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I am ready, under 1 hour to go :) - @LarsenTweet
Did you see the Bloomberg Business Week article on Bezos? He sounds very much like Steve Jobs - unable to tolerate people who disagree with him, because he is so brilliant. Maybe there is a better way of describing what amazon employees refer to as his "nutters." My question: to build an innovative, dynamic, and global organization today, does the CEO have to act in an emotionally immature way [or however you describe it] in order to motivate people to perform "up to the CEO's high standards"? - Brad Acker
Brad - IMO passionate leaders tend to motivate employees much more than dispassionate leaders. (That doesn't necessarily require the type of verbal abuse and cruelty that Steve Jobs was known for in his younger days) But the key here is that these leaders also have to inspire others with their vision and push their employees beyond their own self-imposed limitations. Some employees will hate this and others will love it. Some will hate it while it's happening only to love and appreciate it later. - Ankush Narula
I'm here. Can't wait to talk about what I learned at Salesforce yesterday. :-) Just kidding, but context plays big in its future. Makes sense as to why Marc Benioff agreed to write the forward of our book. - Robert Scoble
I am interested in what you are making on your book...Is it worth the time you put into it yet? I know you are getting more out of than just money. But curious how the publishing industry has changed. - Tony Stanislawski
I am not looking for numbers just a sense of the cost benefit of time you put into it - Tony Stanislawski
oh man, left my headphones at home. I'm going to go borrow some. And get my salad. brb. - Laura Norvig
Google's new Terms of Service and Shared Endorsement setting (which you must opt out of) - for some reason I think they will get more shit for this than Facebook - Ankush Narula
I am not making anything. Shel gets all of the money until we hit $200,000 of revenues. I didn't do the book for the money. But, it's selling nicely so far. More important to me are the reviews. More than 100 five-star reviews so far and they keep coming in. - Robert Scoble
Robert that is what I thought. Your press has been amazing so far. - Tony Stanislawski
I am here, you can take off - Ludwig Ederle
I have touted the book to my students. - Tony Stanislawski
Thanks Tony! - Robert Scoble
Still waiting for the call. So probably starting a bit late today. - Robert Scoble
Now get Google to release Glass so I can join the revolution... - Tony Stanislawski
Release in Europe as well, please - Ludwig Ederle
+Moto X - Ludwig Ederle
Robert: so how did the beacons work out? did you have to load any code on them? or did you just associate each one to some URL on the web? - Ankush Narula
btw, how's your government doing? - Ludwig Ederle
Hello from Northern Ireland, hope you are all well as usual? - Darren James
Robert had a good discussion on FB - Tony Stanislawski
about the Gov - Tony Stanislawski
Yes, I saw that. It's embarrassing, isn't it? I mean, what are these people elected for? - Ludwig Ederle
dealing with an audio issue folks, stand by but no chance of cancel, just need to tweak - Tina Chase Gillmor
hi everyone :) - Charlie Isaacs
Did anyone catch the new Nest smoke alarm. Seems very well timed to push things further into the sensor driven world. If a smoke alarm has so many sensors and features.. what a creative mind might think of for anything else. - Michael Roberts
WHEN KEVIN COMES IN SCREAM IN CAPS.... thank you ....the management ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Only if the trees make their usual appearance - Matthew Voshell
yes, the new Nest alarm is cool, it should really catch fire. oops, bad metaphor - Charlie Isaacs
@scoblezier if you want to have some fun with you Estimotes along with all your other IOT devices make sure you check out. - Jerry Schuman
here we go - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hey, anyone going to LeWeb in Paris? - Ludwig Ederle
hey Tina if you need help here is a script: and we're live 3 2 1 and or something like that - Charlie Isaacs
