Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
hello Gillmor Gangers! - Tina Chase Gillmor
hello! It's great to see the Facebook Page. - Michael Roberts
Hey tina!! are you running the gillmor gang facebook page? If so great job so far! - Matthew Voshell
I'm back and MotoX Just arrived. - Robert Scoble
I need two minutes... - Robert Scoble
MotoX 8 processor ux for $199 (2 yr contract) - clive boulton
I'm ready and waiting for the call. - Robert Scoble
I was surprised to hear the MotoX doesn't ship with latest version of the Android OS (if that is true). I guess Motorola and Google are still figuring out how to work together. - Michael Roberts
Brett from Quip still going to do the show? - J.C. Bouvier
Michael: I'm not shocked. I'll explain why on the show. - Robert Scoble
Matthew Yes - FB page is my thing. Thanks - Tina Chase Gillmor
Bret is on board - Tina Chase Gillmor
Quip taking another bite out of Office - clive boulton
KK tx Tina. - J.C. Bouvier
skype launching now (slowly) - Kevin Marks
Hey everyone. Feels like the good ol' days with Bret Taylor around ;) - Nir Ben Yona
ok Kevin we'll bring you in - Tina Chase Gillmor
thanks Tina - Kevin Marks
Love Quip. Quip layouts are responsive / adaptive. - Alex de Soto
Friendfeed slip :) - Ahmet Yükseltürk
Still working on finding a project to use in Quip, but so far, like what I see in iOS and OS X. - J.C. Bouvier
How do you disable emails for messages on Quip. - Nir Ben Yona
my teen-age son was working on a project last week, unfortunately Google Docs wasn't up to the task. He downloaded it to Word - Da
google docs has a chat sidebar too, just hidden by default - Kevin Marks
Nir: cogwheel on desktop - Kevin Marks
I used Quip last night but not interactive part. Looking forward to that - Tina Chase Gillmor
Kevin: Thanks! - Nir Ben Yona
Throwing this out there; Unfortunately I was part of the latest layoffs at Aol; If anyone has advice/connections for me to check out in the DC metro area, let me know! - Matthew Voshell
@Robert... are you going to confuse "OK google glass" with "OK google now" ?? - Matthew Voshell
i just loaded Quip on my GNex.. - Da
The Quip checklists are also dynamic. Nice! - Alex de Soto
Quip loaded on iPhone...iPad coming up - Tom Guarriello
Brett looks a bit like Prince William, no? - Tina Chase Gillmor
how much is real content creation done on PC vs tablets? - Da
@Mathew Accumulo (and Sqrrl) gaining traction - clive boulton
Never seen the Prince in a baseball cap! - Tom Guarriello
Brett often wears stanford cap - clive boulton
Yeah, but IF Prince William wore a baseball cap.... - Tina Chase Gillmor
Quip needs the web version - Da
...oh, I got that, Tina! - Tom Guarriello
prince william baseball cap pic: - Kevin Marks
Good one, Kevin - Tom Guarriello
@Kevin... LOL - Matthew Voshell
Bret makes a lot of sense... Apple iwork in the icloud is missing collab; google docs is missing formatting; - Matthew Voshell
Been using Quip for the last two days on my ipad, LOVE it! - Christian Burns
gDocs has as more formatting than Quip at the moment. - Kevin Marks
Quip does the limited formatting much better - Christian Burns
Good get, GG - Tom Guarriello
Medium is not in the same space as quip Scoble - Christian Burns
Kevin: Once a Quip doc is agreed to it could be sent for formatting elsewhere. Limiting formatting and keeping it simple makes it nimble. - Alex de Soto
I want HTML export - Kevin Marks
integrate lists, checklists, - Christian Burns
Yes, Bret has been a nice friend of our show - Tina Chase Gillmor
As Google begins providing email services for organizations, adoption of their other services, including G Docs, is increasing. - christina sponselli
My tablet sits in a dusty corner, not mobile at all. My GNex fits in my pocket, goes everywhere, could use a bit larger screen but still pocketable. My desktop is where i'm at when not on my GNex - Da
