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Saleem Hussain
beautiful baby! Maureen looks great, too (of course)! - Rebecca Sun
thank you rebecca! hope things are well! - Saleem Hussain from email
Dan Hsiao
YouTube - Amazing Roger Federer trickshot on Gillette ad shoot -
YouTube - Amazing Roger Federer trickshot on Gillette ad shoot
What do you think. Is this real or fake? - Dan Hsiao from Bookmarklet
The first one was hard to see. The second looked real. - Louis Gray
I'm inclined to think fake, because why would Roger Federer be chumming around with commoners? Or, it's fake because Rog is not that composed in candid shoots. He's more like this (I love this video): - Rebecca Sun
Thanks, Reb. I don't know why that link is so entertaining but it is. - Dan Hsiao
Have you seen the outtakes from Rog and Rafa's 30-second video announcing their Christmas charity match for Federer's foundation? FIFTEEN MINUTES of hilarity! - Rebecca Sun
He's just a kid. - Christopher Chung
Rebecca Sun
Wonkette : Arizona School Demands Black & Latino Students’ Faces On Mural Be Changed To White -
"Remember where you were, when you could still laugh about teabaggers and racists and Arizonans, because funny time is almost over. If the unemployment keeps up — one in five adult white males has no job and will never have a job again — and people keep walking away from their stucco heaps they can’t afford and the states and cities and counties and towns keep passing their aggressive racist laws to rile up the trash even more, shit’s going to very soon become very bad, and whether it’s the National Guard having wars in the Sunbelt Exurbs against armies of crazy old white people who are finally using their hundreds of millions of guns, or whole Latino neighborhoods burned to the ground the way the Klan used to burn down black neighborhoods a century ago, we are in for a long dark night and no light-colored paint is going to fix that." - Rebecca Sun from Bookmarklet
Rebecca Sun
"Dream On" | Glee | TV Club | TV | The A.V. Club -
"Dream On" | Glee | TV Club | TV | The A.V. Club
""Dream On" is centered around one of the themes of the pilot that the show has mostly dropped and only sporadically picked up since: It's about what it is to have a dream and only slowly realize that that dream will never come true." - Rebecca Sun from Bookmarklet
Benjamin Golub
I usually ask Megen these sort of questions but she's on call. Internet: what color shoes/belt do you wear with jeans and a black blazer? I'm guessing brown is out of the question?
What color top are you wearing under the black blazer? - Rachel Lea Fox
Not sure. Likely light blue - Benjamin Golub
Black def works. You could prob pull of a dark brown depending on the colors/shades of everything else you're wearing. (I'd go black) - Dan Hsiao
Black for both. - AJ Kohn
Yeah, black's foolproof. - Ken Sheppardson
if you only had one pair of shoes and one belt then you wouldn't have this problem... sure you might not be 'matching' but life would be simpler... just sayin' - Chris Heath
Florals are in this season... oh wait you're a dude. =^) - Rebecca Sun
Black. - Anne Bouey
Black. Dark Brown would work with some shirts, but if you are unsure black is safe!! - Rachel Lea Fox
When in doubt wear black - Deepak Singh
Rebecca Sun
David Cutcliffe staying at Duke, passing on Tennessee job - NCAA Football - -
David Cutcliffe staying at Duke, passing on Tennessee job - NCAA Football -
"Cutcliffe is 9-15 in two seasons at Duke, which won a combined eight games in the five years before he arrived. The Blue Devils are coming off a 5-7 finish, their best since 1994." - Rebecca Sun from Bookmarklet
Where's My Goddamn Gotham Central TV Show? - Batman - io9 -
Where's My Goddamn Gotham Central TV Show? - Batman - io9
"Why isn't one of the smartest, grittiest comics in the DC library — one that's a police procedural set in Batman's hometown — already on the air? There are four kinds of dramas that get on the air these days. Doctor shows, lawyer shows, cop shows, and everything else. (Mind you, the "everything else" category is both wide and narrow at the same time. Wide in that it encompasses everything from Burn Notice to True Blood to Leverage to Stargate Universe and narrow in that only a relative few of those get picked up.) Why? Because people are stupid and, by and large, they will only watch what they can recognize immediately. So, given that — and the fact that The Dark Knight is the third highest grossing movie in the history of ever — can you explain to my why a police procedural (which audiences love) in Gotham City (again, which audience love) isn't already on HBO or The CW or any other friggin' network?" - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Then someone explain why I'm not already watching it. Birds of Prey was a long time ago, so that show's lingering stench can't be the excuse. Gotham Central would be no more expensive than any other cop procedural — except you've gotta put a big floodlight on the roof. You do this one right, and it's a home run. So why isn't anyone stepping up to the plate?" - RAPatton