Our government is screwed. - Robert Scoble
Apparently - Ludwig Ederle
You mean we are screwed @robert - Tony Stanislawski
watching this while i wait - Laura Norvig
good to know the gillmor gang isn't shutdown - Michael Roberts
Howdy! - Nir Ben Yona
but they are about to have a positive press conference announcing that they will vote on a delay to postpone the delay that will defer the vote to delay - Charlie Isaacs
We don't talk politics on +GillmorGang, that's what NewsGang was for ;-) - Jerry Schuman
We should have newsgang back - Keith Teare
I hear the lovely Tina - Charlie Isaacs
I see you. - Laura Norvig
visual + audio good this end - Darren James
Nice shirt, @robert - christina sponselli
Sound like Yoda, he does not. - Jerry Schuman
i see more - Arnie Klaus
I can see people - Ian Waring
we see live people - Charlie Isaacs
I see robert isn't wearing glass... again.. second show now. - Michael Roberts
Yea this is the first week the audio is sync'd with the video in 2 week s - Matthew Voshell
Including yours... - Jerry Schuman
You got a hair cut - Ludwig Ederle
Estimote fun....! - Jerry Schuman
oops - Laura Norvig
you are your government - flyinthesoup
being a former gvot contractor... they still is windows server 2003 as the latest and greatest :/ - Matthew Voshell
just lost ya - Laura Norvig
Testcard - Ian Waring
Wow. That was short. - Murray Macdonald
restarting - Ankush Narula
oh what the heck, one more time will be the you guys - Tina Chase Gillmor
Must be a government program! - Arnie Klaus
+1 arnie - Ankush Narula
that's what happens when you criticize the govt. they shut us down :-o Robert's fault :) - Charlie Isaacs
We are restarting. - Robert Scoble
rebooting the gillmor gang - Michael Roberts
yay! - Matt Hicks
haha - Ankush Narula
It was Microsoft fault, it required a CTRL-ALT-DEL - Charlie Isaacs
Nice Gadget in the Background John - Arnie Klaus
if only the government could do a CTRL-ALT-DEL - Michael Roberts
@robert thoughts on nexus 5? - Matthew Voshell
iPhone 5s has a Blue Screen bug - Nir Ben Yona
This Google ads will go south within 4 weeks, is my bet - Ludwig Ederle
Apparently iPhones 5S are already being discounted by $50 - Murray Macdonald
New HP chromebook is getting bad reviews too - Matthew Voshell
My 5S has been extremely stable - Jerry Schuman
iOS 7 => very buggy - iPad 3 even worse - Ankush Narula
I'm still following Benioff's recommendation to read Autobiography of a Yogi. 18 hours 6 mins on Audible. 2/3 through at the gym. Then I'll read Scobles book (on iPad, ready to go) - Ian Waring
I have a Nest thermostat i'll prob be getting the protect in my new house i have to get ones anyway - Matthew Voshell
Our development team says it's a development issue, not an iOS 7 issue - Ludwig Ederle
New iPads coming up October 22nd (still unconfirmed). - Nir Ben Yona
also, is pretty buggy - Jerry Schuman
Nest Fire Alarm announced on the BBC today - Ian Waring
MicroSkype - Arnie Klaus
plus a bottle of Scotch - Jerry Schuman
for those that know of oclulos rift sony is making its play... or course is packed with tons of propritery hardware - Matthew Voshell
its also default 16:9 aspect ratio too - Matthew Voshell
Nice tina - Ankush Narula
Robert you should come join our #VUC call at 9am on Fridays. It's the longest running VoIP conference call. Over 7 years and held every Friday. We do it on hangouts and simulcast across a VoIP HD bridge. - Jerry Schuman
SLIGHT suggestion from scobles lol - Matthew Voshell
CamTwist two shots - Jerry Schuman
Its coming! - Tony Stanislawski
I can do switching on Hangouts without issue... - Jerry Schuman
does it come with a Tina Chas Gilmor? ;-) - Darren James
I also do remote cameras without issue.. all in software, no hardware. - Jerry Schuman
So what would you need a TriCaster for? - Ludwig Ederle
WireCast/Camtwist - Jerry Schuman
Jerry: cool. - Robert Scoble
But Google's use of your comments is public. No so with FB's use. - christina sponselli
Jerry: usually I don't have time to add more, though - Robert Scoble
You can download the hangouts video after the fact too - Matthew Voshell
That's the new Google TOS - Ankush Narula
