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Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
Potential Topics? Amazon tablets. Motorola phones. Nokia phones. Apple next week. Techcrunch Disrupt next week. I'm also now addicted to Breaking Bad. Since last week's show I've watched three seasons of it. - Robert Scoble
Good Lord that's a lot of Breaking Bad in a short amount of time. Please lay off the blue crystals - Tina Chase Gillmor
Breaking Bad is awesome - Christopher Harris
I stopped watching Breaking Bad. Got to depressing for my taste. - Johannes Siemers
On netflix, it just keeps on comping episode after episode... - Kevin Marks
Breaking Bad is very depressing, but I got addicted. Robert, I watched all four previous seasons this summer. - Francine Hardaway
did somebody say "blue crystals"? ;) - Susan Beebe
Clinton knocked it out o the park. - Francine Hardaway
My feed froze - Francine Hardaway
and then thawed - Jerome Hughes
Crystal Blue Persuasion... - Jerry Schuman
can't find where I left the Kindle Fire... - Kevin Marks
everyone's stream ok? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Of course, All The New Kindle Fires Will Have Ads That You Can't Get Rid Of. Didn't really want to talk much about that, did they? - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
oh my God Danny is not stopping for air - Tina Chase Gillmor
one of the first attack vectors for the hackers... multiple user accounts. - Jerry Schuman
can I run Google Music on the new kindles? - Kevin Marks
HDMI out... how fun. - Jerry Schuman
Tina, Danny must have had some awesome espresso today! :) - Susan Beebe
Danny is on fire today :) - Charlie Isaacs
Breaking Bad fans. Do you listen to the BB Insider Podcast? - Tom Guarriello
Danny is on fireHD today - Jerry Schuman
Kevin: Rooted yes. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
its the new blow - Tina Chase Gillmor
A book on Revolver? Gotta get that title. - Tom Guarriello
Bring on the Punditry! :D - Susan Beebe
Pundintry? Pedantry? - Kevin Marks
Amazon bang? - Tina Chase Gillmor
ha! Kevin! - Susan Beebe
Yes, Jerry, something about thinking alike :) - Charlie Isaacs
weird snatches of sound coming through - Kevin Marks
skype is so lame sometimes haha - Susan Beebe
LOL. Someone is chewing a robot or something. - Nir Ben Yona
you're making him very angry - Jerome Hughes
danny is frozen! lol - Susan Beebe
auto tune - Charlie Isaacs
Back! - Evan Prodromou
hi Evan - Kevin Marks
Crappy internet connections in Newport Beach. - Jerry Schuman
Danny fried his own feed - Tina Chase Gillmor
Danny exceeded his bandwidth with his long monologue so now his service provider is throttling every 50th byte - Charlie Isaacs
Don't Google and Amazon threaten both Microsoft and Apple, because they can give both Software and Hardware away, at least eventually? - Stephen Pickering
Hi Kevin! - Evan Prodromou
I like 'pundit tree" - Tina Chase Gillmor
they made the browser free - Kevin Marks
and IIS - Kevin Marks
Kevin is throwing back champagne today. Real lush that guy is - Tina Chase Gillmor
It was iced water, but it melted - Kevin Marks
They made the browser free to kill Netscape, but now Google and the Cloud can give the software away and kill MSFT - Stephen Pickering
You mean Wordstar - Charlie Isaacs
This is like a visit to the museum. - Evan Prodromou
My wife, to this day, calls MS Word "Wordstar" :) - Charlie Isaacs
Robert - to make GG live @ - I will call u after GG today. - clive boulton
Hell my LaserWriter cost me a few grand. - Jerry Schuman
WordPerfect! - Tina Chase Gillmor
I'm using the Ringo glass today - Tina Chase Gillmor
Assume MSFT pulls off the Kobayashi Maru -- where does this leave Intel -- failed low power processor family? - clive boulton
Microsoft could charge "mob rate" pricing for four reasons: (1) It was a software suite; (2) They were usually bundled with computers so they offered a "solution" or "system"; (3) The software "spoke" to one another; and (4) There was some stability so businesses trusted it. - Chien-Yu Lin
Convertibles - Jerry Schuman
I think Bezos had it right. People care about services not just gadgets. - Alex de Soto
I love the Amazon apps store. I gave my wife a Kindle Fire and she hated it. She wanted the iPad apps. I told her to "find them on Amazon" but 90% of the stuff she wanted did not work on the Kindle Fire. - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
