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Kol Tregaskes
Feel free to add me. :-) #whatsyoururl - Kol Tregaskes
superiphi here :) - although I tend to buy my games on Impulse if they are there instead of steam, less region-limited and less restrictive (can start a game when offline, what innovation!!!) - Iphigenie
Joelle, what's the full URL? It cannot find you here: - Kol Tregaskes
/chrisnixon - Chris Nixon from BuddyFeed
I like the idea of Raptr, which I'm importing here, but I just have not had time to play steam games recently, unfortunately. Part of this is because I have to reboot my computer to go into Windows to do so. - Andy Bakun
I installed raptr and didnt like having to leave that client running all the time - didnt quite trust it, had weird glitches after installing - Iphigenie
Andy, speaking of Raptr: ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
full URL guess I will have to create a friendfeed group there too - Iphigenie
with all these gamesey services it would be nice if they could be made aware of games not bought through them... especially when they are games which are also sold by them. A lot of rereleases I cannot easily play with my friends who buy them now, as I have the original version. And I surely wont buy it again! - Iphigenie
Thanks, Chris, Joelle. - Kol Tregaskes
anyone on Impulse or ReadyToPlay? Just curious - Iphigenie
Nope, I signed up for Rupture but not really used it. - Kol Tregaskes
I like the idea of readytoplay, set your gaming styles and find people with similar styles to play with in games you both own - clearly more important for collaborative games than competitive ones - Iphigenie
Hmmm, I'll check that out. Thanks, Joelle. - Kol Tregaskes I need to buy more games =( - rei yano always down for CS1.6 or TFC :) - Mike Chelen
Any more? :-) - Kol Tregaskes
sofarsoshawn ~ duh shouldn't you know by now Kol - sofarsoShawn Feel free to add me too :O) - Jeannette Høvring
Thank you all! - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks. - Kol Tregaskes
Mainly playing L4D2 and 1 atm - Tyson (just set it up so it's bare) - Arlan K.
Thanks everyone! - Kol Tregaskes
I would like you follow you all wherever you are moving to or are right now. Can you please add your profile here and share to others so we can gather everyone's URLs in one place above? - Kol Tregaskes
Andy Bakun
Jesus Titty Fucking Christ. Can we ship these jackasses somewhere else?
2010-03-23 19.54.08.jpg
What could be the cause of this increase in people being born without functioning brains? - Jack&Cleo
Isn't one of the key things that makes the anti-christ the anti-christ is that no one will know? - Andy Bakun from Android
There's one good thing about this: these are percentages of the GOP, not the general population. - Andy Bakun from Android
And this poll shows clearly why the Republican Party is set to implode in 3..2.. - WarLord
wow. - Bren
Ignoring the numbers, I'm trying to conceive of the kind of the person who, when presented with a poll that this one presumably is, actually considers it worth their time to answer it. There's a self-selection bias in these kinds of polls. The kind of person who, when presented with this kind of poll, seriously asks "Can I choose more than one?, because I really really want to." - Andy Bakun
I don't find it that hard to believe that it's all that difficult to find people who don't understand exactly what these terms mean and who don't know anything about history. I bet there's a lot of "Hitler bad, Obama not doing what I think I want, Obama bad, so Obama is Hitler", and they ignore or are ignorant of exactly what a comparison to Hitler means. The differences between... more... - Andy Bakun
I hate people. - rei yano
they missed the "he's a KGB spy" and "he's an alien" options - cyb
I'm still processing the 'titty fucking' part of JC's name.... - Morgan
"doing things hitler did" - actually, that's probably correct for 80% of his activities - eating, breathing, walking, talking etc. :D - Iphigenie
That and their math sucks too ;) cause that doesn't add up to 100% (Maybe the GOP is just speshul that way ;)). - Scott. Cat Herder.
Scott- it doesn't have to... he could be a Socialist-Muslim-Born outside the US-Antichrist who is doing things Hitler did... - Bren
Bren- it was a joke ;) :-p *Pbsbsbsbssst* - Scott. Cat Herder.
Bren- 220, 221 whatever it takes ;) - Scott. Cat Herder.
don't make me come down there. - Bren
I know my man did not just quote Mr. Mom. - Mary Carmen
Beau Lebens
Band - Beau Lebens
pretty sure there already is a band named that. - rei yano
oh wait I am thinking about the "buzzcocks" - rei yano
Jonathan Hardesty
I'm sorry, but anyone can bang on buckets with sticks.
But can they make it sound awesome? - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Anyone can, but some people are real artists at it. - Spidra Webster
I think Jon is taking up a challenge here, yes? I heard a challenge in there. So when will we see a video of you banging buckets with sticks, good sir? :D - Hookuh Tinypants
But can they do it with NO HANDS? - Rochelle
The wrongness of that statement is infinite. - tehKenny
If I saw someone do it with no hands, I would be first in line to give the person money. Also, if I had a bucket, id probably bang on it. - Jonathan Hardesty from Android
Jon Ursenbach
Porn Star - Jon Ursenbach
thats a fucked up porn star name. - rei yano
Paul Buchheit
Summarize your life in one word:
Improbable. - Paul Buchheit
fortunate - scott willeke from IM
Ongoing - Johnny from iPhone
illogical - Tarmo Aidantausta
rollercoaster - imabonehead
Amazing. - Comics Forge
Unpredictable. - Jack&Cleo
Sisyphean. - Anika
good - Сло
Unidentified. - George Tziralis
Vivacious - Dan
happening - Laura Norvig
Imaginary. - Mark H
Unfinished - Scoble, Alex Scoble
unfulfilled - DJ Stevie Steve
Implausible - bsletten
yes - Ivan Zuzak
unlikely - Big Joe Silenced
Didn't follow instructions - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Meh. - Jim Norris
unique - Barbara R. S.
