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GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
about to boot up the first Gillmor Gang for June 2013 - Tina Chase Gillmor
Planning to listen live from London - Francine Hardaway
Tried on Robert's glass and loved it - Francine Hardaway
Tina, how are you guys? - Francine Hardaway
It should be FULL of NSA debate. Man the debate I'm having over on Google+ is interesting: - Robert Scoble
Hi Francine, so nice seeing you, wish we could end up somewhere for a few hours to have some longer conversations. Turns out my back is OK, probably a little tear in a disc. - Robert Scoble
someone find Kevin - Tina Chase Gillmor
skype crashed - Kevin Marks
gah, need to reboot, skype won't launch - Kevin Marks
You should see what the Guardian wrote about the American companies who share data with the government, Off the record, my daughter's American company thinks it will have difficulty getting customers here on its cloud products. The Brits don't like the US govt seeing their data - Francine Hardaway
Yup and Google has denied even knowing about PRISM. - Robert Scoble
I sent a tweet with a photo of the Guardian front page and it is being retweeted all over the place - Francine Hardaway
Hi Francine, I'm watching this from a restaurant in London ! - Euro Maestro
Hello all - Keith Teare
Robert,I'm glad you're okay. Will be in HMB July 22-27 and we can talk then - Francine Hardaway
Hi Euro Maestro. Loved getting to know you - Francine Hardaway
Hi Robert, Kevin - Euro Maestro
Just like Canada.... - Murray Macdonald
Windows added a NSA registry key to Windows SSL many years ago. - Murray Macdonald
hi peeps - Tina Chase Gillmor
Rockwell. 'Somebody Watching Me' - Moe Glitz
Likewise Francine, I hope we can meet up again soon ! What is HMB ? - Euro Maestro
Hi Tina ! - Euro Maestro
Does NSA read FriendFeed? We're probably under the radar here. ;) - Alex de Soto
Hi Euro - Tina Chase Gillmor
The political narrative is controlled by the media. Ron Paul got hosed by the media. - Murray Macdonald
hi Francine - Tina Chase Gillmor
finally got skype up, call me - Kevin Marks
Oh boy, wish I were there, I have to really disagree, I think it's a bad idea to give up our freedoms for security, just as Ben Franklin had said - Euro Maestro
Why are all of the Tech Companies pleading innocence? - Moe Glitz
so what's being discussed? - Kevin Marks
Amen Euro. - Murray Macdonald
Keith is quite right, it's a danger power to give to the state that eventually will be abused - Euro Maestro
At least Bam pushed PRISM's database Accumulo to open source - clive boulton
Robert is right when it comes to the US but it is completely different in Europe ! - Euro Maestro
The press isn't free as long as Monolopies like Newcorp own everything - Murray Macdonald
Look what Data the Google Streetview Vans stole over WiFi. - Moe Glitz
Not to mention the chilling effect on the free press by all the surveillance of the press - Euro Maestro
There's the British POV. I agree with Keith - Francine Hardaway
They're not covering the protests against Monsanto in 400 cities. - Murray Macdonald
Robert is right but at the same time, that type of surveillance isn't allowed in France - Euro Maestro
They make the choice with an assumption of the Privacy Policy being true. - Murray Macdonald
The Bilderberg Conference must be discussing this PRISM Topic right now in London. - Moe Glitz
We only have to look at Nazi Germany, we don't have to go back 200 years - Euro Maestro
Gun owners should be allowed to have guns that take 30 seconds to reload a single shot... - Murray Macdonald
We only found out about this because of a leak, which is precisely what the government is trying to stop - Euro Maestro
Larry Page and David Drummond deny PRISM - Kevin Marks
They would Kevin. - Moe Glitz
Phonebooth? It's a cool retro thing you'd be lucky to own. - Murray Macdonald
if you go in a phone box and close he door it smells of urine, and you are surrounded by cards for call girls - Kevin Marks
The only Graph not talking in SF on July 1 is Palantir - clive boulton
