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GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
Here early today - Keith Teare
Keith - we are going to start ten minutes late. Go grab a coffee - Tina Chase Gillmor
Keith - How well versed are you about Pay TV? - Chien-Yu Lin
I'm here now. Thanks for waiting! - Robert Scoble
Pretty well - Keith Teare
BBC like GG testcard up. Beeb end of programming, GG start of. - clive boulton
Keith - Would you mind if I reached out to you on Facebook after "Gillmor Gang" and asked you a few questions about it? - Chien-Yu Lin
Je suis arrivee - Ian Waring
I am ready :-) here it's red wine time, friday evening in Germany - Ludwig Ederle
Amazon Mayday Assist ad on the telly - agent confirms addiction to Candy Crush Saga - Ian Waring
Diet Coke served - Ian Waring
Still waiting for the famous call. What will we talk about? Meat eating plants are on my mind. :-) - Robert Scoble
Kevin??? - Tina Chase Gillmor
how about pinkeye? - Ludwig Ederle
Liquid Metal just bounced up 48% - published use for medical bits, not Apple this time - Ian Waring
or the police choir, apparently edited out by nbc? - Ludwig Ederle
Get your beverages ready!!! MIA Kevin Marks. please report to you station - Tina Chase Gillmor
Anyone taking odds on an iPhone with Sapphire front, Liquid Metal Chassis? Or iWatch... - Ian Waring
Good repost to Microsoft Strategy from one of the Bens (cant recall Bajarin or Thompson) - Ian Waring
Microsoft bloke called Frank berated for not understanding the fallacy of being both a devices and services company - Ian Waring
Chien - sure. But not today. Its Valentines day and I have a date with my wife after this :-) - Keith Teare
Didn't realise we were on today. I'm in the street in Los Gatos. - Kevin Marks from Android
Thompson, Ian...this one? - Tom Guarriello
Galaxy S5 with subdued Touchwiz - Da from Android
Depeche Gang! - clive boulton
Uh, oh...alien ship landed on on GG!! - Tom Guarriello
that's one cool sound, new theme song? - Ludwig Ederle
Anyone hear something? :) - Kevin Bryan
3,2,1 - Robert Scoble
@Tom Guarriello LOL - Kevin Bryan
I thought it was just me. :-) - Darius Dunlap
Keith - Thanks. Will reach out Monday, Tuesday. Have a great show. - Chien-Yu Lin
Who's in Barcelona? - Ludwig Ederle
Thunderbirds are go... - Ian Waring
Awesome sound effect today! - Simon Benvenutto
The usual technical problems. Please stand by. - Robert Scoble
Kids in Kevin Marks Yard? - Ian Waring
Kevin, your image is jumpy. - Simon Benvenutto
Sounds good - Tom Guarriello
Sound good - clive boulton
Yes - Ian Waring
Sound good now was crazy feedback earlier - Matthew Voshell
Chromecast is about to add a ton of new apps. - Murray Macdonald
Forget it Robert, it's iBeacon. Already branded - Tom Guarriello
Comcast vs the Open Internet - gotta be good, they have Google Fibre to compete with - Ian Waring
iBeacon suggests a specific BLE advertising packet format. - Murray Macdonald
it's an emitter - Jerome Hughes
Chromecast supposed to come out March 1st in the UK - a few weeks ahead of Apple with their stuff - Ian Waring
Jerome: and a receiver. - Robert Scoble
Hello everyone. - Nir Ben Yona
My image is jumpy because it is hand held phone - Kevin Marks
ChromeOS found to have a secret virtual keyboard - ChromeOS tablets anyone? - Ian Waring
Nokia go Android? - Ian Waring
is there also a receiver in the LE hardware beacons like those you showed, Robert? - Jerome Hughes
Keith needs to get centered on screen - Tina Chase Gillmor
no receiver, just sending a number - Ludwig Ederle
Beacons are typically transmit only sending out what is called an advertising packet. They do include a receiver that gets used to reprogram them, but that is very rarely used. Typical operation is transmit only. - Murray Macdonald
@Jerome: no receiver in the Estimotes, the receiver is in your Phone. - Robert Scoble
Better Keith - Ian Waring
Keith's point 1 to 1 marketing. Ushers in Akka messaging and Dart lang. - clive boulton
NBC-Comcast - Chien-Yu Lin
The Estimotes do have a mesh network and two sensors: accelerometer and temperature. - Robert Scoble
Comcast buying Time Warner. Nokia go Android? - Ian Waring
that was my understanding, the receiver on the mobile depending on its network to correlate the beacon's identifier with data used by the mobile app - Jerome Hughes
So, Estimotes can receive data from your phone too. - Robert Scoble
There is a receiver in the estimote. It is used when connecting to the temperature sensor or reprogramming the beacon ID. Basic beacon advertising doesn't use it. - Murray Macdonald
Captive Audience is a great read. - Ian Waring
Hardware disposals gathering steam. IBM, Sony...(wrong strategy) - clive boulton
Suicide unless content disaggregated from wires - Ian Waring
FCC are dumb: NBC agreement has an end date on promised Net Neutrality - Ian Waring
Comcast X1, best of a bad ecosystem - Tom Guarriello