Inane FTW, Keith! - Tom Guarriello
Sometimes our products pivot for us - Tina Chase Gillmor
Keith Teare, I just did a selfie on - Francine Hardaway
quip is built well on iOS, and can be made to match on android. Design wise a great iOS release should be the priority - Christian Burns
thank goodness my picture didn't scroll by on - Charlie Isaacs
As a writer, collaborative writing is like making herds of camels - Francine Hardaway
Android app works OK, just missing editing of the doc. - Kevin Marks
There's way too much money around, is there not? - Ludwig Ederle
See how polite I am, not mentioning this to Bret: - Kevin Marks
I liked Robert's point -- hi-tech rockstars are worth the $15-$20M just like basketball players and baseball players; very few people have the skills to build a successful startup, build a team, etc. - Charlie Isaacs
Learning a lot from SoMo convo -- ERP needs this (at least ux of it) - clive boulton
Fidelity? Word? ahahahah - Kevin Marks
You are a true gentleman, Kevin - Tom Guarriello
we read screenshots of text on facebook. it works for 98% of uses. - Christian Burns
From what I've seen of user behaviour, it seems time and again people like things that are simple to understand and to use these tools in simple ways (to start) that seem natural to them and then as time goes on, people want more complexity. - Michael Roberts
Disrupting Word - me in 2007: - Kevin Marks
putting together a picture slideshow for a high school reunion. Looked up Prezi, went with Powerpoint - Da
Keith, look at how Twitter got "highjacked" by users - Tom Guarriello
Prezi isn't good a picture slideshows; Flickr is - Kevin Marks
Wish you would have said something, Kevin. Of course he couldn't answer - Francine Hardaway
Its called daydream - Christian Burns
the reunion is on gonna be a boat cruising the bay - Da
Prezi makes me dizzy - Francine Hardaway
ah, fair enough. Powerpoint reasonable then. - Kevin Marks
it is actually project manegement Keith - Christian Burns
Prezi is hard to use in a real presenation form; its just zooming in and out and is hard ti workon without a mssive screen - Matthew Voshell
Word processing is a term the enterprise knows - Francine Hardaway
I want a motoX - Christian Burns
Google Now the future of Google Search on Mobile - Moe Glitz
I will say, MotoX is the first androind i'd consider; What is the build quality like Robert? - Matthew Voshell
dealing with ideas and documentation in small comapanies, google docs has worked well for my employer. - Christian Burns
Is Scoble's Glass going to be jealous and angry when Robert keeps saying "Ok Google NOW" instead of OK Glass? - Charlie Isaacs
so is motox able to watch for NSA keywords? - Christian Burns
@Robert can you trigger aything from your google glass? - Matthew Voshell
so if its in my pocket will it turn off the camera? - Christian Burns
will motox remove the age lines from my face when I take a selfie like botox will? - Charlie Isaacs
could it buffer an hour of recording audio for when a cop violates the constitution? - Christian Burns
Is it on the Nexus upgrade path? - Matthew Voshell
Yes, Charlie, they showed that at Google IO - Kevin Marks
And is it locked to your specific voice? - J.C. Bouvier
This business of Android versions not all being the same has been seen as a negative competitive factor v. Apple but it does reflect the speed of Android hardware development - Tom Guarriello
safe word - Christian Burns
it adapts to your voice, so it is specific to you - Kevin Marks
conversation between motox and glass -- "let me do this Robert" "no, let me do this Robert" "my resolution is much better Robert" "oh shut up motox, i'm closer" - Charlie Isaacs
Google is pushing Google Now real hard through Moto X, as their Search future relies on it - Moe Glitz
because it is google - Arnie Klaus