For those using 9/11 as an excuse, they should really revisit BBC documentary - The Power of Nightmares - Hoi Lam
Clive, that's interesting. - Francine Hardaway
Is it illegal to listen to conversations in public? What about if I'm using a parabolic microphone? - Murray Macdonald lets all go live like ai wei wei - Arnie Klaus
But this is really about data, isn't it? - Francine Hardaway
You only have to look at the hollywood films from the 40s and 50s criticizing the nazis for asking to see your papers to see if your papers were in order, and now the us is going down that route - Euro Maestro
Murray: that varies from state to state. Recording someone else's voice in California without their permission or a court order is illegal. - Robert Scoble
The IRA Movement started Fortress London. - Moe Glitz
Accumulo + Palantir = pointer to the bad guys (but as Kevin says, who has access?) - clive boulton
Just ask a Latin American living in Arizona... - Murray Macdonald
Google's stock wealth is tied to privacy - Arnie Klaus
if google is so innocent why don't they build encryption into their email by default? - mal
I think Americans are naive if they think these powers can't be used against us. I am less afraid of terrorism than of a runaway government. I feel that way about the IRS, too - Francine Hardaway
So what does this mean for Canadians and citizens of other member states of the UN? - Murray Macdonald
Wow, interesting comment by Steve - Euro Maestro
NSA should sell ads based on content like google does - Arnie Klaus
Arnie++ - Murray Macdonald
SSL is in by default, so it's encrypted between gmail users. it's when you email other people it goes clear - Kevin Marks
ostensibly that's where the government would get it... - mal
that predates Page's latest statement - Kevin Marks
Murray, citizens all around the world are now all subject to US law or even worse the whim of the President of the United States - Euro Maestro
The President is just a puppet - Moe Glitz
"No one" is listening, but is "Nothing" listening? I wouldn't be suprised to learn that speech recognition is being used on all calls. - Murray Macdonald
Kevin, it's the same thing that McCarthey said and it turned it was completely false - Euro Maestro
There are other powers in place that run the country. - Moe Glitz
I'm a Bad Guy! - Moe Glitz
Why not push for encrypted email transport. The existing standard is CRAZY and could easily be changed. - Murray Macdonald
The precise meaning of "direct access" is today's "sexual relations" moment. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Bring back the carrier pigeons! - Alex de Soto
PGP is an extension, not a transport standard. - Murray Macdonald
The apple encryption is so good that the government has been complaining about it ! - Euro Maestro
Google just said they're not familiar with any PRISM in their servers - Nir Ben Yona
Gmail to Hotmail is unencrypted. - Murray Macdonald
The power to build graphs from huge key value stores using machine learning is understated (hope enterprise adopts, not just the social networks and NSA) - clive boulton
S/MIME is a standard - Kevin Marks
S/MIME is supported by which mail clients/servers? - Murray Macdonald
so if such service exists for these bad players, what makes one think surveillance of unencrypted mail is going to lead to major breakthroughs - Euro Maestro
China owns less than 25% of US debt. Most is owned by Private US citizens. Japan has 20% - Murray Macdonald
NSA's open source graph database Accumulo - Kevin Marks
Packet sniffing has been going on for fifteen years at least. - Francine Hardaway
It's called single caller consent. - Murray Macdonald
Is is it really true this decade that most email is transferred plaintext between servers? I thought TLS had widespread adoption. - Bruce Lewis
What about Blackberry messaging? Did not see them on the slides. BB seems to be a favorite with criminals. - Alex de Soto
@Arnie agree Google's stock value strongly connected to privacy - clive boulton
wait 20yrs it will happen if it can - john
