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hello. This is your morning wakeup call! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Skype is refusing to launch. Sigh. - Kevin Marks
kevin reboot - Tina Chase Gillmor
oh here you are - Tina Chase Gillmor
ah, there we go. I had rebooted, it took a while to realise. - Kevin Marks
Here - Keith Teare
ok starting to call gangsters up - Tina Chase Gillmor
I will not reboot :) - Kevin Costain
Costain ha - Tina Chase Gillmor
as I thought, Scoble was just snoring but now running to computer! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Scoble without coffee is like Scoble without a beer - Tina Chase Gillmor
Silence your cell phones! - Tina Chase Gillmor
almost there folks - Tina Chase Gillmor
we are having fun now! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hey, how about them [insert popular sports team here]? - Kevin Costain
sports teams? I was in a hotel next to Fenway Park yesterday - Kevin Marks
Sorry for being late! - Robert Scoble
@Kevin, I was at Fenway Park almost exactly a week ago. Sox weren't playing :( - Kevin Costain
Uh oh, I hear something...sounds like mice... - J.C. Bouvier
Can't hear steve - Ankush Narula
SILLENNCCEE the mice! - Kevin Costain
The silence of the Mice - Kevin Marks
haha - Kevin Costain
DC is NOT New England... - J.C. Bouvier
so we have the Englishman from New England? - Kevin Marks
The Toronto to Boston drive wasn't too bad at all. Went south from Kingston. Great city. I want to go back and spend more time. - Kevin Costain
Is NYC New England? - Kevin Marks
Maryland was an English colony before they chopped a bit out to be DC - Kevin Marks
can you hear Steve now? - Tina Chase Gillmor
New England = Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island - Ankush Narula
I'm hearing everyone right now. Sounds good. No tweety birds from @Kevin. - Kevin Costain
Not Philadelphia either then? OK, so I should just say east coast. The birds aren't up yet. - Kevin Marks
hmmm, no NYC is not New England - Tina Chase Gillmor
Northeast works also - Ankush Narula
good morning everyone :) - Charlie Isaacs
Hi Charlie - Ankush Narula
hi Ankush :) oooh Robert has secret info about August 1st - Charlie Isaacs
Anyone seen Dvorak's latest? - is he saying what everyone is thinking? - Kevin Costain
Charlie! - Tina Chase Gillmor
if the web is dead and the mobile is dead, and there's no search then I guess we can all go home Keith, what's left? :) - Charlie Isaacs
tweet show please - Tina Chase Gillmor
Keith, can you share the link you just referred to pls? - J.C. Bouvier
@Kevin - that was a great read.Very interesting. - Kevin Costain
ty! - J.C. Bouvier
but concurrently discussing a native TWC app on AppleTV? - Ankush Narula
Simulcasted on Techcrunch :) - Kevin Costain
almost done with my first coffee. If I finish the second before the end of the show we have a problem - Tina Chase Gillmor
hello folks thanks for joining us - Tina Chase Gillmor
I haven't had coffee since DC. I do have tea though. - Kevin Marks
thanks for the article Kevin - Charlie Isaacs
Kinda looks like Borthwick is whispering in Keith's ear - Tina Chase Gillmor
What about improvements in streaming bandwidth reductions? More efficient streaming Wasn't that a thing? - Kevin Costain
it looks like Kevin is wearing an umbrella hat - Charlie Isaacs
it does a bit, Charlie - Kevin Marks
And a very pretty pink one at that - Keith Teare
indeed Charlie. So cute ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
As long as the hat isn't tinfoil :) - Kevin Costain
i have a hat like that, it has a tube attached to two beer cans, one on each side - Charlie Isaacs
now I'm back in a climate which isn't super-saturated with humidity, I don't need a hat like that. - Kevin Marks
I've spent the last week in DC, Philly, Boston sweating like mad - Kevin Marks
Don't know if you guys saw this post from last night: - J.C. Bouvier
Apple TV comment from Brian Stelter...making the point that Apple has wise'd up and is taking the friend vs. foe approach... - J.C. Bouvier
JC I think Steve caught that one - Tina Chase Gillmor
nice - J.C. Bouvier
Apple gets "A La Carte" in concept, and is chiseling away...where the FCC is too bound up by lobby... - J.C. Bouvier
Keith - but we have to wonder what the UI will look like if all TWC channels will be available - Ankush Narula
The iOS remote app is by far the best way to get a keyboard, but yah, that's a PITA... - J.C. Bouvier
It's not the 10 HBO live channels - it's library content plus on demand - Ankush Narula
I NEED a new office chair! - Tina Chase Gillmor
mine keeps sinking - Tina Chase Gillmor
I need a standing desk - Kevin Marks
though as my desk is under a bed now, that would be a hunching desk - Kevin Marks
"Scoble likes it freaky." (TM) - Ankush Narula
"we're very sick people" (TM) - Charlie Isaacs