Quiet. - Kol Tregaskes
Weird :) - Paul Sharrock
Fluctuating - April Buchheit
Lucky. - EricaJoy
Twitter asks us to summarize our thoughts in 140 characters, now Paul asks us to summarize our lives in one word. What next, "Tell us what you are doing in one alphabetical letter"? :P - Jack&Cleo
polychromatic - Douglas
Ongoing - Abigail Maley
D'oh! - Igor Sereda
Pakatchuskitolamangeva, or "one who creates long words in order to point out the fact that no one has a good definition of 'word', making the task of defining oneself in one word impossible" - Robert Felty
Denormalized. - Micah from iPhone
:-) D , Jack a.k.a Jeber - Slavomira
duuuude! - Gabe
Happy - Dedegi
I'd like to change my entry to "Pakatchuskitolamangeva," please, and auction off a few surplus vowels. - Douglas
simple! - aakash
Ridiculous. - Lo
Enduring - Derrick
eclectic - RAPatton from iPod
Sorry, can't play; I'm being positive this year and any others I survive. - MiniMage from BuddyFeed
introspective - Ashish
Adventurous - Chris Myles
Chaotic - Halil
Powaqqatsi - it means "life in transition" - veo
Inconceivable - Glenn Slaven
Auspicious - Nathan Chase
Warm - Thomas Power
unknown - ebru
Fruity - Bryan B
quidplatz - Marco Fabbri
I realized I CAN play: Improvable - MiniMage
Awesome :) - Garin Kilpatrick
Lol that's insanely difficult ;) - alfred westerveld
funny - ersan bilik
Searching - CantorJF from iPhone
Struggle - Yolanda
Evolving - Rahsheen
Striving - Ayşe E.
Rewarding - Charlie Anzman
Fabulous - Bren from iPhone
Weaving - Nimaa
Grace - Monsieur
Green! - Mahdi
Tempestuous - Mo Kargas
"heinous bitch" is the term they use most often - Glenn Slaven
Prison (Iran Govn.) - AhwaZ
Null - Yasget from fftogo
Blessed. - Scott. Cat Herder.
Precious - Mary Carmen
funny - .LAG liked that
scripted - Jared Jacobs
Amusing - Martha
hope - sirishkumar
Beef. - joefouche
Stormy and full of drama. - @Renchin@
Wonderful! - Kong Yee Peng KMN
enigma - Tzury Bar Yochay
Volatile - Sidharth Shah
improving :) - Toby Graham
Blessed. - Ruchira S. Datta
Unique - Özkan Altuner from iPhone
Dynamic. - Andy Bakun
Creative. - ★ Soner Gönül
Multipurpose :) - MugeCerman
Froschmäusekrieg - DeWitt Clinton
what? - Hakan Yuksel
Aight - Rodfather
Indeed? - Неягл☀в
private - JoeCamel
Unbelievable. - Meryn Stol
Fortunate - Michael Fidler
Fractured. - Lis
Beautiful - Phil Smirnov
mine - Brian Joseph
mysterious - Zahra HB
Incomplete. - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
journey! - Vlad Rafeev
Why? - Jan Simmonds
Serendipitous. - Andrés David Aparicio
Derp. - Joshua
Fun-tastic! - philos
abso-lutely - rei yano
Alhumdullilah - Shakeel Mahate
Tmesis - Iain Baker
Boing - Greg Smith
Ambitious - Wang Yip
rock ('n'roll) - Durukan Duru
maybe - Chris Heath
Complicated - BRҰANSAҰS
struggle - kates from BuddyFeed
war - LANjackal
tiring - Dario Gomez
Āąçîėê ÖĜ - Peorð byþ symble plega
Technicalities 8) - Zu from AOD
NullPointerException - Harsh SIngh
Infininite (1/0) - raxitsheth
Um. - Brad Brooks from FreshFeed
curious - tonx
intricate - David Cook
why - lalitmawkin
rei yano
Animal Collective - Brothersport Official music video. EXACTLY what I would want for a AC video.
Animal Collective - Brothersport Official music video. EXACTLY what I would want for a AC video.
I think I just got an acid trip from watching that in HD. - Jon Ursenbach
yeah it was pretty awesome. - rei yano
rei yano
honestly all this BS over at 8bc has aggravated my stomach. I cannot make music right now. especially with this cart....
What happened? - Jon Ursenbach
jose took another dudes design and profited from it. I think it was open source. - rei yano
ah. heh - Jon Ursenbach
Pepsi tastes like ass...
