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hello? - Kevin Marks
Starting up shortly. - Robert Scoble
hot sunny day here in northern California - Tina Chase Gillmor
Kevin, you on Skype? - Robert Scoble
Call in on NewsGang 3. - Robert Scoble
kevin can you call in on NewsGang 3 please - Tina Chase Gillmor
hi there! - Maciej Głuszek
Hi Tina! - Aron Michalski
hello! - Hilary Talbot
Hellooo - Kevin Costain
here we go - Tina Chase Gillmor
Happy birthday Steve - Michael Krigsman
lost connection - Kevin Marks
I can hear the music in my head - Christian Burns
Just a minute. Technical problems. - Robert Scoble
Ahh, technology :) - Maciej Głuszek
Poor New Yorkers standing in line for iPhone 4S - the rain just started coming down quite hard - Ankush Narula
be this test card, John: - Kevin Marks
I think ustream is buggy too - Christian Burns
Phone companies are trouble all the way round - Michael Krigsman
I've been pondering this new iPhone. perhaps this device is in my future.. :) - Kevin Costain
My 4s is waiting at home. - Eric - Final Countdown
if it has a bigger aperture, it may be less sharp - Kevin Marks
Is that Nikon film camera we saw there? - Michael Krigsman
F100 maybe? - Eric - Final Countdown
4S improvements were mostly for low-light shooting - Ankush Narula
Turbo C for DOS is the best...:) - Kevin Costain
"Steve Jobs's death increased sales of iPhone 4S" - that was funny - Ankush Narula
Oh yea @Kevin.. I used that book in College (if I remember correctly).. great stuff.. - Kevin Costain
Page views online and eyeballs in print -- same motivators, different tools. Blah. - Michael Krigsman
Michael: yup, it's a Nikon F2 made in the 1970s. - Robert Scoble
I've had it 22 years, and I knew exactly where it was to take that photo - Kevin Marks
Robert: obviously there is a story there - Michael Krigsman
Say, I've been pondering the role of journalists as so-called "experts", but they actually don't do anything other than report on things other people actually do. Is there actually the large disconnect that I think there is? - Kevin Costain
@Kevin - I have that book somewhere at home too... be hard to find it I think.. :( - Kevin Costain
There is no current business model for profitable newspaper publishing, and people say blogging the replacement. However, there is also no business model for bloggers, in general. Seems that news has a little problem. - Michael Krigsman
What if the college students ranked newspapers? - John Taschek
The only ones still buying newspapers turns out to be newspapers… - David Berry
ActivityStreams Facebook style - Ankush Narula
lost Kevin. Hope not for good - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Micheal - indeed, the business model for that stuff may be worth investigation.. but I speak more of those in the technology industry (that make money by making technology work, or making technology) and those that report ABOUT it. The line that those that report and those that do it seems to be less delineated.. something is up there though I'm probably not articulating it well enough. :) - Kevin Costain
Steve Yegge deserves Pulitzer - clive boulton
Major manufacturers have ceased production of new motion picture film cameras; cinema as we once knew it is dead -- - David Berry
BlackBerry crumble(s) - clive boulton
my mac kernel panicked. rebooted, trying skype again - Kevin Marks
I see allot of these BOLD statements about technology almost for the sake of being bold.. but where is the substance behind it? Are these people making these bold statements ever in the position to have to back these things up? - Kevin Costain
It's interesting that Google continues to develop Orkut: - Ankush Narula
why would google abandon 70M users of Orkut? - Kevin Marks
agreed - but why wouldn't they transition them to G+? - Ankush Narula
G+ has fewer features and a different friend model. would be a big transition. They are ending Buzz. - Kevin Marks
Orkut is big out in South America right? Google seems to be dumping lots fo stuff lately. - Kevin Costain
Brazil, India, Estonia... - Kevin Marks
Most Brazilians I know have abandoned their beloved Orkut and even MSN Chat for Facebook and Facebook Chat - Stephen Pickering
right, the more westernized ones go FB first. I've heard 'orkut is now the myspace of brazil' - Kevin Marks
I do wish I had gone into Brazil when I was down in Boliva last April.. it was possible.. - Kevin Costain
and we're off the air? - Ankush Narula
bringing it back up... trying - Tina Chase Gillmor
Of the air for me (in Toronto, Ontario).... :( - Kevin Costain
Gonna get Footloose, Cut Footloose. haha - Kevin Costain
we're working on it - Tina Chase Gillmor
should be momentary - Tina Chase Gillmor
Oh, speaking of outages, RIM's was pretty rough. Essentially all of my customers hate Blackberry's now. Consumers are fickle. - Kevin Costain
Roger McNamee was on CNBC this morning. Do we believe his forecasts? - Stephen Pickering
is gabe sitting on a bouncy ball? - Kevin Marks
Perhaps that will pass.. I guess the good thing is people's memories tend to be short.. and when they're locked into two and three year contracts, they won't remember this when it's time to renew. - Kevin Costain
hang in there folks - Tina Chase Gillmor
Check this out.. Gmail just gave me an obvious SPAM message.. I checked more details and it says "Important mainly because it was sent directly to you.". I'm thinking, that's not too strict if that's all they're checking.. :) - Kevin Costain
gabe is commissioning stories for techmeme now? - Kevin Marks
Copycats, easy and low cost to create Apps and get Distribution, more freelancers than Startups. - clive boulton
Bummer that the stream is down. - Robert Scoble
Hey how did Calacanis get a live youtube account? - Stephen Pickering