What other sensors does it have? - Ludwig Ederle
Charlie, video conferencing fix bad hair feature? - clive boulton
my girlfriend, Razr>S1 now S3, saw the MotoX youtubes, is pretty excited. (but it doesn't have the highest specs!) - Da
Hi gang - Rocky Barbanica
Would anyone switch away from iphone to MotoX ? I'm not seeing why I would want this. - Michael Roberts
that means Scoble owes $200k - Rocky Barbanica
clean android will work well for a long time. My galaxy nexus verizon is still great, two apgrades later - Christian Burns
MOTO X is like Iphone, its in house - Arnie Klaus
Google is slowly training us to give commands to our future robot assistants. And we will welcome these overlords. They will always be listening, watching, sensing. "Computing everywhere." - Alex de Soto
don't forget Chromecast - Tom Guarriello
What's bad about that? - Ludwig Ederle
"your heart rate went up slow down" - Arnie Klaus
Guy just posted "Top Ten Things I Like About My Moto X" on his Alltop site - Charlie Isaacs
And enable Google to smarten up their ad network. - christina sponselli
Scoble and I are going to Australia tomorrow - anyone gonna be there ? - Rocky Barbanica
"She's calling again" - Moto x - Arnie Klaus
Apple's Siri and Maps were hardly polished. - Alex de Soto
Plenty of Australians - Ludwig Ederle
what are you doing here in Au, Rocky? - Hilary Talbot
"Ok Google Now, optimize my AdWord campaign..." - J.C. Bouvier
Robert: does that mean those that use Google tools like Glass and MotoX now will have a better experience in 2 years than those that buy-in two years later? How much of the learning is saved and how long will Google need to train these devices to meet your needs? - Michael Roberts
polished like Apple Maps - Da
Eventually Google would like Google Now to produce Search Commerce on Mobile - Moe Glitz
same with Chromecast, far from perfect but directional - Tom Guarriello
Rocky! Why are you not taking me to Australia? Why, why, why? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Have a great time Rocky! Melbourne? Sydney? both? - Charlie Isaacs
See my post on things that are far from perfect: - Francine Hardaway
Freaky now, like Robert says, but will become normal fast - Tom Guarriello
So what other sensors does it have to react or act on context, Robert? - Ludwig Ederle
Hi ROcky - Francine Hardaway
Hilary - going to meet our new AU Staff, AU Startups - renting a Harley and exploring .. - Rocky Barbanica
I can't get my chromecast because freakin' kevin bought them all - Charlie Isaacs
Yeah, well Guy is paid pretty well by Moto - Francine Hardaway
Polished is tired and boring. Throwing it up against the wall advances innovation - Da
Hi Francine !! Miss u honey - Rocky Barbanica
I cant wait for my google watch. - Christian Burns
yes, I hear you Francine, that's why I didn't post the link :) in case anyone wants to go see it - Charlie Isaacs
that's cool, Rocky, hope you have a great time. There's lots of ground to cover! - Hilary Talbot
polished iPad retina screens- supplied by Samsung - Da
Sorry, Tina - the list is long and distinguished - u are already on it ... BUT, I haveNO say on that decision - Rocky Barbanica
the reason Robert's webcam is shaky is because Rocky isn't holding it for him - Charlie Isaacs
One good x-integration will shift the paradigm - "You are driving over the speed limit and you are sweating too much" - Arnie Klaus
Hey rocky - Christian Burns
oooh. Smach down - Tina Chase Gillmor
Scoble is the noisiest person of all - Kevin Marks
Charlie - we're starting at Sydney and reacting from there - Rocky Barbanica
Scoble is right though. I put dog photos in his Glass, I'm sure. Unless he turned me off his notifications - Francine Hardaway
maybe scoble could build a robot that aggragates top stuff and add it as a person. - Christian Burns
Scoble's brand: Noisy and Freaky! - Tom Guarriello
