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Zulkarnain K.
Finally I can dump the Alpha version and get with the Beta. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
beni bir sex sembolüne dönüştür.
It would be nice if Chrome didn't save the addresses of pages that return 404 errors in the address bar. I typed an address incorrectly one time and now it's the first address that pops into my address bar every time I try to visit the page in question.
Google Chrome : The browser of the future web at
There already is a version of Chrome available for Mac and Linux. There has been an official beta version available for about six months (it's update on an almost daily basis). Before that, there was an unofficial version that ran through WINE. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
thanks for the info can you give me a link to it? - snipe123
I have NO idea how my stuff got spam-tagged. *blink*... - Prosey BUTTONS!
What spam?? - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Arnaud Brecht
SharePoint Talk
Announcing the release of patterns and practices Developing SharePoint Applications guidance: Patterns and pract..
looks like a basking shark.. filter feeder, surfer is in no danger from that shark :) if anything, he's lucky to have such a view of an amazing creature. - alphaxion
poor dude - Almir Misimovic
Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
mükemmel, peki friendfeed yok mu?:) - Melis(CherryBlossomGirl)
Wiki tam olmuş :) - Ayhan Kocak
friendfeed = wrzl - Oguz Serdar
Yoh artık! - Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
twitter, myspace, wiki, deviantart, youtube cuk oturmuş bence. friendfeed yok mu? - yunusercan
wzrl = paylaşım :) - Elif Yılmaz
Bence wikipedia daha fit olabilir :). - Demircan Celebi
aman efenim, kendime saklasam turşusunu mu kurcam :) - Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
So funny. So true. - Stephanie Segel
oh shit, wikipedia'ya cuk diye oturdum. - Berge Gazen
FF göt deliği alt FB - sofarsoShawn
wikici çok iyi tam ben - isil kilkis
Saç devi kızından çok az kısa, yüz olarak twitter&facebook karışımı. Google ben, YouTube kız kardeşim :D - Omer
ahahaha Wikipedia & Google tam geek modunda : ) - Tolga Yilmaz
Hepsi güzel de, Google pek şahane olmuş. Renkli de olsa bir kravat takıyor ve asık suratlı. : ) - ibrahim özdemir
the big G - isil kilkis
Ahaha :) Twitter insanı :) Tam bana benzemiş :) - Buğra Bayrak
tam olmuş :) - Sinan Güler
youtube, babasını kızdırıyor :) google'ın keyfini kaçırıyor - Erhan Yazıcı / MimaX
hello! where did you find this picture? - joee muhane
It's everywhere Joee. - Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
süpermiş yahu - Şafak Otur
Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
Brad Williamson
All those letters and they couldn't throw one F from FriendFeed in there? - Brad Williamson
right, Brad... - Ozgur Uckan
LOL. Funny how these brands have such recognition that you can ID them with one letter. - rowlikeagirl true... - Stephanie Segel
Ohaaa ? - Ugur Akdmr
uuur noldu bişey mi gördün? - gonzoff
Hayal gücümüm esnekliğini gördüm ilyas'ım daha ne göriim :)) Algıda sıçıcı oldum resmen :D - Ugur Akdmr
ben ilk başta lamba gördüm sonra... :) iç çamaşırı giymiş poposunda dövme olan bir bayan... - Bepanthol ve 1 kişi daha
dondurma kasesi değil mi o? - gonzoff
At first I thought it was a lamp. I looked again and again and realised it IS a lamp. My imagination still insists it's not a lamp. - Steve Ram
its just our beautiful brain... - gonzoff
ikea virali - Burak Günsev
olası... - gonzoff
lambada - Berk Günsev
yaşar alptekinli olan mı peki? - gonzoff
surely folks, cant see the lamp.. but great legs - John Matogo
Johni Fisher
Photography by David Bellemere | Ben Trovato -
Photography by David Bellemere | Ben Trovato
Photography by David Bellemere | Ben Trovato
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Posted via web from loopper's posterous - Johni Fisher from Posterous
Hasan Tayyar BEŞİK
Johni Fisher
Funny Pics and Videos
Wow these guys would've had to of had the mathematics worked precisely or broken human. Amazing. 5/5 WooHoos - Steve Ram
hey @donttrythis -- I think we have a new myth to bust!!! - Stephanie Segel
This is viral marketing by Microsoft -- what it's supposed to represent, I have no idea. - Vince DeGeorge
Funny Pics and Videos
★ Soner Gönül
Watch the red dot - Bret Rowe
LOL, LMAO... - George Hall (Australia)
So you cropped my ears...I crop something! - John Flynn
Oh no!!!!!!!! - Gtp19
Eren Can
Fwd: Short password! :) - ( üzerinden)
Fwd: Short password! :) - ( üzerinden)
lol - vijay
haha süper. - Omer
SharePoint Talk
Sharon McPherson
Wishing FriendFeed had a "Dislike" option.
