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References Wanted

References Wanted

This is a room to document the harm caused by closed/toll-access publication by collecting hard data to answer the frequent anti-OA attack "everyone has all the access they need already". Post here citations to journal articles you'd like to read/need for your work, but can't get without paying a fee. And don't forget there's a neat tool available for emailing authors to ask for a reprint or the address of a self-archived copy (, many thanks to Alf Eaton and Pierre Lindenbaum. Room picture by Pete Jeffs, I nicked it from
Alexandru Muntean
A science article that I can't get to: email: muntean [dot] alex [at] gmail [dot] com
Sent! - gandhimathi
Hello, looking for Nicastro, Nicholas: "Perceptual and acoustic evidence for species-level differences in meow vocalizations by domestic cats (Felis catus) and African wild cats" email: andrej dot chudy at gmail dot com
Eszter Szalai
Looking for: and My email: Thanks in advance.
بلال نظامی
Hi all. Does someone has full text access to the article? email:
sorry, no access - Graham Steel
Thanks for your effort Graham! - بلال نظامی
Anyone else has the access? - بلال نظامی
Pranab Chatterjee
Need urgently: Please send to mail #icanhazPDF Please RT.
sent - isoldekovacs
Hi all, I am looking for this one Pls send to
Bruno C. Vellutini
Hi! A good friend is in need of If lucky, organelas at -- Tks!!
Hi there ; looking for Singh S, Singh PP, Singh AG, Murad MH & Sanchez W (2013) Anti-diabetic medications and the risk of hepatocellular cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Am J Gastroenterol 108, 881- 891; quiz 892 please send to daniel dot bourrion at gmail dot com (thanks)
sorry, no access to Bentham articles here. - Graham Steel
Carol Cazinha
Electroencephalogr Clin Neurophysiol. 1968 Oct;25(4):407. Motor effects of muscle vibration in spasticity, rigidity and cerebellar disorders. Hagbarth KE, Eklund G. Thanks guys!
Can you please supply the url's for these items please. - Graham Steel
Carol Cazinha
The effects of random whole-body-vibration on motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease. Haas CT, Turbanski S, Kessler K, Schmidtbleicher D. NeuroRehabilitation. 2006;21(1):29-36. :)
Carol Cazinha
Short-term effects of vibration therapy on motor impairments in Parkinson's disease. King LK, Almeida QJ, Ahonen H. NeuroRehabilitation. 2009;25(4):297-306. doi: 10.3233/NRE-2009-0528. Thanks!!!
Carol Cazinha
Hey guys! My friend really needs these papers. I hope anyone helps! Rigidity and bradykinesia reduce interlimb coordination in Parkinsonian gait. Winogrodzka A, Wagenaar RC, Booij J, Wolters EC. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2005 Feb;86(2):183-9. thanks
Hello, looking for "Neuropeptides in Alzheimer's disease: from pathophysiological mechanisms to therapeutic opportunities", Curr Alzheimer Res. 2013 Jun;10(5):449-68. ( please send to soniasasantos at gmail dot com. Best
Berci Mesko, MD
Does anyone have access to that? Many thanks! (berci.mesko at
sent - Graham Steel
Pranab Chatterjee
10m: Need urgently(2 of 2): … Please send to mail #icanhazPDF Please RT.
Mahmoud Hashim
Hi evryone, I failed to obtain these papers via my university access. Could you please send them to me in case you have an access to them - Mahmoud Hashim
sorry, can't access any of these. - Graham Steel
kindly send me the articles(2 nos.) to Thanks a lot,
grr, logged in and can view the paper but ACS does not give an option to save so I can't pass you a copy. - Graham Steel
they sure don't make it easy but managed to find out how to save it. sent. - Graham Steel
Sent it - MaryedR
Bruno C. Vellutini
Anybody has access to ? Many many many thanks! organelas at gmail dot com
no access - Graham Steel
Robert Kajdi
Does anyone has access to this one? doi: 10.1016/j.bbalip.2014.08.010. Mail to: Thanks in advance!
sent - Graham Steel
got it, thanks! - Robert Kajdi
Alexandru Muntean
Graham or anybody that is still around, if you're still around and has access to this article, would you please send it?
No access. - بلال نظامی
sorry, no access to this one. - Graham Steel
I got this but I don't seem to have your email. - Pranab Chatterjee
Sent. Got email from previous post! - Pranab Chatterjee
Hi all! Could someone pls send me this one? Pretty weird but I have t write about the subject. please send to
no access - Graham Steel
António Oliveira
I need a password to acess this material
my email - António Oliveira
no access - Graham Steel
Do you need the extra materials? I might be able to download that as a zip file and unpack. But, it is taking 3+ minutes to download. - Joe
It is asking for a password. I've looked through the ebook, but I don't see a password in the text of the book. - Joe
that is the password that i'm looking for. - António Oliveira
بلال نظامی
Hi All. Could anyone can send me the full text of this article? Email:- Thanks in advance!!
Hi! I could get it on libgen / . I sent you the link. Internet is fuzzy over on my side - Alexandru Muntean
sent - Graham Steel
I got it. Thanks a lot Graham and Alexandru!!. Schi-hub doesn't work at my uni campus. I have started liking this room. - بلال نظامی
That's the second campus I'm aware of that sci-hub doesn't work on. - Graham Steel
Heh. Noted. Next time I'll send the article. - Alexandru Muntean
I could access it through the links provided by you as well as Graham has sent it me!!. Its just that I cant search using Sci-Hub. Thanks a lot!!! - بلال نظامی
You can try adding adding to the pubmed address, and then going to the bottom of the page where you have links out to full text resources. Some have only one indexed database, some have more. Hope this helps! - Alexandru Muntean
Thanks for the advise, surely I will give it a try! But i could not understand what is this link for? - بلال نظامی
بلال نظامی
Looking for full text article. please Send it to
Sorry, no access here. - Heather
sent - Graham Steel
Thanks Graham!! - بلال نظامی
Alexandru Muntean
Hello all. Looking for: if anyone has access, I'd appreciate it on muntean[dot]alex[at]gmail[dot]com. Thank you kindly!
sent - Graham Steel
Thank you Graham - Alexandru Muntean
Hi, I am looking for the following article DOI: 10.1179/1476830513Y.0000000095, I would be very greatful. Please sent it to
no access - Graham Steel
no access - Maria Kulecka
Not subscribed. Direct link Try writing the first author at - Heather
Thanks - MaryedR
بلال نظامی
Hi everyone. Need access to Please mail to Thanks a lot !!!
no access - Graham Steel
nor here. - Heather
Anyone have NEJM from 1985? Thanks! e-mail to poubella.junk at gmail please.
no dice. - Graham Steel
thanks for trying... - Heather
got it from someone else, sent. - Graham Steel
Hooray! Thank you! - Heather
بلال نظامی
Looking for full text article. Please email it to
Send it - MaryedR
Thanks!! Got it! - بلال نظامی
vladimir orduna
If someone has access to this DOI:10.1080/87565649309540553 , I would be very grateful. Please send it to
sent - Graham Steel
Thankyou, Received! - vladimir orduna
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