Robert, aware of your exceedingly consumed time. Make sure you take a look at for your Estimotes.... too much fun. - Jerry Schuman
But they're integrating this with AdSense now - Ankush Narula
Oops - I liked the Urban Dictionary of Facebook today - Ian Waring
We are the content, and we are the ads. So pay us. - Laura Norvig
Facebook is copying more google with the head of tail posts by the verge and the likes being spliced into my freind feed, feels very google+-y - Matthew Voshell
S/of/on - Ian Waring
Comments in the age of context. - christina sponselli
Oh Oh Robert....How many 5 star reviews? - Tony Stanislawski
uh oh, my battery is low - Kevin Marks
Can't wait for a Google Nexus 5 (with snapdragon 800 @ 2.3ghz and 3000 mAH battery). Also looking forward to flexible displays. The Samsung curved display looks silly, but the LG flex display looks great. No more broken screens. - Murray Macdonald
don't say that when jewish people are on the call - Ed Schlesinger
How many are corrupt? :) - Tony Stanislawski
Is it on Itunes Robert? - Arnie Klaus
how many fake twitter followrs to people have? same shit - Matthew Voshell
Hold on guys - Arnie Klaus
"It's like a penis measuring contest" -Robert Scoble for Viagra - Ankush Narula
no pun intended - Ed Schlesinger
I just reviewed it :) not the body part you mentioned Robert but the book - Charlie Isaacs
Is there an app for that on your Google Glass? - Jerry Schuman
Topic: Yahoo's email inbox revamp? - Matthew Voshell
I just measure it - Ed Schlesinger
the reviews; - Ed Schlesinger
as long as it's not a Readers Digest version - Charlie Isaacs
Dave Winer wanted a longer twitter - we have Weave: - Kevin Marks
Topic: Dropcam Pro..... i want one... so cool - Matthew Voshell
Siri on iOS 7 is much improved. Transcribes my messages when driving perfectly - Ian Waring
Google hangouts does not come with Tina, but I might consider using it for a show I might host... - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Ian i find that google voice rec through the google search app on ios is still better than siri - Matthew Voshell
Jared Diamond: The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal will answer all your questions. - Arnie Klaus
we could do an experimental one - Kevin Marks
What about the supposed hire of Vivian Schiller for Twitter News! - Tony Stanislawski
Apple doesn't have the cloud services to back a contextual OS - Ankush Narula
He did not run the fuel band team... he headed up the Innovations Lab. - Jerry Schuman
@Tina lol... What are "tina" s going for these days? Thats a hot commodity no? - Matthew Voshell
@Mathew: Can you save videos on your laptop / SD card? (other than their cloud service). - Nir Ben Yona
Ankush ++ - Murray Macdonald
Jerry sorry about that, thanks. - Robert Scoble
Could do Gillmor: After show/hours on hangout on air for test and further explain that penis test - Matthew Voshell
Apple is heading directly into true lifestyle technology... fashion is coming and quickly - Jerry Schuman
Bow to greater experience on Google Voice - not used it here - Ian Waring
@Nir in ref to google hangouts on air? - Matthew Voshell
must we explain the penis test? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Matthew: A Hangout with your wang out? - Ankush Narula
Google Now knows my desktop searches on my mobile. I search on my desktop, get in the car and it has driving instructions. - Murray Macdonald
this is devolving very quickly - Ed Schlesinger
@Ankush... yes... yes indeed - Matthew Voshell
Google Now cards on a watch may be the only decent app for a watch - Ian Waring
@Mathew In reference to Dropcam Pro. - Nir Ben Yona
Robert, do you have a Nymi bracelet on the way? - Jerry Schuman
will that test "stand up" to scrutiny Tina? - Charlie Isaacs
Apple won't let me use Chrome on iOS - they make it very difficult - Ankush Narula
Jerry: I don't think so. I have said yes to so much hardware lately not sure. - Robert Scoble
You can now queue Google calendar reminders onto future Google Now cards - Ian Waring
Chrome allows WebRTC - Murray Macdonald
SO who really uses WebRTC? - Ludwig Ederle
NYMI is a BLE bracelet specific to EKG fingerprinting for security... freaking rocks - Jerry Schuman
