Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
we're really stacked up today with Steve and John on another show RIGHT BEFORE Gillmor Gang - Tina Chase Gillmor
is it too early for a cocktail? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Only if I want to get anything done today - Francine Hardaway
Darren james (@LordDalron) checking in from northern ireland. Hope you are all well :-) - Darren James
Hello from Canada. This should be an exciting show. So much happening. - Murray Macdonald
I love when UStream sends me the email that says Gillmor Gang is broadcasting live and I know it's not true - Francine Hardaway
Francine: Looking for the "like" or "plus" button on friendfeed. :) - Alex de Soto
Can i just say congratulations to Mr. Scoble on the release of his new book. I'm nearly done & its been such an interesting read. If you haven't already got it i suggest you do so. - Darren James
wow...super international audience today....well, not really audience. y'all are part of the show - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hello from London, looking forward to another great show - Matt Hicks
francine - yeah that happens when we engage the ustream - Tina Chase Gillmor
Darren: I downloaded Robert and Shel's book to my Kindle but haven't started it yet. Weekend read for me. - Alex de Soto
Hello gang! - J.C. Bouvier
Really has anything happened this week (that wasn't covered last week) - clive boulton
Hi all - Tom Guarriello
Clive: Crying/dancing Ballmer for one. - Alex de Soto
Amazon reinventing customer service? - John Taschek
Alex - yes - John Taschek
I started the book last night - I don't need the audiobook because I can hear Robert's voice raving in my head ;-) - Ankush Narula
Apple hiring the fuelband designer? - John Taschek
Google has now been around for an additional year ;-) - Darren James
John - yeah - that's interesting now isn't it - Ankush Narula
I am here now. - Robert Scoble
John - Two good topics right there. - Alex de Soto
That's right - Google birthday - John Taschek
WHERE IS KEVIN? - Tina Chase Gillmor
"KEVIN!!" - Darren James
I went to Google in 1998. Amazing! - Francine Hardaway
Congrats on your book, Robert - Ludwig Ederle
An hour ago he was on Twitter, scared that his GMail account was crufted! - Tom Guarriello
Thanks Ludwig! - Robert Scoble
Yes, congratulations to Robert and Shel! - Alex de Soto
Interested in hearing Gang's thoughts about Push.Co notification app. - christina sponselli
Ford CEO Alan Mulally reportedly top of the short list for Microsoft CEO (sell off the Volvo bits) - clive boulton
Anybody win Google candy? - Alex de Soto
The book is truly excellent. I read it, and I have said everywhere that I wish I had written it. - Francine Hardaway
Hello everyone! Lets talk about Maryams sweet story about Robert today - Tony Stanislawski
Wonder if @scottmonty will go to MSFT if Mulally leaves Ford. - Francine Hardaway
Great read. I have to move back to the Silicon Valley, Germany is still in the age of typewriter not context - Ludwig Ederle
won 21 bits of Google Candy - clive boulton
@Alex - that was fun-ish - Ankush Narula
Francine, thank you so much! - Robert Scoble
133!!! - Ludwig Ederle
Third party apps finally coming to Google Glass! - Nir Ben Yona
Congratulations Robert! Happy you are getting great reviews! - Ankush Narula
Scream in caps if Kevin shows up - Tina Chase Gillmor
Almost starting. - Robert Scoble
Ludwig: They should have sent you Glass for that score or at least a KitKat bar. - Alex de Soto
But Google Glass not Coming to Europe for Years? - Ludwig Ederle
hi all, just downloaded it and look forward to reading it - and glad to be here after subsisting on recordings for a while - Jerome Hughes
Congratulations Robert on your 'must read' book. Perhaps you can send out a free copy to Tim Cook. - Moe Glitz
Alex: agree - Ludwig Ederle
Glass? Who needs Glass? - Ankush Narula
i need a link for today's gillmor gang ... links keep taking me to last week. - Ed Schlesinger
no sound this end guys?? - Darren James
Never mind, Sorted!! - Darren James
I'm hearing everything just fine. - Murray Macdonald
