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My Huskies just went 78-0. How about comeback to beat the Yanks and put a bow on this night.
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"Red Sox love is alive and well on the moguls in Vancouver. Hannah Kearney, the Vermonter and women's mogul dynamo who picked up the first US gold medal of the 2010 Winter Olympics, told NBC's Bob Costas on Sunday that she was sporting her Jacoby Ellsbury shirt during Friday's opening ceremonies. On the men's side, Duxbury native and diehard Sox fan Michael Morse sliced his way down the course to "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" on Sunday night. NBC reported that Sox pitcher Jon Lester was in the crowd to support Morse during his qualifying run earlier in the day. Why? Morse threw out the ceremonial first pitch on May 19, 2008 - the night Lester threw his no-hitter against the Kansas City Royals" - cdogzilla | downgraded from Bookmarklet
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Fwd: RT @toeingtherubber: MLBN just totally ignored "the slap" in game 6 of the 2004 ALCS. For shame. #arodwillalwaysbeslappytome (via
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SULLY BASEBALL: The All "Ungraceful Exit" Red Sox team of my lifetime -
SULLY BASEBALL: The All "Ungraceful Exit" Red Sox team of my lifetime
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World Series champs against Japanese champs? It could happen - Big League Stew - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports -
World Series champs against Japanese champs? It could happen - Big League Stew  - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
I have to admit, has hokey and gimmicky as it might be, I actually would want to see this happen. - cdogzilla | downgraded from Bookmarklet
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DiamondView: 2009 Boston Red Sox - Beyond the Box Score -
DiamondView: 2009 Boston Red Sox - Beyond the Box Score
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SULLY BASEBALL: Jason Bay... we hardly knew ye -
SULLY BASEBALL: Jason Bay... we hardly knew ye
I liked Bay and if the Sox could've kept him I'd have been fine with that. That said, because I hate the Mets, I hope this deal blows up in their face. - cdogzilla | downgraded from Bookmarklet
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"I have a hunch that Nomar Garciaparra has probably played his last game in the big leagues. He hit for a decent average last year in Oakland, but with very little power and he of course got hurt. And he can't play the field. I can't speak for every GM, but I can't imagine too many wish lists include "A punchless injury prone DH... who is right handed." So his 13+ year career is probably kaput..." - cdogzilla | downgraded from Bookmarklet
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"Best Game 5 of the American League Championship Series for the 2000s 2004 – Red Sox 5 Yankees 4" -- Gotta love Sully's blog. Not just a list of best ALCS series, but game by game, and part of a series of posts for the NLCS, AL & NLDS, World Series, and one game playoffs. Awesomely obsessive. - cdogzilla | downgraded from Bookmarklet
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Red Sox going after Padres' Adrian Gonzalez? - Sports Rumors - MLB - Yahoo! Sports -
Red Sox going after Padres' Adrian Gonzalez? - Sports Rumors - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
This is the kind of Hot Stove I can get around. - cdogzilla | downgraded from Bookmarklet
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Varitek and Papelbon, will one, both, or neither being playing for the Sox next season?
Bryan Person
ALDS Game 3 Chat Thread
It's win or go home for the Red Sox. I'm ready. I hope they are. - Bryan Person
Here we go Red Sox, here we go! - Kyle
Perhaps I'm high on coffee, but I just think this team is going to come out and hammer the ball today. I just hope the crowd does their part. Interesting article in the globe this morning on how apathetic Fenway can be during the playoffs. Saw that first hand in the '04 and '07 ALCS'. - Kyle
Kyle: How's Regan holding up this morning? - Bryan Person
@Kyle: Hadn't seen that yet. - Bryan Person
Bryan: since she is at the "hoppin house" for a 4yr old birthday...not too good ;) - Kyle
Article I was referring to: - Kyle
Feels like Patriots Day with a ballgame at 11:00am. - Bryan Person
Love the camera's right now, get to see pregame stuff and the cameramen scanning the crowd for attractive ladies. - Kyle
@Kyle: Ha! - Bryan Person
@Kyle: Maybe you should have driven down to Mexico to watch the feed. - Bryan Person
You have the "companion product," Kyle. - Bryan Person
Ugh: "Texans at Cardinals" on CBS affiliate in Austin today for the late game. - Bryan Person
From Buck: "Pretty good giddy-up on the fastball so far from Buchholz." - Bryan Person
@bryan: Not a bad idea. Nothing says Baseball Playoffs than a road trip south of the border ;) - Kyle
I saw the Patriots win their first Super Bowl at a sports bar in Brisbane, Australia. Game started at 9:30 on Monday morning. After the win, I went to class. - Bryan Person
My Super Bowl 36 story is a bit different and involves a stampede at a bar in Southie ;) - Kyle
Wonder why the final AL East standings are still on the Monster? - Bryan Person
Whoa, Dave Henderson threw out the ceremonial first pitch today! - Bryan Person