i use safari on mac as chrome doesnt work well with gestures, the add-on is all back to front and not that great - Darren James
Instapaper/Readability/Pocket - Ankush Narula
who cares about reading list? - Ankush Narula
anyone using google hangouts - Kevin Marks
sounds like an endorsement, John - Jerome Hughes
@Nir I'm not sure, it has offically released yet but i know thier cloud service is really how they make money; I dont know what you can pull the videos out, espically that thier software in teh cloud helps you fast forward to actions - Matthew Voshell
I use hangouts on a daily basis - Jerry Schuman
Readability - Ankush Narula
freaky europeans have this thing with google, so few use hangouts :-( - Ludwig Ederle
Kevin, when I get invited on a Google Hangout I join, otherwise I don't use it - Charlie Isaacs
Colleagues are trying a public hangout in a couple of weeks, Kevin. - christina sponselli
Readability extension for Chrome - Ankush Narula
Jerry - tell be the shortcomings of hangouts - Tina Chase Gillmor
my daughter is in Paris ... using Google Hangouts - Ed Schlesinger
WebRTC is cool. P2P video without a server in the middle is cool. - Murray Macdonald
What are you them using for, Jerry - Ludwig Ederle
@Mathew OK.. Thanks! - Nir Ben Yona
Google email looks TERRIBLE VIA SAFARI - Ed Schlesinger
The killer feature for hangouts that is currently missing is Hangouts On Air but by invite only... when that comes to fruition watch enterprise use go through the roof - Jerry Schuman
You are right, Murray, but how many people use it? - Ludwig Ederle
Agreed - Chrome way better than Safari on MacBook Pro - Ed Schlesinger
I'm all apple hardare but i only really use chrome on MacOS but safari on iOS - Matthew Voshell
Chrome on iOS doesnt always load mobile versions of pages which is annoying - Matthew Voshell
I have a running Ambient Hangout for Co-Workers... and I use it for all my clients - Jerry Schuman
@eventparrot - Nir Ben Yona
I don't get that Jerry: there are no Hangouts on Air by invite only? - Ludwig Ederle
I started with Cisco Networking Academy on wednesday night and safari shits itself when trying to load the interactive content so i have to use chrome..i also use chrome for my Mega cloud storage - Darren James
no HOA are open to public... - Jerry Schuman
there is no constraining an HOA yet - Jerry Schuman
eventparrot - Tony Stanislawski
got it - Ludwig Ederle
HOA being the realtime YouTube version of the hangout - Jerry Schuman
Yea I only got on DM - Tony Stanislawski
in the hangout can be invite only... the broadcast can not - Jerry Schuman
Hangouts on air is invite only... the only people able to join it are invite, but you can also have it open for anyone to joinl you can always restrait who can view like most youtube videos (publc/people who have link) - Matthew Voshell
I just followed eventparrot today but nervous about getting too many DMs. Loving @magicrecs though, which is exactly how I heard about eventparrot - Laura Norvig
I use google drive alot and its way better on chrome than safari obiously - Matthew Voshell
@Robert He ran the Innovations Lab. - Nir Ben Yona
All you have to do is follow @EventParrot. It'll DM you with breaking news. - Charlie Isaacs
for ibeacons? - Darren James
Tina, the biggest thing about hangouts is 10+ users depending the version you have access too... and easy of use. - Jerry Schuman
Call me back, Mac died - Kevin Marks
I also have Estimotes - Jerry Schuman
does it increase your penis size? - Ed Schlesinger
Dev pack.. - Jerry Schuman
+Robert is holding up a RoachMotel - Charlie Isaacs
+1 charlie - Ankush Narula
The Estimote has both BLE and accelerometers on board - Jerry Schuman
Robert - What BT protocols does it support? PXP? (Proximity Protocol?) - Murray Macdonald
Low Energy Dating - Ankush Narula
walk away from bar and it can notify you of a 20% discount if you come back - Jerry Schuman
No.. the beacon - Jerry Schuman
Too much penis this show - Matthew Voshell
Ed.... He said it does "things' so maybe - Tina Chase Gillmor
Love you tina !!! - Ed Schlesinger
Spam Beacons = Facon - Ankush Narula
Accuracy is far more exact with BLE vs. GPS. Also 2+ year battery life - Jerry Schuman