Indeed. - Steven Perez
It'd be tough. In the comics world, there are tons of Batman comics out there already, so you can pull off a side-character focused title. In TV, I imagine it'd be like what Aaron Sorkin found with The West Wing. That show was originally going to use POTUS sparingly, keeping him mostly offscreen, but, y'know, just as a function of what office he held he was one of the more interesting... more... - Andrew C (✔)
You might as well ask why, say, there isn't a Commissioner Gordon spin-off movie, or a Mary Jane Watson spinoff TV series. - Andrew C (✔)
But with Gotham Central you can have Batman as Batman. You don't have to worry about Bruce Wayne, Alfred or Wayne Manner. You just have this figure that lurks in that shadow, swoops in and disappears creating both gratitude and resentment in Gotham's finest. You ditch the superhero angst for cop angst, because who really wants superhero angst. We just want Batman to kick tail. Also,... more... - RAPatton
I enjoy Powers as much as I did when it started, but Powers did go back on their "we'll never be 'up there' pledge"... - Andrew C (✔)
There's some ongoing issue between Warner Brothers' movie division and their TV people regarding Batman. Before Smallville was launched, WB originally wanted to do a young Bruce Wayne TV show, but that was shot down. Early in Smallville's run, WB wanted to have a story arc where Bruce Wayne was featured, but that was shot down (and in the aftermath, they've tried to fill in Batman-esque elements with various characters, including Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and a whole myriad of other DC Universe heroes). - Brian Chang
Given the epic awfulness that the Smallville show was/is from start to finish, I'd prefer if every DC property was kept away from those incompetent fools. - Andrew C (✔)
Let's also not forget how badly WB screwed up their other attempt at a Batman-related TV show, Birds of Prey. - Brian Chang
I agree that Smallville is a huge debacle, but if they kept Gotham Central out of the teen demographic, with its insistence on forced romance, and let it play on a cable network like FX, or, dare we hope, HBO, such a procedural would be AWESOME. It would draw both comics fans as well as people who like procedurals but are wary of the sci-fi/fantasy genre. - Rebecca Sun
(totally OT: Rebecca, that wording, reversed, reminds me of Pushing Daisies. I generally don't like procedurals, but PD was a weird one that was totally up my alley.) - Andrew C (✔)
Total no-brainer. - Pete D
I see two problems - licensing and perception. The licensing issues Brian touched on sometimes make things impossible, or just impossibly expensive. The perception issue is that superhero-type universes, at least on TV, need to be nominally kid-friendly and are not supposed to be too serious. - Jennifer Dittrich
What about Heroes? Or Misfits? (UK show. I've only watched the first episode.) - Andrew C (✔)
Those don't involve previously licensed, archetypal hero universes - I should have specified. (Well, I don't know about Misfits, just guessing here.) I'm not arguing that they SHOULDN'T do something like this, I just don't think most of the people responsible for the licensing are bright enough to see the potential here. - Jennifer Dittrich
Given how far a Gotham Central show would be from the usual 'big draw' - Batman - one might as well just do it with a brand new universe instead of going with the Batman universe. (I'm a big fan of going with a creative rip-off* instead of a regular license when it makes sense.) (* by the way, is there a better term for that? I usually like to call it a "bootleg license".) - Andrew C (✔)
The problem with doing a brand new universe is that you'd lose people like me who would only watch the show because of its tangential connections with the DC Universe. With a brand new universe, it's just another police procedural... if I want that, I can just watch one of the established shows. The police procedural genre is saturated enough at this point that a newcomer needs to add some little twist for it to stand out. - Brian Chang
Right, like operating in a superheroes universe. Or vampires, except I think some shows have already done that. - Andrew C (✔)
