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GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
This involves a lot of setup for me: a computer that can multitask, finding you on Friendfeed, and starting to watch the blank video screen at Building43. Are you worth it? - Francine Hardaway
Fortunately, that was a rhetorical question - Francine Hardaway
time to mute my phone ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
hoping my Gang is ready for their curtain call - Tina Chase Gillmor
trying to get Skype to launch. - Kevin Marks
I am here - Robert Scoble from iPhone
weird how skype takes several minutes to launch after a reboot - Kevin Marks
curtain call? Are we bowing out? - Kevin Marks
i meant.... ummm... something else - Tina Chase Gillmor
g'day mates - flyinthesoup
work call? - Tina Chase Gillmor
after the successful launch of last week's ( The Questions nobody would answer ) - flyinthesoup
Yea i'm on an ipad with ustream and a mac mini for FF - Matthew Voshell
the horses are walking into the gates..... is that better? - Tina Chase Gillmor
which indeed nobody answered - flyinthesoup
this week we bring you ( The answers nobody cares ) - flyinthesoup
I only want to know if the lemmings are right about the 5s - Francine Hardaway
I missed last week. What happened? - Kevin Marks
Scoble, call newsgangone - Tina Chase Gillmor
Funniest Gillmor Gang memories: Kevin Marks chasing his barking dog or Jason Calacanis closing the show with his Adam Curry imitation? - Doug Ellis
3 - 2 - 1...etc. Hi all - Tom Guarriello
Blackberry shares suspended,... - Ian Waring
@Kevin you did, was it not your birthday? - Matthew Voshell
Does Cyanogenmod run on Nokia Lumia? - Ian Waring
Topics? Tesla's self driving car? iPhone sales numbers? iOS 7 release? - Matthew Voshell
it was indeed my birthday. I was in London, and went to see Hitchhikers Guide Radio show live on stage. That was fun - Kevin Marks
Darren signing in from northern ireland - Hello all - Darren James
@kevin intresting, i'll have to let me wife know she loves the movie - Matthew Voshell
BBRY: Ouch - down 17% - Ankush Narula
Doug Ellis - you're a long time viewer apparently - Tina Chase Gillmor
kevin, for you and those who missed last weeks exciting undergrounding Gillmor Gangs questions nobody would answer.. - flyinthesoup
Yea, est put BB losses around $1B - Matthew Voshell
NOA ( no one will answer ) Q1 - Did Benioff do LSD recently and had an encounter with Jobs to go one with his mission ? NOA ( no one will answer ) Q2 - why does Don Valentine (Sequoia Capital) confessed being a godfather hidden in Montana publicly at a later age? NOA ( no one will answer ) Q3 - will Marissa M. ever be able to free herself from the american beauty stereotype ? NOA ( no one will answer ) Q4 - Will Steve G. ever confess he had an affair with Grace Jones and ever since he's been obsessed with pUSH notifications ? - flyinthesoup
sorry I'm late Steve - I was slumming somewhere else !!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ed Schlesinger
Still test card. - Ian Waring
Hi - Ian Waring
I dont have one either :( - Matthew Voshell
Apple, Blackberry, iPhone 5S Gold. End of show :) - Nir Ben Yona
ITV 6.0! - Arnie Klaus
OMG YES!! Danny and I are lost Roku brothers! - Matthew Voshell
Trick was to order on the iPad Apple Store app - got a 3 minute jump on web users - Ian Waring
I did the same thing, Danny. - Tom Guarriello
Kevin, what a great video that was! And those same Lemming's are now Apple's - Francine Hardaway
oh PS per a comment before, Amaon instant video finally added airplay support for video.. might dump my roku for an apple tv now... - Matthew Voshell
All scheduled out 8-10 working days - Ian Waring
my friend got an update for a 10/10 delivery - Matthew Voshell
I'm annoyed they sold out of Nexus 4's - Kevin Marks
iPhone 5s - the new camera, processor(s), fingerprint reader - Ankush Narula
THat's BS, to have only 8 gold - Francine Hardaway
Robert must have awful jetlag haha - Matthew Voshell
Only 2 gold ones available at the Apple Store I was at (suburban Philly). I really wanted the Space Grey and am enjoying it as you speak. Demoed Google Glass in the store to a ton of people. - Alex de Soto
Both new models have all European LTE bands - a first for Apple - Ian Waring
Microsoft has $350 for gently-used iPads - clive boulton
The 5Cs are actually quite nice too. - Alex de Soto
Danny Sullivan in the role of ninja provacateur today! - Tom Guarriello
Nice IOS on my "old" 5 - Arnie Klaus
Ordered a gold one for my wife. Son ordered a 64GB silver one - Ian Waring
selling for $1,000 on eBay - Ed Schlesinger
Wow - Danny is definitely back - Ankush Narula
Yeah @tim_cook - Nir Ben Yona
Yes @tim_cook arrived on Twitter today - Tom Guarriello
Yea whats up with microsoft giving money for ipads?!? - Matthew Voshell
