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"It raises very serious questions about the company's stewardship of other open source technology that it obtained during the acquisition of Sun. The resulting uncertainty will likely not be conducive to retaining the customers and mindshare that Sun had built around certain open source products. It will also likely have a serious chilling affect on community involvement and third-party contributions. It's important to recognize that the impact of this lawsuit will be felt far beyond the scope of Java and will also influence perceptions of other key open source projects obtained by Oracle, such as the MySQL database system." - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
Mary Carmen
Name a song that moves you to tears (happiness or sadness) every time you hear it.
"Waterloo Sunset" - The Kinks - Mary Carmen
"I Can See Clearly Now" (the Houthouse Flowers version) - Kirsten
kd lang, "hallelujah" - Steven Perez
jonathan coulton, "code monkey" - Steven Perez
"songbird" eva cassidy version - Pete's Got To Go
"She" by Elvis Costello - Laurelaura
"The Little Girl" by John Michael Montgomery - Paulette
"Addicted" by Neil Finn - Big Joe Silenced
"Moments" by Emerson Drive - Paulette
"Angry all the time" by Tim McGraw & JoDee Messina - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
"You Can Let Go Now Daddy" by Crystal Shawanda - Paulette
"In a Gadda Da Vida", Iron Butterfly. - Just another Bubba
Everybody Hurts REM - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Tom Waits - Old Shoes and St James Infirmary - Louie Armstrong - comix aka martha
Don't Think Twice, Its alright as sung by Susan Tedechi - WarLord
The Flame by Cheap Trick...Keep Me in Your Heart by Warren Zevon - VALZONE#SCREWED
Warren Zevon's greatest song Val :) - comix aka martha
"Taking Over Me" by Evanescence - Jonas, Leper of FF
@martha yes it was especially why he did it.. - VALZONE#SCREWED
"stay" by sugarland and I hate country music, but this one gets me. Also "I love the way you love me" by John Michael Montgomery... the song of me and my ex, just brings back memories. Same with "Stolen" by dashboard confessional. - Marissa
Untitled by Simple Plan when you watch the video - VALZONE#SCREWED
Father of Mine by Peter Gabriel - Morgan
Time to Say Goodbye - Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. - Roberto Bonini
Name by Goo Goo Dolls - VALZONE#SCREWED
Elegia by New Order (sad) - Cassandra
The Luckiest One and Brick by Ben Folds Five - Jenthemum
Better Son/Daughter by Rilo Kiley. There are more, I just can't think right now. - Lis
The slow version of "Married Life" (Up soundtrack) *sniff* *sniff* - AJ Batac
'amazing grace' on the bagpipes and drums - docrivs
"This Woman's Work" by Maxwell - April Buchheit
The opening and closing measures of Nat King Cole's version of "Stardust". - Spidra Webster
Hallelujah -- almost any version (no tears but does put a lump in my throat) - Brian Sullivan
Have a little faith in me. - Stefania Cabitza
Beethoven 9th Symphony (Ode to Joy) I cried like a baby watching this scene from Immortal Beloved. This scene: Ludwig is deaf and very old. He can hear the Orchestra with his eyes. Seriously insecure about the audience reception of this work, he is sure he will turn around and see the crowd booing or indifferent. The piece ends, the camera pans... more... - Reed Porter
"The Last Day of Our Acquaintance," Sinead O'Connor. - Ayşe E.
Nessun Dorma from Puccini's Turandot - Josh Haley from iPhone
Vesti La Giubba from Leoncavallo's Pagliacci - Scott. Cat Herder.
The Star-Spangled Banner - Josh Haley from iPhone
Baker Street / Gerry Rafferty - stingray spine
She's Out Of My Life - Michael Jackson - Derrick
When you say nothing at all - Ronan Keating - Glenn Slaven
Fall at your feet - Crowded House - Glenn Slaven
just the way you are - barry white - Loc
All Love--Chick Corea Elektrik Band - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
"New Amsterdam" by Elvis Costello as covered by Tasmin Archer - Stephen Mack
Oh Holy Night by Anne Murray; For Once in My Life by Stevie Wonder; I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie - adf
"Ana Ng" by They Might Be Giants. After 20 years, I'm not even sure what the song is about, but it hit me at a time in my adolescence and stuck with me. - Rob H.
Not anymore. :D - Steven Perez
"Somebody to Love," Queen - happy mistiness :) - Jennifer Dittrich
"boys dont cry" the cure - chaz2b
"do you really wanna hurt me" culture club - chaz2b
"sanitarium" metallica - chaz2b
To Wish Impossible Things - The Cure - Bren
Crying Game. by Boy George - VALZONE#SCREWED
Mahler's 5th (cheesy I know); Helicon 1; Lover's Spit (Feist version) - Pete's Got To Go
November Rain by Guns 'n Roses - Melly
Always With Me, Always With You - Joe Satriani - Melly
Nothing's The Same - Gary Moore - Melly
Andvári- Sigur Rós - Pete's Got To Go
Lullaby - Billy Joel - Sarah Slaven
Lullaby - Billy Joel - Glenn Slaven from iPod
Eva Cassidy - Over the Rainbow. Especially the live version on "Live at Pearl's". - Meryn Stol
"Smile" - Nat King Cole version - Charley M
"Somewhere over the Rainbow" - Iz Rael - Mr. The Jason Fleming
"Welcome to the Future" by Brad Paisley - Paulette
wow so many good ones! I'm especially fond of "Verdi Cries" and "fade Into You" but have to agree with Reed with the scene from Immortal Beloved, I'll never be able to hear Ode to Joy without seeing that and shedding a tear... - Kelly W.