Geek viewers (I don't mean that term negatively) would tune in initially for a true Batman connection, but nothing could keep them there if the show was bad. (See Birds of Prey...) And I genuinely think that the benefits of not having a license - mostly creative freedom - can be strong enough to outweigh not having the license. Another lesson, of course, is to not let Gough and Millar (EPs of Smallville) or whoever it was on BOP run the show. - Andrew C (✔)
Of course, the show needs to be good to keep viewers. I just think that a cop show set in a new universe with no pre-existing hook isn't going to beat out any of the cop shows that it will almost necessarily be competing with for viewers (is there any given night where there ISN'T a police procedural show airing during primetime these days? What's the reason to tune into this, versus... more... - Brian Chang
I liked SM2, but I prefer to believe that G&M had little influence on the final work. If memory serves, they were just one of several writers who got a share of final credit on the script. {checks IMDB} They and Michael Chabon each have some story credit and then Alvin Sargent has screenplay credit. - Andrew C (✔)
Rebecca Sun
About New York - Clothes Discarded by H and M in Manhattan Are First Destroyed - -
Ack, this is horrible. "In the bitter cold on Monday night, a man and woman picked apart a pyramid of clear trash bags, the discards of the HM clothing store that reigns in blazing plate-glass glory on 34th Street, just east of Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. At the back entrance on 35th Street, awaiting trash haulers, were bags of garments that appear to have never been worn. And to make... more... - Christopher Chung
"It is winter. A third of the city is poor. And unworn clothing is being destroyed nightly." - Christopher Chung
I know. I hope it generates lots and lots of outrage. - Rebecca Sun
Rebecca Sun
the nytpicker: BREAKING: Something At The NYT Is Making People Sick! As A Precaution, Sulzberger Announces Closure Of Cafeteria. -
This would never happen at the Facebook cafeteria, amIrite? - Rebecca Sun from Bookmarklet
Hopefully not! Gastrointestinal pains are no fun. :X - Dan Hsiao
Ross Miller
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Shiny! - Brian Chang
Same thing work just gave me, such a speed tell how 10.6 dominates - Braden Douglass
Wow those boxes are really thin now! - Chris Lawrence
Chris: If you think the box is thin, wait 'til you see what's inside. :) - April Buchheit
want, want. - Laura Norvig
Nice stuff. - 5ttttt
I can't ever quit my job because they gave me a MacBook Pro and I don't want to give it up. - Rebecca Sun
13 inch or 15 inch ? cool ! - ewill
I'm thinking Russell may win....Jakob may have the Danny curse....brillant, but.......
I'd be fine with that. This season had its flaws, but I love the Top 4 (+DiLellos, who are great but won't win) - Rebecca Sun
brilliant but unlikeable. - eviltom
Rebecca Sun
Nothing says parvenu like "custom" oil portraits ordered online. -
Nothing says parvenu like "custom" oil portraits ordered online.
"Started by two artists, does not create computer-generated "art" but extraordinary, authentic oils, painted by seasoned, professionally trained Portrait Artists." - Rebecca Sun from Bookmarklet
Why did Asheigh get picked over Mollee (who did wonderful this week)?
I'm shocked that Ashleigh got more votes than Mollee without dancing, but I wasn't totally surprised Mollee's votes were low. This was her best week, but I think she suffered from backlash for being overpraised previously in the competition. - Rebecca Sun
It's my fault. I've never been much of a Mollee fan and feel like she's always coddled to by the judges who rate her on a scale of people with her maturity level rather than her age or her peers. :-) - Kevin Fox
I agree Asheigh should have gone over Mollee, and Mollee did better this week then she ever has, but I'm not sad she went as i don't think she is quite mature enough or quite high enough skill for this level of the show. However I don't know why Ryan didn't go? I totally thought Legacy was better than Ryan, but I think Legacy should be next gone. - Rachel Lea Fox
I admit they are both not my favorites. - Pokai
Rebecca Sun
The Very Best Of Cats Chillin': Pics, Videos, Links, News -
The Very Best Of Cats Chillin': Pics, Videos, Links, News
The Very Best Of Cats Chillin': Pics, Videos, Links, News
I'm not even an animal person but "Kitten Napping with Arm in Pink Cast" is the cutest thing I have seen in my LIFE. - Rebecca Sun from Bookmarklet
Benjamin Golub
RT @Nikoro: Best hospital website I've seen all day: (you won't be disappointed)
Wow, I missed the casm of sar there.... - Kevin Fox
Go Georgia! Almost last in the country in education and it shows in the wonderful work of their IT staff :) - Joel Webber
That is... alarming. It looks like a Geocities webpage. - Rebecca Sun
yikes that is simply aweful :P - Susan Beebe
I liked Kathyrn this week.
