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Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
ready and waiting - Keith Teare
Ready and have a new Logitech C930e webcam to test out on show today! - Robert Scoble
hello there - Kevin Marks
bringing everyone up now - Tina Chase Gillmor
Fun times - Christian Burns
I need to be off around 1:30 - Kevin Marks
Oh, and the bridge is out - Christian Burns
@Steve... I joined you and bought an ipad mini today! - Matthew Voshell
hello Gang members and chat participants - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hey Tina - Christian Burns
Matthew: I have mine here too! Plus I just got a new Samsung phone (S4). - Robert Scoble
Hey Tina!! Has anyone made Tina for Prez T-Shirts yet? - Matthew Voshell
Aloha! - Nir Ben Yona
@Robert.... Yea I was seconds away from getting a nexus 7.. but i heard rumors of a new one... and no amazon instant video :/ plus all the google products are on iOS anyway... so.. - Matthew Voshell
Matthew, umm, no, that would be a new one - Tina Chase Gillmor
I want the dev version of the S4 that they announced at IO - Kevin Marks
@Tina i think we need to make them, it makes sense to me?!! you run show.. you can run the country! - Matthew Voshell
@Robert.. what did you do with the HTC? - Matthew Voshell
@Robert... Does the Jedi touchless pad really impress you? Or was the revel show that convincing... i thought it was quite awful... seems like they are trying to imitate steve jobs...often imitated never duplicated - Matthew Voshell
Matthew: I'll probably send it back to HTC. - Robert Scoble
Device Comments so far... Android 6, iOS 2. Tells us something, don't you think? - Alex de Soto
321 and... - Christian Burns
Was that air freshener? Poor Tina! - Alex de Soto
Many great topics this week, right? Yahoo! bought Tumblr, Flickr redesign, new Jonny Ive iOS 7 design rumors - David C. Menzel
Google i/o - Keith Teare
Hangouts - Keith Teare
This is only 640x480 fromt he mac, though the camera can do 1024x768 - Kevin Marks
Roll on WebRTC - Kevin Marks
Chrome Voice Search (desktop) - David C. Menzel
iOS 7 comments from schiller today too - Matthew Voshell
Antecedent search - Kevin Marks
google conversational search - Matthew Voshell
Link to the Schiller? - Keith Teare
Chrome Voice Search on the Mac desktop is amazing David. - Alex de Soto
Yahoo just placed a bid for Hulu - Nir Ben Yona
Back door to piterest - Christian Burns
"We look forward to gathering at WWDC 2013 with the incredible community of iOS and OS X developers," said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. "Our developers have had the most prolific and profitable year ever, and we’re excited to show them the latest advances in software technologies and developer tools to help them create innovative new apps. We can’t wait to get new versions of iOS and OS X into their hands at WWDC." - Matthew Voshell
Tumblr powers Pinterest - Christian Burns
Keith nails it - Ankush Narula
do they kill flickr? they kind of overlap no? - Matthew Voshell
Speaking of rumors, what about the rumor that Google wants to buy Waze and beat Facebook to it? - Alex de Soto
Yahoo acquisition of Astrid shows what they want to do to dominate the android experience the way Facebook Home does - Christian Burns
Astrid todo app did some really innovative things inside android - Christian Burns
google has more plortforms to sync across chat wise; apple only has thier ios devices; why doesnt AIM use the ton's of properties they own and overtake the whole market and make AIM reputable again? - Matthew Voshell
Who is going to champion WebRTC? - scott anderson
Yahoo also acquired PlayerScale this week. - Nir Ben Yona
John is drinking a 40oz - Christian Burns
Will Marissa make everyone work from Yahoo HQ - Yumblr ... - John Taschek
Yahoo will build an overlay like Facebook home - Christian Burns
Google is championing WebRTC - Kevin Marks
HA! Yumblr - Matthew Voshell
Grumblr - Kevin Marks
yes he is...and maybe half rum ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