"Throwing Stones" -- Grateful Dead - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
"Last Kiss" - J Frank Wilson & the Cavaliers. NOT the Pearl Jam version. They ruined it. - ~Courtney F
old & wise,Alan Parson - Mary
"It's Wonderful" Ella Fitzgerald - kendrak
Idiot Stare by Jesus Jones - VALZONE#SCREWED
The Devil You Know by Jesus Jones....literally changed my life - VALZONE#SCREWED
Life By The Drop -- Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ from iPhone
Aguas de Março -- Elis & Tom - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ from iPhone
Kol Tregaskes
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 FriendFeed thread:
I thought I might fire up a thread for this game, so let us know if you have the game and on what format and your thoughts, questions, tips and comments on MW2. The official site is (wished it remembered my DOB!). There is a good Xbox 360 achievements guide here: and a good video walkthrough here (go through the YouTube playlist): The official Xbox page is here: with the PS3 page here: and the Steam page here: Let me know of any other useful links and I'll add them to this first comment? #kolsgames - Kol Tregaskes
I have it on PC (and works in Steam) and only have 16 out of the 50 achievements: and have only just started on the Xbox version: How are you getting on? - Kol Tregaskes
I'm real happy about the auto lock on targets in the Xbox version. It makes using the controller for a FPS a whole lot easier! I think the single player is superb, very well structured - just wished it was longer of course. I tried 45mins of multiplayer the other day and didn't get a single kill. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
Maybe we should have a FriendFeed Modern Warfare game on Xbox Live or on PC? :-) - Kol Tregaskes
oh man i'd love to participate in an xbox ff game!!! unfortunately i didn't bring my games with me on vacation (my brother fired me for this) so i won't be able to play until january 2nd....that is if the wifey lets me since that'll be my first day back in town lol - Cardeen Risen
I have it for ps3 (birthday present) I'll be left out :'( - Bren from iPhone
Kol, is this worth getting if you have the previous game or more of the same? Oh PC of course... - Adrian
Adrian, definitely worth getting, the single player, for instance, is amazing! - Kol Tregaskes
I've completed single player on Recruit (or the second difficulty level) today. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
That was a seriously short single-player ... - Bren
Yeah, it's all about the multiplayer. - Kol Tregaskes
im on it with the ps3! add me up Bren - al86shaw - Alan (Giraffes)
will do, Al - Bren
I just finished the single player on Hardened, I'm going to play through on Veteran and try to finish a few more achievements... - Bren
Yep, I'll be going through the single player many times I would think. I need the practice. Also, it tells me I've only completed 50.7% of it so far. I think I've only picked up 4 pieces of intel and there are a ton of achievements still to go. - Kol Tregaskes
Next time someone says how controllers can be just as precise as mouse/keyboard, I'll point out the lock on feature for xbox. :P Ribbing aside, MW2 is pretty fun, although I'm just working through the campaign's difficulty modes and Spec Ops. Maybe I'll dive into mp soon to get fragged. Got lots of fun times from mp CoD4. - Arlan K.
Yep, I wouldn't play it on Xbox unless it had that lock, it levels the difficulty to that of the PC with a mouse and keyboard perfectly. - Kol Tregaskes
I found the Xbox Live multiplayer much easier to get into. It didn't take me long before I got my first kill. I played team deathmatch several times and still ended up last or second from last in my team but I was gaining levels, points and achievements. One the PC I was getting slaughtered! :-( - Kol Tregaskes
bnoise, on the PC? Not sure it makes much difference. - Kol Tregaskes
Forgot to say, I got it on PC. I tried mp last night and it was pretty fun. Negatives so far with no dedicated servers: 1) Wait time in the lobby as the system tries its matchmaking skills. I've rarely been grouped with a bunch of noobs like myself and there are still folks with much better ping than I (guessing those closest to the host system), which kinda defeats the purpose of the... more... - Arlan K.
Positives of the matchmaking service: 1) I didn't have to rifle through servers to find; a) the best ping and b) one that was to my liking. I just had to choose what type of gameplay I wanted to participate in and go. 2) Uhh... that's it for now. - Arlan K.
My thoughts about the game overall: 1) The maps felt bigger than CoD4, which is good. 2) It's BS I have to level up to unlock other game modes. In CoD4 I spent most of my time in Headquarters, Sabotage and Domination (in that order). At least I unlocked Domination last night. 3) Lots of cover but multiple approaches. 4) Predator missile is retarded... until I started using it myself. >_> - Arlan K.
Yeah, Predator missile in MP shouldn't be allowed! - Kol Tregaskes
I played more MW2 over the weekend. The P90 is unlocked faster than in MW1, which is cool. I'm getting a little better, but still have to memorize the maps. Getting picked off from a lot of spots I should be aware of. I also miss claymores as I have a long way to go to unlock them. - Arlan K.
I think that's it, once I unlock a few more things in MP it might start to get better but that's a lot of pain to go through first, hehe. - Kol Tregaskes
I've played Xbox single player, got 42/50 achievements. Now I love the multiplayer, I'm level 52 :) - Tommaso Baldovino
until BFBC2 comes out in March, this is the MP game to play. I am having a blast playing Team DM. the SP sucked IMO, too short and the missions were pretty pointless and rehashed versions of themselves. its clear that the focus here was the MP, where the only thing missing are the organic/live environments. katorock1 on the PS3, add me if you like. - Carlos Ayala
BFBC2 does look good. I played the demo a while back, very good. - Kol Tregaskes
the demo for BFBC2 will be coming out soon (as in days). what you played was the Beta and it was amazing. It will take me a second to drop MW2 when the official game comes out in March. BC2 is a great game. I kind of wish it would have been released at the same time as MW2 for all the consoles, I am pretty sure MW2 wouldn't have as well as it did (it would have still remained the top... more... - Carlos Ayala
I'm playing COD2 and loving it so far! Okay, it's time to get back to the game. - Michael Fidler
:-) I need to play it again too. - Kol Tregaskes
It's good to know that you haven't left gaming altogether. Is the single player game longer than the first one? - Michael Fidler
Very similar length I think but I've not go around finding all the intel on both. I prefer the second one over the first though. - Kol Tregaskes
It's annoying as hell to see 5+ apps needing updates every single day on Android. The frequent updates is probably due to devs trying to game the system by constantly trying to have their app show up in the 'Just In' category. The Market needs to be reworked or give us a damn 'Update All' button.
