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Report by @keithrichburg on govt shutdown of Chinese social media site Cenci #netfreedom #china
Google Plus Finally Gives Up on Its Ineffective, Dangerous Real-Name Policy by me and @haehae #netfreedom #privacy
Slideshow on India's troubling Internet laws from @theGNI #netfreedom #privacy #surveillance #India
Congratulations to @BHRRC @pbloomer @IPietropaoli beautiful new multi-lingual website on business & human rights!
RT @Advox: Thai Junta Tightens its Grip on the Internet #netfreedom
RT @libertyhq: #DRIP is a “massive piece of intrusion into peoples’ lives,” says @jeremycorbyn - he'll be opposing the timetable motion.
Open Letter to UK Prime Minister on Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill #netfreedom #surveillance #privacy
RT @globalfreemedia: Edward Snowden condemns Britain's emergency surveillance bill #netfreedom
RT @Advox: Netizen Report: #Mexico Conveniently Passes Telecom Law At Height of World Cup #netfreedom #Surveillance
RT @Advox: "Did the Thai Junta order the blocking of Facebook?" #Thailand #netfreedom
RT @globalvoices: Netizen Report: Researchers Uncover Mobile Phone Spyware in 60 Countries Worldwide #netfreedom
Justice Matters 4 Ethiopian Bloggers "believe in the pwr of accurate & factual reporting" /@globalvoices #netfreedom
Ranking Digital Rights project seeks Program Associate. #netfreedom #privacy
RT @MiaFarrow: Considering a trip to #Egypt? Skip it. You could end up in prison for 7 years for spying - they don't need ANY evidence to convict you.
IMHO utopianism ultimately leads to totalitarianism despite the idealistic intentions of the utopians. #civicmedia
RT @sarahwolozin: Joi Ito's guiding principles for #civicmedia
Insight from person next to me: Some ppl have come here to learn how to be more innovative, not just show off innovation. #civicmedia
Everybody in the room at #civicmedia asks "why" repeatedly as part of an exercise to build empathy in project design.
RT @edwebb: RT @ReutersWorld: Russia asks Twitter to block a dozen accounts #netfreedom
RT @Advox: The Struggle for Freedom Online in Mexico #netfreedom
RT @webfoundation: Tune in to #CivicMedia today at 3:45 EST for a talk w/ @avilarenata on the #OpenWeb & Participation-
Feeling like a dinosaur. I went to college with a typewriter. #civicmedia
RT @rsm: "We're leaving talent on the table" when we don't have diverse tech workers, says @laurawp of @code2040 #civicmedia
For the twitter handles of #civicmedia attendees and #newschallenge winners click here:
RT @macvie: 46% of NYC households below $35k without Internet access #newschallenge winner @nypl stepping up to address that gap @mayawiley #civicmedia
Awesome project! RT @GallowayVTD: @code2040 coding is the new literacy #civicmedia
Congrats to all!! RT @jilliancyork: Congrats to co-winners @rmack @moxie @liliakai and others! #newschallenge
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