less - Jerry Schuman
What do the apple stores use? How is it different then just doing what the apple does in having that self cheeckout i use it all the time - Matthew Voshell
lots of penis talk today... show name? - Tina Chase Gillmor
there is also an accelerometer - Jerry Schuman
Two inches to one device. To determine position you need to triangulate from multiple sensors, and multiple sensors will be affected by the stuff between them. - Murray Macdonald
I only got one DM - Tony Stanislawski
@Tina ambiguous genetalia - Matthew Voshell
"show us your..." - Tina Chase Gillmor
Laura: I followed @MagicRecs: got this message today: - Daniel W. Crompton
@VivianSchiller was just followed by @HilzFuld (11s ago), @dannysullivan, @Jason and 16 more - Daniel W. Crompton
Plus they are supposedly hiring Vivian Schillier who only tweeted 1800 times...OM had a good article on this yesterday - Tony Stanislawski
"triangulate this" - Ed Schlesinger
Wow, I'm sorry I'm late to today's show given these comments! - Tom Guarriello
Ed - good one - Tina Chase Gillmor
enterprise application - security? - Ed Schlesinger
Daniel, I am loving magicrecs. Generally get a few recs per week. Not overwhelming. - Laura Norvig
Me too re: magicrecs, Laura - Tom Guarriello
These would obviously be cheaper; what are they going to cost @Robert? - Matthew Voshell
I discovered it yesterday when I found eventparrot. - Daniel W. Crompton
electronic signage is another possible enterprise application - Ed Schlesinger
UStream on Iphone is 14 seconds ahead of desktop, yet I am able to respond to you in realtime on the desktop? Timewarp - Arnie Klaus
LTE-Advanced and HetNets will help with more accurate indoor mapping - Ankush Narula
BLE is going to be EVERYWHERE - Jerry Schuman
You can also do significant heat map analysis with these devices - Jerry Schuman
Interesting. I thought you can't mass DM your friends. With @eventparrot Twitter proves different. - Nir Ben Yona
Jerry, yes, everywhere and SOON - Tina Chase Gillmor
attendance, time entry systems - Ed Schlesinger
I sure am hoping so... I'm betting my farm on it. - Jerry Schuman
Could be leveraged for NAC too - Matthew Voshell
Workday, other ERP vendors - Ed Schlesinger
BLE proximity PXP protocol ( supports a limited number of connected devices at a time. - Murray Macdonald
that's sad john - Ed Schlesinger
Retailers will fund BLE first no? - Ankush Narula
we hear everything fine - Daniel W. Crompton
Could you carry one on your person and design what gets broadcast to people around you - Tony Stanislawski
beacons not gps killer - Da
Tony, yes. - Jerry Schuman
Enterprise in social sheeps clothing - Aron Michalski
six degrees - Jerome Hughes
WHat?!!? I HEar a NOISE?!!? lord old man show - Matthew Voshell
Beacons will kill NFC technology. - Nir Ben Yona
NFC is dead - Jerry Schuman
cost for deployment between NFC and BLE is dramatic - Jerry Schuman
We're not hearing that noise... Perhaps it's in the headphones only. - Murray Macdonald
what noise? - Ankush Narula
Scoble is a foreground type, background is the enemy. - Aron Michalski
It sounds fine to me. - Laura Norvig
poor kevin - Darren James
have you spoken to your therapist about this Robert? - Ed Schlesinger
I hear tinfoil hats can help. - Laura Norvig
we're not hearing it on the outside - Charlie Isaacs
Tinfoil earmuffs. - Aron Michalski
I hear some guys talking - Ludwig Ederle
none of us can hear it - Matt Hicks
the audience isn't hearing it - Charlie Isaacs
Kevin Beacon - Jerome Hughes
How would you do this in google+ - Arnie Klaus
Yeah Kevin - get it together - Ankush Narula
beacons are gonna die if not adopted by android - Da
Penis talk to just being a dick...progress not perfection. - Aron Michalski
BLE is supported by Google in Android from the latest revs - Jerry Schuman
Kevin poor Kevin - Tony Stanislawski
Hide some estimotes under some seats at Dreamforce - Jerry Schuman
But the Android BTE stack only lets you get Radio Signal Strength when scanning. They'll need to update it to realistically support beacons. - Murray Macdonald
Android BTE is in rev 1 at the moment... they know what they need to bring to the party. Problem is they put their eggs in the NFC basket. - Jerry Schuman