Why would any Net Neutrality concession have an end date? - Ian Waring
Chromecast has opened its APIs to developers. New apps coming any day... - Murray Macdonald
But Comcast will start imposing bandwidth limits unless its for their own content - which will stay uncapped - Ian Waring
The lack of net neutrality is the problem. It should be illegal to downgrade service to specific streams. - Murray Macdonald
Input shifting is a PITA for most humans - Tom Guarriello
Allowing vertical integration is suicide. It's playing out in front of you... - Ian Waring
Chrome OS can now run Windows. Microsoft letting Windows run Android apps. Do both at once, you enter the matrix. - clive boulton
Two suggested topics for later in show. 1) Tom Perkins latest comments about how citizens who don't pay taxes should not be allowed to vote (& $1 in tax = 1 vote idea) and larger Tim Armstrong/Tom Perkins/Etc. tech leaders saying outrageous things 2) on-going efforts like, CSNYC, Girls Who Code, gaining stream on teaching kids to code & computational thinking (and maybe back story of Britain announcement - - Rob Underwood
Chromecast allows apps, not just shows. XBMC is also cool. - Murray Macdonald
What will happen: Comcast cap you low, but don't count their content in the cap... who wins? - Ian Waring
Microsoft are quiet - Ian Waring
MS needs to go Andoird. They could make a great branch. - Murray Macdonald
6-pack of Rolexes get the votes. - clive boulton
Rob: I doubt we would talk about Tom Perkins. He sure is coming off as a jerk, out of touch rich guy. - Robert Scoble
MS had one exec last week saying that Office is a Windows play... - Ian Waring
Amazon's Android is more a lurk than a branch - clive boulton et al are awesome. - Robert Scoble
Apple copies what Google has been successful at. Maps for example. - Murray Macdonald
It gets Microsoft into lower cost handsets that Windows Phone can limbo down to - Ian Waring
s/that/than - Ian Waring
Wow, Dan's video is just perfect. Looks like he's sitting next to me. - Jerry Schuman
More than anything MS supporting android apps gets MS users access to hundreds of thousands of Android apps. - Murray Macdonald
Azure already has DevRel to recruit Android devs - clive boulton
Yes Dan is looking crystal clear/ Beautiful - Tina Chase Gillmor
Just got my Qualcomm Gimbal beacons yesterday... - Jerry Schuman
You don't have to attract the devs if you can support Android apps. - Murray Macdonald
Frank Shaw's reply was a nice try - Tom Guarriello
On the Server side, all public clouds are Linux based - Ian Waring
Murray: Apple copies everything that's successful and then TOTALLY IMPROVES IT. - Robert Scoble
It doesn't matter what you carry, it matters what you're paid to support. Most developers can't afford to develop for Windows Phone. The market is too small. - Murray Macdonald
Robert: Agreed, except for maps. - Murray Macdonald
Murray: sorry, that's both right and wrong. - Robert Scoble
hear hear! Robert -- Ballmer was too tight to seed the MS dev community with phones - clive boulton
I wish I'd gotten a Windows 8 tablet instead of a laptop - Da
Working on my business's taxes today and taken by how much we spent on iTunes Store in 2013. It's like invisible spending. - Tom Guarriello
Gates and Nadella spent a day trying to install 8.1 - and gave up apparently - Ian Waring
Sure... Linux developers do things for love, but KDE doesn't affect the world. At the end of the day you need to access a population of customers. - Murray Macdonald
As soon as a blue collar person puts a tune on their tablet, they treat the tablet as if it was their own - Ian Waring
Robert for MS Vice Chairman - clive boulton
That's why MS needs to support Android. - Murray Macdonald
MS need to kill Scroogle, kill the Android patent games, and undo all their network of "trip our competitors up" govt facing shill companies - Ian Waring
or maybe just ignorant to what's available elsewhere - Jerome Hughes
Re ... Robert S - I've got multiple e-mails from kids' parents all over Brooklyn who did "Hour of Code" or similar about how it got their kids into coding. Example: "B--- was so excited about the hour of code today that she came home and did it again this evening. She loved it!" It's making kids excited. So fun to see. - Rob Underwood
Keith is wrong about iTunes and Google play - Kevin Marks
Jerome: ignorance is cool. Makes billions. But those ignorant people won't use apps anyway. - Robert Scoble
Windows phones don't even really have notifications. They're too far behind. - Murray Macdonald
Rob: I agree. Hour of Code rocks. - Robert Scoble
The only people that care about Windows phone development are those that are currently being spiffed by Microsloth to do it. - Jerry Schuman
Re Hackathons, in NYC at least ... Microsoft is dead. - Rob Underwood
it is a mobile world. if you cant take it with you you are a loser - Tina Chase Gillmor
