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East Bay Express | News | Yelp and the Business of Extortion 2.0 -
East Bay Express | News | Yelp and the Business of Extortion 2.0
""When you do get a call from Yelp, and you go to the site, it looks like they have been moved," John said. "You don't know if they happen to be at the top legitimately or if the rep moved them to the top. You don't even know if this is someone who legitimately doesn't like your restaurant. ... Almost all the time when they call you, the bad ones will be at the top." Usually, John said, he would politely decline to advertise. "Well, thanks," he'd say. "I'll talk to my partner about it." Or, "It's not really in my budget right now." But inevitably, in another week or so, he'd get another phone call. Occasionally, the voice on the other end of the phone would change, but the calls continued. These days, John chooses to not answer his phone when it's from a number with a 415 area code. John may sound paranoid, but he's got company... - Richard Walker from Bookmarklet
Yelp response here: Today the East Bay Express ran a lengthy story that accuses Yelp of manipulating review order for money. As we've said many-a-time we do not do this and you don't have to take my word for it. Let's take a quick look... - Richard Walker
I started posting to FriendFeed on July 27th, 2008 (571 days ago) -
Don't ask don't tell -- a stupid and dangerous policy for America - Other - Soft Machine³ -
Don't ask don't tell -- a stupid and dangerous policy for America - Other - Soft Machine³
"Inspired by irritability, impatience and disgust, this is a bald attempt to re-frame the debate (such as it is.) Excuse me Senator McCain but you seem to forget all of history’s lessons as completely as you forget what your own position was recently. I am in favor of a senility test for the Senate, frankly. As far a the tired old canard “unit cohesion would suffer” goes, I refer you to the Israeli compulsory military service and to World War II. Those serving in the former are quite cohesive (thank you very much) and the latter had plenty of closeted military personnel serving with honor. Let’s move on to Britain where one of the greatest minds in Mathematics and cryptology, Alan Turing, died much too young as a result of ignorant and horrific treatment by the British government. It should be noted that last year an official apology was issued by the British government concerning the treatment of Mr. Turing. Next to him in the “bad” column I’ll place Anthony Blunt, who you might say... more... - Richard Walker from Bookmarklet
Interesting. Thanks for sharing, R. - Derrick
"These [World War II] leaders also continued to justify segregating whites and blacks as necessary for unit cohesion and morale." - bentley
Scammers hack gmail and try for a $1200 scam via Western Union - Tech - Soft Machine³ -
Scammers hack gmail and try for a $1200 scam via Western Union - Tech - Soft Machine³
"In this case a friend of mine Mark B. had his gmail account compromised this morning and clever scammers tried to turn this into a large cash payoff. After I poked around and found the number for his business online, I got him on the phone. As it turns out, Mark was fine in Sacramento, and had taken back his gmail account and was busy taking back control of his Facebook account as well. Meanwhile, the scammer had created a new gmail account with a very similar name and continued his desperate plea for cash. The original appeal: I’m writing this with tears in my eyes,I came down here to London,England for a short vacation and i was mugged at gun point last night at the park of the hotel where i lodged all cash,credit cards and cell were stolen off me.I am even owing the hotel here,and the hotel manager won’t let me leave until i settle the hotel bills now am freaked out.So i have limited access to emails for now, please i need you to lend me some money so i can make arrangements and... more... - Richard Walker from Bookmarklet
Casting Call / Auditions for New TV Show: “Gorden Ramsay’s MasterChef” -
Casting Call / Auditions for New TV Show: “Gorden Ramsay’s MasterChef”
"Can you cook well despite never having been formally trained? Gordon Ramsay (the asshole British celebrity chef behind Hells Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares) and the producers of The Biggest Loser are looking for the best amateur chefs, passionate foodies and the ultimate dinner party hosts and hostesses to participate in an “inspirational” new TV series, “Masterchef.” If chosen for this show, you’ll get to develop your cooking skills while mentored and encouraged by the judges ala The Biggest Loser (so we hope Gordon keeps his mouth shut) The Masterchef series was first a hit in the UK in 1990 and has recently garnered high ratings in Australia. It’s being described as a culinary American Idol. The show goes on a “nationwide search for the best amateur chef in America.” The San Francisco casting call takes place at Sur La Table on Maiden Lane in San Francisco on January 24, 2010 from 11am to 4pm. Fort he audition you’ll have to bring one prepared dish to serve to the judges at room... more... - Richard Walker from Bookmarklet
