Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
I'm waiting for the famous call. - Robert Scoble
Waiting for the cast...of the GG - Tony Stanislawski
Ready to go! - Ludwig Ederle
So who of you guys will be in Paris this coming Tuesday? - Ludwig Ederle
Tony we're waiting too. Heheh. I'm on, Steve and Tina are getting everything setup. I hear Doc Searls. Not sure who else will be on. - Robert Scoble
I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow. - Robert Scoble
Great, for the entire conference? - Ludwig Ederle
Robert et al: you gotta help me out decide: iPad Air or Mini Retina? Whatya think? - Nir Ben Yona
rerack... standby - Tina Chase Gillmor
No image for me. - Nir Ben Yona
My wife has air and I have retina...both are all comes down to screen size - Tony Stanislawski
The wrapper show - Tony Stanislawski
Tony: You're right. It's a tough decision. - Nir Ben Yona
Sorry, we are having trouble. When Steve starts speaking I can't hear him. - Robert Scoble
You all need a cocktail before this show... - Tony Stanislawski
I'll wait. - Francine Hardaway
HI Francine - Tony Stanislawski
Robert I get Glass and now you never where them....oh oh - Tony Stanislawski
Hi TOny - Francine Hardaway
Farber is freezing:-) - Francine Hardaway
18 degress here in MKE - Tony Stanislawski
5 degrees in UK - Scott Jordan
Robert you have to answer this question...Have you gone back fulltime to Iphone or are still with Andreoid. I got Glass and got the coupon to buy an unlocked Moto X for 350 - Tony Stanislawski
I have both but mostly am using iphone at the moment. - Robert Scoble
Thanks! But you are not wearing Glass as much either, going by public pics - Tony Stanislawski
Hi all. - Laura Norvig
Topsy is a puzzling one. $200 million is steep - Tom Guarriello
Topsy? They wanted firehose access to the data/ - Murray Macdonald
Topsy has some analytic tools. - Nir Ben Yona
I'm a little tired of Glass by now, and I only wear it for certain things. - Francine Hardaway
Toq looks cool. Love the idea of color e-paper. - Murray Macdonald
Francine just when it gets to the masses the geeks have moved on...:) - Tony Stanislawski
Beacons can broadcast to multiple listeners but can't handle multiple connections. The communications will have to go through the cloud. - Murray Macdonald
What I do not understand...Google and Apple make up and own the world - Tony Stanislawski
Based on BOD, Apple/ Nike might move into health diagnostics, consumer robotics. - clive boulton
yeah Ping - Tina Chase Gillmor
iTunes Ping - Nir Ben Yona
One more time...PING - Tony Stanislawski
John was dismissing it as the Ping social aggregator - Ankush Narula
Steve was right the Retina Ipad Mini is kller - Tony Stanislawski
I can't hear Steve - Robert Scoble
Beacons don't interact. They simply broadcast an ID. The apps have to interact. - Murray Macdonald
Murray's right. - Robert Scoble
we can hear everybody - Laura Norvig
I know. I dont' know why - Tina Chase Gillmor
I can hear John, but I can't hear Steve - Robert Scoble
Scoble: the topic is now drones. - Tom Guarriello
Robert swiitchin to drones - Tony Stanislawski
Mass Media not understanding technology...stop the presses... - Tony Stanislawski
Apple buys for PrimeSense & Topsy shows that they understand the future. - Moe Glitz
'Amazon CEO' Apologizes for Drones [comedy] - Nir Ben Yona
Whip it out and call the drone over - Tina Chase Gillmor
I say 'forget the $20 book, I'll keep the drone. - Doc
Dronenapping...good one, Doc! - Tom Guarriello
It was a cool PR Stunt for Cyber Monday - Moe Glitz
Good thing I got my drone this week:-) - Francine Hardaway
Just nod if you can hear me... - Tom Guarriello
We will need an Air Traffic control for low level Drones - Scott Jordan
I like how everybody looks dubbed. - Doc
Seems to be a lot of drones on GG - Moe Glitz
The Battery Life isn't 3 years, unless you're talking about a car battery. A 2032 lasts about one year. - Murray Macdonald
We are dubbed. What's up tiger lily - Steve Gillmor
francine - what kind did you get? I'd like to get one to do a flyover before the show - Tina Chase Gillmor
Rednecks gonna love drone shooting - clive boulton
