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Hey y'all - Tina Chase Gillmor
Ahh, Google is doing a watch too: - Robert Scoble
keith? You here? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Oh, great, new Skype is out on Mac. - Robert Scoble
Hello all - Kevin Marks
Doesn't everyone make a watch? We haven't had this many entrants into a new market in a long time. The market is going to be amazingly fragmented. Perhaps that's a good thing. - Murray Macdonald
Rolex, FTW! - Tom Guarriello
Please put out an APB for Keith Teare - Tina Chase Gillmor
Go on :-) - Francine Hardaway
gang's all here - Tina Chase Gillmor
If I wanted to wear a watch, I would, I have a drawer full of them. Pleased not to need to - Kevin Marks
I want the forearm UI device the Predator had. The shoulder missile would be cool too. - Murray Macdonald
3,2,1 - flyinthesoup
Hey guys! - Daniel W. Crompton
Hi Guys... - Tony Stanislawski
35th anniversary of Abba's "I Have A Dream" - Kevin Marks
why do you still have your soons to school ? - flyinthesoup
Really? I'm tired of my Pebble - Francine Hardaway
we homeschooled them until 14 - Kevin Marks
Me too, Francine - Tom Guarriello
I wear my Misfit Shine in my bra - Francine Hardaway
do not give up now kEVIN, JUST LET THEM GO - flyinthesoup
Tired of monitors on my wrists that are ugly - Francine Hardaway
TI have made BT4 singlechip for a while. Costs under $5 - Murray Macdonald
why do you still use a bra ? - flyinthesoup
No. Critics never shut up! - Tom Guarriello
If future smartwatch sales are expected to eat into phones & tablets sales, there's no innovation; just a smaller screen for same stuff. CONTEXT ON THE WRIST! ;) - Kevin C. Tofel
That is such a great question, flyinthesoup. - Francine Hardaway
greetings from Disneyworld -- don't hate me, I'm with my Grandson :) - Charlie Isaacs
But where would I keep my Fisfit Shine without a bra? It would be another wristband - Francine Hardaway
soon to come smartbras will increase the volume as men look at you - flyinthesoup
Francine ... let's design a fahionable waerable for women - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina, that is a billion dollar opportunity - Francine Hardaway
Sorry watching a horror movie - Dr. Heiner Neuling from iPhone
I could use a billion, Francine - Tina Chase Gillmor
What can it do? - Francine Hardaway
Oh, it can sell me something. Goddammit everyone wants to sell me something - Francine Hardaway
Foursquare is doing it in software: - Kevin Marks
There needs to be an open beacon standard so that the app doesn't need to be installed. It should be a browser HTML5 extension. - Murray Macdonald
The folks at Vogue see Google Glass as zombie tech - Tom Guarriello
NFC is dead - Murray Macdonald
Right Murray. I have too many apps as it is - Francine Hardaway
BT4 can detect distance by signal strength, but signal strength can be faked. - Murray Macdonald
maybe Apple will make some smart acquistions - Tina Chase Gillmor
Right. Facebook is too big. So's Google - Francine Hardaway
Hardware drives software, right? - Tom Guarriello
I use NFC every time I go on a train or bus - Kevin Marks
It's all about the software. The BT4 beacon hardware has been around for years. TI make a chip for under $2 that runs on a battery for years spewing out BT4 data. - Murray Macdonald
I have an amazing Pina colada - Tina Chase Gillmor
How do you type the tilde accent? - Tina Chase Gillmor
option-n n on mac - Kevin Marks
Piñata Colada - Kevin Marks
I'd prefer an eyeglass device like Google Glass, over a wrist-strapped device. I'd rather not have to frequently look down at my wrist, it's already increasingly annoying having to look down at a phone - Da
I can touch my wrist. - Murray Macdonald
thanks kevin but Im not getting it to actually appear ontop of the N - Tina Chase Gillmor
option n first, then another n - Kevin Marks