I've always wanted to catch this old season of the UK Masterchef, as described here: - Andrew C (✔)
That does look amazing, Andrew! She's got me convinced. The guy who trained Ramsay - Marco Pierre White, did a short reality show featuring team pairs and a pair of restaurants. He was pretty fair - and not obnoxious as Ramsay can be. - Richard Walker
Y'know, I meant to catch that and never did. The original UK version ("The Restaurant", retitled "Last Restaurant Standing" for BBC US) was pretty good too. Although, my strongest memory from that show was when the remaining contestants were assigned the task of selling fresh live eel, and one of them just flat-out refused to kill, clean, and prepare the eels. (Luckily for them, their assigned sous-chef stepped up.) - Andrew C (✔)
And while we're speaking of British food-related shows given US remakes, Kitchen Nightmares is amazing. The first episode ("Bonapartes", if I remember right ) has a 21 year old "chef" who practically *defines* "gormless". - Andrew C (✔)
I'm quite fond of Kitchen Nightmares, although a wee bit skeptical of the familiar sequence 1) admit failure and defeat 1a) possibly shutting down the restaurant for code violations 2) acknowledge your new savior Ramsay 3) be thrilled with the new design and conception 4) everything's come up roses -- although that one idiot who had the "franchise concept" with horrible food and a bizarre menu that took 10 minutes to explain -- couldn't be helped. At all. - Richard Walker
On balance though, it did seem like he really did help the poor people, and not only because he can generate a buzz for the grand re-opening. - Richard Walker
Oh, there's a lot of fakery, though not everything. Like, they're not allowed to shine the place up for TV, it's got to look just like it regularly does. But on the other hand, Gordon Ramsay doesn't come up with this stuff in a week; restaurant consultants swoop in long before he arrives and do a thorough analysis of what's wrong and design a proposed fix, all offscreen, which Ramsay... more... - Andrew C (✔)
At least he doesn't pretend he "worked all night long" and did the construction. He does take all the credit for the work done by the consultants. I wonder if they are even listed in the credits, and if they can be hired directly? Or is it part of the deal - the restaurant mgmt. equivalent of ghost-writers. - Richard Walker
Bourdain talks about restaurant consultants - something like "they arrive just before the repo men." =) - Andrew C (✔)
Restaurant consulting is like, the worst job EVER. Chefs are sooooo hard to work with, their egos are as big as Hollywood stars! #FACT - Mona Nomura
Sing it, Mona! I know you love food, so will you put up with an outrageous ego if the food is really spectacular? Or do you just stay away from the kitchen? - Richard Walker
And Mona if you're still here -- what was that food spotting service you gave us beta invites to? I finally have a decent camera and with any luck may have occasion to celebrate... and take pictures of yummy food. - Richard Walker
I stay away from the kitchen - those celeb chefs are only good from afar (unless they're Japanese...sounds really stupid but since I am Japanese and speak Japanese, I bond with the chefs. i.e. Masa-san of Masa and Urasawa-san of Urasawa. I've even met Morimoto who is more hyper than a hamster on crack.) In NYC, I've had the honor of meeting Thomas Keller, Mario Batali, and a few others. I saw / heard things I wish I didn't. And we'll just leave it at that. FoodSpotting is now open to the public! - Mona Nomura
My friend G (a top-notch, good-looking waiter) worked for this dude [elided]... one night he comes up to G and says "my friend really likes you -- here's some blow and the keys to my Jag. Show him a good time, all right?" Needless to say my friend was a little surprised to be pimped out like this. Absolutely scandalous. Same dude who had buttons made in support of his decision to fire... more... - Richard Walker
Oh look, Mona! Dude is associated with Batali ! - Richard Walker
Gordon Ramsay needs to go on The Apprentice and learn the business end of running a food empire. - Aryn Corley
he comes clean about the "research team" for Kitchen Nightmares in this clip and here's season 3 ep. 1 - Richard Walker
*waves to Gordon* <-------------- me - Richard Walker
Rochelle loves Gordon convo. from last March - Richard Walker
Miley Cyrus Exposed - I interrupt this blog for a special facepalm award - Arts - Soft Machine³ -
"Here’s the shocking video of Miley singing live on the Today show. Fair warning - this has already been “fixed in post” on official outlets, and is a typical candidate for take-down. Enjoy while you can. Schadenfreude at its best. It’s worse than bad… catastrophic, tragic, and hilarious. There is no Santa Claus and your precious Miley can’t sing. Way to go, parents! How much did you pay for those tickets? Let’s try not to confuse “autotune” with singing ability, shall we?" - Richard Walker from Bookmarklet
HELLLLLLLOOOOOO!!!! heeeeellllllooooo! hellllo.... hi !
