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Ready to rock this Holiday Weekend! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Oh yes - Kevin Marks
Anyone want something to eat? :-) - Robert Scoble
not for a day or so - Kevin Marks
I'm so stuffed. - Robert Scoble
Here - Keith Teare
also in a food coma - clive boulton
Glad y'all survived the chaos #blackfriday - Nir Ben Yona
The chosen one must be Satya Nadella? - clive boulton
any of you guys is going to be at LE WEB in Paris ? - flyinthesoup
I hope I never eat junk again - Francine Hardaway
Kevin's on, Keith is on - Francine Hardaway
HANA and Visual Studio add Node.js - clive boulton
Reactive apps is the new sexy enterprise - clive boulton
Revolv'd? - Francine Hardaway
I'm at Le Web, and so is Scoble - Kevin Marks
I just tried to look Revolvd up on Google and couldn't find it - Francine Hardaway
nice to know Kevin, looking forward to meeting you guys - flyinthesoup
Black Friday chaos - Nir Ben Yona
helloooooo everyone1 - Tina Chase Gillmor
Most of the new things have to do with the sharing economy; ho one has to own everything, which is why Uber doesn't want to own cars - Francine Hardaway
OMG! That's an awesome twist. Personal lives in public... - Francine Hardaway
It IS kinky. That's why it gets popuilar - Francine Hardaway
Nice idea, Keith - Francine Hardaway
Analysts & Marc Benioff discuss - clive boulton
did you see at&T and t-mobile fighting for a customer: - Kevin Marks
I think that's what Contatta is trying to do. They're not launchedyet - Francine Hardaway
Right. I switched to Android and can't get texts from IOS phones - Francine Hardaway
how, francine? cos they are using imessage? - Kevin Marks
80% of Snapchat users are female - source Benedict Evans - Ian Waring
Yes.They are using iMessage - Francine Hardaway
Sorry - 70% female in Snapchat- my bad - Ian Waring
Everyone on iPhonex uses iMessage and it doesn't always translate to SMS when going to a Google phone - Francine Hardaway
And KitKat defaults to Hangouts for SMS - Francine Hardaway
both let you send SMS though, surely? - Kevin Marks
I'm not sure the vanishing picture is the value. I see people using it to bring people into the moment with a picture and then use the product to chat a bit - Tina Chase Gillmor
They dok Kevin, but they are both defaulted to "over the top" and it's hard to understnad how to change the settings - Francine Hardaway
Keith - We need you to put earphones on - Tina Chase Gillmor
There are 50 IM apps on the Apple App Store. 6-7 over 9 figures of users. More like a Nightclub (people there because people there) rather than blockbuster brands - Ian Waring
audio problem coming from you we think - Tina Chase Gillmor
I finally downloaded another SMS program to get rid of Hangouts. And I even read Schmidt's post about how to switch - Francine Hardaway
email will eventually die out with Generation C - Moe Glitz
Snapchat for deep enterprise? Message-passing systems Akka, Node coming on fast - clive boulton
Line, WhatsApp, Weibo, Twitter, Facebook... - Ian Waring
Impermanence doesn't allow for advertising - Francine Hardaway
So right Francine - Moe Glitz
Talked to four college students at dinner last night about Snapchat. It's used to bullying, etc - Francine Hardaway
And to exclude people, including roommates they don't like - Francine Hardaway
If Facebook didn't own Instagram, they wouldn't be relevant right now - Moe Glitz
Moe: I totally disagree with that. - Robert Scoble
Texting stays on your phone - Francine Hardaway
Akka and Node mentioned during Dreamforce 2013 Live GG - clive boulton
Facebook is dying in London, everyone moving to messaging app - Moe Glitz
WhatsApp rules right now - Moe Glitz
I use fb messaging with my boys - Kevin Marks
Path is taking off in Jakarta - clive boulton
I use FB messaging - Francine Hardaway