oh, big news.... I have a new chair! yes! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Whoa i'm late... left work early to make ithome early - Matthew Voshell
Tiña - Tom Guarriello
Nice photo of Steve from this morning - Francine Hardaway
I'm here! - Matthew Voshell
Tiña Colada - Kevin Marks
The Enterprise Use Case -- pushing customized menus to smartphones that dynamically orient themselves to the context, the stage in the lifecycle, and the use-case. - Charlie Isaacs
You could write enterprise applications that only work when you're near a certain beacon. No access outside the office. - Murray Macdonald
Kevin is fun˜ny - Francine Hardaway
Hi everyone. We're talking about personal clouds. - Robert Scoble
black helicopter overhead - Kevin Marks
Marvell electronics also with PARC - clive boulton
Is anyone else watching on Usream on iPad? - Matthew Voshell
my Shine is still bettter - Matthew Voshell
I don't want to wear all those devices, Robert. Where's the universal device? - Francine Hardaway
Under armour Kieth - Matthew Voshell
please robert, shw your tongue instead of those wrhists wrapped in devices ! - flyinthesoup
I like my Shine, Matthew - Francine Hardaway
Beatles lunchbox, FTW! - Tom Guarriello
The phone will show you a customized menu with every different interaction with an object. Menus will be registered in the cloud based on lifecycle and context. You will be provided "help" about the object as you walk close to it. - Charlie Isaacs
@Francine Yea, I love mine! Took a couple days to get it baselined and stuff but after getting that figured out its asesome use wise! - Matthew Voshell
And it's unobtrustive. Look back in the chat:-) - Francine Hardaway
Context should be created by the customers. Beacons need to be open. Beacons need to be generic, not proprietary. - Murray Macdonald
Ooh, have been multi-tasking, but Francine and Tina, you need to pitch your idea on Shark Tank! - Laura Norvig
Keith is right on - Charlie Isaacs
why, oh why, can't I see Keith's beautiful face? - Tina Chase Gillmor
I want the blood glucose monitor implant that is continuous and HRV monitor. - Christian Burns
another Piña colada - Tina Chase Gillmor
Thats good to know! re: bra... I havent tried it in mine yet ;) - Matthew Voshell
I can see Keith... - Charlie Isaacs
charlie - elaborate - John Taschek
Nike long term plan 10+ years, is more heath services via sensors (a lot less shoes) - clive boulton
The calorie alarm will go off! - Arnie Klaus
he is very dim for me, Charlie - Tina Chase Gillmor
I want devices that make the most of my time and allow me to focus on the ones I love more, not less. - Christian Burns
+ to clive comment re nike - John Taschek
At the moment the problem is a lack of beacons, not a lack of software. Soon it will be the reverse. - Murray Macdonald
oh, Tina, I thought that was a cool video shading effect you were using - Charlie Isaacs
please keith, turn off the lights - flyinthesoup
I remember apple's last effort at this 6 years ago: - Kevin Marks
That allow me to trade with friends and coops more, and buy less from large corporations - Christian Burns
clap on - Charlie Isaacs
Imagine walking into a room and having it respond to you without installing a proprietary app. That's the holy grail. - Murray Macdonald
Face detection would really help me - Francine Hardaway
Had dinner with Dan Tuesday night in Phoenix - Francine Hardaway
Uber for small farmers and backyard chickens - Christian Burns
Switch to Avatar - Arnie Klaus
Keith's light is bright, I think Robert just needs to turn his shirt down - Charlie Isaacs
Right, Kevin. I'm NOT going to install all these apps - Francine Hardaway
Ritz app! - Tina Chase Gillmor
so why wouldn't there be a general purpose app that pushes menus from every vendor... vendors would register their menus in the cloud - Charlie Isaacs
there will be a lot of stupid people looking for apps to seize the day - flyinthesoup