1) I don't see app updates every day. If you do, it's probably because you just have a LOT installed 2) If devs were trying to game the system, each app would be updated every day, not just 5 of them 3) Because Android hardware varies, isolated bugs pop up at a much higher rate than they do for other OSes whose hardware is actually married to them. If you take a look at the update notes for some of the apps you'll notice that many updates are due to bugs on various handsets (Hero, DROID, etc.) - LANjackal
Most of the time, the apps don't even have update notes. It's always a incremental update from like to with no mention of anything. - Rodfather
Twidroid's updates are legit, thank you very much. - LANjackal from IM
The Market is a mess and a half. It's like a 99 cent store after a 49 cent sale... They need to take control and PRONTO. - Adrian
What it needs is an auto-update or update all function that only flags things that changed the permissions. From what I understand that's why it's done the way it is. Still, do you guys ever read the permissions list or care? I mean seriously... - Adrian
I've got this annoying tendency to check for app updates a few times in the day. There has to be a way to notify us, at least not for 1 app update, but maybe when there's >2 - Adarsh
Kol Tregaskes
"If you'd told me in January that my favourite game of the year would be Batman, I would probably have scoffed in your face. Scoffed. If you'd told me that the game in question wouldn't just be a great superhero game, but simply a great game, I might have even ROFLed with a side order of LMAO. Superhero games, particularly those drawn from the DC Comics properties, just aren't supposed to reach thsse giddy heights." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
AJ Batac
Star Trek Stockings - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS -
"The stockings are made out of fleece and lined with a thick canvas material." - AJ Batac from Bookmarklet
Announcing the retirement of my Canon SD1100 IS. The Droid is my new party camera, one less gadget to tote around when I'm out :)
Does anyone know how to get upload full-size pics into Facebook via the Android app instead of the itty bitty ones? No obvious setting I can find. Thanks! (UPDATE: FIXED)
"The largest dimension should be at most 604 pixels (the largest display size Facebook supports)" -- You can use Pixelpipe to upload to both SmugMug, etc. (for the original) and Facebook at the same time. - Tracy
What I meant was pics that appear as full-size on Facebook instead of looking like thumbnails. Does that make sense? For some reason although my Droid is taking 5MP pics they're getting scaled down to 300px or something when uploaded to Facebook - LANjackal from IM
PROBLEM SOLVED: The answer to this is to simply take the pictures directly in the Android 2.0 camera and upload to Facebook from there. Do NOT use the Facebook for Android app itself. - LANjackal
Recommend me some good Android-related blogs. Ready? GO!
TIA - LANjackal
Let me know if you find any more, but above are the ones I have in Google Reader ... - Kevin Mohr
Here is a twitter-list about android: would you help me to let it grow? send a recommendation to @markingegno or leave it here. Thanks. - Markingegno - Donato
Thanks for all of the above, I subscribed to quite a few. Big shoutout to Kevin Mohr who's been stumping for Android since I first saw him online - LANjackal
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Forgetting, but too funny.... - Harold
Steven Perez
You’re a World of Warcraft widow trollcat | Trollcats -
You’re a World of Warcraft widow trollcat | Trollcats
Thomas Hawk
Beauty of the Golden Gate -
Beauty of the Golden Gate
Beautiful! - Mitchell Tsai
nice. - alp guneysel
vrey very nice. - Roberto Bonini
Gorgeous! - Fossil Huntress
commented on your photo feed and its worth a second mention-An honorable Mention. Good Talent Hawk - earl wallace from twhirl
That's a near perfect picture right there. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
This is a great shot. Love it. - Bryan R. Adams
Anne Bouey
Twenty-seven years ago today I spent Labor Day in that quintessentially female celebration of labor. Happy Birthday, Jessie!
Wow, happy birthday, Jessie! You have an awesome mom! - Derrick
happy b'day Jessie - MiniMage
thank you! :D - Jessie
Happy Birthday Jessie!!! - Soup in a TARDIS
Happy Birthday, Jess! - Anika
I'm sorry, but you look nowhere near old enough to have a 27yo child! - Melly
Anne! It's been a long time...Happy Birthday to Jessie...27? How is she doing? Any theatre lately? I have been reading so much about Jim lately...amazing young man! Please tell him that his old seventh grade science teacher says 'hi'! KathyWNewman - Kathy W. Newman
Kathy, you can subscribe to Jessie and when she subscribes back, you can ask her through Direct Message. You can find her at . Welcome to FriendFeed! - Anne Bouey
Happy Birthday! :-D - Kol Tregaskes
Happy slightly late birthday from me and Janelle! - Michael Scarpelli
Happy Birthday Jesse! Mine's the 7th, too, but Ike was still President that fateful Wednesday. - Reed Porter
thank you! it was a good one! :D - Jessie
I'm not sure how I missed this. Happy Birthday Jesse!!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Hello.From I wish you best Compliment of the season, and we hope that you are physically and healthly alright, l do believe that this mail will arrive in good condition. My name is Ursulla I saw your mail at and I admire it, I think we can do it together, please, I would like you to contact me through my e-mail address, I... more... - Norah
*blinks* - Michael Scarpelli from iPhone
Hey hey its officially my birthday!! -
Happy birthday! - mike fabio
Happy Birthday!!! - Jonathan Hardesty
Happy birthday, Jeff! - Spidra Webster
Happy happy birthday :) - comix aka martha
Happy Birthday, Mr. Isageek!! - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Happy Birthday! - TVTechGrl from iPhone
Happy bday!! - iTad
DUDE! Happy Birthday! - Josh Haley
Happy birthday Jeff! - AJ Batac
Happy Birthday! - SportyGeek Adj.
Happy birthday! - Anika
Happy Happy! - Kurt Starnes
Congratulations! - Grant Bierman
Happy Bday! - DJ Stevie Steve
Happy Birthday, Jeff! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Happy B-Day! :-) - Absentee
happy bday! so you're now finally 18? :P - imabonehead
Happy birthday! - LB needs a break.
