Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 10am PT participate at
here - Keith Teare
morning - Kevin Marks
yawn - flyinthesoup
Just starting up. Sorry I'm late. - Robert Scoble
good morning from where it just became afternoon - Jerome Hughes
Waiting for the call... - Robert Scoble
plenty of friends were standing in that line and bailed from it only 15-20 minutes prior - Jerome Hughes
Hello. - Nir Ben Yona
robert, why do people say it's become out of proportion ? - flyinthesoup
because it is now really expensive and crowded - Kevin Marks
no shortage of distractions there, 30-50 from the music mailing list I follow are there and have a - Jerome Hughes
I think it was @Jason who said: "Stopped going to #sxsw: everything startups should avoid:celebrities, marketing 'prophets' & drunken vapidness" - Nir Ben Yona
where didi the independet refugiate now kEVIN ? - flyinthesoup
That said, sxsw is a great testing ground for social apps and such. - Nir Ben Yona
went to music a bunch of times between 2000 and 2005, before knew them so well, was a bit lost, and still had a great time - look forward to getting back there now that would have such a set of friends as guides - Jerome Hughes
Yah, '97 was pretty access to everyone, very informal, I think Yahoo! and Nintendo w/Turak were the big tech draws in their 'multimedia' room. - J.C. Bouvier
Robert, what's your purpose about boasting your celebrity experience in SWSX ? - flyinthesoup
twitter didn't launch there - Kevin Marks
foursquare did, 5 years ago - Kevin Marks
didn't twitter first gain traction there? - Jerome Hughes
@jerome: Yah, think Twitter did (gain traction, not launch) in 2008 yah? - J.C. Bouvier
twitter grew fast there in 2007 - Kevin Marks
Secret? - J.C. Bouvier
One question I did have for you guys from this week was the Popcorn Time rise and fall... - J.C. Bouvier
or they aspire to hang with celebrities in the their world who might not be celebrities in the bigger world - Jerome Hughes
flyinthesoup: to make you jealous, of course! :-) - Robert Scoble
Hi guys, late to the show, thought it wasn't starting for another 10mins. - Darren James
Have we been on long?? - Darren James
mostly to make me sorry about you. - flyinthesoup
Darren: no. We are just getting rolling. - Robert Scoble
I agree @Steve, Obama was great. And they targeted the right demo, and drove 15M views and one of their highest traffic days to the website. - J.C. Bouvier
flyinthesoup: celebrities make major business happen. THAT is really why I hang out with them. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Cool! - Darren James
I didn't go. Not worth it for me - Francine Hardaway
+1 Steve. Obama was very funny - Francine Hardaway
It was 2007 when Twitter grew at SXSW. So Fourquare must have been 2008. After that, nothing - Francine Hardaway
foursquare was 2009 - Kevin Marks
Francine: not true. GroupMe is only really good at SXSW. This year Hang W was the hot new thing. - Robert Scoble
they sent me a 'happy fifth anniversary' on a checkin this week - Kevin Marks
$3.5 million already. - Nir Ben Yona
Even after 5 years Foursquare has no real shape to it - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Moe: really? I love Foursquare and every minute or so a friend checks in. So it's getting used quite well. - Robert Scoble
Oh, Group Me. I'm not saying good, I'm saying launched and got traction. - Francine Hardaway
I use Foursquare to let my family know I've landed safely, made it to my hotel, etc. Who knew? they care :) - Charlie Isaacs
But it still isn't mainstream. Compare Foursquare with WhatsApp in same timespan - Moe Glitz from iPhone
They have a different viral loop, so aren't directly comparable. - Todd Hoff
Moe: true. But that doesn't mean Foursquare has no real shape. - Robert Scoble
NPG is current Prince label, some releases have been distributed by majors, others not, most recent two were not, according to ... - Jerome Hughes
It may be one of the leaders for Location Apps but it still isn't the major Location Multiplex App for Facebook to acquire - Moe Glitz from iPhone
They owned Check-ins. After 5 years they should have cracked it - Moe Glitz from iPhone
@Keith: Yah, first US iTunes Festival...pretty cool. @Jdarlrymple talked w/@Cue at Forbes: - J.C. Bouvier
bolocks robert - Kevin Marks
you can get much better quality already - Jerome Hughes
@Robert Exactly. He wants people to use FLAC. - Nir Ben Yona
lol - Darren James
I read his book. He's totally concerned about what has happened to sound quality since digital compression - Francine Hardaway