well, he's selling services, of course he says that. Apple will say they like devices - Kevin Marks
@Scoble: Is this more about "PC's dying" or "PC sales saturating and tablet purchases increasing"? - Chien-Yu Lin
So far, Apple has better "services" in the form of their apps and their licensed content. - Alex de Soto
not so much the books, Alex - Kevin Marks
Same "mob rate" rational pricing for pizza boxes and garbage collection in NY/NJ - no choice monopoly - clive boulton
I travel with my iPad + Logitech Ultrathin keyboard -- holds power for > 8 hr. flight, fits on Coach tray table while the guy in front me drops his seat - Charlie Isaacs
Right you are Kevin about the books. I mostly read them on a Kindle and will be getting the Paperwhite. - Alex de Soto
Is malware a problem for Amazon apps? - christina sponselli
I want to get the Kindle Fire HD to play the movies from the Amazon Prime movies via their HD output to my HD TV (but them again, my Roku does that already, but not when Im waiting at my doctors office, etc) @SocialJulio - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
Hello everyone. so glad you all showed up today - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hi Tina :) - Hilary Talbot
Can Microsoft make money with a no-cost tablet operating system? Apple can, and Google can. Amazon can. I think they're selling something everyone's getting for free. - Evan Prodromou
Hi Tina. Hope you are still enjoying your roses. - christina sponselli
your doctor lets you plug your tablet into his tv? - Kevin Marks
Navy Seals aren't using spreadsheets, composing large Word files, long e-mails (= Office). They are looking at pictures, maps, terrains, videos (= Tablet). - Chien-Yu Lin
"Don't stand out in Kandahar" (Robert said that?) - clive boulton
My wife is the Creative Director for the Western US of the top app developer. Trust me... nobody is asking for Microsoft or Fire - Jerry Schuman
I am loving the beautiful roses. All 21! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Navy Seals are writing books about Osama Bin Laden's last day on their iPads - Charlie Isaacs
Hi Tina. Guess what? I'm a vegan now - Francine Hardaway
The Samsung Galaxy SIII was developed before Jelly Bean. Will be out soon. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
After Gazelle, iPhone5 should end up costing me about $50. A little irrational, but not too much. - Tom Guarriello
@Kevin, my dr has wifi and I will have stuff to watch while I wait on my Kindle Fire HD. Better than on my phone, etc - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
clive: yeah. Navy Seals told me that when you are overseas there are a TON of Apple devices in local coffee shops. - Robert Scoble
I have a Samsung Galaxy S III and I love it! - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
(Resigned sigh) Can't I wait until Apple announces on Wednesday before ordering my Kindle Fire? Or will I then lose my Early Adopter button? - Francine Hardaway
Jerry, your wife is a freaking dynamo. I want to be her when I grow up. Any cool new art pieces? - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Clive @Scoble: One book written is not a trend. American in Middle East stands out already. Tablet does not make them camo'ed. - Chien-Yu Lin
Steve, what would it need to have? - Francine Hardaway
@@ bet the Taliban still runs Windows (XP) - clive boulton
What will Steve do if Apple ships a Mini Pad? - Tina Chase Gillmor
+1 Chien-Yu-Lin - Francine Hardaway
My take-away from this: Steve has a big pocket - Charlie Isaacs
She's been swamped with apps.. not a chance she's been in the studio. Though she's been talking about getting back out there. - Jerry Schuman
the nexus fits in my jeans back pocket - Kevin Marks
Hey Tina: This will crack Steve up: "Here Comes el Son: Songs of the Beatles With a Cuban Twist by Various Artists" - Alex de Soto
@Clive: Taliban using DOS - Chien-Yu Lin
A reliable source told me that AirForce One runs XP - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
there was never a netbook market - Jerry Schuman
Good thing I just bought a bigger purse. Will be carrying a Nexus, a Kindle, an iPad -- and no more Air - Francine Hardaway