Happy Birthday!! - Charley M
Happy Birthday! Are you going to post your appearance on the radio? - Shevonne
Happy B'day! - Arawak
Happy Birthday - Wayne Sutton from iPhone
Happy bday - N.G. Gordon - RadarSync from iPod
Happy birthday, Jeff! - Ordinarybug Heather
Happy geek b'day! - .LAG liked that
Happy Birthday! - Glenn Slaven
thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! - (jeff)isageek
Happy Birthday! - Jim #teamFFrank
Happy Official Birthday! - Jack&Cleo
I officially wish you a happy bday! - Patrik Arwengrim from Android
Happy bday - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill) from email
So this is a FriendFeed birthday party! Hello, happy birthday :-) - Olivia Lovag
Happpppy birthday - Thomas Hawk from iPhone
Happy Birthday! - Just Mrs. V
thank you, thank you, and thank you :) - (jeff)isageek
Happy birthday!!! - FFing Enigma
Happy B-day, Jeff! - Micah
Happy brithday! - Adrian
Happy Birthday! - Valley
Here is hoping that you are still having a Happy Birthday! :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
Happy Birthday :) - Rodfather
Happy Birthday, Jeff!! My Virgo brethren. :) - Lindsay
~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF !!! ~~~ :) - Susan Beebe
Happy Birfday!!! LOL - Rahsheen
Happy late birthday! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Have a geeky one! - Mark Krynsky from iPhone
Happy Birthday! May the force be with you. - Nathan Chase
Happy Birthday! - Ted Roden
Happy Birthday! - Reed Porter
Have a great day! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Did we ever see the results of the Birthday survey? Seems to me like Virgos rule! - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Go Jeff!! Happy b-day!!! - Derrick
Happy Birthday Jeff! - Phil Glockner
Happy birthday Jeff! - Hutch Carpenter
Happy birthday! - Morton Fox
Happy Birthday. - Spencer
Have a great Birthday! - Ange Recchia/angesbiz
Happy Birthday, JeffisTHEawesomestgeekWeKnow! We love you :) - Mona Nomura
happy Birthday!! - Yolanda
Happy birthday Jeff. - Mitchell Tsai
Was it ever unofficially your birthday? Kind of like Columbus Day (actual) vs Columbus Day (celebrated)? - Andrew Leyden from iPhone
Happy Birthday. - Wins Fern
Happy happy - it is officially my Birthday NOW! ;-b - Robyn Hawk
I had read and heard a lot about Honey1 BBQ and it turned out to be sort of on the way. So off we went. The smoke hit us a full block and a half from the joint. That shouldn't have surprised us because Honey1's slogan is "Real Smoke...And No Joke." From the sidewalk I saw the rectangular smoker that looked like, yes, an aquarium. - Derrick
Hells Yes - Mattb4rd
What's with the random slices of bread on the top? - Toby Graham
Toby, in my experience, that's how we do bbq, with a couple of slices of bread to sop up the sauce. - Derrick
That sounds gooood! Generally over here anything BBQ goes into baps, probably just so we can enjoy the double entendres. - Toby Graham
Looks very tasty, but my inner BBQ snob is going to rear its ugly head: chopped and pulled BBQ ought to be served with sauce on the side so you can taste the meat first. Sauce hides a lot of mediocre BBQ... - FFing Enigma
+1 Tina. Sometimes you don't need the sauce at all. Then...there are the other times. - That's So CAJ!
LOL @ Tina. I have made my peace with the fact that different regions do their BBQ different ways. What are you gonna do? C'est la vie. - Derrick
In a perfect world, Derrick, I would travel the country as a BBQ connoisseur. Maybe Travel Channel would give me a show!! - FFing Enigma
To me, barbeque ain't barbeque without the sauce on the meat. When we lived in North Carolina I was so confused when we were served bbq pork with no sauce. When we asked for the sauce we were given Tobasco. I felt so cheated. - iTad
*signs up as Tina's traveling BBQ assistant* - Derrick
Damn Derrick. That looks SOOOO good. Sigh. There's no where around here with good bbq. - iTad
Tad, most places here serve sauce (many MANY kinds, actually) but the meat itself is served plain so you can taste it first. Then you make it up the way you want it with sweet sauce, mustard sauce, vinegar-y sauce, etc. There's even several places that make Cheerwine BBQ sauce. And Derrick, it would be a privilege to travel the US with you gorging on BBQ. MAKE IT SO! - FFing Enigma
Damn you Derrick! Always posting the tasty treats. Thankfully I've got left over BBQ from yesterday to ease hunger. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
I had that same confusion Tad when I lived in Tennessee. Thankfully we live near St. Louis and Kansas City now. They eat BBQ properly up here...WITH SAUCE! - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Hell, now i want some BBQ... - Derrick
But surely BBQ meat should be marinated, so how does that work with your little pre/post saucing dilemma? - Toby Graham
Rubs, Toby. Dry rubs. - Derrick
I'm getting a proper BBQ lesson today! Then again the weather in the UK is hardly conducive to BBQs. - Toby Graham
Toby it depends on the type of meat being cooked, which means it depends on what area of the US you're in. In my area BBQ means slow smoked pork butts (which are actually shoulders) which might be slightly salted in advance but is otherwise unseasoned. In other parts of the US BBQ = ribs, or beef brisket, or chicken which might be dry rubbed, marinated, or sauced depending on the culture making them. That's the great thing about BBQ, the variations are pretty much limitless! And now I want some too... - FFing Enigma
Very interesting. It's a shame those pesky Aussies are currently getting their much needed beauty sleep, they know a thing or two about the old barbeque - Toby Graham
I cannot wait until I'm back in WI to visit family again. I WILL be making it to Chicago to try this place. - Robert DeBord
Allison adds the reminder for tuesday on the calendar
Allison adds the reminder for tuesday on the calendar
thats tomorrow!!! - (jeff)isageek
Steven Perez
Ethan is not amused. - Steven Perez
Being a father of two boys this just makes me smile. - Sloan Bowman
So cute. - Ayşe E.
Time for some Dancin' Elmo mehtinks! :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
The dancing Elmo had no effect. Ethan is still not amused. - Steven Perez
Even the one with NPH? Still no smile? - Mathew A. Koeneker
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its a trap!!! - (jeff)isageek
LOL - MikeAmundsen
genius - dkb
touch it, touchhh it - chaz2b
Chaz thats what she said! - (jeff)isageek
hmm, corrolation or not, my dark side impersonation & femmes, ;) - chaz2b
RiffTrax Bringing Plan 9 to Theaters on August 20! -
RiffTrax Bringing Plan 9 to Theaters on August 20!
Posted via web from Docking Bay 94 - (jeff)isageek from Posterous
cant wait got my tickets!! - (jeff)isageek
Happy SysAdmin Day!!!! Thank you to all you system admins out there.
