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is this where the chat room takes place? - Michael Anderson
I think it usually is. - Daniel W. Crompton
It would be interesting to hear from this group about the problems with the ACA Website. Media has been giving this a lot of attention, and I'd like to hear from guys who know understand what it takes to build and operate data heavy websites, and "high-member" websites. Amongst all the other things that will be talked about. Just a suggestion/interest - Dale Lature
+1 Dale's suggestion. Story about the IT contractor, - christina sponselli
+1 Christina 's link. Reading it now. Very interesting. Just tweeted it - Dale Lature
Yes, this will be where the chat is. - Robert Scoble
Robert, are you going to LeWeb in Paris? - Ludwig Ederle
Dale: I don't know enough about the ACA Website and why it isn't performing. Generally there's a lot of problems when governments are involved. First: why didn't they bet on cloud like every other startup? - Robert Scoble
Robert: I thought of that same thing. Ezra Klein was saying that it was a back end problem, which the cloud would have been a big help in preventing overloads, etc. - Dale Lature
Medical companies are not based in the cloud. They have old, legacy systems that feed ACA. What are the rules around HIPPA and the cloud? Lots of implications. - Eric - Final Countdown
yes, I will be at LeWeb. At Web Summit in Dublin, too. - Robert Scoble
Eric: ahh, yes, the good old HIPPA. But you can do cloud with HIPPA, probably not private cloud, though. - Robert Scoble
I'm sorry, public cloud. - Robert Scoble
Great, looking forward to it - Ludwig Ederle
Need a driver in Paris :-) ??? - Ludwig Ederle
First question I'd ask: did you load New Relic when you setup your infrastructure? If not, why not? That tells me an organization is setup to fail when asked to check in lots of code. - Robert Scoble
Second question: what kind of testing are you doing from the start? - Robert Scoble
Third question: How are you dealing with complexity and committees? - Robert Scoble
As a govt contract i can answer the ACA questions; Simply put everything is bid out; more often the lowest bid is selected (which isn't always the best work). second there is an air of general paranoia around information security and considering the strangle hold that cisco/microsoft has on fed govt through long contracts they often find contrators to make work what already exists instead of finding the best solution and applying that. - Matthew Voshell
about to bring up another fabulous Gillmor Gang live recording session - Tina Chase Gillmor
Matthew: good points. - Robert Scoble
welcome and standby - Tina Chase Gillmor
interesting from WaPo article: "Others point fingers at the Department of Health and Human Services, which took years to issue final specifications, preventing CGI from really getting started until this spring." - Dale Lature
but in the end... it comes down to the govt wants to wait until all bug have been found and want complete control for the sake of security over all systems... - Matthew Voshell
And Silicon Valley rock stars are NOT going to work on jobs like this. - Robert Scoble
this is often a 10 year lag... some parts of the govt still back up to tape becuase it works, why change it to save money... - Matthew Voshell
Matthew: yeah, when I hit that it makes me ill. - Robert Scoble
Hi everyone :) - Charlie Isaacs
change and govt dont go well with each other.. they deal in trust and what they know.. the govt is esentially yhay farmer that still using dial up becuase its cheap and it works... - Matthew Voshell
Happy Friday GG... - J.C. Bouvier
Anyone else using the newly updates ustream app in iOS? Yay Ads! - Matthew Voshell
Medical Information requires a high level of privacy and security. Cloud probably represents a security problem. It seems the ACA vendor has major server architecture problems, not just traffic or a "glitch". Still this isn't rocket science. They just need to follow best practices. - Murray Macdonald
don't worry everyone, the BART negotiators are heading back to Washington and they are going to help fix the ACA Website next; maybe I should tweet that :p - Charlie Isaacs
What website/project is this ACA thing? - Ludwig Ederle
No video yet? - Daniel W. Crompton
There was a nice talk by one of the people who were involved and the ACA is merely a portal into numerous other systems from 8 r 9 different gvt entities and state groups; not an easy task either... and yes HIPAA plays a big role too - Matthew Voshell