Thank you. - Jonathan Hardesty
Pepsi Ass™ - Big Joe Silenced
Agreed.... - Just Mrs. V
I actually like Pepsi. And ass. *shrug* - Derrick
If I was making an evil space monster... THIS is how his ass would taste - Johnny from iPhone
I thought it was more like a burro myself. :) - Morton Fox
I need to get some of that Pepsi and Mountain Dew throwback. I don't drink soda often, but I'm curious. - Derrick
Even worse: Crystal Pepsi. - Andy Bakun
Preach. - Josh Haley
which is worse, tho...Crystal Pepsi or Coke Zero? - Big Joe Silenced
I saw Throwback out in the wild, but I didn't feel like paying $6 for a 12-pack. It is good, though. Better than lesser Pepsi. - Julian
Coke Zero is a pretty solid cola. I think it's taste is pretty close to regular Coke; unlike Diet Coke, which I can't understand why anyone would want to drink, since it tastes as much like ass as Pepsi does. - Andy Bakun
*cough* - Josh Haley
when Diet Coke first came onto the market it was sweetened with saccharine. THAT was awful. tasted exactly like TAB, come to think of it. - Big Joe Silenced
Diet Coke is New Coke, slightly reformulated, with artificial sweeteners. Plenty of people who swear by Diet Coke just can't do regular Coca Cola (Classic, until last year). - Julian
the Coke sold in Malaysia is made with sugar. tastes just like pre-1984 U.S. Coke. - Big Joe Silenced
These days all bubbly drunks taste terrible to me - and have since I started taking one particular med to control migraines. Amazing since I used to practically mainline Diet Coke, and before that, TAB. - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
Cola Wars... I'm bringing them back! - Johnny from iPhone
MaryB, the drunks are so bubbly because you've been tasting them, even if they taste terrible. ;) - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I find that mixing Pepsi with booze doesn't work quite as well as it does when I mix in coke. - Jonathan Hardesty
Pepsi is freedom! Coke is communist :-P - Eric - Final Countdown
Coke is much better. If it keeps polar bears up as shown on TV, when they're suppose to be hybernating it MUST be good right? - LonelyBob
You might want to find a real bottle opener ;) - Tony C (Unrated)
Pepsi is awesome! - Beau Liening from FreshFeed
You cut me deep with this post Johnny....very deep. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
How do you know what ass tastes like? - Will Higgins™
I've never tasted ass so wouldn't know if Pepsi compares. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Pepsi Donkey. - Jemm
like stinky donkey-balls-adjacent ass - Morgan
Indeed. - Mary Carmen
I still say opening the bottle between your butt cheeks might have caused the strange after-taste - Tony C (Unrated) from IM
ewwwwwww I don't drink soda - VALZONE#SCREWED
I _hate_ Pepsi, but Pepsi Twist was pretty good. RIP :'( - Jon Ursenbach
Pepsi Throwback tastes awesome. Do they use that horrible corn syrup crap to sweeten everything in Australia like they do in the US? - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
eh better than shasta cola - rei yano
how about 'President's Choice' from Sam's? Ewwwww! - Morgan
Is throwback the one with real sugar? If it is, I'm not a big fan of it. Then again, I drink diet pepsi because the high fructose corn syrup in regular pepsi triggers migraines for me. - Beau Liening from FreshFeed
Yeah throwback is made without HFCS. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
I could never taste the difference between Coke and Pepsi. Then again I never did a side-by-side comparison. I still have a soft spot for RC Cola though. - rønin
Ass tastes like Pepsi?! - Jim Norris
That's So CAJ!
Gah! I'm traumatized!
I know they weren't real but this just seems so wrong! - That's So CAJ! from email
*weeps openly* - Big Joe Silenced
Frank Oz, Jim Henson and the dude who was Ernie's right hand. - Josh Haley
I imagine that was how it was EVERY day. That's the only way to give Ernie hands with moving fingers. - Josh Haley
I felt that way seeing some of the original muppets in the EMP exhibit. On the one hand: awesome. On the other hand: there were more than one Ernie? OMGWTFBBQ. It makes sense, but by inner three year old just plugs her ears and says LALALALALALALA - Jennifer Dittrich
Big Bird looked totally different in the first few years of Sesame Street, too. - Big Joe Silenced
they must have had mighty strong arms to always hold them up - VALZONE#SCREWED
I know! My arms get tired from changing light bulbs. - That's So CAJ!
next you will show us that there is no Santa - VALZONE#SCREWED
Everything in it's time. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA <cough> BWAHA <cough> Oh never mind. - That's So CAJ!
:p CAJ................don't you even dare go near the Easter Bunny - VALZONE#SCREWED
Notice how they're all staring at something just out of frame in the lower left corner. From previous documentaries I've seen, it's a large TV monitor, so they can see what they're doing from the camera's perspective. - Michael R. Bernstein
Never picked Jim for a double-fister... - Johnny
I think I'm gonna be sick.. - rei yano
Andy Bakun
Figured as much.