RT @imdb: #birthday Arnold Schwarzenegger (62)
Hanna Wiszniewska
Stop And Smell The Flowers -- The Scent Really Can Soothe Stress -
Stop And Smell The Flowers -- The Scent Really Can Soothe Stress
"Feeling stressed? Then try savoring the scent of lemon, mango, lavender, or other fragrant plants. Scientists in Japan are reporting the first scientific evidence that inhaling certain fragrances alter gene activity and blood chemistry in ways that can reduce stress levels." - Hanna Wiszniewska from Bookmarklet
That's called aromatherapy. :P - Rochelle
Yeps, Rochelle - sometimes scientist are a bit slow... ;) - Hanna Wiszniewska
And very little money to be made out of it and therefore not much proper research. - M F
Hush, Matteo, or somebody will start to make a business... ;) - Hanna Wiszniewska
Robert Scoble
I might have bought my last iPhone. Here's why: Well, that and AT&T sucks. Dropping calls all the time now.
still looks like the iPhone's ugly sister - Roger Oldham
HTC Hero is the the one to keep an eye on. However AT&T will get this issues resolved, just going through growing pains with the recent success of the iPhone 3GS and other smartphones. I wouldn't leave just yet. - Sloan Bowman
Looks like a nice phone !!!! but i do not think i will give up my iphone - Aaron Thorn
Roger: it feels like 1993 to me. Remember that year? The Macintosh was WAY ahead of Windows. But here Google is catching up quickly thanks to having an ecosystem that's building Android in. It's the ecosystem that's getting me interested. - Robert Scoble
I'm already looking for excuses to switch thanks to AT&T - Jesse Stay
Well, that and the fact that AT&T is so bad. - Robert Scoble
If you use Google services (like Gmail, calendar etc), using an Android device is a brilliant experience. Everything syncs. Check out the Hero. I'm waiting for the HTC 'lancaster' -- or, indeed, anything with a physical QWERTY keyboard. - Ewan MacLeod
Robert since when do you base your choices on looks? What whats should be foremost what matters. Agreed? - Sloan Bowman
is the iphone screen big enough to watch videos on it whilst, say, sitting on an exercise bike at the gym - Mark
The Hero UI reminds me too much of Palm Pre, my girlfriend has the Pre and it's absolutely terrible. I don't see why so many people were excited about it. - Colin Anawaty
Colin: Were is the keyword there ;-) - Sloan Bowman
At&T was the deal-breaker for me, but then I actually like my G1. Android app still lag well behind iPhone apps tho... - Curtis Phillips
Trouble is that with GSM in the U.S. you have a choice of AT&T (bad) and T-Mobile (worse). We switched to Nokia E71 over a year ago and haven't looked back. Free tethering with JoikuSpot, too. - Ward Mundy
Ryo: I agree the iPhone simply is a very limited device. I'm a huge Symbian fan but Android is my number 2 pick by a long shot. I don't care about appearance. I want power and freedom to get the job done. The iPhone simply can't stand with the others when it comes to that. - Sloan Bowman
HTC can make anything look good - Kashif Khan
Ryo: what happened in 1994? Windows NT. What happened in 1995? Windows 95. Game over, Microsoft took over from Apple's lead. Same is happening here. - Robert Scoble
where does rim fit into this discussion? - Tobias Lewsadder
I just want a android phone which has working 3g with AT&T. Just need Lancaster (Memphis) to come out - Ryan
all the best apps and games are on Iphone though, not other platforms - Mark
Patrik -- the apps will come-a-stormin' as people adopt. - Ewan MacLeod
N97? Anyone? :) - Holger Eilhard
Sloan: Symbian is dead. Sorry. - Robert Scoble
N97 lacks native SIP. - Ward Mundy
Robert: sure, that bit is interesting... be great if they focused a tiny bit more resource on the industrial design & UX tho' - Roger Oldham
RIM is fine as long as it continues to have the best keyboard and Exchange integration. But I think long term it has problems too. - Robert Scoble
Holger: have you actually used an N97? Sorry, isn't even in the game. - Robert Scoble
Why Rob? business people always need to email and thats awesome with blackberry - Mark
Pretty damning comment for poor Nokia! - Ewan MacLeod
To me it's a Palm/iPhone/Android world now. The rest have to get on board (IE, compete!) or go away. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I was referring to your comments about the N97 a few months ago. :-) - Holger Eilhard
really thinking about buying one. the fact that it doesn't have to be bought at one provider is rather nice. - Pim de Groot
"Palm/iPhone/Android world"... certainly true in the U.S. - Ward Mundy
Is Nokia's OS miles behind Apples? - Mark
Looks nice. Love my iPhone I just wish I could get my MMS pictures without the dreaded Failure encountered during view message errors - Matthew Noreen
in my consultingi have always pointed people towards the iphone for fun and personal use and the blackberry for business purposes. does the pre or any android based phone fit in the middle? - Tobias Lewsadder
Re: Palm/iPhone/Android - No Sh!t - that is an understatement. - Don Strickland
I've always wanted an iPhone, but have no AT&T coverage. Now that they've bought Alltel assets, they should be coming here, but are likely 2 years out. That leaves me with Verizon. Android also intrigues me, but until they get a device on Verizon, I'm still out of luck. - Shawn Kirsch
Holger: I thought they woudl do a better job on the OS. I also didn't expect iPhone 3GS to come along or the Palm Pre to turn out as nice as it did. I also didn't expect that Google would be able to excite developers. All of which are bad trends for Nokia. - Robert Scoble
Of course nokia if they were in this thread would say "we sell a zillion phones a day" - Mark
Tobias: you're wrong there. iPhone works great for business too. The only question is whether you can get used to the optical keyboard. I type thousands of words a month on the iPhone. No RIM needed. Android, though, looks like it'll be my next phone, unless someone comes up with a game changer. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I was waiting for that and no my friend its far from it ;-) But you can think that if you would like. - Sloan Bowman
Mark: yeah, and DOS was once #1 too. Who cares? - Robert Scoble
I tend to think Motorola, or any would-be smartphone manufacturer without an OS, should get down on its knees and thank Google for Android. And I'm still not sure Palm survives, even post-Pre. - John Craft
Mark: From a UI standpoint absolutely. From a feature standpoint its been years ahead for a long time. Yes its has its problems but I can do so much more with my Symbian phones than I can with my flashy iPhone 3GS. I'm not biased just being honest from my perspective. - Sloan Bowman
I actually asked you if I should get an iphone yesterday Rob and you said I had to decide myself. It's such a hard thing though. - Mark
Google crippled SIP in Google Voice. Waiting to see if they do the same thing with Android. - Ward Mundy
Robert: Have you ever thought that Android could have use for business purposes too? That's something that I was oblivious to when Android first hit the market. - wiredgnome