Ludwig: Affordable Care Act; Insurance exchanges - Dale Lature
YES IM SMILING... - Matthew Voshell
why am i not surprised you have an osterich pillow - Matthew Voshell
Salesforce really did send that. - Robert Scoble
Unlikely Cloud companies without a complete industry focus on HIPPA can do ACA exchanges. Thus reversion to on-premise - clive boulton
audo/video sync is off on iOS... anyone else? - Matthew Voshell
Amazon AWS won a massive CIA cloud contract.. its happening.. slowlt - Matthew Voshell
Robert's hair is a mess now. Makeup! Makeup! - Charlie Isaacs
Apple event? - Matthew Voshell
Twitter opened up DM - christina sponselli
14% of how much? Holy market cap... What's driving that growth? - Murray Macdonald
HTC going in the dumps? - Matthew Voshell
Wife gets the Mini. - J.C. Bouvier
What do people think about Bezos? he's been getting alot of articles latley - Matthew Voshell
What do they do once everyone has a decent tablet? - Murray Macdonald
Rumors HTC working on Amazon phone - clive boulton
Its all about the Services - Moe Glitz
HTC needs SOMETHING... but they are slipping bad apparntly.. LG got a nice bone on the Nexus 5 - Matthew Voshell
Ha, nice @Robert - "the two wrist strategy..." - J.C. Bouvier
its called the stranger.. - Matthew Voshell
+Scoble in his Dream Helmet: - Charlie Isaacs
Why doesn't Apple buy a personal robotics company, the companies are using iPads as controllers. - clive boulton
Re: VP APPL retail - particularly a rather stylish female...Hell's bells Martha... - J.C. Bouvier
all i wear is my shine and never have the need to "show off" i just want something fucntional i can't break.. - Matthew Voshell
Damn straight brand matters... - J.C. Bouvier
Fashion matters to some people... Not all. - Murray Macdonald
That's a scoop #iWatch - Nir Ben Yona
iBody - Moe Glitz
I'm hoping Apple will leave the iWatch in a bar soon so we can get a sneak peek - Charlie Isaacs
The Louis Vuitton wrist band? - Murray Macdonald
Don't forget the ankle! - Scott Jordan
apple never makes something just to make it, it has to be functional.. Ive said that at the 5S event.. so what does it do more then a watch? I would think it HAS to be operational on its own - Matthew Voshell
I just pre-ordered the new Fitbit Force - Charlie Isaacs
Hello. - Darren
Sorry but I don't buy the fashion only argument for the one wrist - that's silly - some people wear watches for utility - Ankush Narula
I have the Fitbit Flex. Don't really use it. - Nir Ben Yona
@Robert.. thoughts on Nexus 5? - Matthew Voshell
I need to know which wearable health-o-meter I should get - Tina Chase Gillmor
What was that Robert? - Darren
Fashion comes, fashion goes, then it comes back again. Will 1st gen watches collector's items? The Newton of the future? - Murray Macdonald
I jsut read an article on Verge that Google is hemeraging massive abouts of money with motorola... How do they fix it? Cuase i really like the Moto X but cant pull the trigger - Matthew Voshell
@Tina.. Get the Misfit Shine.. Francine has one too and she loves it saying, "i wear it on my bra". haha its cheap and battery last 4 months - Matthew Voshell
Burberry plaids on the iWatch band? - Alex de Soto
The wrist thing doesn't work very well for people in colder climates - Ankush Narula
here's the new iPhone after Angela, +Alex and +Murray - Charlie Isaacs
How do you wash the shirt ! - Scott Jordan
"Does this sensor make my butt look big" +Tina Title for the Gang today :p - Charlie Isaacs
Ankush: cool, how many people in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, or Los Angeles are "cold?" - Robert Scoble
Wrist as battlefield. Picturing tiny little people and companies duking it out on my wrist. - Amyloo
Burberry is a very sheik small niche store.. intresting they would pick her.. - Matthew Voshell
the only thing that came across clearly was the F bomb :) - Charlie Isaacs
I'm in DC and its FREEZING in the winter.. - Matthew Voshell
I have to say, I love that the Gillmor Gang still exists. It hasn't changed in all the years I've been listening. Including FriendFeed. - Darren
What enterprise manufacturing / crm software does Apple run? - clive boulton
@Darren yup - Daniel W. Crompton
All visible tech is fashion - Keith Teare
WhatsApp Doc? - Moe Glitz
Bluetooth Studs - Alex de Soto
Not all good fashion - Keith Teare