Right, Jerry - Francine Hardaway
the Air was the netbook - Kevin Marks
like the ipad was the tablet - Kevin Marks
at my first company we provided and installed PDP11's in Air Force ONe - Charlie Isaacs
Netbooks were the play things of alpha geeks. Mostly to make hackintoshs - Jerry Schuman
@Chien-Yu Lin Taliban's haz Internets (bastards) - clive boulton
lost the picture and sound - studentforce
@Francine: Thanks. Could I contact you later about the AZ Entrepreneurs' conference? - Chien-Yu Lin
I had to switch from the appleTV to the mac mini to get Breaking Bad watchable on the tv - Kevin Marks
Season 2? Oh man, are you in for a roller coaster. Walt spirals into the abyss. - Jerry Schuman
I show the stream working Studentforce - Tina Chase Gillmor
i had to reload - studentforce
I have that painting as well:-) - Francine Hardaway
And now there's the Apple's rumored "Pandora-killer" which will likely only be IOS/iTunes only. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
too many platforms and devices - studentforce
I think Bruce Willis want to sue Apple because he can't leave his content collection to his children after he's gone. - Alex de Soto
on a tv via ipad - Kevin Marks
What are you talking about.. I can read my books across devices... it's called DropBox - Jerry Schuman
@Chien-Yu Lin of course. Watch this Scoble-esque gesture: 602.910.5622 - Francine Hardaway
Roku is great - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
or by a mac mini - Kevin Marks
Makes no sense to me to buy books through Apple for that reason - Tom Guarriello
Roku is awesome - Stephen Pickering
I get my HBOgo via Roku - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
and my Amazon Prime movies via Roku - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
Is that what you did,. Kevin? I couldn't get Breaking Bad to Airplay. - Francine Hardaway
Still like my Roku for non-Cable content. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I used the Mac Mini - Kevin Marks
and the appletv - Kevin Marks
No one is ever going to buy music again, that's why Apple is making the move into Pandora's space - Stephen Pickering
Jerry, that's such a spoiler - Francine Hardaway
I have a Mac Mini, so I will give that a try - Francine Hardaway
I didn't give him a spoiler.... seriously - Jerry Schuman
Enterasys Isaac - studentforce
mac mini plugged into an hdtv is pretty good, though you have to use safari, not chrome for netflix - Kevin Marks
internet of things - studentforce
I guess I just thought so because I'm all caught up, Jerry - Francine Hardaway
I buy my music from Amazon, and then I can add it to my Itunes library, Apple devices and android Devices. - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
Apple still locks in pretty well. Outside of 3rd party apps... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
on the train is where I want the tablet to work - Kevin Marks
@John -- what is the razor for the enterprise (any chances)? - clive boulton
With Spotify, I don't think I'll every buy digital music again. I may buy a Physical Vinyl record for the object quality and the novelty aspect - Stephen Pickering
Crystal Blue Persuasion.... la la - Jerry Schuman
Start All Over Again...Nat King Cole. la la - Tom Guarriello
that is why we need a app that will evoke digital context contextually - studentforce
studentforce does that Scoble - studentforce
Yeah, but if you add all of those services up, they're less than the total of my DISH bill - Stephen Pickering
Kevin - Why can't the trains offer wi-fi? Would be productive on your NB San Jose - San francisco commute - Tina Chase Gillmor
for eTextbooks .. its the holy grail - studentforce
Nexus Fire, wasn't that in one of the Star Trek Movies ;-) - Jerry Schuman
god yes, Tina. Instead they put it on the Stockton line o_O - Kevin Marks
Amazon & Apple are in the best position to offer everything, music, tv, movies - Stephen Pickering
Amazon's next step is original content - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
Robert just voiced my major gripe. Content is not centralized. The closest is Apple - Francine Hardaway
I use the Verizon 4g to WiFi adaptor - Kevin Marks