BTW, the wait on is still 7-10 days - Ankush Narula
Even Australia and China were 8-10 days lead time as midnight struck in both - Ian Waring
For the 5C - Ian Waring
i'm surprised robert isnt getting yelled at, i tried taking pictures inside an apple store and was told to delete - Matthew Voshell
5s sorry - Ian Waring
the 5C doesn't move the ASP that much, as it displaces the older model - Kevin Marks
Is robert using his g glass? - Arnie Klaus
Now I want Touch ID on an iPad mini! - Alex de Soto
A good smartphone running Android 4.2.2 or 4.3 for $150-$200? Does such a device exist? And does it run Google against services? - Ankush Narula
CEO Apple, Fan of Auburn football and Duke basketball - clive boulton
I'm oddly intrested in the 5C - Matthew Voshell
the 5C is slightly faster - more LTE bands - and front-facing camera is slightly better - that's it - Ankush Narula
Fashion First! - Arnie Klaus
The 5C feels solid with a great weight and feel. The 5S has the killer app: Touch ID. - Alex de Soto
Just add a plastic cover onto your iPhone 5, upgrade to iOS 7 and you have the iPhone 5c - Moe Glitz from iPhone
tell me what you think of our studio lighting today - Tina Chase Gillmor
Yeah, but do I want to pay $549 for a 5S? - Francine Hardaway
iPhone 5C is basically an iPhone 5 coming in a colored plastic case. - Nir Ben Yona
yea fashion forward ladies - Matthew Voshell
Tina: Studio Lighting is awesome. - Alex de Soto
Slow-Mo feature on the 5S is cool. - Nir Ben Yona
android will be barely wounded - Kevin Marks
China! bingo - Ankush Narula
Scoble crashed - Tina Chase Gillmor
The Fingerprint makes all else obsolete. - Arnie Klaus
Helvetica Neue is the new Helvetica - Tom Guarriello
its "different' yet the same... its a way to have people set themselves apart from each outher other than using cases. Moto X is doing the same thing with custom backs - Matthew Voshell
C is for colour - Moe Glitz from iPhone
C is for Come on really? - Ankush Narula
I want a Blue Dalmatian one - Kevin Marks
Every new carrier taking iPhone for first time has Apple bite 50% of share vs Android immediately. China Mobile is biggest outlet WW for Lenovo. They'll get squished. - Ian Waring
S is for Scanner - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Did they take his glasses? - Arnie Klaus
John T is a gold kind of guy... - Tom Guarriello
Gang Bling: 5s Gold - Alex de Soto
A group of serious people talking about the color of their phones? Unbelievable. - Nir Ben Yona
+1 avocado refrig - Tom Guarriello
Serious colors - yep. That's the Apple magic. - John Taschek
Let's take this to the makeup room boys! - Arnie Klaus
My wife points out that white phones show makeup. - Murray Macdonald
I have an Orange firefox phone - Kevin Marks
Sold my Firefox phone today... - Ian Waring
Kevin that's novel of you - Francine Hardaway
Is anyone thinking of the unlocked Tmobile iPhone? - John Taschek
Alex thanks... anyone else can comment on studio lighting - Tina Chase Gillmor
Can start the Roku vs Apple TV debate - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Apparently my UK PayGo sim roamed onto Rogers when I flew over Canada - Kevin Marks
Grab a floor model - Arnie Klaus
The new upgraded Apple TV - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Good podcast with Benedict Evans - Apple pricing brilliance, Android okay, but Firefox OS no market... - Ian Waring
John - there's two phones - there's the T-Mobile and the Unlocked - separate phones - Ankush Narula
If I'm going to pay $549 I might as well go TMobile unlocked, John Taschek - Francine Hardaway
I think separate SKUs - but both are same model as AT&T - Ankush Narula
Yes - the unlocked phone is only Tmobile though .. correct? Via the Apple store I mean. - John Taschek
A1533 - Ankush Narula
We went unlocked 32GB Gold - Ian Waring
Yea Roku has been signing deals with TV man. to be the on board OS... very quitelly... - Matthew Voshell
Finger Scanner Game changer for all password technologies - Arnie Klaus
Ian, that new Cubed podcast sounds like it's going to be a good one - Tom Guarriello
Boxing day sales are like that... - Murray Macdonald
Put another way - is Tmobile relevant here? - John Taschek
They were when they were going to get bought out.. but that died out... now they are for people who have shitty credit - Matthew Voshell
I like t-mobile, the contract-free model is nice - Kevin Marks
The Enterprise impact of fingerprints is interesting. All fingerprint scanners are proprietary. - John Taschek
And marketing - christina sponselli
Cubed Podcast was brilliant - 3 Bens - looked at Apples strategy this week - Ian Waring
Samsung sent spies to uncover Apple's iPhone line phenom - Nir Ben Yona
But everyone will have to support it. - John Taschek
I think so - there are two A1533 - GSM and CDMA version - the GSM version works on T-Mobile and AT&T and supports legacy T-Mobile AWS bands - Ankush Narula
