Steve Gillmor
HI there - Kevin Marks
hey Kevin. Hey everyone! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hi Tina! Gonna be a fun show today. - Robert Scoble
Ah, this is what it's like in the GG Green Room, eh? - Tom Guarriello
here - Keith Teare
Tom: yeah! :-) I guess we'll talk about Samsung today, huh? - Robert Scoble
Or we could talk about how Windows 8 is sucking air. - Robert Scoble
Or we could talk about my drunken escapades at SXSW. - Robert Scoble
Samsung? Did they do something this week? lol, that Radio City show was really cheesy! - Tom Guarriello
Or we could talk about the death of Google Reader. - Robert Scoble
Or we could talk about Facebook's new News Feed. - Robert Scoble
No Google Reader jokes! I'm still in mourning... - Tom Guarriello
Or we could just sit around and stare at each other. :-) - Robert Scoble
Tom: I stopped using it in 2009. You gotta come into the future eventually. :-) - Robert Scoble
Actually, as long as Reeder survives, I'll be fine. - Tom Guarriello
I tell ya the new Facebook news feed blows away most things for me now. Can't wait for everyone to get it. - Robert Scoble
You're funny, Robert. I can't do the research I to do with all that noise on Twitter, etc. I've got plenty of filters with lists, etc., but nothing beats reading those feeds in one place. At least not for me. - Tom Guarriello
Tom: the Flipboard Cover Stories does that for me. That is getting better and better. - Robert Scoble
But Facebook's new news feed is definitely eating into my reading time. By the way, you try Prismatic? That's rocking too. - Robert Scoble
stand by folks. Onboarding Gangsters now - Tina Chase Gillmor
I'm with Tom - Keith Teare
Downloaded Prismatic but haven't dug in yet. Same with, which looks very classy, Keith. - Tom Guarriello
Thanks Tom. Lots more to do.. but OK so far - Keith Teare
Hi Robert. Glad to see you back and in one piece from SXSW - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina, standing by waiting for Skype call. - Robert Scoble
almost out of the gates - Tina Chase Gillmor is the Skype Version I'm running. Hopefully it all works. Updated this morning. - Robert Scoble
robert do you see us acalling - Tina Chase Gillmor
Version for me - Keith Teare
Robert: So with such a terrible Samsung launch are you still going to switch? Does anyone care that the launch sucked when it comes to buying the phone? - Michael Roberts
Finished setting up my profile, Keith. - Tom Guarriello
So, the breathing is too loud, but the potato chip crunching is hunky-dory?! - Evan Prodromou
Or you talk about how all these fake viral videos (like the recent pepsi ad) are getting tiresome. How long before people get tired of it and the hit count drops. - Michael Roberts
The chewing... - Tom Guarriello
Steve just checked out which Beatle glass he's drinking from - Tina Chase Gillmor
Think it'll be that reliable, Robert? - Tom Guarriello
The Samsung photo features were very cool. - Murray Macdonald
Google glass is a great toy right now, but I suspect it will take a gen. 2 before I'd drop a real phone. - Michael Roberts
Robert: I don't get it, do you have a special eyeglass lenses prescription for the Google Glass? - Nir Ben Yona
Samsung did that last year with with their WiFi direct photo sharing... - Murray Macdonald
When you consider that the Nexus 4 requires no contract, the competition gets even stronger. - Murray Macdonald
I suspect apple will catch up on all the specs, but the problem for apple (at least in Canada) is android phones are cheaper in terms of plans than apple, and as Robert says google glass connecting better with android phones matters. - Michael Roberts
Strongly Disagree... - Murray Macdonald
Samsung has done touchwiz UI for ages too - Kevin Marks
Robert's got a green screen behind him today. maybe next time i'll surprise him with an exotic background - Tina Chase Gillmor
Apple is still leading for now with Bluetooth LE. - Murray Macdonald
you can type with one hand on an android phone with swiping - Kevin Marks
The Google Glass IS pretty damn good. I think it'll shock a lot of people. - Robert Scoble
Nir: there will be prescription versions of Google Glass when it ships. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Gotcha! - Nir Ben Yona
