Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
ready for some summertime Gillmor Gang fun? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Me and my jet lag will be listening - Francine Hardaway
I have a special guest from Australia here who can talk about the hardware revolution that's happening for startups. - Robert Scoble
hello hello - Kevin Marks
Speaking of hardware startups check this out! I invested on kickstarter earlier in the year.. - Matthew Voshell
Does anyone else have issues with ustream on iPad? it doesnt just turn on when the broadcast starts i have to go in and out of the video stream... super annoying - Matthew Voshell
here - Keith Teare
Firefox OS phones on sale in US: - Kevin Marks
are you going to buy one Kevin? - Matthew Voshell
Great kids phone no? for $80 unlocked - Matthew Voshell
already ordered one. - Kevin Marks
424 sold in 24 hours - Da
The usual problems onboarding everyone. So predictable. So hilarious. ugh - Tina Chase Gillmor
horses are almost in the gate - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Kevin.. let us know how it goes after you get it... AT&T? - Matthew Voshell
is is too early for a cocktail? - Jerry Schuman
Call me back. Damn, haven't had problems with Skype in a long time. I'm ready now. - Robert Scoble
Jerry - it is NOT too early for a cocktail. pleeeeze - Tina Chase Gillmor
Especially not too early here in lovely New Jersey! - Tom Guarriello
I'm going to use it with my t-mobile sim - Kevin Marks
geez we're haven fun - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Kevin.. nice to see t-mobile get some biz.. why don't they just carry it outright and seperate themselves from the other carriers? - Matthew Voshell
hi kevin, just to ask you to let people know how important FirefoxOS may be in the future - flyinthesoup
i need a cocktail materializer app - Tina Chase Gillmor
can someone get to work on that - Tina Chase Gillmor
While Tina gets her cocktail...This Firefox phone thing is intriguing. This stands out to me: "Developers can now build apps powered by open Web standards (like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS) and new Mozilla pioneered Web APIs that enable Web apps to access the underlying capabilities of the handset previously only available to native apps (e.g. camera, telephony, messaging, Bluetooth)." - Alex de Soto
And 3...2...1 - Nir Ben Yona
what specifically do you find intriguing ? - flyinthesoup
i am just laughing out loud... good thing i love these guys - Tina Chase Gillmor
i find intriguing why Keith Teare does not react to Steve's constant unpoliteness towards him - flyinthesoup
"...access the underlying capabilities of the handset previously only available to native apps (e.g. camera, telephony, messaging, Bluetooth)." Cute marketing emphasis, no? - Alex de Soto
wishing my iced tea was a Long Island Iced Tea - Tina Chase Gillmor
ok, if you ever try to develop apps that use this functionality you will find out it is usually not very well documented, difficult to get access to... - flyinthesoup
We are still getting everyone hooked up. - Robert Scoble
Kevin can figure it out or find someone who can. ;) - Alex de Soto
Lots of Skype problems today. - Robert Scoble
Should be starting shortly. - Robert Scoble
flyinthesoup... they are good friends ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Skype brought to you by..... Microsoft. - Alex de Soto
that's not what people see - flyinthesoup
I use the web browsers on my GNex ~80%, so html ftw - Da
@Tina how much longer till that YouTube Live switch?!? :) - Matthew Voshell
I'm watching a movie - Francine Hardaway
Matthew: soon if this keeps up! :-) - Robert Scoble
@Robert YAY!!!! - Matthew Voshell
we are now rebooting a machine due to a Dan Farber problem - Tina Chase Gillmor
almost there folks... super sorry - Tina Chase Gillmor
While we wait for Tina's Long Island Ice Tea....Anyone hook up a Chromecast to their receiver? I hooked up mine and it works well but I will never be able to reach back and retrieve it. - Alex de Soto