OK Clay, nerves are gone, first is over, now steamroll through the rest of the game. - Kyle
on Hendu: "He jumped up and spun around after his toss and pointed at somebody in the Angels dugout." - Bryan Person
Just noting that tomorrow's Game 4 will start at 8:37pm Eastern. - Bryan Person
Wow, there's a BAA Half-Marathon and Columbus Day Parade in Boston today. Probably a joy driving into Fenway - Bryan Person
Bryan-on Hendu, isn't that what he did when he hit the HR in '86? - Kyle
I think so; did he do the point, though? - Bryan Person
I don't think so, maybe someone dared him in the Angles dugout? - Kyle
Adam said he was watching the game with his kids and not likely to be here chatting much. Maybe the others are doing the same? - Bryan Person
Thinking you are right, ah well, I'll check back in with you mid-game. - Kyle
Same. - Bryan Person
42 pitches for Buch through 2. Not good. - Bryan Person
My kids are watching the game thru the eyes of MLB PowerPros on the Wii from 2006. They are confused by Torii Hunter on the Twins, Kazmir on the Rays...but what a great way for them to learn players around the league. Of course that was the year Ortiz had 54 homers too. - Adam Cohen
I'm going to be pretty quiet today, but I'm here in spirit. Too many things going on around the house, but the TVs are tuned in and the lucky gear is on. - Jim Storer
@Jim - same here, nice to actually be able to watch a game with the kids - enjoy - Adam Cohen
Pedroia!!! - Adam Cohen
Amani's not quite into sitting down and watching with me. He's bouncing around playing with some of the gifts from his 3rd birthday party yesterday. Hopefully he'll be ready next year! - Bryan Person
Martinez! - Bryan Person
Happy birthday Amani - hoping the sox can give him a nice belated gift today. - Adam Cohen
@Adam: Thanks! Would actually be an early birthday gift. His actual birthday is this coming Thursday. - Bryan Person
@Bryan In that case I hope the gift is a trip to the ALCS by then ;) - Adam Cohen
Was just about to say that Buccholz was looking more in control ... wow, what a blast by Morales. Thankfully, nobody on base. - Bryan Person
Drew! - Adam Cohen
Interesting that the offensive output goes up when our verbal output goes down. I'm taking it as a hint from the baseball gods. - Kyle
The silence doesn't appear to be working at the moment, so piping in. Nice work Buchholz (and Francona for pulling him now). - Adam Cohen
Bases loaded and none out as Bar comes. A bit of a nerve-racking moment. - Bryan Person
Nice: 5-4-3! - Bryan Person
Great work by Bard! Giving up one there isn't bad. Now let's get a few insurance runs. - Bryan Person
Pedroia threw a nice strike there to Youk. - Adam Cohen
Perhaps it's just my silence? - Kyle
I love you Bard. - Kyle
What a job by the youngsta! - Bryan Person
That's the second time Buck has talked about the dramatic playoff comebacks by the Red Sox without mentioning 2007 ALCS (Cleveland led the series, 3-1). C'mon, Buck! - Bryan Person
RT: @cbbucknor c.b. feels ya, torii. i mean, that's kinda what you get for having a girls name. - Adam Cohen
Come On Paps! - Kyle
Should have stayed silent, Flaherty. - Bryan Person
I know! What is WRONG with me? - Kyle
At least we have figured out I'm the problem. - Kyle
Nice pick! - Adam Cohen
I was picked off first base once in Babe Ruth. Some 17-18 years later, I still maintain I was safe. - Bryan Person
On one of the slow-mo replays, I think the ump might have missed that call, too. But no complaints this time. - Bryan Person
Looks like Haslam is at the amusement park. - Bryan Person
Let's go Papi, you're so due. - Adam Cohen
Lowell - that's how you spell insurance! - Bryan Person
That fan should be kicked out of Fenway and never let back...stupid. - Kyle
He should be banned for life. - Adam Cohen
In church today our pastor showed the photo of that Cubs fan who interfered with Moises Alou in the NLCS in 2003. Stupid. - Bryan Person
Sounds like a timely sermon! - Kyle
And .......... - Bryan Person
Standing up... - Adam Cohen
Wrong move, Adam :) - Bryan Person
I blame Kyle. Step away from the laptop. Just step away.... - Adam Cohen
This is killing me ... - Bryan Person
Don't like that grin by Abreu. - Bryan Person
Papelbon vs. Guerrero for all the marbles. Can't believe it. - Bryan Person
Killing me. Can't believe this. - Adam Cohen
Stunned. - Bryan Person
Is there anyone left to hit for Gonzalez, who's due up to start the inning? - Bryan Person
Lowrie or Varitek, I guess. Just stick with Gonzalez. - Bryan Person
Believe! - Kyle
I have hope! Fuentes can be erratic. - Bryan Person
Paps seemed to lose his focus after Gonzalez tried to pinch Abreau at second. Just a thought. - Kyle
Sox lost to a much better team. Good luck to the Angels. - Kyle
Wow. - Bryan Person
Agreed, Kyle. Still a tough way to go out. - Bryan Person
Shocked. Angels are a tough, small-ball team. - Adam Cohen
It's been fun, fellas. Sorry it had to end this way, but ready to cheer on the Angels if they come face-to-face with the Empire. - Bryan Person
Agreed, of all the teams I feel like I could get behind the Angels easily against the MFY. - Adam Cohen
Flurgh flarn flibbin brobdingblengem! That's my final word on the topic - Doug Haslam
Jim Storer
ALDS Game Two Main Chat Thread
Hoping the bats come alive tonite. Need a lot of runs. - Kyle
ya think? i think beckett'll keep it close - Jim Storer
