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It'll be slightly weird show for me today. Looks like my computer took a hit during our electrical brouhaha last night. I'll monitor chat from my iPad but won't get a chance to participate much. It would mean taking my hands off the control board too much. Boo-hoo. - Tina Chase Gillmor
i'm here - Keith Teare
I am also here. Hello, Keith! - John Taschek
No video yet? - Jim McCusker
I am here. - Francine Hardaway
Hi John - Keith Teare
Ok we are going to on board now - Tina Chase Gillmor
Sorry for delay - Tina Chase Gillmor
Blown computer got us funky - Tina Chase Gillmor
hello - Kevin Marks
yikes, sounds scary - Kevin Marks
Hope you had surge protectors with all of that equipment. - Jim McCusker
Kevin do you see skype call coming in? - Tina Chase Gillmor
nope - Kevin Marks
Have you guys talked about the Coin credit card idea (all credit cards on one card)? - Jim McCusker
Kevin please call on newsgangthree - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hi gang...sorry to hear about your CPU @ Tina, speedy recovery...I just took my Mid 2011 iMac apart in an attempt to fix the well known noisy hard drive issue - an "advanced" procedure as OWC calls it, only to put Humpty Dumpty back together and find the infuriating grumble still present. :( - J.C. Bouvier
it says it's offline, tina - Kevin Marks
Standby kevin - Tina Chase Gillmor
hm. or does it think I'm online - Kevin Marks
er offline - Kevin Marks
hang on - Kevin Marks
OK try now - Kevin Marks
All good, Gang? - Ludwig Ederle
im stopping my breaking bad marathon for the show, thats how MUCH i like the show... haha - Matthew Voshell
Matthew - your taste creed just declined 10 points - Keith Teare
cred - Keith Teare
for breaking bad? or for choosing the show over it? ha - Matthew Voshell
There you are! - Jim McCusker
All live! - Ian Waring
News of the week is that the Dylan album comes on a USB stick in a Harmonica - Ian Waring
Are you on some new tek all ready? - Ludwig Ederle
I'm getting bad audio intermittently - Kevin Marks
Sounds is good here - Jim McCusker
soft release - Jerome Hughes
he coudl still buy snapchat personally - Kevin Marks
Matthew - for choosing this over it - Keith Teare
@kieth... thats fair... ha but what can i say.. i can't get enough of british accents and people talking about STEVE BALLMER - Matthew Voshell
Ian Steve will like that one - Tina Chase Gillmor
Amen Kevin...the alpha male over the top sales guy lives in automobiles, and less and less even there... - J.C. Bouvier
Sorry Kevin not seeing that - Tina Chase Gillmor
Sent it to Steve on Google+ :-) - Ian Waring
Long as it's OK on your end, I was getting crackly dropout on keith - Kevin Marks
at d7? when jobs and gates were on together, gates makes a point that desktops will always be around becuase the mobile screens arent big enough... I dont think he understoodd apps and what they do to clunky software - Matthew Voshell
Ballmer is yesterday's Playground Bully. Licensing Android? Pleaseeeee...... - Ian Waring
He misunderstood the degree to which consumers 'consumed' content from their computer; rather than created content (Office) - Jim McCusker
Ballmer still seems to be calling the shots... - Ian Waring
Gates is still on the board so it's hard to believe that he's not pulling strings also. - Jim McCusker
And Ballmer still on the board also - Ian Waring
Google looking for new distribution channels for Chrome Apps at the moment - Ian Waring
Office 365 actually works - Jim McCusker
Flipboard is now available on Windows 8. Woo-hoo! - Alex de Soto
All those interfaces are local to your device (DLL, COM+, ActiveX) - Jim McCusker
