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Biz Kellam

Biz Kellam

Hawaii Realtor since 1990 making YOU wealthy through Real Estate!
GAAAHHHH! It's here! In September! !!!! @ Sam's Club Honolulu,HI
You can tune a guitar but you can't tuna fish.
See you in September this #ALOHA Thursday!
Good Morning Sunshine, it's #ALOHA Monday!
You're operating at an extremely high level of efficiency, ena... More for Gemini
Anything You Can Do on #ALOHA Sunday!
Your environment at home may be uncomfortably intense today, b... More for Gemini
You haz forget to tell me that you cook chicken? I will hairball your shoes in revenge.
Honolulu business network ala moana chapter getting rolling. @theboxjelly! @ The Box Jelly
Moose is loose. @ fishcake
Yay! Morning Glass is now open to cadfinate us @theboxjelly @ fishcake
Lunchnaz @ The Box Jelly
The Way You Do The Things You Do on #ALOHA Friday!
You may actually think you're being sensitive to the needs of ... More for Gemini
Bling bike! @ Ward Centers
Ahi Taco Thursday! Chef Maggie homemade tomotillo salsa FTW!!!
Other people's demands on your time could be distracting if yo... More for Gemini
GIMMIEGIMMIE! RT @ParkRat: Whoa! @biznaz! RT @theimpulsivebuy: SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Oscar Mayer Bacon Jerky
Its a Good Day on #ALOHA Wednesday!
Restless feelings may be distracting today, yet you still can ... More for Gemini
Sometimes love seems illusory and far away, like a pot of gold... More for Gemini
Gotta Get Up it's a brand new #ALOHA Monday!
You feel as if you're being pulled in opposite directions toda... More for Gemini
Mister Whiskers wants to know "What dis ting? "
I Can See Clearly Now on #ALOHA Sunday!
It may be wise to let someone else put on the show and dance a... More for Gemini
Everybody has one of these drawers, don't they? Where the mystery things lurk...
Puttenesca sauce needs more liquid. In to the crock pot for 4 hours on high!
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