5th Avenue store is on the visitor list like Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building - Tom Guarriello
I'm updating my Apple TV while I'm watching this - Francine Hardaway
straight talk t mob $45/mo "unlimited" - Da
I pay $40/month for unlimited talk and data on Wind Mobile, no contract. - Murray Macdonald
the CDMA version (alsop called A1533 for some reason) supports all of the above + EVDO 2 for Verizon only - Ankush Narula
the family plan is good - Kevin Marks
apple isn't going away.... its getting better - see today's article about their design teams in USAToday - Ed Schlesinger
att lte too w/ straight talk 45/mo - Da
iPhone 6 is gonna have a larger screen. - Nir Ben Yona
I would like to have a larger screen and I dont even have the new phone yet - Tina Chase Gillmor
call that a larger screen? LOL - Kevin Marks
Apple matters to Apple fans, but they don't matter to the rest. - Murray Macdonald
yes, exactly - Kevin Marks
I pay less than $20/month for 600 mins, 5000 texts, unlimited 3G/HSPA+/LTE all I can eat - Ian Waring
I know many people who have switched (happily) to T-Mobile - the service deployments of 1900 (AT&T 4G compatible) towers and LTE have been aggressive over the past 1.5 yr - Ankush Narula
iPhone is dinky - Kevin Marks
i would like a phone between the 5 and the mini - Tina Chase Gillmor
what the 64-bit capable iOS 7 and the M7 chip really mean - clive boulton
Im annoyd no one has noticed that the one and only, Robert Scoble, is casually walking around the Apple store :-) - Darren James
lets all go and buy a blackberry - Ed Schlesinger
What percentage of Android phones can run Google services? Less than half WW - Ian Waring
With big fingers I find the Nexus 4 too small. When I try to use my wife's 4s I find it so small it's unusable. - Murray Macdonald
Kevin: ecosystem vs ecosystem - luckily iOS is relevant enough that Google is still providing services for it - to bad for Windows Phone - Ankush Narula
it was $200 - Kevin Marks
THis better be a big update on Apple TV; it takes a lot of time - Francine Hardaway
The iPhone 6 needs a new design otherwise I won't upgrade - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Notice that CyanogenMod has got $7m series funding this week, have at least one hardware OEM behind the curtain. Wonder if that's Nokia? - Ian Waring
Finger scans for ecommerce, too - christina sponselli
Can you see the monitors in our studio betters today? - Tina Chase Gillmor
I am using an original Galaxy S as I gave my son my Galaxy Nexus. I need a new Android. - Kevin Marks
Once you use Touch ID you will not want to go back. Already frustrated by the iPad 'cause it doesn't have it. Apparently though, a cat's paw will also work to unlock your phone. I'll have to register my cat's paws to see if it works. - Alex de Soto
M7 is the thing for the future, will help battery life on nav and fitness apps - Ian Waring
Alex: saw that last night funny - Ankush Narula
John, share the candy! - Arnie Klaus
M7 aka the medical coprocessor (not motion)? - clive boulton
Chromecast will go past Apple TV installed base by xmas - Ian Waring
Best of all today: I was in line with 3 very cool Apple store geniuses, all getting 5S. - Alex de Soto
@clive: no reason they couldn't provide an API to 3rd party accessories for M7 - but highly improbable - Ankush Narula
I read that, Matthew. - Francine Hardaway
why on earth are they running out of phones? can't they anticipate demand? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Is that a pneumatic tube! - Arnie Klaus
They're running out on purpose to raise hype. - Murray Macdonald
I don't think they're running out. I think they're controlling demand. - John Taschek
iBeacon will be good, will zap NFC which was poorly thought out by the banks - Ian Waring
@Ankush they might provide the API to Nike (who wants to get out of shoes and into health) - clive boulton
I bet I can go in there Monday as a business customer (I am) and get a 5S - Francine Hardaway
Low yields on components - Ian Waring
Lose a week and push on the fence people to the 5c - Ankush Narula
The iPhone hardware has matured. But they need to get more focused on cooler software services. Those can sell a mobile even better than design - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Supply might be based on keeping secrets. - Arnie Klaus
@clive - true - Ankush Narula
Create the mob that came for the 5s, and lead them to Macbooks and iPads. - John Taschek
Why not just wait two weeks? - Murray Macdonald
I hear that the thumbprint scanner was one of the reasons we did not get enough phones but Apple was really testing interest in the gold both online and offline before they sped up production. - Alex de Soto
Can't get a Moto X outside the USA #fail - Ian Waring