@Tina 5 min late but HD hangouts on-air announcement will help us see Keith's nose no? How is that transition coming? - Matthew Voshell
It should be an open standard. It's easy to eliminate spam if the system is proprietary. Spam will show up in proximity. Spammy locations next to public transit, etc... - Murray Macdonald
what about concentrating in good food instead ? - flyinthesoup
Doesn't every McDonald's have open wifi? - Tom Guarriello's coming ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hotel's are trying to squeeze every cent out of you... they charge or wifi and then subscribe to the cheapest speed from thier ISP - Matthew Voshell
I have the Starbucks app, but that's no longer there - Francine Hardaway
damn black helicopters - Kevin Marks
The piece is the customer MAY NOT WANT all this marketing - Francine Hardaway
On HD hangouts and capabilities. Will GG experiment with YouTube live and hangouts? - clive boulton
If the beacon can offer up a URL, the user's browser could go to a HTML5 app which services all brands of smart phones, and provides a contextual experience. - Murray Macdonald
Wifi in mcdonalds is useless in places like the bronx if they employees are too poor to have wifi devices - Matthew Voshell
I'd love YouTube live, Clive, so I could Chromecast GG - Francine Hardaway
the NSA is having trouble tuning in the Gang today so they are circling Kevin's house - Charlie Isaacs
+1 Charlie - Francine Hardaway
Yea and the comments would be built into the same page as teh stream... and Tina & Steve migth save money on thier ISP bill when they arent streaming everything :) - Matthew Voshell
I do that everywhere in Phoenix:-) - Francine Hardaway
And now HD hangouts! - Matthew Voshell
no matthew - Steve Gillmor
Steve won't leave Friendfeed - Francine Hardaway
So you'll do hangouts on-air but not leverage the built in chat/comment system? i wasnt sure you could do that - Matthew Voshell
Starbucks will. They do everything. - Francine Hardaway
Tina will leave friend feed when there is something better - Tina Chase Gillmor
Oh sorry :( - Matthew Voshell
Hangouts would remove the artistry that Tina brings - Christian Burns
too bad Friendfeed doesn't embed anywhere anymore - what's up with that? - Laura Norvig
Aren't all discoverable BT devices beacons already? - Murray Macdonald
Didn't mean to imply got hangouts/youtube live backwards - Matthew Voshell
Isn't a Hangout on Air basically the same thing as YouTube live? Or would you be able to use the Tricaster with YouTube live? - Laura Norvig
I endorse that use case Robert -- everything is an "object" including people -- regarding the iWatch being an iBeacon - Charlie Isaacs
FFfone + T-Mo cool - clive boulton
@Laura no.. Hangouts on-air can broadcast on YouTube, but YouTube Live is bascilly just a different platform as apposed to UStream - Matthew Voshell
HTML5 phones will be virus free compared to android. - Murray Macdonald
kevin, how is it being promoted with the US operators ? - flyinthesoup
and won't crash when sent arabic like iPhones - Kevin Marks
@Murray there will be JS viruses, if they don't already exist. - Daniel W. Crompton
I Gazelled my iPhone already. Gives me options. - Francine Hardaway
Early Adopter Trade Up Services - Arnie Klaus
I have the new one. I LOVE it - Francine Hardaway
Smartphone stats: Smartphone owners are now a solid majority of U.S. mobile subscribers at 61% according to Nielsen. Smartphones became the dominant mobile device in the U.S. in March 2012. - Charlie Isaacs
How is multi-user?? - Matthew Voshell
By the time Redmond scores a new CEO gonna be chasing HTML5 phones and Android - clive boulton
Feeling very gadget-poor amongst this gang! - Laura Norvig
There's a phrase you never thought you'd hear: "Apple has a lock on the enterprise..." - Tom Guarriello
Laura, I'm gadget rich and poor in every other way. Choices. - Francine Hardaway