@Robert, I agree on the quality - but the US mass consumer market doesn't care. Apple will have to offer FLAC, and they should...but format war is over,@ - J.C. Bouvier
most will need new audio equipment to hear the difference - Jerome Hughes
SACD was great but it never had mainstream distribution - Darren James
Same with VHS vs Betamax - Moe Glitz from iPhone
robert, you're years can't perceive higher frequencies than 20kHZ - flyinthesoup
@Kevin It's totally different, more detailed, more dynamic, more clear and a lot more punchy. It's all about the source you're using and all about the headphones you have. - Nir Ben Yona
links please - Kevin Marks
years really cant !! ears, maybe ..:-) - flyinthesoup
Can I just say I've missed robert on the show. - Todd Hoff
If you're gonna keep using an iPod you're not going to hear a difference. - Nir Ben Yona
flyinthesoup: right but when you compress the audio and only sample at 44k your ears CAN hear the difference. - Robert Scoble
I would never be able to hear the difference... too many years of listening to punk rock live - Jerry Schuman
Nir: not true *IF* you have good headphones or speaker systems. - Robert Scoble
Jerry: Harmon found that is NOT true. They tested with people with bad hearing and even THEY could tell the difference. Read Sean Olive's science using his blind testing lab. - Robert Scoble
speakers response curves are mostly responsible for your qulity perception. - flyinthesoup
Robert: In a way. the iPod is not as good as those audiophile sources. Try iBasso dx50, Astell&Kern AK120 and such and see the differences. - Nir Ben Yona
I'm getting the cutout problem again - Kevin Marks
Robert: Most of them are using internal DAC. - Nir Ben Yona
at my house you can _feel_ the difference the system makes, unless the source is too heavily compressed - Jerome Hughes
@Steve I thought you said streaming audio won? - J.C. Bouvier
Scoble is turning his Spotify app up to the 11 setting #spinalTap - Charlie Isaacs
Philips created an amazing website called the Golden Ears (teaches you how to listen to audio). Try it - Nir Ben Yona
didn't realize this other chat was going on. thanks for the heads up Francine - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Charles, ha ha. - J.C. Bouvier
@Nir, very cool, tx. - J.C. Bouvier
Kevin... I know you're having difficulty hearing others. I'm sorry. Will try to work on it after show - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Keith amazing player, top of the line. Has an internal DAC. a lot of people in the audiophile community use it. - Nir Ben Yona
flyinthesoup: a $300 pair of Infinity speakers are actually pretty good. I tested several speakers at Harmon's double-blind testing studio and picked those over some that cost $3,000 (and so do most people, Sean Olive told me). - Robert Scoble
right - rejoined here ;-) - Ian Waring
welcome - Jerome Hughes
Chromecast goes live in Europe next week. Yay! - Ian Waring
Blogged about it on - Ian Waring
Unless you are using a 320kbps MP3 audio file, FLAC would sound a lot better. - Nir Ben Yona
scoble is confusing bitrate and sampling rate - Kevin Marks
has anyone looked at the latest Roku device that competes with chromecast? - Charlie Isaacs
Notifications on my Nexus 5 are much more slick than my old iPhone - Ian Waring
Chromecast is going to be this great opportunity Steve. - flyinthesoup
@ Nir Ben: I try, in most cases, to source FLAC material. It really does sound stunning on my setup! - Darren James
Google coming out with their Internet of Things APIs this month also - Ian Waring
@Darren Yep. I use AIMP3 app to convert files. Very easy to use. - Nir Ben Yona
@Robert, Google should start w/NOW/Calendars on top of Gmail...and weave + in...Apple is still weak on PIM unification cal/mail. They could really kill w/a unified app. - J.C. Bouvier
Steve, google may have better chances to manage this filtering notifications rather than just spreading the in the notifications bUS. - flyinthesoup
I get that on Google Now first thing in the morning - Ian Waring
NOISE - flyinthesoup
Steve- do you think people want more notifications? I turn most of mine off - Greg Knieriemen
New media stuff of interest posted overnight - Ian Waring
it's asking me if I'm interested in cricket - Kevin Marks
or configure the notifications away - Jerome Hughes
Wondering if Feedly is pushing stuff to Google Now - Ian Waring
someone should send Kevin an offensive snapchat while he's showing his screen :p - Charlie Isaacs