It does - it's called 'Hide'. Much less antisocial! :) - Martin Bryant
I've said the same thing before. Some things i really disagree with but want people to read and come to their own opinions. I want them to know i found it interesting but disagreed - Jamie Vidamour
That's true Martin, but occasionally a post just begs for a quick "antisocial" response. :-) - Sharon McPherson
I'm not sure about this one, a brief negative comment is similar but doesn't create the same tidy summary for popular threads (put me down for 'is unsure about this' ;-) - immaterial
Peter, would you like the idea if "Dislikes" could be done anonymously? I can understand that some people, myself included, would be hesitant to use the feature for fear of making someone angry or hurting their feelings. - Sharon McPherson
I would love to see this button! It can't be anonymous, we have to much of that already, to me that would be like talking behind someones back. If you don't like something & want to say so, then put your ID on it or you just don't count. PS. I like this. LOL! - Sheryl Loch
+Sheryl - Sharon McPherson from email
dislike is a good idea. its not "antisocial" - we need to get over the fact that not everything we all do is always liked by all people all of the time. not everyone gets a trophy. - Jeremy Toeman
Dislike doesn't work because it assumes that the Like button means that you approve of a post when, in reality, you're just wanting to share it with others. People have been wanting to change the name of the button for awhile now and I'd like that to if for no other reason than to erase this idea of a needed obverse. - Akiva
I think if someone hits the LIKE button then they LIKE it. If they just want to share it with others then that is what I (think) the SHARE button is for? - Sheryl Loch
Commenting on a post shares it with the people who follow you just as well as a 'like' does. Why offer up redundant functionality of a 'dislike'? - FFing Enigma
Sheryl, go back and do some searches on the subject: Like does not mean 'approve'. People have been over this many, many times. The share button is mainly used (as far as I know) to bring posts into and out of Groups. - Akiva
90% of the time, I use the Like feature as a way of bookmarking something for later reading or referencing, whether I "agree" with the post or not. - Sharon McPherson
Sharon, if you use Like more as a bookmarking feature, then why would you want to Dislike something? To anti-bookmark it? - Akiva
There's no need to reshare something to your feed when liking/commenting on it does the same thing. - Rochelle
Akiva: No, there are times when I disagree with or dislike a post, but don't comment on it because of lack of time, or the stamina to get into a drawn out back and forth exchange. Just thought a dislike function would be a quick, simple way to voice an opinion without having to comment. - Sharon McPherson
Would just like to add, I do see the potential for abuse and misuse of such a feature, as evidenced from some Stumble and Digg users - Sharon McPherson
Sharon, that's one of the reasons I'm strongly against it. - Akiva
So if there is a racist joke posted and I press the Like button (even though I don't approve, I just wanted others to see it) how many people will think I approve of this type of joke? I bet I would get all kinds of raciest wanting to be my friends & those that were made fun of would not be so kind as to believe I was just bookmarking. maybe FF should make Approve & Disapprove buttons. - Sheryl Loch
Why would you want others to see a racist joke? I wouldn't think you'd want to promote that kind of thing. - Rochelle
Just like a scammer, you may want to let others know that this person is out there - if you ignore bad things it doesn't make them go away yet, others may not be aware of the problem. That is where a Dislike button could show my followers that I don't approve but, they can have a heads up. - Sheryl Loch
I used to be in favor of a "dislike" button, but now I think it needs more subtlety. When you like something, that's unequivocal, but when you dislike it you need to specify some sort of reason. My big question for the people in favor of the 'dislike' button is: how would you resolve conflicts where some of your friends liked it and some disliked it? - Nathaniel Thurston
this is not a good idea. either comment or hide. anything else goes against the grain in such a way that it would make this place very unFriendly™. - Carlos Ayala
AFWIW this comes from the self-proclaimed king of Hides. i dislike stuff all day long. - Carlos Ayala
yeah but you might hide something you dont dislike. i too wish it had a dislike option, and that it would learn what i dislike.... - Justin Long
If you don't like something, why would you want to share it with your followers? They follow you because they like what you're interested in, not what you're not interested in. There's too much over-sharing already, no need to catalog the infinite amount of things that we don't find interesting. English is a natural language anyway: if, in a specific context, most people know that... more... - Mark Trapp