I'm seeing a lot of social fatigue too, though. Next-gen stuff needs to be high value, more personal, less intrusive and less info overload. - Laura Norvig
Doesn't it compete with Hangout? - scott anderson
Yahoo will play both sides - Christian Burns
Get whatever action it can - Christian Burns
Christina - 33.8 oz Tejava - John Taschek
Google is rumored to build its very own wireless network. - Nir Ben Yona
does the jabber connection not work then anymore with the new hangouts? - Matthew Voshell
The lack of XMPP interop must really upset Larry Page :-( - Ankush Narula
Google wants to provide more bandwidth. More bandwidth. More assets = more ads, more global coverage. More revenue. - John Taschek
@John... thats what Aol has ben doing and what yahoo is trying to do.. get eyes get ads - Matthew Voshell
you can't talk to jabber on an arbitrary domain, but you can have an XMPP api to gtalk - Kevin Marks
FB has video, and goof audio - Kevin Marks
*good - Kevin Marks
I am sorely dissapointed by FB A/V chat; i dont think hes anywhere close to hangouts; but if video quality is key, facetime still takes the cake 1-1; - Matthew Voshell
Keith: with NO SMS support - Ankush Narula
Better Google Voice tie-in could solve the SMS isssue and tstrait hangout with people that are on that - Matthew Voshell
Google is moving away from sms - Christian Burns
I am scared that Google might drop Google Voice - Christian Burns
So why doesn't apple release an iMessage app on android? - Matthew Voshell
Google Voice will be rolled into Hangouts - Kevin Marks
Will I keep my GV number? - Christian Burns
It is unclear that there won't be an XMPP gateway to the new architecture. The most ridiculous thing with the current hangouts are that my Google Voice number calls into an active hangout that I'm in.... - Jerry Schuman
Larry Page was so sad talking interop at I/O.... - clive boulton
Yea, someone called my google voice and in hangouts it jsut shows a phone icon; sounds great; but no outbound calls yet :/ - Matthew Voshell
lot of heavy drinking going on today... I forgot my ice tea additive. let the holiday weekend begin - Tina Chase Gillmor
There are currently ZERO call controls from Voice to Hangouts - Jerry Schuman
Tina, you might have to schedule a potty break for them - Christian Burns
@Jerry.. yea.. that makes me sad.. i liked having ghcat and voice in one place with the old gmail ghcat - Matthew Voshell
Christian, they have their Gillmor Gang diapers on :-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
The other thing that is suspect about this current move away from XMPP is it obliterates Federation and specifically kills off some pretty great products like Obihai. - Jerry Schuman
well, you have voice now, just not telephony - Kevin Marks
bring on WebFinger.. - Jerry Schuman
but of course he disagrees - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Kevin... you are correct... but then the person on the other end either has to be in google+, gmail, or have the new hangouts app on their phone ...which is tough right now - Matthew Voshell
If they skip telephony can they skip Government Regulatuion and wiretapping requirements? - Christian Burns
yes, that is a problem for now. Same problem Apple has - Kevin Marks
I give out my google voice number to people i dont want to have my personal number or i use it for my side biz.. - Matthew Voshell
I see it as a feature - Christian Burns
The company that creates the unified discovery buss for all these endpoints is going to kill it. - Jerry Schuman
WebRTC is harder to wiretap as it's edge to edge - Kevin Marks
So who figures out an aggregator that will send to any of those networks? that person makes money ha - Matthew Voshell
I think is working on that - Christian Burns
Ward Cunningham been experimenting syncing messages to small federated databases over ham radio. Vendors better work out standards or the community will do it. - clive boulton
I use Twitter for SMS - Kevin Marks
@Jerry... i like how you think - Matthew Voshell
yes, i get to aggravate Steve even on airplanes now - Tina Chase Gillmor
you need a reflector iMessage endpoint. - Jerry Schuman
WEBFINGER - Jerry Schuman