Is the keynote being streamed live? - Matthew Voshell
dreamforce is also going to have a devzone area where dev's can hack with some of the new (and old) IoT devices - Charlie Isaacs
Robert you seriously need to get yourself a Nymi bracelet. - Jerry Schuman
Kevin I'm playing with a customizer NoterLive, don't you live tweet GillmorGang? - Daniel W. Crompton
Yes -keynotes are streamed live - as are many of the interviews - John Taschek
we have 9 sessions in the IoT track - Charlie Isaacs
The Android transition was from theBlueZ BT stack to the Broadcom BT stack. The Broadcom stack supports stuff that isn't yet available in the OS. You can write directly, but they need it in the OS. Perhaps 4.4 will support the new stuff. - Murray Macdonald
The Road to Dreamforce is here: - John Taschek
now Robert is talking about stuff I'm not allowed to talk about :) - Charlie Isaacs
finally going to get discovery at the level it's needed - Jerry Schuman
Charlie: heheh. - Robert Scoble
Robert - Can we expect something similar from Web Summit at the end of the month here in ireland? - Darren James
Darren: yes. Hopefully that gets live streamed too. - Robert Scoble
Kevin's in the Matrix - Ankush Narula
lol - Darren James
I gave Robert indigestion by crashing his lunch :) - Charlie Isaacs
My daughter was Marc's wife fashion consultant - Jerry Schuman
Oh no, you muted Kevin! - Tom Guarriello
whoa. andy warhol-esque - Laura Norvig
Mum = Mom for the non-british - Matthew Voshell
It is hard to live tweet when talking - Kevin Marks
thanks Matthew - Keith Teare
LOL KEVIN - Charlie Isaacs
Now that you're muted I mean - Daniel W. Crompton
lol anytime kevin - Matthew Voshell
I'm in a Dreamforce State of Mind .... - Ed Schlesinger
i missed it... i was in the other room - Matthew Voshell
It means I don't have to manage my online community. Of course it also means the community will be hard to start up when the government opens. - Laura Norvig
will be soon... i'm in DC and all my feiends are tweeting form thier couch - Matthew Voshell
by the way - WHY wasn't the insurance exchanges built on the platform - duh? - Ed Schlesinger
if a tree falls.... - Tina Chase Gillmor
Utah just opened all their parks... paid the fed to do it. - Jerry Schuman
Tina- lol. - Aron Michalski
LOL! hillarious - Jerry Schuman
Lots of stories of people being impacted, but Congress continues to get paid - christina sponselli
The shutdown is illegal - - Seditious conspiracy - Murray Macdonald
This is just what the NWO wants.... plain and simple. Waiting for the economic collapse next. - Jerry Schuman
This is embarrassing for the U.S. - Ludwig Ederle
loose interpretation Murray - I've been asking around about this and Section 9 Article 1 - Ankush Narula
I'm a student. Or a senior. Whichever is cheaper. - Laura Norvig
NGL questions in a GG world... - Aron Michalski
congress should have to live like everyone else... that's the deal - Tina Chase Gillmor
true dat Aron - Tina Chase Gillmor
I had to switch to my nexus 7 as the mac died - Kevin Marks
Ankush - prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law... - Murray Macdonald
I don't agree, Keith - Ludwig Ederle
Of the people, by the people is an app waiting to happen - Arnie Klaus
this show has turned into NGL. - Jerry Schuman
The interesting thing is that a conservative Brit would say the same thing. That is the difference - Tony Stanislawski
tina - I have to drop off at 2.20 - Keith Teare
Bezos start exerting that WaPost influence? - Matthew Voshell
ok Keith - Tina Chase Gillmor
Ludwig - elaborate - Keith Teare
government forgot what they are elected and paid for, but not only in the U.S., in Europe as well. - Ludwig Ederle
Lets hope the Ted Cruzes ride away on Google bikes - clive boulton
certain industries need govt invovlemtn.. or atleast give options... you want something cheapr but slow? us the USPS, want somethign faster but expensive? use FedEx - Matthew Voshell
Do the next show in Sign Language. - Murray Macdonald
Murray - I'm with you - but the lawyers i've talked to say it won't apply to congress - Ankush Narula
