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For me, this is appointment TV. Especially since I got glass and I want to see if Robert is over it yet. - Francine Hardaway
iJustine got glass too - Kevin Marks
I'm sure her life is more interesting than mine. My photos have begun to bore even me. - Francine Hardaway
Waiting for the call. I'm not tired of Glass yet. More than two months in and I wear it more than 10 hours a day consistently. - Robert Scoble
francine he's not - Tina Chase Gillmor
Francine: when you upload them Google+ automatically picks the interesting ones. - Robert Scoble
I have a new color. Tangerine! - Robert Scoble
What's the most innovative glassware you've tried Robert? - scott anderson
Not in my case. All mine go up. - Francine Hardaway
What glassware really works for Twitter, FB, originating, not just sharing? - Francine Hardaway
good afternoon, glad to see you all - flyinthesoup
I've been wearing mine about 10 hours, too. Charge it once a day - Francine Hardaway
See, I have charcoal. They give you all the good stuff. - Francine Hardaway
hi all - Keith Teare
But people do ask about them, and they are NOT wary or concerned about privacy - Francine Hardaway
hi Keith - Francine Hardaway
all Francines photos are interesting, Google is already bored of Scoble's? - Kevin Marks
Kevin: I take a lot of photos. Only some of which are interesting. At least to Google's algorithms. - Robert Scoble
hello from Switzerland - what's new this week? - nchenga
Francine: I carry a Mophie Pack with me. A 20-minute charge of Glass will bring you up to about 20% battery. - Robert Scoble
OMG. Oracle pivots to Cloud and ropes in everyone! - clive boulton
Sweet. I have a mophie, but haven't used it on Glass - Francine Hardaway
coming from a wind tunnel - Kevin Marks
I just suggested to Google that they send Glass to the Space Station for some really good photos! - Alex de Soto
Borthwick: trying Digg Reader and liking the interface, but missing some effects - Francine Hardaway
People it's 118 in Phoenix - Francine Hardaway
Philadelphia 87 degrees and 67% relative humanity. - Alex de Soto
yes, francine, but you are indoors, I'm hoping - Kevin Marks
Digg Reader vs Feedly (both make transition easy) - clive boulton
Uh oh, I was just thinking of getting my son into Minecraft ... - Laura Norvig
I'll be indoors the rest of the day. Trapped! - Francine Hardaway
Oracle has bought every Cloud company on the planet - Francine Hardaway
Ellison, Bennioff, Ballmer in the hot tub! - clive boulton
Laura: Minecraft is safe. It's the videos on YouTube done by teenagers that are fun. - Robert Scoble
My daughter is lead cloud lawyer for Oracle EMEA - Francine Hardaway
They are sending her all over to train Oracle legal for cloud contracts - Francine Hardaway
Robert, I just meant I don't want him glued to the keyboard all day! - Laura Norvig
BBE Bennioff, Ballmer, Ellison in the NoSQL hot tub! - clive boulton
Couchbase, MongoDB and Neo4j - flyinthesoup
Salesforce is a long time Oracle DB customer - scott anderson
Tornado came from Friendfeed, no? - Laura Norvig
Yes, we're commenting using tornado here - Kevin Marks
post-LAMP - Kevin Marks
RIP LAMP - flyinthesoup
No one codes .NET unless forced. Ambient cloud era scalability needs small module development #Node #Erlang - clive boulton
usually still Linux, more nginx than Apache, NoSql instead of MySQL and Ruby, Node as well as Python Perl and PHP - Kevin Marks
Francine, tell us more about your take on Glass! - Laura Norvig
to start up - Ocean Cloud instead of AWS, Nginx to reverse proxy NodeJS nodes in a cluster, Meteor and you're very fast up - flyinthesoup
I've written a lot about it. I actually love it, but there's so much it won't do yet. Desperately needs apps - Francine Hardaway
or Heroku, flyinthesoup - Kevin Marks
Laura, for example, I can reply and retweet, but not originate a tweet - Francine Hardaway
Heroku has this websockets / long pooling hacks that buggs us - flyinthesoup
Cool, thx, found one of your posts - Laura Norvig
what good does it make to be ahead in time and still behave the same, building your OWN business ? - flyinthesoup
Are businesses going to re-surface cloud security fears now based on the NSA flap? - Laura Norvig
Glass says Salesforce was founded in 1999. - Alex de Soto
Intel spotted what Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft all missed Mashery - clive boulton
I think github matters more than mashery - Kevin Marks
Very insightful comments in chat today. - Robert Scoble
wish Keith's beautiful face was better lit - Tina Chase Gillmor
I like the mashery people they do good work, but API centricity over source centricity - Kevin Marks
Kevin: I agree and Github is running on OpenStack/Rackspace Cloud. Open Source FTW. - Robert Scoble
Github is more important than Stanford, Harvard and so forth - flyinthesoup
Posit Neo4j matters more than GitHub to business polystore - clive boulton