Mundy: Crippled as in how? I love my GV - Sloan Bowman
Crippled as in can't make a connection to GV via SIP. - Ward Mundy
Sloan: I have a lot of Nokia phones too and have been a Nokia fan for a while (they still do better video) but the market does not care about having a Zeiss lens or MMS. Who cares? I watch teenagers in UK. They only text. The bleeding edge users are on the iPhone and Android. Developers like: NRU. That app was built for Android first, then ported to iPhone. You can't do THAT with your N97. - Robert Scoble
Amir: I think Android is going to get lots of business users excited. Just like Windows did in 1995. Apple's risk is that they didn't learn from 1994. - Robert Scoble
Oh I played with an N97 (the guy wanted to sell me one so I wouldn't go to the O2 store for an Iphone) he said it was just as good. It wasn't, and it felt like a piece of shit - Mark
"Have you ever thought that Android could have use for business purposes too?" - Amir, see . I have my G1 syncing to a Google Apps account, and given the costs associated with licensing and supporting Exchange, Android + Apps is a threat to Microsoft and RIM. Gmail's contacts format needs more work, though. - John Craft
Never trust "the guy" lol... - Colin
robert: what about bis/bes? arent those important in the business environment? - Tobias Lewsadder
The Android Samsung Galaxy looks quite good, and unlocked, but still over 400€. - Nils Sandin
Well he was a salesman in a rival store :D - Mark
Mark: I thought it felt good when I first saw it, but they didn't redo the OS deeply enough and didn't make the Web really usable, like iPhone does. That's why iPhone is taking over. As people move from texting-only to understanding the web is important part of their mobile device they need something usable. Nokia isn't usable. Period. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Do you think Apple's mistake/risk in '94 will lead them to a different perspective on Android? - wiredgnome
Android will revolutionise the enterprise because you can finally control the experience for the end-user. Imagine being able to take an HTC Hero and install a 'Citibank' approved and managed version of the Android OS. - Ewan MacLeod
Yeah Rob, the problem is here in the UK, People like me don't want to CALL people anymore, we want to SMS people and we want to check Facebook on a nice browser on the phone. - Mark
Robert: I hear you and trust me I know exactly what you mean. I'm amazed by the apps on my iPhone. I'm just trying to bring that into the Symbian world where its capable but has been neglected for so very long. I am able to share my life easily and with high quality with my Symbian devices. For me this is a powerful thing. You can do it on the iPhone but one app at a time ;-) - Sloan Bowman
Amir: it doesn't look like it, because Apple is very secretive and very closed to outside innovation. But they do have the best developer platform out there (which shocks even the iPhone team internally). That's already one difference between 2010 and 1994. Apple pissed off developers back then and stopped focusing on them. Right now Apple is VERY focused on developers -- their ads show it. - Robert Scoble
Discussions like this really show off the beauty of FriendFeed. - Ward Mundy
God if Nokia came in this thread they could learn a thing or two from this one - Mark
Amir: I think Android will overtake iPhone very soon if Apple doesn't change the way things are going. They are too closed about what they do and what they allow us developers to do. Its going to bite them. - Sloan Bowman
Bingo! - Ward Mundy
Mark: I wish they would. Doing my best to make sure that happens. - Sloan Bowman
Nokia are reading, I guarantee it. - Ewan MacLeod
AT&T is the only reason I don't currently on an iPhone. I have an Android phone (a G1 from T-Mobile) and while it's a great smart phone, I'd much rather own an iPhone. - iTad from fftogo
Mark: Nokia doesn't care internally. THAT is the HUGE problem. - Robert Scoble
Well they need to fucking care. I've played with their latest and greatest and its NOT GOOD ENOUGH. - Mark
a game changer to me would be apple incorporating iwork into the iphone. - Tobias Lewsadder
Mark: Nokia believes that having market share is all that matters, not in having OS leadership. They dropped the ball. I don't know if they will be able to find it again. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Correct. Do you think if Microsoft was in Apple's position [being oblivious to outside innovation] they [Microsoft] will be able to thrive like Apple did with the iPhone? - wiredgnome
Robert - agreed. I had to give up my beloved iPhone because AT&T doesn't have service in my new home location. I even bought a cell booster to supposedly help but it didn't. No service at all but according to the AT&T coverage map, I'm in the "moderate" coverage area. Now I'm fighting the early contract cancellation due to no service. Sucks but I'm hearing a lot of AT&T coverage and dropped call issues lately. The woes of cell service and the electronic world - isn't it great? - Sharon Dexter
Robert: Untrue, I know several people at Nokia that care immensely. They realize the problems but I don't think they have the expertise to see how to fix it yet. I know some very great minds are working on it. - Sloan Bowman
Mark: now you are getting where I've been coming from for the past two years. There's a reason why I wait in line to buy iPhones when I get Nokia phones given to me to try. - Robert Scoble
Sloan: well, Microsoft has the same problem. And, sorry, they don't communicate to the world that they care. They are arrogant and go on stage and poopoo the iPhone and Google. I was there in the audience when they announced the N97. - Robert Scoble
And when people come to them and say they have a problem they hem and haw and don't admit they have a problem. I've heard this over and over from people who go to Nokia and meet with execs there. - Robert Scoble
If they really thought they had a problem they would pull a Nokia and rebuild their OS from scratch. That's the only way they can solve this problem. - Robert Scoble
Apostol: like I said, it's an iPhone/Palm/Android world until someone changes the game. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I had voiced this opinion as well, communication is key and they are getting better at it. Making a good presence on twitter and other networks with real people listening to real users. - Sloan Bowman
But they paid good money for that OS. - Ward Mundy
With RIM hanging on due to business users. Check this out: - Robert Scoble
Sloan: nope, that won't help Nokia. I feel very happy with communication from Nokia. I get tons of devices to try. I get access to people. But the OS sucks and that won't stop being a problem. Nokia needs vision again and needs to ship a great product again. - Robert Scoble
Nokia is just not the company i think about when i want a smartphone. they made good normal mobiles, but apple and HTC/android are the ones that pop into view when you want an internet phone. - Pim de Groot
