Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
Waiting for the famous call. Just talked with Dave Winer, so who knows WHAT will happen on today's show? - Robert Scoble
about to start getting everyone on.... places please ;1) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Howdy! - Nir Ben Yona
When do you remove the rock from the cave entrance? :) - J.C. Bouvier
We could argue about how Flipboard is cooler than the open web. Or how the open web is cooler than Flipboard. - Robert Scoble
J.C. it takes a while for the cave to warm up. So, hang out a few minutes. Usually by 1:10 we are going. - Robert Scoble
Will do guys...don't fill up on Peeps(tm). - J.C. Bouvier
Other potential things to talk about? Blackberry's one million sales. - Robert Scoble
Facebook's "Android phone." (It's bullshit, Facebook folks tell me). - Robert Scoble
WhatsApp is hot. What else is? - clive boulton
If you have to wait in line to use an app, it's hot. Samples: Mailbox and Tempo. - Robert Scoble
slight delay but we're all good.... - Tina Chase Gillmor
craving the gillmor gang jingle - clive boulton
cliveb here is it in text: - Amyloo
Toom, toom toom. Toom, toom toom... - Alex de Soto
DUM DUM S - Amyloo
What about TMobile's pricing strategy? Apple and Samsung must have signed off no? - J.C. Bouvier
DUM DUM DUM - Amyloo
Sorry, failed experiment. It meant more with spaces. Wonder if you can do an   in here. - Amyloo
Still waiting for the call. TMobile's pricing strategy is sort of interesting, but TMobile doesn't even work in my house, so it isn't useful to me. - Robert Scoble
:) Hi Amy, everyone. - Hilary Talbot
Hi Hil! Hi Hil! Hi Hil! Hi Hil! Hi Hil! Hi Hil! Hi Hil! Hi Hil! There's my text art. - Amyloo
Pretty good Amyloo. - clive boulton
Google Glass Explorer's list isn't closed yet. A friend just got a message she'll be getting one. - Nir Ben Yona
hehe, thanks - Hilary Talbot
Awesome. Sounds like they are making 8,000 of Google Glass Explorer kits. I'm #107 on that list and still haven't gotten mine. - Robert Scoble
Foxconn can make helluva lot more Glass - clive boulton
Robert: Can't wait to see your Glass feed :) - Nir Ben Yona
I just received my invitation today. Hope to pick it up in NYC. - Alex de Soto
When do you start? - David C. Menzel
David: they are having technical problems. I still haven't gotten called. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Thank you! - David C. Menzel
we are all good in the studio but helping a participant who is having a problem - Tina Chase Gillmor
hang on guys almost there - Tina Chase Gillmor
Glass needs cooling for Robert's streams. - clive boulton
@Robert I finally got through the reservation line and have been using Tempo this week... I don't think any calendaring app will fulfill all my needs... buts its close... untill google NOW gets released for iOS... But the linkage b/t my mail, linkedin and FB is very helpful... - Matthew Voshell
Heheh. I'm already working at thinking how I'm gonna extend Glass' battery. - Robert Scoble
Hil, you'll be proud of me. I bought a tray of frozen monkey bread but I'm only baking two of the 12 rolls. (Hil is my calorie counting buddy on MyFitness Pal). - Amyloo
someone (who shall remain nameless) decided to switch equipment right before the show ;-( always a problem - Tina Chase Gillmor
Speaking of which, i'm looking forward to Danny Sullivan's comparison trial of all of the wearable fitness gadgets. - Amyloo
Very proud of you! but what is monkey bread? - Hilary Talbot
To add to the discussion list, here's a new kickstarter project that cleared $30k in 8 hours and has extended thier goal to $100k, Looks like a brilliant project and i can't wait to get them.. - Matthew Voshell
Gooey sweet rolls. Great warm, but I woudl eat the whole lot if available. - Amyloo
Earbuds w/ Magnetic Docking. Made in USA. - nice Kickstarter - clive boulton
Amyloo: The Basis is best, but it looks dorky. I bought two. - Robert Scoble
re extending battery life for glass. There will have to be head mophi packs modelled into hats... - Hilary Talbot
Hmm.. I made hot cross buns yesterday... so good - Hilary Talbot
Robert, I don't know about you but I'm more influenced than perhaps I should be by the appearance of apps. Dorky will turn me off to things. - Amyloo
Tina: when troubleshooting these type of problems, always ask to take the plug off. - Nir Ben Yona
Hilary: I'm thinking of a utililty belt with a cord that runs up my back. - Robert Scoble
