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References Wanted

References Wanted

This is a room to document the harm caused by closed/toll-access publication by collecting hard data to answer the frequent anti-OA attack "everyone has all the access they need already". Post here citations to journal articles you'd like to read/need for your work, but can't get without paying a fee. And don't forget there's a neat tool available for emailing authors to ask for a reprint or the address of a self-archived copy (, many thanks to Alf Eaton and Pierre Lindenbaum. Room picture by Pete Jeffs, I nicked it from
David Castro
Looking for this please send to Thanks in advance!
بلال نظامی
Hi everyone. Need access to Please mail to Thanks a lot !!!
no access - Graham Steel
Bruno C. Vellutini
In need of email to organelas at gmail dot com -- Many thanks!
no access - Graham Steel
sending..sent! - Alexandru Muntean
Pedro Matos
Hi anyone has access to http://perspectivesinmedicine.... Thanks in advance!
send to pedromts at gmail dot com - Pedro Matos
no access - Graham Steel
no access :( - Maria Kulecka
no access, sorry - Carola Staedele
Nope, sorry. - Joe
also not - Bruno C. Vellutini
Alexandru Muntean
Can anyone help with this old NEJM paper ? Thanks ! muntean[dot]alex@gmail[dot]com
no access -sorry - Carola Staedele
It appears that NEJM Archive required a separate library subscription. Sorry about that. - Heather
no access.. - Bruno C. Vellutini
Alexandru Muntean
Hello all! Looking for Anybody got it? Thank you in advance! As always muntean[dot]alex[at]gmail[dot]com
no access - Graham Steel
Likewise. - Heather
no access.. - Bruno C. Vellutini
Maria Kulecka
Hi all, I would really like to lay my hands on this issue of Clinics In Liver Disease: . I am particulary interested in article Genetic Determinants of Cholestasis by Gideon M. Hirschfield. Please send to
We're not subscribed. Others can check via Elsevier's ScienceDirect at this link:, will save some navigation. - Heather
no access :( - Pedro Matos
sent - Graham Steel
Thanks a lot :) - Maria Kulecka
Anyone subscribed to Oncogene physically, 1996? Looking for and archives only go back to 1997. Thanks! poubella.junk @gmail yet again.
no dice - Graham Steel
Thanks for looking... I have contacted the senior author on ResearchGate, and we'll see. - Heather
بلال نظامی
Hi everyone. Can someone get me the full text access of this research article please. My Email is Thanks in advance
err, that's just a link to the PubMed homepage. - Graham Steel
Oops!!... My mistake. Here is the link. - بلال نظامی
Managed to get it from that link without having to log-in so it must be open access. Have sent a copy anyway. - Graham Steel
Thanks Graham!! - بلال نظامی
بلال نظامی
Dear Collegues, I am looking for original publication where Hansch equation was used to develop Norfloxacin. The article Structure-Activity Relationships of Antibacterial 6,7- and 7,8-Disubstituted 1-A1kyl-1,4-dihydro-4-oxoquinoline-3-carboxylic Acids (J. Med. Chem. 1980,23, 1358-1363) originally cited usage of Hansch equation: This work was...
My email is - بلال نظامی
sent - Graham Steel
Thanks Graham. But I am looking for the reference no 1 in this article. Plaese send me if you have access to it. - بلال نظامی
Reference 1) is not a paper. "This work was presented in part at the 98th Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, Okayama, Apr 1978, and at the 99th Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, Sapporo, Aug 1979". - Graham Steel
Thanks Graham. This conference was held way back. I don't think i will get an e copy of the proceedings - بلال نظامی
Pablo José Sáez
Hi everybody, I am looking for this paper: Wu Z, et al (2014) Eur J Nutr., (pjsaez at thanks in advance.
sent - Graham Steel
Hi, does anybody has access to: ? Please send to biosmoothly at gmail dot com. Thanks in advance :-)
sent - Graham Steel
Thanks :) - arek
I need this article from 1994: Thanks v much for sending to poubella.junk at gmail.
(Sci-hub doesn't work for me, on this, using Firefox - access still restricted). More annoying is restricted access to a medical school for a classic. - Heather
sent - Graham Steel
Thank you, once again to the rescue! - Heather
Carola Staedele
Hi, does anybody has access to this one: Please send to carola at neurobiologie dot de. Thanks in advance :-)
Got it through pasting the URL in Sent. - Alexandru Muntean
Alexandru Muntean
I've recently made an observation. I don't want to start a browser flame-war or anything, but I have noticed on two different computers, that accessing sci-hub with firefox and putting the URL that I want, sometimes leads to .pdfs where in chrome I'd only have a page with the abstract. This happened twice with "Current Opinion .." journals.
Nicolas Alarcon
Hi, i'm looking for this issue of Violence and victims Please :) (for alarcon[dot]nicolas [AT]
no access - Graham Steel
Thank you for searching Graham - Nicolas Alarcon
Found. Sent. - Alexandru Muntean
Hi, I am looking fot his one: Many thanks! Pls send to
sent - Graham Steel
António Oliveira
Please, send to comuneiroATgmailDOTcom - António Oliveira
Got it through sent. - Graham Steel
Thank you! - António Oliveira
Seeking to poubella.junk at gmail, please!
sent - Graham Steel
Hooray! Many thanks. - Heather
Alexandru Muntean
Sadly, no luck w/ (says the pdf is free, neither browser nor download manager manages to get the file down to my drive). Could anybody help with . Please email to muntean[dot]alex@gmail[dot]com
On its way. - Heather
Received! Thank you :) - Alexandru Muntean
Hi there, looking for a vintage paper by Hill & Robertson (1966 'The effect of linkage on limmits of artificial selection. Genetica Research 8:269-294) DOI: Please send to jdaggATgmxDOTde.
Has been republished in 2007: - Joachim
Resolved. - Graham Steel
Thank you very much, Graham. - Joachim
Carol Cazinha
Hi everyone! Looking for "Validation of school function assessment with elementary school children" link and "Factor Structure of the School Function Assessment" please Thanks in advance
no access to either. - Graham Steel
Graham Steel - Thanks anyway!!! - Carol Cazinha
I'm afraid I can only help with one - Factor Structure of the School Function Assessment. Take care, Alex - Alexandru Muntean
What about the download button at the bottom of the page? I had trouble with it. - Joachim
Carola Staedele
Hi everyone, I am looking for Please send to carola at Thanks in advance
David Castro
Hi! I'm looking for this paper: Please to Thanks in advance.
got it from - sent. - Graham Steel
Thanks, Graham. - David Castro
David Rothman (☤)
would love to have to drothmanATgmail Thank you!
Got, thanks! - David Rothman (☤)
Looking for this paper: thanks in advance!
no access - Graham Steel
no access either - Alexandru Muntean
no access, sorry - Carola Staedele
try writing the first author at - the article appears to be in French except for the abstract, though. - Heather
Alexandru Muntean
Got another two sticky-wickeds (older ones): ;
NEJM is an archived issue from 1982 so we have no access. Not subscribed to other. - Heather
Pablo José Sáez
I'm looking for this paper: (pjsaez at Thanks in advance.
No luck. - Alexandru Muntean
no access - Graham Steel
restricted - Bruno C. Vellutini
no joy - Wolfgang S
Restricted for the moment but in theory you can register for free individually: - Heather
Eszter Szalai
Looking for: My email: Thanks in advance.
no dice. sorry - Alexandru Muntean
no joy - Wolfgang S
Sent! - Heather
Access to ? Pls send to poubella.junk at gmail. Thanks!!
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