Not sold on Beckett right now, thinking he gives up 4-5 runs. Hope I'm wrong. - Kyle
Nice first inning, that is important! - Kyle
we need to get the bats going early tonight... the longer this game is 0-0 the harder it's going to be for the Red Sox. Get the fans sitting on their hands early. - Jim Storer
Nice hustle by Pedroia, as usual. I'm geared up tonight. Think it'll be a good one. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
Great point Jim, you want to get an early lead AND get to their bullpen, if that happens this game is over. The top of our order is reminding me of the Mo Vaughn playoff years right now though ;) - Kyle
I'd love to see Bay turn on one right here... oh well. - Jim Storer
Let's hope the umps are also on their game tonight. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
Is it cold in LA right now? Beckett's wearing the long sleeves. - Jim Storer
OK, only 2 innings, but Jim you were dead right, Beckett looks really good. Keeping everything down so far and velocity is impressive so far. - Kyle
Nice punch-out! - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
Agreed Carissa, like to see that, even if it looked a bit inside. - Kyle
Beckett is looking good. If only Nathan looked that good for the Twins. - Jason Kelly
off topic: wow - yankees just got doubled up in the bottom of the tenth. going to the 11th. - Jim Storer
Hope the Twins find a way to win that one...but love that the headline on is "Clutch A-Rod"...and when I say love, I mean hate. - Kyle
perfect - he can go clutch a rod as far as i'm concerned... - Jim Storer
wait, was that in my out loud voice? - Jim Storer
Yes, and now it's on Google forever....FOREVER! ;) - Kyle
Might have to peek at Yanks/Twins game. Sounds like a doozie. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
it's getting to the point where it could go on for a while..#yankees game - Jim Storer
Imagine a world where there is a Colorado vs. Minnesota World Series. What do you think Bud Selig would do? - Kyle
Declare an immediate tie. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
You guys care if I invite my friend Joe from WBZ into this thread? - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
Bud Selig would probably get the Nobel Peace Prize ;) - Dean Kakridas from iPhone
Jumping back and forth - bases loaded and no outs in the top of the 11th - #yankees - Jim Storer
@carissa is he a red sox fan? - Jim Storer
we need martinez and beckett to get on the same page. - Jim Storer
YEa, that is going to cause some big errors soon if they don't get with it. - Jason Kelly
Although Martinez and Beckett on the wrong page is still better than Varitek batting 9th. - Kyle
Yeah, he's a sports producer. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
@kyle - let's hope so. that wasn't necessarily the case last night. - Jim Storer
@carissa - of course! i wasn't being serious. :-) - Jim Storer
ladies and gentlemen... i believe @peplau is in the house! - Jim Storer
Well, you're so SERIOUS all the time, it's hard to tell. ;-) - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
Prediction: Sox score 2 runs this inning. Write it down! - Kyle
Yankees just walked off. Twins now staring over the edge of the abyss. - Derek Peplau
The Elf starts it off! - Kyle
Yeah, baby. Now we're talkin! - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
nice hit! two years ago Hunter makes that catch, but he's getting old. - Jim Storer
Ellsbury hits for the cycle. Write it down! - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
WHAT was Dustin swinging at? - Jason Kelly
I think Pedroia hit that one AFTER it bounced - Jim Storer
There's 1! Nice! - Jason Kelly
@Jim Thanks for the invite, Jim! - Derek Peplau
Awesome. Would like to think Tek would've done it too, but... - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
That was a MUCH better swing than another catcher would've put on the ball! - Jim Storer
Halfway to my prediction... - Kyle
Is this the same Weaver that used to have a world class mullet? - Jim Storer
@Jim Yep. - Derek Peplau
Come on Papi, that wasn't even close. Put a little effort into it. - Jason Kelly
Give me fair warning before you direct me to any scary photographs, please. Thank you. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
Oooof Papi. - Kyle
Yo .... thanks for the invite, Jim. I sprinted to grab my computer. - Bryan Person
Just posted a photo in separate thread that will fire y'all up. - Bryan Person
OK, now I'm online. Don't like Jered Weaver's new haircut. Makes him look almost like a boy - Doug Haslam
Mikey LOL! GREAT catch! - Jason Kelly
Holy crap, Lowell. You rock my world. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
I think Mike Lowell broke his hip on that play - Doug Haslam
Lowell can still make plays - Jon Michaeli from Viigo
that's why they call it the "hot corner"... nice grab! - Jim Storer
Having played the hot corner myself (varsity softball is SO comparable to the MLB), I have much respect. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
great call on the ff room. - Adam Cohen
Well, that stab just saved a run. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
OK, we need a clean double play right about now. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
Heard that it might be 20 degrees in Denver for tomorrow's game. Ouch - Doug Haslam
