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Jon Ursenbach
Emotional Bankruptcy
fans will call them emo bank - rei yano
Louis Gray
New Blog Post: Real-time Google Reader Shares to Twitter - There's An App for That.
Watch out! This app spams your Twitter followers when you authenticate! - Stephen Foskett
Stephen, I'll e-mail the dev on that one. - Louis Gray
Not that I don't love both twitter and reader, but this app scares me. I mean... I guess if you are gonna do it, do it the way Louis did and create a second twitter account just for that. So folks that don't already use reader can read your interestingness and folks that do can keep the high signal to noise ratio in tweet land. $.02 - Jenna Bilotta
I should clarify, by scares I mean I really don't want to start seeing thousands of shared items show up in a UI that isn't optimal for reading them. :-/ (Louis, are you going to keep yours in that separate account?) - Jenna Bilotta
I agree, sharing shares in a tool that doesn't allow for filtering/hide will could have a negative impact. Louis seems to be one of the few concerned about that.. thanks Louis!! - Chris Myles
But the lack of twitter features, like the ability to filter or hide or follow threads, is a feature! - Andy Bakun
they are going to break the internet =( - rei yano
Yeah.. I think I'll stick to following Louis in a "real tool"!! - Chris Myles
Hey, with twitter's new location feature you could even auto hashtag what you are reading in Google Reader.. for contributions to the *next* Great American Bathroom Book. TMI. - Chris Myles
Apathy: Best Buy Too Lazy To Find Your Item Unless You Order It Online -
Apathy: Best Buy Too Lazy To Find Your Item Unless You Order It Online
"Reader Michael went to Best Buy to pick up a hard drive that he saw on sale. The website said that the item was in stock, but when he got to the store there were none on the shelf. The employee he questioned said that the item was out of stock but explained that the website was slow to update. So Michael went home, ordered it for in store pick up and... can you guess what happened next?" - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
Sounds like the typical Best Buy experience to me. That store is the worst thing to happen to electronics retailing - LANjackal
This is why you need to do that ordering from a smart phone. While you're in the store, or the parking lot. - Andy Bakun
There are computers on the store. Browse and find the item. Call the manager and get what you want. It's a typical scenario @ BestBuy but you can def do something if you really need it. - AJ Batac
Best Buy needs to tank. - Big Joe Silenced
I used to work at compusa. I have seen some pretty awesome customer service blunders while there. I tried my best to be helpful but a lot of times the issue was not the employees but instead the policies and software that the company used (not up to us). Although I must say I did take some joy out of getting saps to dish out more cash for a useless extended warranty.... It lined my... more... - rei yano
IMO CompUSA was the best electronics retailer around. I'm still so sad they went under :( - LANjackal from IM
rei yano
can someone recommend a free editor for xhtml/css/javascript/php/etc? not something as complex as dreamweaver but just above notepad.
does friendfeed bump? not looking for a wysiwyg. just something better than notepad. or does everyone still use notepad or other simple text apps for markup? - rei yano
Andy Bakun
"Cuts like butter." - Andy Bakun from Bookmarklet
Also useful for grabbing hard to reach dogs from the ceiling. - Evan Fribourg
"Next up on 30 Minute Meals, I'm going to show you how to cook a DEEEELICIOUS dog soufflé with a light touch of mid-eastern truffle oil." - Jon Ursenbach
HOWTO: Searching with - rei yano
Andy Bakun
Watching Children of Men -- this movie is like watching a cut scene from Half-Life. It's not just the dystopian imagery, but the camera work, the color, the camera angles, the facial expressions, the close-calls, the way it advances.
