nobody's done it before. Gesture based dialing is very simple and pretty cool. - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
Why some people sneeze when the sun comes out -
I do this. Jeni thinks it's funny. - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
Video: Microsoft 'Natal' in action -
Ok, that's pretty cool - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
looks like somebody actually tried it. wolframalpha is sad. - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
YouTube - Dylan Moran - Potential (Monster) -
YouTube - Dylan Moran - Potential (Monster)
don't unleash your potential! - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
If a government entity wanted to test PGraham's theory, it seems like they could simply set aside budget to create their own venture fund. Yes, I understand I just said "government" and "simply" in the same sentence. Sue me. "Come to Billings, MT! We have a $500m fund to get your startup going (and cheap housing)" Show a few successful exits from that program and the private VC start to pay attention. The ball rolls. [Note: I don't actually believe Paul's premise, but it did get me thinking.] - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
Low Frustration Tolerance: Curse and Blessing -
The kid in the picture kind of looks like Blake - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
The 10/31 Project | March 31st | -
I love Stephen - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
Picasa Web Albums - Keith - Random -
Oh Django pony, how could you? (at least you were drinking Hoegaarden) - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
General Connectivity Issues at Herakles « Engine Yard Status -
"4) The initial report indicates that the outage was due to a failed hardware card in a pair of redundant access switches." Perhaps this word "redundant" does not mean what you think it does... - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
Sunlight Labs: Blog - Simplifying web development with django-mediasync -
Nicely done - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
More Security Loopholes Found In Google Docs -
Whoops - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
Open Source - The Washington Times - Home -
Washington Times releases a set of django apps under Apache License v2 - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
Lenovo Buys Mystery Startup Company - PC World -
Lenovo buys BruteSquad Labs, er.. Switchbox Labs - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
How I Made a 1,474-Megapixel Photo During President Obama’s Inaugural Address | David Bergman -- ALL ACCESS -- sports, concert, and music photographer -
Holy cow! - Ron Craswell
Robert Scoble
ZumoDrive is going to change EVERYTHING | Mobile Industry Review -
Seagate should buy this company and rename it to "your Seagate in the sky." - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
Everything? Even the color of the sky? - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Got it installed yesterday. Very impressive so far. - Bob Starr
The intelligent caching is cool, and the only thing that sets them apart ? - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
A big company storing the contents might be OK, but I wouldn't rely on a startup. A product that virtualizes the location of the storage would be good for me--where I could store things wherever I want. Maybe someone in the community could code this up. Doesn't sound too difficult. - Loren Heiny
I must be missing the point - we're talking a virtual drive that is online, aren't there already quite a few - Iphigenie
Nice, so now you don't have to worry about your device having enough space, just enough bandwidth. I can foresee people moving their laptops in the air like cellphones trying to get better reception so that their presentation files will finally open. - Georgios Kasselakis
as much as i believe in the cloud as i do want to get a netbook soon, leaving critical files outta my hands no matter how trustworthy still makes me feel a little nervous - David
what is the fundamental difference here than with other cloud storage services, is it the application layer? - Lou Paglia
It won't change the fact that 200GB is too little, $60/month too much and that the article reads like fluff. - Vidar Andersen
I don't get it. I cannot trust that I always have a decent internet connection everywhere I go. I cannot trust that [insert your favourite cloud repository here] won't lose my files. I cannot trust that no spiteful snot won't hack into said repository and do something nefarious (steal, change, delete etc). So basically, I don't trust the cloud (or ZumoDrive) with important/personal/business stuff, no matter what the hype. - Steve Howard
I agree with @Vidar -- $60/month for 200GB is over-priced and too small. Then again, I currently use cloud storage as my catastrophic recovery site for when the local backups and external hard-drives fail, again. Their selling point may be synchronization, but when I have access to other synchronization facilities and able to use them for free, then this service has to, Has To, cause me to want to use them and I do not see a compelling reason. Nothing calls out to me. - Robert Miller is currently returning 500 file not found error. Are you willing to trust your data to a site that can't stay up? I paid just a bit more than $100 for a local 1TB drive. I can't see paying $60/month for 1/5 of that. I'd pay $100/year for 1TB - that seems about fair. Also, all of the screenshots I've seen only show OSX. Do they support XP or Vista? - iTad
Currently I give a big FAIL. - iTad
With Godaddy and Yahoo having unlimited disk space web accounts, in a budget-conscious world, brute force methods appeal to the tech-savvy, vs hand-holding synch methods. - Mark Underwood
I'm a liking ZumoDrive quite a bit. They have some kinks to work out but the idea is very powerful. All of you complaining about the lack of a stable connection forget that most data stored on here is likely to be non-critical (music, random pictures, etc.) that netbook users and the like want to remove from their hard drive to make room for things that are more connection dependent (movies, RAW photos, etc.). The price is lightly steep and needs to come down but I think the concept is one worth pursuing. - Brandon Titus
What happens to your data if they hit the deadpool? At least with Dropbox, you've got a local copy. And is it really $60/mo? That's expensive! I could nearly buy one big assed drive a month for that much. All my "big" data isn't trivial to me - it's important data. I don't mind backup to the cloud, but the primary stage point for me will always be local. - Scot Mcphee
I use drop box on multiple machines. Its great. You can't beat having a local copy that is synced with all of your other machines. I wouldn't trust having just a copy online. The internet is not stable enough for that. - Jason Small
Mark, there's no way that Godaddy or Yahoo would let me store 200GB (or MORE) in an "unlimited disk space" account. I'm sure once I got over about 40GB they'd do what Dreamhost does and point out the fine print that says "only web-hosting related files" can be stored in the "unlimited" storage. - Lindsay
They are not the only ones offering something like that with a nice slick layer - will have to look up my list in the morning, too lazy now. But I think the solution is something you don't even need to know about or use any software for, totally transparent, so if that is the way they go it's a good idea - Iphigenie
I would love to have a place to do a full backup of all my important files and some images, yes, it would be 200GB or more. But I must say the price would have to be reasonable - else I might as well buy 2 external hard drives and rotate them, always having one away from home - Iphigenie
wish that and ZumoDrive would combine and merge features - Jonathan
If ever a service screamed "commodity" to me, it's online file storage. Give me the choice of either a folder or virtual drive, make sure I can access stuff either locally when my machine's not on the network or via some web UI, and let me access the data from my choice of platform/OS. It's the early 21st century parallel of the dial-up ISP. - Ken Sheppardson
Let's see..., dropbox, Foldershare/Windows Live Sync/Live Mesh, JungleDisk, SugarSync, syncplicity, the yet to materialize Google Gdrive... who else is in this space? - Ken Sheppardson
I totally need to buy and put up a single page site. - Joe Beda
Live Mesh is far more useful. It's starting to change how i store, share and move files around. The best part is that it does unlimited syncing between machines. You should really try it out. - Hayes Haugen
For me, DropBox is the current winner in this space. Local copies, cross-platform, and -- very important and as far as a know distinct -- version controlled - Ron Craswell
Ron Craswell
It ’s very cold tonight, so we played with soap bubbles. If you blow them upwards enough they have time to freeze on the way down... -
Ok, this is insanely cool. - Ron Craswell
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