Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 5pm PT participate at
here - Keith Teare
Good afternoon. Am here, but give me four minutes, so call me at 5:02 - Robert Scoble
ok will onboard you last Robert - Tina Chase Gillmor
I'm ready. - Robert Scoble
OK slight delay but on boarding now - Tina Chase Gillmor
And I, Old Faithful, am here - Francine Hardaway
hey Old Faithful - Tina Chase Gillmor
Check out what I did today: - Robert Scoble
I always check out what you did, Robert... - Francine Hardaway
Robert aren't you old enough to be the father of all those girls at Coachella> - Francine Hardaway
Francine: yes. My 20-year-old son was with me too. - Robert Scoble
Francine...YES - Tina Chase Gillmor
finally caught the show live! :) - Adnan
All mobile advertising pays less - Francine Hardaway
Adnan - It's always nice to catch a few different people when we record at a different time. Welcome - Tina Chase Gillmor
No. Online advertising spend is still going up. People will figure out how to spend on mobile - Francine Hardaway
Keith, it won't be display it will be video in the streams - Francine Hardaway
And it can be targeted and geo-fenced. - Francine Hardaway
Hi Tina! :) - Adnan
I work with two ad tech companies that serve mobile. They serve fewer ads at higher CPMs - Francine Hardaway
Speaking of user experience, ads in the twitter app on iPhone are really irritating. - Adnan
I read Twitter for news. Sometimes I engage, but only A VERY FEW people even try for engagement. Lindzon, PMarca, etc. - Francine Hardaway
francine i agree. my usage of twitter has changed drastically. Twitter is a news bus for me. not much more - Tina Chase Gillmor
I'm waiting for a cool beacon application to emerge soon. surprised it hasn't happened already - Tina Chase Gillmor
I haven't seen a beacon instance yet - Francine Hardaway
the other think Steve is referring to is here - - Keith Teare
Its universal chat names and an http delivered chat service. - Keith Teare
install chat center on your iPhone (pre-alpha quality) - Keith Teare
Install Onavo Count is an interesting option in Android Facebook settings. Haven't seen them surface since the aquisition - Ian McGee
species problems ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
going to get a hat to block sun - Keith Teare
Keith has abundant glass and light in his gorgeous home. Lucky - Tina Chase Gillmor
Online spending is going up but can't keep up with the growth of inventory. Thus, advertising prices still dropping - Matt Terenzio
The next big Messaging Platform will be the one that owns the Lock Screen and is in Partnership with Businesses and Creatives - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Advertising will be big on Mobile when Ads stop being Ads, and turn into relevant Messaging - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Big back-channel at that conference - Matt Terenzio
Good Wife just finished up a fun story arc on the NSA. ;-) - Ian McGee
wow, Robert was uncomfortable? hmmm - Tina Chase Gillmor
Saw that - Francine Hardaway
I have given up on Glass as well. Too much of a PITA - Francine Hardaway
/wave Francine - Ian McGee
See you soon Ian. Coming up next month - Francine Hardaway
I'm on Twitter, Friendfeed, listening to a podcast and watching the Yankee, Red Sox game - Matt Terenzio
Google keeps failing in dev. it's weird - Tina Chase Gillmor
Google throws products out there and abandons them to sink - Francine Hardaway
I saw that Good Wife - Francine Hardaway
Is Wearables losing its spark. First Google Glass and now Nike Fit band - Moe Glitz from iPhone
I think Wearables is just shifting gears - Ian McGee
poker... tablestakes - Tina Chase Gillmor
Nike must have seen the apple on the wall - Arnie Klaus
I just wrote a post called Worn Out on Wearables. I'm pretty down on them right now - Francine Hardaway
saw that Francine - Tina Chase Gillmor
Biofeedback will transform our health focused fashionable selves - Arnie Klaus
People used to think I was weird because I wouldn't wear a watch. - Matt Terenzio
My FitBit is not on my wrist. it is waiting for me to recharge it. it may wait a while - Tina Chase Gillmor
Perhaps the iWatch will spark the flame - Moe Glitz from iPhone
But I can definitely use a good wearable that gives me my vitals - Francine Hardaway
Plantique? - Francine Hardaway
yes agreed that would be better - Tina Chase Gillmor
Its who pierces the skin that will make it happen - Arnie Klaus
Unless the wearable replaces my phone, no thanks. I think. I'm open minded but - Matt Terenzio
Oh, and I bought a necklace for my Misfit - Francine Hardaway
We're not at the point where diabetics can get their glucose monitored - Francine Hardaway
Francine: yes. But they are coming. - Robert Scoble
None of these products work well enough yet. When they do, I'll be back - Francine Hardaway
yes exactly. We need incentive to use the wearable over the phone - Tina Chase Gillmor
I've been seriously considering ditching my apple stuff. Maybe I can't do it once I really try. - Matt Terenzio
Moves is what I've used - Francine Hardaway
payment system... like square? PayPal? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Why the iPad sales are stalling - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Stock buyback bugs me. Borrowing to buy stock while keeping foreign parked... Bigger issue than tech sadly. - Ian McGee
I want the Healthbook - Francine Hardaway
Payment system shouldn't be diificult. They have your info already in itunes and app store - Matt Terenzio
sounds like it'll cause a lot of fights - Matt Terenzio
Apple needs to promote iBeacons big time in June - Moe Glitz from iPhone
red sox fans at yankee stadium glowing red - Matt Terenzio
But nobody spends most of their life at festivals and ball games - Francine Hardaway
Right Dan, but none of the applications are consumer. There are a lot of good business cases for Glass - Francine Hardaway
Francine: yes, but those kinds of things, along with other shared experiences (museums, national parks, shopping malls) all will define this new wearable space in a VERY deep way. Oh, and don't forget payments. - Robert Scoble
Matt: it might stop fights. If you know I can see your name on my watch maybe you won't be as big a jerk to other people near you. - Robert Scoble
Payments is a great use for wearables. Bring it on - Francine Hardaway
i believe the use case @Steve has just mentioned is WAY more relevant than Shopping mall presence tracking... - flyinthesoup
trillions and trillions - Ian McGee
Do we need Apps 2.0 now to connect with Beacons - Moe Glitz from iPhone iBeacon article Keith just mentioned. - Robert Scoble
I was just joking. I hope it wouldn't cause fights. People that fight don't need an app as an excuse. But privacy is always an issue - Matt Terenzio
no need for apps 2.0 - Keith Teare
just a small update - Keith Teare
That's good Keith. But Apple needs to push this out big time in June - Moe Glitz from iPhone
whether or not there is net neutrality shouldn't be decided by a monopoly provider - Matt Terenzio
Great idea Keith. Wish you well with it. - Moe Glitz from iPhone
I downloaded it - Francine Hardaway
well. a developer needs a command line - Matt Terenzio
Will it do android Keith? - Francine Hardaway
Francine, yes but later - Keith Teare
Just noticed that the cameras are back in the old positions - Adnan
Keith's Keynote - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Great show. Always fun. Looking forward to seeing you out here Francine! (We'll be famous here since there's a new Bravo TV series set in HMB. ;-) - Ian McGee
thanks all - Tina Chase Gillmor
Vic's out: Zuck's not the only one unbundling? - clive boulton