for example, hide all political discussions... or hide all lolcats... or .... - Justin Long
I dislike spam, and I sure wish I had a convenient way to share my dislike of spam with others here - Nathaniel Thurston
Justin, I had an idea along your lines, allowing friends to classify stuff by "negative group". - Nathaniel Thurston
I dislike this. - Rob
Would be handy for gauging if you are hitting on a meme or not, although the lack of any likes would also indicate that what you are sharing is not hitting a meme, or is generally interesting to people. - Dan owns
Nathaniel, share it into the FF Spam Room: - Rochelle
No. In the racist joke example (firstly, I mostly agree with Rochelle, I'm not sure why I'd want to share it with my friends), but if I did want to share it but not express approval of either the content or the fact that the person posted it, I'd comment on it. That shares it, expresses dislike, and doesn't express any meanings of "like." I don't want a button whose sole purpose is negative. - Jandy
To be honest, when I posted this I wasn't even thinking of being able to alert my subscribers to my 'dislike'. More like a way of letting the poster know that I didn't like or agree with the post, without getting into a "discussion" about it. But, as I said above, I see the possibility (probability) of abuse with such a feature. - Sharon McPherson
Very good thread Sharon, This whole thing brings into light a real sore subject about Political Correctness, the harm that lying about how you feel to others is really deteriorating our country as a whole. If your website is crap but everyone is telling you it's great is that helping you? I think a dislike button on allot of things would be great. If you were constantly getting negative reviews smart people would take that as an indication to change. - Brad West
"Political Correctness is a doctrine of behavior, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end." I understand the abuse but that goes with anything, If you can't stand behind what you say your word means nothing. Sorry about the big words! - Brad West
But if someone's website is crap, hitting a "dislike" button isn't helpful. Leaving a comment with constructive criticism is helpful. Basically, I think disliking is better expressed by commenting. Liking is sharing and/or saying "thanks for posting this." I don't see a need to say "I hate that you posted this" unless you have some comment to make about it. Hide it and move on. Life is... more... - Jandy
cool that is a great idea you need to leave a 50 work comment if you use the dislike button, make people stand behind their feelings and thoughts - Brad West
I post things here because *I* find them interesting, not because I'm looking for feedback and criticism from other people. I really couldn't care less if you don't like what I'm posting. Hide it or unsub from me. - Rochelle
Jandy: Yes, I can see how it would be. Starting to see how a 'dislike' button maybe isn't the best way to express ones dislike. And now that I see the 'different' ways people interpret a 'like' I will probably be more selective in how I use it. Rochelle: It wasn't one of my friends posts that I wanted to dislike, but a FOAF. Guess it's time for me to figure out how to use the filters better. - Sharon McPherson from email
But, Sharon if you Disliked something I would take note because I trust your judgment. I may or may not agree but, I would likely look at the post so, I could be aware. To many blogs post that you should come here & Like everything so it all leads back to your profile, so does the Like button have any use if we don't know why people pushed it? - Sheryl Loch
Thank you for the vote of confidence Sheryl. I don't know, I guess everyone has their own reasons for using the 'Like' button. Like I said, I use it mostly as a bookmarking function for posts I come across and want to be able to get back to later. But then, not all people use Twitter's 'Favorite' button for the same reason either. A matter of personal preference I guess, but it can send... more... - Sharon McPherson
Just posted my thoughts on this: "Like/Dislike Debate - A Case for 'Nofollow'" - Micah
a comment expressing "dislike" should suffice - Cee Bee
Cee Bee, but if you express dislike in the comment then you're spreading the original message. Perhaps there should be a way to comment without it appearing in your comments feed. - Nathaniel Thurston
No wouldn't want a negative feature like that. If you don't like it then, erm, don't "like" it. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
I don't think the problem is just with the name like, it's silly to assume people can't figure out you're liking something that's not necessarily making you happy, but that you just want to point out. I also think there should be a way to mark stuff you don't like, possibly that you find offensive, or, especially if its posted to a room, think is off topic without bringing it into your feed for your followers. - Richard Lawler