Most people I know use Facebook Msenenger - Christian Burns
wow, Steve cant get a word in - Tina Chase Gillmor
message context - Jerry Schuman
iMessage is annoying. The last thing I want is another silo of messages I have to check. I don't tell anyone that I have an iPad, even though I have three. - Murray Macdonald
It also sound slike Beta vs VHS, Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD; one of them will eventually win right? - Matthew Voshell
Kevin cant pull away even though it 1:30 - Christian Burns
I do need to go soon. - Kevin Marks
my son is ummoning me - Kevin Marks
we need the ability to break the context switch control from individual vendors. I should be able to instantiate my own switch. - Jerry Schuman
iMessage will default to SMS if iMessage is not avail (either netowrk failure or person doesnt have an active imessage account) - Matthew Voshell
use d and no @ - Christian Burns
The WebSockets standard enables p2p communication. Why not just use the standards? Identity is the only issue. Open standards are the only answer. - Murray Macdonald
because capitalism - Laura Norvig
+Robert Scoble.... ding ding ding - Jerry Schuman
Google improvements and the automatic image tagging look amazing. - Murray Macdonald
I do wonder if Apple is playing the wait and see game. They promised to open both Facetime and iMessage. - Jerry Schuman
I like having the iPad and the Galaxy Nexus, both worlds - Christian Burns
Jerry: yes they did. I hope they do - Keith Teare
Does apple have any apps in the Google Play store? - Christian Burns
Keith and Jerry: BBM cross platform cometh - jk - Ankush Narula
@chrisitan NO - Matthew Voshell
post I/O, Google certainly has the most convenient canonical communications platform - clive boulton
Facebook can still take over everyones phones - Christian Burns
BUT google has a TON in the iOS app store - Matthew Voshell
BBM... snort! - Jerry Schuman
Customization. - Christian Burns
Exactly on both points Robert! - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Google can swallow thier pride and understand if they make iOS apps they are driving traffic regardless - Matthew Voshell
Injection vs. Augmentation... - Jerry Schuman
not normal, average - Tina Chase Gillmor
FB looking tired as MySpace (they've overdone the graph) - clive boulton
Cool kids will always stick with iOS - Christian Burns
Im seeing many android users switch to iOS and love it - Christian Burns
I agree the average user is definitely ore advanced - Tina Chase Gillmor
Apple is too restrictive. Android is more open. Geeks like to develop for open platforms and users like the apps that the geeks develop. "Normal" people want apps developed by geeks. - Murray Macdonald
Ubuntu Mobile OS looks cool - Matthew Voshell
ooooh, keith knows secrets - Tina Chase Gillmor
Restrictive != Failure - Jerry Schuman
Old phones could get new life - Christian Burns
@Tina - that would imply Robert is above average - I prefer abnormal ;-) - Ankush Narula
Blackberry.. snort! - Jerry Schuman
How are WebOS devices doing? - scott anderson
Would a firefox phone get search revenue? - Christian Burns
Yes (Christian) - Keith Teare
So that free phone that gets used could make money for the carrier from browsing? @Keith - Christian Burns
Yes - Keith Teare
the poorest people in the world? - Tina Chase Gillmor
There already are $10 feature phones in china. - Murray Macdonald
Third world only pays for outgoing sms - Christian Burns
Robert, Africans are going to take a firefox phone that does what they need. The masses, not the elits that could afford an iPhone - Christian Burns
Christian: I just don't believe that for one minute. Apps are as big around the world as in US. - Robert Scoble
WebKit is dominant - scott anderson
Developers still love firefox for nostalgic reasons. One upon a time FF had better dev tools. - Murray Macdonald
WebKit is forked - Ankush Narula
Go visit africa Robert - Christian Burns
Chrome just forked WebKit. - Murray Macdonald
Blink - Jerry Schuman
Third world run on prepaid phones - Christian Burns
Robert Scoble, same in Paris and in every European city, it's always Facebook and Twitter ! - Euro Maestro