Cat photos reduce my heart rate - Thanks glass - Arnie Klaus
awesome, Rocky, weather will be cool but clear this time a year, hopefully not much rain - Charlie Isaacs
that's just wrong, Charlie - heheh - Rocky Barbanica
I miss you, too, Rocky. - Francine Hardaway
I can recommend accommodation my sister runs, Rocky: - Kevin Marks
How long is your visit, Rocky? - Hilary Talbot
oh wait - I read it wrong - Charlie is RIGHT :-D - on man... - Rocky Barbanica
Don't think Moto X has buried Microsoft or Blackberry - Moe Glitz
Hi Christian ! - Rocky Barbanica
Biofeedback - Arnie Klaus
that's surprising, I'm usually wrong :) thanks Rocky, safe travels - Charlie Isaacs
Someday I'd like to stay at your sister's place, Kevin! - Hilary Talbot
Tom - still is unique and effective - Rocky Barbanica
their talking about Visicalc now, earlier today we heard about Wordstar for IOS -- Quip - Charlie Isaacs
they're - Charlie Isaacs
i needed grammar correction on that last one - Charlie Isaacs
talk to me, Kevin - off line ok ? - Rocky Barbanica
7 days with Rackspace and 4 personal days - Rocky Barbanica
Apple ][ didn't ship with a compiler. Just sayin. - Murray Macdonald
We have been early adopter since 1980 - Look at the pile! - Arnie Klaus
Murray: pedant! :-) - Robert Scoble
I'm going to Saigon next week without a laptop - Francine Hardaway
I'm going to the shower without my mobile!! - Arnie Klaus
tablet w/ a bluetooth keyboard = laptop - Da
Wish someone back-fits laptop design with location awareness (apple's coasting) - clive boulton
I waited years for a compiler. That's why I moved to PC. - Murray Macdonald
Long enough to get a taste, Rocky. The Blue Mountains close by are beautiful. - Hilary Talbot
Still too many specialized tools for me to dump a laptop + I'm still 2x as fast on the laptop vs. the iPad Mini...but def want to slim down from my 17" MacBook! - J.C. Bouvier
Most Mobile Users from either the Apple, Microsoft & Blackberry camps want to hold and feel their Mobile Device. Where's the connection in leaving your Mobile on the table and talking to it. - Moe Glitz
Most people on this call are using desktops. - Murray Macdonald
perhaps they'll just turn your tshirt into a mini computer that's solar powered, and all the devices hang off of that. such as the phone, sunglasses ipad etc. - Michael Roberts
going to the Singularity - Da
OMG Scoble removes his Glass -- captured on video - Charlie Isaacs
Do you have to use "Navigate" as the command? - christina sponselli
How many of you are watching this on Mobile? (not laptop) - Murray Macdonald
we're using desktops 'cos they hold the camera still - Kevin Marks
Steve is gonna make us all cry - Tina Chase Gillmor
my son is using the chromecast to play music in the other room - Kevin Marks
Steve, we have all had those experiences - Francine Hardaway
Is anyone watching this on mobile? - Murray Macdonald
Rockmelt? does anyone care? - Tina Chase Gillmor
It means we need proper representation in congress - Christian Burns
Yes, Murray. Phone - Francine Hardaway
watching on chromebox and imac - clive boulton
Good buy on Rockmelt! - Arnie Klaus
OK - everyone take a Jack Daniels Shot ... on 3 --- - Rocky Barbanica
Friendfeed password reminders don't work in chrome. - Murray Macdonald
Marissa's getting lots of meh about Rockmelt - Tom Guarriello
Robert: indeed and if 10 million people use that device you've got great predictive health data to prevent an imminent issue. - Michael Roberts
THREE - Rocky Barbanica
If Rockmelt is a startup, I'm a teenager - Francine Hardaway
Heheh. - Robert Scoble
Poor Rockmelt... - J.C. Bouvier
name for show? We covered a lot of territory - Tina Chase Gillmor
glug, glug, gulp! Done Rocky! - Alex de Soto
Rockmelt had a lot of browser and social expertise that will be useful for Marissa. - Robert Scoble
marissa mayer loves to shop - clive boulton
