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Daniel Lanois (Brighton Music Hall 11/22) -
Daniel Lanois (Brighton Music Hall 11/22)
RT @amanda_hirsch: Hey #pubmedia and #storytelling peeps - what's an example of a great 1-2 minute story you've heard? cc @rekha6 @ThisAmerLife @birbigs
RT @BostonMagazine: Talib Kweli will headline the Boston Urban Music Festival:
RT @NicoleBonnet1: #Ferguson army of police to the media, "DON'T SHOOT!" #HandsUpDontShoot
Add "algorithmic censorship" to your media literacy vocabulary. Important piece by @zeynep #Ferguson
RT @PatrickRuffini: @briancmccomas @zeynep This is the point I was making about the happiness experiment. Facebook *by design* filters out the bad news.
RT @jaredbkeller: Twitter: Ferguson Facebook: Ice bucket challenge.
RT @BenLillie: BenLillie: My twitter feed right now is almost 100% Ferguson. Facebook: 0%. Also: Overlap of friends/ people I follow is quite high.
Finding a Little Free Library a few blocks away makes me love my neighborhood even more. @LittleFreeLibra
Great set of mobile strategy thinking and recs for news publishers:
Music consumption is moving from downloads to streaming, quickly.
Hearing Bon Iver on CB2's call hold makes me feel like when I heard Hot Chip at the Gap: weird + a little sad.
RT @JoyceCarolOates: If you have military-style weapons everything looks like a target.
YES MT @johnlingan: Most poignant thing I'm seeing on twitter is vets noting that #ferguson PD have more body armor than soldiers in Iraq.
When you're in riot gear... #Ferguson
RT @mashable: Photos from Missouri unmask the militarization of America's police @backspace
RT @mashable: Ferguson or Iraq? Photos from Missouri unmask the militarization of America's police
Took a leap of faith and placed a large, first-time order on @mpix. Beautifully done! You're my new official photo printer.
Why can't I select text in the @nytimes Android app? Cramps my tweeting style.
RT @jayrosen_nyu: Earlier today: My new post at PressThink is about the @nytimes giving up the ghost on its euphemisms for torture.
2) All charges are blended in one statement. User can't ID faulty charges bc assumes other user made them. Basic!
1) @AmericanExpress lacks a basic security feature: Two users/cards on one account, can't sort purchases by user.
RT @FoSTorg: The deadline for FoST Fellowship applications is 8/15. Apply here:
RT @DavidKenner: Everything about this picture is amazing.
I <3 MA // Mass. To Make Big Food Wasters Lose The Landfill
Trader Joe's Ex-President To Turn Expired Food Into Cheap Meals
The commenters, and I, are uniformly unimpressed // Bank of America Offers U.S. Biggest Settlement in History
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