I used the side sockets for the chromecasts - Kevin Marks
Matthew... a week or two I think - Tina Chase Gillmor
You guys should simply use the Hangouts on Air to stream live and record to YTube - Andrew Hazlett
Side sockets on a Samsung tv here; works fine. - Ian McGee
Although I think Hangouts are less forgiving of varying bandwidth than skype - Andrew Hazlett
Kevin: I wanted to get better sound so I hooked it up via the receiver. - Alex de Soto
+Andrew: I agree. We also need to switch to a modern social network. I can't stand I can't @ reply you. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
@Tina.. are you just going to broadcast live on youtube or are you going to leverage hangouts as well? - Matthew Voshell
The suspense is a very nice touch, Tina! - Tom Guarriello
@Andrew... That's what i'm sayin! - Matthew Voshell
Yeah! - Alex de Soto
Tina, i enjoy very much the "freakyline" Steve's usually on between smashing people's opinions with very compelling arguments and being such a jerk not to tell Scoble instead to be quiet - flyinthesoup
I don't like Friendfeed anymore either. - Francine Hardaway
I have no video at all...just audio..? live podcast? :) - Matthew Voshell
great !! - flyinthesoup
you're even now. - flyinthesoup
I knew Steve would start with that remark! - Tom Guarriello
Surprised, everybody? - Moe Glitz
Poor patch... - J.C. Bouvier
Goodbye Blackberry Way - Moe Glitz
Yea... I was one of those Aol employees that was laid off last friday.... - Matthew Voshell
Matthew: sorry to hear that. - Robert Scoble
The most valuable tweet of all time - Moe Glitz
luckily i found employment at LastPass!! sweet serendipity - Matthew Voshell
Isn't HP the right company to buy Blackberry? /snipe - Ian McGee
Nice Matthew! - J.C. Bouvier
We have had some good Patches in our area (widely varying on account of the different editors) - Andrew Hazlett
Sorry Matthew - Keith Teare
Good luck Matthew. Love LastPass. - Alex de Soto
What is your takeaway from Patch? - Keith Teare
Thanks everyone but i think it was a blessing in disguise, i was trying to leave anyway; - Matthew Voshell
LastPass is a great product - Andrew Hazlett
He would.Cause Woz is working on the Sony 'Jobs' Movie - Moe Glitz
let's leave Steve rest in peace and talk about something else Steve - flyinthesoup
I can tell you a story about Steve in his glass fishbowl office at NeXT. The dude was beet red. - Jerry Schuman
My major takeaway from Aol in general; Do as much as possible to catch up but spend as little money as possible and do it as fast as possible so we can catch up to google, when in doubt, fire under performing products (that shouldnt exist) and buy products you can matrix in. Aol's backend is an utter hodge podge of tech its a MESS - Matthew Voshell
Supposedly the Aol employee fired "live" by Armstrong was the designer responsible for Patch's appalling redesign - Andrew Hazlett
but yes, let' move on - Jerry Schuman
@Robert.. I'm trying to convince my boss, CEO of LastPass to ask to be on the show!! - Matthew Voshell
I met Abel at a party in Brooklyn maybe two summers ago? - J.C. Bouvier
Let's talk about video in the enterprise. Ideas like - Jerry Schuman
never did follow my local Patches, just seem not quality journalism - Da
Tim is udner ALOT of pressue... all of his moves are back firing on him... its like trying to stop the titantic from sinking with a bucket - Matthew Voshell
Scoble, are you missing a better place to put this gYRO ? - flyinthesoup
I can retire now. Mentioned by name on GG - Andrew Hazlett
Apparently the fired guy's job, was to take photo's of all meetings - Moe Glitz
Andrew you now owe Scoble a drink for that... - Jerry Schuman
Most employees at Aol have been there a LONG time.. and only do "just enough" to get by... that's pretty much the manrta of Aol.. do JUST ENOUGH to get by... - Matthew Voshell