I still think Amazon should build luxury housing around its warehouses... - Tony Stanislawski
Clive++ - Murray Macdonald
Robot smackdown: Google driverless car vs. Amazon drone. - Doc
The Drones future is for Media / Surveillance - Scott Jordan
Neighbourhood Drone bashing would become a national sport in the near future - Moe Glitz
I got a cheapie. A Parrot. The goal is to play with my five-year old and three year-old grandsons - Francine Hardaway
Schmidt says: driverless cars yes, drones no! - Tom Guarriello
Drones are cool. Bring them on - Murray Macdonald
Amazon treats their Warehouse Workers like Robots. - Moe Glitz
Ah, but Schmidt is himself a drone. Prove me wrong. - Doc
I'm terminally pissed at 60 MInutes. That piece on the night before Cyber Monday? - Francine Hardaway
Can't wait to get my mobile Gecko remote (from Kickstarter) w/ iBeacon capabilities. Gonna be fun to play with. - Nir Ben Yona
GPS + Bluetooth LE = very accurate targeting system for drones - Ankush Narula
And Charlie Rose is a dummy - Francine Hardaway
affirmative Doc - Moe Glitz
now I can't hear john - Robert Scoble
weird. I can hear Dan - Robert Scoble
I can hear everybody. Everywhere. All at once. - Doc
Doc, you've always made me laugh - Francine Hardaway
I have no-power gold teeth. - Doc
Robert.... I wish I understood the audio problem. I don't. just try to hang in there and we'll catch you up if you need it - Tina Chase Gillmor
Does this mean software is over? - Francine Hardaway
Cool, I'm hearing dan fine - Robert Scoble
Create the Future...Dan do yo mind if I use that...? - Tony Stanislawski
I recommend a book by Dave Eggers the "The Circle" Pub last month, for "The Circle" read Google, Facebook, Twitter , Fiction about the future of Social Media / Engineering . - Scott Jordan
Next week Lara Logan will interview Charles Bishop Weyland about the new David robot. - Ankush Narula
Think Apple will showcase Wearable Clothes alongside their iWatch Launch in 2014. I mean why hire a former Fashion Executive from Burberry? - Moe Glitz
Who's making the drone traffic rules? What happens when they crash on your house? - Frank Paynter
The last two feet have been handled by the USPS, Fedex, UPS, etc. Just saying. - Doc
Rockets - Tony Stanislawski
Apple's Wearable Clothes will be based in two areas. Sports Fitness and General Health. The iWatch will be the iMonitor for both. - Moe Glitz
UPS puts stop on my doorstep - Tony Stanislawski
Germany prototyped drone delivery in 1940: - Doc
He made an app - Francine Hardaway
haha - Ankush Narula
50 drivers carrying less packages...Robert - Tony Stanislawski
good one doc - Ankush Narula
No Uber in MKE - Tony Stanislawski
Local drop-box kiosks are the answer. If I'm not home drop the package at a neighboring kiosk where I can go pick it up. - Murray Macdonald
In UK eBay has linked with big Warehouse / high street operation Argos for collecting packages. - Scott Jordan
Ah yes, the Amazon V2 - Tom Guarriello
Murray: that might work but you don't need drones for that. - Robert Scoble
Data is power.... - Tony Stanislawski
the drone delivered packages need an invisibility cloak - Tina Chase Gillmor
Exploding drones would solve that problem. - Murray Macdonald
Good show..behind on DVR - Tony Stanislawski
almost human - good premise - weak execution - Ankush Narula
Frank: the FAA is gonna get involved VERY soon. Just watch. They are in charge of things that fly through the air. - Robert Scoble
Snapchat Drones - Moe Glitz
Moe, that's awesome - Francine Hardaway
Bang Bots - Ankush Narula
Drones are probably gonna have a pre-scheduling system. Otherwise they're pretty much useless. - Nir Ben Yona
Robert: The drones could use the local kiosk as their base station. Ship to the kiosk via traditional means, then have the drones do last mile from the kiosk. - Murray Macdonald
The Robot is actually the last generation with feelings.. - Tony Stanislawski
Rise of the Machines - Moe Glitz
And if you try to steal the drone without your iBeacon, you get an electric shock. - Alex de Soto
The Collaborative Economy is one aspect of the future - Francine Hardaway
Google is Skynet - Moe Glitz
What's the movie about alien machines who take sympathy on cars, which the believe are infected with humans? - Doc