We are having trouble. - Robert Scoble
New Skype came out and messed me up. Yowza. - Robert Scoble
Ankush: the Recon isn't a competitor for Glass. - Robert Scoble
thanks - we haven't started yet? - Ed Schlesinger
getting you back up Robert - Tina Chase Gillmor
Robert did you see IBeacon is coming to MLB stadiums - Tony Stanislawski
So Robert, can you sign the Kindle book when we meet @leweb? - Ludwig Ederle
magic happening now ... - Ed Schlesinger
Robert: The RECON seems like a HUD/audio system - is it missing the voice recognition and AI component? - Ankush Narula
Steve Elop sites his pending divorce for why he can't accept smaller bonus payment from Nokia (yup Alan Mulallay gets the top job) - clive boulton
So true - he was awake for that show - Ed Schlesinger
@Scoble -- Congratulations on the new book, I know that is really hard work to put a book out, but hard work always pays off. - Nir Ben Yona
mazel tov on the book - Ed Schlesinger
Blackberry lost the plot more to the point - Darren James
if Charlie Isaacs is on lets all wish his grandson a 1 year HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Ed Schlesinger
Ideally the glasses detect that it's a different user change the data to suit. - Murray Macdonald
Ballmer dancing - Ludwig Ederle
Kevin? Can someone find him? pleeease - Tina Chase Gillmor
tried calling him? :-) - Matt Hicks
Would imagine google glass or whatever will be a big deal in surgery/healthcare - Ed Schlesinger
when you say February for google glass, do mean for consumers? - Darren James
@Scoble, Apple will probs launch first no? - J.C. Bouvier
@TIna: Send Kevin a Twitter DM - he was on Twitter a little less than an hour ago - Ankush Narula
I can't wait for the "real" Glass. Everyone I've showed it to has wanted to try it on, and everyone loves it. It has a real "wow" factor for young people - Francine Hardaway
Larry Ellison team won America's Cup. Attendees weren't too pleased to miss his keynote. - clive boulton
What about if my phone isn't on me? - Francine Hardaway
Ankush I mentioned him ina tweet already - Tina Chase Gillmor
Yeah. I want a wearable w/o a phone (when Im running etc) - clive boulton
That would be my Misfit Shine - Francine Hardaway
@Robert: Can you explain the difference between Glass and Recon?? - Ankush Narula
how about the privacy of the data? concern for you that third party is holding it? - christina sponselli
Shit. So I have to buy the 5S? - Francine Hardaway
@Francine how are you liking the shine? The last App update is supposed to suto sync but i find that it doesnt i have to manually tell it to - Matthew Voshell
How secure is Low Energy Bluetooth from high street hackers - Moe Glitz
@francine - i think ibeacons is also in the 5c, thats my dilemma too - Darren James
Mine appears to be syncing. - Francine Hardaway
@Francine - the 5s has the M7 motion processor - but the 4S, 5, and 5s all have Bluetooth LE - Ankush Narula
BLE includes built-in encryption. I wish BLE would broadcast audio to multiple headsets simultaneously. - Murray Macdonald
Yes - and 5c - Ankush Narula
I wear it in my bra, Matthew, so I can feel it vibrating when it syncs (TMI? - Francine Hardaway
I "touched" my AppleTV with my phone while I was doing the update but that was when the software bricked my AppleTV. Had to connect the AppleTV to my laptop with a mini USB cable to reset it. - Alex de Soto
Hi, finally found the conference hiden int he basement of the convention centre, after walking the length of it twice - Kevin Marks
@Francine lol!! it doesnt vibrate... does it?! haha mine doesnt :/ does that mean i should wear it in my drawers? - Matthew Voshell
IT'S KEVIN!!!! - Alex de Soto
I can't compete with Francine - clive boulton
KEVIN IS HERE!!!! - Ankush Narula
Kevin - what kind of conferences do you go to? - John Taschek
Is he Home Alone - Moe Glitz
i got here late.... anyone else see audio/video sync off? - Matthew Voshell
The big question is will I have to have an Android phone to get the full features of Google Glass? I think Google would be stupid not to make IOS just as capable with Google Glass - Tony Stanislawski
Matthew - Everything looks sync'd for me. - Murray Macdonald
