Follow-up on the New Blogger Policy Regarding Sexually Explicit Content... -
Blogger Will No Longer Allow Sexually Explicit Content. Here's Why This Is So Problematic... -
RT @TeachPrivacy: NYRB reviews 4 books on Internet of Things #privacy #IoT
The Value of Online Confessionals: Evaluating the Secret & Whisper Apps... -
RT @AP: Twitter sues the FBI, Department of Justice to release more information about government surveillance of its users:
RT @mashable: Twitter sues U.S. government for right to be more transparent
Using Proxy Servers to Help the Hong Kong Protesters... -
Internet Governance and Whether Terror Victims Can (or Should) Be Able to Seize Domain Names... -
Might Twitter Have Helped the Polling for the Scottish Independence Vote? -
RT @ResearchEurope: This is great: live map of tweets on #indyref
Should Posting Anonymous Reviews Online Be Banned?
Should Anonymous Reviews Online Be Banned? -
RT @Bitcoin: BitBeat: Bitcoin and Political Donations
RT @pewresearch: For #EarthDay, see our key data points fact sheet for public opinion on climate change
RT @APSAtweets: Want to get your #APSA2014 registration at half price? Enter to win by RTing this tweet! #MPSA2014
RT @WIRED: The complete history of the lightsaber, from George Lucas himself
RT @YourAnonNews: We know why the caged bird tweets.
The only story today that'll still have effects in 20 years: Northwestern football players allowed to unionize.
Timelessness vs Timeliness: The Debate Among Scholar-Bloggers
Big Data as a Civil Rights Issue...
Why Good Hackers Make Good Citizens...
Should the 99% Harbor Resentment Against the Tech Elite? -
Is Bitcoin a Form of Hacktivist Protest Software? -
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How Social Media is Used in Hiring and Firing Employees... -
Apps that Track Stolen Smartphones Are Pretty Worthless... -
Will Mobile be the Death of Open Source? -
Social Networking Sites Become Increasingly Political... -
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