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Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 9am PT participate at
I'm in the house - as they say - Keith Teare
I'm in the garden - Kevin Marks
In the fortress of solitude - John Taschek
I'm in the lab - Christopher Harris
hellooooo folks! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Here we go. - Robert Scoble
I'm getting the checker problem again. Call me back after a restart. - Robert Scoble
I'm ready. - Robert Scoble
Tina: should I call you or you call me? - Robert Scoble
we are calling you - Tina Chase Gillmor
good morning.. I also need coffee. - Jerry Schuman
they have to go out now... the market is going to collapse in six months - Jerry Schuman
more coffee!!! - Tina Chase Gillmor
there is no such thing as predictability - Ed Schlesinger
is that similar to 'micro moments' in salesforce - Ed Schlesinger
that is brilliant! - Ed Schlesinger
installing Maverick GM. Hope this one is a bit quicker. - Jerry Schuman
Chatter can be an INTERNAL platform for 'paid notifications' - Ed Schlesinger
Twitter has to figure out how the proliferation of BLE devices and the need to have micro context will impact their business when it comes to advertising. New non-textual interaction is growing exponentially. - Jerry Schuman
micro moments - students do it 7 times per hour on average - Ed Schlesinger
funny - i just thought i heard bells ringing - literally !!!!!!!! - Ed Schlesinger
i think google's already the google of mobile - in terms of ads - Ankush Narula
please YES! - Ed Schlesinger
Now that's an endorsement - it's good enough. - Brian Sullivan
Ev's a dick - haha - Ankush Narula
I thought Dick was a dick - Ankush Narula
Twitters origins from ODEO - Jerry Schuman
Nice new Glass Robert! Back to orange I see. - Alex de Soto
I was in discussions with ODEO during that period of time. - Jerry Schuman
Have only met Jack myself. I thought he was sweet... and cute, of course - Tina Chase Gillmor
I know Jack likes the Gillmor Gang ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Who doesn't like the Gillmor Gang? - Jerry Schuman
I like DIck too - he's a good guy - Kevin Marks
Kevin - i've heard that. - Tina Chase Gillmor
I heard Dick doesn't like me. That's cool. Can't win them all. - Robert Scoble
Sry to be late, good that you've started already anyway :-) - Ludwig Ederle
Twitter will send the messages that will instantly change the world - Arnie Klaus
Jack has always been nice to me. - Robert Scoble
Jack is a normal human - nice guy - Ankush Narula
Gray, our studio cat, is very upset about being locked outside. just had to let him back in. Oh no - Tina Chase Gillmor
can we patent or copyright a hashtag? - Ed Schlesinger
no ed, you can't - Kevin Marks
has that been litigated already? - Ed Schlesinger
I'm sure some troll fuckhead will attempt it, but we have prior art going back a long way - Kevin Marks
completely - Ankush Narula
I tried watching #GoodByeBreakingBad on Facebook - didn't work at all - of course it was exploding on Twitter - Ankush Narula
What is Steve talking about? ;-) - Ankush Narula
Totally multi-tasking right now. Listening (more than watching) the Gang. Friendfeed panel open on desktop. Skype biz conversations going on at the same time. Prepping and waiting for a client conference call at 1 pm. - Alex de Soto
+1 Alex - Ankush Narula
Is doing a lot of things poorly the definition of multitasking? - Todd Hoff
Alex... nice juggle - Tina Chase Gillmor
That's not multitasking its ADD. I know, I'm doing it too - Keith Teare
:) Keith - Alex de Soto
I was late because Ustream does not work so nicely at 150 mph (did not drive myself) - Ludwig Ederle
150mph? - Ankush Narula
japanese train? - Kevin Marks
Ankush: German Autobahn - Ludwig Ederle
that's what i thought - Ankush Narula
with a name like Ludwig... :-) - Ankush Narula
Ludwig... glad you could make it - Tina Chase Gillmor
Does the sensor work though? ;-) - Brian Sullivan
Is anybody going to LeWeb in Paris this december? - Ludwig Ederle
Gillmor Gang meetup @LeWeb... - Ludwig Ederle
Bluetooth Smart is all I'm working on now.... demand will be mind numbing - Jerry Schuman
Im sure Steve is right about the notification piece - Tina Chase Gillmor
proximity is a game changer - Jerry Schuman
NFC is dead - Jerry Schuman
Robert: you prefer talking to your devices? - Ankush Narula
Aren't the sensors all about not talking at all to anything? - Ludwig Ederle
I think Apple is doing fine except for the data factor from users. I tried maps again a few days ago and it was terrible. Perhaps if apple starts to engage with wearables it will have a chance to catch up to google on that front. - Michael Roberts
when is LeWeb this year? I'd like to - Kevin Marks
december 10th through 12th I think - Ludwig Ederle
Apple is heading headlong to a new market.. it's going to be fashion, lifestyle. Get ready for an entirely new market presence. - Jerry Schuman
Steve: iWork is free - I think that pretty much says that Apple is focused on hardware and UX - Ankush Narula
and content - Ankush Narula