N97 just shows they finally caved to the providers. - Ward Mundy
Apostol: What do you mean by that regarding the N97? What do you think is so bad about it? - Sloan Bowman
What about screen size? I find the the screens on the iPod Touch too small already. Can't imagine having a smart phone with an even smaller screen. Will trend to bigger screens ever occur? - Thomas Sheppard
Ward: just because you threw money down the toilet doesn't mean you should keep doing that. Palm learned that. Nokia will too. - Robert Scoble
I'll take an open system any time over a closed one. And I think it sucks bigtime that Apple decides what carrier I use. It's a great piece if software, but it sucks as a mobile phone. Android and this Helios phone look promising. - Alexander van Elsas from iPhone
Couldn't be happier with E71. Over half my calls are SIP, and they're all free. All I need is WiFi. - Ward Mundy
Good lord, Robert, this is you and me agreeing here :) - Ian Betteridge
The game will change I agree but to what direction is anybody guess now. If you want my opinion it won't be Apple that does it. I'm actually surprised you like the iPhone at all Robert. You seem to be a multitasking kinda guy to me. At least very heavy into communications. - Sloan Bowman
If you do decide to bail on the iPhone I'd be interested in the switching cost (the effort it took to move to a different mobile OS) and what kind of non-obvious lock-ins exist on the iPhone. - scott anderson
Apostol: It has a great battery IMO. I push mine very hard and it last all day no problem. Are we going to get into the battery war here? G1 iPhone are you serious? - Sloan Bowman
I agree there has to be an optimal screen size but in education they are talking about mobile learning using these phones (Mobiglam being an example of an early system) and I can't see it working on any smaller screens. - Thomas Sheppard
Apostol: No its not blazing by any means but for me it gets the job done and done well. I am able to communicate via email (personal, Exchange) Sync my google contacts live with Google Sync over Mfe. Have twitter open if needed, chat and last and entire day doing it. Not to mention document my life with my wonderful photos and videos and push them to the web without touching a computer. - Sloan Bowman
Ward, the E71 is a bit of a "hidden gem". For anyone wanting a "BlackBerry-like" phone with a keyboard, it's a really, really sweet phone. - Ian Betteridge
Ward: Right there with you. Google voice and Gizmo SIP make an powerful combination. Of course other SIP providers are just as well. - Sloan Bowman
google has a great opportunity with the chrome os and android. their flawless integration, if done right could be HUGE! - Tobias Lewsadder
Bottom line I don't disagree things don't need to change with Nokia but I do disagree when people say they are worthless. The communication power of a Symbian powered device are endless. But trust me I'm up for any platform that can offer this to me. If that is Android, iPhone then i'll support it. - Sloan Bowman
Great discussion. Here are perspectives from a few developers that may show some chinks in the iPhone's armor: - Sterling Zumbrunn
The industry is about choice. Open choices are always the best door to enter so you don't get hit in the ass by a door closing. - Sloan Bowman
I find the iPhone much easier to program for than Android as I only have to test on a small set of models -- Android is not so simple, especially with these new hybridizations of the operating system. I'm worried it'll become as painful as Windows programming. That said, Apple really needs to fix the App Store approval process. - Raj Advani
Raj, that's true now, but will it be so in the future? Apple is likely to follow the same slow-diversification path for the iPhone as it did for the iPod, I suspect. - Ian Betteridge
indeed, plus the 3gs and 3g have enough differences that there are 3gs only apps. But i agree with Raj overall the hardware specs are the same - Kashif Khan
jcunwired: Agreed but clearly stating that its dead is dead wrong. People said Mac was dead too remember. Look at it now, all it takes is innovation and dedication and we will have a more rounded solution. Call me overly optimistic but I have faith the Symbian Foundation will change things. If i'm wrong I will be the first to admit it. Trust me I have plans for a HTC Hero in the palm of my hand the day they come out ;-) I bought the iPhone 3GS a couple of weeks ago and like it but wouldn't say I love it. - Sloan Bowman
Prasson: Oh I promise you the next iPhone will probably be incredible as far as hardware goes. Surely they will include a flash, surely right. - Sloan Bowman
My 3G used to hold a rock solid signal. My 3GS is horrible. 20% drop rates confirmed by Apple Genius - they have a tool that can tell. This is my second one, the first was unbearable. I suggest everyone make an appointment with the Genius bar or drop into AT&T this week. Overwhelm Apple and AT&T with the complaints and testing. Maybe (probably not) it will get their collective attention if they have to spend an entire week troubleshooting. - chris tirpak
Unlocked N97, baby! - Thom Kennon
Didn't you say that when the Pre came out too? I think you may have "Oh Look! Shiny!" disease... - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
would verizon be the right answer for the iphone. every verizon phone i have played with was so locked down. i remember comparing my wifes razr to my brothers who is on verizon. it was a totally different os. will verizon give apple and the iphone users the freedom needed for a revolutionry product like the iphone? - Tobias Lewsadder
With competition, Android phones will soon cost less than $200 towards $100 UNLOCKED, which is the real advantage here.. - Charbax
Also, in theory, Android phones should be able to run VOIP and IM only, with absolutely no Voice and SMS contracts needed, but only a month by month pre-paid data only plan required. - Charbax
You can already do that in the UK, with a Skype Phone on the 3 network. Skype-to-Skype calls are free once you're bought the phone - you don't even need a data plan. - Ian Betteridge
After using Iphone(1st gen,3g and 3GS) for nearly two years, I feel no other phone can beat it in browsing the web and it is more of information output device than data input device. The touch keyboard is still very usable to type. I have not used any other smartphones but I feel they lack the smoothness of the Iphone UI. It is not multitasking but the process of going to other program... more... - Ashish
Ian Betteridge, the Skyping that you are talking about is fake. You still need a voice and SMS contract plan. VOIP should be VOIP, it should be located on the data plan. In Europe we can have $20 month-by-month pre-paid only data plans, with absolutely no contracts just perhaps a 10GB or 20GB monthly data usage limit. - Charbax