Well at least he caught it and it wasn't worse. - Jason Kelly
Loudest cheeer ever for a SAC fly. These people have seen baseball before, yes? - Doug Haslam
A-Gon just made that play look easy. Love his glove. - Bryan Person
I'd really like Beckett to start the next inning by firing a ball over Martinez and the ump, cracking Boras right between the eyes. - Jim Storer
Gonzalez = best SS I have ever seen - Doug Haslam
oops... out loud voice again. :-) - Jim Storer
really appreciating life sans Lugo right now - Adam Cohen
I'm getting sick of this guacamole commercial already but it beats seeing that gotomeeting ad again - Jon Michaeli from Viigo
Trying not to get anxious, but Red Sox just *can't* wait until games get back to Fenway to start hitting. Need a big inning. - Bryan Person
@bryan - i think they'll get the bats going tonight - Jim Storer
Bay needed an extra scoop of Wheeties this morning. - Jason Kelly
@Jason Maypo, even - Doug Haslam
whoa - that guy had a great Whalers shirt on!! - Jim Storer
Think the Sox bats are as anxious as we are. They're letting him get away w/a pretty low pitch count. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
More importantly, it has been proved that Damon and Affleck are related. Thank god. - Kyle
Did we ever get an explanation as to why Papi is hitting ahead of Bay? Hadn't been that way in regular season, right? Guessing Tito likes alternating lefty-righy. - Bryan Person
@Kyle But that means now they can't--- never mind - Doug Haslam
@Doug, it's can be what ever you want! - Kyle
Weaver pitch count 72- not high but not super-low either with an out to go in 5th - Doug Haslam
@Doug: Missing the commentary from "Plain Wayne" tonight? - Bryan Person
@Kyle-- it's more the cousins bit-- that's more of a New Hampshire thing - Doug Haslam
I'll have to supply my own #asimplecanoe moments. I've done it before - Doug Haslam
That was re: plain Wayne - Doug Haslam
@doug, great point. Live Free or Die. - Kyle
Looks like weaver is starting to get wild - Jon Michaeli from Viigo
Weaver doesn't look comfie in the stretch. - Jim Storer
@DougH: Trying to explain Wayne to my wife, but hard to capture his essence. - Bryan Person
@kyle or, when it comes to Motorcycle helmet libertarianism, Live Free AND Die - Doug Haslam
@Bryan-- I didn;t even try-- I'm still too tired for coherence anyway - Doug Haslam
Amazing that Gonzalez finished something like .285 with Red Sox in the 6 weeks or so he was with Boston. - Bryan Person
@doug, fortunately we don't have helmet laws in the great republic either. good times. - Kyle
Was just going to say nice to see gonzalez being patient - Jon Michaeli from Viigo
@bryan, thinking baseball and brunch for the 11am start on Sunday ;) - Kyle
@Jon Never mind, right? Glad you didn;t jinx it - Doug Haslam
@Kyle: I like it. Kicking myself we haven't got the 2nd car yet. Trying to figure out logistics. - Bryan Person
Captain Morgan Ads bring teh suck - Doug Haslam
@Kyle: Let's make sure we discuss tomorrow. - Bryan Person
Hey you two, get a room - Doug Haslam
Like having my #redsox chat in FF, won't lose 25% of my followers like last October - Kyle
@Kyle: I've seen some interesting motorcycle drivers--sans helmets--here in the Republic. - Bryan Person
@kyle no kidding-- @paisano still blocks me - Doug Haslam
@Kyle: Agreed. The thing is, I don't know about 99% of the Red Sox tweeters this year. Not nearly as much fun. - Bryan Person
i'm with doug - you guys need your own room. starting another thread for you now. - Jim Storer
@bryan I'm thinking Plain Wayne had a few helmetless moments he might regret #asimplecanoe - Doug Haslam
@DougH: But @Paisano is a Yankee dude, right? - Bryan Person
I wish FF allowed you to have tiered conversations so I can bucket my motorcycle helmet talk. - Kyle
@Bryan Yes, but the blocking was a bit harsh-- we were Utterli buddies, so it's not like he thinks I'm a jerk (most of the time) - Doug Haslam
@DougH: Interesting that Wayne was from Canada, DEtroit, and Atlanta. #ASimpleCanoe - Bryan Person
@kyle Just start another thread.... like the Bryan & Kevin Snugglefest Thread I started. - Jim Storer
@kyle will FF get plug pulled anyway and get absorbed by FaceBorg? - Doug Haslam
@doug @jim I did enough today pledging my help to Twitter, I can't do everything for struggling social networks. - Kyle
OK, is this one of you guys? - Doug Haslam
@DougH: Not me--and probably not one of us. If it had been, you would have seen @references to us. - Bryan Person
@doug, saw that last night, classic. Wonder why @tedshead hasn't made a playoff appearance. - Kyle
@Bryan Very true. The quality of the #redsox stream plummeted between last October & this April. - Derek Peplau
@Doug: Did you hear that @CBBucknor's Wikipedia page was "vandalized" and locked down? - Bryan Person
I think @tedshead is keeping alow profile after the recent news stories - Doug Haslam
@Bryan-- I know-- that was awesome. (re: Bucknor's Wikipedia page) - Doug Haslam
@Kyle: Be ready for your interview tomorrow. We'll get into the nitty-gritty of your plan to save Twitter. - Bryan Person
@Bryan: The original version of the vandalism was the best. It just got really blue from there. - Derek Peplau
FYI, THIS is the big inning for the Sox - Kyle
Derek-- got a screen shot of the original? I think I have seen it-- basically makes references to him being blind and blowing last night's game - Doug Haslam