I have to give Logitech's UE (formerly Squeezebox) Internet Radio some props on making Audio sources pretty centralized. Makes a solid Roku experience for radio. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Kevin ~ Sounder (Seattle commute train) has wi-fi. Always my Goog Galaxy tab 10.1 out. - clive boulton
Not true. Spotify is better on Android - Stephen Pickering
there he goes - Tina Chase Gillmor
Data vs. Logic - Jerry Schuman
brace yourself for a Scoble explosion - Tina Chase Gillmor
One problem with pulling together content from different apps is that it's hard to link them. Inter-app integration isn't as good as Web integration is. - Evan Prodromou
What app is Scoble talking about? - Tom Guarriello
If I were Microsoft, I'd drive the market this way: (1) Pair up with Dell (they've shown they have reach within business and will make devices cheaply, getting their money through service contracts and renewals); (2) Drive for a software suite that can be loaded into Tablets. Let's be honest: most people use less than 5% of all of the Word, Excel, PowerPoint functionality; (3) Establish a minimum baseline of processing and memory defining a performance standard. MS thus becomes the "arms merchant" of productivity software in the Tablet arena (similar to how QualComm sells chipsets and defines standards for the industry) --> This accommodates @Taschek's platform agnostic goal. Once you own the standard and periodically change it, you set the market; (4) Drive toward a Tablet-PC future. - Chien-Yu Lin
"Exsclobsion" - Evan Prodromou
Steve smoking the peace pipe. - clive boulton
A universal notification client sounds like a great idea. Don't think companies will allow it to happen though. - Alex de Soto
The issue is DISCOVERY. DISCOVERY is facilitated primarily through word of mouth. IOS apps KILL Android apps when they're discussed from end users - Jerry Schuman
so Scoble, why wouldn't companies aspire to make universal apps that seamlessly move from device to device while taking advantage of all of the best features of each device? That was Steve Jobs' vision from making universally easy products so that every app could work the same across their iPhone, and move to the iPad, etc. I agree with Steve, you and John are both right. - Charlie Isaacs
You don't need Airplay with Netflix - Stephen Pickering
guys ... in terms of eTextbooks (my focus) you are ALL WRONG - studentforce
Browser, email, Netflix, Kindle, music player probably gets you pretty far - Evan Prodromou
That's not true, Netflix's code and even UI is different on various platforms. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
@Francine Hardaway: Thanks. Will call. - Chien-Yu Lin
Some high schools are adopting iPads. Grooming the next generation of consumers? - christina sponselli
true, but some is shared via HTML - Kevin Marks
yes - studentforce
netflix on appletv is weakest, cos it isn't their code but Apple's - Kevin Marks
Good show folks! - Evan Prodromou
@Sponselli: 7" iPad is basically dusting off the Apple II marketing plan. Smaller hands, smaller devices. What will kids ask for come Christmas once they use it in schools? - Chien-Yu Lin
Goofy is a horse - Kevin Marks
Twitter killed everything except for OAuth - Jerry Schuman
Twitter killed itself because I don't even look at it anymore. All I look at is Facebook - Stephen Pickering
i need instagraming on retina display (G+ has antlers which cover head shine) - clive boulton
@Chien-Yu Lin: Seeing the trend of kids from a mid-upper economic group jumping from Touch in jr high to iPad in high school. - christina sponselli
including JSONP - Jerry Schuman
This subject I know very well, Goofy is a doggy - Charlie Isaacs
But if Goofy is a dog, what is Pluto? - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
I'm very upset of the loss of RSS from Twitter. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I haven't tried to scrape twitters html recently, is it still crufty? - Kevin Marks
And surprisingly, Dave Winer seems to be totally fine with killing RSS in Twitter - Charlie Isaacs
but Twitter added a new widget - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
It will cause me to no longer track things like Scoble's Stared Favorites in Google Reader. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
and the widget pulls text, photos and videos - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