eye detection in the browser: - Kevin Marks
I think the technology is advancing so fast, features are not as important as carriers, ecosystem, and connectivity to other devices. For now I'll stick with apple, but in a year maybe if google glass matures, and one cannot easily connect to google glass with an iphone, maybe getting android might matter. - Michael Roberts
Photos faster than your iPhone... Quad core - Murray Macdonald
I have a Samsung refrigerator - Tina Chase Gillmor
That's what MS said 4 years ago - Murray Macdonald
android shipped face detection in Ice Cream Sandwich; Samsung is just using it: - Kevin Marks
We have Samsung Washer and Dryer and you can use an iOS app to check for trouble. ;) - Alex de Soto
can I use my phone to check my frig to see if the milk is bad? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Google sponsored openCV while apple didn't. Computer vision developers are very pro google - Murray Macdonald
Please invite your friends to watch our live show - Tina Chase Gillmor
tina Mitch Wong says stream is down: - Kevin Marks
Darn, I have to watch the show later. Have to catch Cuban blogger @yoanisanchez now speaking at NYU. Enjoy the show folks! - Alex de Soto
Steve: you were all about screen res when the retina came out. Now that Samsung is in the lead your story changes. - Murray Macdonald
oops dropped out down to audio - Kevin Marks
the better screen changes all the time, today samsung, tomorrow apple, next week, someone else. It will ebb and flow all the time. I agree with Gillmor. - Michael Roberts
he's gonna blow today. I can feel it - Tina Chase Gillmor
the samsung phone has 4 times as many pixels as the iPad Mini - Kevin Marks
Kevin will you mute your mic? Your breathing sucks. - Robert Scoble
surely it blows - Kevin Marks
Speech recognition on Android is significantly better than iOS. This will be increasingly important as we get into wearables. - Murray Macdonald
I have tried Prismatic. It's okay, but I like Feedly better, and it will let me switch easily from GReader - Francine Hardaway
Does Camera Upgrades really matter, when Instagram lives on crappy pics - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Name droppers - Francine Hardaway
<eye roll> - Evan Prodromou
Stream your video to others over Wifi Direct. The idea of people having to look at your screen is wrong. - Murray Macdonald
Murray I was just thinking that - Tina Chase Gillmor
Apple could make an iPod Touch Maxi. 6 inch screen - Moe Glitz from iPhone
I'd never swtich to Android because of Samsung, I'd switch because android's ecosystem becomes so strong with their google apps and glass integration. google apps and glass would be the only reason I'd switch away from an iphone, never for the phone itself which to date has never been as slick as anything apple has created. - Michael Roberts
stream video into their glasses - Kevin Marks
Kindle fire HD? - Frank Paynter
iPad mini is 1024x768 Galaxy 4 is 1920x1080 - Kevin Marks
why not carry it around. It's not that big - Tina Chase Gillmor
Having joined late, I apologise if you've discussed this topic, but what's your take on Samsung trying to move away from Google Android? Yesterday, it felt like Samsung is building dependence on Samsung branded software, so when they are ready with Tizen (or other alternative), they can switch without damage. - Petr Faitl
I take my regular size iPad with me everywhere - Tina Chase Gillmor
HTC One is also 1920x1080 - Kevin Marks
The google ecosystem is already excellent. Gmail, Google Maps, Google Earth, turn-by-turn, Google Drive, etc... - Murray Macdonald
+1 Murray - Frank Paynter
Motorola will release one that size soon too - Kevin Marks
Kevin: And so does the Sony Xperia T. - Nir Ben Yona
not even google thinks motorola is building competitive phones - Ludwig Ederle
Murray: I agree, but I think like many who have invested in Apple, it would take something like a google glass to be the tipping point. Clearly that's the case for Robert. - Michael Roberts
Still waiting for the 7" Samsung Note - Frank Paynter
Is there a Google product that has changed the game as much as Android in the last decade? In fact, since Google Search? - Evan Prodromou