Murray, I will do that - Francine Hardaway
they are using the first 64bit chips, likely low yields for a bit - Kevin Marks
@Moe - Apple only does cloud services for Apple clients - that's why it's not interesting to devs (IMHO) - Ankush Narula
When is the new Nexus phone coming out, Kevin? Is it 64-bit? - John Taschek
Needed to profile 5c color mix - Ian Waring
Oh, Murray, so rational... - Tom Guarriello
Lines were really crazy today. Here's my post with pics & vids from the queues outside the Apple stores - Nir Ben Yona
soon presumably, and I doubt it'll be 64 bit - Kevin Marks
It's interesting how more and more Google apps are showing up on iOS - it's probably increasing the demand for Apple. - John Taschek
I thought 5C was lovely when I played with it - a hit. For me, the 5S isn't as nice an object, BUT the 5S has fingerprint and better camera and processor. I WANT 5S IN AN UNASHAMED PLASTIC CASE! - Roger Shepherd
Not for me. I don't lock my phone. Why would I? - Francine Hardaway
Bing now has a good IOS App - Arnie Klaus
is iOS 7 on iPad good? - Kevin Marks
I absolutely love IOS7 - Francine Hardaway
Fair, Kevin. - Tom Guarriello
On the line at Apple we reminisced about past launche glitches too: MobilleMe, first activations, etc. - Alex de Soto
Kevin -- better than the iphone IMHO. - Nir Ben Yona
wondering if I should update today (have't touched the iPad in >2 weeks) - Kevin Marks
Kevin, I like it, but not as much as on the phone - Francine Hardaway
Kevin: running it on iPad 3 - runs quite well - Ankush Narula
Yes, Kevin. Easy update - Francine Hardaway
Very nice on my iPad Mini. Forces use of a security code if not there before - Ian Waring
I agree with Francine - Tom Guarriello
( The answers nobody cares ) A1 - oh man, we like to change our iphone colors every year and pic a 5 liters starbucks coffee with 0,001 cent donated to Africa because it makes us feell great to be such good citizens on top of tech fundamental changes in the market, that we can use to bomb Middle East aristocracies we support after everybody's dead of chemical weapons we sell better than iphones. - flyinthesoup
Yea ive been on iOS 7 since beta 6 and i def like it. Each upgrade from 5->6->7 each time has had meaningful change - Matthew Voshell
John T. is right. Our phones are now our "main" computers. everything else has to measure up - Tina Chase Gillmor
It is hard to keep a connection - Robert Scoble from iPhone
My sister lives 2 blocks from 5th Ave Apple store, seeing Italian ladies in heels and furs buy Macbook Air at 15 minutes after midnight on New Years day drives home the popularity of brand. - clive boulton
The Home Button is bigger :) - Nir Ben Yona
Ian: Forces use of security for 4G/3G models only I think - Ankush Narula
little plug for Dots! - Tina Chase Gillmor
I have a 3G mini, so that aligns - Ian Waring
shoutout to John for he DOTS game - Matthew Voshell
Ian: it's for Activation Lock - Ankush Narula
iOS7 is not available for original iPads. They've been orphaned. - Murray Macdonald
Not as visible as getting shiny, new sneakers - christina sponselli
if you put the case on backwards, can you still play dots? - Kevin Marks
Murray: iOS 7 requires dual core processors I believe - Ankush Narula
John Borthwick has some work to do on his Dots moves score to catch up to me ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Poor Robert misses the contextual stuff. Can't hear this - Francine Hardaway
@Ankush They Need to change that strategy - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Scoble - your video is out again - Tina Chase Gillmor
The latest Android updates still run on single core devices. Surely Apple could have supported single core devices, but it wouldn't have driven new sales like orphaning millions of devices will. - Murray Macdonald
Flock already does what John is talking about... - Matt Hicks
@Moe - I think it's ok to end of life products after 3 years - Ankush Narula
at least consumer products - Ankush Narula
Loved this quote from John Gruber: "......the iPhone 5S is, in some measures, computationally superior to the top-of-the-line MacBook Pro from just five years ago. In your fucking pocket." - Alex de Soto
Anyone seen a preview of the new BBM App for Android or iOS? - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Alex ... yes, that is so right - Tina Chase Gillmor
Apple had a 2x2 matrix for Mac: portable/desktop vs consumer/professional. IPad is GoOd/Better/Best vs LivingRoom/MobileProfessional (wifi only vs wifi+4G). iPad2s still selling well today - Ian Waring
Dang Scobleizer in Central Park - clive boulton
One smartphone has more processing power than all of NASA did when it landed astronauts on the moon. It's not the processing power - it's what you do with it. - John Taschek
The best camera is the one in your pocket. - Murray Macdonald