Instagram + Facebook traffic < Snapchat - Ian Waring
Kids are the future - Moe Glitz
Snapchat is 4x Instagram - Ian Waring
That's why kids use Snapchat. It disappears. Not there when you are looking for a job - Francine Hardaway
Mark Zuckerberg is acting like Richard Nixon, taking out his rivals. - Moe Glitz
Gotcha is that Google+, Facebook enforce a single identity. Myriad of mobile IMs allow multiple identities/audiences - Ian Waring
High school kids are wise to the danger of creating a permanent profile - Francine Hardaway
First Instagram. Next Snapchat. - Moe Glitz
kids got primed using photos with Intragram - Tina Chase Gillmor
WhatsApp assumes your phone # is your identity, which is crap if you change SIMs - Kevin Marks
I do it - Francine Hardaway
My < 2 year old granddaughter takes selfies on family iPhones and iPads - Ian Waring
Instagram is what my ASU students use - Francine Hardaway
Social consequences are being learned earlier and earlier - Francine Hardaway
Distributed Algorithms for Message-Passing Systems - clive boulton
Rumors are that Instagram is releasing a Messaging Service sometime next year - Moe Glitz
That's why kids are moving away from texting - Francine Hardaway
Hard to prove you were the one driving - riding in a car & texting is still legal... - Ian McGee
While LinkedIn is clearly crucial in the job search process, I'd argue Twitter > Facebook in terms of professional reputation development. What you tweet about, what articles you reference. - Rob Underwood
Hi Ian McGee - Francine Hardaway
/wave Francine. ;-) - Ian McGee
Rob: in HR they are using all three. All three (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, along with Google/blogs) ARE important. Not sure any one is more important than the others. - Robert Scoble
LinkedIn is getting to be a crock - being turned into a Professionals HuffPo - Ian Waring
I've always hated LinkedIn - Francine Hardaway
Texting is still #1 then gaming and emailing [digital life American teens]. Snapchat is #8 after Twitter and Instagram. - Nir Ben Yona
Even Twitter is exploring Private Chat. - Moe Glitz
So Snapchat can never make money or have the possibility of making money and still be worth billions? I don't get it - Francine Hardaway
Nir, where do those numbers come from? - Francine Hardaway
Investors and their associates - Moe Glitz
Francine: Family Online Safety Institute. - Nir Ben Yona
"LinkedIn = Professionals HuffPo" seconding @Ian - clive boulton
Francine, check it out - Nir Ben Yona
so you're saying with snap chat, where is the data? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Robert - in HR, sure. I'm more talking about "personal brand" building for purposes of communicating what one is into, reads, etc. Unless you do a lot of public Facebook posts and a lot of posting about one's industry on FB, I think Twitter often says more about what a person is thinking about, reading, etc. Twitter is also useful for mining how many people, and people of influence, are following a Twitter user. - Rob Underwood
snapchat keeps the metadata - who you messaged when and from where - Kevin Marks
the kids are the data - Moe Glitz
we can hear you csoble - Kevin Marks
*scoble - Kevin Marks
calling you back robert - Tina Chase Gillmor
we can hear - Ian Waring
Gravity Scoble - Moe Glitz
I can hear now. - Robert Scoble
wishing john taschek here to discuss message-passing Akka / Node in enterprise - clive boulton
Wow, Nir, I'm surprised by those statistics - Francine Hardaway
You end up being tracked all the time - need an IFTTT to decide your identities (or cloak you) at different times or locations - Ian Waring
Francine, yeah very surprising. - Nir Ben Yona
Most new features that Facebook has shipped over the past year has sunk without trace - Moe Glitz
Timeline, Ticker, Facebook Search. - Moe Glitz