That's because FB and Twitter don't make a mobile OS - all Android and GMail users are Google+ users - Ankush Narula
It is always tough to break a new OS into the mainstream. This is why Palm failed to cross-over WebOS with the past users, the same with Windows Mobile going to Windows Phone. Look at Linux Distros too. Market share and apps dominate new comers, always. Low cost options always cross their fingers to move up in the market food chain. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Euro: exactly. Same in every city I've been in. Except Shanghai, because China has their own. - Robert Scoble
Thought you were going to say he was the third wheel... - Jerry Schuman
Keith has perspective that you need to listen too. In our country we can afford subsidized phones - Christian Burns
The same can be said about social networks now from my comment above - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Name the show, folks - Tina Chase Gillmor
Not just Chrome the browser. V8 the Node.js engine has won over hearts and minds of creative small module developers. - clive boulton
FF will have better security. - Murray Macdonald
Netflix dropped Viacom content. My poor three year old daughter has no Dora The Explorer, no Go Diego Go and no more wonderpets - Christian Burns
Firefox phone = Chromebook mobile - Jerry Schuman
Tina - "Smoking Good Crack" - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I dont think Robert understands third world economics - Christian Burns
And Uganda - Christian Burns
+1 to "Smoking Good Crack" - Ankush Narula
#gillmorgang Firefox, Ubuntu, FB, others...only can compete with Android and iOS if they aiming for delivering service....instead of only giving free phones...(good smartphones are also just devices) - Hessel van Tuinen
Boot to web devices are much more likely to be virus/trojan free. They will require less maintenance. - Murray Macdonald
+1 "Smoking Good Crack" - David C. Menzel
Follow the money. Apple has 70 percent of the profits in the smartphonemarket and Samsung 25 percent. The rest are fighting for peanuts - Euro Maestro
Facebook has become scattered regarding positioning - Jerry Schuman
Manielse... maybe - Tina Chase Gillmor
So did Samsung. - Murray Macdonald
FBs boring the teens with over graphing identity without cool places - clive boulton
ding ding ding... FB is still destination not origination - Jerry Schuman
Facebook is the mom jeans - Christian Burns
Facebook is the fall back - Christian Burns
FB is for parents. - Murray Macdonald
ooh, burn, Christian! - Laura Norvig
I saw the FB mom jeans on twitter today - Christian Burns
That is so old for business, - Christian Burns
As I said follow the money - Euro Maestro
I bet Google search (including YouTube) gets more sports traffic than the FB and Twitter fan pages put together. - Murray Macdonald
Keith kind of pinged it... message buss is success.. - Jerry Schuman
Zuck can always flog mom jeans (Sheryl to model) - clive boulton
And that brings us to Waze. Will Google buy Waze and beats Facebook. - David C. Menzel
Keith is on - Christian Burns
David: Google should buy Waze to keep Facebook out of the contextual game. - Robert Scoble
QR code? i.e. a chessboard on acid. - Laura Norvig
Good QR usage - Christian Burns
Steve.. iOS does QR codes. - Murray Macdonald
qr codes work on iOS just fine - Jerome Hughes
Robert: Google has a fairly good chance to get Waze, because it already has a local R&D presence (and Waze leadership wants to stay). - Nir Ben Yona
QR codes are dead.. long live QR codes - Jerry Schuman
Hi guys, just joined :) at a good time I can see... I like QR codes - Charlie Isaacs
Context messaging.... - Jerry Schuman
The G+ OAuth -> Android App Install proves that Google gets that well - Ankush Narula
Peer to Peer could displace them... - Murray Macdonald
QR codes could also generate app menus - Charlie Isaacs
I want to hear Keith drill down for another 60 min - Christian Burns
an agnostic peer to peer system would be awesome! - Laura Norvig
Robert: Exactly. Google will try to shut out Facebook of the "Maps Game" - David C. Menzel
