Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 10am PT participate at
morning - Kevin Marks
Good morning - John Taschek
San Francisco is tiny - Kevin Marks
how about friendfeed, Robert? - Kevin Marks
Well, hello.. - Kevin Costain
Are those oranges behind you Kevin? - Kevin Costain
tiny? SFBA tech is 6x...Seattle? - clive boulton ... All about mobile development (of course for highered) - studentforce
did Steve just use Secure and Exchange in the same sentence? - Kevin Marks
they are Oranges, almost ripe now - Kevin Marks
wonder how the galaxy note 2 "phablet" will compete with the ipad mini? - Dave Gilbert
for PC replacement duty - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 paired w/ monitor, wireless mouse, keyboard - Da
GoPro's architecture expanding with apps - clive boulton
so I tried tapestry, and click for every word is the apotheosis of the 'lets make a slideshow gallery for more pageviews' school of web design. yuck. - Kevin Marks
But Robert - how many people want or need to do what you do? - Brian Sullivan
I find the Quora iOS app is quite awesome.. - Kevin Costain
Roberts Sound clouds stuff is great. Loved the 4SQ interview - Tony Stanislawski
Google has had global voice recogniton for a while - Kevin Marks
will it recognize a Brooklyn accent ?? - studentforce
Peter Norvig's group serves up the best recognition algorithms - clive boulton
You can't do it on the phone because the time to fix your spelling and punctuation errors is longer than typing it on a computer - people are LAZY. - Kevin Costain
I'm already using studentforce as College.Touch on my iPad ... HTML5 - studentforce
I can type on android with Swiftkey about as fast as I can on a keyboard. - Kevin Marks
the google stuff is good at my uk accent now (which apple hasn't been) - Kevin Marks
When people have no other way to do it, they'll do it with a phone of course.. but if we have a more efficient way (a full keyboard), most won't do it. - Kevin Costain
Using the Google Blogger iOS app, for example, is about the most painful way I can imagine writing a blog ;-/ - Kevin Costain
The failure of Pointcast is documented here - - John Taschek
I do have to run.... :( Great to catch everyone again ! Have a great weekend. - Kevin Costain
their silos are their competitive advantage - Da
but you can if you have chatter - studentforce
Wired seems to be test driving Glass - clive boulton
Maybe as consumers we will have to pay for these services - Tony Stanislawski
I would pay to have my information aggregated - Francine Hardaway
But it hasn't happened quite yet - Francine Hardaway
Google had to develop Android because it didn't want to be dependent on Apple's iOS platform - Da
Android is a lot better at having apps provide services to one another than iOS with intents. iOS encourages siloization - Kevin Marks
at work, we just went from Windows 2000 to XP last year - Da
The economist cover this week is a marker - Kevin Marks
they screwed their ecosystem ... that's why they have been losing their platform expertise/cache - studentforce
Windows8 and Office have become widgets - studentforce
Microsoft seems to have a skunk works remaking the culture of rivalry and non-collaboration - clive boulton
Kinect for Enterprise would be exciting - Da
if apple doesn't screw it up it can build on its momentum - studentforce
WebRTC is going to be cross-platform Airplay - Kevin Marks
Windows 8 is like buying tires for a car - studentforce
john has always been a dreamer !! - studentforce
Android having a way larger marketshare than iOS may be blunting Apple's momentum - Da
MS is a commodity - studentforce
Kevin, what is the economist cover? - Francine Hardaway
Yes we do, Steve. - Francine Hardaway
Amazon Facebook Google Apple the big 4 squid, MSFT nowhere - Kevin Marks
I may wait for the next iteration of the Mini - Francine Hardaway
XP>Vista , Windows 7>Windows 8, Windows 9!! - Da
Just saw it Kevin, thx. What about next XBox? - Francine Hardaway
iPaaS is the next three years in Cloud: - studentforce
That IS the future of product. I agree. - Francine Hardaway
Google's retail outlet is Best Buy - Da
google's retail outlet is every random manufacturer in china - Kevin Marks
Next Mac iterations fitted with ARM and Touch? - clive boulton
Buttcasts? Enjoy Paris Robert - Francine Hardaway
Thats the new spam. Your 3D printer gets a virus and starts printing dildos until it runs ou of feedstock - Kevin Marks
Francine: 3D printed sex toys. The world will never be the same. - Robert Scoble
Thanks for joining us. I'm off to Paris! - Robert Scoble
I'll be in London + Cambridge - Kevin Marks
Safe travels Robert. - Mike Doeff