Doesn't Snapchat also warn the originator if a recpient grabs a screenshot? Nice social pressure... - Ian McGee
Especially is a kid commits suicide because of bullying - Francine Hardaway
Instagram new releases are Facebook's Jewel in the Crown - Moe Glitz
That happened after Randi Zuckerberg's last year Thanksgiving, imcgee - Francine Hardaway
if it detects it, yes. can't detect using another phone to film it, or playing it in someone else's presence - Kevin Marks
Good point, Kevin - Ian McGee
Randi was using Facebook Poke - Kevin Marks
Oh, that's right - Francine Hardaway
SnapOn - Moe Glitz
Facebook Poke hit an Iceberg - Moe Glitz
like Apple Ping - Kevin Marks
Ping went Pong - Moe Glitz
Proving that big platforms can't just clone the tech of disruptive startups - Francine Hardaway
what about 23 nad me? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Francine: nor can they clone audiences. - Robert Scoble
Twitter rules - Moe Glitz
You're right. It's the audience - Francine Hardaway
Twitter is each person's individual daily press release platform. - Rob Underwood
My wifes spit is in LA with 23andMe - waiting for her reading - Ian Waring
The error on part of 23andMe is dressing its product in the “high tech clothing” of genetics instead of fortune telling - clive boulton
Google should have brought Twitter way before it launched the lame Google+ - Moe Glitz
FDA silly - if you expose anything, next contact is a Doctor... - Ian Waring
I hope we talk about 23andMe. I have spit for them, too - Francine Hardaway
so snapcaht is too private - Tina Chase Gillmor
Boo to insurance companies withholding data on our own DNA - Ian Waring
23andMe got snapchatted - clive boulton
Google+ is really single sign on - Ian Waring
Steve's audio is very low on my headphones. Everyone else is normal. - Robert Scoble
Every can make their own movie (or TV show, etc.) now -- what's interesting is when lots of people, especially lots of young people, start to actually do just that then self-distribute/market using social tools. See for but one of example of what's trying to prime that pump. - Rob Underwood
Everyone fine sound wise here in the UK - Ian Waring
Then do I have to go back to my iPhone? - Francine Hardaway
Francine: so far I haven't had to. - Robert Scoble
There IS the same problem with Hangouts - Francine Hardaway
Indeed - Hangouts depart of XMPP - Ian Waring
I love my nexus5. No Steve. It doesn't go through - Francine Hardaway
Hate having to know preferred destination. Sent Hangout chat to my daughter but she thinks of it as computer not phone - didn't get it for a long time. - Ian McGee
Which I do because I have an IPad. - Francine Hardaway
Steve: My daughter sends me a text. I get it on my iPad and not on my Nexus5 - Francine Hardaway
So you can't be in both ecosystems - Francine Hardaway
iPad and iPhone share the same iCloud account... - Ian Waring
I'm getting rid of my 5s to go Nexus 5... - Ian Waring
Right Ian Waring. And that's where my problem lies. I know it, but I can't fix it - Francine Hardaway
but keeping my iPad... - Ian Waring
GDGs are doing some Tricaster quality broadcasts with HoA and YouTube Live - clive boulton
You will have the same problem I have Ian Waring - Francine Hardaway
But Robert then you have to remember that (who uses what) - Ian McGee
This is why Messaging Apps like SnapChat & WhatsApp win - Moe Glitz
You can't if you have an iPad you want to use - Francine Hardaway
Other problem then is SMS requires cell signal, while the digital messaging systems work over wifi/data - Ian McGee
quite ian, so when I go to the uk, I don't get texts for a week - Kevin Marks
I had to get rid of both Hangouts and iMessages, and go to SMS. - Francine Hardaway
I love my Nexus5, and Steve is behind - Francine Hardaway
iMessage is a mess. I had a supervisor sending me iMessages (group message) for MONTHS that I never got because I have an Android device. When that happens to me, I don't wait for a fix - I stop using the service. Period. - Kevin Bryan