where is our jules verne? - christina sponselli
Science Fiction? Isn't that just a startup-business plan? - Murray Macdonald
rotate the watch - the screen is polarized - Ankush Narula
Sorry guys your not reading the right books - Scott Jordan
Forget my Macbook power supply,or be having a heart attack, Id love to call a drone - clive boulton
More must be coming in the future, we just can't conceptualize it. Our bad - Francine Hardaway
I couldn't find a qualcom API for the TOQ. How do I write an ap? - Murray Macdonald
+1 QualCom! - Frank Paynter
+1 scott - Ankush Narula
Scott: which ones are best! - Robert Scoble
Toyota doing a Google Hangout look around a car you're customising for order. Camera tracks the direction of your head to pan side to side on the view - even the interior - Ian Waring
Cubed podcast - Ian Waring
Where is this podcast? URL? - Murray Macdonald
Doc: thx - Murray Macdonald
85% watches sold each year over $500 - Ian Waring
Cory Doctrow, Dave Eggers, Neal Stephenson, William Gibbson - Scott Jordan
Fossil - Ian Waring
Cubed Episode 011 - Nir Ben Yona
Show features Bill Geiser the CEO of MetaWatch - christina sponselli
Was at Fossil - Ian Waring
Where has Robert not visited? - Doc
Did work with Sony - Ian Waring
Watch as a social signal - Francine Hardaway
Inverse of Where's Waldo: Where isn't Scoble? - Doc
What type of person cares about the watch I wear? I don't want to "signal". - Murray Macdonald
Murray: lots of humans judge each other buy what they are wearing. - Robert Scoble
Microsoft mood Bra sensors killed fast - clive boulton
Murray: try going to a football game while wearing the enemy's shirt on. - Robert Scoble
1.2Bn watches sold per year - Ian Waring
Robert: Agreed, but not the type of people I care about. Also I thought that fitness devices meant you were single. - Murray Macdonald
Think they made a huge boob there Clive - Moe Glitz
85% over $500 - Ian Waring
Murray, apparel is an ancient signal of identity. Every kind of person judges based on appearances. - Tom Guarriello
Murray: when I sit next to someone in a plane I look for evidence they are a geek. Just watch. :-) - Robert Scoble
Murray: it's tribal. Markings signify everything from availability to fear - Francine Hardaway
Are you selling watches IAN? - Moe Glitz
I need a device that monitors my Pulse, Core temperature, Blood Oxygen level and updates my apps on the phone. - Scott Jordan
I agree with you guys. People judge. We agree. Doesn't mean I want to play along. - Murray Macdonald
Ian: Are you saying that the watch industry is larger than $500B/yr? - Ankush Narula
Google Now is the notification system - or it will be a hearing aid! - Ian Waring
Each tech toy creates a community - Francine Hardaway
Thats what the iWatch will do Scott - Moe Glitz
Same is true of purses. Doesn't mean I want one... - Murray Macdonald
I'm going to get lost in zeros - the Cubed podcast was an excellent one this week - Ian Waring
Moe: I hope so, we will see :-) - Scott Jordan
I want a watch that I can write apps for. If I can't write and distribute apps for it, I will wait for one that I can. - Murray Macdonald
Cubed podcast definitely worth listening to - Tom Guarriello
It is a fashion trend; it's time for the watch to come back. - Francine Hardaway
Right. Doesn't have to be a watch - could be some other wearable. - Laura Norvig
@Moe MSR is always 2 years ahead and rarely follows thru - clive boulton
His contention was its a fashion object first.. - Ian Waring
Doc is right - Francine Hardaway
Hearing aid! - Ian Waring
Microsoft play too much in the dark clive - Moe Glitz
You'll never see the whole future if you look only downstream through distribution. - Doc
Google Now does calendars well - can post diary commits into your future cards - Ian Waring
Robert: Perhaps in your neighborhood. Not in Vancouver. Too few stores. - Murray Macdonald
Wrist wearables all have lame UX. If I have to left my arm, turn my wrist and bring it in front of me why not just use a phone? - Ankush Narula
Robert is right about Apple's stores, though. Great channel. Also very narrow: them only, plus companies too nonthreatening to them to matter. - Doc