Matthew, it makes a sensation, I swear - Francine Hardaway
Thanks for the caps notice that Kavin arrived - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Francine... i feel nothing lol - Matthew Voshell
@Robert: but they advertise Recon for professionals - firefighters and such - Ankush Narula
@Murray... really? Hmm.. i'll delete the app and reinstall then - Matthew Voshell
I think Robert must talk to Francine a lot - Tina Chase Gillmor
First show in a long time that Robert isn't wearing glass. - Murray Macdonald
@Robert: GOT IT - Ankush Narula
Vuzix? - Murray Macdonald
Occulus - Ankush Narula
Occulus right - Tony Stanislawski
Oculus Rift - Ankush Narula
Robert: Did you get your Glass raplaced? - Alex de Soto
He's going back to iOS - Ludwig Ederle
I love my Glass. I do wear it all day, except when I'm really at the computer - Francine Hardaway
Did anyone see the star wars x wing fighter scene through those? - Matthew Voshell
Goog is taking the rollout of Glass very gently, folks with Explorer edition can invite 2 more folks (I think 2) - clive boulton
@Francine - how long does Glass's battery last? - Ankush Narula
Roberts Book #20 in Computing on Amazon UK after 2 days - Ian Waring
Can't wait for Apple's iWear - Moe Glitz
distraction - Jerome Hughes
distraction! - Ankush Narula
@jerome +1 - Ankush Narula
strap on a what? - Tina Chase Gillmor
If I use it contantly, about 6 hours. But I can wear it all day because it defaults to off. - Francine Hardaway
I have a feeling they are going ti wait around like apple does and release something in like 2 years say.... after glass sets the market - Matthew Voshell
+1 Tina: episode name - Ankush Narula
The brain sensors should know if too much data is annoying you. - Murray Macdonald
why doesnt google partner with gopro to comeup with a better camera etc - Matthew Voshell
Hummingbird - Ryan
Hashtags in search. - Nir Ben Yona
Better able to answer my questions. Natural language search - Francine Hardaway
It was Meta that I was thinking of. - Robert Scoble
powerset - Ryan
microsoft bought powerset - Kevin Marks
freebase????? - Francine Hardaway
No they didn't! Breaking Bad, FTW - Tom Guarriello
Alex I get a new glass tomorrow. - Robert Scoble
that's an ollddddd joke - Matthew Voshell
Matthew -it was new to me!! - John Taschek
(light a match and move it forward) then ask , "what's this?" answer "richard pryor running" - Matthew Voshell
hi everyone! sorry I'm late, another call just finished :) - Charlie Isaacs
I had to demo Glass at the Apple Store to a bunch of folks last week. Thought they were going to throw me out. - Alex de Soto
Sounds something like Atheer labs? - Darren James
Is Hummingbird update for the Desktop Web or Mobile Web? - Moe Glitz
both Moe, it's a backend change primarily - Kevin Marks
that doesn't sound good for people with lazy eyes :/ - Matthew Voshell
Google patented a technology that determines the flex of the glasses so that they can project 3d into too eyes while adjusting for flex. - Murray Macdonald
Alex at my Apple store the staff always wants to try on my Glass. They think I'm so cool that they're trying desperately to get me a 5S - Francine Hardaway
Cool Kevin. Mobile Web is the future - Moe Glitz
Do wearables usher in personal cloud? #pcloud - clive boulton
I need a heads up display telling me where in this big empty convention centre the conference is hiding - Kevin Marks
All cameras will soon be 3D depth cameras. - Murray Macdonald
secret sensors - Tina Chase Gillmor
clive: YES! - Robert Scoble
Searching inside you, Robert - Moe Glitz
My Glass just picked up Robert's voice saying "secret." - Francine Hardaway
Robert will Glass support IOS or just Android? I think Google would be smart to work fully with IOS - Tony Stanislawski
penile sensor - Tina Chase Gillmor
@tony - it should support both at launch - Ankush Narula
My Glass supports iPhone to some degree. The bluethooth - Francine Hardaway
robert: personal store? (or more identity based pcloud) - clive boulton
Apple will love to sell that - Moe Glitz
sounds like that company has that heart-attack problem licked - Charlie Isaacs