Honestly, I never could see the lamp in that picture. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
60% of the time, it works everytime. - Andy Bakun
I actually have a lamp just like that, with a silver base rather than black. - Andy Bakun
NOPE. - Derrick
shooped - rei yano
Andy Bakun
"One of the most common criticisms of Spiderman is that he promotes an unrealistic idea of body image for a young spiderboy, leading to a risk that boys who attempt to emulate him will be bitten by a radioactive spider." -- paraphrased from
Is there a Spiderman Dream Web also available? - Andy Bakun from Android
i would like to see a realistic spiderman where he just ends up in the hospital and dies from cancer. - rei yano
Andy Bakun
This movie poster for Old Dogs reminds me of Sack Lunch from Seinfeld. Where the movie poster was really ambiguous as to what it was about, and Elaine wanted to see it so all her questions about it could be answered ("Why are they in a sack? So d'you think they got shrunk down, or is it just a giant sack?").
sacklunch2.jpg're going to go see Old Dogs? - Anika
saw the previews so I know what this poster means. just see a movie that you want to see and it will probably have this preview in it. - rei yano
I think this looks like it should go straight to DVD - VALZONE#SCREWED
and the bear got poor Seth Green in Without a Paddle - VALZONE#SCREWED
Heh, I actually had a longer bit at the end where I claimed I was NOT going to see Old Dogs, but I ran out of space intending to put it in a comment and forgot. - Andy Bakun
That's a gorilla, Val D. - Andy Bakun
Why is Seth Green being held by a gorilla? What is Travolta shrugging for? Williams in a suit? - Andy Bakun
Now they are advertising this movie as being directed by the same guy who directed Wild Hogs -- you might remember Wild Hogs, the 2007 version of City Slickers. - Andy Bakun
Scoble, Alex Scoble
It saddens me that so many Americans think that giving gays the right to marry will somehow damage the sanctity of their own marriages.
exactly. - Big Joe Silenced
Well said, Joey. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
I suppose preventing gays from marrying helps Americans feel less bad about their failing marriages. Or something... - Jonathan Hardesty
Americans? which ones? certainly not me. my marriage is pretty healthy and i don't understand why two people who love each other can't marry, whatever their respective genders. - Big Joe Silenced
"But gays already have the right to marry, just not someone of the same sex." - Jim Norris
Jim: just change "gays" to "negroes" and "same sex" to "different race" and I wonder how many people, today, would vote the same way? - Bren
discrimination is discrimination, and the people who vote against gay marriage and gay rights are bigots. it's really quite simple. - Bren
I think some people just believe that without rules to enforce a certain kind of conduct in society, everything will devolve into chaos and decadence. - Jim Norris
"certain kind of conduct"? what does that mean, Jim? that gay people are misbehaving? that they are somehow outside of the bounds of polite society? edit: I'll just stick with my original statement: the people who vote against gay rights and gay marriage are bigots, same as the people who have resisted civil rights for minorities throughout history. - Bren
Bren: I personally believe that gay marriage should be legal; I'm just trying to articulate the opposing argument. If you really believe that homosexual conduct is a sin, for example, it wouldn't make sense for the state to sanction it. - Jim Norris
Actually, Jim, in our system of governance it would not be appropriate for the state to take into account whether something was a sin to some religious group or not. No one is saying that churches would have to sanctify gay marriage if their doctrine prohibited it. I know the arguments, and they do nothing to abrogate my belief that the people who make the arguments are bigots. I... more... - Bren
Yeah it's hard to play devil's advocate with this. - Jim Norris
The problem is that there is no rational argument against it. The only option is to use religious doctrine. I just wonder if, for example, those of the Judeo-Christian persuasion were in the minority in this country and the atheist-majority decided that religious marriage should be illegal what they would think? Then again, one of the things I have always liked least about "religious"... more... - Bren
+++Bren, I totally agree! - Jeff P. Henderson
The problem is that everyone here agrees, but obviously millions of people in the country don't, and if we can't appreciate their perspective without disparaging it we can't understand what needs to be done to win over those people and enact real change. - Jim Norris
Funny that many of those who most violently object to gay marriage are the first to assert that they have a RIGHT to THEIR religious beliefs, to own a gun, to freedom of speech. - Jeff P. Henderson
Hypocrisy is a necessity to the closed minded. - Simon Curran
Jim: I can tell you what needs to be done - during the civil-rights movement in the '60s the Federal government (Supreme Court, Nat'l Guard, etc) stepped in and said "state's rights are fine, but you all are not going to continue to practice segregation and de jure discrimination based on race is no longer going to be tolerated. We, as a country, do not need to appreciate the bigoted,... more... - Bren
Jim, for many people, their closed minds and adherence to outdated or extreme religious beliefs define their perspective. I do not know of a simple way to counter either if these forces. Federal legislation as Bren pointed out, is probably one of the only ways to affect change. - Jeff P. Henderson
devalue the legality of marriage. fine, if people want to have some ceremony in a church where their imaginary friend approves. HOWEVER - make the same legal ceremony where M/F, F/F, M/M can be partners for life and have the same rights as everyone else together in the world. - Terry O'Fee
i'm not saying i agree, but unfortunately marriage throughout history is tied to religion. so therefore these fundies can scream bashing their work of fiction saying "it's not right!" - Terry O'Fee