@Steve: I saw your tweet but wasn't sure what you were on about so I'm looking forward to your explanation.. - Darren James
don't have snapchat installed - Kevin Marks
I have Snapchat, Wechat, Line, WhatsApp - but Nobby No Mates - Ian Waring
BTW voip is coming to Whatsapp. - Nir Ben Yona
Money Transfers supposed to be coming to WhatsApp also - Ian Waring
I get nottifications for youtube comments via g+ - Kevin Marks
John Borthwick very kindly promised that his PA would send me his book. Hope Steves got past 3 pages now :-) - Ian Waring
Just wondering if they'll be a Chrome tablet soon - Ian Waring
isn't that called a Chromebook +Ian? - Charlie Isaacs
in a tablet form factor, no keyboard - Ian Waring
@Steve, don't you think notifications is overstated if people will continually choose whatever apps they like to get to manage domain specific content : news, music, ... ? - flyinthesoup
if you comment on a FB post, notifications for that post are turned on, then you can turn them back off in the top right drop down, and mine also allows turning notifications on for a post not commented on - Jerome Hughes
Chromebooks are awesome, need to use Office though - Da
N7 runs chrome nicely - Kevin Marks
I can't use my iPad without a keyboard, I must be old school :) can't type fast enough unless I use a Logitech keyboard - Charlie Isaacs
@Charlie: Would that be the K811 by any chance? - Darren James
or, if you give them control, they turn off the notification - Jerome Hughes
I get notified to death on iOS by Scrabble games! - Ian Waring
tablet + keyboard = laptop. Has to be able to use a mouse though - Da
Charlie - I can't user my iPad WITH a keyboard. I've gotten so used to touch now - Tina Chase Gillmor
Sounds like we need to use IFTTT with notifications - Ian Waring
i can't type on the iPhone, I'm so used to swiftkey on android - Kevin Marks
Totally confused by where Steve is going with this... Google doesn't beat you to death with notifications - Greg Knieriemen
+Tina when I am with a customer I can take notes and maintain eye contact with my iPad keyboard, don't have to look down - Charlie Isaacs
Windows tablets are getting really nicer - Da
@kevin, don't you believe that when people get mature to manage their own identity and preferences, they would be able to manage their own interests, search and notifications, instead of letting this automated content recommendations nobody can cope with, no matter how smart they get ? - flyinthesoup
just had FB lay text over the bottom of a photo from SXSW, asking me "Want to tag <friend name>?" - Jerome Hughes
+Keith what was that IoT site you mentioned? beekn? - Charlie Isaacs
ah thanks Jerome, I tried .com -- they tried to sell me the domain :) - Charlie Isaacs
1400 - longer they wait, more it will cost? - Jerome Hughes
The only notification Microsoft have is that XP is coming to end of life! - Darren James
Firefox killed Win8 browser version - Jerome Hughes
I hope Microsoft is listening - Tina Chase Gillmor
I use the desktop version all the time on my Windows 8 netbook - Da
I would have fired the scoogle guy, not put him in charge of strategy. that was laughable - Ian Waring
Steve is on a notification mission today - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina, Microsoft listens? :) - Charlie Isaacs
@Keith, they go cloud and cloud hard, make office free and drive gaming. - J.C. Bouvier
this was the "Metro" with very few users... - Jerome Hughes
@keith, they do like AOL and Yahoo, they buy and shutdown a lot of companies and pretend to be going ahead as long as they can. - flyinthesoup Php18,990 Iconia W4 - Da
MSFT should actually focus on what enterprise needs; collaboration tools - make a real SMB Basecamp killer, and then sell services to enterprise around that. Use as the interface and ingrate a real GANTT project MGMT tool. Goobers. - J.C. Bouvier
@Robert: What about device - Will you have constant notifications coming to your glass all the time? That would be annoying! - Darren James
apple is the company that sucks at notifications - Kevin Marks
gplus is in gmail - Kevin Marks
Kevin: I like Apple's notifications better than Google's but I know why you like Google's better, because you can interact with Google's and not Apple's. - Robert Scoble
Apple wearable patent this week can differentiate walking, running or stationary on a wrist device - Ian Waring
we got upgraded to Win 7 at work, I like it. Got me to buy this Win 8 netbook, looking to now get a Windows tablet - Da
Da: yeah, most people are stuck on Windows. It still is inferior to iOS and OSX. - Robert Scoble