Jerry: even those people don't really care. They only do the minimum to support their contracts. - Robert Scoble
Hour of Code is great. Both my kids loved it. - Murray Macdonald
Did Microsoft not want to go to the app party - or were they not cool enough to be invited? - Chien-Yu Lin
I agree.... care was a poor choice of words. - Jerry Schuman
Chien-Yu too late to be cool. - Robert Scoble
looks like Kevin is up against the wall again - Charlie Isaacs
Remember most mobile debs came from the desktop. MS devs have moved to more interesting platforms, partly because MS desktop strategy fell apart (Silverlight, HTML, etc). - Simon Benvenutto
I've switched to google music myself because I can stream my library without it taking up space on my phone; it's a much simpler interface iTunes is really bloated - Matthew Voshell
If MS made an Android branch with built in Office it would be cool for professionals. - Murray Macdonald
As Robert S alluded to ... Developers are developing to what they have in their pockets and in their bags -- Android, iOS, Linux, OSX. And that's what people are developing on at hackathons. It's not uncommon to go to a hackathon and not see a single Microsoft device. - Rob Underwood
"Gates and Nadella spent a day trying to install 8.1" +Ian unfortunately I think that came from one of those satire sites, it would have been cool :) - Charlie Isaacs
For music, iTunes is yesterdays news. - Johannes Siemers
Robert - Does MS have a developer-facing team specifically to recruit / retain / answer developer needs - and then disseminate message to rest of MS? - Chien-Yu Lin
New Yorker was the source of the Gates/Nadella Win 8.1 story - Ian Waring
Chien-Yu. Yes. It is incompetent. - Robert Scoble
Microsoft is about as cool as going to a warehouse rave party and putting on Phish (and have to be 50+ Phish shows). MS is just not cool at all. And we can have the debate about cool vs. revenue but if developers aren't into their languages and environment, it's a decline. - Rob Underwood
yes, iTunes is so yesterday, I'm going back to the sound quality I found on my Victrola - Charlie Isaacs
iTunes revenue: $10 billion in 2013 - Tom Guarriello
Keep an eye on Bittorrent Sync when it comes to keeping stuff sync'd like music and photos... best part... no third party servers - Jerry Schuman
If any of you folks were Nadella right now, what would you do 1st? - Ian Waring
a) fidelity b) supporting the artist - Jerome Hughes
MS development can now be done natively in JavaScript. - Murray Macdonald
because services can take them away again - Ian Waring
Robert - Bad at what they do? Lip-service? Lack of commitment from rest of company? Other? - Chien-Yu Lin
@robert support artist with real money? Spotify has shafted the artists; thought beats music apparently does a better job which is why there's a ton of music on it - Matthew Voshell
Why own music? Because your favorite music disappears all the time, often without you being told. - Kevin Bryan
Matthew is right. Streaming services are shafting artists. - Murray Macdonald
because labels withdraw tracks!!!! - Ian Waring
As far as buying songs: 'Always streaming' means 'Always paying'. Sometimes, people want to stop paying. - Kevin Bryan
Mathew: that isn't a problem for me. That's a problem for the musician and I know several and several are still making millions of dollars in the music business. - Robert Scoble
Roberts notion of developers building for love, money follows later. I liked that. - clive boulton
@Ian Waring You're dead right about that. Songs disappear from my playlists all the time and I don't get any notification of the disappearance. I don't like my music to go all 1984 on me. - Kevin Bryan
Most people listen to their high-school favorites for the rest of their life. Only a small percentage of consumers keep looking for new music past the age of 25. - Murray Macdonald
Buy music and the artists are still getting screwed. The industry is a corrupt quagmire hell bent against artists. - Jerry Schuman
There's a bit of a retro thing going on here, my daughter lusts for vinyl and a deck, with proprt record covers signed by indie artists :) - Simon Benvenutto
I do own music for the off-line use case of riding the subway, but to Robert's point I could just cache spotify and not buy. I also buy because I like early 60's jazz some of which can be hard to find on spotify, etc. - Rob Underwood
often buy directly from the artist - Jerome Hughes
Google Music works great for me - Da
Keep in mind there are also many countries in which such services are not available. Most licenses are country specific. - Murray Macdonald
I pay for Google Play Music All Access and look at Spotify, and no service I see has more than 50% of the music I listen to. I have to upload to Google Play Music to supplement the rest. - Kevin Bryan