@charlie +1 - Ankush Narula
Health apps are moving the fastest, for obvious reasons - Francine Hardaway
Touch ID was hacked within two days. - Murray Macdonald
Android what? - Moe Glitz
iOS7 on iPad is weird - Kevin Marks
200 million devices running ios7 was reported at the beginning of the week - Darren James
that's not 75% - Ludwig Ederle
Kevin - what's weird about it? - Ankush Narula
I'm waiting for a killer discount on a consumer blackberry - Charlie Isaacs
so will we have a "Facebook LICK" button? - Dale Lature
huge flying zooming things, then a pause and the app refreshes 2 seconds later - Kevin Marks
+1 Dale - Charlie Isaacs
I don't get that, Kevin - Francine Hardaway
Kevin - iPad 2/3? - Ankush Narula
iPad 4 - Kevin Marks
I have the Mini - Francine Hardaway
weird - i have an iPad 3 - no problems - Ankush Narula
it has a cached version of the last screen that it zooms to - Kevin Marks
Ludwig - its 75% of the devices that can run iOS7 - Keith Teare
Android needs to deal with just 2 updates. One OS for high end market and one OS for the low end - Moe Glitz
MAny early devices cannot - Keith Teare
but lets pretend that isn't fragmentation - Kevin Marks
Hhhmm... how many active devices can't be upgraded to iOS 7? I'm curious - Ankush Narula
the ios7 transitions and animations do get in the way for sure - Matt Hicks
Wondering if it will get released... That's Apple everyday. - Murray Macdonald
That's why I backed this Gecko thing that uses the iBeacon technology. Amazing stuff - Nir Ben Yona
will people be wearing a glass incarnation and smart watch? Or, will one win? - Ryan
Kevin - fragmentation across Android versions, vendor skins, device profile, vendor hardware - please - Ankush Narula
Ryan: both. - Robert Scoble
Embracing fragmentation is good. It's reality. Responsive design is critical. - Murray Macdonald
Robert, even in the near term? - Ryan
I seems they both add value in the same spot at this point ... making notifications more accessible. - Ryan
4k hit/week to be in the top 10 in app store - Matthew Voshell
The Apple App Store is a disaster - 90% of what's featured are games and stuff I already have installed - talk about a LACK of context - Ankush Narula
Ankush: yup! - Robert Scoble
RYan I own both, but the screen on my Pebble is so small it's not very helpful beyond being a watch - Francine Hardaway
Keith, that messaging is really not clear on the app - Francine Hardaway
Here's a page that gives Android Market stats: - Charlie Isaacs
Your Market is super competitive Keith - Moe Glitz
i dont like apple app stoe either - Tina Chase Gillmor
So really you have a watch, not a smart watch ;) - Ryan
It would be GREAT if Apple could rank apps my social networks are using by degrees of separation - Ankush Narula
Yep, Ryan - Francine Hardaway
usage, engagemnt, involvement, participation - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Robert - Tim Cook judges usage based on web browsing via iOS devices - is that a true measure? Assuming we're in the "age of apps"? - Ankush Narula
Tim Cook's Lear Jet - Moe Glitz
People get stuck in time. Most people listen to their high-school music for the rest of their life. Most developers bought iPhones early and have no reason to change. - Murray Macdonald
153 pieces of candy on! - Ryan
note to all: send +scoble your upgrades -- he shouldn't have to sit in coach - Charlie Isaacs
Ankush: he wasn't judging on only web. - Robert Scoble
Murray: exactly. - Robert Scoble
The ultra rich have a Vertu phone. - Nir Ben Yona
Robert: it seems like Apple's new line - we don't sell the most devices - but our users are more engaged - followed by web metrics - Ankush Narula
We need to enter the era of Apps 2.0. Apps that communicate with each other - Moe Glitz
All of this discussion seems to be answered when you walk into a Apple store. - Tony Stanislawski
I heard Tina is a Valley Girl - Charlie Isaacs
Keith is right on phone segments, emerging markets want blackberrys, costs more important than apps - clive boulton
Rock n Roll has been replaced by Country Music - Kevin Marks
I am tech enthusiast, upper middle class, geek, etc. The apps are just better on IOS, after using my Nexus 7 - Tony Stanislawski