I can't believe i get yelled at on-air haha, @Tina give steve a hug for me and say i'm sorry :( - Matthew Voshell
Apple Sinks On Sync - Da
Matthew -- "If I wanted to get screamed at I would go home and visit my wife and children." What I normally tell people when they are yelling at me. - Charlie Isaacs
I want a paperwhite Android tablet. I don't need color. I need sunlight. - Murray Macdonald
That sounds like something I want. Oh, and the Nexus7 with Chromecast rocks - Francine Hardaway
That's the message I got about my Chromecast -- October -- then Amazon sent me an apology message saying it might be September. Gee thanks - Charlie Isaacs
@Matthew it's a badge of honor to be mentioned on-air by Steve, no matter what he says! - Laura Norvig
Chromecast is terrific - Tom Guarriello
@Laura will Robert mentioned me 2 weeks ago being laid off from Aol and then steve yelled at me this week.. twice in 3 weeks is pretty high ha - Matthew Voshell
Chromecast is not available in Canada :( - Murray Macdonald
A device I'd like to return is the LeapMotion. Useless piece of shit - Francine Hardaway
Where doe the Nexus 7 compare against iPad mini? I say Mini becuase google's apps are on iOS... easy choice - Matthew Voshell
@Francine @Mathew GG on YouTube live a super Chromecast - clive boulton
I still prefer Mini - Keith Teare
Steve, I ordered two and I will loan you the 2nd if it arrives next week - Charlie Isaacs
@Francine.. I ALMOST ordered that.. do tell? - Matthew Voshell
To me, it's a tossup between Mini and Nexus7 - Francine Hardaway
Sex in The Valley - Moe Glitz
Initial Wave of Tablet Demand Looks to Be Slowing - Da
@Keith @Francine I pay for itunes match + Google apps on iOS so I agre with Keith - Matthew Voshell
THAT SO MAKES SENSE. it is a big deal. - Ed Schlesinger
Chromebooks (HTML5) is one the rise. It makes sense. Low maintenance. - Murray Macdonald
I'm using Chromebook pixel not MBP (3 IDEs are coming) - clive boulton
Used to be Apple gave away the tech to the kiddies... schoolyard market dev - Frank Paynter
Speaking of devices here a new kickstart im bakcing.. intresting.. - Matthew Voshell
Chromebooks for all is happening in some middle schools in suburban Chicago too. - Amyloo
Chromebooks coming to our son's school this year as well - David Roe
@Clive.. how often do you use the touch screen? - Matthew Voshell
The only way Google can get rid of them - Moe Glitz
Chromebooks represent a reduced security risk. - Murray Macdonald
all a student needs is a Chromebook; Google Apps for Education and STUDENTFORCE. Makes perfect sense to me - Ed Schlesinger
birthday gift list: new nexus, iPad mini, new iPhone, wearable device - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Mathew never - clive boulton
Microsoft should do the same with Surface - Moe Glitz
we do all live in the cloud. - Ed Schlesinger
@Clive.. haha very interesting.. - Matthew Voshell
The whole idea of the cloud will disappear soon. It'll just be there. We won't know where it is. - Tom Guarriello
we have a pied a terre, umm pied a cloud in the cloud, but if we're technoid we have home base at home too - Frank Paynter
The one with the best display and keyboard. - Murray Macdonald
Well only to show geeky folks pixel has a touch screen (0.5pct) - clive boulton
so agree Tom. I just saw a tweet to that effect. - Ed Schlesinger
I'm pretty good with a tablet - Tina Chase Gillmor
iPad i pair with bluetooth kewyboard.. but if you want something cheap for your kids for school and stuff.. chromebook is amazing - Matthew Voshell
oh, put a watch on my birthday list - Tina Chase Gillmor
Every family member needs a watch while one xbox serves the whole family. - Murray Macdonald
I would take an ipad, smartphone and a candybar phone - Christian Burns
I meant smartwatch, iPda, and barphone - Christian Burns