@robert sure some artists are the bigger ones but smaller ones get shafted;'granted yes it isn't your issue haha but you miss out on amazing music like the Beatles and pink Floyd which was very late on joining - Matthew Voshell
also De La Soul Is Giving Away All of Its Music for Free today - Da
Youtube is the ultimate music service. Search for Yesterday on youtube and see how easy it is. Why pay for anything? - Murray Macdonald
On the retro thing -- and the PC? - clive boulton
Robert Scoble may get kicked off the show for now knowing his Beatles songs. :) - Kevin Bryan
the dj that poisoned my mind was wolfman jack, or maybe it was dr. demento - Charlie Isaacs
now=not - Kevin Bryan
Music streaming also means a decent chance of skipping/stuttering if the data connection goes bad for some reason. The best streaming can do is to get to 100% of local music. Mostly it works out, but when it doesn't... - Kevin Bryan
Yeah, just checked they have a few covers but not the real song. - Sam Harrelson
back in my day we used a 300 baud modem connected to the phone handset on the airplane, what are you guys complaining about :) - Charlie Isaacs
Sam: not true. What song you talking about? - Robert Scoble
isn't this all about moving away from owning to borrowing. different economies - Tina Chase Gillmor
Permanence of music and books and texts are going to be a niche but very profitable industry in the coming years. Nothing like Amazon wiping your copy of 1984 from your Kindle... - Sam Harrelson
I tested with Art Blakey (a favorite) -- it's there. I just shared with Robert S. Interesting. - Rob Underwood
Robert: developer love blooming... - clive boulton
Robert: "why don't we do it in the road" Cool Phish cover but that's about it. - Sam Harrelson
"Music has become fast food" - is someone being nostalgic? ;) - Julie Albright
@keith, what's the guitar behind you? - Matthew Voshell
IBM/Open Source/Sell Services on Open Sours is similar to Grateful Deal/Phish/Free Taping of Shows/Make money from concerts and merchandising. - Rob Underwood
Happy Valentine's Day everyone :) - Charlie Isaacs
Steve is wrong - Tina Chase Gillmor
I love EDM. The beatles don't scratch that itch. Deadmau5 and Skrillex - Murray Macdonald
Murray: me too! - Robert Scoble
off air - Jerry Schuman
uh oh - Tom Guarriello
Gone - Ian Waring
The feed just died. - Murray Macdonald
Distillation of Steve's music argument: I'm not saying get off my lawn, but get off my lawn. Also, the video is gone. - Kevin Bryan
Didn't pay our monthly subscription - Sam Harrelson
you're back - Jerry Schuman
The record companies dropped our link - Charlie Isaacs
back - Ian Waring
Back on air. - Kevin Bryan
back now - Jerome Hughes
You are back on the air - Charlie Isaacs
you're bak - Tom Guarriello
The difference is - analogue versus digital - digital sound is smoothed out / auto - tuned etc - and that *is* a real difference between the "Old School" music Steve's talking about. But I don't think you can make a sweeping statement that the music was "better." - Julie Albright
It's back - Murray Macdonald
@Charlie Isaacs LOL - Kevin Bryan
For lots of reasons, but music first and foremost, Steve needs to come visit Brooklyn and check out same of the bands. - Rob Underwood
You are back up - Charlie Isaacs
Steve uttered "Hate The Beatles" and the stream dropped ;-) - Jerry Schuman
Died - but back on the air now for me - Darius Dunlap
feed died after "hate the beatles" - Charles Carrico
its up - Simon Benvenutto
borrow economy - Tina Chase Gillmor
share, whatever - Tina Chase Gillmor
There is a general movement from an "ownership" economy toward more of a "usage" economy - except when it comes to P&L statements that view leases and loans as liabilities that cannot be depreciated ... - Chien-Yu Lin
I hate the beatles, because I prefer the musicians that influenced them - Charles Carrico
Robert S point is key here -- end of ownership. - Rob Underwood
I want 10 versions of a song. I like rare versions. Youtube. - Murray Macdonald
The lack of substantial modern music is a real cultural phenomenon. It's like what happened when jazz petered out - Tom Guarriello
Younger people care about experiences not ownership. - Rob Underwood
is it more democratic? - Tina Chase Gillmor
I like owning real books. - Murray Macdonald
because service companies routinely take things away - Ian Waring
A cool recent trip to Vietnam is cooler than owning a BMW. Fundamental change from a generation ago. - Rob Underwood
I love and appreciate and use music streaming, but it's not either/or for buying. Honestly, everyone has some favorite tracks they listen to a million times over. People will buy that. - Kevin Bryan
Not bogus. - Rob Underwood
It's a new form of renting, not ownership. - Murray Macdonald
Someone had seen a kid's mobile device and they were talking about music… The older guy said "What albums are you going to put on there?" And the kid said "Albums?" and gave him a weird look. - Julie Albright