Zillow bought StreetEasy - huge NYC real estate site - Ankush Narula
Ludwig - not sure who is going to LeWeb this year - Tina Chase Gillmor
I think software is everything for Apple and its why they give it away for free. They don't want a split universe that's occurring in the Android ecosystem. - Michael Roberts
integration is key for apple. the software matters a lot - Kevin Marks
just moved on to my third cup of coffee - Tina Chase Gillmor
I just saw a startup idea that brings BLE to small retail, pulls in social conversations and can provide custom offers, no twitter there though - Ludwig Ederle
but cloud is not natural for them - Kevin Marks
I'm working with Estimote on exactly those types of examples. We're focusing on high end hospitality/event venues - Jerry Schuman
Kevin: I agree cloud is not natural for them. Will wearables and all the data coming in from sensors help them to catch up. I suspect Apple will try to gather the next layer of data. - Michael Roberts
Kevin - software matters in that it makes Apple hardware compelling - it's a complete product - but look at the price of Apple software over the past 5 years - it's gone down down down - which is why I don't agree with Steve that Apple makes much money from iTunes or software - Ankush Narula
The question is are there more than one "Dread Pirate Roberts" - Jerry Schuman
Apple is one of the largest cloud services providers - iTunes Store, App Store, iCloud - you can argue that these aren't Dropbox or Google type cloud services - but they are cloud services - Ankush Narula
I'd like Google Now cards on a smart watch - Ian Waring
I'm getting "Show is over" notices on my droid, this is why I like iOS mor for content consumption... - Ludwig Ederle
USA is only 6% of the worlds population. Someone like to tell Moto X folks? - Ian Waring
You can track all payments in the blockchain. The anonymity is in the fact their is a wallet ID and not personal information regarding the payments - Jerry Schuman
and you can have multiple wallets - local/hosted - etc - Ankush Narula
right, but spending stole bitcoins or oddly sourced ones is still hard - Kevin Marks
The entire operations was based on NSA meta data cross matching... - Jerry Schuman
Tapping this on a Tesco Hurl - sorta Kindle HD with the full Google Play stack for $195 inc 20% tax - Ian Waring
Jerry - i'd say you're being paranoid but I'd probably be wrong ;-) - Ankush Narula
Boo hoo Ballmer - Ian Waring
how is the tesco thing compared to nexus 7, ian? - Kevin Marks
It is interesting to see how he hid the blockchain - John Taschek
It doesn't even make sense to run them together, talking Microsoft - Ludwig Ederle
You can't hide the blockchain.. it's impossible. - Jerry Schuman
Robert: Always like seeing the new T-Shirts. Mashape looks very interesting. - Michael Roberts
you can if you are allocating bitcoins among other accounts internally, but you still end up as the supernode - Kevin Marks
they all have different opportunities and threads, not to talk about chances and risks - Ludwig Ederle
Maybe 18 businesses is why Ballmer "Had the time of his life" - Ankush Narula
Very nice, even works with Chromecast. Not retina display, otherwise stock Androu 4.2.2 - Ian Waring
S/Androu/Android - Ian Waring
I read that paper a few weeks ago.. - Jerry Schuman
so like the previous nexus 7? - Kevin Marks
Microsoft needs a new CEO that is trusted in the broader marketplace. Something similar to what Yahoo did. Yahoo seems alive again. I think Microsoft could start to do that with bold new leadership. - Michael Roberts or the last few posts at - Ian Waring
Yes, just like my old Nexus 7. - Ian Waring
I like the idea of Vic Gundotra coming back and running the show - Ankush Narula
I like the idea of Vic going to microsoft too, though I wonder if he'd take it - Kevin Marks
Wonder if Jeff Bezos would be interested? - Jim Posner
Tesco sold 35,000 day 1 - Ian Waring
If the board let's him do what he needs to do - Ankush Narula
WOOT! loving BLE! - Jerry Schuman
that redirects to a hover holding page, ian - Kevin Marks
custom jewelry that are BLE for venues.. going to be huge - Jerry Schuman
how about talking about the Adobe breach... only 3.9 million users data pulled. - Jerry Schuman
TESCO closing all Fresh & Easy here in the US. Sold to the former owner of Wild Oats - Jerry Schuman
Fresh n Go - Ian Waring
I like fresh and easy - Kevin Marks
and former owner of Wild Oats was former owner of many stores that are now Whole Foods - Ankush Narula
With club card vouchers, you can buy it for £59 - Ian Waring
Jerry: that would be a good one to talk about. - Robert Scoble
£119 normally - Ian Waring
nice show - Tina Chase Gillmor
thanks again for the great dialog - Jerry Schuman
Cheers - have a good weekend - Ankush Narula
thanks to everyone who shows up here. You are all amazing - Tina Chase Gillmor
Missed it... - Daniel W. Crompton
How come so early today? - Darren James
Doh! Missed it. Changing my ff email notifications to "in real time". Hope I don't get swamped. - Murray Macdonald