Yeah, I thought she was fine in the Broadway and the judges were too harsh on her. Amazing how I've done a complete 180 on Legacy and Kathryn since Vegas. - Rebecca Sun
Me too, Rebecca. I hated Legacy, and now I'm thinking he's actually got talent. Still love, Russell, though. - Shannon Jiménez
Oh, Russell is the BEST. - Rebecca Sun
Legacy is so committed and emotional. Russell and Kevin both have lots of personality which helps. - Pokai
Shannon Jiménez
I just started watching tonight's episode, but I have to say, I did not see what made the judges go all gaga over Karen and Kevin's hustle. It was good, but not THAT good.
I think K/K is a bit overpimped. Kevin was TERRIBLE in the cha-cha on week 1. Their hustle was improved, though. - Rebecca Sun
Paul Buchheit
Screen shot 2009-10-23 at 2.31.48 PM.png
hahahaha - MG Siegler
I've been having fun watching the Facebook employees do that today as well - lol - Jesse Stay
Is there a group "I Just plain hate Facebook"? I'd like to join. - Jeff P. Henderson
Scary thing is I think a lot of people are actually taking that group seriously. - Tony Miller
Hhahhahaha!!! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
laugh out loud. - Micah
LOL!! Yes they are, Tony - that makes it so much better. :-> - Kurt Starnes
It's killing me - check it out :-> - Kurt Starnes
I just love how some people have joined, completely ignoring the description of the group and showing the type of people they really are. I don't *love* the changes, but I will get used to them and someday soon I will not even remember the old way it was done. Change is good... long live change! - travispuk
hahha that is too funny!! :D - Susan Beebe
Classy! - Tyson Key
Yes, Rebecca, exactly. :) - Dan Hsiao
Touché Facebook Employees, Touché. - Navarr
ahahahaha:D - soldout
Try, the simple the better, but not simpler. - Orlando Pozo
Ryan Kaisoglus
The 'So You Think You Can Dance' Auditioner's Guide
I like this very much, but it's missing paths for visually interesting ethnicity and unusual names with even more unusual spellings. - Kevin Fox
I'm happy to add to / update - figured I wouldn't capture everything - suggestions are welcome! - Ryan Kaisoglus
You made this?? Awesome!! - Kevin Fox from iPhone
Lol, so true. Don't forget about "Were you recently in a physically debilitating accident?" and "Do you need this show in order to escape your dead-end existence?" and "Are your grandparents here?" - Rebecca Sun
Rebecca Sun
Amazon hijacked: 10 funniest review threads - Telegraph -
Amazon hijacked: 10 funniest review threads - Telegraph
"I'm not saying the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt grants you eternal life. I'm just not saying it doesn't." - Rebecca Sun from Bookmarklet
Stephen Mack
"Best Halloween Costume, 2009" -
"Best Halloween Costume, 2009"
Maria, please show me a better one! :) - Stephen Mack
AUUUGHHHH! I wish I could unsee that. - Stephen Mack
When I was a kid I once saw a version of this costume on the streets of Monterey, only it was a gorilla holding the cage. - Rebecca Sun
Rebecca, did you manage to snap a pic? :) I love this costume so much. - Stephen Mack
Rebecca Sun
a reading from the book of Tyra. « Lyrical Malarkey -
