Getting Specific About #Transparency, #Privacy, and Free Expression Online by @theGNI and @CenDemTech #netfreedom
RT @globalvoices: Follow our continuing coverage: Bring Back Mexico's Missing #Ayotzinapa Students
RT @globalvoices: A Network of Indigenous Language Digital Activists in Mexico
RT @pressfreedom: Journalists: Please support CPJ's campaign, #RightToReport in the Digital Age. Sign the petition--> #EncryptNews
Will the FCC ruin the Internet? by @vanschewick #netfreedom
Could the FCC's rumored #netneutrality proposal break the Internet instead of saving it? by @sarmorris #netfreedom
RT @globalvoices: Chinese Are Seeing Red Over Government's 'APEC Blue' Anti-Pollution Efforts "I volunteer to not breathing for 30""
RT @globalvoices: Netizen Report: Attacks on Media Peak as Mexico Reaches Boiling Point also: press freedom threats in Myanmar
RT @jameslosey: Transparency and security becoming selling points for mobile devices says @tim_libert
RT @jameslosey: .@tim_libert is presenting the @rankingrights project at @AnnenbergPenn #MobileUbiquity conference
RT @globalvoices: #Tunisia Election Paves Way for Brave New Future of Plural Democracy "all parties & candidates accepted the results"
RT @danmcquillan: and academics want to knowledgise them RT @furtherfield: Twitter chief explains ambition to monetise your emotions
RT @netizenrights: Don't be fooled: The question is how we can enforce our rights and freedoms, and not how we should give them up. #Surveillance #NetFreedom
Does the #FCC really not get it about the Internet? #NetNeutrality #netfreedom
RT @globalvoices: Video: These Mumbai school children have big ideas about technology and innovation by @sutarcv
RT @HitmanDreams: Join @accessnow in telling @VerizonWireless & @ATT: respect #privacy, no perma-cookie UIDH trackers after opt-out
RT @pressfreedom: International journalists are in danger as never before | by @Joelcpj
Response by @theGNI to GCHQ chief's attack on internet companies as terror-enablers. #netfreedom #privacy
RT @mashable: Facebook censorship has increased 19% in the past 6 months: #netfreedom
RT @Advox: British trolls, beware: the government is coming for you
RT @jimmurphySF: Brazil begins laying its own Internet cables to avoid U.S. surveillance #netfreedom
RT @wplangORG: How to Set Up WordPress in My Language (and How To Change it) - #WordPress #Internationalization #Translation
RT @SCMP_News: China Mobile to be among first operators to offer Apple's iPhone 6
RT @Advox: Web We Want Festival Will be Globally Crowdsourced: Get Involved! #netfreedom
RT @Advox: Iran's Internet Users Outsmart Government in Cat-and-Mouse Censorship Game #netfreedom
RT @Advox: Malaysian Government Threatens to Block Facebook Over “Abuse” Reports #netfreedom
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