Beautiful in Seattle, foggy cool nights, sunny afternoons - clive boulton
There will be multiple watches within each ecosystems. Like cars there will be mainstream products and specialty brands. - Murray Macdonald
Fashion is cyclical.. like most everything - Matthew Voshell
Earrings as ear sets to boot? - Arnie Klaus
Robert: Except for LA, when it's cold outside - the utility of the watch decreases immensely - I'm speaking from experience of using a wearable on my wrist in NYC - it's not comfortable - it's actually more awkward than just having a phone as a display - the wrist is a good place for a sensor - but not a screen - Ankush Narula
Doc wants to wear Low Power Boobtooth devices - Charlie Isaacs
Why did robert get quiet when he said that? lol - Matthew Voshell
Because they're nutz. - J.C. Bouvier
Those are color band parties.. each color means you'll do something - Matthew Voshell
Blue Glass, Red Glass - Arnie Klaus
No but that's the argument @John, Apple as a luxury brand is fashion; hence the hire. - J.C. Bouvier
the new 49ers Levi stadium will have something to tell you where the short bathroom lines are right? - Matthew Voshell
If you're a Yankees fan it gives you an electric shock while you're in Philly. - Alex de Soto
We need to get some folks on here who're < 40. Robert is the only one who knows what he's talking about. - Darren
Stop winding up Robert John :-) - Scott Jordan
iBooty - Moe Glitz
Maybe they just want quality materials? - Matthew Voshell
Ha ha... - J.C. Bouvier
Yeah - but it makes Robert give the best content - John Taschek
People are stupid... a person is smart - Matthew Voshell
Pretty much only coding with two screens now, doco on one, code on the other. Windows kills my flow. - clive boulton
then keep it up john - Ankush Narula
Let's crowdsource our health trends too - Arnie Klaus
Not all fashion is function - Tina Chase Gillmor
The idea that people are questioning there isn't a huge market for adding context to your surroundings including people who may be relevant is crazy. - Darren
I love Scoble getting wound up - Daniel W. Crompton
Is it all about winning the market? - Murray Macdonald
When you can't wind the watch anymore you wind the wearer. - Arnie Klaus
ha ha ha. - J.C. Bouvier
+Arnie hahaha - Daniel W. Crompton
Robert + Tech Fashion = Passion - Nir Ben Yona
Yes! Wear that thing. - Murray Macdonald
Why doesnt it work on its own just with less features than a phone persay.. that would make more sense and get people using it.. just like the ipod was the entry point for iphone - Matthew Voshell
OUCH - J.C. Bouvier
Landfill in 5 years. - Murray Macdonald
Wearable Devices will win in the Enterprise but not the Consumer Marketplace - Moe Glitz
What would they do? Can you bluetooth and vibrate them? - Matthew Voshell
Are the old guys watching the bus drive by? - Arnie Klaus
hello! - J.C. Bouvier
Project Dumbway... - Aron Michalski
The biggest market will be us the Baby Boomers monitoring our body , we all want to live for ever - Scott Jordan
And the word was god. - Arnie Klaus
Sucks - Arnie Klaus
Responsive technology is good intent, rough to read - Arnie Klaus
It's responsive! - Alex de Soto
@keith its much cleaner - Matthew Voshell
I want to see a heads up display of Scoble's blood pressure during the show... - Aron Michalski
I'm pretty sure this chat is in a web page Mr. I Don't Do Web Pages :-) - Ankush Narula
Responsive is the thing here - Arnie Klaus
Running I want a wearable, pace, call home, but don't want to carry my phone. - clive boulton
the new site will resize to fit your device - Charlie Isaacs
Thats a hige issue the mashable... i love the design and the content but the performace is garbage.. - Matthew Voshell
Aron: I always have low blood pressure. - Robert Scoble
I hardly ever go direct to Techcrunch anymore. Twitter first, then Flipboard. - Moe Glitz
Slice the CSS into whatever shape - Arnie Klaus
How about devices that fit to the content, that might be much better - Ludwig Ederle
Like e.g. - Ludwig Ederle
Twitter's DM change big win for brands. - christina sponselli
And not a word about Salesforce been down this week. - Nir Ben Yona
I want Twitter to increase the following/follower ratio. Not everyone I follow is equally active. - Alex de Soto
Techcrunch mobile app kils me, the ads load so slow i go to click on an article and i end up clicking on the ad that pops up.. its awfule - Matthew Voshell
