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Yay!! Ranking Digital Rights advanced to the next round of the @knightfdn #newschallenge !!! #netfreedom
RT @umairh: Some countries have Ubers, some countries have working public transport for everyone.
RT @umairh: Some countries have Ubers, some countries have working public transport for everyone.
In London on Thursday? Go to book launch for #LeftoverWomen by @LetaHong at Royal Asiatic Society
All sent and received e-mails in Gmail will be analyzed, says Google (ToS amendment) #privacy
RT @Advox: "#Lebanon is not being respectful of citizens' rights to privacy - instead, it treats them all as suspects"- @MoNajem
RT @Advox: "by giving up the privacy of its citizens, the government is undermining the security of the entire nation" #Lebanon
RT @pressfreedom: CPJ’s 2014 Global #Impunity Index spotlights countries where journalists are slain and the killers go free.
RT @Advox: Tunisian Blog Launches Whistleblowing Platform #netfreedom
RT @RonDeibert: There are some @citizenlab research resources we have posted for community use cc @Herdict @OTI @OpenObservatory
RT @wyoumans: Glassholes rejoice! MT RT @eddankatz: Google Patents Tiny Cameras Embedded In Contact Lenses via @techcrunch
RT @feathersproject: #FreeCiaxon: Nigerian Netizen Missing After Reporting on Deadly Clashes cc: @EFF @rmack
RT @guardian: Heartbleed: don't rush to update passwords, security experts warn @guardiantech
RT @cynthiamw: Snowden says NSA spies on human rights groups. If true, US is doing exactly what it condemns elsewhere. #netfreedom
Rtc@sunil_abraham: Who Governs the Internet? Implications for Freedom and National Security #netfreedom
RT @IEthics: Too soon? "Beyond Cuban Twitter": But real issues re access to info under repressive regimes... #ethics #rights #tech
RT @rightscon: Today, European Parliament voted "yes" to protect and expand #netneutrality across the EU!
Please support our #newschallenge @knightfdn proposal for Ranking Digital Rights #netfreedom #privacy
RT @macvie: Please help find someone great for this Global Internet Rights job! @EthanZ @berkmancenter @rmack @ashk4n
RT @hrw: How Ethiopia Spies on Its Diaspora in Europe #netfreedom
RT @benwagne_r: Great visualisation of European Surveillance Exports @latelyontime
Rt @webwewant: Support the Coalition Against Unlawful Surveillance Exports #surveillance #netfreedom
RT @FreedomHouseDC: Freedom House Endorses U.S. Plan to Alter Administration of Internet #netfreedom
RT @PrincetonCITP: "Secure protocols for accountable warrant execution" by Ed Felten
Answer from @ebertoni we need to do better job explaining how surveillance isn't solution to crime #CD14
Question from @apisanty - how do we make surveillance not just a "first world problem"? In mexico ppl demand more to fight org crime #CD14
Took a long time for somebody to mention bitcoin #cd14
RT @avilarenata: Freedom Online Coalition Member #Mexico promoting the worst online censorship reform now *ES #CD14
Rt @anjakovacs: If #FOC will not address necessity of surveillance reform head on, can't see how it can have any legitimacy #cd14 agreed.
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