The best example of MSFT hardware integration w/the Net is Xbox - they got behind a consumer hardware product and they have the vision/ability to innovate in an unimagined hardware form factor and own it? Or will they just be the Wal-Mart of software... - J.C. Bouvier
Without the Web Apps would be stuck in their own silo's, there would be no Notifications between Apps. The Web is the Glue! - Scott Jordan
What about RESTful APIs, JSON, etc.? You can do app to app communication that way, albeit usually at the server level. - Rob Underwood
Again all about microsoft? - Ludwig Ederle
Rob - that is true. - John Taschek
Ludwig - it's just that Ballmer was in the news - it's pretty big - a great interview in the WSJ - John Taschek
Transferring objects between apps (via URL's) still works. - Jim McCusker
@Steve isn't the Mac Business Unit just a legacy hedge vs. US anti-trust? Revenue-wise, maybe .1% of total office sales right? - J.C. Bouvier
There you go! - Jim McCusker
I am sure a coin discussion is inevitable, which seemed to be the big thing here in NYC yesterday, and I'm guessing in other tech hubs as well; personally I'd love to hear the gang's take on the things like #CSNYC, #hourofcode, and the movements around the country to get kids learning to code. Lots of activity in that area. - Rob Underwood
I think we've just been a bit ahead of the Journal - Tina Chase Gillmor
Looks like Jon Thompson was leading his push out - Ian Waring
Chrome is becoming a headless API for JSON apps - Ian Waring
You've spoken about Android (Google), iOS (Apple) and Microsoft... sheesh.... - Jim McCusker
I zoned out like 10 min ago as i fill out paperwork... - Matthew Voshell
@Jim - $55 at a discount for Coin? Will you pay it? - J.C. Bouvier
Ugh... modeling a document in JSON sounds like a nightmare. - Jim McCusker
Not really just a database, but really an object model/ORM that abstracts the DB - such as ActiveRecord for Rails, Doctrine for something like Symfony, that in turn is exposed as an interface by a RESTful API. - Rob Underwood
@J.C. - Not after reading their FAQ which says it only lasts 2 years then you have to replace it. - Jim McCusker
I ordered 3 @coins for myself and my (adult) kids for Christmas - Francine Hardaway
@Jim so not worth it at $22.50 a year - you'd think they'd make the card free and work out and interchange deal ya? Strange... - J.C. Bouvier
But Word's document format isn't widely being interpreted by as many companies as HTML is. There's a big difference. - Jim McCusker
The NSA LOVES Skype!! :-) - Jim McCusker
yes, Jim, HTML is better than Word :D - Kevin Marks
@Ian ... +1 on this: "Chrome is becoming a headless API for JSON apps" - Rob Underwood
@J.C. - Still like the idea, but company isn't selling it correctly (yet). - Jim McCusker
Just had another Microsoft Outlook Ad berating Google Reading your email on my TV - Ian Waring
XBox One is more than a game console... unlike PS4 which is more of a gamers box - Jim McCusker
I have Chromecast and I just gave away my Kinect - Francine Hardaway
Look at CNet's (initial) comparison - Jim McCusker
I have Chromecast - just wish Google would ship it outside the USA. Works well in UK already - Ian Waring
And the Xbox UEX stinks. - christina sponselli
Even Amazon Kindle ads showing Mayday demo how to throw content onto a TV here - Ian Waring
New Samsung TV's have a lot of functionality - Jim McCusker
Chromecast means I've unplugged AppleTV and XBox - Kevin Marks
Any insight on the amazon tv offering? they hired the logitech google tv crew - Matthew Voshell
Watch the MS Demo.... not saying I like it, but it's definitely more than a gaming PC - Jim McCusker
Skype is built in too... - Matthew Voshell
AppleTV will be better next year Kevin - Francine Hardaway
Yes, it seamlessly mixes broadcast TV, streamed TV, games, etc all together in one interface....which you can talk to (gimmick) - Jim McCusker