Google is pulling an sheet from '90's apple (apple has since switching to giving a gift card instead) offering education pricing.. - Matthew Voshell
Get the kids using it.. .and they use it when they're adults - Matthew Voshell
that was apple's model - Frank Paynter
iPad + keyboard = ~$400 laptop. chromebook = $250 laptop. - Da
wallet pressure keeping up with the joneses well said Robert! - clive boulton
My foster kids have my old tablets and I have paid for their internet. They can't afford anything, but they have kids. - Francine Hardaway
If a Tablet could pull up a Virtual 3D Keyboard on any surface, that would be a game changer - Moe Glitz
that's right Tom - "My generation draws the Internet as a cloud that connects everyone; the younger generation experiences it as oxygen that supports their digital lives. The old generation sees this as a poisonous gas that has leaked out of their pipes, and they want to seal it up again." - Kevin Marks
I want a real keyboard that feels good. Surface typing would never cut it for me. Only in a pinch. - Murray Macdonald
this is the article i was looking for $99 chromebooks - Matthew Voshell
How is Violet? - Frank Paynter
Foster kids can't use a Chromebook because college demands Windows. - Francine Hardaway
I don't know anything about XBox - can you put parental controls on it? - Laura Norvig
Laura: yes. - Robert Scoble
World War Z? - Matthew Voshell
And Office - Francine Hardaway
Great quote, Kevin. - Tom Guarriello
I still haven't seen Jobs. - Laura Norvig
Oscar buzz for Blue Jasmine - Tom Guarriello
I'm seeing Blue Jasmine tonight - Francine Hardaway
Has anyone on the panel seen Jobs? - Matthew Voshell
Francine: not in the colleges I've been to lately. EVERY STUDENT has a MacBook of some kind. It's amazing how much Apple has taken over the college market. - Robert Scoble
My baristas said it was great - Francine Hardaway
Thanks, Ed. - Tom Guarriello
Not the community colleges. They require papers to be submitted in Word, at least. And .ppt - Francine Hardaway
X-Box support skype. That's pretty cool. Skype are playing with 3D communications. - Murray Macdonald
Yea, schools are STILL addicited to the "word doc" - Matthew Voshell
Google Docs exports word and ppt, thats what my son does - Kevin Marks
Robert Scoble to head up Microsoft! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Robert, you go to the classy colleges. - Francine Hardaway
that will change quickly - Ed Schlesinger
Instead of accepting PDF's - Matthew Voshell
I vote for Charlie Isaacs for CEO of Microsoft - Ed Schlesinger
the Piña is getting tome - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Kevin I agree thats what my necei does.. but when will school's move off the microsoft standard and move to another standard? - Matthew Voshell
@mathew pixel screen, built in Verizon and backlit key board, easy external displays, sync with android /G+/hangouts is killer. But MBA is still king. I just want to code via the web. - clive boulton
not at majority of colleges neither, where financially struggling students dont need the added cost of macbook - Da
John just "looks" frozen - Tina Chase Gillmor
He was a great visionary - Moe Glitz
who john or gates? - Ed Schlesinger
lol, Tiña! - Tom Guarriello
@Clive.. yea.. coding and building in the cloud (PaaS) is still sort of hard.. - Matthew Voshell
@Da computer Labs DO still exist - Matthew Voshell
norman - Ed Schlesinger
microsoft Office standard is pretty much the most usable right now - Da
It's Normañ Bates - Tom Guarriello
Hey Ed, do you have a death wish for MS? :-p - Charlie Isaacs
Satya Nadella is the insiders pick - clive boulton
Can any one person do that job? How much time would you have each day for each division? - Murray Macdonald
computer labs do still exist when they're open - Da
PDFs are annoying, why not HTML? - Kevin Marks
I am so mystified by this. I do not have blue lines on my desktop in chrome. - Laura Norvig