The 1020 is great...but Windows is a fatal viral brand - Tom Guarriello
Most people don't know innovation and if they do it scares them - Francine Hardaway
Moto X only good for the 6% of the mobile population WW - USA only - Ian Waring
Let's send Scoble into the Plaza Hotel. Is Tradder Vic's still there? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Have we covered Apple and Android and iPhone 18 ways from Sunday - how about workday and salesforce partnership being more closely integrated? - Ed Schlesinger
Lumia + CyanogenMod = win? - Ian Waring
How about Chromecast kicking ass? Seems to have legs. - Murray Macdonald
I just realized robert was on an iphone 5S. i thought he was on his MotoX - Matthew Voshell
is he in Central park? He's gonna get mugged if he keeps looking so aloof - Ed Schlesinger
wow he is back! - Matthew Voshell
Weather looks to be nice in NYC. I miss New York in the fall. Just don't get proper seasons here in Northern California - Tina Chase Gillmor
Android 3rd platform to reach 1 billion. iOS should reach billion next yr - clive boulton
Steve and I lived close to where Scoble is right now - Tina Chase Gillmor
I was just there last weekend it was actually warm but it was grea out... - Matthew Voshell
It is beautiful here Tina ... 72 degrees with 40% humidity. Been like this all week - Ed Schlesinger
Chromecast will dent MS xbox and Sony sales of living room TV hubs... - Ian Waring
( The answers nobody cares ) A2 - we 're looking after every bellybutton contextual apps we can so we can forget about ourselves and concentrate on stats that make us closer to wall street gods and this m6 device is a Huge mind blowing step ahead. - flyinthesoup
Tina: PLEASE - I'd take the weather in the valley over the weather in NYC any day - Ankush Narula
It's not mindblowing. People are lining up all over the world because ________ This is what branding is about. - Tom Guarriello
Totally agree with Robert. - Nir Ben Yona
They should have treadmills at the Apple Store lines. - Alex de Soto
Plus, the economy has improved, too. Money to buy new phones. - christina sponselli
show us some central park - Ed Schlesinger
There were no killer graphics apps on display in the Bristol Apple store today; I really wanted to see how well Cyclone behaved but there was no way to try it out. Seems Apple are playing down the 5S hardware - Roger Shepherd
sheeple stood in line cuz that's what they do - Frank Paynter
I miss the pulse of NYC sometimes - Tina Chase Gillmor
They stand in line to get Nike products. - Murray Macdonald
Tina - that's definitely what keeps me here - but love SF for a nice change of pace - Ankush Narula
Frank, sheeple make winning brands what they are. Why are so many people so disdainful of successful brands? - Tom Guarriello
M7 is Nike's next platform (a definite maybe) - clive boulton
my wife dragged me out to NJ 28 years ago. My heart still beats a little faster once I go over the Verrazano Bridge. Could be the smog ... could be because I'm going home or could be just going into NYC (Staten Island doesn't count) - Ed Schlesinger
Who can take a bite out of Apple? (I just wanted to say bite and apple together ;-) ) - Tina Chase Gillmor
I recommend the book "Buyology" which touches on this type of consumerism. - Murray Macdonald
Murray, that book is wildly overhyped, btw. - Tom Guarriello
is robert using the slomo feature? ha - Matthew Voshell
Burst mode and slow mo on the 5S camera rocks. - Alex de Soto
The M7 will be the differentiator for Apple on lifestyle apps. Lifestyle has always been Apple's wedge. It will be even a bigger deal. - John Taschek
London does that for me. - Kevin Marks
Scoble sounds like he's AutoTuned or something - Tina Chase Gillmor
@tom: Have you read it? It's great. - Murray Macdonald
retail is fine. love branding as a concept, but I'm more interested in the functionality and life cycle than I am in applauding the fan boys - Frank Paynter
@Ed I understand the buzz driving in NYC - clive boulton
Tina - you are right. - John Taschek
I have read it. Too much research to discuss here. - Tom Guarriello
They are immune. Market share from the top end at will, big gap down to Xiaomi, thenAndroid ROMs then no-one - Ian Waring
I was born in NY, and every time I go back there I love it but am glad I don't live there. - Francine Hardaway
Robert: but your Moto X only recognizes your voice - Ankush Narula
Francine... agree - Tina Chase Gillmor
The downside of pulse is inconvenience - Francine Hardaway
EVERYONE is from NY - Ed Schlesinger
Francine, living an hour from NYC is perfect for me - Tom Guarriello
10471 -- yay - clive boulton
Inconvenience in NYC? Hhhmm - Ankush Narula
that is where I am - about an hour. - Ed Schlesinger
Never been to NYC, but am ex-DEC. Maynard, Mass anyone? - Ian Waring
well, NYC is THE CITY, Ed - Tina Chase Gillmor