Jerry, yes, makes me wish this startup had taken off: - Andrew Hazlett
I got better info on our neighborhood yahoo group list - Da
@Robert spends so much time on G+ he +replies rather than @replying. :) - Daniel W. Crompton
My understanding is even w/the apology, Abel didn't get his job back. - J.C. Bouvier
@Robert... 1st world problems? - Matthew Voshell
Needs one for mounting on a Quad - Jerry Schuman
Quad-copter that is.. - Jerry Schuman
this is a good initiative that dramatically lowers the cost of such equipments - flyinthesoup
@Robert.. Thanks for the mention.. you even said my last name right!! - Matthew Voshell
@Tina.. no video at all this episode? - Matthew Voshell
Video fine here - Tom Guarriello
Canberra? - Jerry Schuman
a little city... lol - Jerry Schuman
video is up - Tina Chase Gillmor
Anyone else watching on ustream on ipad getting video? - Matthew Voshell
M&A target for GoPro - Jerry Schuman
what is the story worth telling with such steadiness ? - flyinthesoup
This is a product I've enjoyed using with my iPhone 4 Not sure if they are still making them or updating it for more recent phones. - Andrew Hazlett
GoPro have its own accessory store? - Matthew Voshell
like apple does - Matthew Voshell
GoPro is spending BUCKS on M&A - Jerry Schuman
I'm in San Diego right now - Jerry Schuman
this is only aesthetics Robert - flyinthesoup
@Robert? What are the audio input options? - J.C. Bouvier
Would also be great on zip lines... nice cheap way to do fly overs at sport venues - Jerry Schuman
what is the message ? Benioff is our pop superstar ? - flyinthesoup
People like to make fun of Microsoft's ruin, are we going to build anothe giant to melt down at Salesforce ? - flyinthesoup
@Robert, @Keith, yes, I'm told PluralEyes 3 works well - but def more interest if you can get audio to the GoPro through the steady unit. Tx for the answer. Just easier on the run and gun if a usable audio file is already in place. - J.C. Bouvier
I remember syncing TV with film with special hardware... - Kevin Marks
FirefoxOS is better for everyone, breaking this ecosystem locks - flyinthesoup
Apple is going lifestyle... it's the next big push. Apple fashion just around the corner. - Jerry Schuman
A cheaper unlocked iPhone would be nice. - Alex de Soto
us citizen's are so poor they only have money - flyinthesoup
PluralEyes 3 - Keith Teare
Camera with a shitty phone... - Jerry Schuman
smartphone cameras are for selphies... not self portraits - Matthew Voshell
let's make 41 MP pics of us standing on top of the world with the world's Sheriff badges - flyinthesoup
What's that Chinese company rumored to be interested in buying Blackberry? - Tom Guarriello
There are more affordable Android Smartphones available than the iPhone. Hopefully Apple will change this by the end of the year. - Moe Glitz
Bing bing bing, Dan. - Jerry Schuman
Buying a Nokia phone now is like buying a Studebaker in the 60s. (Sorry, old Boomer reference!) - Tom Guarriello
Services will help Smartphone Makers win in the long run, not only Apps - Moe Glitz
new celebrity era - Tina Chase Gillmor
good point Keith - flyinthesoup
celebrate self - Tina Chase Gillmor
now let me know what fuels that ? - flyinthesoup
I dont think plastic surgeons are complaining ha - Matthew Voshell
DEVO was right - Jerry Schuman
Strike a Pose. - Moe Glitz
@Keith, is it a reflection of a high percentage of teens/young adults using the technology? - christina sponselli
Why are we so negative about narcissism? - Tom Guarriello
Selfies are photobombing without the bothersome interference - Jerry Schuman
I'musing Jusr,me and talking to people in other countries - Francine Hardaway
can you hear my son playing piano in the background? - Kevin Marks
See the moment in "the social network" where "mark" figures out people wants to know each other's relationship status - Matthew Voshell
I think that is part of it Christina - Keith Teare
when i was a kid there was a phone number you could call and there would be lots and lots of people onthe line all yelling at each other - Tina Chase Gillmor