It's not being used for a good purpose in other countries. People are dying in other countries due to this... - Murray Macdonald
Every Drug Dealer in my area praises BB - Moe Glitz
It works for me. My relatives died by the Nazis - Francine Hardaway
But the Nazi society evolved over time, that's the problem ! - Euro Maestro
Moe: You know ALL the drug dealers in your area? LOL - Murray Macdonald
BBM has a govt backdoor - Kevin Marks
Its a small world Murray - Moe Glitz
Aha! Kevin is right. Everything has a backdoor. - Alex de Soto
Steve is absolutely right ! - Euro Maestro
The question is how is it used? Will my opinions be used against me when I apply for citizenship in a new country? Will I be excluded for being an Environmentalist? - Murray Macdonald
Pre-crime. - Alex de Soto
I don't trust the government - Francine Hardaway
Isn't the law in this case being "reviewed" every 90 days? - Alex de Soto
Not trust: "Our legal team reviews each and every request, and frequently pushes back when requests are overly broad or don’t follow the correct process." - Bruce Lewis
Keith is exactly right, goes exactly back to what Ben Franklin said, and I tend to agree with Francine ! - Euro Maestro
"How should service providers NOT included on the PRISM list feel today?" - clive boulton
My Brother-in Law worked at the Woolwich Baracks. Kings Troops. A lot of anger brewing. - Moe Glitz
We give social networks information willingly because they don't have the force of law behind them. Government agencies have to be much more constrained in their data collection because they can lock up people unjustly based on that information. - Kevin Bryan
I think Steve needs a Frenchman on to discuss this issue ! :) - Euro Maestro
Right. We have to keep being vigilant - Francine Hardaway
Just joining, but has anyone pointed out that "anonymized" big data is a myth? Once data on this scale has been collected, individuals and their behaviors are easily identified. Even commercial data crunchers know this. - Andrew Hazlett
I find Aljazeera to be less baised than Fox and MSNBC. BBC and CBC are my favs. - Murray Macdonald
Murray, me too - Francine Hardaway
The dialogue is important - Francine Hardaway
Fox still thinks JFK is in power - Moe Glitz
Andrew, I don't think anyone's brought that up. - Bruce Lewis
Your employer is going to find this causes a business problem, Robert. That's what Sam is saying it will do for her company. She's a direct report to the Chief Privacy Officer of her company - Francine Hardaway
So the CIA/FBI/NSA operating in Montreal should conform to Quebecs privacy laws? - Murray Macdonald
The Google Glass is cracking - Moe Glitz
Good point Francine. - Euro Maestro
I think of the example of Target discovering a woman was pregnant (before she told anyone), based solely on her purchases at Target. ( Imagine analyzing ISP data + gov + commercial info - Andrew Hazlett
Get Off Of My Cloud - Moe Glitz
Quebec hosts lots of porn due to it's tough privacy laws. - Murray Macdonald
Overseas? Like Canada? - Murray Macdonald
Steve is right about how naive we are. I talk with so many people that don't even realize that Google scans your Gmail content to serve you targeted ads. - Alex de Soto
is Canada Overlakes? - Kevin Marks
we are us - Tina Chase Gillmor
Or Rivers - Michael Roberts
Would lead umbrellas hide us from the drones? - Alex de Soto
If you consider Toronto all of Canada. No lakes or rivers along BC/Alberta/Sask... Not even a fence. - Murray Macdonald
Robert and what happen when the algorithm makes a mistake and a friend misidentified as a foe is killed ? - Euro Maestro
I'm going to have nightmares of pre-crime terminator drones running amock. - Alex de Soto
Correct Euro - Moe Glitz
If you follow the computer vision and machine learning sciences its easy to see what's happening. Sky Net is already alive. - Murray Macdonald
The average person should really not worry much. Though I want my privacy, the government doesn't care about what I do versus what they really are looking for. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Google is Skynet - Moe Glitz