Congress is asking about Apple Fingerprint security. - Murray Macdonald
Tom, living an hour from NYC is practically like living in Phoenix. my bro lives in NJ an hour from NY - Francine Hardaway
see USAToday article today - Ed Schlesinger
so true Francine - Ed Schlesinger
Francine, I live in NJ and teach in NYC; it ain't Phoenix! - Tom Guarriello
Sirens in NYC... always - Tina Chase Gillmor
An hour west of London here - Ian Waring
i don't hear sirens - Ed Schlesinger
My daughter lives in West London: Chiwick - Francine Hardaway
Apple isn't ahead on WifiDirect. Apple is still refusing to support the standard. - Murray Macdonald
Murray: Apple calls it AirDrop - Ankush Narula
That's why I fear to go to MotoX. I just love the Apple Store though - Francine Hardaway
In China, can't run Google Services at all on Androd. US blinkers! - Ian Waring
Francine, is she a Fulham supporter?? - Tom Guarriello
Tom, no idea - Francine Hardaway
Try living in the Bay Area (or NJ) without a car - then tell me about convenience :-) - Ankush Narula
Ankush: But it doesn't support the standard or allow true P2P application development. - Murray Macdonald
Ask her. It's such a big deal there. - Tom Guarriello
I will. - Francine Hardaway
Chiswick is Queens Park Rangers land - Ian Waring
Murray: Apple does stuff for Apple - not open standards - just sayin - Ankush Narula
Ah, thanks, Ian. - Tom Guarriello
The selling style at Apple has changed from Steve Jobs' sharp salesmanship to the subtle, calm but passionate Jony Ive style. I don't think we should expect Tim to do the "selling." The employees at the Apple Stores seem to be enthralled by him and at the same time have a very critical eye on his every move. - Alex de Soto
we are definitely in a software golden age. good concept - Ed Schlesinger
Good episode name: "Smokin' My Own Kool-Aid" - Ankush Narula
( the answers nobody cares ) A3 - the ultimate contextual app HW & SW meshup is a social stimulated suppository with ass blowing capability that you multitask around making gestures to increase your reputation based on how many times your twitted in yourfriends social networks. - flyinthesoup
... and if you are smoking your cool aid you already smoked the good shit - Ed Schlesinger
I like using my tablet more than my phone for sure - Tina Chase Gillmor
Ankush: And Sony pushed BETA rather than VHS for the same reasons. Standards win in the end. - Murray Macdonald
(It's really between QPR and Fulham, also close to Chelsea - Ian Waring
NYC E-ZPasses read all over! - clive boulton
QPR survived last year thanks to 'Arry! - Tom Guarriello
Murray: And there are at least 100M iOS devices w/AirDrop capability deployed - Ankush Narula
They got relegated - Ian Waring
Wow you can see the studio wall colors better today ( not that that matters) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Murray: I'm not agreeing w/Apple's approach but it is what it is - Ankush Narula
Most Apps don't use 64 bits. All apps will have to be recompiled before 64 bits will mean anything to end users. - Murray Macdonald
With my home town team, Reading - Ian Waring
Oh, yeah. Championship this year...lots to follow closely - Tom Guarriello
Danny: Think of the phones as the new hubs (and batteries) for the internet of things. Glass would be dead without my Nexus. - Alex de Soto
Ankush: And billions of users have flash. Doesn't make it an open standard. - Murray Macdonald
Well put Ed. Software Golden Age - clive boulton
32 bits x 2 = 33 bits. - Ian Waring
Murray: Standards win?? You mean like the Twitter/Facebook standard? Or the AAC/MP3 standard? Oh no - you must mean the Google Search/Maps standard! ;-) - Ankush Narula
High end Intel using 48 bit addressing tops - Ian Waring
this scenario sounds VERY familiar to Steve ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
i can't take credit for that - it was Gillmor who just said that. Have to cite him ... his not mine - Ed Schlesinger
Dropbox rules!! - Tom Guarriello
Well said Steve. Well put Ed - clive boulton
Murray: You're right - standards win - industry standards - not open standards - Ankush Narula
Chromecast also a sign that the computer is your surroundings - Ian Waring
Robert's video looks like a scene from Annie Hall. - Alex de Soto
scoble creepcam - Kevin Marks
Frankly that is fucking amazing. My kids take it for granted but I think its amazin - Ed Schlesinger
The best computer is the one in your pocket. ;-) - Ankush Narula
Our main device is now the mobile one... whatever that is - Tina Chase Gillmor
Nice twist Ankush! - Alex de Soto
WebOS clone. - Nir Ben Yona
my Nexus 7 fits in my pocket. I like that - Kevin Marks
Name our show today - Tina Chase Gillmor
gang on Iphone, commenting on Desktop keyboard - Arnie Klaus
For me it's a Kindle Fire and a Galaxy S4... no Apple sauce. - Frank Paynter