Hey Charlie - Tina Chase Gillmor
QR codes could just be the secret word for the discount, not even a link - Christian Burns
QR codes can pass context, info about products for customer service, troubleshooting error codes, etc - Charlie Isaacs
Yep Robert - Christian Burns
Who the hell is dinging on my show? - Tina Chase Gillmor
some dingaling Tina - Charlie Isaacs
Google Play Music is wanting to track all my listening - Christian Burns
Google has and always will be the ever ubiquitous AI. Not long until you see $10,000.00 Gartner reports generated for 10 bucks from the AI - Jerry Schuman
Robert is right, Google is transitioning from the advertising model to a transactions model, he' calling it commerce but I would call it transactional. - Euro Maestro
Google Hot Words for search - Ankush Narula
So what about ITTT? - Christian Burns
There are better image enhancement technologies like Perfectly Clear and ColourScience. - Murray Macdonald
@Christian - !!! - Ankush Narula
Amazon wins - Christian Burns
Amazon is going to destroy traditional retail. - Murray Macdonald
Who all signed up for copy? - Christian Burns
Amazon is the dark horse - the question is what they will do for geo and social - but in the meantime they will be the only vertically integrated self-branded alternative to Apple - Ankush Narula
Steve will be the last Apple Fanboy, fighting to the death. - Murray Macdonald
I'm wondering what would happen if Scoble piped his Logitech Camera into his Google Glass and shot them at each other. Self-destruct? - Charlie Isaacs
Robert, that's true but it's still as you said Facebook and Twitter everywhere. Why aren't they locking people into Google Plus. - Euro Maestro
Low Signal to Noise ratios are the ultimate gauge to success. - Jerry Schuman
If you can choose in 2014: Glasses or iWatch ? - Hessel van Tuinen
Innovation will happen in the cloud more than it will happen on devices. Apple is in a losing position. - scott anderson
Murray ... yes true - Tina Chase Gillmor
Amazon is going to get a piece of all small business - Christian Burns
Tina, I'm an Apple Fanboy too. Unfortunately Scoble deserted us! :) - Euro Maestro
You mean FB on every adult's phone... - Murray Macdonald
Dropbox vs copy, I just used copy to make room on my iPad, - Christian Burns
They gave me 35 gig - Christian Burns
Murray, every teenager I know is an Apple Fanperson - Charlie Isaacs
Every teenager I know uses SnapChat, Instagram, FB... - Ankush Narula
Flickr now gives you 1TB. - Murray Macdonald
Robert: Don't forget the awesome Google Maps improvements. Users can add photos (e.g. photo sphere) to make them better. And they really let you do that. They added a picture 30 min. after I sent it to them. - David C. Menzel
flickr for us is linked to my wife's yahoo account. - Christian Burns
Yes, that's true too Ankush - Charlie Isaacs
My kids like iOS, but hate OSx. - Murray Macdonald
who will buy SnapChat? wait have they been acquired? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Scobleizer's right about Google shifting strategy -- "all in on Cloud" - clive boulton
yawn. - Jerry Schuman
yawn, Winer and outliners... what decade did I wake up in? - Jerry Schuman
no Tina, as far as I know they haven't -- Snapchat raised $475,000 in its seed round and an undisclosed amount of bridge funding from Lightspeed Ventures -- last entry on wikipedia - Charlie Isaacs
Google wants to save our butt when our phone dies - Christian Burns
Charlie. Interesting. Yahoo should have bought them... could but them front and center with the kids - Tina Chase Gillmor
I would not expect Google to be the only provider of Glass hardware. - scott anderson
I just realized that John shaved - Christian Burns
Photo retailers have auto enhanced images for a long time. Google isn't the first to do it. You will find automatic image enhancement on most retail sites. The difference is Google pushes the enhanced image at you while the retailer are hesitant to put the enhanced image forward without the customer requesting it. - Murray Macdonald
