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RT @NaomiAKlein: The China-U.S. climate pact is a big deal: nowhere near ambitious enough but movements exist to push for more and better. 1/3
The US and China just announced a huge deal on climate—and it's a game changer
RT @radiotopiafm: Great insights on radio's new golden age from the Radiotopia team @Kickstarter HQ. #RadiotopiaRevolution
RT @akurjata: You want to talk future of radio? Over 20K people have pledged over half a million to @radiotopiafm
RT @EthanZ: Having lunch today with @jakeshapiro of @radiotopiafm - if more people support their kickstarter - - I bet he'll buy
Modern Love | Together We Stand
Only 900 more backers till Radiotopia nirvana!
RT @birbigs: An average episode of @serial is 30 minutes. An average conversation about it with my wife is SEVENTY FIVE HOURS.
RT @ArdyB: @NBCNightlyNews and voter fraud in FL.
An accelerator fund for new, diverse voice and shows: Help @radiotopiafm make it happen. $600K.
RT @jakeshapiro: With 5 days to go @radiotopiafm @romanmars @prx posts new stretch goal - $600k for "new blood" pilot fund!
Why Millennials Stand With Dr. Vivek Murthy For Surgeon General via @genprogress
Design hasn't changed since I was a kid. #MassPike
RT @tim_brannigan: If only bananas had robust, natural, bio-degradable packaging of their own. Some sort of peelable skin, perhaps.
RT @kenpaulman: Snoop Dogg flashes gang signs with a convicted felon. #pointergate
A Radiotopia Surprise…
"Everybody gets dressed."
RT @jackilyden: #fashion#THESEAMS: THRILLED to announce The SEAMS is LIVE ON KICKSTARTER! Be a stitch! RT!
So, basically, there's no f**cking answer for getting your toddler to go to bed and stay there.
RT @leathau: I'm on @howsoundtweets talking ab't Strangers. Guess I'm really a radio producer now. & wow: new @Transom_org website
162 podcasts is a lot of good listening... Including @radiotopiafm
I don't get the Noriega reference but hey @ThisAmerLife just tweeted about us!
Sending my wishes to @tomashbrooknpr and his family. Tearing up.
Facebook group therapy.
RT @davabel: @rekha6 Yes. See this story that was on the front page a free weeks ago:
RT @davabel: Vote against Bottle Bill expansion in MA comes courtesy of $9 million spent by the American Beverage Association on misleading ads.
This country. Just shaking my head.
RT @eclecticbrotha: 38% turnout. Way to go, America.
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