Take the pilot out of the loop. Then the planes could handle 20Gs. - Murray Macdonald
Robert is the Terminator - Moe Glitz
With one eye he looks more like the borg. - Murray Macdonald
More the reason to be informed, participate in governance as counterweight to concentration of power. Organize - Da from Android
"friendly fire" has been a factor in warfare at least since spears and arrows. I bet drones are no worse , or probably better than alternatives - Andrew Hazlett
Does anyone know when the 'War on Terror' will finally end? - Moe Glitz
I think many Americans will change their tune pretty quickly, if Mexico ever used a drone to attack Mexican drug lords in the US, and Americans were killed in the process as collateral damage, Keith or Robert ? - Euro Maestro
The blowback from these drone strikes is not worth the benefit of getting rid of a few enemies. - Kevin Bryan
How long until other nations start droning things with US look-alike clone-drones? Everyone will think the US did it. - Murray Macdonald
well the drones don't - Tina Chase Gillmor
I think it was Euro Maestro who asked that question Keith - Euro Maestro
good points Keith! - Michael Roberts
We need Apps for participatory government otherwise its a spectators sport. - Arnie Klaus
One man's terrorist is another man's patriot - Francine Hardaway
I hope I get to meet Keith Teare in person. I do agree with his theories about the nation state. I've been saying for a while that it's an outmoded concept, sort of like a real estate play. - Francine Hardaway
Steve, Quote from Frank Zappa : "The illusion of freedom [in America] will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater." - Euro Maestro
Apparently, Gerald Seymour said that in Harry's Game. - Nir Ben Yona
History is written by the winner. The political narrative is driven by the media, corporations and their lobbyists. - Murray Macdonald
Red light cameras are placed to maximize revenue not safety - Andrew Hazlett
In China, they made it illegal to cross an intersection on a yellow light - Euro Maestro
Google Car - Arnie Klaus
Is sex while driving illegal? - Murray Macdonald
Do you loose 5 points wearing google glass? - Michael Roberts
Siloed - Arnie Klaus
AnDevCon was great. Lots of new stuff. - Murray Macdonald
iOS 7 - Moe Glitz
No predictions for WWDC? - Alex de Soto
See my Frank Zappa quote above ! - Euro Maestro
What about the new Gmail update? - Kevin Bryan
+Michael: unknown whether Google Glass is legal or illegal. Right now? Legal? - Robert Scoble
Zappa++ - Murray Macdonald
Samsung won its case against Apple. - Nir Ben Yona
Yes. He can. Samsung (and many other) TVs support it built in. - Murray Macdonald
Do it is - Nir Ben Yona
samsung won some cases, lost other cases - Euro Maestro
Great Music, Robert - Moe Glitz
Apple is a dinosaur. Innovation talent has left apple. See!... and this!/Apple - Murray Macdonald
I think it was mentioned before, but how will this affect advertising as tools to talk to your phone improve - Michael Roberts
Google Search could be a Dinosaur on Mobile :Murray - Moe Glitz
Multi-Window support exists on Samsung, and is needed on Android and Apple. As devices get HDMI support the OSs require multiple windows. - Murray Macdonald
On behavior monitoring, 80 pct of new cars have telemetrics by 2017, UKs Lysanda implementing for young drivers [good privacy application] - clive boulton
Kevin is completely right about fragmentation in the iOS screen sizes. iOS doesn't have tools to handle it, and it causes developers to either design their own tools or make an app that looks ridiculous on different iOS devices. - Kevin Bryan
The iPod Touch should be a Phablet - Moe Glitz
Android doesn't yet support multiple windows, but 3rd parties like Samsung have rolled their own and cooked it into their builds. Google has to respond with a core technology change. Apple? - Murray Macdonald
Tim said that Apple will open up a little to work with more 3rd party companies. - Nir Ben Yona
Phablet :) - clive boulton