WTF? They've been stealing money out of your wallet for years under the guise of "maintaining infrastructure". How's the street lately in SF btw? - Jerry Schuman
We are the government - Its an app - crowdsourcing - Arnie Klaus
But the Koch brothers aren't congress. - Murray Macdonald
+1 Jerry - Ludwig Ederle
blue circle in the middle of his screen - Ed Schlesinger
the government and penises... redundant - Tina Chase Gillmor
hahaha - Ludwig Ederle
NSA owns Skype and Microsloth - Jerry Schuman
Ludwig - we don't disagree about that. incompetence or outright self-interest creates cynicism - Keith Teare
@Tina HERE HERE!!! - Matthew Voshell
Murray - so go find the evidence to charge them and make a case to the DOJ (when they re-open) - Ankush Narula
+1 Keith - Ludwig Ederle
How good is government at this in the US, Robert? Not good over here, not good at all - Ludwig Ederle
Ankush - I'm not an American. Just a spectator. - Murray Macdonald
The movement of control from the States to the Fed is the real crime of the century. - Jerry Schuman
national districts are drawn by state legislators ...der - Matthew Voshell
The day the Government cared about research and the future were a long time ago. - Tony Stanislawski
The Supreme Court with Citizens United ruling started this problem. Campaign Finance Reform is required. - Murray Macdonald
the lack of pork barrel without taking away districting seems to be the problem - Ed Schlesinger
Or going back to the basic meaning of public service - Ludwig Ederle
Robert that is where you are wrong. Do not fall into the trap of making all things equal - Tony Stanislawski
be nice if we were like england and have a 6 week election sessions; alan grayson on bill maher last week said congressmen spend on avg alteast 30 hours/week fundrasiing - Matthew Voshell
its the combination of redistricting and pork barrel that greased the wheels - Ed Schlesinger
Murray - this has been going on longer thanCitizens United - that just made things legal (and worse) - Ankush Narula
Well, british government isn't any better - Ludwig Ederle
Also these are not Republicans, these are Tea Baggers - Tony Stanislawski
yes; definitely strange bedfellows - Ed Schlesinger
Vote for whoever runs on Campaign Finance Reform. Sadly that's no one. - Murray Macdonald
redistricting means the representatives become lifers - Tina Chase Gillmor
without the government, there wouldn't be the internet - Da
Welcoming the rise of a true 3rd party. - Jerry Schuman
These are not even close to agreeing with someone like GW Bush Senior who was in power not too long ago - Tony Stanislawski
not a TRUE 3rd party. - Ed Schlesinger
I can't believe that a country like the US still has death penalty but no public health care but this battle on public finance - Ludwig Ederle
Don't landlines have ringer controls? - Ankush Narula
We didn't talk about the demise of Google TV .. - John Taschek
3rd party will never work in a winner take all system - Tony Stanislawski
Third time lucky? - Murray Macdonald
watch that be keith's wife or something... - Matthew Voshell
TV kills brain cells - Da
At least Colorado and Utah are dipping into the state coffers to open the national parks ... - John Taschek
no. its keith wanting to get to say something - Ed Schlesinger
The Whigs used to be the second party here in the US.... then there was a 3rd... and then no more whigs - Jerry Schuman
that was funny! - Ed Schlesinger
Did you hear about the NSA power-spike setting back their new facility? - Murray Macdonald
LOL at Keith - Tony Stanislawski
We interrupt this program... - Arnie Klaus
Leave it off the hook - Tony Stanislawski
Benioff donation to schools was good to see - Darren James
Deported back to UK ..:) - Tony Stanislawski
I'll take Keiths open slot ;-) - Jerry Schuman
If we're talking politics ... - Laura Norvig
gerrymandering by david horsey - clive boulton
Brad Stone - Nir Ben Yona
many states earn alot of national parks tourists revenues - Da
Amazon warehouse is coming to WI - Tony Stanislawski
Scoble will guide us out of the political mire... it's not shiny enough. - Aron Michalski
Sales tax on my purchases starts Nov 1 ...dang - Tony Stanislawski
In Europe Amazon warehouses are moving to Poland - Ludwig Ederle
