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RT @SabirAbuMaryam: On the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Palestinians make a large whole in another wall. #apartheid
RT @hypermodern: Jump Series 2008 - San Francisco, California - Wallenberg Flatland (there's an IR remote in my…
RT @hypermodern: I just liked "Suite Bassel" by @danielzajicek on Vimeo:
RT @evanpro: All right, day, I'm ready for you.
RT @rabois: We never accomplished our original vision at PayPal. Time to fix that:
RT @Joi: The secret bitcoin project unveiled! Surprise! It isn't more bitcoin.
RT @JackH: “In the future all important cultural products will be a generative, networked system." ” (via @Pocket)
RT @fredbenenson: O, that way madness lies RT @atduskgreg: @fredbenenson if you think that's bad take a look at this:
RT @fredbenenson: THIS IS AMAZING RT @waxpancake: Loop Findr, an open-source tool for finding seamless loops in videos -> GIFs:
RT @ejfinneran: Silicon Valley is so disruptive that they’ve taken a job that can be done from anywhere with Internet and produced a land crunch in one city
RT @OBEYGIANT: If you're in LA, stop by @subliminal_art 7/26 to see @cmhxhtd - This collab takes them into unique territory.
RT @Bopuc: @evanpro and with no responsibility comes no power.
RT @lessig: What's next for the #MaydayPAC: Question #1 | Lessig Blog, v2
RT @tvol: @rejon i'm a pawn in their game
RT @lessig: What's next for the #MaydayPAC: Question #1 | Lessig Blog, v2
RT @lessig: What's next for the #MaydayPAC: Question #1 | Lessig Blog, v2
RT @fredbenenson: So my mom's cat ran away for a night and this is what she texted me to tell that it just returned home safe: 🙋📰🌾🏡🐈🐾🐾😹😸🐶👏😊🌾🐾❓🌳🐻❓ #momemoji
RT @digg: China has set up military-style boot camps to tackle Internet addiction among teens (
RT @schmidtphi: German supermarket getting ready for the game tomorrow
RT @lessig: Join Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Support #MaydayPAC - YouTube #!!!
RT @fredbenenson: ok lemme reiterate that … can amazon firefly detect itself? guys we may have a problem
RT @seanbonner: They still haven't found that plane.
RT @lessig: Money has corrupted our democracy. Join @iamJasonAlexander in fixing it: MAYDAY.US
RT @wilbanks: If you ban @doctorow, you just make his books that much more attractive to the kids. #StreisandEffect
RT @lessig: Jason Alexander is the #MaydayPAC - and so are all of us. - YouTube
RT @lessig: Help raise $5M by July 4 to send anti-corruption politicians to DC with Mayday.US PAC - Boing Boing
RT @anto_l: "Desktop usage vanishes during the weekend in favor of mobile, and soon during the week" @triblondon @FTLabs #wnc14
RT @lessig: $5 million in 30 days – think we can do it? Join us to save our democracy from the cronies and the corrupt: #MAYDAY
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