Steve Gillmor
I am ready! - Ludwig Ederle
I'm waiting for the call. The wifi here at the Westin sucks, so might need to switch to cell phone. - Robert Scoble
I switched from Coke Zero to Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry - I already feel different. - John Taschek
I am drinking Coke Zero. So there. - Robert Scoble
Cola fan-boy fight. - Murray Macdonald
Montepulciano :) - Ludwig Ederle
Hi all. Hope you're all gathering round for this week's edition of The Gillmor Gang. - Tina Chase Gillmor
For extra points I just gave a speech to a Fox exec who runs the systems behind American Idol. Lame Coke reference. - Robert Scoble
Scoble has Coke Zero? I must go and get one. - John Taschek
I am drinking Kool-Aid - Charlie Isaacs
In a fancy can, too, John! - Robert Scoble
You should after yesterday! - John Taschek
I'm drunk on kool aid - Keith Teare
Tejava - Alex de Soto
Kool Aid no longer works on me. - Robert Scoble
One of those aluminum cans that look like bottles? They're so cool even if they are expensive. - John Taschek
@Robert Scoble Do you have an actual physical Apple Fanboy Card™ to turn in today? :) - Kevin Bryan
I need a new drug! ;-) - Robert Scoble
John: yup. I am holding the bottle can. - Robert Scoble
First person to say Google Glass wins a valueless mystery prize - Roger Shepherd
Are you guys late today because you've been sequestered? - Charlie Isaacs
I am sticking with my italian red friend :) - Ludwig Ederle
Just spike the Kool Aid - Murray Macdonald
Kevin: It was in Apple Passport so I shredded it there. - Robert Scoble
Charlie: I was late because I was giving a speech to a bunch of IT people from Audi, Fox, etc. - Robert Scoble
@Robert LOL - Kevin Bryan
Today in lieu of the live broadcast The Gang will be FriendFeeding Snarky Comments - Charlie Isaacs
Ooh! Snark Shark attacks! I love it! - Kevin Bryan
Anyone else hyped about the Glass readily available before year-end announcement? - Murray Macdonald
So what fanboy cards are to be turned in today? One Apple card has been shredded already... - Ludwig Ederle
Scoble - are you answering your video? - John Taschek
calling scoble??? - Tina Chase Gillmor
is there a show already? - Ludwig Ederle
Hmmm. I didn't get a call. - Robert Scoble
American Idol sent us a cease and desist at ribbit - Kevin Marks
Scob? answer or are you not set up yet? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Scoble was talking to Audi, Fox? Did you realize the Audi 80 was called the Audi Fox in the US? - John Taschek
I was speaking at a conference this week and used Google Glass as an example. I said "has everyone heard of Google Glass" someone in the front row said, "where have you been, it was on the Oscars." oops, should probably watch more TV - Charlie Isaacs
Did the Audi Fox eat the VW Rabbit? - Kevin Marks
I had Peruvian Kola at Waza yesterday - Kevin Marks
Kevin, you were a Waza tweetin' wildman yesterday! Interesting stuff. - Tom Guarriello
Apple stock is crashing today - Murray Macdonald
What do you need a congress for when it comes to mobile? - Ludwig Ederle
iPhone 5S rumored to ship August 2013 - Nir Ben Yona
@Scobleizer announces that he is buying the Samsung, Apple stock nosedives - Charlie Isaacs
most stocks are crashing today, except salesforce and groupon(!) - Kevin Marks
How down is it Murray? - Tina Chase Gillmor
My new Nexus-4 feels AMAZING, but the battery is short. - Murray Macdonald
@Robert... why not Nexus to be on top of the updates? - Matthew Voshell
io13 early invites go out next Friday! (gdg ions) - clive boulton
We're making 90% of money and traffic out of iOS, not Android, downloads just the other way around btw - Ludwig Ederle
Is a one-eyed device still called a pair? - Murray Macdonald
Scobleizer is spelled with one eye - Charlie Isaacs
a pair of Glass - Kevin Marks
Google Glass + Robert Scoble Notifications= Epileptic Win - Matthew Voshell
backbeat go - Charlie Isaacs
@Robert.. what battery life are you getting with those? These jaybirds are advertising 8 hours - Matthew Voshell
They closed the if I had...earlier today - Tom Guarriello
That's it -- the Backbeat - I have a pair -- they are great. - John Taschek
Sadly #ifihadglass was only open to Americans over 21. - Murray Macdonald
size isn't everything in phones, sergey - Kevin Marks
Google Glass = Over the dorky line - Ludwig Ederle
That was the Google Emasculation Proclamation - Charlie Isaacs
Sergei's emasculating comment was just goofy. - Tom Guarriello
Yeah, making believe you're paying attention while not paying attention... - Tom Guarriello