People are freaking out on Twitter about the blue line - Tom Guarriello
Providing the foundation for the twitter ad stream - Frank Paynter
it's like a family tree - Tina Chase Gillmor
if you get a blue line you're either having a Twitter conversation or you're pregnant #BadPregnancyTestJokes - Charlie Isaacs
@Kevin PDF is nice, i dont have to worry about someone changing something i've made; Creating a website just to write a paper doesnt look great when it's printed.....when screens are everywhere like minority report that might take hold - Matthew Voshell
Time for track... - Tom Guarriello
I assume they are trying to surface this for n00bs, but it doesn't make sense. - Laura Norvig
When you clicked on a tweet before if it was a response it would show that tweet smaller above it.. .and that was easier - Matthew Voshell
weirdly, Google docs is now using SVG for the ppt format - Kevin Marks
Bring track back!!! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Matthew this is easier as no click - Kevin Marks
Yay, track! - Tom Guarriello
Oh no track - Moe Glitz
@Kevin SVG = Scalable Vector Graphics? - Matthew Voshell
not one person mentioned twerking or dancing teddy bears, very disappointed in today's gang - Charlie Isaacs
@Laura I don't have blue lines either (been on twitter since 2007) - clive boulton
is there anything like an audio version of vine/twitter? Short audio messages. - Murray Macdonald
don't make excuses for them. poorly executed. - Laura Norvig
weird that it's not working for you laura - Kevin Marks
how about the mobile apps? - Kevin Marks
Yay, *bump's Clive's fist* - I'm not crazy. - Laura Norvig
or just click on details on the tweet and you'll get all what you all just said. - Ed Schlesinger
I don't see conversations - Francine Hardaway
if the little blue line is a relational escape in the message, then the opportunity to float relevant ads in a sidebar is available in an upgraded API, just saying... - Frank Paynter
me too - Ed Schlesinger
No blue lines on mobile (Nexus) - clive boulton
Who uses the web interface on Twitter anyways... - Tony Stanislawski
lots of twitter spam this week. no doubt - Ed Schlesinger
@Tony - I do at work. Because reasons. - Laura Norvig
I can attest to that too robert.. I get followed by rando bots - Matthew Voshell
puritanical - Ed Schlesinger
Did you guys talk about @MagicRecs yet? - Laura Norvig
I don't have it on my main Twitter. - Francine Hardaway
well said Ed - clive boulton
oh no I was joking Keith, you didn't need to bring that up :) - Charlie Isaacs
I'm not mad.. just scared shes gonna attack me with an umbrella - Matthew Voshell
Couldn't resist - Keith Teare
Prancing, FTW! - Tom Guarriello
Gillmor Gang Twerk - Moe Glitz
Haven't we seen it all before? Traffic magnet tactics. - Murray Macdonald
no taste; no class and she got exactly what she wanted; 6 million people and the beginning of her post tween career - Ed Schlesinger
side note.. not ONE rock band on that show... VMA's a music video awared show for a channel that doesnt show music videos? - Matthew Voshell
Some of us saw it... - Tom Guarriello
twerkings not my bag (but go ahead) - clive boulton
Twerking is good pube-licity. - Alex de Soto
no shit - Ed Schlesinger
+1 Ed - Frank Paynter
She's a third the age of many of us here...that might explain some of it - Tom Guarriello
PR genius, I agree. But still ewwwww. - Laura Norvig
Its my Party and i'll cry if i want to - Moe Glitz
The outraged prudes will always feed the media beast. - Murray Macdonald
forget about the dancing - THE SONG IS OFFENSIVE - Ed Schlesinger
A Snapchat Twerk - Moe Glitz
so who's the genius here - Ed Schlesinger
It wasn't just about her misguided prancing and the Hannah Montana thing. There were some deeper articles about cultural misappropriation of black dance. - Laura Norvig
I have blue lines on nexus - Kevin Marks
Except the tongue... - Murray Macdonald