I think that is the real problem, the concept of marriage is both linked to religion as well as to rights of partnerships. Really if there was a way that all people can have a civil ceremony that gives them the rights of partnerships then what does the religious crowd have a problem with? I could see if churches etc were forced to allow weddings of gay couples in their churches as being... more... - travispuk
I think the experience of seeing gay couples (or mixed-race couples) being married and relating to one another in real, mature relationships with mutual sacrifice and emotional support is the thing that kills the abstract arguments about the historical definition of marriage. On the one hand, there are these official marriages that may or may not involve any form of love; that may be... more... - Jim Norris
@Bren, re the Athiest Majority comment above. The problem then is that by saying the religious marriage is outlawed, then the government is undertaking religious persecution. There are far too many 'special' exceptions for religion that make it outlandish. Example, criminals are allowed to 'confess' to a priest, but that confession cannot be used against them. WTF? Religion gets away... more... - travispuk
@Joey, the whole state sanctioning sin argument is ridiculous isn't it? It is only sin in *their* religion, funny though that sin only really exists in their religion also. Sin as opposed to morals I mean, something the church do not believe can exist outside of religion and faith. - travispuk
Exactly. I think gay marriage represents the triumph of Marriage As Experience over Marriage As Ideology. - Jim Norris
Travis: what is a good criteria to determine when confidential discussion should be legally protected? there are some cases such as a doctor and patient, or a news source and reporter, that seem beneficial to preserve - Mike Chelen
I'm all for separating secular and religious marriage. I find it baffling that Guatemala, an essentially Catholic country, will not allow religious figures to perform legal marriages, but the US not only allows it, they are so much the norm people can't imagine it another way. Religious Guatemalans have two marriage ceremonies: a civil ceremony performed by a lawyer or city official and... more... - Shannon Jiménez
Joey, maybe that varies from place to place. My husband and I were legally married in Guatemala and had a Catholic ceremony here in the US (in Nevada). We never applied for a license or anything here and the priest was happy to give us a "religious" marriage certificate without signing any legal paperwork when we showed him the proof we were already married. - Shannon Jiménez
Oops, just saw that you weren't married yet (misread it). So yes, I think it is a requirement to be married legally or be going to get married legally. - Shannon Jiménez
@Mike, confidential discussion by criminals should never be legally protected, particularly when they are about confessing to a crime (More than happy about confidential discussion to legal representatives about a case etc, but I understand that even if a client confesses to a crime to a lawyer they are required to report the crime also. Might be wrong on that though). As for doctor and... more... - travispuk
@Joey, refreshing to hear from a person of faith that also believes that a person can have morals outside of faith. ;) Personally I don't hear that type of talk very often. - travispuk
@Mike, a little further on the legal protection of conversations, I have a clear difference here in that I believe that anything that relates to a criminal act (ie confession of a crime or evidence of a crime) should NEVER be protected. Also, I hate that there are these exceptions, as you point out, doctors, journalists etc. Why would it be different if say I spoke confidentially to a... more... - travispuk
I guess the discussion of protected conversations is not really on topic though. Sorry for hijacking Alex. - travispuk
tl;dr but yeah this to me shows that religion and govt are too mixed up together. If marriage is a religious thing than why is it part of the govt in the first place? If you want to protect the church the very last thing you should do is mix it with a democracy since any majority can redefine what certain ideas mean. Now marriage has been mutated and no longer carries the same christian... more... - rei yano
my friend had a marriage a couple of years ago. it was outside, the lady was licensed etc, everything was legit but not once in the entire cermony did she mention god/religion at all. (he's buddist, she didn't care either way). one day in the far future i'd like to do something similar, if the gf approves... - Terry O'Fee
another thing that I know they must be afraid of is the possibility that pastors will be forced to marry gay people which is against their beliefs and they feel it would be sinful for them to marry a gay couple. the fact is that these pastors and their churches get tax exempt status. if they want to write their own rules then it needs to be a private entity completely free of govt ties. - rei yano
Preach, brother Alex. Actually, preach everyone in this thread. - Derrick
Yet again I'm left shaking my head at my Christian brethren. This is yet another fight/debate based upon ignorance. I have never understood how anybody could think that allowing a gay person to marry another gay person has any affect on the marriage of a non-gay person. It makes no sense to me and in the grand scheme of things I think God could care less. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
I pretty much think that people of a certain worldview see it as an assault against their Norman Rockwell vision of America. I imagine that they feel otherwise powerless to stop the tide of progress and these ballot measures give them some measure of power. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
DB: wouldn't any god worth following rejoice in the love between two people? - Mike Chelen
Shawn Hickman
Obama deserves the Nobel prize for the simple reason that if it werent for him Sarah Palin would be in the White House (via @DanielMiessler)
agreed - rei yano
Scoble, Alex Scoble
What five traits do you think a couple has to have to be successful (IE stay together)
The ability to speak frankly to each other? - Mike Nayyar
patience, humor, respect, affection, adaptability + the ability to (really) listen - Ayşe E.