+1 Kevin's remarks - christina sponselli
Charlie Vallaaaaay - Tina Chase Gillmor
a friend there told me it was still too mobbed to visit mid-week - Jerome Hughes
the Vertu looks like my old Nokia circa 2000 - Matt Hicks
Google Glass might be the device that sways me the other way - Tony Stanislawski
Kevin: Not entirely replaced - Ankush Narula
The iPhone 5s was 'The White Album' - Moe Glitz
from slightly further away - Jerome Hughes
Go John! - Alex de Soto
Ha ha... - J.C. Bouvier
the truth is it doesnt really matter? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Being a tech enthusiast in an isolated environment is lonely. I'd love to be in the valley where you can find like-minded people. What's it like to have a Techshop at your disposal. Critical mass enables innovation. - Murray Macdonald
IPhone & Ipad 20 to 1 over all others combined in our food ecommerce site - Arnie Klaus
DING DING DING - Matthew Voshell
BETTER APPS! - Tony Stanislawski
Then Samsung comes out with a gold phone...and so on. - Alex de Soto
Smackdown - Moe Glitz
first world problems - Matthew Voshell
Mongo just a iron filing in the game of life - Charlie Isaacs
@John - it's like a little league soccer team chasing the ball on the field - Ankush Narula
Ha ha. Mongo like Sherrif John... - J.C. Bouvier
Keith, whats in the box - Darren James
popping shipping bubbles - Arnie Klaus
I do not understand the fuss about IOS 6. I love Tweetbot, not on Android, I love Imessage, I love Facetime! - Tony Stanislawski
Not everybody changes phones every 6 months - Francine Hardaway
9 million is a small fraction of the installed base - Kevin Marks
They are buying a systems brand - Arnie Klaus
and had 4S - Jerome Hughes
To people who had iPhone 4 - Francine Hardaway
did I just get dissed by steve? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Did I just hear Robert say he will buy EVERYONE everything.. wow the book must be doing real well - Tony Stanislawski
@steve, who's bob Dylan of tECH ? - flyinthesoup
Apple should of priced the 5c better than what they did - Darren James
@Darren: No - wrong - absolutely not - Ankush Narula
I want a larger phone. Apple needs to make a larger phone. - Murray Macdonald
Seems like people are coming back to iOS from Android... - J.C. Bouvier
my annual upgrade for all of my family's phones happen 5 months after the screen shatters - Charlie Isaacs
Apple needs iOS7 apps to make a larger phone - Kevin Marks
Bill Gates - Moe Glitz
What about the sales #'s guys, what do you make of the 9M iPhones sold... - J.C. Bouvier
I have a retro android phone now. - Kevin Marks
MG says it doesn't feel any faster, the iPhone 5s - Francine Hardaway
Apple has a larger phone, it's called the iPad mini - Charlie Isaacs
Always been my beef with Android! - Tony Stanislawski
It's 2013 and I still can't sync my 300 apps from one iphone to another. *sigh* - Nir Ben Yona
Our GTI is much smoother and better than older models. Form factor pretty much unchanged. - Alex de Soto
Robert, Chelsea doesn't like the icons either - Francine Hardaway
i want a larger phone too... but i think we should atop calling them phones - Tina Chase Gillmor
Now "the retina screen" is some kind of branded display, right? - Frank Paynter
@Steve, who's miley Cirrus of tECH ? - flyinthesoup
How are you supposed to download a magnifier app when you can't see it? #Catch22 - Charlie Isaacs
Ankush - I will after, thanks. - Darren James
It's not just eyes. I have big fingers. 4 inch phones are hard to use. - Murray Macdonald
My 83-year-old mentor uses the iPhone 5 very happily - Francine Hardaway
Francine: the iPhone 5S feels faster to me. - Robert Scoble
voice integration removes the visual requirement - Arnie Klaus
Ask MG. - Francine Hardaway
short-sighted is an enlish thing - Frank Paynter
Marissa Mayer - Moe Glitz
Need to use your trombone (slide) vision. - Alex de Soto
All snapdragon phones will be snappy. - Murray Macdonald
myopic is a metaphor - Frank Paynter
5s is faster - definitely. But the 5 is good enough for most. - Ankush Narula