Amazon recommending a Netgear Stream2TV box - Ian Waring
Breaking Bad App? I'd buy that - Matthew Voshell
Will Steam's hardware be a competitor to Xbox gaming market? - christina sponselli
Steam has a diehard following... they have a shot - Matthew Voshell
Google also frustrating Chromecast with still no API - Ian Waring
it has an API, just requires google whitelisting, which is frustrating - Kevin Marks
Orange is the new Black, House of Cards - Matthew Voshell
As John says, YouTube is part of Google's media play. They've set up production "spaces" for independents no? - Alex de Soto
Content creators want to bypass the networks ... that's the goal - Jim McCusker
Channels are going the way of DJs... it's just curation, and curation that is not valued unless extremely well done, and not limited by production company, etc. - Rob Underwood
Correct.... HBO is only relevant because of their own shows - Jim McCusker
Just like artists releasing direct to consumers through direct music sales on websites, itunes, etc..... video content producers will start making thier own apps where you can buy the content outright going around the gatekeepers - Matthew Voshell
Sort of like what MTV has become, HBO is moving in the same direction - Jim McCusker
Netflix is launching a new UEX that reflects the change in viewing habits in this post-disc world. For example, it will be easier to binge view shows. - christina sponselli
Distribution has shifted - Tina Chase Gillmor
I have a qustion.. 40 years ago you had to go to a department store to buy things because they ordered in bulk... now producers sell direct to consumers... video content is the last bastin of this thinking - Matthew Voshell
Now if we could just get rid of the local ISP monopolies we'd have faster & cheaper internet. - Jim McCusker
JJ Abrams is spielburg of TV ha - Matthew Voshell
Showtime is CBS Corp. Showtime has an app but you have to be a cable subscriber. - Alex de Soto
I don't think Spacey is interested in being a distributor so to speak - he said when he pitched the traditional networks, they only would sign for the pilot. Netflix saw the vision and said, we'll buy the series. That said, if you're in TV and you say to Kevin Spacey and David Fincher, yah, I'm gonna shouldn't have your job. - J.C. Bouvier
Bob Dylan selling tracks on USB sticks: - Ian Waring
Spader was great in "Lincoln"... he's making a comeback - Matthew Voshell
I love Homeland - Francine Hardaway
I'm trying to get up the courage to watch Game of Thrones - Francine Hardaway
I watched game of thrones the first episode and made it 5 min in and turned it off - Matthew Voshell
@Matt, he was, stole the did that guy from G I R L S...Adam, had one line...and stole it. "you sir may be,...Fitted..." - J.C. Bouvier
Should we go hyper-nerd and explain that the correct way to refer to Game of Thrones is "A Song of Ice and Fire"? - Rob Underwood
HYPER NERD!! - J.C. Bouvier
Bourgios - Ian Waring
+1000 for I have to go look at some period Hellen Mirren photos... - J.C. Bouvier
I'm waiting for more Orphan Black episodes. - Alex de Soto
I think we need to re-cast each of the Gillmor Gang as Game of Thrones characters. Who is Tyrion? - Rob Underwood
And now we digress..... - Jim McCusker
I LOVED Hatching Twitter. It was a ghastly back story - Francine Hardaway
There is still a 20 minute coin discussion to be had. - Rob Underwood
Hatching Twitter as Game of Thrones - Kevin Marks
Every company I've worked at is like "Disclosure" - Ian Waring
Google now bigger than the magazine industry - Ian Waring
It is incredible what happened at Twitter, and that nobody killed anyone - Francine Hardaway
Here's the chart (via - Rob Underwood
@Rob - Hopefully! :) - Jim McCusker