It's ownership of experiences - past, present, and future. Potential experiences = options. - Rob Underwood
Kevin: you can listen to your favorite tracks over and over again on streaming services. You can even load them on your phone so you can do that when not connected. - Robert Scoble
... until the record label revokes access - Ian Waring
End of ownership is the end of assets and the loss of appreciation of value. In a rentier world there's no wealth accumulation. - Todd Hoff
Read "Your Brain on Music." It touches on this. - Murray Macdonald
@Ian Waring That's happened to me more times than I'd like to remember. I buy because streaming services pulls the rug out from under me all the time. - Kevin Bryan
Love Miles. :) - Julie Albright
Led Zep won best rock album at the last Grammy's, and McCartney was on the winning rock song. What does that say about modern rock? - Charlie Isaacs
Music != Rock (only). - Rob Underwood
Lots of people who sucked who nobody remembers anymore. And then there are the "Guilty Pleasures"... horrible, stupid music that we like because of associated memories (and other stuff) - Darius Dunlap
MP3 sound terrible. Most modern microphones suck. - Murray Macdonald
No, Robert. Punctuation points exist in culture. Why doesn't anyone write symphonies anymore? The genre was exhausted. Jazz, too. - Tom Guarriello
Tom: good point! - Robert Scoble
is "rap" music? +Rob :) - Charlie Isaacs
Murray: totally disagree. - Robert Scoble
Folks want to control their own pictures, music, docs. Set their own shares (not transfer to ad-tech). - clive boulton
Charlie: yes. And I love a lot of it. - Robert Scoble
He also agrees that when you go o high enough sample rates and bit depth, digital is great. - Darius Dunlap
it's like the am radio in the '60s dashboard - Jerome Hughes
2 problems with current recordings: over-used audio compression, and low-bit-rate digitization. - Darius Dunlap
My point is we're basing our discussion only rock of the 60s vs. rock now is not the right way to look at music as a whole. One could also argue that rock is largely dead now compared with the 60s (I'd disagree, but some make that point). - Rob Underwood
Craft vs. Production - Chien-Yu Lin
Neil Young's hearing isn't what it was - Kevin Marks
You can buy 2" tape machines everywhere. - Murray Macdonald
LoL - I think even Neil would agree. - Darius Dunlap
Steve wants a return to the 8 track player ;) - Julie Albright
Symphonic g - Kevin Marks
3 3/8 ips - Jerome Hughes
Analog tape compresses nicely with warm distortion, but tape hiss and bandwidth remains downsides. I still have my tascam 16 track. It's not worth selling. - Murray Macdonald
Symphony genre is now film music - Kevin Marks
Kevin: good point. - Robert Scoble
Kevin: or Olympic Game Openers. - Robert Scoble
Truly good music does not age. - Alex de Soto
the studio cats have forgotten that we are doing a show - Tina Chase Gillmor has it dialed in - clive boulton
To Steve's point .. in the 60's people "branded" themselves as Stones or Beatles. Now they brand themselves as iPhone or Android. - Rob Underwood
things flipped. - Rob Underwood
some of us catch them playing live and want that same fidelity at home - Jerome Hughes
This is not true any more - Kevin Marks
Yes, Kevin, but the symphonic format is no longer vibrant. We still listen to it because we learned to love it in the 20th century. Ask a 20 year old to hum Brahms... - Tom Guarriello
The main argument for analog in the studio is the fluency of the session. You don't need to stare at a screen and use a mouse. Analog is great for beds, digital is great for overdubs. - Murray Macdonald
+Robert: I don't like (and I didn't let my kids listen to) rap music that talks about killing cops or mistreating women. Otherwise, I tolerate rap if it shows some talent or skill. Singing or musical instruments during the "song" are definitely a plus. :) - Charlie Isaacs
Most live shows have terrible sound. - Darius Dunlap
That's it, Steve. Emotional connections take place in youth - Tom Guarriello
The exceptions are amazing, though - Darius Dunlap
Charlie -- there is all sorts of Rap that is not about "killing cops or mistreating women." There is a lot of political rap that talks about real, tough issues in real, tough language. - Rob Underwood
Yep - with me, 10cc, ELO... - Ian Waring
+10, Keith - Tom Guarriello
my first piece of vinyl.. Black Sabbath, Master of Reality when I was 11 years old. - Jerry Schuman
#1 consumer of rap music by the way is white suburban boys. - Julie Albright
Tom: 20 year olds may be able to hum Brahm's lullaby and won't know it's Brahm's. - Alex de Soto
Right, Alex. - Tom Guarriello
With music, it's like we've entered an "Age of Context" - Rob Underwood
Classical music still popular in Games. WoW sponsors symphony. - clive boulton