Cute tweet I saw from @holman: "I'll just go ahead and admit it: the NSA has had access to all of the open source code on GitHub for years." - Laura Norvig
was Salesforce supporting IndieCamp ? - flyinthesoup
SMBs don't use GitHub. - clive boulton
no, not a sponsor, though I think Heroku should - Kevin Marks
I want Digg Reader to have more features immediately - Francine Hardaway
I don't have Digg Reader yet. Hook me up, John - Kevin Marks
sounds like - Kevin Marks
i agree with the architectural point of view you presented for DB engines Kevin - flyinthesoup
I've resigned to Feedly - Da
The Truth Is Out There, Keith - Moe Glitz
gah, ustream just messed with me right when I was engrossed. - Laura Norvig - yes. Except SMBs need simpler UX - clive boulton
BTW, very few people do BYOD where I work. Amazingly, some businesses still use desktops a fair amount. - Laura Norvig
this is only relevant if you want to have more offline data use Keith, and this is a use case in extinction now - flyinthesoup
depends on the kind of business, true - Kevin Marks
yeah, we've been having mysterious drops in stream. not sure why. nothing has changed here. - Tina Chase Gillmor
I love the idea of data filtering up from the grass roots to central instead of top down - Francine Hardaway
true dat - clive boulton
device centric is relevant to deploy geolocation apps that monitor geofences for instance - flyinthesoup
Tina, np, it's back. Francine, but how do data conflicts get resolved? - Laura Norvig
not likely? - Tina Chase Gillmor
at work, we're getting 800 ~6 yo Windows XP desktop PC's replaced with newer Win 7 desktops in the next few weeks - Da
you'd be better of finding better stuff to feel and do with your time than expecting to be and reach everyone instantly anytime robert - flyinthesoup
Theyll be resolved later if they filter up from the edge, Laura - Francine Hardaway
Where does innovation come from in the enterprise? The culture is still top down in most orgs. Exceptions like Google are rare. - scott anderson
Da so much for the 2-yr upgrade cycle - Francine Hardaway
yeah. Saw dozens of new Dell boxes at local college all Windows 7 - clive boulton
i like your concepts Keith, but they become empty without a clear use case - flyinthesoup
6 years replacement cycle takes us to Windows 11 - clive boulton
plane going over - Kevin Marks
flyinthesoup - yes, agree - Keith Teare
It won't be too long before the cloud is actually an overlay network of webrtc connected devices. - Todd Hoff
not hearing any interference here - Tina Chase Gillmor
there is a bassy air conditioning noise - Kevin Marks
There is a low-level set of noise. Kevin, can you mute your microphone when not speaking? - Robert Scoble
I'm muted right now, so I know it's not me. - Robert Scoble
I'm muted, it's not me - Kevin Marks
Keith? - Kevin Marks
Wacky. Must be. Or maybe John. - Robert Scoble
our WinXp boxes run our customized native program well, but apparently the web-based interface we're moving to is slower in XP than 7 - Da
I feel so sorry for people who are locked into 2007 code and systems. :-) - Robert Scoble
Google is doing a pincer movement with Packaged Apps shim on top of Windows - clive boulton
very good point Kevin, but still a forth and back fight of it's mine or yours when it's everybodys matter - flyinthesoup
If truth is in my email, will Google Now look for it in spam folders? Sane Later? - Francine Hardaway
there are more important use cases than the hectic business exec lifestile projected into app features - flyinthesoup
In my case, it doesn't know enough yet. But it does Auto Enhance for me - Francine Hardaway
And it won't crop for me. I need a cropping tool. I am not accurate pointing Glass, or it's taking too wide a field - Francine Hardaway
yes, flyinthesoup, hence the indiewebcamp ideas - Kevin Marks
the end result of this thinking is all the analytics and stupid functionality mirroring WallStreet bloomberg tickers into every SiliconValley apps - flyinthesoup
the drones are gonna automatically pick their targets - Da
Francine: Google+ has a Crop Tool. You just have to poke around a bit. - Robert Scoble
yep Kevin, definitely yep - flyinthesoup
the difference between an activity stream and a bloomberg ticker is that it collates multiple sources - Kevin Marks
Francine: Help with photo editing in G+ - Alex de Soto
What? No Tina Gillmor? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Facebook even with 1 billion members probably jumped the shark. Compare revenue sources to Google, Amazon, Salesforce... - clive boulton
I know G+ does, but Glass doesn't, and if I share from Glass I can't crop. I can barely caption because it shares so quickly - Francine Hardaway
I don't follow techcrunch and gigaom, I follow om and alexia - Kevin Marks
Francine: Right about the caption. Way too fast! - Alex de Soto