Keith, many people doubt Blodget's figures - Francine Hardaway
Twitter is turning into a random comments spam feed, quality going - Ian Waring
Ian - is that true? Google bigger than all print publishing? - John Taschek
I'll go find the article ... - Ian Waring
Hey guys, I got my Nexus 5 and I am loving it - Francine Hardaway
I'm actually watching Gillmor Gang on a phone:-) - Francine Hardaway
@Francine lucky you! I have 2 on order - Jim McCusker
IM watching on ustream on iPad... but video/audio isnt in sync :/ - Matthew Voshell
wish ustream was on roku... livestream already is.. and ESPN just landed on it too - Matthew Voshell
It's a good phone Jim - Francine Hardaway
Matthew, pause and start. It usually catches up - Keith Teare
Web browser apps are really for desktop/laptops.... apps rule mobile and will remain so - Jim McCusker
Google bigger than newspapers and print - - Ian Waring
Snapchat? Assholes for refusing that offer - Francine Hardaway
Could SnapChat lose value by waiting?? Who's willing to bet? - Jim McCusker
@Francine...right? OMFG, I just looked up 'hubris' and there were these punk arseholes looking back at's not worth 3B, and the worst thing, they're right not to sell, but it's still stupid...Facebook is trying to buy back tweens/teens...but for 3B? - J.C. Bouvier
It's the audience they want! That's the killer app.... audiences - Jim McCusker
Ofcourse it will lose value. Teens move on - Francine Hardaway
Whatsapp, Line, similar size. - Ian Waring
Private Twitter is chat - Jim McCusker
What'sApp is a private Twitter - Francine Hardaway
Cubed podcast covers the IMs - - good commentary - Ian Waring
Wrong - Jim McCusker
Twitter one to many - Ian Waring
IMs tend to be 1 to 1 or 1 to few - Ian Waring
What'sApp also one to many - Francine Hardaway
And Snapchat isn't NSA-proof. - Alex de Soto
@Steve, what was the newsletter you just mentioned? Link pls? - J.C. Bouvier
Ballmers probably on LinkedIn - Ian Waring
Ty @Francine. - J.C. Bouvier
Jason Hirschorn's Media ReDef @JC - Francine Hardaway
hamburger blackmail won the night - flyinthesoup
Facebook is just buying time - Jim McCusker
How can they monetize? They can't advertise, because the chats go away - Francine Hardaway
SELL!! - J.C. Bouvier
Can I see when my friends are on SnapChat? I have no need to use it... - J.C. Bouvier
Twitter? - Francine Hardaway
HOLY CRAP!! - J.C. Bouvier
They should sell now!! :-) - Jim McCusker
Facebook shares 4x as many photos as instagram - Ian Waring
Steve - Google appears to have offered $4 billion - Jim McCusker
@John, sure if you know GOOG is going to give you one more BILLION! Ha ha ha...madness. - J.C. Bouvier
not π billion? - Kevin Marks
@Ian - Yes, but Instagram has a higher number of photos in the younger demographics... - Jim McCusker
This is now all about money and not about the value of the asset - Francine Hardaway
What the hell will GOOG do w/SnapChat? Maybe they just need the damn write off... - J.C. Bouvier
Snapchat has no value as a real business - Francine Hardaway
Google or Facebook buys Snapchat... they add small ads and try to monitize it's audience while it lasts - Jim McCusker
But you can't use Snapchat for something like that - Francine Hardaway
goog would route snapchat into hangouts/plus - Kevin Marks
they have the 'trust us to only show some people' thing as part of the plus thinking - Kevin Marks
@Kevin if the "man" forces the snapchat base into G+, they'll flee like rats from a sinking ship. - J.C. Bouvier
Tony Clifton - Matthew Voshell
Tony Clifton - Jim McCusker
Tony Clifton - Aron Michalski
I bought 3 - Francine Hardaway
Bitcoin? - Ian Waring
To coin I say "square" and "passbook" - J.C. Bouvier
Yea talk about that Verizon android tablet.... - Matthew Voshell