He means the US Government Nir - Moe Glitz
What's a phone? - Murray Macdonald
yes - Kevin Marks
Yes, he's right. - Euro Maestro
Moe: Is that so? - Nir Ben Yona
Steve is dead wrong about the openness of Android not being a threat to iOS long term. Robert is right. - Kevin Bryan
It's official. Bluetooth LE is coming in the next Android release. Expected next month. - Murray Macdonald
Apple is the new Microsoft - Murray Macdonald
looks like new Macbooks coming Stanford blowing out - clive boulton
Crap. I deleted and rewrote my comment. I messed up! :) - Kevin Bryan
Steve, what is this Microsoft that you speak of. - Euro Maestro
Microsoft is the new Apple - Moe Glitz
Moe, no, Apple is the new Microsoft. :) - Euro Maestro
How does Kevin Marks live with being so right so much of the time? - Kevin Bryan
I think Swiftkey may be allowed in. Any bets? - Alex de Soto
Google Voice Search trumps Apples - Arnie Klaus
Apple makes life difficult for developers. Too many restrictions for it to be fun. Android is THE embedded platform. Everyone is making Android TVs, not Apple ones... - Murray Macdonald
I want a Cherry Mobile Skyfire 2.0 phablet :-) - Da from Android
I think they will allow swiftkey in eventually. Not that google made their keyboard standalone this week too - Kevin Marks
i have to drop - Keith Teare
*note - Kevin Marks
Murray but Apple has the platform where developers make money - Euro Maestro
Bye Keith, loved your comments ! - Euro Maestro
Euro: Not true. A small percentage of developers make money. Most make nothing. - Murray Macdonald
Been using my Nexus 4 more now that I'm picking up Glass next week. We'll se how that works. - Alex de Soto
Drop it like its hot, Keith - Moe Glitz
thx Keith. always brilliant - Tina Chase Gillmor
If Google could make a "Swiftkey" of its own, then why on earth Apple can't? - Nir Ben Yona
Moe, look how much they make on Android vs iOS, it's a huge difference, everyone says the money is in iOS - Euro Maestro
Start Me Up - Moe Glitz
MS made 6B last quarter. They are like Peoplesoft. Boring but profitable. - Murray Macdonald
show name? - Tina Chase Gillmor
name this show - Tina Chase Gillmor
Right Euro - Moe Glitz
'Living in the N.S.A." - Alex de Soto
The money is in iOS now, but that is changing pretty quickly. You also have to take the availability of the Play Store into account as well. It's in only a small fraction of the countries the iTunes/App store is in. - Kevin Bryan
google's isn't personalised like swiftkey's - Kevin Marks
Alex ... maybe - Tina Chase Gillmor
30% of the top 100 apps in Apple's app store are written in.... ready for it? ??? Flash/Air. - Murray Macdonald
What did people think the NSA was going to do with it's new huge building in Utah? - mal
Steve always names the show, no matter what we say - Moe Glitz
I use TSwype, very customizable - Da from Android
"Eaves Dropping the Gangs Social Neurons" - Arnie Klaus
Promotional Email should by law have meta data identifying it as such. - Murray Macdonald
Steve listens to all the ideas tho - Tina Chase Gillmor
I only brought Google Glass for the Apps - Moe Glitz
ok Tina - Moe Glitz
many times pushes him in a certain direction - Tina Chase Gillmor
Back in the USSR - Kevin Marks
How about Steven Segal? What a joke. - Murray Macdonald
Chrome packaged apps for mobile or desktop is another shim into Windows - clive boulton
Android on x86 was a big thread at AnDevCon. - Murray Macdonald
sometimes he and I decide on the name and then he psuhes the show up and changes the name at the last minute - Tina Chase Gillmor
Football makes no sense to me. Rugby++ Why blow the whistle all the time and tap each other on the ass? - Murray Macdonald
Real men play Rugby - Moe Glitz
great show guys, really enjoyed it - Euro Maestro
ditto, Euro - Moe Glitz
Good show. Thanks. - Alex de Soto
want eyewear interface like Glass below $300. Staring down at phone hurts my neck - Da from Android
Chrome and Android have to converge, this ought to send shudders though Ballmer - clive boulton
Thank you, got 4 questions read, pretty cool - Euro Maestro