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Taylor Singletary

Taylor Singletary

Author, musician, and Technical Evangelist for LinkedIn
token disarmchair wrestler's mother
It took seven years with some diversions along the way, but Story Machine is now full.
I am almost ready to wear @twitter shirts again.
"It's not a religion, it's just a technique. It's just a way of making you speak."
RT @vectorpoem: "Oddly, this is familiar to you, as if it were from an old dream, but you can't exactly remember..."
Finally converted from compact to cozy
RT @MichaelCadnum: headlights on trees half-white the whole world
Every aspect of an API is either a bug or a feature that maybe you just don't know about yet.
RT @Sherman_Alexie: Today, somewhere, a kid will play guitar for the first time & she'll someday write a song that'll live in the jukebox of your soul.
The morning pilot light will not wait
I want to get to know of you
Only this: only Otis.
Ebo Taylor – Saana -
Sluggo's 1980 jazz album Animal Sounds is great:
Expect an accumulation of Oregonian orgone energy accumulators acclimating to kind climates, you know, the Reich stuff.
A special TWIN PEAKS announcement -
A special TWIN PEAKS announcement
in title mean ing purpose trader
This summer equation of positive and negative additions soon falls apart
RT @MichaelCadnum: The curtains blowing, open window, what I believe
the Stand from sysco fray area
Time folds towns
Fall out, old way gauss
Some would wed in g'n here
Razy liver
Why can't cameras just have the as I see it setting?
RT @ThePatanoiac: While most lightbulbs burn out, some eventually blossom.
These lips taste older
RT @glitchr_: _/▔﹀\_︿╱﹀╲/╲︿_/︺╲▁︹_/﹀\_︿╱▔︺\/\︹▁╱﹀▔╲︿_/︺▔╲▁︹_/﹀▔\⁄﹀\╱﹀▔︺\︹▁︿╱\╱﹀▔╲︿_/︺▔╲▁︿/\︿╱\︿︹_/▔﹀\_︿╱▔︺\︹╱﹀▔╲︿_/︺▔\╱﹀╲▁︹_/﹀\_︿╱▔︺\︹▁︿⁄╲︿╱﹀╲︿_/︺▔╲︹_/▔﹀\
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