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GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
Just joined the borg, waiting for the blue pill. - Robert Scoble
Can you hear me, Tina? - John Taschek
we can hear you, but you can't hear us, John - Kevin Marks
Rock on! - Nir Ben Yona
8 rooting in video - Kevin Marks
seems like to me, folks in G+ are engaging more than other social networks, more quality discussions - Da
G+ is good for talking to programmers - Kevin Marks
I saw John in NY 2 weeks ago, that was nice - Kevin Marks
Da - interesting that you say that. I think i need to spend some more time on Google + - Tina Chase Gillmor
just joined in - what is this that Robert is showing? - Ankush Narula
maybe because it's the early adopters in G+, it's the novelty - Da
"dickheadery" ?? Is there a webster's definition on this ?? - studentforce
silos, baby - Da
auth =/= authenticity - clive boulton
first I hear about "warmth" - Tina Chase Gillmor
mind meld - Jerome Hughes
Arkush: I am showing Bing, Twitter, and Google+. - Robert Scoble
spending advertiser's patronage - Jerome Hughes
advertisers' - Jerome Hughes
What was that sidebar on the search page? was that Bing? - Ankush Narula
I see John T has added some stuff to his bookshelf - Tina Chase Gillmor
when it flocks - Jerome Hughes
Yes, that was Bing. - Robert Scoble
i think John is in a different location - studentforce
no faces in #FF comments, but the conversation persists - Jerome Hughes
hi everyone, just joined, looks like a lively discussion about warmth - Charlie Isaacs
its still two dimensional and will NEVER replace a face to face meeting - studentforce
Scoble-Poll® - Ankush Narula
hey it looks like Robert lost some weight, looking svelte - Charlie Isaacs
"the lightbulb gets brighter before it burns out ... " - JohnBorthwick
instead it will lead to face to face later, as discovery leads to engagement - Jerome Hughes
Charlie: yeah, I'm down a bit from my high. Just got a Fitbit scale so you can see my weight. - Robert Scoble
I can't see the stream anymore. - Robert Scoble
Ruh Roh - Kevin Marks
I can hear it just fine, so will fake it as long as you can see me. - Robert Scoble
managers - Jerome Hughes
robert we see stream here - Tina Chase Gillmor
applause signs, laugh tracks, rim-shots - these are all cues for the braindead - Ankush Narula
you should too - Tina Chase Gillmor
I'm not getting one of those Fitbit things, still recovering from my Wii telling me I’m overweight and that I have the agility, balance and body of a 90 year-old - Charlie Isaacs
will drop you and call u back robert - Steve Gillmor
Woody Allen & Tony Roberts in Annie Hall - Jerome Hughes
laughing is also a way to express nervousness and uncertainty - Ankush Narula
Steve: I Still can't see the stream. - Robert Scoble
laughter isn't a singular behavior. it's nuanced - Tom Guarriello
True. But some people laugh when they feel embarrassed. - Nir Ben Yona
nice straightfaced lol, John - Jerome Hughes
I prefer :-D over LOL - Ankush Narula
Thanks, that fixed that! - Robert Scoble
Ok... Kevin is drinking beer, John T. probably iced tea but could be spiked and robert has dropped off to do a shot. I don't know what John B. is drinking today. Any guesses? - Tina Chase Gillmor
My daughter loves minecraft too - Tina Chase Gillmor
San Pellegrino. - Nir Ben Yona
could be - Tina Chase Gillmor
JohnB is drinking Makers Mark and Coke ;-) - Ankush Narula
beer and tea, I have both - Kevin Marks
Ankush ... good one - Tina Chase Gillmor
good enough is good enough - Jerome Hughes
this is true - Tina Chase Gillmor
especially as they're misspelled - Kevin Marks
packets and buffers and bandwidth oh my - Ankush Narula
multi-tasking's a myth. It's sequential - Tom Guarriello
Women can multi task, seems harder for men - Stephen Pickering
women multitask every moment of the day ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
I was reading Ondaatje's "The Conversations" with Walter Murch - Kevin Marks
and he said that he couldn't watch films on TV, but he could on laptops with headphones, as that was immersive - Kevin Marks
hunter/gatherer evolution - studentforce
hunter will always be able to muti task way better than a farmer/gatherer - studentforce
I'm multi-tasking right now. Listening/watching the show, downloading new Adobe apps and typing into FF. - Alex de Soto
All with a cat on my shoulders! - Alex de Soto
push notifications serialize realtime so you don't have to multitask - unfortunately ios notification center becoming another inbox for me - Ankush Narula
Tina herds kittens while multi-tasking - Charlie Isaacs
many new apps are creating alternative inboxes - Kevin Marks
Push notifications do remind me of email. Constantly in my face at the office. - Alex de Soto
"Well, that's like hypnotizing chickens" --Iggy Pop - Jerome Hughes
i agree that SOME people have issues multi tasking while others cannot function if they are NOT multi tasking - studentforce
Charlie this is less true these days as I have taken to locking the cats out of the studio because they become so demanding when we're doing the show. On the other hand, I'm always herding cats on the GIllmor gang ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
I believe students and people born after 1995 naturally multi task as they have known nothing else - studentforce
it's not age related - Kevin Marks
i wish i could do two things at once on the ipad. i get so annoyed when i'm watchin a vid on a web page, and it stops when i go to a new tab to look something up - Stephen M