Anyone notice Twitter no longer using real-time follower notification (talk about going backwards) - clive boulton
Twitter is moving to federation... you watch. - Jerry Schuman
Thanks Evan. these guys are amazing. I still love to watch them joust. It's cool to fell the real time-ness of it, even for me. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Federated Twitter databases? - clive boulton
@Sponselli: I'm kind of thinking that they would start more toward middle school. High school? I could get kids to buy a toothbrush that promotes tooth decay if I marketed it right. - Chien-Yu Lin
I care almost nothing about Twitter anymore and everything about Facebook, which is exactly the opposite how I felt 2-3 years ago. - Stephen Pickering
Does this gut some of Flipboard and Currents, or are they accessing Twitter elsewise? - Denise Howell
'cos Dave Winer wants us to stop using twitter? (I don't know, he blocks me on twitter) - Kevin Marks
Flipboard has to be nervous. - Tom Guarriello
i think flipboard is using the rss feed, not sure though - Kevin Marks
Winer blocks you, Kevin? That's flippin' hysterical! - Tom Guarriello
Facebook machine learning algorithms failed for me. Zuck needs more data than I was willing to contribute. - clive boulton
What happened?? - Tom Guarriello
Winer blocks everyone at some point - Tina Chase Gillmor
Twitter <> monetization = pivot - Jerry Schuman
+1 Tina and so are you :) - Charlie Isaacs
Anybody else lose the show? - Tom Guarriello
@Chien-Yu Lin: Distinction of wanting and getting. Some parents, including this one, consider the amount of screentime their kids get and the parent monitoring time required. - christina sponselli
So a "universal" browser for all of this stuff is unlikely. - Alex de Soto
I show the stream up tom - Tina Chase Gillmor
I lost the feed momentarily Tom but it came back, I thought it was my connection - Charlie Isaacs
I just reloaded bldg 43 and it came back. Weird! - Tom Guarriello
Lost the connection, but a refresh brought it back. - christina sponselli
cant explain that - Tina Chase Gillmor
I bet Dave Winer keeps saying that RSS Rulz! - Nir Ben Yona
Nir - but of course - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Sponselli: Sure. Just saying many kids will go to college and there will be a time when being competitive as a student + school requirements + social pressure / status will create a situation where a purchase will be made. Bonding is pretty powerful, regardless of usage frequency and duration. - Chien-Yu Lin
@Robert, I can see some of your FB Favorites, via Incognito, not logged in - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
Sweet Charlie. Thanks - Tina Chase Gillmor
You hit the nail on the head and it's exactly the market Twitter is going to go after... - Jerry Schuman
thanks because chatter is a feature of the platform - studentforce
Video down again - Tom Guarriello
Chien-Yu Lin: Agree - christina sponselli
Burberry vs Bogart Trenchcoat row highlights minefield who owns content... - clive boulton
For Facebook, most are social loiterers who use the medium as a digital scrapbook and internet chatroom. - Chien-Yu Lin
But since, storage, bandwidth and processing halve in price every 12 months, then something like may be viable in 5 or so years - Stephen Pickering
Refresh brings it back - Tom Guarriello
Go check out SylkServer from AG Projects. SIP/XMPP with presence support. Just heard they're going to release in the OSX app store. Light this thing up behind the firewall and get a complete message bus for the enterprise that includes, voice, video and chat. - Jerry Schuman
ADS ARE ANTITHETICAL TO TWITTER'S ETHOS Twitter is about real-time information with little-to-no self-editing time between information and Tweeting / re-Tweeting. This is why Twitter is used primarily as a newsfeed and the SARG (smart-ass remark generator). And there's the challenge: (1) How Can One Monetize News? We consciously understand - or intuitively know - that news, unless there is an issue of charity or threat of safety - does not create a call-to-action. How does one then parlay news into a purchase opportunity? If we ignore advertising on other media sources now, those which have a more imbedded news-ad relationship (usually television, radio or pop-up ads which have a common characteristic of presenting one thing at a time), why would