techmeme posts tweets now - Kevin Marks
we're still trying to bring the stream back up. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Its off the Air at Ustream now - Mansoor
appreciate your patience. we're goin a bit nuts here - Tina Chase Gillmor
here we go - Tina Chase Gillmor
Yapeee...its back up! - Mansoor
MG was good at turning ambient twitter conversation into blogposts. Is Gabe taking that over? - Kevin Marks
how about that. - Aron Michalski
Well, like him or not, Fred has integrity in the community. If he lost that, he wouldn't make Techmeme, I don't think - Stephen Pickering
So what's happened with Techmeme? I have I missed something? - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: exactly. Integrity is one of my favorite words. - Robert Scoble
Stephen: we always try to figure out what Techmeme is about. :-) - Robert Scoble
hahahaha :-) - Stephen Pickering
Robert: What exactly is the arbiter of integrity? - Kevin Costain
Dork Wars. - Aron Michalski
haha.. who are you fighting.. ? - Kevin Costain
Nas v Jay-Z? - Eric - Final Countdown
I think the arbiter of integrity is the sense they put truth and objectivity above money and personal gain - Stephen Pickering
Kevin: Integrity is "are you what you seem?" So, if you are a criminal, and everyone knows it, you have integrity. Now, if everyone thinks you are a Rabbi, but you actually are a criminal, then you don't have integrity. - Robert Scoble
Stephen: Indeed that is one nice definition of integrity.. but I'm more interested in what decides who does or doesn't operate with integrity? - Kevin Costain
yeah - like Omar on The Wire - that dude had integrity - Ankush Narula
someone flew a kite in the WSJ which gabe picked up. Maybe they were trying to get valuations down. - Kevin Marks
Why is Steve getting more credit than Bill gates? Bill put a PC in the hands of villagers in developing countries. He put them in failing inner city schools. Steve Jobs put computers in the hands of the well-off. - David Lloyd
I do know what it's like to live with integrity. Indeed, this is essential. But, when we have those out there and we lack personal involvement with these people. What helps me know that this person has integrity. - Kevin Costain
look back to Apple II, David - Kevin Marks
David: because Bill put products in my hand that crash and are ugly. He will get lots of love when he dies, too. - Robert Scoble
There's usually 2 questions you need to ask yourself; 1) is this a pot of S&^t? and 2) Am I going to stir it? - Aron Michalski
The "Beige" Boxes heheheh - Stephen Pickering
I consider this more of a Klout thing. Klout being a measure of influence, right? - Kevin Costain
Klout measures online popularity and topicality. I wouldn't go as far as saying it truly measures influence. - Robert Scoble
But it gets us at least partway down that road. - Robert Scoble
Eh. Bill Gates changed computing as much as Steve Jobs did - the love won't be the same for Bill because the Microsoft message has become about malware, "Product Activations", and sales channels - Ankush Narula
the Mac was the first beige box... the PCs were metal before - Kevin Marks
There is a reasonable chance Bill Gates will help erradicate Malaria and put clean water in villages in the Sudan. I know who I think changed the world the most. - David Lloyd
It doesn't have to be pissing contest. They've both done great things - Stephen Pickering
Sure. Popularity and topicality are not influence. I think something like tying honesty and integrity to an identity would give words of those with more of it, more weight. - Kevin Costain
I've read Steve Jobs was a dick at times. +1 for him right there.... :) - Kevin Costain
The greatest geniuses always have the greatest weaknesses. Without the dick part, you wouldn't have the genius part - Stephen Pickering
I do consider Jobs a genius. If I had met and interacted with him, I'd probably know for sure. - Kevin Costain
Stream died again.. :( - Kevin Costain
Oh, there it is. ) - Kevin Costain
Which article? - Stephen Pickering
Which Journalist? - Stephen Pickering
Names, names - Stephen Pickering
This specific world required a new group of experts to translate what was happening. Then this world began becoming the the world around us all. - Aron Michalski
Well, guys.. I have to run.. cheers.. thanks for the show today..! - Kevin Costain
1-click purchasing patent - huge innovation - Ankush Narula
"My Documents" folder patent - amazing innovation - Ankush Narula
I like that better with the screen ratio - Stephen Pickering
and when the money gets big enough, the old money types (all money types) take it for real. It becomes mainstream when the big dogs want a bite. - Aron Michalski
How dare they make a beautiful product - Christian Burns
Your hammer looks just like my hammer! - Stephen Pickering
Thats way too pretty, make it uglier please - Christian Burns
you can turn flash off - Kevin Marks
I'd rather it have flash - Stephen Pickering
Innovation is what you leave out - just as much as what you include - Ankush Narula
it needed a stylus - Kevin Marks
haha - Ankush Narula
who was that? ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Microsoft Metro? - Ankush Narula
never cared about it before - Kevin Marks
@stephen - this is the one: - John Taschek
@stephen - and this was a more recent post that referenced it - - horrible journalism. - John Taschek
Ah, thanks John - Stephen Pickering
MeatierGazer - Kevin Marks
how much did I miss? - Christopher Harris
The whole thing - Christian Burns
Big trend killing processing latency: Facebook ticker, Google Pregel. Salesforce GraphDB arch for distributed Chatter. - clive boulton
Thanks everyone. - Aron Michalski
thanks for everyone tuning in, chatting and having a great time. Have a good weekend - Tina Chase Gillmor