Amyloo: the Basis is a watch. Looks like my dad's Casio calculator watch. - Robert Scoble
another few minutes guys. thank you for your patience - Tina Chase Gillmor
Does Sullivan participate in the chat? i dont think so.. I wonder if he can get early access to this wearable tech, i bring it up every week with no love; Did i mention JOHN SCULLY is involved! - Matthew Voshell
Thanks. Personally I'd just kick that guy off the show Tina. Oh, wait, is it Steve? Heheheh. - Robert Scoble
remember this is a recording session ;-) sh*t happens - Tina Chase Gillmor
Solar powered Glass - Scoblevest - clive boulton
Robert: I dunno, I think you should set a more modish out-there trend ;) - Hilary Talbot
Don't they have hoodies and other clothing that have channels sewn into the seams for cords? - Amyloo
PLEASE switch the show to a google on-air hangout... that way when robert get's his glass we can just see what he sees.. ha - Matthew Voshell
That Misfit Shine looks awesome. - Robert Scoble
Why do I feel like I've missed the show.. :) - Kevin Costain
Yes, Scott vests do that - Hilary Talbot
Matthew: that would be cool! If anything we can do a multiple-screen thing. - Robert Scoble
Kevin: the show hasn't started yet. - Robert Scoble
@Robert... YES... i backed in way back in November... but they had to do a complete redesign and release got pushed back to June... But i think it's got the chance to destroy all the other wearble tech out now.. - Matthew Voshell
Amyloo: ScottEVests have cord channels built in. I have several of their vests and they are quite nice. - Robert Scoble
Matthew: yup. Have you gotten yours yet? - Robert Scoble
No, like i said.. they pushed the ship date back from March 1 to i think June... They decided the lights on the outside were too small and redesigned them to be bigger...I think they are made in vietnam - Matthew Voshell
just got Doc on board... Scoblenext - Tina Chase Gillmor
HI, I'm home now - Kevin Marks
One of these days I will make a prototype of my combination earbud/earrings. (yeah right) - Amyloo
Kevin look for us on Newsgagn 4 - Tina Chase Gillmor
Oh yay... @kevin will have his usual birds chirping? - Matthew Voshell
I keep trashing earbuds - Kevin Marks
I'm on the headset mic so less atmos - Kevin Marks
I could go get the other one, but then i'd need to find earbuds - Kevin Marks
we're good to go! - Tina Chase Gillmor
They were a nice idea, Amy - Hilary Talbot
Just a minute later. - Robert Scoble
Playing last weeks GG to hear the jingle - clive boulton
Almost ready, please stay tuned... - Robert Scoble
Shout out to Danny I'm watching the show on my Roku 3 - Matthew Voshell
who hoo - Kevin Costain
expect the unexpected quit - Kevin Marks
It worked, Steve's live - clive boulton
The only programs that ever crash on my mac are microsoft ones.. - Matthew Voshell
Quit unexpectedly, due to unknown error. - Kevin Costain
Robert: I hope that you can tell us more about the new Facebook Android phone/platform. - David C. Menzel
Flipboard 2.0 = RSS Web 2.0/Pintrest - Matthew Voshell
I cannot use Microsoft ones any more, too much Windows shoved in my way (same as Gmail compose) - clive boulton
I'm watching today on a laptop running Ubuntu using Google Chrome. Microsoft software not involved. - Kevin Costain
Makes sense as a metric, like pages per site. It does measure interest. - Amyloo
Zmags also reports time in a publication, useful in tandem with flips. - Amyloo
Flipboard does do this thing where if i flip through enough... it'll say "loading" and neer load older content... idk.. does anyone else have this issue? - Matthew Voshell
Amazon phone soon? - clive boulton
who cares about the phone part? - Kevin Marks
But wouldnt that mean they give up on google+ ?? Equates to signing into AIM with your FB account - Matthew Voshell
Amazon tends to drive down costs - clive boulton
oye... tutorial show - Tina Chase Gillmor
The world needs more android phones, like it needs more versions of android. - Kevin Costain
Robert has better hair; that's all FB cares about - Matthew Voshell
Facebook lists? Looks like you have not added me to a list yet robert :) - Christian Burns
New pinterest ipad app is amazing at creating rabbit trails. - Christian Burns
You don't look happy about it Robert... - J.C. Bouvier
Android 4.2.2 is great - Christian Burns
Im on the Galaxy Nexus. - Christian Burns
lovin' the 4.2.2 update on my VZW GNex - Da from Android