ANYONE HERE? - Richard Walker
guess not, for me anyway. - Richard Walker
Oh good. I was worried... - Richard Walker
Hi there. - Derrick
U use google reader and have issues or wld like 2 no what's up w google contacts HERE PLEASE! -- I'd appreciate it. -- but I doubt that describes anyone here right now. I've been absent from FF. - Richard Walker
It is effing difficult to get anything out of the beast. We are having some major issues and I'm sticking my neck out.I know there is little sympathy here for google reader, tho! - Richard Walker
I do have special prizes for anyone who helps (and has a GOOG profile) - Richard Walker
Prizes in the form of a pretty awesome fully elaborated social graph... which I literally had to stumble on. - Richard Walker
Ppl may not know even if you HATE google reader and gmail, you should still do a Google profile and Contacts too possibly, so you can see your graph and use "social search"... Anyway that's it I've really gotta get away thanks everyone regardless! - Richard Walker
Every Bar In San Francisco: 1 Drink at Every SF Watering Hole - SFist -
Every Bar In San Francisco: 1 Drink at Every SF Watering Hole - SFist
"This right here is a task comparable only to hauling a powerful ring to the fires of Mordor. What are we talking about? A new site called Every Bar In San Francisco, which plans on visiting every bar in San Francisco for at least one drink. Check it: After years of hearing that San Francisco allegedly has more bars per capita than any other U.S. city, I have decided to see if one person can actually drink at every bar in the City. I’m going neighborhood by neighborhood, skipping only wine bars and restaurants, and hopefully having some amazing booze fueled adventures on the way. This is the kind of new year's resolution we enjoy. EBISF dives right in with the Tenderloin (arguably the best neighborhood in SF in which to imbibe, they define the hood as bordered by Geary on the North, Van Ness on the West, Market on the South, and Powell on the East.) They will, fortunately, skip bars that charges a cover, have a dance floor or a DJ lounge, and "doesn’t sell hard liquor, or expects one... more... - Richard Walker from Bookmarklet
By the time they finish all of them 50 new ones will open. - Amit Morson
Not so much, Amit -- new liquor licenses are pretty heavily regulated. It's more common for a bar to change hands and/or names. - Richard Walker
Right, so if a place changes ownership, name and theme, isn't it a new bar? - Amit Morson
Right, you are trying to annoy me. FAIL! - Richard Walker
LOL - a never ending supply of bars! - Paulette
We are quite aware we are a bawdy gold-rush party town. Bring your hard-earned ore and try not to get Shanhai-ed. I live a few short blocks from the notorious old Barbary Coast bar where that did really happen. - Richard Walker
SFMOMA 75th Anniversary Celebration | Free Admission Weekend -
SFMOMA 75th Anniversary Celebration | Free Admission Weekend
"The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is having a 75th Anniversary Celebration with a free weekend of special programs Free admission Saturday, January 16, 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Sunday and Monday, January 17 and 18, 11:00 a.m. – 5:45 p.m. SFMOMA’s anniversary year kicks off with three free days of special programs. Throughout the weekend, enjoy: * 75 gallery talks led by members of the Bay Area creative community * Installations by artists Bill Fontana and Allison Smith * The debut of our new multimedia tour * Saturday evening performances with headliner Matmos * A Sunday family day with activities and film screenings * Special menus from Caffè Museo and Blue Bottle Coffee and delicious snacks from some of the city’s finest street food carts, parked outside the building on Minna Street * Your tweets and Flickr photos projected on our walls (tag them sfmoma75) * An inspired collection of new products at the MuseumStore * The Backstory and Overlook Lounges, where you can relax, have a bite to eat, and get a peek at how exhibitions are installed" - Richard Walker from Bookmarklet