Twitter be more successful when we can pick and choose what we wish to view? (2) When Does The SARG Become the Sell-Out? One might subscribe to a profile which provides pithy remarks and vocalizes the thoughts of our individual ids, but those are also the likely profiles whose Tweets may be marbled with more advertising since they are the ones that generate traffic (a study last year stated that over 50% of all Tweets were created by 20,000 profiles - or less than one percent of the Twitter population). If we are annoyed by Facebook's sponsored stories and ads - and these are from people we know and possibly have shared interests and values - what is the retention and investment for someone we may not know for whom we see marked ad traffic or a new sense of biased (READ = sell out) Tweets? (3) Twitter Is About Disposability Tweets are snippets of information with a very short interest life. One is not on Twitter to build a long-lasting relationship: it is a sewing circle, steno-pool, farmer's market: we do not invest time into the relationship. While we might create a pseudo-database of "likes" through our newsfeed and SARG interests, it is unlikely that we subscribe to true marketing entities like Starbucks, Amazon,... more... - Chien-Yu Lin
Sorry ... - Chien-Yu Lin
Lonest ever! ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
meant longest - Tina Chase Gillmor
My thoughts exactly. Probably the longest post ever, during the Gillmor Gang show. - Nir Ben Yona
Chien-Yu -- you forgot about Twitter as a "social megaphone for horrible customer service" -- expressing negative sentiment about brands. I would also add that people help each other solve problems on Twitter, and help each other accomplish things. - Charlie Isaacs
Fast typist for sure or great speech recognition! - Alex de Soto
Chien-Yu Lin - fantastic and provocative posts - John Taschek
Awareness ads - Tom Guarriello
Thesis ;-) - clive boulton
CPM is higher the better qualified your prospect is... - Jerry Schuman
I disagree with Chien-Yu about disposability - tweets do build relationships, especially the phatic ones - Kevin Marks
Jerry: yes, because the efficiency is better. - Robert Scoble
The HTC One + Engadget ad at JFK Airport: - Nir Ben Yona
@Scoble: You are absolutely right. Awareness vs. Closing. But I making the claim that Twitter has some very definite disadvantages compared to other social forums. - Chien-Yu Lin
and don't forget - its a GOODYEAR Blimp as you noted. So Goodyear gets the product placement too - even though you are miles away - studentforce
Chien: that's true, but Twitter has hundreds of millions of eyeballs. - Robert Scoble
phatic ones or phallic ones... - clive boulton phatic, clive. Phallic tweets don't build relationships - Kevin Marks
@Marks: When you talk to people on Twitter do you come back for the information or do you go somewhere else (as with all of the links)? Also, have you made more "friends" from Twitter or from Facebook? - Chien-Yu Lin
Chien: I've made more friends on Twitter but that is quickly changing. - Robert Scoble
there are many different ways that people find to make a universal message bus useful, and those individual people get to decide which ways make sense for them - Jerome Hughes
Kevin: nod - clive boulton
many more from twitter than from facebook - Kevin Marks
Chien-Yu: I often prefer the simplicity of Twitter versus Facebook, but FB is def. much more social. - Alex de Soto
@Isaacs: Yes - Twitter is a fast response, complaint engine. But do you find that it is more of a "starter environment" or a "fostering environment"? - Chien-Yu Lin
Twitter has always been an Identity system. A tweet is nothing more then a Presence message - Jerry Schuman
I'm nto invited to the apple event :( - Kevin Marks
ing the gang? - Kevin Marks
It's crazy that Twitter didn't build a business model around search, just crazy - Stephen Pickering
@Alex De Soto: Agreed. Half the appeal of texting is not wanting the details and length of a conversation, but having the satisfaction of communication. We want acknowledgement, but not necessarily depth. We expect closure: that's why we have emoticons. - Chien-Yu Lin
Twitter seems to be one of those apps with a lot of untapped potential, but the potential never seems to emerge. - Michael Roberts