The ability to agree about financial issues. (and the other things people mentioned - I just added this b/c money issues are one of the top reasons for divorce) - Katy S
pre-nupital/relationship agreements are for couples who shouldn't be getting married. - Big Joe Silenced
also agreed with Katy. - Big Joe Silenced
DS, I think pre-nups might make sense when a billionaire takes a mere mortal as a spouse. So they can ensure that they're not being gold-dug. Probably not necessary for the average person. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
no order: 1. sense of humor; 2. passion/attraction/appreciation for each other; 3. tolerance/understanding of each other's faults; 4. ability to communicate honestly with each other; 5. flexibility with each other...basically, what Ayse said.....LOLz! - .LAG liked that
@Kamilah: totally agreed. but too many people use them as an "I got mine!" escape clause when going into what they know is an ill-advised marriage. very sad all around. :( - Big Joe Silenced
Feeling contempt for your partner seems to be the death of marriage. What makes you feel contempt? Maybe when you are your partner give up on themselves and become something less? Becoming bitter? Becoming distant? Inability to deal with conflict? Start feeling your partner is bad? Defensiveness? Lack of trust? - Todd Hoff
resentment is also a killer. - Big Joe Silenced
I only have 2: both have to drink the same kind of milk (2%, skim, whole, whatever), and both have to agree on which way the toilet papers off the role (I'm and over-the-top man myself). - Andy Bakun
Communication skills and respect for each other will keep two people together longer than anything else. Check out John Gottman's amazing research in this area to find out what will definitely break two people up. - Toby DiPasquale
Because Andy and I are both 2% and over-the-top toilet paper people people, we have been together for 9 years. Oh yeah, and the communication is also key...we communicate through FF, even though we are in the same room. ;) - Katie B
I just winked at you. You were looking at your computer screen. - Andy Bakun
You should have sent it as an emoticon. - Katie B
Thanks for the remarks everyone...I was just curious what you guys think a successful relationship needs. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Listening (rather than talking), respect, faith, empathy, patience - Rahsheen
When someone shows you who they are, believe them. They do not magically change because of a marriage license. Be honest with yourself and your partner. As everyone else said...Communication is key! - Run
Humor, patience, forgiveness, humility, trust. And you can go a long way on a subset. - Bruce Lewis
I think honest and thorough communication and understanding, and the ability to communicate creatively is more important than agreeing on something, - David Lynch
The ability to argue with each other and get over it (even better, to actually accomplish something with it). A lot of people seem to have an idealistic view of happy couples never arguing, but arguing and disagreeing are actually very healthy parts of a good relationship. You just have to be able to make something good come out of it in the end. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Of course, that's only a very small part of having a successful relationship. Also, the direction of the toilet paper roll (as Andy Bakun pointed out) is very important. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Communication, communication, communication, more communication ... and a few toys ... - Charlie Anzman
Similar/converging goals of life (in addition to points already mentioned) - Jemm
good communication, good sex (which is just another form of good communication), time together having fun, living below your means, being on the same page regarding children - Dawn
Actually, you could sum it up like this: Forgive quickly, kiss slowly, play extravagantly, spend judiciously, and govern children (if any) as a team. - Dawn
not a bad ideal to strive for. - Big Joe Silenced
Cecily wins! hahaha! - .LAG liked that
alcohol. - rei yano
Just one: Willingness. Unfortunately, even if it's present, there is no guarantee that it will last. - Lo
Communication is very important, but it doesn't matter how well you communicate, if there is no compromise in a relationship. There has to be a lot of mutual give and take, and that doesn't mean all giving by one and all taking by the other. - Bonnie Foster
1. At least one common recreational activity (not sex). 2. At least some shared taste in music that will be listened to frequently. 3. Core beliefs on religion should be pretty similar - if she loves Jesus and you think Jesus is a joke or that her love of Him makes her the devil, things aren't likely to work out. 4. The woman in the relationship needs to listen. 5. The man in the relationship needs to listen. - Morgan
A sense of humor, a sense of humor, a sense of humor, a sense of humor and, oh, a sense of humor. - Martha
Martha wins - Morgan
faith, trust, communication, family, and the love of ice cream. :) - Cullette
Andy Bakun
ripping on your idea: candy knives. - rei yano
Isn't that called riffing? - Andy Bakun from Android
was unaware of such terminology. and yes ripping is fine. like ripping you off. - rei yano
Art Witczak
Fat Man & Little Boy
tracks include: "nagashima" and "hirosaki" they are obviously a hardcore punk band with extremely violent lyrics. influenced by bands like Anal Cunt. - rei yano
David Cronenberg is Remaking David Cronenberg's The Fly -
David Cronenberg is Remaking David Cronenberg's The Fly
"Yep, you read that right. David Cronenberg is developing a reboot of his own 1986 sci-fi classic The Fly. Cronenberg's film is already a remake of Kurt Neumann's 1958 film of the same name as well. The story centers on an eccentric scientist named Seth Brundle (played by Jeff Goldblum) who, after an experiment with teleportation goes awry, is transformed into a fly. Geena Davis starred as Goldblum's love interest, Veronica. Oddly, Cronenberg has said in the past that he did not want to be involved a remake, but now he's just doing it on his own. I can't wait for someone to talk with him to find out exactly why he's coming back." - Derrick from Bookmarklet
This is only in the early development stages (via Risky Biz), so we're not sure when Cronenberg will get to this. A return to The Fly would also mark the latest in a mini-trend of directors remaking their own work. Michael Haneke last year remade his thriller Funny Games while Werner Herzog re-imagined his doc Little Dieter Learns to Fly with the 2006 feature Rescue Dawn. Cronenberg was... more... - Derrick
Awesome! This gives me a chance to not like this movie again! - Akiva
Why did you not like this movie, Akiva. I felt that there were some very good points it had to make. Most strikingly (and tellingly), as the film comments on our own short-sightedness and blindness when he says: "No, I'm getting better." - Melanie Reed
I don't know. Just didn't like it. Of course, I haven't seen it since it came out so I might enjoy it more now but I remember being very disappointed by it. Remember, though, I was raised on Scanners and Videodrome so I felt that The Fly was kind of weak in comparison. - Akiva
Well, I've seen both. Obviously, the climactic battle in DC's version adding the Mag Editor was the build point moviegoers then were waiting for to get the realization/sacrifice point across that the 1958 version does more movingly (in my opinion) with a heart-renching conversation with his wife, who must operate the controls that crush his insect head. - Melanie Reed
Sorry but the phrase 'his wife, who must operate the controls that crush his insect head' will prevent me from ever taking the original seriously. That's some serious acreage in the LOL suburbs right there. - Akiva
Will it have naked men lingering on screen for more than mere moments at a time? - Derrick
*hyper groan* More remakeitis - Mo Kargas
No, Akiva, I simply accepted the "WSOD" when I saw it and put myself in her place. - Melanie Reed
Well if anyone can remake it right, it's Cronenberg. The original is still amazing on several levels and I feel like he's only gotten better as director. As much as I'd prefer they leave this property alone, if they MUST remake it, this is a step in the right direction. - Noah Belson
He's awesome at making gross things. - Rodfather
If you think the '86 version is weak, be sure to check out the '58 version staring Vincent Price, a paper mache fly head, and a set to rival a three act stage production. - Andy Bakun
Nothing says bored industry than people remaking their own movies. - Andy Bakun
this one will have a CG Goldblum. - rei yano
Skirts + boots make me hot
You're forgetting about long jackets. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I'm confused as to why you're wearing skirts + boots, but if they're making you hot, maybe you should change into shorts. :) - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
yeah shorts and sandles. get into an air conditioned place as well. - rei yano
I was referring to a girl in my office, actually - LANjackal from IM
Andy Bakun
WTF‽‼ Caption this.