if his BP gets to a certain number, the show has to change topics... - Aron Michalski
IM got a sex change into iMessage/What'sApp/Hangouts - Matthew Voshell
But that's a violation of multiple terms of service... - Murray Macdonald
Feedly update is pretty awesome - Da from Android
The problem is that there is no cross platform solution - Ludwig Ederle
@Kieth has it on the nose - Matthew Voshell
@Ludwig Quassel makes an attempt, but is ugly - Daniel W. Crompton
Isn't the firehose that message bus? - Darren
Twitter DM will it be a separate App eventually - Scott Jordan
Sounds like they'll split up the direct message stream into a different app? - You beat me typing Scott! - Alex de Soto
The Twitter Bus will live for a long time... Safe to develop on. - Murray Macdonald
I never use it.. it sucks.. people stick with one platform and not 20.. though i imagine someone will release a client to merge all IM platforms into one - Matthew Voshell
DM was the most broken feature on Twitter. It's confusing. @Robert, they've currently removed the ability to DM links which reduces spam significantly while they "work" on it. - Darren
Greta minds Alex :-) - Scott Jordan
There's nothing good about messaging right now - have to switch between like 8 different clients - but you have to keep them all open/set to ping or you can't keep an ear to the rail. - J.C. Bouvier
Gonna take an audaciously awesome watch for me to stop wearing Casio G-Force - clive boulton
DM's are good for quick private communications with customers about customer service issues -- providing them with a phone number or an email address for private communications - Charlie Isaacs
Right and that's why I turned it on. - Robert Scoble
I've got a G-Force too! - John Taschek
Google Talk is Jabber - or at least Jabber friendly I thought... - J.C. Bouvier
DMs are so buried in the twitter app that it's difficult to use. - John Taschek
Facebook uses XMPP for FB Messages - Ankush Narula
@john is right.. messages allows you to merge jabber/aim/imessages; if you have one contact that has multiple platofmr IDs it mereges it into one contiguous conersation.. its awesome - Matthew Voshell
Cisco uses Jabber -- integrated to their UC, other #custserv products integrate - Charlie Isaacs
Adium used to take most IM's and put them in the same app. - Aron Michalski
Twitter might want to consider paid subscriptions - Nir Ben Yona
It's so comforting to know that Office is still dead. All's right with the world. - Denise Howell
@Matthew - which "messages"? - J.C. Bouvier
xmpp is still alive and is good as a behind-the-firewall comm layer - Charlie Isaacs
the app built into Mac OS Mtn Lion and newer; called "messages" it allows you to have multiple platform IDs for a single client and shows it in a single conversation - Matthew Voshell
Can Apple better Casio G-Force reliability and style TBD. - clive boulton
We still use Skype for IM at work. With the latest Skype update it sucks. - Alex de Soto
Dare I say the Google Wave idea of the conversation or the "message" as the portable unit - thought that was going to go LARGE... - J.C. Bouvier
If twitter had track back.... - Tina Chase Gillmor
Add cross-platform desktop sharing, to that. Skype and MS Lync are integrating now that both are owned by MS. - Murray Macdonald
Hotmail exclusive filter ftw, everything else goes to junk folder - Da from Android
Zendesk lets you make support tickets from tweets - Matthew Voshell
The Blood Pressure spikes and so does his voice... - Aron Michalski
@Matthew - yah, well the OS X.8.5 client blows behind any kind of firewall and Facebook had been broken last time I makes it essentially useless - but maybe I need to look again. - J.C. Bouvier
salesforce servicecloud creates cases from tweets, tracks via SLA's, assigns them in queues, provides a publisher to respond to customers - Charlie Isaacs
Saw Googler wearing the Samsung watch (its only smart watch I've seen) - clive boulton
@JC ive never had any of thoe issues; obviously if your enterprise blocks certain protocols it might be an issue - Matthew Voshell
+Scoble just noticed you took your number off your twitter description - Daniel W. Crompton
Taking support calls from tweets is baseline functionality now. It's what happens when there a DM to a person with a potential case in which there are no policies or workflows in place. - John Taschek
+Keith he's replied to all my mails - Daniel W. Crompton
He does respond to comments on facebook posts i will say that - Matthew Voshell