So, it's not just about seeing's about meeting others, Keith? - Tom Guarriello
What a shock! - Tom Guarriello
isn't this a recreation of that tina? - Kevin Marks
Francine - would love your views on it as we release new features - probably next week. - Keith Teare
Tina: That must have been the old NSA phone tap. - Alex de Soto
Tom - :-) - Keith Teare
Happy to give my views. I've been watching it develop. - Francine Hardaway
Until you added the Selfie it was less engaging - Francine Hardaway
I, also, want a donut. - J.C. Bouvier
3D Nano Printers - Moe Glitz
My daughter starts at NYU next week. Good to know she'll be able to get coffee. - Ian McGee
lets make a contextual sensor to detect levels of starvation in Africa so we can target the shippment of Donuts - flyinthesoup
@Keith maybe you should had an overlay on photos with a duck bill so peple can do "duck faces" urbandictionary it - Matthew Voshell
I'm a dog on the internet - Francine Hardaway
Standing in line is so last year - Moe Glitz
We need to look in your eye to know you want a donut, Robert? - Tom Guarriello
WalMART?????? - Francine Hardaway
No Hyperloop comments? Or was that last week? - Alex de Soto
I lived in the bar - Francine Hardaway
Hyperloop? So 2038. :-) - Robert Scoble
@Alex that was this week - Matthew Voshell
Did anyone else buy tesla stock before it went up? Or am I the only one? - Matthew Voshell
Just named the show NanoDonut - Tina Chase Gillmor
Have you been to a WalMart recently? It's actually an anthropological experience. - Tom Guarriello
I want a Tesla - Francine Hardaway
@Francine... YES! i should get a free one for being a stock holder... :/ - Matthew Voshell
But Francine.... you have a fancy Mustang - Tina Chase Gillmor
google algorithm of the day: - Kevin Marks
it's 5 days old... that's why. - Jerry Schuman
Not even jokes about the Hyperloop? SorryI brought it up! - Alex de Soto
y'all are so smart buying Tesla stock.... (I want the car too!) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Has anyone seen the Dish "how yo learn boston" ad compaign?? OMG so funny and - Matthew Voshell
I do have a fancy Mustang - Francine Hardaway
The heat is based on actual pressure in the tube - Jerry Schuman
HEEEE! - Alex de Soto
It won't get built. - Francine Hardaway
WBAI...that's a blast from the past. - Tom Guarriello
Trouble with motionsickness - Francine Hardaway
ET3 is already working on their version of HyperLoop - Jerry Schuman
The DeLorean of the 21st Century. - Moe Glitz
I remember when pneumatic tubes were used in department stores to bring you change - Francine Hardaway
Back to the Past - Moe Glitz
I want pneumatic tubes throughout my house... someday - Andrew Hazlett
I think most people don't get that the tubes are SMALL. They are not 20' diameter pipes. - Jerry Schuman
We need more Musk-like imagination. - Tom Guarriello
NASA demonstrated that same thing 30 years ago - Jerry Schuman
Thunderbirds are Go - Moe Glitz
Star Trek had this transportation thing all figured out - Tina Chase Gillmor
Right, Kevin - Francine Hardaway
The Hyperloop PDF talks quite a bit about supersonic flight. - Jerry Schuman
exactly, Jerry - Kevin Marks
Government isn't doing anything anymore - Francine Hardaway
Government is kabuki - Tom Guarriello
I don't care about LA to San Francisco but I do care about NYC-London - Francine Hardaway
Francine we move a LOT more cargo between LA to San Francisco. - Robert Scoble
@Keith: The last good private sector guy on Star Trek was Mudd: - J.C. Bouvier
I don'r care about cargo:-) - Francine Hardaway
It's notably worse. less space on flights. no perks. certainly very little advancement in technology - Tina Chase Gillmor
JC B - Thanks :-) - Keith Teare
Speaking about space and aliens, Area 51 appears to be a surveillance site from the Cold War era - Nir Ben Yona