Robert's entire mise en scene is red today. Christmas? - Francine Hardaway
They have been looking at the house of the future since the 90's. Then the world passed them by - Moe Glitz
Bingo, Ankush. I can't even see the alerts on my Pebble - Francine Hardaway
I use lots of apple stuff. But only because it works for me. - Doc
I used the Pebble for two days and threw it in the tech shit-pile - Ankush Narula
So my watch is just an indicator of who and where I am> - Francine Hardaway
I use my watch for advanced temporal notifications - Ankush Narula
Why bother making a watch then? Just a bracelet would do, with other functionality - Francine Hardaway
Looks like an electric placenta - Doc
I have spent much money on Greenbay Packer gear - Tony Stanislawski
I don't need a brand or to impress other people to feel complete. Admittedly lots of people do. Some people are label-wearers, and other people are not. Some people are Anti-Label. - Murray Macdonald
Has Dan turned his heating off? - Moe Glitz
Francine: bracelets can't change based on who I'm standing with. - Robert Scoble
I'd like to see glasses that know when to *show* you something and when to *tell* you something. Like the earpiece that whispers, "that's so-and-so, you met him last week at place X." - Laura Norvig
Smart Everything.....Garryvee - Tony Stanislawski
Guys, brands sell because of connections that go beyond features and benefits. Murray, everybody denies the impact of brands on them, until you get them to pay attention to the brands in their lives. - Tom Guarriello
I buy things that do something for me. Air Jordan's don't do anything I want. - Murray Macdonald
AKA Contextual Push Notifications - Ankush Narula
Laura, Google promised not to deploy that technology, although facial recognition is what we all really want from Glass - Francine Hardaway
I'll buy a programmable watch. I don't want a branded watch that I can't program. - Murray Macdonald
@Moe Nadella has opened up Microsoft - clive boulton
They are keeping that side for Law Enforcers Francine - Moe Glitz
Start your car - Tony Stanislawski
I want to get rid of keys.... - Tony Stanislawski
and traffic wardens Tony - Moe Glitz
I could buy a Rolex and a Ferrari, but I don't see the point. They would attract the wrong people for me. - Murray Macdonald
Benedict Evans @ben-Evans and Ben Bajarin @BenBajarin - Ian Waring
Exactly, Murray. You buy the brands that attract the right people for you. We all do. - Tom Guarriello
Girl would love you Murray - Moe Glitz
Getting rid of keys is huge. And do-able. Talk to Tony Fadell of Nest about that. :-) - Doc
Google to try again with a streaming TV box called "Nexus TV", which may launch in H1 2014 - Nir Ben Yona
Moe: I have am amazing girl who loves me for the right reasons. - Murray Macdonald
Thats cool Murray - Moe Glitz
I have them all:-) - Francine Hardaway
yes would be nice to have my home door open when I walk up to it like my Prius - Tina Chase Gillmor
i love that convenience - Tina Chase Gillmor
OK, Robert, that's why I called it a bracelet. What John is saying - Francine Hardaway
Until someone hacks the system Tina - Moe Glitz
Scott Oki at Microsoft showed me a Tandy TRS 80 Model 100 tablet in 1983. When I met Paul Maritz a couple of years ago, he remembered Scott carrying it around - Ian Waring
I want my watch to work when I'm not with my phone. It should leverage it when in range, but function stand-alone. - Murray Macdonald
I will say it again the company that can get rid of keys wins - Tony Stanislawski
maybe secondary eyeball authentication? - Tina Chase Gillmor
John's right. Now think for a moment about all us boomers moving into the time of life when personal health and activity data and metadata are life-or-death issues. Add that to the watch. think about the possibilities. - Doc
Changed my mind about Satya Nadella. Thompson and Gates looking for a dark horse. - clive boulton
How old are keys? - Tony Stanislawski
You right on the money Doc - Scott Jordan
True Doc - Moe Glitz
Right, Doc - Francine Hardaway