clive: heh - Robert Scoble
How about Moto Quips, Tina? - Tom Guarriello
Francine... What phone? - Murray Macdonald
Exactly. Rockmelt was very interesting - Francine Hardaway
YES !!! With ya Alex - Rocky Barbanica - Tina Chase Gillmor
how do you access it on the iphone, Francine? - Hilary Talbot
UStream app, Hilary - Francine Hardaway
Ah! Thanks - Hilary Talbot
just free associating, Tina - Tom Guarriello
ALMOST - we need TINA - Rocky Barbanica
I bought a Nexus 7, I'll get a retina Mini. All my foster grandchildren will get my old tablets this year. - Francine Hardaway
Go Tina! - christina sponselli
Yeah, right Rocky. I think you've got it covered! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Facebook closes above $38. - Nir Ben Yona
Tina, so sorry I didn't get to see you - Francine Hardaway
With u it grows exponentially - Rocky Barbanica
The Show.. - Rocky Barbanica
Right. The weakness of Google docs is mobile - Francine Hardaway
I was late to the party, how did you all connect on quip? - Christian Burns
And what powerusers everyone is now - Tina Chase Gillmor
the strength of quip is mobile - Christian Burns
hope everyone has checked out our Facebook page. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Track FTW!! - Tom Guarriello
likelihood marrisa sows Yahoo buys into the oscar de la renta of user experience... - clive boulton
Everyone resisted MS Passport Login, but willingly go with Twitter, FB and Google logins - Murray Macdonald
GG ROCKS - no question - Rocky Barbanica
Quip will need to build out Apple Pages-level formatting features to really own cloud docs. Google Doc's lack of precision on formatting is one of the main reasons I avoid using it. - J.C. Bouvier
I still miss Mike - Christian Burns
gDocs on tablets is great - Kevin Marks
and Jason - Christian Burns
Oh, pffft, missed the show again - wait, you guys are still talking? - Laura Norvig
that was a great show -- nice mix (literally and otherwise) - Charlie Isaacs
So why are you guys not my friends on quip? - Christian Burns
Another fun, valuable GG. Thanks Steve & Tina - Tom Guarriello
30 times a year - Rocky Barbanica
I got scoble and drew oliof - Christian Burns
Have a good weekend all...tx for the show. - J.C. Bouvier
Travel safe, Scoble - Tom Guarriello
is Drive on iPhone not good at editing? Not tried it. - Kevin Marks
Cant wait to hear the entire show on monday - Christian Burns
Excellent show! Thanks and safe travels to Rocky and Robert. - Alex de Soto
Love all the talk about Quip. Love that Bret actually came back to Friendefeed just to post about it - Laura Norvig
Thanks everyone. - Murray Macdonald
Merci. Great show. - Michael Roberts
Awesome - peace OUT ! - Rocky Barbanica
and that loads of turkish people commented,Laura - Kevin Marks
OK, was Tina being facetious about a Facebook page? - Laura Norvig
thanks everyone. this show is always a pleasure. chat is greaaaaat - Tina Chase Gillmor
Yes, hilarity ensued from the Turks! - Laura Norvig
Thanks! In the past few years, since I've been managing pages for nonprofits/projects, and using it for professional development, I don't hate Facebook anymore! - Laura Norvig
since I'm not a developer, I wouldn't hate them for the same reasons ... I do still hate how frequently they change features and specs for page managers, but as a regular *user* I don't hate them as much, because I'm deriving actual value from deep conversations there. But that is just about community. Their "group" functionality has made it frictionless for an important community I belong to to connect with one another. If we didn't have Facebook, we would do it somewhere else, but FB stuck because we are all on there for work everyday, I think. - Laura Norvig
Very poetic post, though, thanks. "Facebook is like a kindergarten run by child molesters." Not mincing words there. - Laura Norvig