Ludwig: That's what people said about cell phones - Murray Macdonald
Probably every 1st gen device is over the dorky line? - Ludwig Ederle
multi-eye-balling, the new multi-tasking - Alex de Soto
Glasshole - instant classic - Murray Macdonald
Glassholes =) - clive boulton
coming soon, a screen for each eye, so you can look left or right - Kevin Marks
thank you for tweeting the show - Tina Chase Gillmor
left eye for the right glass and vice versa - Ludwig Ederle
It's down 2.5% - Murray Macdonald
thx Murray - Tina Chase Gillmor
phonegap 2.5 was released yesterday. - Murray Macdonald
Samesongs and Glassholes. Love it. - Alex de Soto
Linux FTX - Tom Guarriello
The reason why Apple stock is tanking, here is the new set-top box: - Charlie Isaacs
I hate it when the thrusters dont work! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Patents are getting harder to get. Prior art is more inclusive. - Murray Macdonald
Are there Vegas odds when Scoble will come back to Apple while he wears Glass. - Tony Stanislawski
That would be great if they passed that law. Patent trolls must go. - Charlie Isaacs
Steve Mann says Google glass could hurt people's eyes - Francine Hardaway from iPhone
@charlieisaacs - very funny tweet -- #irreverent - - John Taschek
• A provisional filed before the deadline can secure a filing date, but the prior art searches are based on the rules at the time of the non-provisional application. That means that before the deadline, searches are subject to USPTO rules and after the deadline, searches are subject to ROW rules. ROW rules vastly broadens the search for prior art. - Murray Macdonald
no microsoft bashing about the surface pro? - Matthew Voshell
You will love Jordan Keith. Great people and food. I loved Amman - Francine Hardaway from iPhone
Anything cool on Kickstarter or Indeigogo? - Matthew Voshell
Aol's new CEO of Brands? - Matthew Voshell
Matthew - no i think they've beaten that one - Tina Chase Gillmor
Just read Kevin's Twitter feed to get all of Waza! - Tom Guarriello
Think Apple will announce a new Product Event around the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch - Moe Glitz from iPhone
The Linus Torvolds vs. Redhat scuffle?? - Matthew Voshell
@Murray: 3D printing is mind blowing. Check out this one: 3D-printed semi-automatic fires over 600 rounds - Nir Ben Yona
What happened to SaneBox Robert? - Francine Hardaway from iPhone
They have to install diopter - Tom Guarriello
I am far-sighted and wear glasses and i had no problem reading the Vuzix. - Murray Macdonald
haha John very funny :) I'll stop typing into our patent filing app now - Charlie Isaacs
Open source and publish your email architecture. - Murray Macdonald
Is that a satellite communication device in Kevin Marks' backyard or is that an umbrella - Charlie Isaacs
There's also Cloze - Nir Ben Yona
Tempo is great - Ludwig Ederle
Where are MY Google Glasses? - Tina Chase Gillmor
I use Sunrise and can't get Tempo - Francine Hardaway from iPhone
tempo seems to be US only - or I can't get it in the UK anyway - Roger Shepherd
open an US apple id - Ludwig Ederle
For a laugh, go to youtube and search "do the harlem shake" .... nice little easter egg - Matthew Voshell
I believe it depends on how the android developers code their notification. - Murray Macdonald
Apple need to release something that is much more than a boring TV. It needs to be an iScreen. Come in 4 sizes. Super thin, with Gestures, Siri and AirPlay controls. Apple TV installed, with iOS, FaceTime and the App Store. This iScreen would not only be for the sitting room, but also Shops, Schools, Businesses, Hospitals, Museums, Hotels, etc - Moe Glitz from iPhone
@Roger Tempo is a US only at the moment, and they are using the Reservation mode. - Nir Ben Yona
It's easy to clear off all notifications on Android. Much prefer that to Apple's. - Alex de Soto
My next patent filing will be "restroom jammer"; it will render Google Glass unusable in restrooms. It will be called "Method and Apparatus for Shielding Private Objects" - Charlie Isaacs
Email was the universal push notifications center. People didn't much like that either. - Todd Hoff
YESSSS... Delete All would AMAZING - Matthew Voshell
Charlie: Wearing Glass in restrooms could be very emasculating to some! - Alex de Soto
That button can also be a problem. Once they're gone they're gone. - Murray Macdonald
Sunrise is a terrible name for a product -- it's too hard to Google! - John Taschek