@Kyle: Gotta smell the opportunity and pounce. Agreed. - Bryan Person
@Doug: Neither of those blown call led to a run, but it did cost Lester some extra pitches. - Bryan Person
@Kyle: Which dodgy angle are you watching this game from on - Bryan Person
i don't know why they have that balls & strikes pitching graphic. the umps aren't even close to calling it like the graphic. - Jim Storer
@Derek: Tears in my eyes with hysterical laughter. Helen Keller speaking appearance! - Bryan Person
@Kyle: Yyyeaaah, I'm going to have to go ahead and sort of...disagree with you there... - Derek Peplau
@Bryan Yeah, it was a masterstroke. It took some of the sting out of last night's hairball. - Derek Peplau
@derek remember, I'm 5 minutes behind everyone else since I don't have TBS/TNT so watching on MLB. @bryan, watching four angles currently. - Kyle
Amica strike zone much more accurate than pitchtrax - Jon Michaeli from Viigo
@derek I saw a slightly different version, but about the same. Is this the first game where the batter charges the ump instead of the mound? - Doug Haslam
There's another notable Bucknor umpire from the West Indies, though I think he's now retired. He's Steve Bucknor, and he was a leading umpire of international cricket matches. - Bryan Person
@kyle: Oh, didn't realize that...tuning in late. Still, I was thinking to myself before it started, "bats still silent tonight". - Derek Peplau
Boston boys, I'm in town 10/17-22. ALCS watching party (oh yeah, I went there) - Kyle
@Kyle: Oh, really? You going straight from Vegas > Boston? - Bryan Person
@Kyle: Will you have access to cable while in Boston? I think they have it up there. - Bryan Person
@bryan, yeah, leave for Vegas on Wednesday, then right to Boston for a @breakingpoint trade show for the week. - Kyle
@kyle-- you know I'm at Game 5 (assuming they advance) - Sect 32, GS Row 8. You'll be at Blogworld? I arrive Fri AM - Doug Haslam
@doug--yeah, at BWE until Saturday. Have tix right now to ALCS Game 3 right now though (knocking on wood). - Kyle
Got booted from the bedroom - Jon Michaeli from Viigo
@kyle i have tix to ALCS game three on 10/19 also. *knocking* - Jim Storer
@jim Nice! - Kyle
@kyle where are your seats? - Jim Storer
@kyle, @jim either of you going to Game 5? - Doug Haslam
@Kyle, @Jim: I do *not* have tix to ALCS Game 3. - Bryan Person
@Doug: Nor Game 5. - Bryan Person
I have (had) tickets to game 3 but had to sell them, I couldn't make it, I tried. REALLY good seats too :-( - Jason Kelly
This ED commercial with the guy slapping himself five in the mirror is ridiculous. - Bryan Person
@jim my buddy works for ESPN, so we'll be in a box or down in section 30 row 8 I think it is. Sat there for the 04 and 07 LCS. - Kyle
@doug not at the moment, but might have some if it starts to heat up. - Jim Storer
@Bryan I'm going to Game 5 if there is one at Fenway, even if I have to canoe all the f****ing way #asimplecanoe - Doug Haslam
ok - let's get some offense going... group WAVE - Jim Storer
Wave! - Jason Kelly
@doug @bryan really wish we all could have been there for the canoe story - Kyle
@Jim: I refuse to do the Wave, unless it's Google Wave (and in trying it for the first time about 15 minutes ago, it was also underwhelming) - Bryan Person
Whoever is posting on this account is a funny man. - Jason Kelly
RFF: @Jim: I refuse to do the Wave, unless it's Google Wave (and in trying it for the first time about 15 minutes ago, it was also underwhelming) - Kyle
@bryan - i understand. this inning is sponsored by you. - Jim Storer
@Kyle: I'll fill you in tomorrow. It was equal parts amusing, annoying, and very sad. A vet who obviously has been through way too much s**t. - Bryan Person
@Kyle: RFF! - Love it! - Bryan Person
@bryan thought you would like RFF - Kyle
ok, i'll bit... RFF? - Jim Storer
@Kyle: The RFF from the KFF, as it were. - Bryan Person
@jim Retweet FriendFeed.... - Kyle
@Jim: Kyle just RFF'd my post about the Wave :) - Bryan Person
Did Adam run off to stare at his cheerleader poster again? - Bryan Person
@bryan you earned another RFF with that one, but I'm not going to go overboard - Kyle
i got the intent, just couldn't figure out the acronym in my current state - Jim Storer
@kyle Seconded Bryan-- he was obnoxious, drunk/damaged but earnest at the same time. We were (mostly) polite but then I started Tweeting his comments (I'm a jackass) and one of our companions was more overt in his eye-rolling. - Doug Haslam
@doug Hey, what happens in Missouri, stays in Missouri (I know, I married a girl from STL). - Kyle
@kyle but you're in TX - Doug Haslam
@doug they kicked her out of Missouri and since I'm not a cousin of Matt Damon they pushed me out of the Commonwealth. - Kyle
@DougH: Garth wanted to jettison Plain Wayne. I insisted we give him a pass. He was ultimately harmless. And that's because he hadn't brought his weapon with him. He had killed more than 300 men ... "unofficially." - Bryan Person
I am officially declaring war on all Beatles covers. If you subscribe to Mojo Mag as I do you'll have got to this point as well. the "All You Need is Love" ad? Die. - Doug Haslam
Um, there's still a game on, right? ;-) - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
I'm not overly confident if this becomes a battle of the bullpens. Beckett has been economical, though, so he has at least one more inning. - Bryan Person