But, Robert - where will all that underlying context data come from? Who is going to build these vast databases of contextual information? Can geral app coders be expected to build this? - Kevin Costain
I watched half the 1st season of Newsroom, then didn't pick it up again - Kevin Marks
Yes, TV choices are not easy. how to get there/ where. when - Tina Chase Gillmor
oooh, Scoble has eggs! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Who actually watches local channels anymore? MAYBE - for live sports? - Ankush Narula
Aren't they just trying to connect the libraries into a voice activated (Siri)? - Arnie Klaus
dont want to jinx it but stream has been rock steady today - Tina Chase Gillmor
Rumor that Apple is allegedly looking at acquiring Primesense (provider of Kinect technology) - Ankush Narula
My bet is apple has been trying to converge these deals with a breakthrough large glass technology. - Arnie Klaus
Annnd my laptop's battery I about to die. Boom. Haha. - Kevin Costain
success doesn't necessarily mean proliferation - Apple TV is beyond successful compared to the competition - Ankush Narula
Ankush - agree - Keith Teare
AND it's propping up their higher margin businesses (iOS devices and MacBooks) - Ankush Narula
live sports isn't even local channels here - Kevin Marks
I can't switch to Android because of AirPlay - Ankush Narula
Bluetooth speakers wins for audio, video needs work, yes. They broke my Nexus Q recently :( - Kevin Marks
Ankush: it's a great lock in to Apple's ecosystem, yes. - Robert Scoble
iBeacon will be awesome - Charlie Isaacs
I like this morning show! Its my preferred viewing. Forget the drama queens. Creative conversation as content. - Arnie Klaus
AirDrop was leveraging WiFi Direct on Macs - Ankush Narula
iBeacon is the low energy bluetooth he meant - Charlie Isaacs
yes Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy BLE) - Ankush Narula
micro location based services, connected objects, etc will be achievable with iBeacon - Charlie Isaacs
Amie - thx... I love these guys too. they always surprise me - Tina Chase Gillmor
Kevin - its like google maps intuits what photos you may like based on location. As I move through my life the tools can push suggestions based on my activities. I'm cooking salmon, there is a salmon cooking video selection waiting for me to activate. - Arnie Klaus
eventually IMO iBeacon should have different levels of intelligent -- register your iBeacon device in the cloud, register them to a menu that interact with an app or a menu in the cloud, etc. - Charlie Isaacs
iBeacons like indoor GPS - they used the term "micro-locations" at WWDC - Ankush Narula
iBeacon devices will be on any object, low cost, low energy devices - Charlie Isaacs
Google Voice Search - Show me a video on building a chicken coop - Arnie Klaus
your smartphone device will be the "second screen" manager for the dumber iBeacon device - Charlie Isaacs
ya - what ever happened to RFID and NFC? - Ankush Narula
venture a name for the show? - Tina Chase Gillmor
NFC is still going strong in HW apps - payment, subway systems etc. Difference between explicit physical contact and finding things nearby - Kevin Marks
I hope it's not ten years until my screens talk to me when I walk by - Tina Chase Gillmor
showname: I said iBeacon, not iBacon - Charlie Isaacs
Highlight has always intrigued me but I just never get anything out of it - Tina Chase Gillmor
Beacon and Eggs - Keith Teare
oooh, good one Keith - Tina Chase Gillmor
i like keith's better :) - Charlie Isaacs
;-) - Keith Teare
I was just going to say - no, two years - Tina Chase Gillmor
yeah, I don't want to be "rated". yuck - Tina Chase Gillmor
my wife has me on a leash -- she makes me use the Find Friends app :) - Charlie Isaacs
Charlie ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
:-) FInd My Friends, Stalk My Spouse, whatevs - Ankush Narula
Google is shutting down Latitude :( - Kevin Marks
Kevin: True - but most people I know turned off the background location updating in Latitude - creepy factor too high - Ankush Narula
This revolution will be televised - Arnie Klaus
haha Ankush - Charlie Isaacs
it turned itself off unless you keep turning it back on, Ankush, yes. I find it handy for the family to know where each of us are. - Kevin Marks
btw my new gmail inbox just turned on today - Tina Chase Gillmor
Yes - I use Find My Friends with my mother - gives her peace of mind as I live on my own - Ankush Narula
does help - Tina Chase Gillmor
The strategy has been in place since Steve Jobs suggested they have figured TV out. Cutting the deals has kept the innovation in the backroom (evolving). - Arnie Klaus
Interesting article about unbundling sports from cable packages: - Ankush Narula
Now I know why everyone is telling me to go take a Leap, thanks Robert - Charlie Isaacs
rabbit ears! - Ankush Narula
Tina, nice photobomb - Charlie Isaacs
... and great show :) - Charlie Isaacs
cheers! - Ankush Narula
thanks everyone.... really fine show - Tina Chase Gillmor