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Taylor Singletary

Taylor Singletary

Author, musician, and Technical Evangelist for LinkedIn
My identity strategy is to learn to use the word I and mean my self.
I may still have an ignorable daytime court television novel inside me, dying to remain unread. Research will continue until morals improve.
Do not take stands while the boat is in emotion.
RT @Kool_Aid_Wino: A pain I cannot pronounce gathers around me like a convention of translators for a language that does not exist.
RT @tejucole: today's flower report unbelievably intense already, but dispatches keep coming in:
RT @orbitalpatterns: letting the bones know who's keeping them warm.
Computers, why do you destroy me?
RT @Kool_Aid_Wino: Mammals and computers live together in mutually programming harmony like pure water touching clear sky.
The light engineering team behind @moonduo tonight.
Partial playlist for today's teatime, "the dreamless": and a missing song you may enjoy:
RT @jeffnoon: They were just a couple of lonely words who had never met until that marvellous sentence in Morocco when suddenly they were spoken together.
approving of @andypiper's gathering at this morning's musical selections.
Jeffertitti's Nile "Stay On" Live from the Speakeasy -
Jeffertitti's Nile "Stay On" Live from the Speakeasy
RT @JonCone: twitter, my puppet escapee
RT @hotdogsladies: "All those movies…will be slightly misquoted…like tears in rain." —Roy Batty, "It's a Wonderful Life" (1989)
Bill Cosby is a funny fellow, right?
Bill Cosby is a funny fellow, right?
Better know the merits of being a Lake Merritt emeritus.
I recognize when I've reached my limit in capability to understand but not when I don't understand something I'm capable of understanding.
Good night fellow elephant six enthusiasts.
A healthy diet of Robert Wyatt.
It Saul weighs truth
RT @echovirus12: Over the years, in burning daylight or endless nights, in happiness and sorrow, disguised as illness or ageing. The man always eats himself.
if rations rust, freak fall shelf sabbath taj
friendships as mutual means to reinforce pretexts for more consistent selves
Power words keep the lights on but nobody is home.
Don't forget to ask what reach gets you.
I don't lose my keys, I lose my locks
Jeffertitti's Nile "Blue Spirit Blues" Live at the Speakeasy -
Jeffertitti's Nile "Blue Spirit Blues" Live at the Speakeasy
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