Nice that Dan is back in the tech fold but his bandwidth needs help ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Then they'd better find a word for it besides "third half" - Francine Hardaway
It seems crazy to frame Android as some kind of sinking ship. - Evan Prodromou
Google glass... how to walk into lamp posts without hardly feeling it. - Frank Paynter
Third eye? - Kevin Marks
Third eye is perfect Kevin - Francine Hardaway
andy rubin is just tired of running android, he wants to build new cutting edge stuff - Ludwig Ederle
nothing to do with android/chrome os - Ludwig Ederle
Jeff Huber going to Google X too is interesting - Kevin Marks
Robert: that's clearer, thanks. - Evan Prodromou
Keath: I agree. I think if google really started to tightly integrate their apps with android, glass etc. the way apple does, I think would be amazing. - Michael Roberts
The Smartphone Market has peaked. Rubin knows this - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Talk phablets - Frank Paynter
Google glass/wearables/ okay fine bye - Frank Paynter
these new 5" 1080p phones are phablets - Kevin Marks
Is 5" big enough? - Frank Paynter
talk online, whether mobile or desktop or glass is not important, content and context is important - Ludwig Ederle
No joke - Frank Paynter
only 5''? @Frank :) - Ludwig Ederle
Seven or eight inches is the form factor that I find most comfortable but I'm in the senior citizen demographic - Frank Paynter
I think Dan's right on - Tom Guarriello
Right: the focus should be the mobile operating systems for both apple and google - and everything else hangs off that. - Michael Roberts
Chrome of Android is already excellent. - Murray Macdonald
Hoot APPLE LEADING THE WAY!!! Can I quote you? - Frank Paynter
it is on 4.0+ yes. they need to backport to 2.3 too - Kevin Marks
Buying NeXT was hardly open-source. - Murray Macdonald
FreeBSD was open source. Webkit is - Kevin Marks
Google Glass needs something to use as a base station, it will either be a phone or a tablet - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
honestly I think the iPone size ( iPhone 4) is getting to be too small of a form factor sor me. May be my advancing year - Tina Chase Gillmor
Chrome Pixel - Tom Guarriello
When Google looks over their shoulder they're not looking at Apple, they're looking at Microsoft. That's a better quote. - Frank Paynter
Why not make the android OS run on the desktop. The base is android. - Michael Roberts
All comedians want to play Hamlet... - Tom Guarriello
Michael: Android already runs on your desktop if you install the emulator. - Murray Macdonald
you can apparently run android on the chromebook pixel - Kevin Marks
They're hedging. Why bet the farm on one platform? - Murray Macdonald
Murray: I guess what I'm saying is why have an emulator at all. If you notice IOS and OSX more and more they look the same to the point where IOS is changing OSX more than the other way around. The same strategy could apply for google. - Michael Roberts
Heads up display like the US military aviators have used for a couple of decades needs to find its way into the marketplace. So it goes. - Frank Paynter
Having touch on the Chromebook Pixel is not competing with MS; it's just covering holes, and making sure bases are covered. You don't want someone else sneaking up on you and delivering a nice touch laptop experience and leave you in the cold. - Kevin Bryan
running Android or Ubuntu on a Chrome Pixel: - Kevin Marks
Thanks Kevin - Frank Paynter
These OS are just front-ends to the cloud. The cloud is stickier than a front-end client. Clients and client OSs will come and go while gmail and other cloud apps will persist. - Murray Macdonald
+1 Murray - Frank Paynter
These cloud/HTML only machines are VERY secure. They may find a market in the enterprise. - Murray Macdonald
Compute in the cloud is the only way to do Computer Vision and Machine Learning for the next 5 years. - Murray Macdonald
Chromium was the only OS not taken over at Pwn to own - Kevin Marks
Right now, Apple is chasing Market Gaps in their Product Range. Bigger Smartphone Screens. Mini Tablets. Budget Overseas Phones. Tim Cook is taking Apple back to the pre Steve Jobs era, too many splintered products - Moe Glitz from iPhone
you can do some vision clientside - Kevin Marks
Keith: I agree, and the trend seems to be this UX experience is getting to be incredibly important. - Michael Roberts