Sometime ago I visited the SpaceXC offices, and they are also doing some great things in this space. ;) Their delivery system is slightly different than SpaceX - Daniel W. Crompton
Francine: cargo drives commerce and investment, though. Far more profitable than shipping people around. - Robert Scoble
Multi national corporations have an interest in infrastructure - Francine Hardaway
Attack of the Drones - Moe Glitz
Oh, I know Robert. I guess if we ship cargo, people can tag along - Francine Hardaway
drones with nuclear weapons ? - flyinthesoup
cargo can deal with more G-force than people can - Kevin Marks
drones had nuclear weapons first - that's what Cruise missiles are - Kevin Marks
Another non-topic: How about what happened to the YouTube app for Windows Phone? - Alex de Soto
I've been watching Scandal - Kevin Marks
Ping Fu was wearing 3-D printed shoes for her talk at SXSW - Francine Hardaway
like Scandal - Tina Chase Gillmor
Ping Fu is awesome - Kevin Marks
3D printed shoes with an iPhone holder - Kevin Marks
Isn't she? Read her book and listened to her talk, then bought a 3D printer:-) @Kevin - Francine Hardaway
rather cool hightech mfg insights - clive boulton
Slave to the Rhythm - Moe Glitz
Steve was still in the music biz in the 80s? - Francine Hardaway
mmmm, yes - Tina Chase Gillmor
not all of the 80's - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina, watch Orange is the New Black - Francine Hardaway
But I'm still going to see Jobs later today - Francine Hardaway
Did he have a curly perm, Tina? - Moe Glitz
yeah I've heard about that one Francinee - Tina Chase Gillmor
from Grace Jones to Gillmor Gang ~ Slave to the Rhythm - clive boulton
Dont get Steve started on Grace - Tina Chase Gillmor
Pull up to the bumper by Grace Jones <3 - christina sponselli
Somehow I cannot picture Grace Jones and Steve in the same room. - Alex de Soto
I'm NEVER canceling my Netflix account even though there are no movies left on it - Francine Hardaway
Breaking Bad fans, don't miss the Insider Podcast - Tom Guarriello
they were good friends - Tina Chase Gillmor
Keith Teare finally figured out I'm using his app and followed me:-) It needs better search for people you know to get stickier - Francine Hardaway
Steve was still hanging out with Grace when I met him - Tina Chase Gillmor
That explains a lot, Tina! - Tom Guarriello
Tom ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina: That's a biopic in the making. - Alex de Soto
With Shoulder Pads, Tina - Moe Glitz
When he met you he got a steady job? - Francine Hardaway
From Shoulder Pads to the iPads - Moe Glitz
Sorry I can't be there... - Francine Hardaway
And now you have got to play Grace Jones at the party! - Alex de Soto
Have a nice weekend guys... - J.C. Bouvier
My daughter Melissa just auditioned to play Dianne Warrens sister in an upcoming show NBC is piloting - Jerry Schuman
Scoble is reduced to a bunch of sensors - Francine Hardaway
Ask him about the Ashes, Robert - Moe Glitz
Francine - search is next release - in about a week - Keith Teare
It's call "dissociation," Keith. - Tom Guarriello
Steve, you're never interested in anything! - Francine Hardaway
That was cold, Moe. - Tom Guarriello
better living through sensors... LOL - Jerry Schuman
And Francine for her loyalty - Francine Hardaway
tINA THTA'S A HUGE CAT ! - flyinthesoup
and Jerry for his ability to type today - Jerry Schuman
Whats New Pussycat - Moe Glitz
Adios! - Alex de Soto
Thank you all for the show ! - flyinthesoup
Moe yes shoulder pads - Tina Chase Gillmor
Ciao! - Jerry Schuman
Have a great weekend! - Nir Ben Yona
Great Show - Moe Glitz
When I met her (once) she was sporting a sailor hat - Tina Chase Gillmor
Great show, agree with Keith and Steve! - Daniel W. Crompton
Grace Jones is a legend. Nicky Minaj rips her off - Moe Glitz Jack Hurley - Robert Scoble
She is great... really beautiful lady and super talented - Tina Chase Gillmor
Steve/Tina: Jack Hurley is the Australian Guest we had on. - Robert Scoble
robert... company name? - Tina Chase Gillmor