I hate e-mail - SMS/iMessage is best - Ankush Narula
Asynchronous vs Pseudo-Synchronous communications. - Murray Macdonald
ha ha. - J.C. Bouvier
Most enterprises wont trust company info on twitter servers though... - Matthew Voshell
Daniel: I clean my email every day - Keith Teare
can't stand baclog - Keith Teare
Give them gloves and ring the bell! - Matthew Voshell
What about the normal people? - Aron Michalski
ha. - J.C. Bouvier
Funnel it all into your CRM. Open tickets for everything. - Murray Macdonald
boy, everybody NEEDS this Friday. Geez... tense - Tina Chase Gillmor
+Keith recently I have become an inbox zeroer for the first time since I got mail - Daniel W. Crompton
@Tina Right? - J.C. Bouvier
Squeeky... - Aron Michalski
Old thinking, Taschek! - Tom Guarriello
NOBODY DMs BIG PHARMA!! - (joking) - J.C. Bouvier
this bores me - Matthew Voshell
My comment is not that it's *not* going to happen, but that there needs some basic fundamental policies in place for enterprise. - John Taschek
I SnapChat big pharma pictures of my ailments - Ankush Narula
Of course, John. Bustin' your chops. - Tom Guarriello
The user needs to merge and filter their inbound, but that's a violation of Terms of Service. - Murray Macdonald
What - you're amping me up, Tom? I thought my role was to amp Scoble up :) - John Taschek
Gotcha! - Tom Guarriello
Is it available? - Arnie Klaus
Somebody's got to do it - Daniel W. Crompton
Yes @John - understood - guidance for enterprise is mandatory - does HR deploy for SalesForce or from Comms? - J.C. Bouvier
Steve Jobs follower - Arnie Klaus
Is Ping the same as Hop? - Alex de Soto
@Alex Yes. - Nir Ben Yona
What does one get @Robert for christmas? Worst person to shop for eer - Matthew Voshell
didnt they rename hop = ping? - Matthew Voshell
Alcohol - Keith Teare
Scarves and ties for Scoble - John Taschek
Thanks all! - Alex de Soto
"It's a one ankle, two wrist, Prince Albert strategy man! Get w/the program..." - J.C. Bouvier
no, ping became hop - Keith Teare
Is ping available on the browser? - Todd Hoff
Same difference - Matthew Voshell
no, only iOS7 - Keith Teare
Keith - NO... Ping app (the Golf company) sued them. - Nir Ben Yona
I need goggles that warn other skiers to get out of my way - Charlie Isaacs
has everybody put their fists down, yet? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Facebook now requires use of privacy controls on each type of content shared. There’s no one-click opt out of Facebook to remain hidden (even for teenagers) or Graph Search. - clive boulton
Flexible OLD screens will enable some cool sports helpmets - Murray Macdonald
Keith - read here why Ping changed to Hop - Nir Ben Yona
I like your pricing ideas, Robert! 2x is not that big a stretch! - Tom Guarriello
this is pretty cool auto wise i keep thinking of getting one - Matthew Voshell
@keith there are tons! - Matthew Voshell
There's lots of stuff for bicycles - Ankush Narula
It's all starts with ODB][ or CAN to BLE - Murray Macdonald
Bike-deployed drones! - J.C. Bouvier
there are awesome wheel lights for riding at night so cool - Matthew Voshell
For sports, Garmin is the default - Da from Android
I like a good bell - Tina Chase Gillmor
Garmin has made a great pivot from in car nav to personal data applied to a map - John Taschek
on a bike - Tina Chase Gillmor
dingaling Tina - Charlie Isaacs
Garmin tends to be clucky... when i ride i have my misfit shine to track my workout and i have my phone on me with strava running to track my ride - Matthew Voshell
the new meta-cloud is called IFTTT - Charlie Isaacs
+1 Charlie - Tom Guarriello
Runkeeper is making an effort to have these systems talk to each other in the fitness world - Matthew Voshell
smart companies are building more and more channels for IFTTT - Charlie Isaacs
amazing how many channels there are now: they just added smartthings - Charlie Isaacs
Key vendors are doing all they can to stop that integration. Apple doesn't want interoperability. - Murray Macdonald
ANT+ ftw - Da from Android
Doc never fails to tie it together, whatever his fidelity is. - Aron Michalski
Track FTW! - Tom Guarriello
The only audit trail I need is an ability to DM engineering - clive boulton
My computer is running super slow right now but I cant reboot during a show ;-( - Tina Chase Gillmor
Any comments on the Nick Bilton backgrounder on the founding of Twitter and @Jack in specific in last (Sunday's?) NY Times? - J.C. Bouvier