"4 And Tyra saw the lighting, that it was good, minimized her imperfections, and made her eyes smile: and Tyra divided the light from the darkness to ensure fierce day and night photos. 5 And Tyra called the light Tyra, and the darkness she called Naomi." - Rebecca Sun from Bookmarklet
Rebecca Sun
One Kings Lane - Auburn Velvet Conversation Piece - $9999 -
One Kings Lane - Auburn Velvet Conversation Piece - $9999
"This vivacious auburn mohair velvet conversation piece empowers your home with time-honored comfort and sophisticated appeal. With a button-tufted design and crinkly perimeters, this piece can seat four glamorous individuals who will get lost in its charm. Please note: This piece will be shipped via white glove delivery, brought to your door and unpacked at a prearranged time. We will contact you to confirm shipping details and schedule a convenient time. Due to the size and weight of this item there is an additional handling fee." - Rebecca Sun from Bookmarklet
Thinking of getting one for your new 'penthouse' room? ;) - Dan Hsiao
i would buy that if i owned a cute and fancy shoe store :) - Emily
I would buy that for my bordello! - Rebecca Sun
Does it come in purple? - Lindsay
Why buy purple when you can have this velvet conversation piece in gorgeous orange? - Rebecca Sun
Orange is my least favorite color. But I LOVES me some purple! - Lindsay
My kitties would have a ball ruining this. A scratching post for the classy cat. - Shannon Jiménez
Rebecca Sun
One Kings Lane - 78" Kilim Jules Sofa - $8699 -
One Kings Lane - 78" Kilim Jules Sofa - $8699
"With a delicate curvature along the back, the Jules Sofa presents a muted complement to any home décor. The stylish wooden legs feature brass casters that allow for easy mobility." - Rebecca Sun from Bookmarklet
April Buchheit
This looks like a job for...
Whoa, it's the back of my head! It really looks like I'm working hard. - Wayne
Super FriendFeed? - Outsanity
hahah cute! I can hear the Superman music now LOL - Susan Beebe
SuperFriendfeed Guy! (Currently shedding his mild-mannered not-so-secret identity, Dan Hsiao.) Our beloved superhero maintains the same level of transparency as the entity he represents. - April Buchheit from iPhone
Brilliant... - Zee.
(To the tune of Sesame Street's 'Captain Vegetable') Out of his not-so secret workstation somewhere in Facebook comes your newest super hero! --- It is I, SuperFriendfeed Guy/ Post your comments in my homefeed/ Sharing cool posts for all my friends is good for me/ And they're good for you, so post some too/ If you can't see, just sub to me/ See videos and pictures that you'll like/ Three cheers for me, SuperFriendfeed Guy/ Like! Like! Like! - April Buchheit
+1 Outsanity - Ashish
Way better than that so-called hero on Smallville. - Rebecca Sun
CIO - @Renchin@
sendfeed....? XD - marx
Elton Lin
World's fastest game of hide and seek -
World's fastest game of hide and seek
She could have tried the ceiling for better hideability. - Louis Gray
Or hide right behind him. - imabonehead
In my mom's preschool, a kid once played hide and seek by standing in plain sight facing the wall. Logic: If you can't see them, they can't see you. - Rebecca Sun
Paul Buchheit
Should Facebook Remove Subject Lines from Messages? -
Should Facebook Remove Subject Lines from Messages?