just because its NYC and its Central Park doesn't mean its Annie Hall. Now if Scoble was eating a corned beef sandwich on white with mayonnaise - now that is very Annie Hall !!!! - Ed Schlesinger
Like Android had in 3.0? - Kevin Marks
Android has done app swapping like that forever. - Murray Macdonald
why, oh why, cant Steve lookstraight ahead? geez - Tina Chase Gillmor
Mayonnaise or purple haze? - Frank Paynter
California Goldrush - Arnie Klaus
Anyone notice that Blackberry shares have been suspended just before the show started? - Ian Waring
Mayonnaise - and thick slices on white bread. Ich! - Ed Schlesinger
Kevin -- In which pocket does your Nexus 7 fit? - Ankush Narula
Drafts is great, John B - Tom Guarriello
new hotness mobile dev UX skill is writing javascript like c++ not to run the garbage collector - clive boulton
you can probably buy blackberry for the price of a bleckberry - Ed Schlesinger
iOS7 animations gives it a game feel. How will developers use it? - christina sponselli
jacket inside pocket, jeans back pocket, jeans front pocket - Kevin Marks
you mean blechhberry? - Frank Paynter
That's totally untrue. Android task switching is simple and my 7 year old does it. - Murray Macdonald
Buggyberry - Arnie Klaus
Taschek save us - workday and salesforce integration ???? - Ed Schlesinger
there we go - segway - Ed Schlesinger
Blackberry is collapsing - Tina Chase Gillmor
Blackberry is being parted out like an old car - Francine Hardaway
uh oh...when Steve freezes, that's trouble - Tom Guarriello
Blackberry stock was halted today. - Murray Macdonald
The API is now JS/CSS/HTML5 by default, clients and servers now - Ian Waring
...... and because of the tight integration between workday and salesforce a workday user will now be able to do that also in Chatter; right ??????? - Ed Schlesinger
Tina: Steve is lit nicely - he needs more makeup for sure - Ankush Narula
validate him John - Ed Schlesinger
+1 Ian - Frank Paynter
Ankush... you mean you don't like his pasty quality? - Tina Chase Gillmor
What makeup? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina: I love it - gonna send him a bottle of 21 year old whiskey to make him more pasty - Ankush Narula
Tina: was just kidding - no makeup - Ankush Narula
I think I might turn the lights down a little - Tina Chase Gillmor
Blackberry were a target for I think Lenovo last year - can govt said no - Ian Waring
Tina: No really lighting is good - Ankush Narula
I've come to the conlcusion that fitness apps are over - Francine Hardaway
M7 will breakoout into other products - Arnie Klaus
They don't do enough - Francine Hardaway
EMR = electronic medical records - Tom Guarriello
Most Apps don't even need more processing. Very few apps require heavy processing. - Murray Macdonald
Yes, Tomm - Francine Hardaway
BBM coming to Android and iPhone this weekend - clive boulton
72 degrees - just heard it on 880 CBS News - Ed Schlesinger
Didn't Captain Kirk out-smart the M7 computer created my Professor Daystrom on Star Trek? - Ankush Narula
or was that the M5? - Ankush Narula
73 in NYC right now - Tom Guarriello
Tom 0- you've got 1010 on right? - Ed Schlesinger
bigger is better ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
size matters and all that - Tina Chase Gillmor
lol, ed. no, my weather app includes NYC and Princeton - Tom Guarriello
NYC Indian summer c/o Robert in the Park - clive boulton
I want a bigger phone to help with my fat fingers. - Murray Macdonald
Surgeon on line at Apple talking about how lots of docs are using the iPad mini. Fits nicely in their coats. Only frustration is that most x-ray imaging software still depends on Windows. - Alex de Soto
Tina: It's not about size - it's about the motion in the M7 - Ankush Narula
Ipad's facetime are now phones - Arnie Klaus
Centigrade - 1,11,21 Winter, Spring and Summer Sun - Ian Waring
Nexus 7, Steve - Kevin Marks
The Nexus 7 kicks ass. - Murray Macdonald
I haven't touched the iPad in over 2 weeks, used the Nexus non-stop - Kevin Marks
I just downloaded it - Francine Hardaway
i want a big phone too. My eyes are older than I am, apparently - Tina Chase Gillmor
Love my Nexus 7 but use my Kindle Fire more. - Frank Paynter
iMessage, AirPlay, and FaceTime - Ankush Narula
Nexus phones not available on Google play --- check back later - clive boulton
whoa, you guys are still talking! - Laura Norvig
Nexus 7 to thin for me - iPadMini better - Ian Waring
Too thin that is - Ian Waring
+1 Robert - Frank Paynter
iTunes is that annoying program that always requires me to reboot my desktop. - Murray Macdonald
Chrome is now on IOS - Arnie Klaus
PC's in Kaiser, no tablets in sight - Da
Robert, the revenue numbers say differently... - Tom Guarriello
I'm seeing google play links on lots more apps/songs/ads - Laura Norvig
Ditched my iPhone... now being used by a relative in Barcelona - Frank Paynter