Steve loves the discussion of Android, they all prove he is right :) - Christian Burns
galaxy nexus is what I have now - Kevin Marks
Love the Split Screen. Kevin in the 90's, Robert in the future - Moe Glitz
Hay fever - Kevin Marks
I love that my 2 yr old Galaxy Nexus is snappy and getting better - Christian Burns
tweetie birds in the background - Kevin Costain
why am I in the 90s? Does this look like portland? - Kevin Marks
Doc was on Econ Talk podcast, it was great to hear him there . - Christian Burns
The quality of your stream - Moe Glitz
Anyone here a Level 8 Ingress Resistance player? - Da from Android
Future buzzword: Personal Clouds, or prouds - Kevin Costain
personal clouds, knowing it wont go out of business - Christian Burns
@kevin... is there anything to the stories that Marissa os often hours late to meetings and makes people work around her? I know Tim Armstrong disagrees about the "work from home" issue too - Matthew Voshell
Machine learning focus seem to be the new hot with VCs - clive boulton
Marissa used to have 'office hours' at google which was blocks of unscheduled time that you could drop in on her. This turned into PM's camped outside her office to try and get a few minutes with her for a decision. - Kevin Marks
The Little Outliner - - Kevin Costain
I still love outliners! - Christian Burns
Why is outlining good? Can someone explain? - Kevin Costain
Idea Processing - Christian Burns
Kantara initiative goes hand in glove with VRM? - clive boulton
All of life is a hierarchy of things, - Christian Burns
Interesting, the rumor is back again: "Music Executive: 'iRadio is Coming', Apple Pushing for Summer Launch" - David C. Menzel
and connect nodes of one outline to another - Christian Burns
I like Mind Meister much better and it has Google Drive integration... - Matthew Voshell
Media Payloads - Christian Burns
Mind Mapping. Is that also considered outlining? - Kevin Costain
A form of outlineing - Christian Burns
RSS, freedom of association, this show is freedom to connect, to boadcast - Christian Burns
I suppose a free/cheap alternative to apps like would be really helpful - I'm assuming a Little Outliner outline can be exported in various formats. - Andrew Hazlett
Or if you like to go the flowchart way to figure out your flows/outlines Lucidchart is also SaaS with Google Drive reference.. - Matthew Voshell
I used to use omnigroup apps but have switched to Lucidchart since its SaaS and much cheaper.. it does wireframing too - Matthew Voshell
little outliner works less well on mobile, as there are no tab and arrow keys... - Kevin Marks
Could this just be a second mode of text entry in notepad? Like switching to showing line numbers. - Kevin Costain
Responsive Design is a MUST_HAVE anymore right? - Matthew Voshell
Kevin has dreamy-like birds tweeting away in his yard - Tina Chase Gillmor
An open standard, cross platform outliner, stores localy, is the dream - Christian Burns
@Tina the real-life Twitter :) - Kevin Costain
hi everyone, Happy Good Friday :) - Charlie Isaacs
@Matthew: just read this one, check it out - Nir Ben Yona
@Matthew -- Mind Meister can save and edit to Google Drive? - clive boulton
We do outlines all over the place I think.. but we don't force them into rigid structures. - Kevin Costain
Has anyone used carbon fin? - Charlie Isaacs
@cliveb Yea, Mind Meister allows you to invite people and simultanious edit (like drive) and once you're done... you can export it to Drive as PDF or whatever - Matthew Voshell
I can't get links to work in littleoutiner - Kevin Marks
Steves global vision is too abstract to be contained in an outline. Beatles songs dont fit into an outline either - Christian Burns
I use CarbonFin on the iPda all day - Christian Burns
If the internet fails big time one of these days, we'll all thank little outliner and tools like it. Outlining is also a good alternative to clunky CMS editors for setting up content to be used in adaptive or responsive design. - Alex de Soto
I still have customers running Windows NT 4.0 :) - Kevin Costain
@Nir.. i completly understand its importance.. i was looking for agreence haha; I just switched my website from smugmug to squarespace becuase they had much better responsive design and social network tie in - Matthew Voshell
Things like waze will rot your brain :) - Christian Burns
I still haven't upgraded my iPhone4 to the "new" iOS - Tina Chase Gillmor