Richard: Thank you, that's exactly the reasons why I suggested a 'Dislike' option. - Sharon McPherson
Kristi Hines
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Ivan Zuzak
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Mark Traphagen
[HOW TO]: Subscribe to a Friendfeed user's "likes":
If you find someone on FriendFeed whose likes you like, you can create a feed to view them. Reminder: A "like" is like a vote for a post. It means that the reader found the post interesting enough to signal other FriendFeeders that they should check it out. Here's how to subscribe to an individual's likes: - Mark Traphagen
1. Underneath any post will be a list of the users who liked that post (if any). Click the name of the person in that list whose likes you want to subscribe to. - Mark Traphagen
2. You will be taken to her/his profile. In the profile header, to the right, you will see a list of that user's posts, comments, and likes. the number before each one tells you how many times they have posted, commented, or liked something. - Mark Traphagen
3. Click on the word "likes" - Mark Traphagen
4. You will now see a feed that contains just that person's likes. Click the Subscribe button at the top of the feed and you're done! - Mark Traphagen
For best results, put that subscription in a feed called "Likes" and you can add others to it over time. - Leo Laporte
I like that idea, Leo. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
could someone explain what is the difference with "share", please? - SimoTed
Simon: the new "share" option simply gives you more options on how you want to repost the content, allowing you to easily send it to services outside of FriendFeed. "Like," on the other hand, simply is a "vote" for the content here on FF, along with a re-posting of it to your personal feed. - Mark Traphagen
Tyson Key
Hmm, any plans for OpenID support on FriendFeed?
OpenID would indeed be very nice. Everyone, please “demand” it at :) - Klaus Alexander Seistrup
Cool, just "Demanded" it for FriendFeed and Digg! - Tyson Key
@Tyson - what would you want OpenID to do on FriendFeed? Do you want to be able to log in to FF with your OpenID (like a single sign-on)? Do you want to be able to comment on posts with just an OpenID? Post messages with an OpenID? Or do you want FF to be an OpenID provider, so you can log into other RP's with your FriendFeed profile URL? Just curious. - DeWitt Clinton
Hi DeWitt, it'd be most useful if it was possible to attach an OpenID to my account for SSO (i.e. sign into FriendFeed using one). - Tyson Key
I'm not ruling out also having OpenID support in FriendFeed as a provider, though. - Tyson Key
@Tyson - interesting. Out of curiosity, who do you use as your IDP? - DeWitt Clinton
MyOpenID at the moment, although I used one of my Drupal sites at one time. - Tyson Key
Here's an interesting idea -- since we already associate so many third party identities with our FriendFeed account, it would be neat to be able to sign into our FriendFeed accounts by simply using the OpenID URL claim mechanism against any of the referenced identities. For example, I could walk up to FF and sign on with any of the openids I claim, such as '', '', etc., and by proving the claim immediately get into my account. - DeWitt Clinton
@DeWitt An interesting idea, although it'd depend on getting others on board with OpenID. - Tyson Key
It's pretty easy to get people on board with being an IDP. Most are just hoping someone will do something interesting with it. And the more I think about it, the FF as RP scenario qualifies as interesting. - DeWitt Clinton
In fact ... you could do something very neat with Directed Identity and FriendFeed. If an IDP supports directed identity, then you could go to friendfeed and enter just '' or '' as a service provider (that you have an account with). This will redirect you to the provider's sign in form and ultimately offer a profile URL for FriendFeed to add to your account. Even better, offer all of them (flickr, delicious) or (reader, blogger, youtube), and so on. - DeWitt Clinton
I'm glad this is being talked about. +1 on making FriendFeed an OpenID relying party (for SSO). Beyond that, I think having FriendFeed be able to *use* OpenID's for grabbing remote content from sites that are also OpenID relying parties is also useful. - Scott Conroy
we don't need yet another openid provider. I'd like to be able to connect on friendfeed with my openid. well I don't mind if friendfeed becomes a provider, but I want it a consumer first - Régis Décamps
AJ Batac
Suggestion: There should be a "Try the new FriendFeed beta" link on
Good idea. - Kol Tregaskes
There should also be a setting so that FriendFeed Notifier will direct clicks to beta instead of classic. - Boris Gordon
A per-account setting to prefer "all beta, all the time, even if I follow a non-beta URL" would be *smashing*. I realize that this might not be the best use of programmer time, but I'd like it. - Daniel J. Pritchett
+1 Daniel - Micah
agreed. and i like Daniel's idea to - (jeff)isageek
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