Glad it has no cell radio. That will significantly help the battery life. - Murray Macdonald
Google has patents on eye tracking... It would be hard to compete without it. - Murray Macdonald
L.L. Bean has a wearable tech shirt in the works - Frank Paynter
Barcodes are passe. Computer Vision will recognize the object before you can touch it. - Murray Macdonald
At last Google has found their Holy Grail. Eyeball Advertising right in your face! - Moe Glitz from iPhone
"It was rumored that hackers for big media companies had figured out a way to get through the defenses that were built into such systems, and run junk advertisements in your peripheral vision (or even spang in the ... middle all the time - even when your eyes were closed. Bud knew a guy like that who's somehow gotten infected with a meme that ran advertisements for roach motels, in Hindi, superimposed on the bottom right-hand corner of his visual field, twenty-four hours a day, until the guy whacked himself." - Kevin Marks
Try taking your gloves off in -10 on a chairlift. Oops dropped one... - Murray Macdonald
Thank you Neal Stephenson - Frank Paynter
I think we are winning at first world problems here - Kevin Marks
boomers want things *now* - the next generation may reject all of this instant access and return to a more in-the-now experience - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I agree with Dan that this is beginning of the wearable computing. Apple will respond to Google at some point as well as others. The question is how far ahead is Google? - Michael Roberts
Google Glass in casinos? I don't think so - Tina Chase Gillmor
Casinos that aren't online? For how long? - Murray Macdonald
While cycling more than driving - Kevin Marks
SXSW is the only use cse for many apps - Francine Hardaway
Let me put in a plug for Leica ultravid 8x20 - Frank Paynter
Attention Surplus Disorder... that's the show name - Tina Chase Gillmor
What you see is what you get - Frank Paynter
very handy as a motorcycle rider - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Robert, bring Steve into the future: Google Glass! :) - Kevin Bryan
Steve: Get an old school dedicated car phone. - Murray Macdonald
+1 steve... not our demographic - Frank Paynter
I already use audio turn by turn on android while cycling - Kevin Marks
Vibrating seats. - Murray Macdonald
I'm interested in Google Glass. But really dont know what it's going to be like in praticum - Tina Chase Gillmor
I'm crying nerd tears for Google Reader right now. I use it every day! - Kevin Bryan
It probably won't understand me any more than Siri does - Francine Hardaway
We used eye-tracking to shut down kiosk displays when people look away 4 years ago. Also shut down the screen if someone was looking over your shoulder. - Murray Macdonald
I'm furious about Google Reader - Francine Hardaway
Reader in Glass - killer app - Kevin Marks
those brain cells are floating - Tina Chase Gillmor
Seriously pissed off about Reader - Tom Guarriello
it's not that people have shifted from RSS it's shifted from RSS *READER* - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Yes, and that's because I don't get all the health care feeds, or all the world news from Twitter feeds - Francine Hardaway
RSS is still there and present - it's the reader that has been removed - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Anyone using Google Reader right now, try out Feedly. It migrates data very well with Google Reader info. - Kevin Bryan
There are LOTS of RSS readers. - Murray Macdonald
Kevin B I did - Francine Hardaway
+1 Murray Macdonald - Kevin Bryan
@Francine cool! - Kevin Bryan
I am too limited by getting all my news from Twitter and FB even with the number and types of people I follow - Francine Hardaway
I live in Reeder daily - Tom Guarriello
We need open feeds and flexible (user-controllable) filters. - Murray Macdonald
It was sooooooo fast for me to read - Francine Hardaway
Focusing on Google Reader simply to consume feeds is short-sighted. There are 6,142 recipes on right now and many other people use it as plumbing for other functionality. - Mark Krynsky
NetNewsWire - Tom Guarriello
Yes, Mark. I have several IFTTT Reader recipes - Tom Guarriello