They also show up momentarily at the top when they arrive. - Murray Macdonald
press and hold this - Tina Chase Gillmor
And when Sunrise is "end of life" do you say "It's time to Sunset Sunrise" - Charlie Isaacs
I love it when Tina talks that way - Charlie Isaacs
The first Company that can capture the public's imagination with a Smart iScreen will disrupt the TV Industry - Moe Glitz from iPhone
LONGG tap - Kevin Marks
Tina's done a thrusters and press/hold double entendre so far... - Tom Guarriello
Dirty Tech Charlie - Tina Chase Gillmor
Go to Youtube, search for "do the Harlem shake" and BOOM - Nir Ben Yona
@Nir i JUST said that :/ - Matthew Voshell
Reality deletes everything over time! - Tom Guarriello
Don't even get me started on Clusters - Tina Chase Gillmor
Android also added easy access to control panel settings on the notifications page. - Murray Macdonald
Has this showed turned into old men yelling "I DONT GET ITTTT" - Matthew Voshell
Anal Retentive Caliope Blues FTW!! - Tom Guarriello
@Matthew Oh missed that :) It's cool, anyway. - Nir Ben Yona
I'll show you mine if you show me yours #HomeScreens - Charlie Isaacs
Pre-ignored is also a good one - Tom Guarriello
hahaha, various daughter requests for money...." - Ludwig Ederle
I'm at Inbox Meh - Kevin Marks
Hmmm... I wonder if you can program a custom notifications screen on Android... - Murray Macdonald
you can make custom notifications. What do you mean, murray? - Kevin Marks
Is Maryam trying to distract Robert in an effort to make him all hot and bothered during the Gillmor Gang? sabotage! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Yes she is! Yowza! - Robert Scoble
You don't need to have millions of notifications to keep up to date. I think it's more destracting than helpful to have all these notifications, including the daughter requests - Ludwig Ederle
@Tina.. Theres the Microsoft bash i was waiting for... - Matthew Voshell
Yet another show withoug mentioning microsoft - Ludwig Ederle
I just fired up the Nexus 7 to compare - Francine Hardaway from iPhone
Facebook is showing a Press Event showcasing their latest News Feed Update. How many Companies have a Press Event over a Feature Update? - Moe Glitz from iPhone
oh boy here we go party's getting rough - Charlie Isaacs
Who named these things? - John Taschek
Pinch and spread? really? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Pepsi Wild Cherry just shot through my nose. Coke is way better - John Taschek
@Moe... Yea.. FB reaching much? - Matthew Voshell
OMG we just turned into a tutorial show - Tina Chase Gillmor
Wait - that may be taken out of context - John Taschek
Are those instructions, Tina? - Tom Guarriello
@Kieth.. When you enable notifications it usually defaults to "on" usually - Matthew Voshell
lol the tutorial comment - Tom Guarriello
please show off your lock screens, folks - Ludwig Ederle
where's the Scobleizer rant today? - Ludwig Ederle
This show is available shortly on iTunes U - Ludwig Ederle
Manually or By Time too! - Alex de Soto
can you drag around the entire phone? - Ludwig Ederle
It's important to sleep with the enemy. - Murray Macdonald
I think we've reached the most epic level of nerdum.. - Matthew Voshell
make the enemy feel safe - Ludwig Ederle
go ahead John - Ludwig Ederle
How many blinks will unlock your Glass? - Alex de Soto
I was just thinking about the lock screen and Glass. - John Taschek
imagine the glass lock screen - Ludwig Ederle
People don't know 1/10 of what their device can do. - Murray Macdonald
Pinch and Spread: - Charlie Isaacs
LockerPro Lockscreen for Android puts notifications on your lockscreen. - Kevin Bryan
pinch and spread your head - Ludwig Ederle
@Robert do you envision your life as good as the people on Wall-E? - Matthew Voshell
Speaking about tutorials: You can activate the LED light on notifications. So whenever a notification is in, the LED light of your camera will blink. - Nir Ben Yona
@Steve Gillmor that "lockscreen notifications" feature is here: - Kevin Bryan
i have to jump off in 5 mins - Keith Teare
When he goes Android all Apple memory will disappear - Tina Chase Gillmor
another tutorial in the works, Keith? - Ludwig Ederle
keep going ranty John - Ludwig Ederle
if Scoble switches to Android on March 14 he should beware the Ides of March - Charlie Isaacs
VIPs get through the Do Not Disturb setting, no? - Alex de Soto
@Robert. You're going to want an Android phone to go with Glass. What are you going to use? - Murray Macdonald
The Apple Dumpling Gang - The visual is amazing - - John Taschek