I haven't been back since The Fiasco. - Richard Walker
We don't need your Businesses (meet Mr Redhill) - Arts - Soft Machine³ - Arts Tech and Other -
We don't need your Businesses (meet Mr Redhill) -  Arts - Soft Machine³ - Arts Tech and Other
"A specialized service such as lighting equipment rental is often subject to cold calls from self-important, ill-behaved people who expect that name-dropping over the phone will get them special treatment. Should Miss Liebowitz’s assistant phone without a referral, and attempt to throw his weight around, he’ll likely be referred to Mr. Redhill. Mr. Redhill is frequently out of the office, but he is the only person that can handle difficult would-be clients, and it’s important that they keep trying his number. When Mr. Redhill rings everyone at the shop chuckles." - Richard Walker from Bookmarklet
Milk Screenwriter Battles a Gay-Bashing College - The Daily Beast -
Milk Screenwriter Battles a Gay-Bashing College - The Daily Beast
Milk Screenwriter Battles a Gay-Bashing College - The Daily Beast
"Almost a year ago, I won an Oscar for writing Milk, a film about a famous gay-rights pioneer. My acceptance speech was a call for gay rights that got me lots of attention and plenty of hate mail. Then last summer, my film was banned by the college in the small Midwestern town where I was scouting my next project. It would have stayed that way, if not for an unlikely coalition of conservative local leaders, students, and a gay kid in short-shorts who fought to get the film its due—and gave the town some hope. While scouting in West Michigan last spring, I was led to the small city of Holland, a picturesque hamlet with strong Dutch roots, and the place where I would start pre-production on my directorial debut—my first project since Milk. I packed up and moved there last August. The sun was warm and the reception from the town even warmer. I hadn’t run across such courteous people since I left Texas when I was 13 years old. As I drove down College Avenue, I passed a school. The sign... more... - Richard Walker from Bookmarklet
Waffles SUCK! Pancakes RULE.
Open APIs and Open Standards -
Expert Village Advanced Piano vs. Lang Lang with Orange - Arts - Soft Machine³ - Arts Tech and Other -
Jay Rosen Interviews Demand Media: Are Content Farms "Demonic"? -
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Twitter experiment underway. 5 bites so far. - Richard Walker
Intelligence Squared US Debate - America is to blame for Mexico’s drug war -
Anti-Bottled Water Education Campaign Unveils "Tap Water Refilling Locations" for SF -
AWS Management Console Now Supports Elastic Load Balancing -
New resources and sample code on -
SFist Drinks: The Piccadilly at Absinthe - SFist -
SFist Drinks: The Piccadilly at Absinthe - SFist
"Newly installed bar manager at Absinthe, Carlos Yturria (formerly of Range, Bacar and Rye), has come up with several specialty cocktails for the board in his first weeks on duty. Our favorite is this wintry take on a whiskey sour, which includes one of the best and most unsung cocktail fruits of the season, the kumquat. Shortly this drink will be replaced on the menu by a milk punch with rum, cinnamon, and brandied cherry juice, so hurry if you want to try this, or try replicating it at home. The Piccadilly 1 kumquat 2 oz. Dickel Tennessee Whisky 0.5 oz fresh lemon and lime juice 0.5 ounce simple syrup Dash Pernod Absinthe Muddle kumquat and combine remaining ingredients in a mixing glass with ice & stir. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass & garnish with a slice of kumquat." - Richard Walker from Bookmarklet
Notion Ink Enters Tablet Wars With Android Device [Tablets] -
Sing Along: Karaoke Night With 14 Songs Costs Tucson Restaurant... $49,000 In BMI Fees -
Lazyfeed blog: Futuristic reading interface for the lazy and productive -
Social Media Week expands to six cities -
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