Thanks I still do all my mind maps on paper (photograph and save in Drive) - clive boulton
I love waze, can't live without it. Travel everywhere around the world with it - Charlie Isaacs
{BEGIN SCOBLE RANT} - Kevin Costain
Verizon updates my Galaxy Nexus to the new android for me - Christian Burns
@Tina.. save yourself and stay there - Matthew Voshell
He's gonna blow people - Tina Chase Gillmor
Google is a notification hog, I wish I could turn off google+ notifications - Christian Burns
Revenge of the Notifications - clive boulton
I thought Google only employed Smart Engineers? - Moe Glitz
@Christian.. That's an easy task on iOS :) - Matthew Voshell
you can christian. press and old on one, and you get to the stfu app button - Kevin Marks
Google is trying to get you to go to the app, smart - Christian Burns
They better improve notifications for Glass or else Robert will really blow! - Alex de Soto
google engineers don't get many notifications. Except from source code control - Kevin Marks
Kevin Marks! Thanks You. Just turned off G+ notifications - Christian Burns
Google maps is great, - Christian Burns
Doc is living in NYC? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Waze is not great in Washington - Christian Burns
I like that google maps will turn your map to night mode, - Christian Burns
Did anyone else notice that if an app redirects you to google maps in the mobile safari there is a button at the top to allow you to auto-open the local google maps app... pretty smart - Matthew Voshell
Christian if you are talking about DC, I agree, especially around the Pentagon and DCA -- #ConspiracyTheory? - Charlie Isaacs
I find Google maps transit is best from Mahattan to the other boro's - clive boulton
Wa State - Christian Burns
My waze doesn't work at all in any tunnel, I don't know what Scoble is talking about :) - Charlie Isaacs
I'm in DC too... and i think thats not accurate for a specific reason - Matthew Voshell
I always lose my waze or any navigation system going through the big dig and any other Boston tunnel, then I get lost for about 30 minutes trying to regain reception :-o - Charlie Isaacs
Kisckstarter routes around SEC - Christian Burns
oh boy here come the organ jokes - Charlie Isaacs
Angels bootstrapping is killing VC's in the way the music labels lost control of the distribution channel once artists starting selling direct (ergo louis CK) - Matthew Voshell
Seeing lots of old people with Galaxy Note - Christian Burns
Big Print phone - Kevin Marks
why do I need my watch to tell me that I'm going to die soon - Charlie Isaacs
My mom loves it - Christian Burns
I want one of those. Why doesn't anyone send me stuff? - Tina Chase Gillmor
what I want is headphones for cycling, that let ambient sound in but block wind noise - Kevin Marks
I want stuff! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Does it check your stress levels when u open Android Notifications - Moe Glitz
what do you want Tina? I can send you something? I have an old Palm Pilot - Charlie Isaacs
Indiegogo is gathering steam too with kickstarter being snooty - Matthew Voshell
I have an original sidekick - Kevin Marks
did i mention I was clearing out the garage? - Kevin Marks
I have one of those hard drive ipods - Kevin Costain
Also I have about 500 CD-ROMs - Kevin Marks
the watch you wear while you are swimming only works for one swim - Charlie Isaacs
@Kevin Marks Craigslist listing??? - Matthew Voshell
I think I left my Newton at Apple - Kevin Marks
The latest Y Combinator demo day had like dozens of Kickstarter clones. - Nir Ben Yona
Robert, I love my Basis watch. It's ugly, but works well - Francine Hardaway
I have 100's of 80's Video's - Moe Glitz
I have a $12 casio - Christian Burns
Noticed VC's putting growth hackers on the ground (Ivory towers going) - clive boulton
oh god, VHS tapes too. We need to work out which ones have actual family videos on - Kevin Marks
did anyone see the kickstarter project that allows you to avoid ads in a "free" app by collecting the money up front? have you guys already talked about this? maybe the future of advertising... - Charlie Isaacs
Just got to a desktop and looked at Facebook. I have over 13,000 followers. Clearly I am on a Scoble list. - Francine Hardaway
I think I might have a 40 megabyte hard drive around... fourty. megabytes. - Kevin Costain
If soething is popular you can always get it onto a plane - Christian Burns
I never even looked before - Francine Hardaway