Twitter is synchronous and asynchronous at the same time... - Murray Macdonald
What's the difference between "a" and "the" Keith? Scale? - Tom Guarriello
You have to be able to program your personal cloud. Anything less is like a fixed-function feature phone. - Murray Macdonald
Doc is synchronous and asynchronous at the same time. - Aron Michalski
Stephan hawkings joined the show - Matthew Voshell
Doc is doing the 8-bit style. - Nir Ben Yona
Yeah. - Robert Scoble
Have a nice weekend guys...a pleasure as always. - J.C. Bouvier
Tell Doc to start singing. It will sound like a kisha track. - Murray Macdonald
Steve mentioned Fidonet so Doc's connection auto-switched to 300 baud - Charlie Isaacs
Murray lol - Aron Michalski
Dodgers not dead yet. - Alex de Soto
IM will live forever. - Murray Macdonald
Facebook acquired Onavo. - Nir Ben Yona
Intel is going to start taking mobile marketshare. Their fab is amazing. Who can compete? - Murray Macdonald
Did you talk about Angela Ahrendts yet? - Tom Guarriello
IM is dead. I find it too interruptive - Francine Hardaway
they talked about Ahrendts, yes Tom - Charlie Isaacs
does the panel have any predictions for the apple event next week? - Matthew Voshell
how about Cory Booker's company Waywire being acquired by magnify? - Charlie Isaacs
Thanks, Charlie. Missed early part of show - Tom Guarriello
How about 3D Scanning? Occipital raising $1M on Kickstarter - Charlie Isaacs looks pretty cool. - Alex Olson
Robert you sound like an Israeli, not just a capitalist - Francine Hardaway
lol bluetooth nipple rings. Did I just hear that? - Alex Olson
I've just gone back to Basis for now. Checking it out again - Francine Hardaway
I likes the 8' Win 8 tablets - Da from Android
Alex: yes. :-) - Robert Scoble
@Alex I think it's Steve's new startup - Daniel W. Crompton
Cox is AWFUL they are in VA too.. very small - Matthew Voshell
Charlie: 3D scanning is fun, but the tech isn't that good. - Robert Scoble
@Francince ditto IM too interruptive (just ignore) - clive boulton
The Scoble BP cuff has legs. I'll watch the show with that in a sidebar. - Aron Michalski
Or could do that hangouts on air pilot soon? would love to try out the QA feature - Matthew Voshell
bluetooth nipple rings sounds like a great band name - Matthew Voshell
@Matthew right? ;) - Alex Olson
I'm down for beta testing the bluetooth nipple rings --who has the sign-up? - clive boulton
IDK but if you find it send me the link. - Alex Olson
Most people think they use tech for rational reasons, Steve. Your observation is what's going on beneath those reasons. - Tom Guarriello
push notifications? idk thats steve's default answer ha - Matthew Voshell
with the free market there is always going to be multiple channels.. like like multiple carriers - Matthew Voshell
You're asking for a Message Blender. - Murray Macdonald
Twitter is just the subject line of email. DM is just email. It's all just email done differently. - Todd Hoff
I love these end-of-show wrapups by Steve. It's like, OK I've listened to all this shit. This is what's really going on. - Amyloo
Why can I hear Doc Now? What changed? - Murray Macdonald
he shut down lightroom - Matthew Voshell
Camlistore personal store for your life? - clive boulton
Apple event on Tuesday. - Nir Ben Yona
Looking forward to CES. - Murray Macdonald
2013: the tee-up year - Doc
iOS 7 adoption 'much slower' than iOS 6, ad network says - Nir Ben Yona
changing of the guard... IBM may finally die and be taken over by companies like saleforce - Matthew Voshell
Nexus 5 woohoo! - Da from Android
Like paying to opt out? - Aron Michalski
Intel is on the rise. Tab 3 has an Intel processor. That's significant. - Murray Macdonald
Thanks for joining us! - Robert Scoble
and happy birthday Steve!!! - Charlie Isaacs
I just supported Fuse - Francine Hardaway
Have a great weekend. Full moon and eclipse tonight. - Alex de Soto
Human honey badgers here - Doc
Thanks Francine! - Phil Windley
Thanks all! - Daniel W. Crompton
Thanks Tina; bye gang. - Aron Michalski
Prefer Twitters adding communication features over Facebooks removing privacy features. FB approach comes across as self-serving. - clive boulton
I was saying at the end that bufferbloat may be the problem: . Jim Gettys or Dave Taht are authorities on it, and either would make a good guest, fwiw. - Doc
That was abrupt - clive boulton
Thinking my slow connection was in Doppler mode - clive boulton