great publicity; she's now an adult performer - Ed Schlesinger
Miley as pole dancer... big career step - Frank Paynter
The little head - Francine Hardaway
algorithm media - Moe Glitz
you mean hip hop - Ed Schlesinger
Robert is right. - Francine Hardaway
there were iBeacons in each teddy bear and the scientists were carefully tracking their position - Charlie Isaacs
We're not the market - Francine Hardaway
Haven't you all been following Miley's brand repositioning in the last year? - Tom Guarriello
i have to jump - Keith Teare
Infamy works. Even Two Live Crew still draws an audience. - Murray Macdonald
Jamie Foxx - Laura Norvig
box office is gonna be huge - Ed Schlesinger
next! - Ed Schlesinger
hopefully not out the window Keith - Moe Glitz
not true at all - Ed Schlesinger
Britney who? - Moe Glitz
"No one cares"? Not on GG, perhaps... - Tom Guarriello
you did - Ed Schlesinger
If you are going to discuss this, I should be on the show. - Francine Hardaway
at disney - Ed Schlesinger
Oldschook hiphop (Grandmaster flash) was great. Gangster hoodlum rap twerking blows - clive boulton
What about One Direction? - Moe Glitz
This is a discussion I can add to - Francine Hardaway
Francine: add to it. - Robert Scoble
Blue Meanies - Moe Glitz
integration - Ed Schlesinger
I didn't think what Miley did was wrong or bad. And I actually saw ir. And I'm a woman - Francine Hardaway
prodded? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Alien abduction - Frank Paynter
the song is offensive though Francine - Ed Schlesinger
All these devices need a designer - Francine Hardaway
Wearable Porn - Moe Glitz
Laura's point about appropriating black culture is important - Kevin Marks
not less than $300 - Tina Chase Gillmor
Every song young people listen to is offensive to some - Francine Hardaway
I agree big time with kevin and laura - Ed Schlesinger
Art, by the way, has always been offensive - Francine Hardaway
Gillette...blades, not razors... - Tom Guarriello
Come on Francine. Let's get to work - Tina Chase Gillmor
yeah francine but this one is really offensive to woman. - Ed Schlesinger
but the beer won't be free - Frank Paynter
that said; has a great beat - wonderful to dance to or twerk to - Ed Schlesinger
Scobleizer prolly turns twitters blue line into a hair ball of a graph - clive boulton
Nice call, Steve. Trade-in is huge - Tom Guarriello
Tim Cook is not a visionary - Moe Glitz
sweet! - Frank Paynter
This piece on Miley really makes you think: - Kevin Marks
Just skimmed that, Kevin. Looks heavy duty - Tom Guarriello
Tim: that story might change September 10th. - Robert Scoble
so internet of things gonna be really big - huh? - Ed Schlesinger
We won't have to remember anything anymore...Hmmm - Arnie Klaus
I skimmed it too, Kevin. I will read it after the show. - Francine Hardaway
Can't wait for the FranTina Bra - it will track ALL THE THINGS. - Laura Norvig
I'll be there. - Francine Hardaway
every device or gadget will have a pulse - Moe Glitz
sensors + non-blocking i/o = Enterprise boom (please) - clive boulton
sensors everywhere talking to each other - Da
Exactly Laura - Francine Hardaway
Sensors twerking - Francine Hardaway
Doesn't the ebook version come out sooner or did I mis-read? - Murray Macdonald
fun show steve. good seeing you last week. - Ed Schlesinger
See, Ed, I love the beats. - Francine Hardaway
Twerksors ?? - Ed Schlesinger
Happy Labor Day, all. Excellent GG - Tom Guarriello
Twerking sensors! - clive boulton
Twerk Beacons? - Murray Macdonald
twerk this !!! - Ed Schlesinger
Great GG - Francine Hardaway
Twerking Piñas - Alex de Soto
Loved it thanks to the Tiña Gang - Daniel W. Crompton
Fun show guys! - Tony Stanislawski
Good show. Thanks again. - Murray Macdonald
Thanks! Happy Labor Day Weekend. - Alex de Soto
Thanks Gang, that was great. Except for the Miley part :-p - Charlie Isaacs
thank you allllllll - Tina Chase Gillmor