Robert, thats why I want the watch - Christian Burns
You mean Nexus 7 being the sweet spot. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
manielse++ - Murray Macdonald
HiSense tablet at Walmart for 149.00.. blows Nexus 7 specs away - Jerry Schuman
Nexus 7 battery life is great, and just$199. Nexus 7 is the sweet spot - Christian Burns
It's funny to hear the Apple Fanboys say 7" is the sweet spot. Wasn't apple saying 7" made no sense just a few short months ago? - Murray Macdonald
Kids get the Nexus 7 - Christian Burns
well tech is the drug of choice - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Jerry Really? had not seen it yet - Christian Burns
Yes.. and it's shipping now! - Jerry Schuman
They have a lower end for $99.00 - Jerry Schuman
You're right Tina ! - Euro Maestro
I would need to see it side by side. - Christian Burns
Android devices will eventually all be 100% subsidized through service subscriptions. Apple won't go there. - scott anderson
Scoble is right, contextual computing will personalize you, your surroundings, time, and your situation - Charlie Isaacs
The high end has a Tegra Quad Core.. plus front and back cameras and card slots - Jerry Schuman
My big kids got Nook for $79 - Christian Burns
it's possible google will make a quantum leap in that ease of use with the contextual, assistive stuff. Like a personal assistant anticipating your needs. - Laura Norvig
The IRS ;-) - Jerry Schuman
Apple reminds me of Mercedes. Loyal customers, but they don't make the best car. - Murray Macdonald
@Scott - Prepaid cellar services with Android are doing the opposite very well actually. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
What amazes me, nobody has brought these technologies together for SMBs -- not Salesforce, Amazon, Google -- incumbent Microsoft is flapping around. - clive boulton
clive -- check out Summer'13 from salesforce :) - Charlie Isaacs
It becomes more granular - Jerry Schuman
clive: yeah, that's a good point. I bet Salesforce gets there first, because of its visibility into what businesses want, and also because Benioff is visionary enough to push his company that way (and already has). - Robert Scoble
narrowcasting over braudcasting - Christian Burns
Passbook I think is one of the best under utilized apps... it works AWESOME - Matthew Voshell
I am not talking about cellular services. That is a many to one proposition ... no longer works. - scott anderson
In the mobile space "public" becomes more geo bound. Flash public spaces. - Jerry Schuman
Twitter is a megaphone. - Murray Macdonald
Twitter was great for discussing the #skagitbridge collapse last night. - Christian Burns
thank you, Tina! - Laura Norvig
Too bad the Jobs Act didn't get passed. Someone would be fixing bridges before they fall down. - Murray Macdonald
Thanks! - Robert Scoble
Coachella was a great example of immediate public based context - Jerry Schuman
Good show. Thanks - Alex de Soto
Thanks for joining us. - Robert Scoble
will do, Charlie. agree Robert, but Benioff's team grips SMBs? - clive boulton
Cheers! - Nir Ben Yona
Great show! Thank you! - David C. Menzel
ciao - Ankush Narula
great show - Charlie Isaacs
clive: 100,000 mostly SMB's come to in SF. - Robert Scoble
thx everyone.... any more how name ideas? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Like I said on twitter, the jobs act would not have replaced that bridge. We drive over that bridge everyday. So glad we were not on it. - Christian Burns
Thanks Charlie... I wold agree. great show - Tina Chase Gillmor
"Really Good Crack." - Murray Macdonald
Firefox Phone! - Christian Burns
sfdc also has solutions specifically focused on SMB, like, etc. - Charlie Isaacs
Great show, thanks. - Euro Maestro
Still like "Smoking Good Crack" quoted earlier by Robert - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
is that the Title of the show? Smoking Good Crack? Now you know why I'm not in marketing - Charlie Isaacs
Steve and I will ruminate over the title. Thanks all - Tina Chase Gillmor
SMBs need the technologies to lever certainty of demand -- they crave it more than anything. - clive boulton