Verizon is secretly being run by Steve Ballmer - J.C. Bouvier
With Coin and Square Cash I can give up my wallet - Francine Hardaway
GREAT band name. Brilliant. "Daft Monopolists" - Rob Underwood
Coin - Well that was a quick discussion.. lol - Jim McCusker
Vodafone stopped taking Google Wallet paid by phone bills WW - Ian Waring
+1 "Daft Monopolists" - J.C. Bouvier
I assume Coin is a play to then start its own payments network. - Rob Underwood
Alledged fraud issues - Ian Waring
Great title for the show: Daft Monopolists - Alex de Soto
Not anymore, Kevin. Square cash allows people to pay each other by email - Francine Hardaway
With what, Ian? - Francine Hardaway
its NFC right? - Matthew Voshell
coin isn't NFC, it's magstripe - Kevin Marks
Vodafone Google Wallet - Ian Waring
So i can bump into you and charge you lots :) - Matthew Voshell
It lasts two years - Jim McCusker
Coin lasts two years based on 22 uses/day - Jim McCusker
Have a great weekend/week guys, until nxt time. - J.C. Bouvier
CC concerns are that we use a 4 digit PIN?!!? We are way behind europe on CC security - Matthew Voshell
Harris Teeter does - Matthew Voshell
Tap to pay is all over the UK - Francine Hardaway
It's crazy that US credit cards don't have the security that UK cards have - Jim McCusker
@Jim... yes! - Matthew Voshell
NFC is a banking solution to a problem folks don't have - Ian Waring
If there is still time, I nominate another topic to be Hour of Code, #CSNYC, getting kids coding, all the things going around in the US on this topic. - Rob Underwood
Will ever work? - Jim McCusker
Jim but it disables itself if it can't see your phone - Kevin Marks
@Kieth.. .the USA might Actually make it out of group play! - Matthew Voshell
It doesn't have to. There's a front end workaround - Francine Hardaway
the problem with tap to pay is tipping - Kevin Marks
Developed by 3 guys in SF called - Francine Hardaway
Called Cognitive Dissonance... :-) - Jim McCusker
I am hoping next World Cup Canada, Mexico and the US can field a single team. - Rob Underwood
Informed Ignorance - Jim McCusker
Gerrard?? i can't think of anyone else.. oh, Rooney... thats 2.. - Matthew Voshell
@Rob.. US team looks the best they have in 40 years - Matthew Voshell
Talk about Formula 1 racing next! :-) - Jim McCusker
We invite other countries into our World Series! - Ian Waring
Formula 1 versus England soccer - interesting mashup - John Taschek
Soccer and JSON "...shall be used for Good, not Evil." - Alex de Soto
Walking Dead on the TV here - Ian Waring
Rugby is a ruffians game played by gentlemen; Soccer (football) is a gentlemen's sport played by ruffians. - Jim McCusker
Rugby is played by men with odd shaped balls - Ian Waring
Moto G doesn't have 4G - Jim McCusker
Nexus 5 is better - Jim McCusker
$200 unlocked - Matthew Voshell
A discussion of how is emblematic of what goes wrong in many huge IT projects would be a great topic for next week. It's almost text book. - Rob Underwood
nexus 5 is better but it's $350 not $180 - Kevin Marks
@Kevin.. whats up with your firefox OS phone? - Matthew Voshell
tradeoff - Kevin Marks
Smart phones selling for £50 now ($75 or so) - Ian Waring
I don;t use it Matther, keyboard isn't up to android standards - Kevin Marks
We needed Susan Crawford for FCC chair. - Rob Underwood
I have a $58 android from china with 2 sim slots - Kevin Marks
I want to know how they explain $500 million for - Jim McCusker
Too crowded! - Ian Waring
is it bad that i do the "tina wave" myself at home? - Matthew Voshell
I know a major Silicon Valley that spent $200M to stand up Oracle GL, AP, and AR. Not surprised by the $500m - Rob Underwood
G'night all! - Jim McCusker
Au revoir - Ian Waring
Good show chaps! - Daniel W. Crompton
A new chief sets out to fix monkey boy's vision - clive boulton