I tried to remove the subject in Gmail, but people revolted. I really like that FriendFeed (and Twitter) don't have a subject -- it's just a message. - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
How do you know on FriendFeed? - Paul Buchheit
I think email would be better if they removed the body instead of the subject. - Jim Norris
well, I can guess what's spam on gmail by the subject line. Since I never got spam on facebook's inbox... that could take things right to the point. - Caio
Friendfeed removes the body from most messages, so you have to do the 'write a comment on your own message' trick to put it in - Kevin Marks
That's a good point Kevin, a lot of people treat the first comment by the author as the subject line. - Eric Florenzano
Which makes the feed API annoying for longform stuff - Kevin Marks
People are using "pseudo tagging" on FF with the [something] syntax just to provide the "context" for their message. So, yeah, title is here to stay (where used). - Claudio Cicali
summarize, FTW! - Claudio Cicali
+1 for Otto's comment. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Twitter has just the subject line, no body. ;) - Amit Patel
It's the other way around Amit, which is why Twitter is better than Atom/RSS (RSS has titles, Twitter is just short messages). See for an example. - Paul Buchheit
"Twitter is better than Atom/RSS"?!? - splutters! - Tim Tyler
it is very useless btw you also have to change the share box to old way.. It is very difficukt when you want to share a message to another user not to your profile - Atif UNALDI
Instead of no subject, i often send email with no body, or the same in both. only use body when I need long form. - David Stratton
Twitter and ff exclude the long-form use case. For email, subject lines should at least be an option. I don't use fb enough to comment on their messaging. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
No subject does totally work. Sometimes I really stuck trying to fill Subj form. Just have no idea how to summarize words like ”How d'ya do”. What's the subject here? No fkcng subj needed, for real. - Кто это тут у нас
Bruce, the solution is to simply make the "subject" a part of the body, so that there is a smooth transition. - Paul Buchheit
If there's one general problem I have with Gmail, it's the institutional attitude that they know what's best for the user. e.g. "You don't need to be able to sort by columns." I'm thankful they didn't let you dump the subject, Paul. - Ken Sheppardson
How do you get users to do that? People don't naturally start long-form messages with concise summaries. Not that a subject line nails this problem, but at least you can prompt the user if it's blank. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
People don't write concise summaries anyway Bruce :). Ken, sorting by something other than date in nonsensical in a conversational context. - Paul Buchheit
Facebook having a proprietary system that mostly competes with email, but is mostly incompatible with it is kind-of feeble. - Tim Tyler
Paul: Perhaps, but people aren't always operating in a "conversational context" when they're dealing with email. For something as flexible as email, or messaging systems of any sort, I find it annoying when the system tries to dictate what my workflow and thought processes should look like. - Ken Sheppardson
Maybe it's a dying use case, but subjects are really great for automated messages that are guaranteed to have a useful subject line. I can scroll through server notices, security advisories, and so on quickly and download the full message if I need to know more. The fact that you can download just the subject line (or rather, the email header) before downloading the entire email is still pretty useful to me. - Mark Trapp
Ken, I'm referring to the UI. For example, sorting by sender doesn't make sense when there are multiple senders, as is the case in a conversational ui. The ui was designed to solve use-cases, not fill feature checkboxes. - Paul Buchheit
Also, Gmail wasn't meant to cover all possible use cases. I think it's better to have a product that's very good for many people than mediocre for all people. It has open interfaces (such as IMAP) so that it's easy to use other clients. - Paul Buchheit
I agree 100% with Ken. I almost always sort my e-mails by date, then subject (in Evolution, I can actually group them by thread, which is really nice). If I just kept all of my e-mails sorted strictly by date and none of them had subjects, I would have no idea which ones were related to each other. It's completely counter-intuitive to remove the subject line from an e-mail. Further,... more... - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
It's not meant to cover all use cases, but it's meant to be interoperable, right? If email originating from Gmail is not supplying subject lines (because they're hidden/downplayed/discouraged), but everything else relies on subject lines (like IMAP clients) to weed through the email list, the spirit of interoperability seems to be violated. - Mark Trapp
I get that, Paul (re use cases vs features) and was just about to mention that I'm thankful for IMAP support, so I can use Thunderbird, Outlook, etc for those instances where my workflow calls for sorting by size; sorting a set of messages with well-formed subjects by subject; using sorting as a quick, visual proxy for search, etc. - Ken Sheppardson
Mark, I didn't say that it wouldn't supply a subject line :) - Paul Buchheit
What would it be? The first n bytes of the message? I guess that could work. - Mark Trapp