it's paperback book sized, Ian - really good form factor - Kevin Marks
and Google play just came out with an AppStore for education - Ed Schlesinger
really handy on the tube - Kevin Marks
Google Now s brilliant - Ian Waring
Android eco-system is great. My devices are all sync'd and working great. - Murray Macdonald
NON-tech people buy Android for 3 reasons - diverse device selection, price, and/or Apple hatred - Ankush Narula
multi-window great on Note 2 - Da
+1 Murray - Frank Paynter
if they are non technical then why hate apple - Ed Schlesinger
yes, Ankush, price is a big one. - Laura Norvig
big screen envy - Tina Chase Gillmor
I need a new Nexus phone for my wife, waiting - clive boulton
Apple hatred? do non-tech people have that? - Kevin Marks
Good line of inquiry, Kevin... - Tom Guarriello
Most Chinese Android have no Google apps - Ian Waring
Doesn't IOS takeover desktop and tvs - Arnie Klaus
Kevin: yes they do - Ankush Narula
No, only tech people - Frank Paynter
notice - no discussion about windows by MS phones or operation system. That speaks volumes about what faces Microsoft - Ed Schlesinger
This is the Apple/iTunes versus Google/Play revenue - - John Taschek
android tablets overlap with phones - Kevin Marks
Eventually, they'll even out - globally. It's a two horse race - both horses are good. - John Taschek
No doubt, John T - Tom Guarriello
Just got a (free) txt msg on my iphone from AT&T telling me easiest way to upgrade my phone was to go to <ATT URL> - christina sponselli
two horse - the MS horse broke its leg. Time to shoot it - Ed Schlesinger
did anyone throw out a name for the show? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Android user: Why would I buy anything from the Google Play app, media, or book store? Buy from Amazon and run anywhere - Ankush Narula
Google just need to layer Chrome apps on. Android worldwide - Ian Waring
Tina, Friday In The Park with Robert? - Tom Guarriello
China is a Xaiomi market as google play isn't there so much - Kevin Marks
@Tina "Smoking his own koolaid" - Frank Paynter
Microsoft needs to do a Helicopter Bernanke and give phones away to business - clive boulton
John: I find Android has more good free apps. Apple has more higher priced apps. - Murray Macdonald
can you pass the koolaid over here - Ed Schlesinger
Asian teenagers LOVE colorful products. - Nir Ben Yona
I reckon Googles move into China will be by buying Xiaomi - Ian Waring
I have a GNex out and about, I use my Win 8 laptop to its bigger screen at home or when at one place for a while - Da
It's all thumbs - Arnie Klaus
so, are we saying that Apple is sexist? - Ed Schlesinger
New Yorkers are so blasé. They don't care that Robert is talking to his phone in one long selfie. - Alex de Soto
there are five people waiting to take it from him once he signs off - Ed Schlesinger
Another episode name, "Asian teenagers LOVE colorful products" :-) - Ankush Narula
XIaomi demographic is 20-30 years old - Ian Waring
episode name, "Mayonnaise or purple haze" - Ankush Narula
+1 Ankush - Tom Guarriello
Scoble's feed is like an old Japanese monster movie. his lips move to a different sound - Tina Chase Gillmor
Robert: You're forgetting the Y in BYOD - Murray Macdonald
I stole that from Pynchon's "Bleeding Edge" - Frank Paynter
ask Robert if he is still near the plaza hotel - if yes ask him to show it to all of us. Its beautiful this time of day - Ed Schlesinger
title: 5 guys and an iphone5 - christina sponselli
episode name "It's All Thumbs" - Ankush Narula
Title: Size matters. - Frank Paynter
Frank: Matters of Size ? - Ankush Narula
Still can't preorder Roberts New book on Amazon UK :-( - Ian Waring
Title: Smokin Koolaid - or did you already say that Tina? - Ed Schlesinger
I'll go with Smokin' the Kool-Aid - Ankush Narula
There are tons of fingerprint hacking contests like this: It will be hacked within a month. - Murray Macdonald
We know it's Sep25 but no availability of hardback or Kindle versions to preorfer - Ian Waring
Robert show us the Plaza Hotel (lets see if he has two screens =) - clive boulton
+1 Murray - Frank Paynter
probably today or tomorrow - and by a 14 year old! - Ed Schlesinger
Bad artists borrow. Great artists steal. - (or something like that) Pablo Picasso - Tom Guarriello
that is what the new iOS is about, making apps screen size independence ready - Kevin Marks
Tick Tock is the update cycle, right Danny? - Tom Guarriello
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (possible title) - John Taschek
good show. thanks! - Ed Schlesinger
Thanks Tina! - Murray Macdonald
Thanks to you all. - Frank Paynter
No, John. Tom Robbins would scream! - Tom Guarriello
Thanks everyone. - Murray Macdonald
Enjoy the weekend, all. - Tom Guarriello
Thankyou - Ian Waring
Cheers everyone - thanks! - Ankush Narula
The Gang in Motion. Thanks all. - Alex de Soto