The CPU should be in your shoe, your belt, or the small of your back so that it can have a big battery. The peripherals should be lightweight and small CPUs with long battery life. - Murray Macdonald
As long as these watches don't become shackles, I'm game. - Alex de Soto
Life is time and space. How does one navigate and participate in both? That's the big Hmm... - Doc
Even better, Dan. Mind melding watches! - Tom Guarriello
Synced with Wearable Smart Clothes - Moe Glitz
Yea my 1500 is validated..Thanks Robert! - Tony Stanislawski
qualcomm is showing off proprietary tech they can sell and license. nice work. - Doc
When I take a step back it does make me laugh ... a phone is soooo hard to pull out of your pocket ... a watch is soooo hard to have to bring up to your face ... - Laura Norvig
2014 hunch Apple acquires - clive boulton
This is a show about first world problems, Laura - Francine Hardaway
Guys solve the key problem...My wife left my key at home in Door County and we thought we were sunk.. Her watch/phone/bra should be able to start my car - Tony Stanislawski
I didn't want to use the cliche hashtag, Francine, but clearly. - Laura Norvig
Bring back 23andMe! - Ian Waring
Steve just proved he doesn't need a Rolex. Steve=Non-signaler. - Murray Macdonald
Ian: yes! - Robert Scoble
Ok Glass, Google, What time is it - Tony Stanislawski
Steve needs a Nexus 5. "OK Google, what time is it?" - Murray Macdonald
Nobody is a non-signaler. Just a different-signaler. - Tom Guarriello
I washed my fitbit twice so - no. - Laura Norvig
Because of the biometrics, these "watches" could also serve as authentication devices no? - Alex de Soto
Ok Glass - Ok Google - Ok Nexus TV - Ankush Narula
My wife just got the flex for tha same reasons - Tony Stanislawski
Wife's spit into LA before 22 Nov, just in time. Awaiting her readings... - Ian Waring
OK Google works on Chromebooks now - Ian Waring
I have Rolex in a draw somewhere, I should PoRn it. - clive boulton
not you specifically, Steve - everyone said it! - Laura Norvig
Our world is first! We win! - Doc
Being a signaler, and not giving off signals are two different things. Signalers intend to signal, non-signalers do it by accident. - Murray Macdonald
Well...we do live in the first world, right? - Tom Guarriello
Changing the world - Tony Stanislawski
Twitter is - Tony Stanislawski
We are writing science fiction on this show, right? - Laura Norvig
A first world of debt? - Moe Glitz
That I should start buying every watch that comes out. - Francine Hardaway
Murray, you over-value the idea of consciousness. Much more happens than conscious signaling. - Tom Guarriello
Twitter kind of helped the developing world wouldn't you say? Think Arab Spring? - Ankush Narula
My Fitbit sends me an email when the battery is running low... - Ian Waring
I already have the Pebble and the Basis - Francine Hardaway
1st world problem will hopefully solve 3rd world problems if society want it too.. - Tony Stanislawski
SMS is a huge part of the developing world - Ankush Narula
True, Tony. Kind of what Robert is saying, too. - Laura Norvig
It is up to us... - Tony Stanislawski
The trickle down theory - Francine Hardaway
Would love to take a peep inside Johnny Ive's HQ. - Moe Glitz
Not technology - Tony Stanislawski
If you want to see creative use of phones, currencies, lots of other stuff that bloom in constrained envirnments, visit the 3rd world. - Doc
@Scobleizer - challenge with watches is they dont work independent. I sit around thinking why am I looking at this stupid small screen when I can look at the big screen phone in my hand. - CHRIS VOSS
Microsoft have anti Chromebook videos on YouTube today! - Ian Waring
BTW, what happened to the 2nd world? Haven't heard from them in awhile. - Doc
Jony Ive's Bio is pretty good read. I recommend it. - Alex de Soto
Wouldn't it be funny if Apple wasn't b uilding a watch and we have constructed this big watch fantasy - Francine Hardaway
@Scobleizer until they operate independently they wont be huge - CHRIS VOSS
In the end humans solve problems in only helps us reach those goals...whether they be bad or good. - Tony Stanislawski
