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Reef Radio

Reef Radio

Reef Radio is a new streaming internet radio station. Website is coming soon.
Ali Numan
Wow Ali Numan Toksöz, are you a spammer that you use that many groups to spread your message? - Ton Zijp
I m not a spammer Ton Fish : p - Ali Numan
So why do you place entries like this in groups that got nothing to do with what it's about? I don't see any relationship between Belle and Sebastian and Abstract Art or Fine Art Paintings. I don't think that members of these groups will see that relationship either. - Ton Zijp
I think number 2 is abstract art and number 3 or 5 is fine art , please look at from wikipedia for abstract and fine arts.You'll see there And this is not a only song. Other members maybe as you all may think. - Ali Numan
Come on, Ali, why post this entry to 48 groups? I really don't understand that. People interested in those groups will start to think why they are bothered with something they are not interested in. I say you're a spammer in their opinion. And to be honest, although you're reacting to me, I totally agree. A simple message as a Belle and Sebastian song, accompanied with some photographs,... more... - Ton Zijp
This has nothing whatsoever to do with Research Funding 2.0. Please try to stay on topic for the room. - Bill Hooker
If you're the Admin of that group, Bill, you should be able to delete this entry in Research Funding 2.0. Please do so. That accounts for all the Admins of the other groups too off course. - Ton Zijp
Okay Bill , Sorry. - Ali Numan
Hey Ton fuck it ! - Ali Numan
Come on, Ali, you seem to be able to say sorry to Bill, but to me you can't say anything else than that? Try to behave a little better, starting with not posting an entry to 48+ groups. :-p - Ton Zijp
Okay,sorry Ton. - Ali Numan
Ben sevdim bunu... :) - Kamil
Neden :) - Ali Numan
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