I'm feeling less than confident. Boost my spirits folks! - Kyle
Kyle: Can you throw up a picture of you wearing the hat in a separate thread? Might be what turns the tide here. - Bryan Person
Sox are hitting Weaver better and better with each inning. Next inning is going to be a 5 run inning for the Sox. - Jason Kelly
@Jason: I like your confidence! - Bryan Person
The series is sponsored by Blackberry? Interesting. Never seen them do that type of buy before. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
@bryan, great point!, I hadn't been wearing my hat. It is now on! - Kyle
@Bryan Got to have it, no one else is doing it - Jason Kelly
@Carissa Maybe if Jacoby steals a base everyone in America gets a Bberry - Doug Haslam
@jason, that is what I needed! - Kyle
Well that and some Heidi Watney - Kyle
@Jim, you better have your game attire on. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
Wait, when did Vlad stop swinging at pitches? - Jim Storer
@Jim When Vlad turned 82 years old. His bat slowed a little - Doug Haslam
Boy fell asleep on the couch. I promise to wake him up if the redsox stop sucking - Doug Haslam
@Bryan Don't knock the poster. On the laptop now so I can keep up, couldn't find an iPod touch client that refreshed comments well on FF. - Adam Cohen
When you say boy do you mean me? Thinking about lying down. #badidea - Jim Storer
Walking guerrero is a crime - Jon Michaeli from Viigo
@Adam FF is a bucket of mobile fail-- don;t think they thought about mobile too much in building it - Doug Haslam
By the way, where's Aaron Strout? - Bryan Person
@Doug: And given that they're now owned by Facebook, they probably *won't* build a mobile app now. - Bryan Person
@Jim- no, my Boy. And if I stop moving I will sleep for 3 days. Bryan saw me, he knws wheere I'm at - Doug Haslam
@Doug: I hope you at least got some chocolate chip cookies on the flight home this morning? - Bryan Person
Come on Beckett, put your pants back on. - Jason Kelly
Not. ready. for. bullpen. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
Can't afford to waste this start. - Derek Peplau
@Bryan-- no! not on the morning flight. Bastids - Doug Haslam
@Doug that's a big limitation, don't you think? How else could I digest a huge firehouse of useless crap if I can only do that on one type of device? - Adam Cohen
how about a ground ball - Jim Storer
@Adam what huge firehose of info/data (crap)? I thought you were on AT&T - Doug Haslam
@Adam: Ha! Yup ... I thought it was OK through the iPhone web browser, but then again, I wasn't in a chat like this. - Bryan Person
Beckett pitch count? - Doug Haslam
Doug: I'm going to say still only in 80s. - Bryan Person
Doug: this next one will be pitch 88. - Derek Peplau
@doug 88 - Kyle
Lost track. He was 64 through 5. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
I think it's time for the Angels to run themselves out of an inning. - Bryan Person
88 in 7th inning? not bad - Doug Haslam
could use a DP right here. - Adam Cohen
wow - lowell is a rock. - Jim Storer
Mikey L is my MVP for this game so far. - Jason Kelly
Lowell is a pro. - Doug Haslam
Lowell I Love Thee - Kyle
Great photo of Pedroia on - - Bryan Person
@Bryan That picture was Petey during pregame stretching - Doug Haslam
Crud .... - Bryan Person
Crud - Doug Haslam
Want to smash. - Derek Peplau
shit - Kyle
Crud - Jim Storer
It's alright, Sox scoring 5 runs next inning. No worries. - Jason Kelly
&%$!&$%$!$%!%$!&&&& - Adam Cohen
nothing more annoying than the opponents dugout celebrating during the playoffs - Kyle
You know what you can do with those thunder sticks... - Adam Cohen
Ah yes, the fickle, fickle Sox offense disappears like Nessie beneath the waves. - Derek Peplau
need to get a power cord - Jim Storer
...for me. #sleepy - Jim Storer
@Jim take off your skirt, there's a lot of baseball to play yet - Adam Cohen
Beckett might have a case- Napoli didn;t get out of the way-- but he's not gonna win - Doug Haslam
At least Beckett is hitting something - Kyle
Napoli not only did not get out of the way, he leaned into it. Bad call, but non other than C...B... BUCKNOR! - Jason Kelly
@adam spoken like a man with an autographed Patriots cheerleader poster. - Jim Storer
think we need to keep this a one run game. - Jim Storer
101 pitches for Beckett. Quite reasonable, but this is it for him. - Bryan Person
btw-- Buck MArtinez, shut yer yap - Doug Haslam
Uh-oh. - Bryan Person
a;sodifja;oiegh;oiehg;lifng;oaigja;oigja;erogijaergo;ij - Kyle
Cue Benny Hill music. - Adam Cohen
This is a semi private public room, so-- fuck - Doug Haslam
Tito...Tito....Tito... - Kyle
hmm - Jim Storer
That went on FAR too long. He should have left an inning ago. - Jason Kelly
@Doug I think the phrase you were looking for: "Shut the Buck up." - Adam Cohen
I wouldn't feel so bad if the bats weren't acting like Mo Vaughn in the playoffs right now. - Kyle
Suddenly best of five is making me a lot more anxious. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
@Jim Lisa was working at an event booth next to the cheerleaders. Turns out one of them works for Accenture. She also got a signed poster for all three boys. - Adam Cohen
Ssssoooo....our season hinges on who again in game 3? I don't like Door #1 or Door #2. - Derek Peplau
Dice-K will save us - Doug Haslam
There's two innings of baseball left. Let's not talk Game 3 juuuust yet. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