I like the sunlight streaming into Borthwick's space - Tina Chase Gillmor
I was born in 1966 and I've been doing this since I was able to - Kevin Marks
so I guess what I'm saying is that the ability to multi task is probably a combination of physical (dopamine based whatever) and evolutionary - studentforce
some people have a hard time accepting multiple capabilities in one person that they have not experienced in one person before - Jerome Hughes
push notification and the beginner’s mind - clive boulton
Steve: did I freeze? - Robert Scoble
the street has its own uses for... - Jerome Hughes
rapid task switching != multi-tasking - Ankush Narula
there is actually a test for this: - studentforce
lost Robert again - Tina Chase Gillmor
Sigh. - Robert Scoble
Try calling me again. - Robert Scoble
if it's important enough, it'll keep yur attention - Da
See, I don't people aren't actually able to multi-task.. - Kevin Costain
i prefer SMS because i can say i responded and the network "ate" the message, when i really just "zoned" out for a few minutes LOL - Stephen M
is it a zero sum situation ?? The more multitasking the less attention one can pay to a specific subject? - studentforce
can't do that with a phone call.. have to give undivided attention. - Stephen M
pattern recognition accounting handled in background by subconcious - Jerome Hughes
some people can multi-task walking and chew gum at same time - Da
so have we developed different "modes" now - Tina Chase Gillmor
could you clarify please. - Stephen M
@da any "task" that is run on auto-pilot can't count as part of a "multi" task. We are not consciously thinking about walking - that is an automatic process, just as much as seeing where you're walking while you chew that gum.. :) - Kevin Costain
Have tweets made us more succinct? More to the point? Does Facebook remind us to take photographs? Does Pinterest organize our minds in a visual way? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Intel's 'golden age’ of hybrid PCs more multi-tasking or more push-notification. - clive boulton
Is social media training us? - Tina Chase Gillmor
quite - that's what I was saying- your brain is naturally multi-taking, and with practice things become background tasks, and the single narrative is the story a part of our brain curates for us afterwards - Kevin Marks
or are we training it? - Jerome Hughes
@da - but - try clearly reading two books at once while walking.. :) - Kevin Costain
Tweets have caused me to have bad grammar/spelling - Stephen M
@Kevin - very interesting idea.. - Kevin Costain
I still use Flickr which causes me to take lots of photos - Stephen M
@Stephen - Computers have made my natural chicken scratch penmanship much worse.. - Kevin Costain
Finally got to enough screens to comment on Steve's mention of track today. Out me in hysterics on Devils Slide - Francine Hardaway
same here! it started in the AIM/MSN messenger era.. - Stephen M
Did I just hear John T. talk about a coke habit? - Tina Chase Gillmor
haha - Stephen M
I'm watching this show on my TV via AirParrot - Ankush Narula
BTW, next version of OS X will include this functionality - Ankush Narula
very interesting - Stephen M
Robert and Tina-Steve! Miramar on Saturday at 530 for a cocktail? I will be meeting Half Moon Bay geeks. - Francine Hardaway
I'm watching this show on my TV via Roku :) - Stephen M
I watched most of it on my IPhone - Francine Hardaway
does Robert have ADHD? ;) - Stephen M
Robert doesn't need push notifications - he has everything visible on the 25 screens around him at all times! - Ankush Narula
Yet, but when Robert's mobile, not at home, then push becomes important - Stephen Pickering
does my neighbour have leftover cinco de mayo fireworks - Kevin Marks
True - particularly so we all know if he's walking vs running vs at Gold Club - Ankush Narula
resistance is feudal? - Kevin Marks
push a button, get a pellet - Jerome Hughes
And with the Google Glasses Robert will see a recursive universe of information. - Alex de Soto
I'm always that person who has to go behind something to plug something in - Tina Chase Gillmor
Robert have you done video chat via the Kinect? i set my parents and siblings up and they love it - Stephen M
rummaging through the dust bunnies - Kevin Marks
So push notifications will be the next intrusive media. - Alex de Soto
I think there are many more ways for people to "tap you on the shoulder" now... and from anywhere - Tina Chase Gillmor
Feed my dragon? That's a euphemism for sure - Ankush Narula
Push notifications drive me nuts. - Francine Hardaway
my grandmother got the biggest smile when i showed her how to say "xbox chat" or whatever it is..and they got to see their grand child on the big screen.. - Stephen M
Grandkids are always the killer app - Kevin Marks
Fighting some idiot motorcycle without a muffler. Please be quiet!!! - Tina Chase Gillmor
$99 xbox is the best thing for grand parents. - Stephen M
He's probably right lol - Francine Hardaway
pain points are opportunities - Jerome Hughes
rimshot - Ankush Narula
This is a warm conversation - Francine Hardaway
Show Title! - Stephen M
it's very warm here in San Jose - Kevin Marks
The sun is shining in NYC - it's warm here as well - Ankush Narula
Woudln't it be a different show without Skype as well? - Stephen M
"Luke Warm" might be a good show title - Ankush Narula
Great show. - Francine Hardaway
anyone know if Facebook will add group video to their Video chat service? - Stephen M
yes def! - Stephen M