OMFG dog just ripped one...gak! Ackthupttt! - J.C. Bouvier
Most of the tech passionates are on Apple products with good reason. - Robert Scoble
at $250, runs Office, works for me - Da
+1000 Robert. - J.C. Bouvier
J.C. did that come through as a HAZMAT notification? - Charlie Isaacs
@Robert - Totally agree - Darren James
most of the world are not on Apple, wonder why - Da
@Charlie - ha ha. Sorry, yes, kind of stream of consciousness today... - J.C. Bouvier
EVERY SINGLE PERSON I worked with at Microsoft are now on Apple products. - Robert Scoble
Da: price. Price. Price. Price and compatibility with old apps. - Robert Scoble
is that 1% or the 2% - Da
Did anyone download Popcorn Time? - J.C. Bouvier
Apple is about 10% market share. But 90% at SXSW. And at LeWeb. - Robert Scoble
Most conferences I speak at are 60+% Apple. - Robert Scoble
to folks in the real world, what's SXSW, Le Web - Da
when steve contacts me in iMessage, I miss it unless I'm at my mac - Kevin Marks
Da: SXSW music is mainstream, but the conference is the top of the market. Rich people. Enthusiasts. People who CARE about the tech they use and want the best tools. These are NOT people who buy $50 Android phones. - Robert Scoble
he should contact you in your gmail - Da
message center on mavericks is really confusing - Kevin Marks
if Apple had its way, only rich people would have access to tech - Da
@Da So true. I met a bunch of smart French students from Paris about a month before Le Web, and none of them had heard about it. Also, I was stunned to see that so many people standing in those Apple queues have never heard about TechCrunch. - Nir Ben Yona
I don't understand the confusion here. I get push notifications on Android. Just works. Google now is a different service that can be completely ignored. But it actually really useful. This just works. - Simon Tennant
We live in a rarified world. - Francine Hardaway
Simon- its about whether Google understands the centrality of the notifications center - Keith Teare
Nir: MOST people just don't care about their tech. They just want to get on Facebook, email, and have a phone for texting, etc. The market is starting to get more educated, but most just don't care. When I hang out with my "normal" friends they just don't care about this stuff the way we do. That said, most get what we are on eventually BECAUSE they go to places like concerts and see their friends are on things like GroupMe, Foursquare, Yelp, Uber, etc. - Robert Scoble
When you walk into a phone store, you get Android. Especially at WalMart, on prepaid, etc - Francine Hardaway
Or whether it is focused on Now! or Plus as alternatives - Keith Teare
some people really need to get out of the bubble. - Da
Most "normal" people I know don't use apps. They use a browser on their iPhone except for Facebook. - Francine Hardaway
notifications on chrome & Android will do ti Steve - flyinthesoup
@Robert: I totally AGREE. - Nir Ben Yona
most people don't use apps? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Da: I get out of the bubble every day. I ask people why they are on Windows. MOST people say "my boss forces me to." - Robert Scoble
I don't care about G Now. Ordinary notifications work just fine. Fire them off, they are received, retractions work (you have read on another device). - Simon Tennant
I ask normal people why they use Android. MOST people say "it was the cheapest that still let me use apps." - Robert Scoble
I use Google Now when it shows me something. - Francine Hardaway
I ask normal people why they don't use apps. MOST people say "I just don't care." - Robert Scoble
Steve, that's true for Plus but not for notification. I love my Android notifications. I don't notice being pushed into Google+. - Francine Hardaway
in the Hilltop WalMart, only Windows PC's are sold - Da
Da: right. Apple won't allow discounting. So stores like WalMart don't carry them. - Robert Scoble
plus is federated identity - Ian Waring
Plus is so not federated :) - Simon Tennant
Da: the Walmart customer is NOT the rich in town. - Robert Scoble
@Steve, an interesting case if Whatsapp hindering notifications because it was giving third party apps access to its content. - flyinthesoup
Da: the rich are on Apple. - Robert Scoble
I was on Gmail on the web - Francine Hardaway
I went to mobile naturally from the web and I had all my accounts presented to me - Francine Hardaway
mobile runs the web - Kevin Marks
I've been in the Google ecosystem for as long as they've had it - Francine Hardaway
True, and I can tune things on mobile. - Francine Hardaway