Francine: yeah, he is a weird one. It's hard to tell, I will give him that. But put both side by side. - Robert Scoble
That's far sightedness - Francine Hardaway
a scottish religion? - Frank Paynter
presbyopia is when you can't see religously - Charlie Isaacs
myopic, your opic just pass the budget - Arnie Klaus
Worst thing is when you wear polarized glasses and stare at the iPhone. - Alex de Soto
presbyesbywhatever? - Frank Paynter
LOL Robert MG is a weird one title for the show - Tony Stanislawski
My eyes aren't Presbyterian - Ankush Narula
Samsung - gold and curved - Ankush Narula
sometimes I can't see coming into work - Charlie Isaacs
To sell it - Moe Glitz
It's not just curved. it's also OLED. - Murray Macdonald
Samsung S Booty - Moe Glitz
woo woo - Frank Paynter
Say bye to ballmer - Arnie Klaus
It's called the Samsung Galaxy Twerk - Ankush Narula
Curves left or right? - Alex de Soto
and we've circled back to penile sensors - Tina Chase Gillmor
+1 Alex - Ankush Narula
washington generals - Jerome Hughes
+1 Tina! - Ankush Narula
Ankush: With me being on a limited budget, would you recommend i get a decent/ 2nd hand 5 for £300 GBP or 5c for £469. I could stretch to the 5c but only if it meant im gaining something? I was also considering an 8gb Nexus 4 for £159 - Darren James
Boys will be boys,Tina - Francine Hardaway
The 5 over the 5c - Ankush Narula
hm, battery dying. Apparently my laptop screen was on in my bag - Kevin Marks
Ankush: the 5c is the 5 with a color case. - Robert Scoble
Apple proves it doesn't always make sense to practice MVP. - Murray Macdonald
consumer electronics FTW! - Frank Paynter
Reminder: Apple built the hockey puck mouse. :( - Alex de Soto
yes - exactly - the 5c looks/feels cheap next to a 5 - Ankush Narula
iWatch will be almost 99% Health - Moe Glitz
and performance is close to the same - Ankush Narula
apple feature? - Frank Paynter
The clock is ticking Kevin - Moe Glitz
It's the LSD. - Murray Macdonald
age... - Frank Paynter
Welcome Kevin - Arnie Klaus
ok, thanks guys. - Darren James
Kevin is not an Apple Fanboi...that is for sure - Tony Stanislawski
iWatch is 99% Heath implies Apple ushers in Personal Cloud? - clive boulton
is that a kindle? - Frank Paynter
I want an ePaper tablet. We need devices that work in the sun. I think the market for outdoor devices is huge. - Murray Macdonald
True Clive - Moe Glitz
Need finger cameras - Arnie Klaus
The new Kindle HDX tablets are pretty nice - too bad the OS - nay the UI - is shlock - Ankush Narula
Mojito is based on Android Jelly Bean as far as I know. - Nir Ben Yona
The Kindle PaperWhite with backlight is amazing. Can't handle reading in the dark. I want a tablet that works in pure sunlight. - Murray Macdonald
only to continue with the theme and "caster" … - Jerome Hughes
thanks Nir - Kevin Marks
I brought my son a Kindle Fire and I agrees, the OS isnt great - Darren James
+1 Murray - Frank Paynter
You popularized it, now its on back order. - Arnie Klaus
name the show - Tina Chase Gillmor
Any comments about Blackberry? Why is someone buying it? Will they win or lose? - Murray Macdonald
wow... everyone's affect has drifted into old age today... welcome to the clup! - Frank Paynter
Can't beat buying a record in store - Moe Glitz
have to make Go and code Dart (mentoring GDG DevFest tomorrow) - clive boulton
Will Apple follow this model? - Tony Stanislawski
Name: "We didn't talk about Ballmer" - Keith Teare
Goodbye Blackberry Way! - Moe Glitz
@Scoble - Yes, do the book show!! - J.C. Bouvier
How do we get a signed copy - Tony Stanislawski
@Rob - can you still try to hook me up with a signed copy of your book? - Darren James
They make custom photobooks and ship them to people in under 24 hours. - Murray Macdonald
Thats a modern way of saying goodbye - Arnie Klaus
Didn't Borthwick do the same thing, Kevin? - Tom Guarriello
Yes, and I am being spammed by people who want me to syndicate with them. I won't. - Francine Hardaway
Tina: This Show Has Been Sensored - Charlie Isaacs
Good for twitter, or twitter stakeholders? - Murray Macdonald
see piece comparing their ad revenue with amazon's - Jerome Hughes
Crowd Source Cash. - Arnie Klaus