Android UI is not only developed by Google, but is now developed by thousands of embedded Linux engineers in each of dozens of companies. So obviously Android UI should provide the best possible UI. Anyways, all smartphone UIs are the same. What matters now is freedom to do what you want with your phone, and the price of these devices can only be brought down by increased competition. Android only enables that. - Charbax
Try supporting this on your iPhone... without paying AT&T through the nose: - Ward Mundy
Texas Instruments OMAP3, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Freescale i.MX51 or Nvidia Tegra all would have been 3-4x more powerful ARM based processors. So I'd much rather have an ARM Cortex A8 based device. Lots of Android phones are coming out in the next few months by many other manufacturers than only HTC and Samsung. - Charbax
Awesome thread. I'm struggling to find one device that does all I want. I'm testing a bunch right now (fringe benefit). 3GS is probably the best overall. Tweetdeck for iPhone is the koolest app I've ever used. Palm Pre has a slick UI and does great with Office 07 attachements, but apps are limited & no good roaming package for me over in Asia + no tweetdeck (yet)...N97 is interesting..... more... - MarkHirsch
The iPhone is the best gadget I've had in a while but lately the AT&T service really sucks here in NY/NJ - it drops calls and email replies don't get received. Really getting ticked off with it. - Sally Church
Golly gosh O'trousers Friendfeed is quieeeeet tonight - Mark
AT&T really, truly sucks - big time. - J.D. Deutschendorf
You really can't go wrong with Verizon and a Blackberry. - Bryan R. Adams
except for the blackberry part.. - Chris Heath
I haven't had many problems with the Blackberry. Push email (that works) is king. - Bryan R. Adams
AT&T seems to be in meltdown re: providing, even voice bandwidth. i left them for Sprint, big improvement. I discovered that Sprint has a "free roaming deal" with Verizon so their footpints are the same. - Steve Bell
I am so glad I saw this thread. I am going to check out the HTC Hero. Hope it has a release date soon in the US. My iphone 3G is good, but I want more w/o having to pay $400 to upgrade and get AT&T's service. - Amani
@Scoble - I really, really, really want the HTC Hero but from what I understand it's 3G bands are the ones that AT&T uses in the US so the most recent speculation is that it will end up there. So you'd be stuck with Ma Bell still anyway. I wish this could have gone to US T-Mo, I'd be all over it. - Bryan Zirkel
Hey Chaps, in the UK the Iphone has unlimited data plan built in monthly cost, the Hero has 500mb a MONTH plan built in. That's a 3 minute youtube video every day and a few emails. - Mark
AT&T service is dropping calls almost everywhere now. - wiredgnome
Realized the problem with too many phones around... blew one up today...Plugged the AC adapter for the mophie 3GS battery/case into a N97 since they for some reason have the same custom connector & poof.. blew the N97... - MarkHirsch
Probably will stop me from buying my first iPhone - Kenneth Younger
Josh Haley
Ceiling FFundercats say: "I see what you did there."
'sup cats! - Morgan
Oh bruthah, my bruthah - Josh Haley
haggis takes it straight to 'creepyland' population: 1 too many - Morgan
my work here is almost complete....I am SO proud.... truly the students are becoming the masters.....*sheds a silent tear* - Morgan
Yeah I'm like, wow, MORGAN calling it over the line?? - anna sauce
anna - I know huh? what is happening to me? I'm the mushy Hulk or something..... - Morgan
haha thats awesome! - (jeff)isageek
Hulk: The Senior Years. "Get off lawn or Hulk smash!" - That's So CAJ!
Kol Tregaskes
I've found a pretty good desktop support engineer job to apply to - paid particular attention to the covering letter for this one. :-)
Ta both of you. It wasn't a desktop, on the phone all day, support job and included hardware and roll-out. So ideal for me. - Kol Tregaskes
Hehe, I really doubt I'll be on FF much when I get a job, just a little bit on weekends. We'll see, no job yet, so making the most of it. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
I want to do that on my exercise balls. - Anika
How many tries (and broken bones) did that take? - Johnny
Homygorsh - Martha
I just don't know how you figure out you can do that. - That's So CAJ!
I'm sure if I tried it I would be in traction right now. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Really Awsome! - Pierotaglia
süper :) - Göksel Şirin
O_o - Bluesun 2600
wow. gotta reshare that! - Nicķ
very cool...perfect landing too - Jeffrey Marsh
Are you serious? No way! - Andrew Trinh
I seriously just bought one of these today. but I'm with pea♥ fierce as a woozle. no attempts for me. - Nathalie
wow that is sweet - (jeff)isageek
Dude! - BEX
Usually stomping on balls makes me uncomfortable, but this is pretty awesome. - Phronk
I expect this move to be all the rage in Rhythmic Gymnastics in the next Olympics. - Jeanine W.
Very impressive :0 - Adval
totally awesome!!! wow! how fun! - Susan Beebe
Was waiting for the neck snapping moment....was pleasantly surprised - Toby Graham
If I taught Physics, I'd show this to my students for open discussion - Bwana ☠
wtf :)) - Batu
Thought he was going to munch it, clearly, he's not human. - Will Higgins™
How many times did he try that until he got it right? - Louis Gray
Not sure how many - but my guess would be that this guy is a competitive gymnast (based on the body and the setting) - things like this often come easy (when you have trained for a dozen years to develop muscle, balance and body awareness), - Brian Sullivan
holy wow - Mattb4rd
easy? If you're Jesus maybe. - Mattb4rd
I would love to see the out takes on this - Josh Haley
Otherwise known as the orthopedist's full employment act. - Tom Landini
ZZZOMG! That is such a PHYSICS WIN. A new way to use an exercise ball! - Sean
It was amazing when he did it once, but how does he do it non-stop over and over? I lost count already. - Josh Haley
yeah and how does he teleport back to where he started? - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
bah to science, +many for physical fitness, :O - chaz2b
hogeeee! fugeee! fugaaa! - Ken Okabe
WOW! Even I am impressed. - Shawn Whitmire
I can't get enough of this. Of course it should carry the "don't try this at home disclaimer". I'm sure they could run a whole episode of Amerca's Funniest Home Videos of people trying to do this. - Mark Krynsky
Awesome ! - DAL
wow - orionstarr
Is it possible that there are some hidden cables here? His form seems too perfect as his feet swing around at the end. - Brian Sloane
nope. no cables - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
I'd like to see the blooper reel - Abbas Haider Ali
i wanna try, it's awesome! - tibetsong
I am going to try this next time I go to the gym wish me luck heha. - Jason
Next time I 'm at the gym, I'm gonna give this a try! :) - burdr
burdr, did you try it out?? 8^) - Chieze Okoye
This thread was discussed on the FFundercats ( - Josh Haley
BTW no longer on YouTube. Bummer. - Jill Hurst-Wahl
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
Still awesome - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
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