New symphonies, Clive? - Tom Guarriello
Ya- you can't beat the Ride of the Valkyries ;) - Julie Albright
The beatles were a media phenomenon. - Murray Macdonald
And Harrison - Ian Waring
I disagree ton, lots of teenage classical musicians in my neighborhood - Kevin Marks
Can't believe George Harrison just got skipped. - Rob Underwood
Keith ... and Nico wasn't too harsh on the eyes. - Chien-Yu Lin
yes. WoW sponsored symphony, lifted what they need for the game - clive boulton
Everyone watched a limited number of TV channels.. So more common "culture" back in the Beatles day…That's not the case now. - Julie Albright
listen to Wilson Pickett's "Hey Jude" - it makes the beatles sound flat - Charles Carrico
The beatles released lots of great songs, but some crap too. Not all their songs were great. - Murray Macdonald
That's like the 1%, Kevin. - Tom Guarriello
@Julie Albright That's exactly right. When there's three channels, it's possible to affect everyone. Now, not so much. - Kevin Bryan
Kevin ++ - Murray Macdonald
Julie: totally agreed. - Robert Scoble
ummm... there is a massive cultural shift happening in all sorts of ways right now, no less than the 60s. - Rob Underwood
There is actually a massive movement back to folk and acoustic music. - Jerry Schuman
I like - Murray Macdonald
I cannot wait until they play Muzak versions of Public Enemy in the retirement homes. - Chien-Yu Lin
Exactly. That's why there won't be a Beatles in this context. Music has become spectacle. - Julie Albright
And the catalog of accessible recorded music is millions of times bigger than what it was when I was growing up in the 60s - Tom Guarriello
Robert is right. - Murray Macdonald
Classical music always was - Kevin Marks
++ on pussy riot - Rob Underwood
cultural change going on all over the world, including in this country. - Rob Underwood
Very cool and on-topic to talk about iheartradio on Valentine's Day - Charlie Isaacs
ZDnet reporting that Office close to release on the iPad - Ian Waring
BLAND TIMES? Pot just got legalized in two states and a whole bunch of states have made gay marriage legal? - Rob Underwood
Codename Mirimar? - Ian Waring
That's total BS. Tell a rapper. They express themselves all day long. - Murray Macdonald
They already do Chien Lu - I heard the Clash "lost in the supermarket" in the grocery store - Kevin Marks
drone delivery ftw! - Da
Sorry, but a bunch of old guys commenting on youth culture is really funny. - Darius Dunlap
There is great music out there, but great music doesn't matter as much to young people, and it never will again. There's other forms of entertainment that fills people's time. - Kevin Bryan
70s, Robert - Jerome Hughes
The Beatles transcended music. They were more. There was an incredible emotional component, political expression, etc. Most bands can't reach that. because it's more than music - Tina Chase Gillmor
There are massive cultural trends and dynamics happening domestically in the US and all over the world. Not bland at all. - Rob Underwood
WoW Medley - UM Gamer Symphony Orchestra - clive boulton
Was Occupy "bland"? - Rob Underwood
Show name: "A Bad Rap? I Heart Music" - Charlie Isaacs
Thanks, Clive. - Tom Guarriello
Adele is HARDLY "bland." Neither is Lorde - Robert Scoble
but there is pleanty of good music now - Tina Chase Gillmor
Kevin Marks ... "mosh pit clean-up on aisle 3" - Chien-Yu Lin
Or dozens of other modern artists. - Robert Scoble
For music, it's not young vs. old. It's "Music and nothing else to fill my time" vs. "Music & Video & Apps & Internet & TV & etc." - Kevin Bryan
Well. Not all music is political. The 60s were very political - times of great social upheaval - it made sense within the context then. But- look at the Macklemore song- very political. So- there's still that thread. (Song: Same Love) - Julie Albright
Rob - bland times are times when fighting becomes un-necessary - Keith Teare
At sufficiently high sample-rate and bit-depth - Darius Dunlap
++ Robert. ++ Tina. Not bland times, lots of good music. And that takes nothing away from the 60s and it's music. - Rob Underwood
Julie: exactly. - Robert Scoble
The only way to listen to Dark side of the Moon is in a candle lit room with a hooka and a damn good vinyl turntable - Jerry Schuman
Rob: right!!!!! - Robert Scoble
Yes. Excellent point about the legal lock-up. - Darius Dunlap
Fighting for rights creates extreme forms of expression that represent emotional breakthroughs... - Keith Teare
Analog has warm distortion and compresses differently than digital. Keep in mind that most songs these days come from digital sources, not microphones. - Murray Macdonald
Will the young continue to drive music in the age of the long tail? Maybe in dance and live concerts but in recordings? - Alex de Soto
back in my day music was subjective - Charlie Isaacs
Alex: yes. Most songs on Spotify have NEVER BEEN PLAYED! - Robert Scoble