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Also, the way the other characters react in the movie remind me of NPCs. And there are so many plot points where the main character befriends someone, they run with them for a while, then they reach the limit of their plot contribution, and have to be left behind. - Andy Bakun
This movie would make a great video game. Quick play, maybe two or three hours, but it would be an interesting play. - Andy Bakun
D9 did give me Quake flashbacks. - Art Witczak
I love this movie. - Jon Ursenbach
these guys should do the half life movie - rei yano
That's a damn good idea, Rei. Should we start casting it? Who would play Gordon Freeman? - Andy Bakun
That's an easy one. Michael Cera. - Jon Ursenbach
Great movie! - Michael Fidler
I'm not sure Cera has the versatility to do Freeman. Gordon Freeman is a man of action (by proxy). Plus, he's gotta kill like a billion marines. Uh, I'm going to go play Half-Life now. - Andy Bakun
@Andy: And therin lies the irony. - Jon Ursenbach
You earn 200xp for noticing the similarities. - Pete D from iPhone
I think the dystopian imagery is the thing that makes it the least like Half-Life. It's the way it's put together. - Andy Bakun
Andy Bakun
Engineers juggling at the Yelp! offices
2009-07-16 15.33.27.jpg
Yelp honoring Yahoo! now with an exclamation point? - Jon Ursenbach from IM
I believe it always has had a trailing exclaimation point, not sure if it is intended to "honor" Yahoo! (or are we calling it Microhoo or Yasoft now?). - Andy Bakun from Android
Will we ever see a picture of yelp engineers working at Yelp! offices? Might need a cryptozoologist for that. - Art Witczak
This is actually practice for having to juggle all the systems, features, and code we work on. And the hacky-sack is practice for KICKING ASS! - Andy Bakun from Android
I'm still trying to promote MSNyhoo. - MiniMage
company is going under. must learn to juggle. must join the circus. - rei yano
It all started with hacky sack, but then I brought in some old Google branded juggling balls I got from an old job (you spend enough money with Google, they throw a large amount and variety of schwag at you), and then someone ordered more juggling balls. The next thing you know, almost everyone is juggling, people are working on their four and five ball methods, doing pair juggling. I have chainsaws and bowling pins on order. - Andy Bakun
Andy Bakun
Remembered a food, thought, "Mmm, I want to eat that", then immediately forgot what food it was. The pseudotaste lingers, though.
Cocaine's a hell of a drug. - Jon Ursenbach
Jon makes the comment of the year. I lold hard. - rei yano
Beau Lebens
Realized that today I've had 1 bowl Fruit Loops, 1 bacon cheeseburger, 2 slices pizza, 2 beers, 1 shot tequila and 1 vodka rocks. Healthy.
That's how you live like a champ. - Jon Ursenbach from IM
champions take blood pressure pills with a can of pepsi and a burger. - rei yano
Andy Bakun
¡6-Ⅎ⊥∩ puɐ ¡ʎqɐq 'ǝpoɔıʇʃnɯ ƃuıoƃ ǝɹ,ǝʍ 'ǝpoɔıun ʞɔnɟ
¡ǝpoɔıun ɹǝƃƃıq ɐ pǝǝu oʇ ƃuıoƃ ǝɹ,ǝʍ - Jon Ursenbach
L̥̱͇̮̇̌̉̉̔ͨͫͨ̔̇̃̊̄̅́͟Ơ̴̷̧̞̠̰̗̜̰̺̤̭͎͕͎̳̖͚͕̼̓̎͂͒ͩ̑ͥ̿ͫͧ̈́̀͠L̤̗̯̟͇̱͇̮̜͗͌ͩͦ͒̌̏͗̀͟ - rei yano
wtf is that suppoesd to be? - Jon Ursenbach
oh, "LOL". wow. - Jon Ursenbach
Evan Fribourg
Andy Bakun
their singles have more tracks than their albums. - rei yano
Instead of putting out LPs, they put out BPs. - Jon Ursenbach
Contrary to popular belief, it stands for The Back Sides. They are all about booty. ;) - Trevor Wencl
Andy Bakun
Jesus fucking Christ, twitter, fix this shit. It's been like this for months if not years. This isn't rocket science.
Sure, it's most likely some platform specific issue, but this is 2009, start using decent spacing, sizing, padding and margins. - Andy Bakun
First, upgrade from IE3. :P - iTad
Help | About reports Firefox 3.0.12. - Andy Bakun
I lold - rei yano
chrono trigger plus rock roll? - rei yano
Evan Fribourg
This is why you're fat. - Oreo Cupcake With Built In Milk Cup (Submitted by... -
This may be why I'm fat, but damn, if that's not the best idea since sliced bread, I don't know what is. - Evan Fribourg from Bookmarklet
omfg genius - Jon Ursenbach
sonofabitch - rei yano
Andy Bakun
Why do we need to be convinced to sacrifice for health care, but don't need to be convinced to sacrificed for a war?