@Carissa I hate to say it, but I think the Sox players checked out 3 weeks ago, so 3 more innings they won't even notice - Jason Kelly
@Doug THAT's a phrase no one thought would be uttered in 2009. - Adam Cohen
@adam by three boys you mean me, Colin and Derek right? - Jim Storer
So...what's George Lopez up to these days? #HisFatherIsTheDistrictAttorney! #YoureRiskingAPatientsLife! - Derek Peplau
I'm putting on my rally....blanket. *yawn* - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
I'm putting on my lucky chaps - Kyle
And speaking of which, is Frank Calliendo now living in a van down by the river? - Derek Peplau
@Jason: Where's your optimism? - Bryan Person
I think he left in the sixth inning. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
If A-Rod can do it, so can we!! - Kyle
Pinch hit for Gonzalez?Maybe, but with who? - Bryan Person
@Bryan you guys and the Sox killed it. (still scoring 5 here though) - Jason Kelly
@jim Um, sure, as far as you know. - Adam Cohen
Oliver as a setup man for the Angels. Kills me. - Bryan Person
@Carissa I think you mean Rally Snuggie? - Adam Cohen
There not booing they're saying Dreewwww...oh wait, no, they're booing. - Kyle
Good news folks, Mayo is playing on Sunday! - Kyle
Great news, I just saved 15% on my car insurance. - Adam Cohen
@Adam My birthday is in November. I'll expect you boys will be chipping in for my Rally Snuggie. ;-) - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
Do NOT, I repeat do NOT go to right now. - Kyle
@Kyle: He was questionable earlier today. That's a nice upgrade! - Bryan Person
@Carissa: Mine, too. (11/3) - Bryan Person
Pinch hitting ... with Lowrie? Really? - Bryan Person
@bryan Just FYI, that is my prediction, not based on fact. I just need something to smile about. - Kyle
Jed, stop WATCHING the game and start PLAYING in it. - Jason Kelly
Oh for crying....that's it, just crying. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
great move putting in Lowrie... - Kyle
WTH? - Kyle
I'd like to understand the rationale behind bringing in a pinch hitter like lowrie in this situation. New pitcher - give gonzalez a chance - Jon Michaeli from Viigo
@Bryan. November rocks (I'm 11/29). - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
why can't we have someone like this going in game three - - Jim Storer
2 out rally! Rally caps everyone! - Doug Haslam
I changed hats, FYI - Kyle
Wait.. what just happened? Why is a Sox player running down the line and still standing on the base...? Shouldn't he be walking to the dugout, what is this? A hit?! - Jason Kelly
@Jason CB Bucknor asleep at the switch, apparently - Doug Haslam
My new hat has powers beyond reason here. - Kyle
@Jim: When it's 27 degrees tomorrow with snow flurries in Denver, Pedro will realize he's no longer sitting under his mango tree. - Bryan Person
@Carissa I seriously looked really hard online for about 30 seconds and couldn't find a Red Sox branded snuggie. I see huge market potential! Imagine the merchandising. Pats snuggies at Foxboro. Angels snuggies with build in sleeves for thundersticks. Steelers snuggies in terrible yellow... - Adam Cohen
Did y'all bring your sun glasses? You are about to see the Laser Show! - Jason Kelly
@Adam The Terrible Snuggie! - Doug Haslam
@Adam We have a partnership in the making. Pro-Snuggies. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
@Doug: What do you think Wayne's saying right about now? #ASimpleCanoe - Bryan Person
@Doug: Have you been up all day? Any sleeping on the plane? You've gotta be a mess. - Bryan Person
@Bryan He's still on the same tool-- He just got out of the marines, and he's waiting for his plane ticket. Mastery Gunner Sergeant, but just "Plain Wayne". If I look like that when I'm 46 kill me - Doug Haslam
No more predictions for me. - Jason Kelly
@Bryan little snooze on the plane-- then useless at the office - Doug Haslam were THAT close. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
Kyle: Changing hats might not be enough. Time to do something drastic. - Bryan Person
Did we lose Jim? - Bryan Person
nope... just looking for Red Sox branded Snuggies. Never mind me... - Jim Storer
Bryan, I've changed EVERYTHING now - Kyle
Watching Friday Night Lights on TV, game on the Mac. Liking the results of the former. - Kyle
Vin Scully's call from yesterday's Dodgers comeback. Starts with 2 outs, nobody on in the 9th: - Bryan Person
I really think we could sell Pats snuggies like hotcakes at a cold day at Gillette. - Adam Cohen
Bryan are you trying to pain my household that is split 50/50, Cardinals and Red Sox fans? - Kyle
@Adam Totally. Let's do it! - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
@Kyle: Ahh, sorry; forgot about that. This has not been a good 1st round on any fronts (Red Sox, Cardinals, Twins) - Bryan Person
@bryan My mother-in-law was so pained for Matt Holliday last night I was nearly brought to tears. Then I watched my 2004 World Series DVDs. - Kyle
Superstition kicking in. Stepping away from laptop. Changing seats. Finishing wine. Securing rally cap. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
@Kyle: I hadn't seen what happened. Just got through the Holliday play. "So ... a painful error," says Scully, after noting the ball had hit him "in the groin." - Bryan Person
Dear TBS: Nice job picking up Orsillo, but is it really that hard to find good color commentary? - Adam Cohen