Tom: I agree, and I am aware, but I only make decisions for me, not others. Just because I choose that I don't want a Ferrari doesn't mean I don't understand why other people buy them. I just don't need or want one for me. - Murray Macdonald
I agree, Alex. Enjoyed the Ive bio - Tom Guarriello
Must read, Alex - Moe Glitz
Not just trickle down - Internet access democratizes knowledge and information - social networks enable real-time activism - Ankush Narula
BTW, When can I be on the show? - Tony Stanislawski
Thanks wrapping - 2:30p interview - clive boulton
Chris: I don't walk around with my phone in my hand and there are lots of experiences where a phone just doesn't work well (skiing, for instance? Ever drop a phone in snow? I have, it isn't fun). - Robert Scoble
Tony you are on the show. :-) - Robert Scoble
Late to the bar... - Tony Stanislawski
Robert...LOL.. I know I am - Tony Stanislawski
Tony: Then let me buy you a drink. - Murray Macdonald
In energy and telecommunications they're way ahead of us. In medicine they're getting there - Francine Hardaway
We are GG's Twitter Track, Tony. - Moe Glitz
Drones might have more market in places not regulated by the FAA. Each country will have it's own rules. - Murray Macdonald
You guys on GG make me think and wish, and see the future on Friday afternoons before I shut down...I thank you for that!~ - Tony Stanislawski
Nicely said, Tony - Tom Guarriello
Francine++ - clive boulton
@Moe LOL - Tony Stanislawski
And what I mean by shutting down is drinking some wine...:) - Tony Stanislawski
Dropping things off the chairlift is how you learn to ski in the trees. - Murray Macdonald
bring on the wine! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Neither - Francine Hardaway
Having a nice Montepulciano d'Aburzzo here! - Tom Guarriello
and Datasift - Ankush Narula
I think the future is so exciting...since 9/11 America has been comatose to understand what we are living through...The INTERNET... - Tony Stanislawski
Perhaps it's the processing of the hose data. The hose is big, and the ability to process that scale of data in near-real-time is valuable. - Murray Macdonald
Not discussed, but it's cool: Big Privacy: - Doc
That's Datasift - Francine Hardaway
Privacy needs Transparency solutions - clive boulton
BTW, saw Vivian Shiller on Tuesday, the incoming Director of News at Twitter. Coming there from NYTimes -> NPR -> NBC. She'll do some cool shit. Just saying. - Doc
I ought to be able to see who is stalking me - clive boulton
@clive I agree - Tony Stanislawski
Very exciting indeed future indeed. So many interesting things can be done with these wrist bands: Colors can glow to signal us; they can vibrate to alert us; they can unlock doors, etc. The iPhone combined 3 main use cases (phone, internet, music). These watches will combine dozens of utilities into one little device. Plenty of these utilities already exist on our phones but are a royal pain to access. - Alex de Soto
Where's FB in this conversation? - Francine Hardaway
Smart Data wins - Moe Glitz
FB is busy smoking its own exhaust. - Doc
Does Topsy hold any patents? - Murray Macdonald
Twitter feed is turning into a very random spammy feed these days - Ian Waring
Smoking its own data stream... - Francine Hardaway
@Doc if twitter goes that route something will replace it. I do not think there is going back. I would pay for a Twitter subscription rather than a newspaper... - Tony Stanislawski
FB has lost its mojo - Moe Glitz
What is old is new my book... - Tony Stanislawski
FB is doing just fine - Ankush Narula
FB = where parents hang out. - Murray Macdonald
Twitter become the worlds newspaper..I would pay for that - Tony Stanislawski
FB is canonical for personal relationships - Ankush Narula
Snapchat is a feature - there's no platform play - Ankush Narula
Ironic that journalism is the way to keep eyeballs - Francine Hardaway
Trying to work out what the color LEDs on my Nexus 5 signify - Ian Waring
There is still room for a new Messaging Service that is a lot more Smarter than Twitter - Moe Glitz
Moe is right. - Murray Macdonald
@Moe Yep - Tony Stanislawski
Blinking blue seems to be a. Facebook update - Ian Waring
Forgot to talk about yet another Facebook algorithm that decreases Pages ability to get their content in front of people without paying to "boost" posts. Seeing dramatic declines. - Laura Norvig