+1 Charlie - Darius Dunlap
FUnny thing was that Enders Analysis (Clare Enders ex Strategy Dir of Thorn EMI Music) said that only the top 5 acts at each label lost money with Napster - everyone else in the industry gained - Ian Waring
Jerry +1 - Keith Teare
Sampling and mix-ups are phonocopy violations. - Murray Macdonald
Boy if folks don't think we're living in political non-bland times, I don't know what news they are watching. Look at what people are saying on-line about Tom Perkins. All the stuff with the Google buses. Economic justice. Income disparities. Pot legalization. Gay marriage. Big stuff is happening in our culture and world. - Rob Underwood
I just saw Neil Young's bass player two nights ago.. in Laguna. Stevie Nick's guitarist. And the Rolling Stones percussionist. They were amazing musicians. Some new artists in fact don't write music. They're entertainers - more than musicians. For our visual culture era. - Julie Albright
Rob - agreed but there are no political movements. Its all post-modern individualism - Keith Teare
Tina Turner never wrote her own music... - Murray Macdonald
all of my favorite artists play their music on snapchat - Charlie Isaacs
Pink Floyd were surpassed as hell when they were suddenly "a mass audience". - Darius Dunlap
Occupy and the Tea Party are political movements changing US domestic politics -- how we frame and discuss issues in particular. Either has the potential to be no less impactful in long term to Vietnam anti-war movement. - Rob Underwood
True Rob- but Google buses don't rise to the level of Civil Rights, Women's Rights, for example. Income disparities excluded. - Julie Albright
There's some excellent covers of copyright protected music. Open source sort of. - clive boulton
Julie - we're not in 1969. We're in 1965. - Rob Underwood
Deadmau5 streams live video on Ustream from his recording studio while he's writing and producing his music. He even sells the service. - Murray Macdonald
Are we now? :) - Julie Albright
check out Adrian Holovaty's - Jerome Hughes
@Charlie Isaacs )): - clive boulton
Time to wrap up. I'll go away now and listen to "My Funny Valentine" with Clifford Brown and Max Roach... Happy Valentimes! - Alex de Soto
I believe Occupy, Tea Party, Income Disparity, Gay Rights, etc. have potential to be viewed in 100 years as no less a transformation as the 60s big issue of civil rights and anti-war movement. - Rob Underwood
Awe… Happy Valentine's Day! - Julie Albright
It's not about sample rate. The difference is distortion. Analog distorts warm, while digital distorts like knives in the face. - Murray Macdonald
I guess we won't be seeing Tina and Steve at Coachella ;-) - Jerry Schuman
Also in the mix is crappy Digital-to-Analog converters. - Darius Dunlap
Ha.. Jerry :) - Julie Albright
Roberts Glass 2 sits better than 1 - clive boulton
Jerry: at least they won't be at the EDM tent. :-) - Robert Scoble
Most young kids in the 60s had lousy turntables. - Murray Macdonald
anybody that can hear the difference between analog and 300 didn't attend rock concerts in the 70's - they must have hearing left - Charlie Isaacs
High end sampling is typically 192Khz. - Murray Macdonald
Charlie: I went to the Who in the 70s and still can hear the difference but it is VERY small. - Robert Scoble
Were you 3 Scoble? Ha.. - Julie Albright
Charlie: and to hear it you need to have great speakers, amps, cables, and all that. - Robert Scoble
Neve and Focusrite for the win. It's all about the tyroidal transformers. - Murray Macdonald
you beat me +keith :) - Charlie Isaacs
Charlie: at CES I listened to a $170,000 system and it was mind blowing even with 44.1khz music. - Robert Scoble
very cool +robert - Charlie Isaacs
Julie: I was born in 1965. Scored a bag of weed for buying a ton of seniors tickets to the Who (sold out in 18 minutes). - Robert Scoble
Ha.. wow.. - Julie Albright
Overtones were never appreciated by the Undertones. - clive boulton
haha +clive - Charlie Isaacs
recently upgraded amps between same late '70s turntable/cartridge and speakers to 20yo NADs, the contours of known vinyl recordings are completely different - some well mastered lossless rips are also transformed, lesser ones not at all so much - Jerome Hughes
I spent my youth on Sunset Strip... trust me when I say my hearing sucks. - Jerry Schuman
Nyquist theory says divide the sample rate by two to get the bandwidth. 44.1 sample rate provides 22.05 KHz of bandwidth which is enough for most listeners. Bit depth is more of an issue. - Murray Macdonald
Yes. ++1 Murray - Darius Dunlap
Simplistically, you can think of bit-depth as detail. - Darius Dunlap
here's another pic of the fairchild limiter :) ok, maybe not - Charlie Isaacs
Gabba-Gabba-Hey - Jerry Schuman
Yet I love the crunch of 9-bit devices like the Oberheim DMX. - Murray Macdonald
haha "what's wrong with a cloud guy" :) - Charlie Isaacs