i rarely use the subject line in my email - andy brudtkuhl
it doesnt mean it is the best way if you use something in a way for a long time. i think no subject for emails is a good approach if you really think on it. it is the change scares us. - Eren Emre Kanal from iPhone
The business world relies on subject messages for threading and sorting, and I anticipate will do so for some time. I would keep it. - Louis Gray
Doesn't anybody ever take any business communications classes/training any more? Email without subjects lines is like a meeting without an agenda. Oh, and get off my lawn. Humbug. - Ken Sheppardson
a direct message? no subject line. an email-like message? subject line for sure. - Jim #teamFFrank
This is why ultimately we may need to abandon email. It's broken in many ways, but difficult to change. - Paul Buchheit
If by "broken" you mean "people don't take the time to learn how to use it effectively", I agree. ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
For something meant to be so essential to communication, it shouldn't take time to use effectively: it should be a natural extension of what we do. If we're relying on everyone to use it correctly, that's not very efficient. - Mark Trapp
ya i dont no why anybody wood half to lern how to do stuff it shuld all be natural - Ken Sheppardson
Is it the norm to expect everyone to be bilingual? Why not expect electronic communication media to be an extension of the one form of communication that we all spend years to master? Why is it necessary to have to spend another large tract of time to learn another form of communication? - Mark Trapp
Paul, do you think Google Wave will solve this problem? It doesn't have a subject line and it's much more different than email. - Eren Emre Kanal
Eren, I don't know what will happen with Wave. It's a very interesting concept, but I suspect that it still needs a lot of refinement. - Paul Buchheit
Now I'm curious what the subject-free gmail would have looked like, especially messages to/from other email systems. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
It's less different than you would imagine Bruce. The biggest change is in the composer. Gmail already kind of merges subject with body in the inbox. Unfortunately I didn't figure out the right ui until sometime after wanting to remove the subject. If I had thought of it sooner, we might have been able to do it. - Paul Buchheit
At least I (mostly) got rid of it on reply though :) - Paul Buchheit
Writing concisely, knowing what a paragraph is/should be, understanding what a "topic sentence" is, and being able to summarize a document in a single sentence aren't skills that are unique to email. Blog posts, reports, books, magazine articles all have subjects... except we call them "titles". Seems like the people I work with all use email in a ways that's fundamentally different than some of you. I don't really get where the idea that subjects are superfluous is coming from. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, when I call up a friend or family member, I don't start the call with "This phone call will be about the weather. Hey Dad, how's it going?" Conversations are not written prose, and the premise being put out is that emails are extensions of conversations. - Mark Trapp
That's a great example Mark. Subjects are very formal. - Paul Buchheit
As is most business communication. - Ken Sheppardson
Email is formal, chat isn't... - Johnny
^^^ also, email is often searched by subject, and the body text may be quite long. - 9000 from IM
Mark: I notice that most if not all the entries on have subjects/titles. Why? - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, because they're prose, not conversations. - Mark Trapp
Paul - the fact that you say you "mostly got rid of it on reply" is exactly why subjects are so necessary. How else do we keep those conversations inline when dealing with other e-mail clients? Not all e-mail clients are able to thread conversations the way Gmail and Evolution do. With most of them, we have to rely on being able to sort/group by subject in order to keep related conversations together. As long as that functionality is broken, the concept of a subject has to stay in place. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Curtiss, I'm not talking about removing the RFC822 header, I'm talking about changing the ui so that people don't have to waste time thinking about subjects. - Paul Buchheit
Paul, I have to disagree with eliminating email. It's VERY useful for me in the way that I use it and for the people with whom I correspond. Of course, I don't have Wave yet so I may be eating my words soon. - Jim #teamFFrank
OK, I'm out. Y'all can continue to imagine this sort of topicless/subjectless world where email's just about "conversations"... good luck with that. - Ken Sheppardson
But, somewhere that subject still needs to originate. Especially when we are talking about formal business communication, all of our messages (assuming you are using a snippet from the beginning of the message as the subject) would have a subject of "Greetings, _____" or "Dear ________" which would be completely counter-intuitive. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Imagine a typewriter. - Paul Buchheit
In the old days, when letters didn't have subjects, there was no easy way to automatically file them together or find one you were looking for. I would hate to go back to that. - Gabe
Imagine, if you will a typewriter NOOOOOOO!!!! I'm so glad computers came along! I had a temp job working on a selectric, on a 3-carbon forms. It was a nightmare. - anna sauce