@bryan I felt so bad for him, the guy is such a quality pro. - Kyle
Switching to scotch, I think that will help. - Kyle
@Carrisa have your people call my people - Adam Cohen
VMart sweet call with the pitch out! - Adam Cohen
Switched from one couch to the other, and Martinez throws out a runner. Good sign. - Bryan Person
Beat LAA...Beat LAA...Beat LAA - Kyle
Tweet of the night from @cbbucknor: "is hitting california screamin' with kendrick after the game. after that, boobies." (sorry, laughed out loud, worth sharing) - Adam Cohen
RFF: Tweet of the night from @cbbucknor: "is hitting california screamin' with kendrick after the game. after that, boobies." (sorry, laughed out loud, worth sharing) - Kyle
@Kyle (cc: @AdamCohen): an RFF of an RT - Bryan Person
@bryan, should I have done RFFRT? - Kyle
@Kyle: Oh, maybe. (BTW, bases loaded with Loretta up in replay). - Bryan Person
@Kyle: Scully actually didn't get that excited. - Bryan Person
OK, no one move couches again. I just moved and Youk hit a double. - Adam Cohen
@adam I'm not moving and inch - Kyle
My roommate from college was from Atlanta. Whenever the Braves started coming back, he would yell if I tried to move. - Bryan Person
C'mon, Papi! - Bryan Person
Game 3...start visualizing the win folks. - Kyle
Still some hope! - Bryan Person
still here-- there is hope... - Doug Haslam
Damn. - Bryan Person
damn - Kyle
@Kyle: Time to get ready for Sunday brunch. - Bryan Person
And....hope gone. Until game 3. Night folks. @Jim, great way to enjoy the game, nice idea. - Adam Cohen
Can't believe we're actually down 0-2. Still, I seem to remember coming back from worse odds. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
Girl woke up crying, said she had a bad dream...I told her it was real. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
G'nite, gents. It was a pleasure (except for the part where our team bitterly lost). Thx, Jim. - Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
@Carissa: That's right - like that confidence! Things turn around ... starting Sunday. - Bryan Person
G'night from NW Austin, TX. Don't lose hope! - Bryan Person
Bryan Person
Just so we remember the ultimate enemy .... ugh.
Where is the "hate" button? - Jason Kelly
@Jason: Yup - we need it! Or a thumbs-down option. - Bryan Person
Dean Kakridas
Did the Twins do it?
Not yet, but they will. - Jason Kelly
Hope they make a series of it and soften up the Jankees for us - Dean Kakridas from iPhone
two on and no out in the top of the 11th - Jim Storer
That was a huge blown opportunity..... Twins just can't deliver at all. #fail - Jason Kelly
Yankees didn't win that. The Twins lost it. - Jason Kelly
ouch... major fail by the twins. - Jim Storer
Yeah Twins are in over their heads v Janks - Dean Kakridas from iPhone
Dean Kakridas
Bust em' Beckett
He needs to be the commander kick ass we know and love - Kyle
Jim Storer
Anyone want to use this FF thread to chat about tonight's #redsox game? Add comments...
Thanks Jim! Beckett's looking a bit rusty tonight, eh? He just bounced a ball over the plate. Hope he loosens up and finds the groove. - Larry Hawes
Great play by Peddie, love to see the defensive support early.
just realized the game was on TNT... was still watching the end of the Yankees game - Jim Storer
ooooffff - Jim Storer
Hello, this thing on? Chances of Beckett pitching a gem tonite?
yep - he'll get cooking - Jim Storer
Let's see how this goes in FF.
Nathan Mylott
Ellsbury sets Red Sox record with 55th stolen base - -
Carlos Granier-Phelps
Carlos Granier-Phelps
cdogzilla | downgraded
Phillies sign Pedro Martinez | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/15/2009 -
Phillies sign Pedro Martinez | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/15/2009
It's been several years since he was a Red Sox, but I still love Pedro. Glad to see him back one more time. - cdogzilla | downgraded from Bookmarklet
cdogzilla | downgraded
ModernTube: Samurai swordsman slices pitched baseball - Big League Stew - MLB - Yahoo! Sports -
File under: Martial Arts meets Baseball. But how would he handle a live pitcher? I mean, could he get his blade into Wakefield's knuckler? - cdogzilla | downgraded from Bookmarklet
cdogzilla | downgraded
The SS position might end up being a strength. - Fire Brand of the American League -
Green has been playing well lately. I'd like to see him continue to get playing time when Lowrie gets back. I'll never understand what Theo and the scouts thought they saw in Lugo. - cdogzilla | downgraded from Bookmarklet
cdogzilla | downgraded
I have good timing. Ran out to see what my neighbor's going to sell at garage sale tomorrow and got some great dvds on the cheap but got back inside to catch Ortiz's HR. Score.
Jim Storer
Should we use this group to chat during games (vs using Twitter)? What do you think?
I'm game. Anyone else out there in FF Red Sox Nation tonight hanging in to see if we can get back in this one? - cdogzilla | downgraded
cdogzilla | downgraded
Has Derek Lowe pitched at Fenway since leaving the Red Sox? I don't think so. If not, I hope the Faithful give him nice round of applause. [Nice blast right there by Bay. I think he agrees with me.]
Carlos Granier-Phelps
Switch pitcher Pat Venditte vs Switch hitter - hilarious. -
Switch pitcher Pat Venditte vs Switch hitter - hilarious.
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