I've been trying to figure out if the people who are against universal healthcare are against people worse off then them getting affordable healthcare, people how are better off then them getting affordable healthcare or people just like themselves getting affordable healthcare. - Art Witczak
The problem with a lot of them is that they don't understand that the proposed solution would run alongside existing carriers so you'd have a choice. - Jon Ursenbach
this is communism. we are all gonna live in communes. they are going to change the name of communities to commies. we are all going to be sociable one day because of obama. - rei yano
sarcasm doesn't come thru easily via text - rei yano
true dat - rei yano
Obama had a great line during one of those town halls, about how he gets comments like "I don't want government funded health care, the US isn't socialist, and don't take away my Medicare." - Andy Bakun from Android
Jon Ursenbach
discolored eyes all in black playing flying V guitars.... this band plays folk songs. - rei yano
They play folk Cradle of Filth cover songs. - Jon Ursenbach from IM
rei yano
experimental with pop sensibilities band
and every review they receive has the word "accessible" in it - rei yano
world's second largest aquarium tank at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium - 7500 cubic meters of water:
Incredible. - Brian Paul
wow. - Jon Ursenbach
neat - rei yano
Foie Gras and Sauterrnes Duck sausage, merguez, and duck fat fries. Oh noes! #hotdougs
So, the line was TOTALLY worth it, wasn't it? The line is still worth it in the winter time when it's 8 degrees outside and there's snow up to your ass. - Katie B
Or when you have a group of like 10 people waiting in line in the rain. Always totally worth it. - Andy Bakun
I don't know what duck fat fries, but they sound delicious. - Jon Ursenbach
is it anything like a duck roll? recipe here: - rei yano
Duck fat fries are fries fried in duck fat. And I prefer to think of them not as delicious, but as FUCKING AWESOME. - Andy Bakun
rei yano: LOL - Jon Ursenbach
The line was 100% worth it but i think now i have gout. - casconed
gout? - rei yano
gout is a condition which arises, in part, from overconsumption of fatty foods. - casconed
aka "business as usual" - Jon Ursenbach from IM
Touché, sir. Touché. - Evan Fribourg
Andy Bakun
Chance that a new friendfeed follower is actually an interesting person: 99%. Chance that a new twitter follower is: really close to zero. 5 new twitter followers today, only interesting one is @defunkt, and I thought he was already following me.
Actually, as far as I can tell, he's the only actual HUMAN out of those five. - Andy Bakun
Close to 30% of the people following me on Twitter are bots. - Jon Ursenbach from iPhone
yeah tons of porn or pill related bots... - rei yano
i rarely even check to see if my twitter followers are spam/bot/real i'm up to 159 ... i wonder how often i get dropped for not following back? - Chris Heath
Jon Ursenbach
I love egomaniacal Twitter users.
1.png Another one of their fantastic posts. Love it. - Jon Ursenbach
Wow, just wow. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
have you read the twitter stream? lol how many times is that person going to say "get a life" - rei yano
I just HAVE to point out the improper use of "your" If you can't use contractions properly, you should not be allowed to use them at all and must speak (type) like Data at all times. No emotion chip for you, buddy. - Katie B
Andy Bakun
Isn't this making fun of FriendFeed as well? The whole hashtags thing is kind of lame IMHO. - Brian Sullivan
Yeah, I agree, hash tags are super lame. But, come on, you can't tell me that isn't a hash tag just for the sake of hash tagging. Ironically, I refound that entry by searching for "hot indian" and not for the hash tag. I think that sums up the usefulness of hash tags. - Andy Bakun
Look, there's another one! - Andy Bakun
Hashtags are only useful when you don't know how to index your content #properly. - Jon Ursenbach from iPhone
hashtags are #gay - rei yano
They're useful as emotes. :D - Alix May
Here's a great example. Using #staycation as a hash tag. If someone mentions the word staycation, is that different than if they use it as a hash tag in the middle of a sentence, and if you were searching for posts that mentioned staycation, wouldn't you want entries where it was mentioned as a word and not just as a hash tag? - Andy Bakun
rei yano
fuckin coffee ran its course. knocked out randomly and woke up an hour later confused. #moonfruit
Enough with this #moonfruit shit. JTFC - Jon Ursenbach
but what if I win? - rei yano
lol. - Jon Ursenbach
Andy Bakun
Hot 4-bit Donkey Kong and Space Invaders action. - Andy Bakun
beautiful - rei yano
rei yano
reiyano - Rei Yano - Moon Fruit -
How'd you record this via a GBA SP? - Jon Ursenbach
plugged the headphone converter into my mixer that feeds into my external soundcard. recorded with ableton live. the effect at the beginning is impossible for a gameboy anything lol. ableton provided that effect. - rei yano
What cartridge did you use though? - Jon Ursenbach
Andy Bakun
Why are so many online videos composed of seconds upon seconds of slow-to-display text that I have to read? So many of them, the REAL content doesn't start until 15 or 20 seconds into the video. Even worse is that the audio track is some shitty music. Can't you TALK the freakin' text over the video you want to show?
Or just put that text into a damned description of the video on the side of the page. - Jon Ursenbach
I personally like white text on solid blue. - rei yano
Andy Bakun
aperture science van tooling around, scaring the hell out of people -
aperture science van tooling around, scaring the hell out of people
It would be great to see a Black Mesa van parked across the street from this one. - Andy Bakun from Bookmarklet
I bet they have cake... - rei yano
I bet they don't. - Andy Bakun
Andy Bakun
C64 California Games Footbag - 239890 - -
C64 California Games Footbag - 239890 -
Notice the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz in the background. - Andy Bakun
Good thing they put those in there! I almost didn't know where said game of footbag was taking place. - Jon Ursenbach
chances are he is gay - rei yano
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