"Nah, don't get me another one, I'm full." - Andy Bakun
for one horrified moment i thought this was a shot from the FFer gnomedex meetup! O_o - Big Joe Silenced
"That line for the bathroom is too long..." - Outsanity
"You'd think the server would have opened this for me. Oh, well ... psssht!" - Marshall Im
Horrified because you're missing it? - Andy Bakun
well, that too. >_< - Big Joe Silenced
"I drink this through here, right? Right?" - Jon Ursenbach
"In Soviet Russia, beer bottle fuck YOU." - Evan Fribourg
"The /b/tards said 'pics or it didnt happen' so hurry up and take the fucking picture so I can finish drinking this." - Jon Ursenbach
She was wistfully remembering that time with the peanut butter and the labrador and then things quickly got out of hand. - Evan Fribourg
Jon wins 1 (one) Internet. - Evan Fribourg
Just one? - Jon Ursenbach
"there is the five finger discount and then there is the one vagina clearance." - rei yano
"The producers of Punk'd ain't got nothing on this. When Stephanie gets back she'll think this is beer and HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *urine sound* SOMEBODY GET A LIME!" - Jon Ursenbach
Two drink minimum? I can barely handle one. - Andy Bakun
Now there's a woman who can hold her liquor. - Andy Bakun
she appears impressively casual and relaxed about the whole thing. - Big Joe Silenced
Skunky? This beer smells kinda fishy. - Andy Bakun
Bottle opener? I barely knew her! - rei yano
Now you see it, now you don't! - Andy Bakun
I've been called frigid, and this beer is warm... - Andy Bakun
rei yano
you're so good at Spanish. - rei yano
Scoble, Alex Scoble
It's ironic that instead of Obama's presidency showing us how we are less racist, it's having the exact opposite effect. It's showing us that indeed this country is much more bigoted and intolerant than most of us could ever imagine.
is it irony or does it just suck :( - Stuart Miniman
Or perhaps tragic is the better description. Because there's nothing funny about what's happening in our country. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I had read last year that outbursts like this might result, but I didn't quite believe it at the time. - John (bird whisperer)
Well, maybe now some of us who have been silent (or quiet) resisters to racism will not be so silent or quiet or complacent anymore. That would be good. - Jim #teamFFrank
You know things are bad when even Pat Buchanan (I believe it was he that recently wrote an essay about how the country is becoming more divisive) starts complaining about how divisive we have become. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
It's actually interesting as well. The problem with race relations is that some people just want to pretend there is no race, no skin color, no differences, no separate cultures. They say stuff like "Aren't we all just people?!" They don't realize that this is the primary problem with why race relations remains as it is. Obama being elected president just gave these types more fuel for... more... - Rahsheen
Don't blame it on the people who want to move on past racism, Rahsheen. I don't think that's mainly where the problem is. And it's not that simple, Geoff. People who think that way *are* clueless, but that's not everyone... - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
This reminds me of all of the progressives who believed that if Obama got elected, it'd be all puppy dogs and ice cream from here on out. Some people simply don't have a reasonable grasp of reality. - Akiva
I thought things in DC would get better, and in a sense they have, but in a very real sense, they have gotten worse. Maybe this is a good thing? I don't know...time will tell. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
It's both ironic AND it sucks. But at least we in the US have progressed far enough to elect a black president. I didn't think that would happen in my lifetime. No matter what the issue or non-issue, there will always be closed-minded people. Just a sad fact of life we must accept. I'd rather not stoop to their level and even bother arguing with people like that. Peace all :-) - ThatJimGuy
It's not the people that *want* to move past it that are the problem. It's the people in denial that racism is still prevalent. Black president or not, the issue isn't solved. - Rahsheen
Well said, Rahsheen - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Rahsheen, that's a big problem. Changing the way people think is hard. What's a good next step? - Bruce Lewis
Well, the first step is recognizing that there *IS* a problem. As a country, we haven't done this. For instance. Why do people not see why stuff like Black Web 2.0 even exists? If you think it's simply perpetuating separation, you need to re-think your position because you're missing the point. After that, it comes down to people changing the way they think and I'm not sure that's possible. I think it's something that will come over time as the younger generation comes into it's own. - Rahsheen
If I'm someone who sees why stuff like Black Web 2.0 exists, what's my first step in helping someone else see? - Bruce Lewis
That's what I have seen too. My people, the Cherokee Nation, accepted all into the Cherokee Nation regardless the race. America used to be that way for me too. But, now all I see is racist this and racist that. America transcends race MAN! Let's stop it right now. - Eric Standlee
