Steve Gillmor
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Waiting for call... - Robert Scoble
evening all - Nick Halstead
Just a few more minutes. - Robert Scoble
who is on tonights show? - Nick Halstead
Nick. Arrington. Kevin Marks. Steve Gillmor. They are trying to get Seth Goldstein on. - Robert Scoble
Still trying to get everyone on. - Robert Scoble
Hang out a couple more minutes. - Robert Scoble
Here we gooooooooo..... - Robert Scoble
Up.. good.. looks good. - Kevin Costain
John Tauschek, too. - Robert Scoble
I see Robert's TeetDeck buzzing away.. haha - Kevin Costain
Is all of the music listed in ping shown with just a preview? Are there any full-length tracks there? - Kevin Costain
They don't have a built-in network... they have a user base that are not connected - Ankush Narula
They have the network of iChat users and Appel Mail users... - Kevin Marks
Kevin: I wonder if any of those user will care to connect to each other? Who out there actually "Lives" in iTunes? - Kevin Costain
yeah but that's quite pre-social - many ichat users users use AOL accounts and users have address books - which is what they're telling us to use anyway by inviting people by e-mail - Ankush Narula
I use iTunes to sync my iOS devices, and occasionally to buy music. I don't think that's going to change - Rob La Gesse
Robert: and there's no status updates! - Ankush Narula
Genius is still processing. - Arnie Klaus
On the bright side. Apple Ping is already monetized. - Alex de Soto
Personally I think is the only proper music social network... it matches people based on scrobbled songs/libraries rather than who you know. Most of the people I follow on Twitter and Ping are tech folks who I probably don't have huge musical overlap with. - Ankush Narula
Arrington + Priority. .:) - Kevin Costain
Alex: good point - Ankush Narula
Arrington can donate to The Rackspace Foundation - - or to any other charity of his choice - Rob La Gesse
Rob: good idea. - Robert Scoble
Microsoft Marketing: Windows Phone Series 7, "Doesn't Suck Completely" - Ankush Narula
you can only comment on musics that Apple has for sale, so no Beatles discussions on iTunes - Kevin Marks
I'm checking out Ping myself.. .. - Kevin Costain
no, not going to give rackspace money. incentives aren't aligned. Scoble, sent you an offer. - Michael Arrington
Mike - that's why I added, "Or any other charity" :) - Rob La Gesse
Michael: incentives are pretty aligned anyway. If I don't keep you happy I don't keep Rackspace happy. :-) - Robert Scoble
Microsoft has no phone advantage in the enterprise - Francine Hardaway
honestly, rackspace pretty much screwed us. ain't going to happen. - Michael Arrington
daughter who works for public company is on iPhone bec. they gave her a choice - Francine Hardaway
Scoble: but if you want me to donate whatever we agree to to charity, i'll do that instead, fine. - Michael Arrington
Michael: huh? Rackspace is still hosting much of your business and is sponsoring Techcrunch Disrupt. - Robert Scoble
What is going on Mike and Rackspace? - Francine Hardaway
there is no mob anymore Mike! - Nick Halstead
its only us! - Nick Halstead
Francine - we moved to them based on promises of them keeping us live and oh boy did they flail. This rackspace cloud is a joke. And it really hurt us. - Michael Arrington
Ouch - Ankush Narula
Oh boy, Mike. Ouch. Is Rackspace THAT bad? - Kevin Costain
Robert - oh, they're sponsoring disrupt! then i take back everything i said. I LOVE RACKSPACE. lol. - Michael Arrington
Michael - let's not air dirty laundry in public - especially since it is impolite for me to enter the debate. Sites like serve millions of simultaneous connections without issue. - Rob La Gesse
what i love is that our sponsors, like rackspace and microsoft, are fine with me trashing them sometimes. respect. but rackspace cloud is a huge pile of fail. - Michael Arrington
Robert - Is that a Substrata iPad case? - Alex de Soto
