Great Horned Owl Watercolor 3 Hour Painting -
Great Horned Owl Watercolor 3 Hour Painting
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These Itty Bitty Octopi Have 8 Tentacles, Infinite Cuteness Eyewitness: Tasmania, Australia #eco
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What's traditional #miniature #painting ? Not necessarily little paintings.. :) Check it out - #followart
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Concentration – Cougar, 12 in x 15 in, ©Rebecca Latham, watercolor on board Hope you enjoy! ..share if you like....
Caught in the Light – Barn Owl I, 5in x 7in, watercolor with 24kt gold and sterling silver on board, ©Rebecca...
African Skimmers at the Kazinga Channel via 10000birds #10000birds #birds
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Warm Glow - Canada Goose, 9in x 12in, opaque and transparent watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham Hope you enjoy!...
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My Day as a Mule Deer nature_org
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BarkPost: 19 Dog-Friendly Stores Where You Can Shop With Your Pup via @HuffPostGreen #animals
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The Power Of Pets For Veterans With PTSD
Previously painted: Autumn Rest - Bull Moose #animal
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