im about to lock on a mortgage for a new built house... and i cant wait to lock before it hits the bceiling - Matthew Voshell
If foreigners can't get travel visas it's going to impact tourism. - Murray Macdonald
Forget the 16 million that have been out of work for the past 6 years - Jerry Schuman
not sure foreigners want travel visas any more with all that news on the transparent Obama administration, Bush was bad but it doesn't seem to get any better - Ludwig Ederle
what is it, 40% of congressmen think dinosaurs and man lived at the same time?? if they hate the government why do they run?! - Matthew Voshell
yeah, Brad Stone. - Robert Scoble
Dog poop got a higher approval rating than Congress. - Murray Macdonald
Yeah - I heard an interview on Stone - it was interesting - that is here: - John Taschek
In time voter demographics will change everything. - Murray Macdonald
Too much political chat. Catch you all next week. Stay safe! - Darren James
Culture wars, folks, culture wars...50 years and counting. - Tom Guarriello
libertarians would be that... but its hard for them to get any penetration... being fiscally conservative and socially liberal - Matthew Voshell
dems and repubs are too entrenched in the american psyche - 3rd major party is very unlikely - Ankush Narula
Is Kevin parked next to an airport runway? - Jerry Schuman
<-- libertarian.. don't count us out. - Jerry Schuman
The GOP are three separate parties. The Rich, the Religious and the Freedom Lovers. - Murray Macdonald
Murray: good point! - Robert Scoble
Jerry - you guys are divided between your own party and republicans - Ankush Narula
Jerry - supposedly he's as at a cafe in Half Moon Bay - Tina Chase Gillmor
money = free speach - Matthew Voshell
money = expensive speech - Ankush Narula
The third party will happen when the GOP fracture. - Murray Macdonald
money = corruption - Ed Schlesinger
if the horse's dead, stop riding it - Ludwig Ederle
I can't wait until Tina names this episode. - Laura Norvig
Keep bleeding the american public and see what transpires. - Jerry Schuman
I have watched a lot of cspan in the last two weeks. - Laura Norvig
politics is so important - Ed Schlesinger
is sorkin writing for Steve these days? - Ed Schlesinger
engage! - Ludwig Ederle
80% of America are walking zombies. - Jerry Schuman
"Digital Shutdown" - Murray Macdonald
"Measure up or mute" - Aron Michalski
Go Steve! - Tony Stanislawski
miley cyrus takes over the ethos... and our news is dumbed down... see this video of russell brand on MSNBC - Matthew Voshell
woot! NewsGangLive is back! - Jerry Schuman
social media can engage more people in governance - Da
Watching US politics is one of my favorite spectator sports. Wish I could vote. - Murray Macdonald
I know where this is going. - Aron Michalski
give the students studentforce so they can apply to college and for scholarships - Ed Schlesinger
sorry - couldn't let it go! - Ed Schlesinger
Thanks for touching on Politics. More interesting than talking TV shows ;) - Murray Macdonald
Have a fun afternoon in Half Moon Bay! - Ludwig Ederle
Don't forget to update Facebook if you're in NY - Ankush Narula
Thanks guys! - Daniel W. Crompton
yeah GG Google hangout - clive boulton
good show - have a good weekend - thanks - Ankush Narula
JT does the Tina arm-wave - Charlie Isaacs
Good show guys! And great job of not decoupling what goes on in the US Gov. and what it means to pushing forward with context, technology, and the rise of geekdom! - Tony Stanislawski
Thanks Tina and team... - Murray Macdonald
Bye Bye - Ludwig Ederle
i still here that noise... does anyone else hear it? ;) - Matthew Voshell
always.. a great group. - Jerry Schuman
cheers everyone - Jerry Schuman
Entertaining & informative. Thanks. - christina sponselli
Robert - What was the name of those beacons? - Murray Macdonald
Estimote - Jerry Schuman
Thanks Jerry - Murray Macdonald
You can pre-order a dev pack but they're horribly backordered at the moment - Jerry Schuman
make sure and check out the NYMI bracelet too... - Jerry Schuman
Damn! I missed the show. Have to catch the replay this weekend. :( - Alex de Soto
Bad luck:( we missed - Mumbai Flora