Amen, Doc - Tom Guarriello
Love Twitter but the autocomplete hashtags do drive me crazy when I'm typing my tweets. - Alex de Soto
Ian, I didn't realize they meant things:-) - Francine Hardaway
@Doc Yep again! - Tony Stanislawski
LinkedIn turning into a poor HuffPo - Ian Waring
Buzzfeed is the new Reader's Digest - Tom Guarriello
How did the Gang first find out about Mandela's death? I can't believe I first heard it on the radio! - Alex de Soto
snapchat moving beyond teenagers now. - Laura Norvig
Instead of the wildness of the world wide web, we will all use personal world wide wires - Moe Glitz
LinkedIn the of the under-employed. - Murray Macdonald
FB entering the Boy George phase. Out Of Fashion. - clive boulton
I'm on Snapchat cuz it's fun - Francine Hardaway
@alex twitter - Tony Stanislawski
Alex - i got a notification - Tina Chase Gillmor
syncing people, businesses, places and the internet of things - Moe Glitz
I'm Nobby No Mates on Snapchat - Ian Waring
FB is ubiquitous. it's how i keep in contact w/ folks around the world, inc ones in the boonies - Da
I'm karmagoddess, Ian - Francine Hardaway
Not me please..:) - Tony Stanislawski
I use Twitter to keep contact. I don't have time for FB - clive boulton
I agree - Twitter's client is really great for discovery now - and mobile notifications of course - unfortunately it lacks the services integration and UX of TweetBot - Ankush Narula
Not on snapchat yet. My kid is, though. I eat his dust. - Doc
Twitter sure has the raw data. Filtering is key but the tools aren't quite there yet. - Murray Macdonald
I've pruned my Twitter feed to all great people. I can't eliminate any more - Francine Hardaway
@robert I mention you on anything you might find interesting - Tony Stanislawski
Mandela died? - Doc
Thats the key to twitter train follower to mention you on what is important - Tony Stanislawski
Just kidding. Saw the news on a bar TV during a sportscast. - Doc
Yes, Doc. Don't be funny. CNN has had an entire day of it - Francine Hardaway
Doc: He transitioned. - Alex de Soto
twitter is corporate PR stream - Da
That is who I followed - Tony Stanislawski
I need to do pruning. - clive boulton
Shotgun Steve - Moe Glitz
I've plateu'd at ~20k followers, and 2k followed. Like 'em all. - Doc
Tweetbot has this mute for a time period function that works well - Tom Guarriello
I wish I could tweet to multiple streams. Personal, Geeks, Politics, etc... - Murray Macdonald
All I can say if you follow me is I try - Tony Stanislawski
Thanks @Tina - Tony Stanislawski
Thanks GG...another great show to start the weekend! - Tony Stanislawski
Good luck getting Tricaster HD setup - clive boulton
John: Lists are embedded deep in Twitter's client - Ankush Narula
I try to keep tweets to a minimum. I wish I could tweet to my geek friends independently of others. - Murray Macdonald
Lists are great cuz you don't need to follow people, you can just put them in lists etc. - Laura Norvig
The question of the future is what LIST are you on? - Tony Stanislawski
Plus u can share/push out yr Twitter lists - christina sponselli
And you can follow a list someone *else* has built if you are too lazy to build your own. - Laura Norvig
The Sunday Times Rich List, Tony - Moe Glitz
Twitter needs broadcast lists in addition to reception lists. - Murray Macdonald
Good list tip from John Borthwick - clive boulton
name the show - Tina Chase Gillmor
No Foursquare love today - Tony Stanislawski
I have an nyc-news list - filled with all major NYC government and news sources - Ankush Narula
Thanks! Have a good weekend one and all! - Alex de Soto
Screenshot sent to Karmagoddess - Ian Waring
Good show - Ankush Narula
Tina, something about Drones. - Laura Norvig
The ones that drone on and those that deliver stuff - Laura Norvig
@Dan looks like he is in Alaska - Tony Stanislawski
Brill Show - Moe Glitz
23andMe next week? - Ian Waring
Sweet, Ian - Francine Hardaway
Drone Watch - Alex de Soto
Great show. Thanks. - christina sponselli
Drone Tracking - Moe Glitz
Great show! - Tony Stanislawski
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