It's pretty much what I expected - the GOP showed just how dependent they were on their mouth-breathing base in the last election, and the media must have controversy to sell their wares. It's a bad combination - where the press effectively promotes the most retrograde elements of the body politic as a legitimate oppositon further polarising what was already a polarised citizenry. - empireofno from FreshFeed
I predicted this would come. Derrick posted the following link shortly after the election: . This was my reaction to that on my blog on Nov. 11th. "This was not unexpected. Sadly I expect it to get worse. On the bright side (if there can be such a thing when it comes to racial hatred) perhaps this will help expose the deep divisions... more... - DB, Lil LB's Dad
God bless America. - rei yano
and everyone else. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
and pudding pops. - rei yano
Actually, the racists who were content to blend in among the Republican establishment under Bush are now panicking. The very existence of a black president threatens their egos with annihilation. So they lash out hysterically, and in some cases violently. Unfortunately, the conservative corporatist establishment (including the allegedly "liberal" media) are equally threatened by the... more... - Dennis Jernberg
we are all limited by our mental images, and these are build in childhood and layered deep... No matter what the crazies say or do, the next generation's mental images will be a lot more flexible and diverse than theirs - whether it is about gender roles, leadership images, or suitable dreams. - Iphigenie
I believe that centuries of slavery and the racism that has followed are endemic of a deeper problem: there is a virulent strain of American culture that believes the best way to achieve prosperity is through the exploitation of others. That the course of power and domination is preferable to a course of compassion and equality. It explains why the right has no problem with profligate... more... - Jason Wehmhoener
It's pretty incredible watching the battle here up here at a distance, you guys/the US (being so polarized) are like that aunt & uncle at a family gathering who are always fighting, at each other's throats airing dirty laundry that should never be aired, slinging abusive insults, and everyone else (the rest of the world) is going wtf? - sofarsoShawn
MoDo weighs in (and generates > 400 comments, so far) - Sprague D
He WAS elected, though. It's just that the racists are now getting so much LOUDER. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
rei yano
Cuban Gynecologist: Local Car Commercial
Cuban Gynecologist: Local Car Commercial
whoever they got to play the salesman is fucking perfect. - rei yano
Andy Bakun
Hitler Finds Out Obama Will Address School Children -
Hitler Finds Out Obama Will Address School Children
keep hearing about this Obama + school children thing... wtf is going on? - rei yano
ok so yeah I get it now. and this is pissing people off? why? are they really afraid of how things will turn out from those kids growing up? - rei yano
Andy Bakun
Guh, I hate this commercial, but the girl is hot and I can't get the fucking tune out of my head. - Andy Bakun
commercials like this make me look at my aluminum baseball bat. I just stare and nod. - rei yano
Unfortunately, I know the words too... it's not just the tune. ARRRGG! - Andy Bakun
rei yano
wanted to upgrade flash... adobe just forced me to download and install mcafee along with my update.... fuck you adobe.
there's actually a check box you can uncheck on the download page. they do, however, make it not terribly obvious. - Big Joe Silenced
oh... well fuck. - rei yano
Beau Lebens
Mighty Molester Mustache featuring Rapey Beard - Evan Fribourg
Songs include "Van", "Here, Drink This" and "I Don't Like The Guy That Invented Pepper Spray" - Evan Fribourg
a fan favorite anthem "N-A-M-B-L-A (we can do it at)" - rei yano
Doesn't have the same ring to it as "Porno Mustachio" does. The alliteration isn't as powerful. - Andy Bakun
FFing Enigma
Dinner: ground beef that had to be cooked, a pepper in the same boat, half an onion leftover from Monday. Salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Worchestershire, simmered and served on leftover mashed potatoes.
2009-09-09 18.57.30.jpg
Eating on a tight budget can be tasty. NOM!!! - FFing Enigma from email
Sounds good to me! - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Looks good! - Iván Abrego
I have eaten it, and I pronounce it to be acceptable. Enough left over to serve with rice tomorrow for lunch. - FFing Enigma
Yummy! - Mitchell Tsai
It was quite tasty. Unfortunately, Dave ate all my leftovers so there are none for lunch. BOO! - FFing Enigma
i'm hungry now! - Big Joe Silenced
I was thinking the same thing when eating it, Tiffany. Just needed to add some peas, and possibly some cheese on top. Yuuuuummmmmm.... - FFing Enigma
too bad i can't eat mashed potatoes anymore. - Big Joe Silenced
Yeah. Us big eaters...spend a lot more on food. - Mitchell Tsai
Leftovers can be tasty. - Wins Fern
I try to cook with a plan of how I'm going to use the leftovers. Mashed potatoes are the easiest: they're good reheated, they make potato fritters, and a good base for salmon cakes or potato soup. - FFing Enigma
great idea. I would have ditched the peppers but the rest sounds killer. (im not a fan of peppers) - rei yano
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