we can work off that, Charlie - Tina Chase Gillmor
Crowd sourced cash is dumb money, no? - Murray Macdonald
Developers! Developers! Developers! - Moe Glitz
@Tina: Strap on that Sensor - Ankush Narula
Borthwick leveraged Angel List - Keith Teare
And led a consortium - Keith Teare
Charlie Bit My Finger - Moe Glitz
Yes the NY stock exchange. - Nir Ben Yona
Show: "Basement Apps" - Alex de Soto
Thanks, Keith. I meant Keith, not Kevin in last comment. - Tom Guarriello
But I have very nearly doubled my money in FB stock - Francine Hardaway
King (the company behind Candy Crush) filed for IPO as well. - Nir Ben Yona
What level are you on? - Frank Paynter
Moe; he, he - Tina Chase Gillmor
There should never be a rush to go public. It is incredibly hard to manage a public company - Francine Hardaway
I'll bet a lot of those iPhones Robert saw in 1st Class were playing Candy Crush Nir - Charlie Isaacs
Candy Crush is amazing. I'd love to know what their In-App revenue is. - Murray Macdonald
I hear a phone ringing - Charlie Isaacs
I;ll get it - Charlie Isaacs
I can't understand Keith while the phone rings - Ankush Narula
Don't pick it up; drive us nuts!!! - Tom Guarriello
Blood On The Apps - Moe Glitz
How many candies did you get from Google's pinata today? - Frank Paynter
now he's a dead ringer - Charlie Isaacs
+1 Moe - Frank Paynter
Charlie, probably :) - Nir Ben Yona
Happy Birthday Google - Moe Glitz
What will the elephant in the room wear? - Arnie Klaus
Surface Pro 2 - Electric Bugaloo! - Ankush Narula
Xbox - Arnie Klaus
Make a compelling product? - J.C. Bouvier
MS should EEE android. - Murray Macdonald
The future of Microsoft will probably be another companies past. - Moe Glitz
MS can create very cheap mobile for the world - Arnie Klaus
CTRL+ALT+DEL was a mistake - Bill Gates - Alex de Soto
RE: MSFT, stop nickel and dimming folks for Office365? - J.C. Bouvier
@Robert - xbox is not an enterprise product. - Nir Ben Yona
yes, now Gates is disclosing deep company secrets, it must be over CTRL+ALT+DEL - Charlie Isaacs
all IBM's fault - Jerome Hughes
@Nir: But Kinect could be an enterprise product - Ankush Narula
Noise cancelling software could mute phone ringers (Google hangouts mutes on keyboard typing noise) - clive boulton
A computer on every finger - gates - Arnie Klaus
True Ankush - Moe Glitz
Apple Store app is great - how it integrates with retail stores and online store - Ankush Narula
Duane Reade have healthcare kiosks that give you one-on-one video with a medical professional. On-screen experts makes sense for some populations. - Murray Macdonald
one device to rule them all - Jerome Hughes
i would like to take a genius home - Tina Chase Gillmor
A Kinect App Store would be great - Moe Glitz
@Ankush - Probably, but it's still more of a consumer electronic device. - Nir Ben Yona
A genius on every finger - Arnie Klaus
What is this - Frank Paynter
Great show guys - See you all next week, stay safe! - Darren James
@moe - yes - Ankush Narula
"Backspace?" - Frank Paynter
Terrific show - Francine Hardaway
@nir - depends on driver support - Ankush Narula
Virtual Shopping at home - Moe Glitz
Another title "9 Million people can't be wrong" - Charlie Isaacs
Thanks all. Happy weekend. - Alex de Soto
new surface ad looks like a movie trailer - Jerome Hughes
Try on virtual clothes and shoes at home via Kinect - Moe Glitz
Close Encounters - Moe Glitz
Hahaha... - J.C. Bouvier
Two skype crashes - Arnie Klaus
Have a nice weekend guys... - J.C. Bouvier
Hello Good-bye! - Alex de Soto
I got 99 problems and Keith's mic is one - Ankush Narula
Keith should consult his diary instead of his calendar - Charlie Isaacs
blue screen of skype predictable - clive boulton
He did what! - Moe Glitz
Ok, Google - when does Keith have free time next week? - Ankush Narula
Lets all call keith - Arnie Klaus
Thanks guys, thanks Tina! - Murray Macdonald
Great show - Moe Glitz
Bye guys - Ankush Narula
awesome - Charlie Isaacs
we need to build an "out-takes" reel :) - Charlie Isaacs
Run it through the filters - Arnie Klaus
Steve was laughing a lot after the show closed - Tina Chase Gillmor
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