What would be a great innovation is if an email program let you assign a subject to email conversations that the original sender wasn't polite enough to write for you. - Gabe
repeating how the ui might play out: snippet of body becomes the subject for a long form email, or short form email message is completely scannable in the message list. - karl dotter
I agree with Kevin. I know I'm late to this thread but to answer Paul's "How do you know on FriendFeed?", the original post in FriendFeed/Facebook is in a lot of ways like a subject. It generates an overall topic that makes replies the body. When dealing with large conversation flows such as FF/FB, this tells the reader whether it is worth reading beyond. In many ways Twitter is the... more... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
To add on, FriendFeed/FB Walls are in a lot of ways equivalent to being the flat file view of a message board's group of discussions/topics. Without subjects, it's just a bunch of unstructured data. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Subject in a email often serves as a micro-summary. A chat message usually does not need it, for it is way shorter and woven into the conversation context more tightly . - 9000 from IM
There's the expectation of the subject field to be there - it's a hard habit to break now - and it does give a bit of context and scanability to mail clients. But the process of labeling up mail could be migrated into place - 'mail tags', so to speak. Which could work for both sender and receiver and could make mail archives more like a folksonomy - and thus offer more integration with other web services. - zeroinfluencer
I second that David, i was thinking along the lines. I would rather see the subject line being replaced with tags. Just keywords, no summary. Less thinking needed to summarize the message into one sentence, thus more productive and even useful for e. g. semantic purposes. - Tibor Holoda
Hey - getting back on topic (we all got derailed there for quite a while) - I see no reason that Facebook really needs subjects on their messages. Since the messages are basically only used inside of the proprietary Facebook platform, which already threads the messages anyway, there's no real need for the subject. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
For what it's worth, Wave takes the first couple lines and makes it a pseudo subject, from what I can tell... It made it bold in the body of the wave (is it called a body?) and then added a dash in the inbox. Check out this example: all i did was type "Hi Louis!" as the first line of my wave and it did the rest - Frankie Warren
Nope, don't need subject line. Instead, use labels (tags) to filter content (folders / views) - Susan Beebe
For Facebook messages, the subject line isn't important; context doesn't need to be set. For "business" messages (Gmail/Outlook), it's more important, because the subject line is (usually) used as the first method of filtering/prioritising. - Andrew Terry
yup, subjects with small updates is clumsy and noting but extra line that is not needed at all - testbeta
Yes. - Meryn Stol
Yeah! Why do we always need to be formal?? Huh!? Is It social networking thingy or office networking thing? Lol! Good question, they should remove this. :) - Mohammad Abdurraafay from iPhone
The whole argument is pointless because in FB the subject is optional. - Jason Williams from iPhone
Wow, so much complaining. For subject haters, is it really that much of a problem to leave the box blank? - Rebecca Sun
Furthermore, if you're writing just to say "hi" or whatever, put it on the wall! (Unless you're trying to keep your relationship a secret) - Rebecca Sun
Melody Lan
Food In Real Life -
Food In Real Life
Food In Real Life
"Once you’ve shaken them out of the can and swirled them around a bit, the ravioli do have the same basic shape as depicted on the wrapper, and the sauce is almost the right color. However, the meat inside is not a healthy brown, but rather a sickly gray." - Melody Lan from Bookmarklet
Ooh, I love this blog idea. Also, funny: "The “pasta” is so soft that you can chew the whole meal with just your tongue and the roof of your mouth, so add another point to the score if you’re suffering from lockjaw." - Rebecca Sun
Rebecca Sun
Facebook Offices / O+A Studio | ArchDaily -
Facebook Offices / O+A Studio | ArchDaily
Facebook Offices / O+A Studio | ArchDaily
Facebook Offices / O+A Studio | ArchDaily
Dan Hsiao, you lucky bastard - Rebecca Sun from Bookmarklet
Gee, that place looks familiar. :) - Dan Hsiao
I can see my desk from there! - Kevin Fox
Amit Patel
In Inspector Gadget, James Bond, Pinky and the Brain, etc., the gadgets/plans are different in every episode. But it seems the best strategy is to find the stuff that works best and use it a lot. Sylar actually does that. He has lots of powers but uses a few most of the time. The Brain should iterate instead of scrapping plans with minor flaws.
Wile E. Coyote, are you reading this? - Stephen Mack
The different gadgets/plans makes it more interesting to watch though. - Robert Felty
I agree that it's more interesting to watch. Sylar's boring. But Sylar's actually successful ;) - Amit Patel
@Stephen Awesome comment FTW! - Michael Leggett
I'm so behind on Heroes. - Rebecca Sun
So the lesson I learned from Saturday morning cartoons is that success is boring, and only failure is interesting. :) - Victor Ganata
Happy villains are all alike; every unhappy villain is unhappy in his own way. - Stephen Mack
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