Rob - actually, go ahead and air it - truth matters, if it was more on our end, I'll stand corrected. - Michael Arrington
aren't they screwing their app developers? - Xenophrenia
great article about Flipboard -> - Nick Halstead
Xeno: why are they screwing developers? - Nick Halstead
Mike - I am not even interested, actually. We serve over 100K websites on our cloud. And it is growing. You had a bad experience, for a number of reasons. The reasons aren't important anymore. BTW - most of your sites are still on Rackspace Cloud, in case you didn't know :) - Rob La Gesse
Rob - I'm trying not to take "I am not even interested, actually" as representative of the whole problem we had with you guys. - Michael Arrington
Robert - Why does Steve think 'twitter' is going to absorb us? - does he mean buy or build something betteR? - Nick Halstead
they are forming their own apps and cutting off all 3rd party - like ect - Xenophrenia
That was targeted to having a public debate, and nothing else. I am VERY interested in the actuality of what happened. - Rob La Gesse
WRONG - Nick Halstead
we are doing it right - Nick Halstead
Rob, fair 'nough. - Michael Arrington
Another week without Datasift..Nick when you going to let the cat out of the bag? - Jim Posner
Nick: Is the alpha open? - Ankush Narula
@jim - sorry the team are lazy - Nick Halstead
@jim seriously though - to a small number of developers - we will open more and more over coming weeks - Nick Halstead
Nick, can you tell us what the impact on traffic/usage has been since Twitter started competing with you? - Michael Arrington
ok thanks Nick..watching my email closely :-) - Jim Posner
I can yes - Nick Halstead
I am typing :) - Nick Halstead
yes we lost 20% at first - but we have continued to grow, twitter growing even faster, the whole point was to make the 'whole' ecosystem grow faster - Nick Halstead
This show would be much better without Gillmor - Kenny
Ev says that he is going to starting filtering tweets around events..that should be interesting - Jim Posner
we never a penny from buttons - Nick Halstead
*made - Nick Halstead
but we made twitter grow - more links = more links for us to filter + sell the data for - Nick Halstead
Nick, lost 20% of publishers? of traffic? - Michael Arrington
button impressions per day - Nick Halstead
we didnt lose many sites in grand scale of things - Nick Halstead
were still at 220,000 sites - Nick Halstead
Let Nick join the call for crying out loud.. - Kenny
and growing - but the agreement was not to suddenly switch everyone from one button to another - Nick Halstead
Kenny: it's hard to add another person onto the skype machine. We'll have Nick on when he ships. - Robert Scoble
Alright, I guess I'll buy that...seems like Gillmor is, well, being his grumpy self - Kenny
Twitter is planning on tracking all clicks and shutting off access by other url shorteners - they are setting the precedent that 3rd party developers are eventually going to be cut off ... isn't that liability in some ways for Twitter? - Xenophrenia
@kenny lol - Nick Halstead
Kenny: that's why I love him. :-) - Robert Scoble
Steve is great - I wouldnt be up at 10pm in UK to listen if he didnt have deep thoughts - Nick Halstead
I guess he's ok...I don't listen to ever show but when I do its for his guests and topics - Kenny
Steve is like a magnet - you are either attracted to him or repelled by him :) (love you, Steve!) - Rob La Gesse
lol - Kenny
I'm both - Michael Arrington
Mike: Get an iPhone ;-) - Ankush Narula
I LOVE STEVE,but then, I love many people! - Francine Hardaway
ah com'on!! - Kenny
Hey Robert - Great video with Smugmug - Kenny
Thanks Kenny! I love those guys. - Robert Scoble
Thanks for the show guys!!! - Kevin Costain
Yeah, great site and they seem like cool people...hope you get to go on the shoot of the Golden Gate - would love to see that video! - Kenny
Cant wait for Datasift. And I never switched to the Twitter button:-) - Francine Hardaway
@Nick we're not lazy ;-) - Chris Alexander