Right, Kevin Marks, I depended on Google search to give me news - Francine Hardaway
Remember Yahoo Pipes? 475 results for Pipes using Google Reader - Mark Krynsky
this is great news for the Activity Streams folk IMO - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Superfeedr is ready to do that - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Reeder is a nice skin for Reader's crawl on desktop and iOS devices. - Tom Guarriello
Thank you Kevin Marks for explaining why Reader was so dominant and useful. - Kevin Bryan
Filter in the cloud. Use notifications when something changes. Polling is a non-starter. - Murray Macdonald
Activity streams could get rebooted by this yes. Also Pubsubhubbub - Kevin Marks
the difference is reader is public streams primarily - Kevin Marks
Track, FTW! - Tom Guarriello
anyone publish/curate using ?? - Frank Paynter
Activity Streams would be a welcome reboot Kevin. - Mark Krynsky
Open sourcing or cloning of the Google Reader API that becomes distributed would be nice too. - Mark Krynsky
Filtering and machine learning can solve that problem. You need to merge RSS, Email, Social Streams, SMS into a single filtered feed. - Murray Macdonald
the mobile devices have higher res screens than the laptops we were using in 20005 - Kevin Marks
Exactly, Steve. - Tom Guarriello
I've played with Frank...but I've decided to go with Rebelmouse for that functionality - Mark Krynsky
+1 Murray - Frank Paynter
Thanks Mark... I haven't looked at Rebelmouse.. will now - Frank Paynter
Keith Teare, I'm with you. Robert, I hate the Flipboard interface. Distracting - Francine Hardaway
if borthwick can add Readability to digg+bitly... - Kevin Marks
That's why I called this Google Reader move fratricide. - Tom Guarriello
Smaller niche blogs will suffer. My blog still gets much referral traffic from Reader and Feedburner - Mark Krynsky
Smart filtering needs to be a cloud service, not something managed by each respective feed. We all need to merge our feeds into a single targeted feed. - Murray Macdonald
Flipboard is great to read, but I can't sort through 150+ news articles at a glance in Flipboard. Only Google Reader. - Kevin Bryan
Everything is pushing us small bloggers away... - Mark Krynsky
OPML -- that's right - Francine Hardaway
you can still get OPML out of reader - Kevin Marks
Maybe dropbox will take this on now that they bought Mailbox - Michael Roberts
I agree... great show this week. - Frank Paynter
Thanks for not talking about TV shows. :) - Murray Macdonald
Didn't talk about the beatles though - Frank Paynter
That was Marco Arment's point, Kevin. Competition will grow from the Reader murder... - Tom Guarriello
Will the Pope get a wearable? - Murray Macdonald
It's in the shoes - Frank Paynter
Feeds and SEO are becoming less important and becoming good at finding how to promote through social media has become critical so that you are funneled into the "new" news feed. - Mark Krynsky
frank - but Steve is drinking out of his George Harrison glass - Tina Chase Gillmor
Good. That way people can write their own filters. - Murray Macdonald
+1 Tina - Frank Paynter
It's all about the #hashtag now :) - Mark Krynsky
Comments on Facebook hashtags? - Murray Macdonald
In line social ads... see everybody at the Indian Wells Art Festival 4/6-7? - Frank Paynter
I joined late...but think you guys were talking about wearable computing. The quantified self was a huge hit at SXSW...I wrote about it - Mark Krynsky
+1 Robert's comments. - christina sponselli
GTG - Kevin Marks
bye all - Kevin Marks
Bye Kevin - Tom Guarriello
Bye Kevin. - Mark Krynsky
+1 Steve - Francine Hardaway
Bye Kevin - Francine Hardaway
Sorry Kevin. Bye - Tina Chase Gillmor
Bye Kevin - Frank Paynter
Twitter is mostly a notification stream. real info doesn't fit in 140 characters. You need to follow the link. - Murray Macdonald
Britta filters! - Frank Paynter
Good conversation, GGers - Tom Guarriello
Thanks everyone. That was a good show. - Murray Macdonald
Good show as always. Thanks everyone. - Mark Krynsky
Thanks. Good show. - Michael Roberts
Bye, Robert. See you on your blog. :) - Kevin Bryan
Great show. Thanks. - christina sponselli
Aren't social feeds are the junk food of the information world? Full RSS feeds are good wholesome organic food for the soul. - Todd Hoff