So it's Ballmer+1 then - Ian Waring
I missed NAMM this year, but reports are that there is amazing stuff. Including some awesome outboard gear for iOS devices. - Darius Dunlap
Check you mail Robert, a new Lefsetz just arrived - Jerry Schuman
Check out the pianist yuja wang - dan farber
We like integrated devices :) - Julie Albright
Our friends were at NAMM this year and loved it. - Tina Chase Gillmor
That's today's title -- "Squeezed at the bottom" - Rob Underwood
Analog synths are hot again. Lots of new "vintage" synths. - Murray Macdonald
90 minutes of Skype really drains the phone battery - Kevin Marks
Murray - that's like Steve's great point about the discovery that happens when people are playing around with the limitations and interactions of the gear. - Darius Dunlap
name this show. Undertones and Overtones. - clive boulton
Analog will come back, just like growing your own veggies :) - Simon Benvenutto
Keith - bland times, or are we more selfish? - Chien-Yu Lin
a bunch of young (and older) people slept in parks, especially in NYC, for months during Occupy. - Rob Underwood
The Slow Music Movement, Simon ;) - Julie Albright
That's BS. So much great music these days doesn't even have lyrics. Many top artists are instrumental. - Murray Macdonald
that seems like a political movement - Rob Underwood
what about the movement to stop SOPA? - Rob Underwood
If you're distorting your digital audio, you're doing it wrong - Kevin Marks
Lots of fascinating tweets by pmarca this week too... - Ian Waring
the individual culture experience I can accept, but there are mass organized movements happening... just organized more de-centralized so they don't look like movements of the past. - Rob Underwood
there SHOULD be a million person march about immigration but just because there is not that action happening about that issue doesn't mean there are major social movements. - Rob Underwood
Keith is right, but because of what Dan said: the internet broadens the playing field, almost everything is in the tail, and we depend on search engines to find what has value (ha!). Pre-internet politics, music, drinking's and your friends, culture, this was a much richer network. - Simon Benvenutto
and there are lots of movements on the right too, though that's not my cup of tea. - Rob Underwood
taken - Rob Underwood
Not in Turkey p - Kevin Marks
hey! I'm a Sociologist! Nice :) - Julie Albright
the thing that is a threat is income inequality - and it is difficult to fight it - demonstrations aren't effective - Charles Carrico
show name? - Tina Chase Gillmor
the shuggers are just another way of saying "limosine liberals", among other terms. - Rob Underwood
someone find a linkand post - Tina Chase Gillmor
Maybe what was expressed in 60s by music is now expressed now through social media. - Rob Underwood
Sharp comment Rob - Julie Albright
There were real news organizations in the 60s. The modern media monopoly killed the occupy movement. - Murray Macdonald
++ Charles - Rob Underwood
10cc Rubber Bullets - Ian Waring
Missed the Beatles but caught the Undertones - clive boulton
Show looks great. - Tom Guarriello
+1 Robs "Squeezed at the bottom" - clive boulton
Zeynep wrote a great essay on this - Kevin Marks
Pictures great - Ian Waring
The video is so good you might need to consider makeup artists. :P - Murray Macdonald
the/way of protesting is to develop alternate models. In this way, VCs and start-ups (some of them, hardly all) are today's protesters ... by suggesting alternate models of doing things. - Rob Underwood
WE WANT TINA'S HAND! - Charlie Isaacs
No not the hand - we prefer Tina's face - Charles Carrico
we want all of it Charles :) - Charlie Isaacs
Durkheim on the GG! - Tom Guarriello
Happy Valentine's Day y'all :) - Julie Albright
Thanks everyone. Enjoy the olympics - Murray Macdonald
... I got a fever ... and the only cure is more hand ! - Chien-Yu Lin
Great Show. - Darius Dunlap
Au Revoir - Ian Waring
Another great show. As always, learned something new. - Chien-Yu Lin
++ Murray on role of media/news orgs - Rob Underwood
Rob, agree with the comments, at least the hope, about Occupy/Income disaprity - Dale Lature
my larger point is that it (along with the Tea Party) are example of mass political movements. They might look/feel different than what we had in the 60s, but there are significant. The big US domestic movements in the 60s were civil rights and anti-way which were the backdrop the culture/music which we discussed. I think we have no less significant movements/issues today. - Rob Underwood
I'm now noticing how the Gang kind of se·gued almost immediately from Comcast/Time Warner deal to Streaming devices technology, and stayed away completely from the implications of the merger and the solidifying of the power of Comcast. Needed Doc on this one to keep the group on that topic - Dale Lature