Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang, Live Recording Session at 11AM PT. Participate at
About 2 minutes away from getting started... - Cliff Gerrish
Gillmor Gang recording session w/ Seth Goldstein and Andrew Keen at - Cliff Gerrish
I think I'd as likely contribute to Sarah Palin's legal fund as donate money to Andrew for an iPad! - Amyloo
He'll get one soon enough. - Cliff Gerrish
Likely ;) - Amyloo
Place to get versus place to be. - Amyloo
Especially when Keen figures out that there's a cash register attached to the device. - Cliff Gerrish
Does building43 not yet support iPad friendly video? - Kurtiss Hare
It's a ustream / flash issue. We haven't moved to h.264 on ustream yet. Soon tho. - Cliff Gerrish
The replays on YouTube work fine though. - Rob La Gesse
I guess my dreaml realtime portable gillmor gang Sunday brunch will have to wait. :) - Kurtiss Hare
graph meta data is only there when you put it there -- it's the same problem that Tim Berners-Lee has with the Semantic Web. - Cliff Gerrish
Didn't know you could embed an iframe in "freedom" - Amyloo
Although any company can make use of the Open Graph Protocol -- but the social graph connection will be routed through Facebook. - Cliff Gerrish
Agree with Steve re Twitter. - Amyloo
It's even true when it's not your own circle you're consulting. You can see something on TV, have a reaction to it, check Twitter search and see if somebody else had the same thought. Can't really do that on FB, at least not with the same instant gratification. - Amyloo
We're working on getting the stream back up. - Cliff Gerrish
Streams back up. - Cliff Gerrish
Down again. - Cliff Gerrish
stream's back up -- the whole conversation will be available in the onDemand version. - Cliff Gerrish
I wonder if the iPad is social because not everyone has one yet... - Cliff Gerrish
Goddam it. My Sunday is ruined, - Francine Hardaway from iPhone
Hi Francine. - Cliff Gerrish
Yes I want to watch on my iPad - Francine Hardaway from iPhone
We'll get there. - Cliff Gerrish
Hi cliff I know you will. But I am in my car, parked and can't see or hear and I have Have ADD and want it now :-) I am kidding. Sort of. - Francine Hardaway from iPhone
Yeah, in the future we believe more and more Gillmor Gang recording sessions will be consumed in cars. - Cliff Gerrish
While they're flying. - Denise Howell