This goes back to the points made earlier about "difficulty in large company enterprise integration and communication" re: Google global settings, profiles, etc. - Charlie Isaacs
I don't understand, Steve. I am now almost totally mobile (except for when I watch this program and get on Friendfeed. I can tune everything I need about Google from mobile - Francine Hardaway
Apple is irrelevant to most folks, overhyped, overpriced stuff. The rich need to bling it up - Da
Just notice its 12 non almost - Keith Teare
noon - Keith Teare
just turned on gNow Notifications in iOS7 gApp in Settings / Google Now, it then added the gApp to Notification Center, needed to approve it there (went with banners for now) before turning it on in the settings - Jerome Hughes
twitter notifications are broken - Kevin Marks
Again. I am not barraged by notifications on my Nexus 5. I don't get G+ notifications - Francine Hardaway
twiiter IS a notification Bus - flyinthesoup
exactly +Robert -- context and geo-based notifications - Charlie Isaacs
Da: you just turned to an idiot in my book. Apple's stuff is far superior. Not just "bling." EVERY person I worked with at Microsoft is now using Apple. - Robert Scoble
context and geo is what google now does - Kevin Marks
Francine, do you tune it in the mobile browser or mobile app? - Jerome Hughes
and foursquare - Kevin Marks
So I have to turn on G+ notifications or I'm not living? - Francine Hardaway
we really need linux cuz the Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House - Da
I'd like to ask all you chat folks if a few of you would be interested in keeping a running list (during one show) of the key products/services, topics (one word), etc.?I need to fill out info for SEO and show history - Tina Chase Gillmor
I try to do it during the show but would rather concentrate on other tasks - Tina Chase Gillmor
but no linux desktops in WalMart - Da
sure, would help with that, already open tabs for new ones and chatted to review later - Jerome Hughes
What's great about Apple is how the apps run. They ALL run bettere than on Android - Francine Hardaway
thanks Jerome - Tina Chase Gillmor
tile may make more sense with higher dpi screens - Kevin Marks
becoming more like widgets on android - Kevin Marks
I like my bigger screen GNex better than iPhones since I get a headache, squinting trying to read iPhone's tiny screen - Da
you can just push the words at me at the end of the show in this chat window or email or... - Tina Chase Gillmor
Just told my wife my Nexus says new video from my son on FB. She's now checking her iPhone 5S - Ian Waring
@Tina - In regards to the topics discussed by the guys or here in the talk room. Id be happy to help out where possible as i spend more time paying attention to the show opposed to the chat room, as good as it is. - Darren James
+Tina: You could also copy and past this FriendFeed stream into a tag-cloud app - Charlie Isaacs
Gotta go guys, have a great rest of your weekend...always a pleasure, sorry about the dog fart thing. ;) - J.C. Bouvier
@Keith - Sweet! - Darren James
fragmentation on G+ = there are Ingress Resistance G+ groups, and there are Enlightened ones - Da
They said it was hijacked - Charlie Isaacs
Google Now now tells me Happy Birthday to teach nepali :-} - Ian Waring
7 hours! - Ian Waring
Need to drop off - Keith Teare
Remember the American Golf PGA star who's plane lost air cabin pressure and the plan flew until it ran out of fuel? - Darren James
what happened to WTC Building 7 ? - flyinthesoup
The pings are strange - Ian Waring
flyinthesoup: everyone has a theory. Who really knows? - Robert Scoble
They hijacked the plane, defeated all of the tracking systems, landed the plane near Kazikistan. IMO - Charlie Isaacs
Steve, hit us with a notification should you not be recording next friday..:-) - Darren James
Thanks everyone for joining us. - Robert Scoble
Congrats to Ella. I've always liked her a lot - Francine Hardaway
haha - Ian Waring
nicest show in a while. thanks. - flyinthesoup
Great show guys, thanks. Learn something every time - Charlie Isaacs
Just different - Francine Hardaway
Thanks, and great weekend everyone. - Nir Ben Yona
Until next week guys, stay safe and enjoys Paddys day on Monday :-) - Darren James
Plane deliberatly diverted - on the UK news atm - Ian Waring
Tina, sent a FB PM with info - Jerome Hughes
thanks Francine about Ella. She is thrilled - Tina Chase Gillmor
oh thanks Jerome. Much appreciated - Tina Chase Gillmor
you're welcome, thanks to all - oops on DMs, hadn't seen this - Jerome Hughes - dalaman transfer