Getting very easy to develop apps - voice enabling a text box on Nexus 5 is 15 lines of Javascript - Ian Waring
hangouts works on ios though - Kevin Marks
That's the Chrome Apps future - enterprise apps move from Java to Javascript - Ian Waring
Users made Twitter - Moe Glitz
Able to run Javascript apps with headless Chrome on all platforms, save to Homescreen just like iOS - Ian Waring
Kevin: I agree with you. I hate SMS for business messages anyway. I ALWAYS force people to use email in a business context. - Robert Scoble
source for that andoid/ios data is behind a paywall at BI - Kevin Marks
would love to hear what everyone is thankful for -- in tech and beyond. - Rob Underwood
Sounds like a Jim Carrey Movie - Moe Glitz
Apple and Apple, Rob - Moe Glitz
23 and Me co-founder Linda left 2 years ago in frustration - clive boulton
23andMe have 14 days to start answering questions - Ian Waring
I have had my DNA done by them. - Francine Hardaway
ÇLive, frustration with what? - Francine Hardaway
which is BS - people then go to Doctors if any queries - Ian Waring
People are thinking about dual mastectomies if they have the BRACA1 gene - Francine Hardaway
Healthcare cost per capita in US 2x most places in Europe - Ian Waring
Health care is highly regulated. So they comply or get shut down - Francine Hardaway
The women ask for them - Francine Hardaway
23andMe, another CIA stealth - Moe Glitz
Agreed Kevin - Ian Waring
Who sells surgery, which is what surgeons do - Francine Hardaway
Thanks Robert for the link. - Rob Underwood
FDA upset with Angelina Jolie brca1 - clive boulton
Yes, Clive - Francine Hardaway
Why limit data? - Ian Waring
@Moe - Well played. I'm thankful for RESTful APIs too. - Rob Underwood
If the regulation is unbiased, it's one thing. But if the regulation throws business to a surgeon, its another - Francine Hardaway
Pharma complicit in evergreening patents with no effective improvements... - Ian Waring
We're drifting into the plotline of Le Carré's "The Constant Gardener" here... - Kevin Bryan
And don't get me started about why we don't teach prevention, which 23andMe can do - Francine Hardaway
The science pubs are biased - Francine Hardaway
RIGHT!!!!!!! - Francine Hardaway
most published research is false: - Kevin Marks
Correct, Kevin, and can't be replicated - Francine Hardaway
Reason to comply. Isn't that Robocop? - Moe Glitz
Well said Steve. - Rob Underwood
Just go to Mexico or Canada... - Murray Macdonald
Dr Feelgoods - Moe Glitz
That's called compassionate use - Francine Hardaway
Kevin, you and I are reading the same articles:-) - Francine Hardaway
heh - Kevin Marks
HIPPAA is BS - Francine Hardaway
Which no one ever reads or understands - Francine Hardaway
And the presumption of what a doctor does is changing - Francine Hardaway
FDA snapchats 23andMe (name this GG) - clive boulton
Well said Kevin - Ian Waring
I'm vegan, so I'm all bright and happy - Francine Hardaway
Francine: wine is vegan compliant. :-) - Robert Scoble
Definitely:-) - Francine Hardaway
Just23andMe - Moe Glitz
Why doesn't 23andMe just go offshore? - Murray Macdonald
beer is too if you don't use fish to filter it - Kevin Marks
Chromebook Ad on UK TV - nice new Acer :-) - Ian Waring
Just23andMe - yeah - clive boulton
Selling your old tricaster? - Murray Macdonald
Keith, when does your Android app come out? - Francine Hardaway
Really pleased Steve... - Ian Waring
Of people talking and people typing? - Francine Hardaway
I'm available - Ian Waring
Whats happens in Vegas - Moe Glitz
Black and Blue Friday! - Ian Waring
...ends up on social media. - Murray Macdonald
Great Show, as always - Moe Glitz
Great show - Francine Hardaway
Great show. - Rob Underwood
SnapChat - Moe Glitz
wonderful everyone. Happy holidays' - Tina Chase Gillmor