VHS, DVD, Blu-ray & now 4K. - Moe Glitz
Amazon Instant Video lets you download movies/tv shows for offline viewing... smart - Matthew Voshell
Kickstarter rejects many projects - Francine Hardaway
Indegogo does not reject - Christian Burns
You got started late, and it's not MY fault. Don't shortchange me, Steve; I live for Gillmor Gang - Francine Hardaway
Tina, let the other guests take over. - Christian Burns
Can the Shareholders please kick him out - Moe Glitz
Lots of Nexus 7 around too - Christian Burns
Is Windows Blue the fix for Windows 8 start button etc? - clive boulton
Everybody covets my mini - Francine Hardaway
Referb Nexus 7 selling $169 locally now. - Kevin Costain
hm, I have until May 7 to port my twitter adnroid app to v1.1 API - Kevin Marks
New nexus 7 for 199 - Christian Burns
Ballmer watched the Digital World go by - Moe Glitz
@Clive - no way. - Kevin Costain
I don't even have a keyboard - Francine Hardaway
Microsoft should headhunt Eric Schmidt to take over. That would be fun. - Kevin Marks
Right Kevin. Eric is super smart - Moe Glitz
Ballmer grew up where I did. Suburban Detroit - Tina Chase Gillmor
are Balsillie And Lazaridis free? - Kevin Costain
Steve Cook ain't CEO material or a Product Guy - Moe Glitz
That would be interesting - Christian Burns
Insider are watching Satya Nadella. He's led the change to Microsoft engaging and extending core with open source. - clive boulton
What's a bigger job. Saving the world or saving Microsoft - Moe Glitz
Saving the world is not rocket science - Christian Burns
Well played Kevin - Christian Burns
I know a CEO that's able to do both... saving the world and running a large software company Marc Benioff - Charlie Isaacs
Marissa Mayer? - Nir Ben Yona
Jack Dorsey? - Moe Glitz
scoble is spot on - Christian Burns
Marc Benioff? It's about who could do it. Not who would do it. Don't think anybody would want to do it. - Alex de Soto
Reed Hastings if they pick from outside - clive boulton
Eventually Microsoft will only be relevant in the Enterprise - Moe Glitz
We're getting Windows 7 soon here at work - Da from Android
Resume: Screwed at (companyA), F*cked at ( companyB) Taken advange of at (company C) - Tina Chase Gillmor
I agree... do they become IBM?? - Matthew Voshell
Yes Matthew - Moe Glitz
They are lucky that Apple & Google don't do Enterprise - Moe Glitz
Me and lots of folks I know are looking forward to next XBox - Da from Android
MS has a nice warchest right? - Christian Burns
Think both Microsoft & Apple should open up their Warchest's - Moe Glitz
you guys are coming in loud and clear from my house - Charlie Isaacs
Gray the studio cat is trying to pick his way back inot the studio. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Intifragility? - Christian Burns
Google is trying to do enterprise... they got into the GSA and the white house - Matthew Voshell
Google Docs sucks. Maybe if they acquired - Moe Glitz
Marissa assuming Yahoo growth. Otherwise the board on-boards Reed Hastings. - clive boulton
The Internet of Things - Moe Glitz
True that, I Love Google, but I stick with MS Word - Da from Android
Looking forward to who connects up with Daves outliner - Christian Burns
name the show - Tina Chase Gillmor
word sucks, docs is handy - Kevin Marks
@Moe, i disagree, for collaboration its amazing....There are large organizations wasting money on Microsoft word versioning that waste thousands of hours but i do use salesforce products ( - Matthew Voshell
What is word? - Christian Burns
I have to use Word for our book. Sucks - Robert Scoble
He will be like new - Francine Hardaway
More Doc - Christian Burns
Amazon makes you use Word - Francine Hardaway
I will say google Docs is lacking in formatting... i usually export to pages for that part... - Matthew Voshell
I love Word, but I rarely need Word. It's now for pro docs only. - Kevin Bryan
@Robert why do you HAVE to use word? - Matthew Voshell
@Robert they don't make you use Wordstar? - Charlie Isaacs
publishers have built workflow around Word, sadly - Kevin Marks
I keep my Word docs in Google Drive - Da from Android
You can always create the book and proof and all in google docs and then just download AS a .doc :) - Matthew Voshell
Yeah, but Word works better than Docs for revisions and other things, templates, etc. - Robert Scoble
Word works at ignoring revisions - Kevin Marks
Docs works at having one true version - Kevin Marks