Francine: yup. I usually wait to share until I get home for just that reason. - Robert Scoble
Me, too, Kevin - Francine Hardaway
it'll estimate how late you'll be - Kevin Marks
it's better to use less cars than develop this algorithms - flyinthesoup
I know exactly how late I'll be with caltrain, unless someone jumps under the train - Kevin Marks
we'd be better of being more tollerant rather than seeking extreme predictability or precision - flyinthesoup
we will never be satisfied this way - flyinthesoup
Seattle needs less cars plus algorithms, we have egg-timer bottle necks every direction - clive boulton
deploy sensors everywhere- the internet of things, and let them talk to each other - Da
Da: right. That's happening slowly on some fronts and fast on others. - Robert Scoble
Da: that's an example of where we have a taste of the future and it'll take some time to get to the promise of it. - Robert Scoble
why dont you go in the way of the popcorn project with the Digg reader ? - flyinthesoup
APIs are great. - Murray Macdonald
why sticking with this very RAW reader aggregation model when all that matter is what Steve's been talking about for months @mentions ? - flyinthesoup
The Gillmor Gang: The show with more Brits per capita then any other ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
I hope there never is a single winner. Getting your news/info from one source is problematic. I want to get my news from multiple independent sources. It would be great if multiple sources included a single identifier for the content so that I can filter dupes from multiple source. - Murray Macdonald
The people you care about curate the best you'd be better of knowing, right Steve ? - flyinthesoup
+1 Brit in chatroom - clive boulton
Open Standards for Sensors, Email, Messaging, Notifications & Apps, through the Cloud. - Moe Glitz
Clive... at least - Tina Chase Gillmor
I don't like Flipboard. Never have. I want a more streamlined experience. - Francine Hardaway
The visual presentation in Flipboard is nice but a list view with lightning-fast refresh is a must too. - Alex de Soto
Open Standards + Selective Sharing - clive boulton
That's what I want, Alex de Soto - Francine Hardaway
time to offer up names for the show - Tina Chase Gillmor
And what Borthwick is saying is why I like Digg Reader - Francine Hardaway
Yeah, but I think the visual representation is what makes Flipboard Flipboard. It's gonna be hard for them to go with a list, although on the web I see signs they are heading that way. - Robert Scoble
...and be creative!!! ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
How about RSS is Dead, Tina lulz - Francine Hardaway
Feedly's list view is OK. I'll have to check out Digg. - Alex de Soto
How do you balance the allure of Flipboard magazines that give you the info you want with the necessary discovery of important news on the typical front page of a newspaper that you need? - Kevin Bryan
The MOST interesting is what YOU are interested about and NOT what you GET as "most interesting" algorithmically - flyinthesoup
make the newspaper front page a feed - Kevin Marks
or even editorially - flyinthesoup
Tina.... moar ;-) - clive boulton
yes fly, which is why each of us resharing is important - Kevin Marks
Flipboard is much more attractive on bigger screens (aka: tablets) rather than smaller ones (mobile), IMO. I really struggle to use it on my iphone. Can't wait for the web version. - Nir Ben Yona
Show name: "RSS Resurrection" - Alex de Soto
iOS notifications are proprietary. We need a cross-platform open standard. - Murray Macdonald
The Cloud in Your Pocket will not be devalued - Kevin Marks
iOS notifications are weak - Kevin Marks
I thought Makerbot was $400M - Murray Macdonald
I ordered a PrintrBot 3D printer - Francine Hardaway
Kevin, I miss London - Francine Hardaway
html5 notification spec is getting there - Kevin Marks
Robert $50 tablets is great to push education, but we also need where to sit, food, internet access, the ecosystem... - flyinthesoup
When is the next show? - Murray Macdonald
Murray: sorry, you are right! - Robert Scoble
PubSubHubbub could be the new sugar - clive boulton
Still no Glass in Canada... :( - Murray Macdonald
Murray: hopefully next Friday but not sure. - Robert Scoble
Kevin, it's been a greta talk, thanks - flyinthesoup
Thanks, Robert. But I probably have too many dogs for Steve - Francine Hardaway
Good show, gentlemen - Francine Hardaway
Thanks everyone... I hope to watch the first 3/4 of the show once it gets posted. - Murray Macdonald
Stratasys who bought makerbot also owns Objet which is an even better 3D printer. - Murray Macdonald
Francine - I have a friend who is moving to London (outer Londen area) with her young daughter. Maybe an into with your daughter? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Thank you everyone - Tina Chase Gillmor
Great farewell to Google Reader by Kevin Fox - Laura Norvig from iPhone