lost Robert - Tina Chase Gillmor
Ludwig - I think I lost it -- - John Taschek
:( John - Ludwig Ederle
TIna - Robert Scoble
back again - Robert Scoble
Because JS geeks want a clean platform - Murray Macdonald
call me back. Westin kicked me off wifi - Robert Scoble
we're trying to get you back - Tina Chase Gillmor
Yeah, I use Chrome on my iPhone too, John - Tom Guarriello
call with video on Newsgang3 Robert - Tina Chase Gillmor
I'm back! - Robert Scoble
HTML5 is just the display formatting. JavaScript is the language. - Murray Macdonald
thanks Keith - drop when you have to - Tina Chase Gillmor
got to go. guys - Keith Teare
The new JS toolkits (like sencha) are surprisingly good. - Murray Macdonald
Be careful in Jordan, Keith - Tom Guarriello
Safe travels Keith - Tina Chase Gillmor
Steve Souders really digs down into high perf / low latency mobile web - clive boulton
Developers and falling in love with PhoneGap. It's taking off. It's not slowing down. - Murray Macdonald
any thoughts about the pixel? - Ludwig Ederle
Responsive Design addresses that issue. - Murray Macdonald
good question, Ludwig - Tom Guarriello
Try this on your phone's browser... - Murray Macdonald
Kevin and Souders share same mobile first plus app dev strategy - clive boulton
responsive design is a given now - Kevin Marks
Google can't really expect people to buy Pixel - Tom Guarriello
Apple will never again release the updated versions of both iPad's together - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Chromebook offers security that is lacking on other machines. If you want to run web apps without risks of infections, it will be uniquely useful to some enterprises. - Murray Macdonald
thanks for picking it up, Robert - Ludwig Ederle
Think the iPad 5 will be released in March and the iPad Mini Retina will be out in October - Moe Glitz from iPhone
so many accessories almost a Surface - clive boulton
SwiftKey is AWESOME. - Kevin Bryan
...and your daughter is pretty fast - Tina Chase Gillmor
Court reporters do 800 wpm. There are many faster typing methods if you are willing to learn. - Murray Macdonald
So nothing about the Yahoo workplace - Tina Chase Gillmor
Telecommuting is the only way... I wouldn't work for a company that was opposed to telecommuting. - Murray Macdonald
I'm glad salesforce lets me work from my garden - Kevin Marks
Serious perk, Kevin - Tina Chase Gillmor
Kevin, what do you hear about Yahoo ee buzz about the work at home ban? - Tom Guarriello
No Yahoo, no PlayStation, no Microsoft - Ludwig Ederle
Why does no one mention Steam on this show when video games come up? - Kevin Bryan
Steam reacently announced a linux version I think - Murray Macdonald
Yay Tina! Always making it fun! - Tom Guarriello
ubuntu mobile ? - Ludwig Ederle
Mix them. - Murray Macdonald
The Steambox (Steam TV settop box) should be using Linux. - Kevin Bryan
Thanks for a great show - Ludwig Ederle
Twitter is too busy. Wrong tool, IMHO. - Murray Macdonald
ditto, mucho thanko - clive boulton
Moving on from FriendFeed would be nice. - Kevin Bryan
Thanks, Steve - Tom Guarriello
Yahoo has big internal silo problems; they do need to get teams to be together more. Not sure wfh is the real issue though. - Kevin Marks
true twitter is busy - Matthew Voshell
where do want to move for announcements of unusual show times? Sry, didn't get that - Ludwig Ederle
Thx to everyone. Always a pleasure. please think about FriendFeed replacement - Tina Chase Gillmor
what about an irc chat? - Ludwig Ederle
or g+ - Ludwig Ederle
Google Hangout On-Air through Youtube and just comment below while its live? - Matthew Voshell
i think we would need some custom irc - Tina Chase Gillmor
probably irc works best - Ludwig Ederle
It would be nice to have something that showed inline images and handled links in a predictable way. IRC clients are all over the map. - Murray Macdonald
no irc - Steve Gillmor
and why don't you do some pre- and after-show live? - Ludwig Ederle
why not, Steve? - Ludwig Ederle
the show is pre and after - Steve Gillmor
Steve says no-way to irc, btw - Tina Chase Gillmor
don't like it, too noisy - Steve Gillmor
He's right - Murray Macdonald
It needs to be web-based. - Murray Macdonald
so how about a google plus community and chat there? - Ludwig Ederle
or web hosted by app - Steve Gillmor
noisy depends on the moderation - Ludwig Ederle
@ludwig... Google+ Community is a great idea... can post the live streams there..topic all the posts... i like that idea - Matthew Voshell
Thx, Matthew - Ludwig Ederle