I dont get that about Apple - Tina Chase Gillmor
hm, I'm at Mobile 2.0 on tuesday, going to be tough to get to disrupt in time. - Kevin Marks
Why on earth wouldn't they regularly invite Scoble? - Tina Chase Gillmor
“It’s almost here.” - clive boulton
Kevin... where is Mobile 2.0? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Grand Hyatt Union Square. Where's disrupt this time? - Kevin Marks
@Scoble: Agreed. But do you think in the long term, will people buy from Twitter?; how will Twitter be able to claim advertising from its platform as effective (it is true mobile, but may have to create discount coupons that expire within 1 hour of setting off geo-fencing - granted, this is a challenge for all - but I see it more as a challenge for them since their transactions are so short). - Chien-Yu Lin
@Chien-Yu: I see it is both, but I in my role I focus on customer service. It is a Starter Environment for initiating complaints, that are usually taken off line. It can also be a Fostering Environment; when an angry tweet falls on deaf ears it can foster collaboration (in some case "rallying the troops", in some cases others coming to the aid of the suffering Tweeter). - Charlie Isaacs
@de Soto: Touche. - Chien-Yu Lin
Google+ is focusing on events with hangouts... they're starting to really show off the capabilities - Jerry Schuman
Facebook could also disaggregate some of its services like the status update, and voila a simple twitter feed - Michael Roberts
You calling me a dark spot? - Jerry Schuman
Jerry: yup, that's where Google is strong. - Robert Scoble
Thanks for joining us, good chat room today! - Robert Scoble
IT conversations probably exist. - Michael Roberts
@Isaacs: But do you find the speed of Twitter is more helpful than the granularity and details of Facebook? I know each has its place, but in the long run, would it not be easier for FB to just mimic Twitter than Twitter to build a profile base and communication platform? - Chien-Yu Lin
Livestream also has a new device - Jerry Schuman
Wish G+ will disaggregate some of its services like the status update, and voila a simple twitter feed (lite weight web) - clive boulton
@Gang: As always, great information, learn something new each show. Be safe. Have fun this weekend. - Chien-Yu Lin
I'll bike over from union square tDisrupt at 8th st after I get offstage - Kevin Marks
Great show! Good weekend all. - Alex de Soto
Good show all. thanks for being here to everyone - Tina Chase Gillmor
about 12 mins by bike - Kevin Marks
Thanks Chien-Yu - Tina Chase Gillmor
Sorry @Chien-Yu, got pulled off on a call :) That was a fantastic show, BTW. I like Twitter for its instantaneous activity capabilities -- you can Tweet something and get a response within seconds, whereas, FB has more of a delay. I know a lot of people who are always watching Twitter with one eye (because of what you said earlier about news feeds) and only check FB a few times a day. I get all of my news (tech and regular news) from Twitter. I also use it to tell my family where I am...check into 4sq and it goes to both FB and Twitter, my family knows how to find me instantly. This is getting too long... :-) - Charlie Isaacs
@Isaacs: Agreed. I just think of the possible scenarios - and the underlying usage / "DNA" of each company - I am not sure that it will have the value we think it does. We will all have essentially a "stock ticker" of life that will quickly be ignored and commoditized. - Chien-Yu Lin
@Chien-Yu @issacs G+ has more delay than FB. But comes into its own talking-in-circles. {replaces email in the enterprise?} - clive boulton
@cliveb @Chien-Yu Well, put on your "vendor filter" but of course I am biased towards Chatter, that replaces email in our enterprise, and many others... G+ is like Chatter in many ways but it isn't integrated into the other mission-critical apps in the enterprise. For example, you should be able to collaborate around any enterprise "activity" -- Leads, Cases, Interactions, etc. and it should feed into a common thread for you without having to cut and paste everything manually. You can't do that with G+. - Charlie Isaacs
@Isaacs: Keep your "vendor filter" on. We're building a SAP/G+ app for nitty-gritty enterprise activity like chasing shortages. - clive boulton
ok, will do, @cliveb thanks and good luck - Charlie Isaacs